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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  January 7, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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danville and oakland and in san francisco. we have a map from usgs. and the standard operating procedure for five minutes so the agency could check tracks. and and and there are operations back up now. >> bay area airports reporting no problems this weekend. >> now, joining us to talk about this is walter with the usgs. tell us about why this is so widely felt. you know this was not a big earthquake. but you know most of us felt it. and reason is that in this fault moving west to the north has a nice push right directed towards san jose, san francisco, and a lot of the residents so. we felt this, i
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felt it. and because of the orientation of the bault. >> i don't think there will be after shock that's will be felt this, in fact was on the margin of sensible. most of us felt a small shaking and the next after shock to follow probably won't be felt by anyone except most local residents, perhaps. >> and does this tell us anything? is there anything that we can -- any value to this? >> there is no predictive value to this. and this is about roughly once a year. i don't want to say business
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as usual but there is no reason for alarm. >> okay. >> that is good to know. >> can you tell us about the fault line in general? is it one that is quite active. and you know here is the beautiful bay area there is a division of the fault coming north from hollister, one line runs on the east bay. there is a fault that is moving at a regular pace and generating a lot of small earthquakes. it came to our attention in 1984 when it generated a 6.2 quake that we called the morgan hill earthquake. so... it's a pest in our neighborhood. but we know about it and it's
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activity today is up to us all. it's old tricks. it hasn't done anything alarming. >> all right. we appreciate your time. >> and we've got a lot of calls and there is on face book, lieu ease writes good, long shake, rumble in san francisco. >> alex writes i live in santa clara. the house was moving side to side. laura writes my building rocked and shock. >> thank you for the comments. >> other major news tonight. >> there is a is all but a done deal to become the first asian american mayor next week. amy? >> outgoing mayor is thrilled with the decision, tough
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talking community act tiist rose packs was in tears and so happy. the only personal not celebrating tonight is supervisor daily. ed lee is currently the chief administrator. chris daily was one supervisor voting against lee a 10-1 vote. and this he mayor says he's thrilled with vote. >> and it could mean we'll make the decision and determination but i think it's clear now that he will be mayor. >> if mr. lee surprises then so be it. i'll be surprised and
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apologize to mr. lee, directly. and i don't see it happening. i see a status quo being maintained. >> that was the only opposition heard regarding lee tonight. lee is in hong kong on vacation and first didn't want this job. and they convinced him. if the board approved lee he will be mayor until the election in november. >> and there is guessing game is over. jim harbaugh is going pro. >> yes. and there is a wnder if they jump up and down can that cause an earthquake? >> you're right. >> this is just a theory.
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>> the 49er owner got their man, and jim harbaugh cite add built to coach and compete against the best as an influential factor in the decision. and. >> you mentioned money and location. >> was it perfect? >> there is perfect fit was the 49ers organization. and that opportunity. i heard the vision it's what i believe in. >> and there is more interview, that is later in sports. and there is wayne freedman,
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wayne this is held in the gold room. and a coup for the skporgs a nice pay day for harbaugh. >> i would say he won the lottery today. this is a bit of a surprise. they a hint of smlg up and at 10:00 this morning there is a bellman that heard rumors they wanted to have a press conference at 3:30. >> and there was an earthquake this afternoon. and there is nobody felt it. and by hiring jim harbaugh. >> i can't wait to be around those guys. those leaders and start building the team. >> this concludes a momentous week after leaving stanford he
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found himself the hottest commodity in football. and the describes san francisco 9ers as best competitive opportunity and says he felt that way from early on this week. >> there is a perfect competitive opportunity for me and the rest of san francisco organization to be a part of the team to have a chance to win with san francisco 49ers. >> this marks a new beginning. the fired coach had passion, but not an offensive mind and the faithful, this feels like a good move. >> there is a awesome. >> i know he's capable of taking a team and making into something. >> and that is what 49ers hoped to hear.
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and they have been building championships and giving fans a reason to hope. 49ers have not done the former in a long time. they haven't had a winning season since 2002 but do have hope tonight and do have new blood. and in the palace hotel in san francisco wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> the era begins, can he do it at the next level? we'll find out and talking to the new gm. >> we'll see you shortly. >> governor brown set to announce a new budget. and there are keep cuts to state spending. the plan includes returning 84% of the transition funds eliminating the secretary of
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education and cutting the governor's washington, d.c. staff and eliminating the offense of the first lady but on the same day there is word of a potentially costly problem looming with the state antiquated computer system. california is the birth place of technology with some of the best products invested right here but somehow that stopped sort of -- short of sacramento. >> you'd think there would be access to best and brightest people having to do information technology stit auditor warned the governor about efforts to modernize computers, the project started in 2006 is four years behind schedule and top two leaders just quit. >> there are significant concerns about how success
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thfl project is going to be. >> the director says they'll be hiring replace manies and the project should be back on track. >> we're doing our best to move the state forward wex think we're doing a good job of that. >> this project is part of a long history. prot jekts often fall short and cost more than anticipated. in 1994 then governor pete wilson scrapped a computer project after the state spent $50 million on a project that didn't work n 2006 a $1.5 million project supposed to better track child support payments. >> i would note we're working with the three top vendors in the united states. and this is expense skbrif does worry us. >> the analyst recommends scaling back the project in sacramento, abc 7 news.
