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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  January 6, 2011 5:30am-6:00am PDT

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>> everybody, have a great thursday. ♪ in the news this thursday morning, another night of violence in oakland. police find a man shot to death inside a car in the city's troubled west side. >> i'm really ashamed of them. >> san bruno city lead he recalls get an earful about money about pipeline explosion victims. they want to know why the city's holding on to more than $400,000 in donations. >> we'll talk to frances about the traffic. let me focus in on the weather. it's freezing cold. black ice could be a problem. it's a spare the air day. we'll tell you when the next rain comes into the forecast. >> no rain, mike, but flooding in the oakland maze. i'll tell you exactly where. we have a fog advisory for the
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venetian bridge once again. traffic light around the bay area, including the bay bridge toll plaza. >> homeowners in ten peninsula cities face a 40% hike in garbage rates as a san francisco company takes over trash collection. good morning on this thursday, 4:31. look who's back. >> i am. >> how you feeling? >> ahhh -- >> we'll talk more about that. >> it's cold outside. just said why are we out here. that's what the thermometer said. it's good to be back. i'm eric thomas. that's kristen sze it police are investigating a fatal shooting that occurred last night. the victim was found near 16th and center streets just before 10:00. emergency crews administered cpr but the victim died at the scene. police went door to door hoping to locate witnesses. no suspect and no motive. that comes on the heels of tuesday night's shooting that left six injured, including an innocent bystander.
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this happened on 89th avenue. people in homes were watching tv or doing homework when bullets pierced their walls. two were found at the scene. the other victims were driven to the hospital. they suspect the shooting was gang-related. no arrests have been made. >> people who donated $400,000 are angry that the victims haven't received any money four months later. last night two council members heard the concerns and tuesday the full city council will meet and decide how to district that money. amy reports. >> it was clear to the officials underestimated how many people care about this issue. many had to go and find their on chair before the meeting started. city council members were looking for ideas how to distribute money to fire victims but first residents needed to vent. >> when i went down to give my donation, i asked where this money was going to go.
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and they said it was going directly to the fire victims. four months have gone by, they haven't received anything. i'd like to know why. i mean, that changed -- >> the city of san bruno has $400,000 in donations it hasn't handed out. victims like loretta say they need it. she and her mother who is still covering from burns are about $200,000 in debt. >> i don't have medical benefits. so i've been paying all the money out and i don't have any money coming in. >> the ten city council members conducting the meeting tried to explain there isn't a simple formula how to give out the money. >> it's not an easy decision. there's all sorts of considerations to do. how far do you go? who gets what? you give somebody to everybody? >> and as the meeting progressed, that point was proven. suggestions range from a public park to a memorial, to hiring of
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a victim's advocate. >> i don't think it's fair to attack the city. i totally say i'm glad the money hasn't been spent yet because then we'll be hearing all the criticisms why it was dead wrong. >> amy says there were many opinions what to do with the money now but a conscientious was city leaders need to come up with a fair way to distribute to victims and do it quickly. >> pg&e is facing more lawsuits on the september pipeline explosion that killed eight and destroyed dozens of homes. the journal reports seven new lawsuits were filed in december. they were negligence, nuisance and other liabilities. a pg&e spokesman says the company remains committed to its customers in san bruno. the utility is awaiting a decision by the judicial council of california whether all the lawsuits should be heard by a single judge. >> leaders are ordering up a new emergency response plan for
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sewage spills. staff was ordered to develop a new plan following two recent spills involving the ross valley sanitary district. december 22nd a spill involved 2 million gallons of sewage. days early it was 840,000 gallons of sewage. the independent journal reports city leaders complain the sanitation district had no communication with the fire department about an emergency pipeline it constructed during the emergency. >> it's now 4:35. the national park service is trying to pinpoint the source of an oily mess that's been washing up on a north bay beach. volunteers found hundreds of ping-pong sized tar balls at point reyes. a spokesman says it could be natural seepage from the ocean or it could be a leak from an old shipwreck. high tides and storms have since washed the tar balls away. >> peninsula residents in ten cities and parts of
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unincorporated san mateo county should brace themselves for a higher garbage rate this year. it will be the regents' first new one in decades. quarterly rates for some customers are expected to increase 9% to more than 38%. the biggest change and major reason for the higher cost is a new schedule to pick up recycling and composting bins every week along with the regular garbage. the cycling had been picked up every other week under the previous collector. >> if you have blue shield of california for your health insurance, you could be paying a lot more starting in march. the san francisco-based company wants to raise rates for nearly 200,000 policyholders pending state approval. blue shield increased rates october and again january 1st. the march increase would amount to a 30% rate hike in just six months. blue shield blames the hikes on rising healthcare costs.
