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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  January 5, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> an extremely violent night in the city. the latest in a live report coming up. >> supervisors approve a moratorium on the installation of smart meters. pg&e will continue putting them in anyway. >> i'll just haunt you. it's on like donkey kong. >> and the sparks fly over san francisco's temporary mayor. in the end the board of supervisors. >> the big story weatherwise, the chilly temperatures and the fog forming and black ice it could create for the morning commute. how many more mornings you'll have to deal with and get you an update on that dry weekend. >> so far off to a good start for the 5:00 hour. no delays at the bay bridge toll plaza. no major accidents on the freeway. >> hard to get out of bed this morning, brrrr! but we'll try our best to get
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you started. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. firefighters are watching for a flair-up for a fire involving two homes. the blaze started 3 a.m. on maywood way. this report says it may have started in the garage of a vacant home and spread to a home next-door. we're told there are no injuries. firefighters just managed to knock down the flames a short time ago. we have a crew on the scene and we're going to continue to bring you more as it comes in. >> an exceptionally violent night in oakland. police are actively searching for the one gunman who shot six people. jenelle wang is live in the oakland police department with the latest. jenelle? >> kristen, oakland police are still looking for a suspect. they know it is a man, they do have a name, and they are on the lookout. as for the victims they are listed anywhere from stable to critical condition. this all unfolded just after 9:30 last night near the 9800 block of d. street. police responded to a shooting in the street. when they arrived, six victims scattered in the area.
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there are reports that one victim approached the ambulance himself. another victim transported himself to the hospital. but police say it appears all six victims were shot in the street. all were adult men. police are looking for the suspect. and, like i said, they do have someone in mind. oakland's new mayor jean quan who just reported for duty this week wants to get more officers on the streets but there's just no money right now. so she wants officers to contribute more to their pension and that saved money would help the city to hire more officers. again, a very violent night in the city of oakland. one suspect on the loose. six victims listed anywhere from stable to critical condition. reporting live from oakland police headquarters, jenelle wang, abc 7 news. >> jenelle, thanks very much. san francisco police are investigating a police shooting of a man in a wheelchair who they say stabbed a police officer. a bystander shot the cellphone video of an incident at 10th and howard street.
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police received a call about a man slashing tires on parked cars yesterday. when police confronted the suspect, he stabbed one of the officers. although in a wheelchair, at one point the man got out of that wheelchair, was walking around and the wounded officer is in san francisco general hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. a warning for stanford students this morning. campus police say a man grabbed a student as she walked across campus and only let go when she tried to bite him. happened at the intersection of campus drive and sarah street 6:30. the suspect had brown hair, a mustache, goatee and thin build. if you have information, stanford police would like to hear from you. >> a youth minister faces child molestation charges. 42-year-old robert class had frequent access to boys in jr. high school while working in the church investigators said it was an area of prospect road in san jose. police are asking anyone with
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information on the case to call the department's sexual assault unit. a man whose daughter died in an apartment fire in oakland last week won't be deported to el salvador for the time being. nelson benevides, his mother and a family friend died last week. benevides' seven-year-old daughter survived the fire. he'll be allowed to attend the funeral for his daughter and mother. custody issues for his surviving daughter are resolved. >> pg&e says it will continue to install smart meters in marin county despite a vote of supervisors in favor of a one-year moratorium on the devices. several protests including one last week in which a sheriff's deputy arrested two women after they blocked a road. they were trying to stop a company contracted by pg&e from installing smart meters. the city of fairfax has a
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similar ordinance. >> hopefully they will direct the county sheriff to respond to 9-1-1 calls when someone's trying to -- attempting to install a smart meter on their home. the police department can ask that installer to leave, leave the property. >> a spokesperson for pg&e say says they ask request a delay in the installation. >> delaying passing a plastic bag ban. the board will do a little more study on a plan to ban plastic bags at grocery check-out counters. this after a group called the save the plastic bag coalition said the legislation would increase the use of paper bags and hurt the environment. supervisors disagree but say they'll put off considering the matter until later this month so that a review can be done. >> the san francisco board of supervisors will meet again on friday to find out if city manager ed lee wants the job as the interim mayor when gavin
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newsom takes office as lieutenant governor. lee is currently out of the country. the decision to appoint lee caused a major tirade last night from a supervisor chris daily who's notorious for his outbursts. daily just lost it when the supervisor announced he would support lee giving lee the 6th vote needed to appoint -- to be appointed mayor. daily especially lashed out at board president david shoe. >> i will haunt you. i will politically haunt you for the biggest fumble in the history of san francisco politics. it's on like donkey kong. >> the decision on what the current board decides to do on friday may not even matter. daily and other supervisors will be replaced by newly elected members who will be sworn in on saturday. >> taxi fares could be going up in the foreseeable future.
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the municipal transportation agency has agreed to consider a meter rate increase for city cabbie. no date to put the issue on the agenda. the cab drivers say it's long past time for people to pay a bit more for a ride. cab drivers pay $104 to rent out their car for each shift. whatever they get beyond that whether meters or tips is what they earn. >> celebrating the city's hosting of the america's cup this afternoon. san francisco was picked last friday to host the 34th america's cup race in 2013 and oracle racing owner larry ellison you see there who won last year's race with the america's cup authority and the city's cup organizing committee are holding today's celebration. it begins 3:00 in the city hall rotunda. doubly good reason to go to city hall. >> when you're done if you want to get married, what the heck. pick up a license. >> triple great. a lot of good things going on.
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we'll move on because we have some really cool temperatures and with the fog forming, could be a little dangerous in some parts, mike, driving. >> could have black fog like we dealt with yesterday. the thickest fog now is over in the central valley. that will hang around until 10:00. ma means we're going to have visibility less than a quarter of a mile through that time frame. the northern part of contra costa county around highway 4 could see some fog, also. visibility 3 in concord, 8 livermore. the worst of the fog up santa rosa, novato a quarter mile so 101 tricky again this morning. as far as temperatures, yeah, that is the other big story. look how cold it is. 31 fairfield, santa rosa. 32 novato. 34 napa, 33 concord and livermore. upper 30s around fremont, mountain view, san jose, redwood city. 35 los gatos. oakland, san francisco and half moon bay in the 40s. during the afternoon hours, the fog will stay in the central
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valley. low to mid-50s in the east bay valleys and also around san rafael. the rest of us in the mid, possibly upper 50s palo alto and san jose. the warmest weather monterey bay and inland upper 50s to low 60s. 7-day forecast, more fog and frost through friday morning. we'll have mostly sunny afternoons and temperatures in the mid-50s and it's dry all seven days. hi, frances. >> hi, mike. still pretty quiet on bay area freeways. all the road work in hey ward has been cleared. no trouble eastbound out of foster city towards 880. we'll head to the golden gate bridge where we're not seeing a lot of fog here. not even much traffic. no fog advisories posted by caltran or chp. i'll let you know if that changes. checking out the drive on the peninsula, 101 in millbrae. headlights move northbound just right near the sfo airport. and all is well on 101 and 280 on the peninsula.
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in fact, here's a live shot of 280 and highway 17 in san jose. quiet and light and looking good. terry, kristen. >> frances, thank you. it's 5:09. >> and all is well. all right. you'll have extra time to file your taxes this year. coming up, the holiday taxpayers may be thankful for. >> forget high-speed rail. why more travelers are choosing to go amtrak. >> one of the nation's top business schools take a field trip to silicon valley. the bay area's economic outlook. >> i have fallen in love with making bird houses. caw caw! [ director ]what is that? that's a horrible crow. here are some things that i'll make as little portals. honestly, i'd love to do this for the rest of my life so i've got to take care of my heart. for me, cheerios is a good place to start. [ male announcer ] got something you'll love to keep doing?