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>> oracle's larry ellison is denying a that he wants to buy the new orleans hornets and move the team to san jose. now the hornets are up for grabs. the nba bought the hornets last month and wants to sell the money-losing franchise. if ellison bought the hornets they could join the sharks as tenants at h. p. pavilion. >> there's interest moving the basketball team to san jose. but at this point it's just speculation about what larry ellison might be interested in doing. >> san jose's mayor chuck reid says he's never had any conversations with ellison about bringing in nba teams to the city. coincidentally the hornets hosted the warriors last night. you're looking at video from city hall of san francisco where america's come celebrates the race of 2013. >> the east bay valleys, you won't be able to find it because
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of the fog. it's a good looking trophy. >> like groundhog day when it's the same as yesterday. >> absolutely. that's what we're seeing in some parts this morning. this thursday visibility to a quarter mile in concord and fairfield due to tulie fog. novato, about a quarter mile there. what concerns me is the temperatures, 33 degrees in concord with that thick fog. looks like we could have black ice there. santa rosa, san rafael. mid to upper 30s until you get to san francisco and half moon bay at the mid-40s. as far as what's going to happen today -- excuse me -- we're going to have sunshine early in the morning. temperatures will remain pretty much in the 30s except oakland, san francisco and half moon bay, we'll be in the throw mid-40s. noon we'll have sunshine and high clouds. the 40 degree temperatures will hang around inland with low to mid-50s the bay and the coast.
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towards 4:00, high clouds and sunshine just about all of us in the 50s with a warm spot santa rosa and san jose at 57 degrees. santa cruz even warmer at 60. accu-weather 7-day forecast, one more night of fog and frost and then it looks like we have dry weather through the weekend and a slight chance of rain on tuesday and wednesday. it's dry outside. frances. almost. >> yeah, mike, except there's flooding on westbound 580 as you make your way out of oakland. we have a live camera shot. it's on that connector ramp to eastbound 80. somewhere in this live shot, they're saying 6 to 8 inches in all of the lanes for a stretch of about 30 feet so caltran is en route and we'll let you know and let you know if it causes any delays. so far seems traffic is getting by but i would think you have to slow down quite a bit through that area. also there is a fog advisory once again this morning. mike was talking about the thick fog but caltran has issued a fog
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advisory for the venetian bridge and highway 4 especially near the coming skyway. eric, kristen? >> all right. thank you very much. it's now 4:40. >> still ahead from a worldwide scare to a potential scam, the doctor's whose research triggered a worldwide autism scare is accused of making it all up. >> cutting corners in testinini
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oprah: lisa ling's one-on-one. the ape who can have conversations? then, teeny tiny. the bionic flipper. target the hero! plus, amazing animalalalalalalal good morning, everyone. it's 4:42 on the abc 7 morning news. chp is going to have to check a report of flooding in the maze here. it would be westbound 580 to eastbound 80. actually the middle of your screen at the bottom. kind of hard to see here but what we don't see are any plumes from anybody driving through water. frances will let you know the outcome of that in a few minutes. >> the researchers behind a
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discredited autism study is now being called elaborate fraud by a british investigative reporter. andrew wakefield's 1998 paper which claimed to link autism with the measles and mumps made parents decide not to give the vaccine. >> he made the link between that and autism. he claimed after studying 12 children, eight showed behavioral systems days after being vaccinated. they were told worldwide to stop vaccinating their children. the prominent british medical journal calls wakefield's study an elaborate fraud. >> i think what dr. wakefield did was a moral crime if not an actual crime. >> the journal claims wakefield falsified data saying some
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children got sick after the vaccination when they really didn't. >> this was a clinical examination of children on the merits of their clinical problems by the best people in the world. best clinical experts in the world. and they came to the diagnosis, not me. >> lisa is the parent of an autistic child. her son dante showed signs of autism before he received any vaccinations. but this mother admits the wakefield report did impact how she cared for her child. >> i delayed vaccines. i took multiple vaccines for him and i wouldn't have done that if i knew it was falsified. >> doctors are outraged by the possibility of being intentionally duped. >> what's happened is the children have suffered and have been hospitalized and have died because of the false notion that vaccines cause autism. >> it's disappointing but i don't think it changes the picture significantly. >> diana works with autistic children. she knows parents who still
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believe there's a link between vac nations and autism. >> the journal claims wakefield was paid $75,000 by lawyers who plan to sue the makers of the measles vaccine. lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. >> it's 4:45 now. a pentagon investigation has found the army did not thoroughly test the body armor issued to u.s. troops. the inspector general's report says the army cut corners and at times lowered ballistic testing requirements for the vests. taking shortcuts means that soldiers have no guarantee the vests will save their lives as advertised. the body armor cost the taxpayers $434 million. now the army must determine whether it needs to be recalled. >> it's 4:45 now. coming up, the search for more possible victims of a san jose man accused of molesting a child. >> day two on the job means first votes for freshman lawmakers. today's must-read in the house coming up.