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepwor . >> good morning. it's 5:13. there are questions in the contra costa county city of hercules how money is spent for the town center. much of the $2.5 million in expenses run up in the first nine months of last year by the developer went to an array of consultants. the president of the red barn company in newport beach was the largest. the new town center includes offices, stores, theaters, up to 300 homes and a town square. to date all that has been built is a temporary food court. >> new numbers show amtrak intracity passenger trains are gaining passengers even as the state prepares for a high-speed rail. two local lines rank among the nation's five busiest corridors. the capital corridor from san
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jose to auburn saw a 10% increase in ridership last year. the san joaquin by more than 2%. the spokesman says a big part of the reason is the system's on-time record. >> if you want to learn about the hi-tech economy, you better go where the action is. that's what brought the best and brightest graduate students from mit here from across the country. lisa amin gulezian has the story. >> students focus on innovation. >> 109 mit sloane school of management students are in silicon valley on what's called a tech trek. it's four days filled with tours of local companies, meet and greets, one-on-one's and net working opportunities. mit has been coming to silicon valley for these tech treks for about 20 years. but for the past few years since the economic downturn started, the focus of these visits has changed. mit's business school is pushing
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entrepreneurship more than ever before. >> no guaranteed jobs anymore. not in the government, ibm. when i started i worked for ibm and you had a job for life but that's not true anymore. >> the emphasis is on net working. the students are visiting start-ups and large companies like google and >> for guys like this their time is money. for them to take an hour away from their day is kind of a big deal. >> 2011 is supposed to bring job growth. 70,000 new jobs may be created here by 2015. >> a hot bed for new ideas. when ever there is an question boom, you come to the silicon valley -- >> the leadership in insists it not to take opportunities from business students but may create healthy competition. lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. >> netflix is getting a button
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on remote controls. panasonic, sony and other electronic companies will begin selling remotes with netflix buttons. it will bring upstreaming service on internet, connect tv's and blue net players. using just one remote as opposed to the four many of us use. they will hit stores this spring. >> i can set up a universal remote if you like. >> that would be great. isn't she kind. you'll never do it though. >> the blinking 12 on the vcr. >> like master many years ago. >> let's talk about the weather. we've got some really cold temperatures out there this morning, mike. >> absolutely. let's take a look and show you what's going on and one of the reasons why. we have a clear sky which means a beautiful picture from emeryville. the folks are unloading this morning. you better believe that they are
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unloading as should you. it's 40 degrees, one of the warmer spots along with san francisco, 44 and half moon bay 48. where it is freezing, santa rosa, fairfield at 31. novato is around 32 degrees. we have frost forming around concord and livermore with 33 degrees. upper 30s around most of the bay shore. even a 35 los gatos. monterey bay and inland, temperatures all over the scale from 32 gilroy, near 40 watsonville to santa cruz at 47 degrees. three things i want you to know about this forecast. pretty quiet weather again today. sunny and seasonably cool with light breezes. fog could form again tonight and the week-long weather pattern things dry. we've added another day to this dry spell. as far as temperatures compared to yesterday, one degree cooler in concord and santa rosa. same temperatures, fremont, san francisco, san jose. 1 degree warmer in oakland. about an extra 50 seconds of sunshine today. when we have this pattern of
5:18 am
high pressure and stagnant weather, you don't see much of a change. here's a look at today's temperatures in the south bay. you may notice a few more high clouds today than yesterday. upper 50s for you. around the monterey bay -- i should say the peninsula, mid to upper 50s. mid-50s along the coast and downtown in south san francisco. as far as the north bay goes, we'll have 51 san rafael, 49 clear lake. everyone else in the near 50s. mid-50s dominate the east bay shore. newark warmer at 56. just like yesterday the fog and the length it takes for it to finally retreat back to the central valley will keep the corridor in the low 50s. around the monterey bay and inland, upper 50s to low 60s. tonight temperatures in the 30s just about everywhere. san francisco 42. napa 29. thick fog in the central valley. we'll spill into the east bay. black ice possible there and up into the north bay for tomorrow he's morning commute.