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>> plus one family's sacrifice. the ethiopian girl whose loved ones gave up everything to bring her to san francisco for life-saving surgery. >> everyone wanted it but only one place is getting it. the final destination for the3q experts from a leading consumer publication recently tested automatic dishwashing detergents. they rated finish quantum number one, beating the competition ! try finish quantum for amazing clean and shine. satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.
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you eye. >> we do have rain up towards seattle and snow showers around detroit. any delays develop we'll have it with our flight tracker at if you go there, you can have it, too. here's eric with more news. >> thank you, mike. it's 4:48 now. san jose police are looking for more possible victims of a man arrested on child modification
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charges. 60-year-old campos is accused of lewd acts with a child at a day-care center in the 600 block. c camoppose lives at the house where the day-care is located. san jose police were asking anyone with information about c campos to call the agency. >> house leaders have scheduled a bit of political theater. emily schmidt is in washington. >> one of the first house actions this morning, reading all of the constitution on the house floor. then the first spending vote. >> we will start by cutting congress's own budget. (applause) >> this afternoon there's a vote scheduled to cut congressional office budgets by $35 million. next up taking on some of the democrats' accomplishments touted by outgoing speaker nancy pelosi.
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>> we have made the largest ever commitment to making college more affordable. (applause) >> enacted wall street reform with the greatest consumer protections in history and passed a strong patients bill of rights. (applause) >> a house vote to repeal healthcare reform is slated for next week. >> speaker boehner says big bills aren't always better. and he promises lawmakers and the public will have three days to read a bill before it comes to a vote. emily schmidt, abc news, washington. >> 4:45, just like yesterday starting with fog inland. you can see the stars, even count them it was so clear. >> yeah. you couldn't see anything coming up from the valleys in the east bay, the protected valleys. mike's going to come in right now over here to tell us more about that. >> tell us about the two different stories going on. >> the fog and also the site that's a spare the air day. you can't burn wood. go the conventional route, use the heater.
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4:50 this morning. you can see the fog einvestigating out of the north bay. as far as temperatures, we are running cold once again with only oakland, san francisco, and half moon bay in the mid-40s. everybody else in the 30s. in fact, it's freezing cold in santa rosa with 31. the cool spot. around the monterey bay, temperatures upper 30s, monterey and watsonville. for today high clouds, even more so than sunshine -- even more so than yesterday. and we'll have some sunshine today, seasonably cool conditions, one more night of tulie fog and looks like the winds will change a little bit starting this weekend. that will keep most of the tulie fog confined in the central valley. wet weather? found some. it's possible tuesday and wednesday. not a great chance but it's possible. let's take a look at the central
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valley from chico, sacramento, modesto to bakersfield. advisory until at least noon. the fog particularly thick this morning with visibility near zero and black ice is possible not only there but also the delta communities and the east bay valleys. notice the tulie fog hangs out. only going to be 48 today brentwood, 50 antioch. everybody else the mid-50s. warmer on the east bay shore with mid to upper 50s here and warmer in the south bay with upper 50s. sunshine, high clouds and mid to upper 50s on the peninsula. mid-50s along the coast today. downtown and south san francisco. sausalito north mainly mid-50s. clear lake at 49 and santa rosa could top out around 57 degrees. look at the widespread 60s around the monterey bay and inland. 64 salinas. morgan hill and caramel a little behind in the upper 50s.