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as far as what's happening there, those two areas of high pressure we've been watching are now dominating our weather. look at the storm track. well to the north and that's where it's going to stay all seven days of your forecast. depending on the fog inland, low to mid-50s there and along the coast and mid to upper 50s around the bay. have a great day. look at the temperature in castro valley, frances, about 39. all that water probably not freezing. >> these good news, mike, because apparently there's quite a bit of water from a water main break in castro valley. there's supposed to be large amounts of rocks and sediment in the roadway. they're trying to get traffic through the area. if you're leaving castro valley, you may need extra time to get around it but so far traffic is getting by. mass transit off to a good start. no major delays reported. 6 i will in walnut creek, southbound traffic on the right. that's the north main street
5:20 am
exit there and that's highway 24 near the top of your screen. we'll check out the bay bridge toll plaza totally delay-free. get the latest traffic whenever you want by going to click on the bay area traffic link. terry, kristen. >> frances, thank you. it's 5:20. >> coming up next, a filipino politician captures a photo of his killer. >> we're gonna switchgears and talk about this kind of pricey sushi if someone wants to turn that into sushi. coming up, the record amount someone was willing to pay for the huge tuna. abab
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>> a murdered filipino politician caught his killer on camera moments before he was shot dead. take a look at this. you can see the killer with the
5:23 am
gun in his hand there. he's pointing it at the man taking the picture of his family. police say the gunman was angry after arresting him for stealing cars. in this wider side, you can see the shooter look out on the other side of the photograph. the family gave the picture to the police and led to the arrest. >> you have three extra days to pay your taxes this year. the filing deadline is delayed because the district of columbia will open an education friday april 15th. by law local holidays in the nation's capital impact tax deadlines the same day federal holidays would. taxpayers have until midnight monday april 18th to file their 2010 return. they get that extra weekend. >> all right. giants fans have another chance to get a close-up look at the giants world series trophy. the line spread through the building before it even went on
5:24 am
display. they won that trophy to win their first world series title since they moved to san francisco in 1958. the trophy will be on display today from 4:00 until 6 p.m.. just two hours there. personal cameras are allowed. obviously they are allowed. the trophy goes to the state capital in sacramento next. >> the america's cup there as well. a lot going on. now that he's out of office, arnold schwarzenegger is making vacation plans and he's doing it on twitter no less. russian president sent the outgoing governor a twitter message wishing him luck. the governor responded by inviting him skiing. he visited silicon valley and he shouted out with a visit to moscow where the two hit the gym together. >> one big tuna pulled in some big bucks. a giant blue fin tuna got nearly $400,000 in tokyo in the first auction of the year at the world's largest wholesale fish market.
5:25 am
the fish weighed in at 754 pounds. one sold for a quarter million back in 2001. no matter how you slice it, that's a lot of aha tuna or sushi depending on your preference. >> spicy, i think that's the way to go. next at 5:30, the answer san bruno fire victims will be looking for today in hundreds of thousands of dollars in bay area donations. >> the manhunt is on in oakland this morning for the person who gunned down six people. i'll have the latest on this investigation in a live report. >> a sonoma county man crashes his motorcycle on an isolated stretch of highway 1. next at 5:30, the distraught search that came too late. >> you're looking at the high temperatures across the country. notice it's pretty cool everywhere except along our southern border. 63 phoenix. near 80 in miami.
5:26 am
we do have some rain that could cause some delays down in dixie. this is all heading to atlanta. could be a wintry mix charlotte and washington d.c. this afternoon. delays
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>> good morning, everyone. i'm jenelle wang. six men shot in a hale of gunfire. i'll have the latest in a live report. >> also this morning a sonoma county man who desperately phoned his wife for help after crashing on highway 1 is found dead. it took search and rescue seven hours to find him. >> one of those areas that had black ice. could be happening again now. the fog is outside and so are freezing temperatures. we'll show you the worst areas.
5:29 am
>> castro valley we have a water main break. details coming up on that. a live shot at bay bridge toll plaza. >> two tickets sold for last night's megamillions drawing had all the winning numbers, all six of them. $355 million jackpot. >> 5:29. good wednesday morning. thanks for starting your morning with us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm terry mcsweeney for eric thomas. jenelle wang joins us live from oakland p. d. headquarters with the latest. >> the manhunt is on for this shooter. we hear oakland police have a name and they are looking for the gunman at this hour. as for the victims, they are listed in stable to critical condition. this all unfolded just after 9:30 last night near the 9800 block of d. street. police responded to a shooting in the street. when they arrived, a total of six victims scattered in the area. there are reports that one
5:30 am
victim approached the ambulance himself. another victim transported himself to the hospital. but police say it appears all six victims were shot in the street. all were adult men. oakland's new mayor jean quan who was just sworn in on monday says she wants to hire more police officers but there just isn't any money. she wants police officers to contribute 9% to their pension plan so the city can use that money saved to hire more police officers. she certainly has her handsful with this violent crime wave in oakland and we're only five days into the new year. this latest incident, six people shot last night around 9:30 p.m.. police are still looking for the shooter at this hour. reporting live from oakland police headquarters, jenelle wang, abc 7 news. >> jenelle, thank you. a 48 rear sold santa rosa man who called for help from his cellphone when his motorcycle fell off a cliff at sonoma county found dead at the scene. they looked for seven hours before finding his body.
5:31 am
he veered off the road on highway 1 just north of meyer grade road where he had been thrown several hundred feet down a hillside. the man made a 9-1-1 call from his phone about 3:00 yesterday when he estimated he was near fort roth historic park but he couldn't give his exact location. >> we had several fire departments, state park, sheriff's office, helicopters looking. they tried gps and telephone to get it. we had three or four locations in the beginning. finally we went on foot and started every stretch of road walking and looking over the bank and walking down the hill at any possible spots. officials say air and ground search was hampered by the fog. the san francisco board of supervisors will meet again on friday to find out if city manager ed lee wants the job as interim mayor when gavin newsom
5:32 am
takes office as lieutenant governor. >> san francisco supervisors chris daily lost it when supervisor bev vin dusty announced he would vote for ed lee giving lee the 6th vote he would need to be appointed by the board as mayor. daily especially lashed out at board president david chew. >> i will haunt you. i will politically haunt you for the biggest fumble in the history of san francisco politics. it's on like donkey kong. >> daily also taunted michaela elliot opier when she commended his pick. (inaudible) >> at one point elliot opier even talked about bringing in help from the sheriff who ironically was the other top
5:33 am
candidate. >> call the sheriff. >> there's the sheriff! >> and then, as recess was called, daily's exit. >> recess. >> i acted with righteous indignation. basically i served for ten years as the whip in the progressive political camp and tonight i whipped some ass. >> that was amy hollyfield reporting. after all that, the decision what the current board decides to do on friday probably won't matter. daily and three other supervisors will be replaced by new members sworn in on saturday and the choice of interim mayor will still need approval from that new board. san francisco officials holding a meeting to discuss how to spend roughly $380,000 in donations of that poured in since the pg&e gas and pipeline explosion and fire. nearly four months since it skilled eight people and
5:34 am
destroyed 38 homes. residents who learned none of the money has been districted claimed it should have been given to survivors long ago. suggestions will be considered by city council when it meets next tuesday. same sex marriage may resume sooner than expected. whether sponsors of prop 8 have a legal right to appeal in court. in august a san francisco judge struck down the voter-approved ban an same sex marriage as a violation of gay californians' civil rights. state officials refused to defend the measure. legal experts say the high court says prop 8 supporters are ineligible to appeal. it could end the case and clear the way for same sex marriage to resume. >> two megamillion ticket holders may not be showing up for work today. a ticket sold in washington state and another in idaho masked all picked. the jackpot $355 million.