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traveling around the state today, it's going to be 45 fresno, 48 sacramento where the fog will be thick throughout the afternoon hours. 41 tahoe with sunshine. look at los angeles. 68 degrees today with a mostly sunny sky. bring it back home. you can see the fog hanging around the east bay valleys and more around the north bay. remember, you can't burn before midnight. it's a spare the air. the worst air quality will be the north bay and east bay valleys during the afternoon hours. accu-weather 7-day forecast, pretty steady this weekend with a lot of sunshine but temperatures mid to upper 50s and that slight chance of a shower tuesday and wednesday. hope you have a great day. here's frances. >> mike, we're keeping a close eye where neighborhood flooding has been reported this morning. caltran is en route. it has been initially reported on that westbound 580 connector ramp out of oakland connecting eastbound 80 as you make your way through berkeley and emeryville. we've seen this live shot here. i don't see any cars slowing
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down. apparently 6 to 8 inches deep and 30 inches across. we'll try to pan the camera around for my next report to see if we see any slowing in the area. sometimes when things are reported in the oakland maze it's often near the area but not quite in the maze. we'll check out 680 in walnut creek for you where there is very thick fog this morning. did you see some of those headlights. that's northbound 680 and you'll find thick fog as well coming off the venetian bridge. there's a new accident in the south bay, south 680 approaching 101, it's a spinout facing the wrong way blocking the right lane at this point. eric, kristen, you can also catch the latest whenever you want by going to it's under the bay area traffic link. >> thanks a lot, frances. it's 4:54. today a young girl from ethiopia will undergo live-saving surgery at children's hospital. allen wong tells us about her incredible journey here and the
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couple who helped make it possible. >> i'm going to look at your eye. >> it's been a long journey from ethiopia and 13-year-old blaine is anxious to undergo life-saving surgery on a cancer on her eye. >> this has gone all the way over to the other start of the eye and starting to hit on the cornea there, right on the edge of the cornea. >> they sold their only source of income. her tiny village chipped in the rest. >> most people in this particular region don't live past 40 years of age. one in five kids don't survive. it's very, very, very difficult to see. >> physician's assistant janet turns and her husband dr. john turns discovered blaine's cancer during a relief initial with a group called doctors giving back. >> within two years it would have riddled her body and she would have never survived. >> but the cancer hasn't spread
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and they hope doctors at the hospital can remove it for good. the journey from her village of 2,000 people has been an eye-opener. >> i was very amazed by friends and the very buildings, have amazing and i like them very much. >> blaine is positive she'll recover and fulfill her dream to become a doctor. >> ethiopia is very poor right now. and there in pain now. i wanna hug them because i got hugged. >> in san ramon, allen wong, abc 7 news. >> as allen mentioned, blaine's family sold everything to bring her to san francisco, including the 40-year-old delivery truck they used to make money. doctors giving back is raising money to help blaine and her family recover once they get home. we have contact information at under "see it on tv." >> it's 4:56 now. charlotte, north carolina, is expected to get a piece of aviation history.
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the u.s. airways plane that bay area pilot sully sullenberger landed on the hudson river is bound for an aviation museum in the city. charlotte was the original destination. >> there's over 100 survivors in charlotte. the airplane was based in charlotte and destined for charlotte so this is a charlotte story more than anything else. >> the airbus a-320 is in a new jersey warehouse. except for the passengers' belongings almost everything including food carts are still in the plane just like it was. several museums, including the smithsonian competed for the airplane. >> kind of hoping for aviation in san carlos. >> would have been nice with sully living in the bay area. >> a group of school districts suing san mateo county. next at 5:00, the investment they say the county should never have made. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in hillsborough where they're issuing a warning to resident,
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beware of a mountain lion, the same one that attacked yesterday in broad daylight. the story in a live report. >> how stanford is trying to solve an old space mystery
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