5:35 am
it's the fourth largest lottery jackpot in u.s. history. people lined up all day yesterday to buy tickets in the 41 states where that game is played. here are the winning numbers which you probably don't have, 4, 8, 15, 25, 47 and the megabillion, 42. the jackpot cash option works out to about $224 million. split that. >> got two numbers but not the mega? >> i don't know. do you get a free ticket? or is it three? >> i won't rip it up just yet. >> check with our weather expert, not our lottery exit. >> obviously not. i'm still here. let's talk about how we're dealing with some cold conditions this morning. we talked about frost, even freezing fog. that's exactly what we're seeing. high pressure dominating our sky once again. low pressure to our south. i think these high clouds to our
5:36 am
north will overrun us and that will be the only difference really between yesterday and today. starting off, look at 8:00. temperatures around freezing in santa rosa, napa, fairfield, concord. livermore, mid to upper 30s the bay shore to low 40s san francisco and half moon bay. by noon everybody's dealing with sunshine albeit a little hazy as high pressure stagnates our air and the fog lingering in the east bay valleys in the north bay. you're in the 40s while everybody else the low to mid-50s. by 4:00, most of us low to mid-50s. upper 50s around 1:00 or 2:00 this afternoon. compared to average temperatures, below average by 3 degrees. napa and redwood city right on. sunrise 7:26. it sets at 5:05. 7-day forecast, more morning fog, freezing possibly. even frost through friday morning. saturday, sunday, mondays and tuesday looks like that won't be as much of an issue. sunshine and mid-50s in the afternoon.
5:37 am
frances? >> still this water main break in castro valley. apparently the water's 3 to 4 inches deep on the roadway. this is castro valley boulevard just north of 580. on the freeways itself, traffic's not affected. but trying to get traffic through castro valley boulevard right now. what you'll find is a nice ride everywhere with a live shot of the san mateo bridge. terry, kristen. >> thanks a lot, frances. (laughter) >> she keeps looking at the tickets like the numbers are gonna change. (laughter) >> i know! >> if you wish enough, it may come true. 5:37 our time. >> they were getting sick and they didn't know why. now the residents may have that answer. still ahead, the investigation into the cause of serious illnesses in an east bay apartment building. >> home sweet home, a los angegegegegegegegegegegegegegege
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> a familiar resident is back home at san francisco's palace of the fine arts. a swan named blanch is back in the landmark's lagoon two months after the city removed her for her own safety. vandals killed blanch's sister back in november. she spent time in port reyes
5:41 am
with two other swans, blue boy and bela. they made off so well they joined blanch at the palace of fine arts. >> something in the wall of an east bay apartment complex and making people sick. the renters have another problem besides worrying about their health. >> got sick. runny noses, coughing. but it was never ending. a medical mystery to joseph lombardo's family until the answer fell right through his ceiling. >> we were getting sick from mold. and i went down there and asked them, you know, this is mold? no. it's wet dirt. that's what she told me at the office. >> after he complained to the management that the portafino apartments in pittsburgh, he was told to hire his own mold specialist. the report showed high levels of black hold and recommendation to fix an apparent leak in the
5:42 am
roof. other residents are complaining about respiratory illnesses and now wonder what could be growing behind their walls and ceilings. they expect to examine one of the building's roofs and determine whether or not there's proper ventilation for these apartment units. >> our attempts to contact the apartment managers and their corporate headquarters in dallas, texas, were unsuccessful this is i had two clients who had problems that we should could easily be remedied. >> now they're suing the management company, riverstone residential group, and the apartment owner for damages and wrongful eviction after they say they were kicked out for complaining. 30 other tenants are also suing separately for damages and wrongful eviction. cain says all they ever wanted is for the problem to be fixed. in pittsburg, allen wong, abc 7 news. >> 5:42 this wednesday morning. you may be paying more for your next smart phone. the business report coming up. >> a business record is not
5:43 am
enough. the raiders make a change at the top. >> taking the oath of office and taking over. i'm emily schmidt in washington. what republicans plan to do with control of the house coming up. >> also the new clue to the cause and potential cure of male baldness. >> and how fast you walk could reveal somethibñbñbñbñbñbñbñbñbñ
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welcome back. coming up on 5:46 on this wednesday. watch out for dense fog if you're traveling through the central valley. visibility's below a quarter of a mile until at least 10:00. may have black ice. as far as the rest of the state, we're looking at sunshine along the coast and mid to upper 50s around eureka and big sur. low to mid-60s san diego and los angeles. 62 palm springs. sunshine, no new snow in tahoe, 36 and 46 in yosemite. >> thanks a lot. it's 5:46. >> taking a look at stories we're following this morning. san francisco's chief of police is again calling for his officers to be armed with tasers after a police shooting yet. the whole thing on video. an officers shot and wounded a man sitting in a wheelchair after police say the man stabbed one of the officers. >> oakland police are looking for a suspect in the shooting of six men in a residential neighborhood last night. they have the man's name and the
5:47 am
manhunt is on. the six victims are all men. they are hospitalized in stable to critical condition. >> the san francisco board of supervisors will meet again on friday to find out if city manager ed lee wants the job as interim mayor when gavin newsom becomes lieutenant governor. it caused a major tirade from chris daily. the latest on these stories coming up at 6:00. >> major political change comes to washington today as hundreds of new lawmakers are sworn in and the battle lines are redrawn. newly empowered republicans are vowing to challenge the president on key issues like government spending and healthcare. emily schmidt is in washington with a preview. >> high noon today in washington marks a high point for republicans. they have 85 of the 94 new members of congress who will be sworn in. it's enough to give them control of the house of representatives led by speaker elect john boehner. according to speech experts released from his office, he
5:48 am
says he aims to take the government back to the memory people. a vote for the healthcare plan. >> if you're going to have a patient's bill of rights, you have to have comprehensive healthcare reform. >> we are here to represent and reflect the values of the country. and the country has said very directly stop the spending. >> the gop has vowed $100 billion in spending cuts. soon lawmakers must decide whether to increase the amount of money the government can borrow. without it, the government could face a shutdown. >> i could not be more serious when i say i'm not going to vote to increase the national debt limit. >> they hosted a private fund-raiser last night, $2500 a ticket. the focus already on 2012. >> we're going to make sure the freshman class are ready to hold all of our own seats. >> republicans first spending cut vote trimming about 5% from
5:49 am
lawmakers office budget scheduled for tomorrow. supporters say it would save $35 million, just a fraction of the $200 billion in promised overall cuts. emily schmidt, abc news, washington. >> not extending tom cable's contract despite the fact most of the players wanted him back next season. he took over two and a half years ago. he endured ups and downs including an assault claim from one of his assistants last year. cable did take a franchise and disarray and brought great respectability to the team, brought a great record. expected to vote hue jackson to the top spot. >> all right. weather in the bay area, driving in, checking out the stars above, clear skies driving up from the peninsula. >> yeah, were they going by at warp speed? >> yeah! looked like shooting stars going
5:50 am
so fast. but it was clear for me. i know for some folks, from marin, did you see fog? >> i keep my eyes on the road. i drive differently. >> right. (laughter) >> all right. let's go outside. (laughter) >> someone's gotta be picked on. it's okay. >> maybe because you're wearing red today. you know, actually we're attracted to that. wow, coordinated like that. were you wearing purple yesterday, too? >> 5:50 this morning. looking live from emeryville. sutro tower in the background. fog hasn't made it out of the north bay as it did yesterday but still expecting some of it to spill across the san bab blow bay but it will not make it to the airport. not looking for flight arrival delays there. talk temperatures. that's the big story. freezing around santa rosa. close at napa at 33. same with concord and livermore. so thick frost developing in our east bay and north bay valleys.
5:51 am
some of the fog up there could create back ice. temperatures, redwood city in fremont. upper 30s oakland, mountain view, san jose. 46 half moon bay. we're near 40 watsonville, salinas. 47 santa cruz and a frosty 32 in gilroy. sunshine and cool today with a light breeze thanks to the stagnation high pressure causes. also causes a little buildup in pollution. we don't have a spare the air but, of course, they are saying don't burn if you don't have to because then they might have to issue one. valley freezing fog. it will form again tonight in a week-long weather pattern. added an extra day to the forecast and still looks pretty dry. remember, the temperatures are cold enough for freezing fog. not only central valley but straight in the delta. visibility below a quarter of a mile before 10:00. the fog lingers antioch and brentwood until the afternoon hours keep you in the low 50s. low to mid-50s for the rest of the east bay valleys.
5:52 am
overall in the east bay shore, temperatures mid-50s. slightly warmer upper 50s down in the south bay. a few more high clouds than yesterday. mid to upper 50s on the peninsula. along the coast into downtown san francisco, mid-50s a lot like yesterday. 49 clear lake, 51 san rafael. mid-50s the rest of the north bay. the warmest weather the monterey bay. 25 napa the cool spot. low 30s through the valleys with that freezing fog possible. about 42 san francisco. we'll deal with freezing fog thursday and probably friday morning. lesser extent over the weekend. still a lot of sunshine in the afternoon. a few patchy clouds and temperatures low to mid-50s for afternoon highs. here's frances with too much water. >> a lot of water in castro valley. pictures from the scene, courtesy of steve's sister, our cameraman there. the water main break, east castro valley boulevard.
5:53 am
several inches of water in the roadway. apparently there's rocks and sediment but they are providing traffic control in the area so it means you can still get by. you might need to slow down as you make your way out of castro valley. there's the location just north of 580. freeway traffic completely unaffected. in fact, still looking pretty good out there. but we're starting to see fog develop on 680 walnut creek. wow! it got really foggy the last if you minutes. southbound is on the right-hand side. that really thickened up within the last few minutes. pick up the north bay for you, 101 in san rafael. light now. you can get the latest by going to our terry, kristen? >> frances, thanks very much. 5:53 right now. >> a bank may be ready to slap new fee on credit cards. >> jane king with the morning's "moneyscope" report. >> good morning. annual fees for debit cards may
5:54 am
be on the way. banks are considering charging annual fees of up to $30 and possibly unlimited debit card transactions a month as they find a way to make up for financial profits reform. verizon's planning on doing away with its new emory 2 programs that gives customers free phones every two years. all this and excitement 4-g unveiling at the consumer electronics show in las vegas. unveiling applications to get us to watch internet programming on tv and general motors saying it will sell its on star navigation service in non-g.m. cars. adding features like technology to translate voice and tech messages. a break for taxpayers. the irs leaves you to april 18th this year. that's because april 15th is the
5:55 am
emancipation holiday. that's observed in d.c. the comeback of chrysler reporting sales gains bigger than forecast and despite the strong numbers we had a mixed close for stocks yesterday. bad news for smokers but good news for people who can't stand the smell. making all rental cars smoke free and saying people who light up in his cars will be charged up to $250 to pay for cleaning. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> the company that makes those braceleting balance are all done. stars like shaquille o'neal, david beckham are all fans of the wrist bands. balance says there's no scientific evidence to support claims it improves balance, strength and flexibility by interacting with the body's natural energy flow. they made the admission after
5:56 am
australian authorities accused the maker of false advertising. >> they think they know what causes male pattern baldness. hair making stem cells are the root cause. men who are bald have the same number of hair-making stem cells as a normal scalp but they have fewer of a more mature type of stem cell. the researchers have identified a problem. they hope to develop a topical cream that can activate those cells. >> want to know if your parents will live a long life? check their walking speed. people over 65 who walk fast live longer. they say walking is a useful way of measuring well-being because it requires body support, timing and power. a senior who can walk 3 mph has a 40% chance of living to 102 years they say. researchers caution this doesn't mean you should just try to walk faster than you're comfortable with because that can actually result in injury. to find out if it's true, see if
5:57 am
new yorkers live longer. nobody walks faster than new yorkers. >> at 6:00, how a white house greeting ended up creating security concerns for the u.s. military. >> how a fire damaged two homes in san rafael. >> i'm jenelle wang live in oakland. five days into the new year and another violent night in oakland. this time six people shot. they are looking for the gunman. i'll have the late nest a live
5:58 am
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