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>> and it's a busy day as you can see there. is more to bring you and latest plans to get a boat off the beach. >> and fighting gang violence in oakland. mayor takes a look at the problem. >> there is fog coming at us and it will clear outshift your. take the right leg up, holding the inner arch of the foot... introducing instant action alerts, only from chase. left arm up... manage your account and help avoid overdrafts with a click of a button. just reply to the alert with how much you want to transfer. inhale, all the way up... so you always stay in balance.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. there is a possible change in plans for salvaging that boat in san jose. you're looking at still
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photographs. and there is you reports powered by you tune. initially they were able to lift it. the owner is now considering putting it in half. and this phyllis j ran aground tuesday. >> the new mayor of oakland is wrapping up her first week on the job and jean kwan knows her work is cut out for her when it comes to solving the serious problem. and the mayor gets a look tomorrow. >> today jean kwan walked the diamond district to unveil mosaics. tomorrow, she'll walk a beat. 33 x. a neighborhood police say is among the city's violent. the area is boarded by international boulevards and stretches from 81 avenue.
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including an innocent bystander watching tv. police say the gun battle outside was gang related. >> this is is weeks that are high and low. >> according to police a single gang was involved in the shootings last year. and qaun was downtown, attorneys battled over latest gang injunctions. according to russo this there are attorney that sea such injunctions are ineffective. >> i think this is an issue of civil rights and priorities. should the city spent millions of dollars when research shows it's not effective? >> and if you read it says
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individuals are not auj yoirized and dmot have the rights to be vaulting individuals. >> i'm not against injunctions but i am worried about them being overly broad. that is why i'm considering the meeting. >> saturday, kwan will look for other ways to make it a safer place. in oakland abc 7 news. >> the highway 1 will be closed this weekend as work continues on approaching the drive. beginning tonight northbound 101 will close, and that will begin at lake street. saturday, at 10:00 p.m. the ramp will be close and
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drivers adviced to take lom barred street. >> and there is weekend upon us, will we get sun back? >> it was, temperatures in many areas into 40s today for highs. and there is an improving forecast heading into sunday. sunday with clear skies. >> getting ready for that. outside, temperatures coming up as well towards monday. and there is a live lick -- look from traffic on the bridge. fog and clouds covering a good part of the bay area. and only area where we're seeing poor visibility is santa rosa. there is three quarters of ale mile there. temperatures now holding into 40s except there are upper 30s and this is not far from where the clouds, sunnier,
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wilder -- pilder weather expected sunday this, afternoon, valley fog pouring in and coastal fog coming in. someplaces like half moon bay did enjoy sunshine and temperatures into 50s, tonight looking for wide spread overcast. and temperatures around santa rosa and low 30s, certainly a milder night for the bay area. we're looking at mainly mid-30s to low 40s and getting out of the freezing range. and satellite radar showing a cold front to the north this, is going to bring in drier, cool yir air and mix out fog. you'll see it here and so there is where you start to notice clearing trend heading into sunday. and sunday going to be a nice, sunny day. temperatures respond as a result.
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let me show you highs for saturday. plans for tomorrow, nice day, once clouds move away from san jose, 53 degrees. and there is still have some lingering fog into afternoon. 52 redwood city. and there is half moon bay, 52 degrees, and there is low 50s and into north bay, temperatures varying quite a bit from 47 in san rafael. and there is some sun and 52 degrees. 48 degrees in hercules. fog is going to hang around in the east bay. and mid-40s in antioch, and pittsburgh. 47 in livermore. 56 in jant cruz. there is the accu-weather
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forecast. foggy, coast inland tomorrow, upper 40s in warmest locations. and there is numbers come up a little bit. around the bay and inland, sunday, monday, and tuesday, still dry. and then we're looking at hose stilt of rain oo. and nice long dry spell. >> thank you. >> and just ahead a judge declared him sane today. declared him sane today. >> and an army veteranspsp
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courtroom it's been a long four year journey for the west point graduate. the story only on 7. this sargeant completed his treatment, finishing rehab programs, there is only one more obstacle. this is he was still legally insane. a jury confirm him not guilty by reason of insanity. a judge approved his petition to restore his sanity. and his attorney says this puts an end to the sad case. >> he's free of restrictions from the superior court. >> the decorated army captain was overcome with emotion. >> at this point couldn't -- just overwhelmed by people he served in bosnia
6:25 pm
sq says he witnessed atrocities and mass graves came home suffering from ptsd. and four years ago robbed a wall greens in mountain view. and he stole painkillers which doctors had been prescribing. >> narcotics. >> he spoke to me from his jail cell and said he was addicted to painkillers and robbed a walgreens. his attorney says this system has worked for his clients. and smith hired him this year to work in his law firm. >> there is a bright kid with an engineering degree from west point. >> he continues to go to therapy sessions at the va hospital. >> this is some that are helpful. i think it's good to keep in touch with issues i'm still
6:26 pm
dealing with. >> he hasn't decided whether to continue working at the law firm or go back to school. he's in no worry. today is the first day of the rest of his new life. >> there is more ahead. a drop in the jobless rate. the number might be misleading. >> u.s. commerce secretary in a push to create more job autos and latest gadgets at consumer electronics show including a new electric car on a
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yes...but i want my own invisible cord. you already have one. oh. ♪ good evening, we have an update on the top story. a earthquake that rattled the south bay. >> there have been four small after shocks from 1.1 to 2.6.
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>> this struck at 4:10 this afternoon 13 miles east southeast of san jose city hall, and 11 miles north of. >> one man says he could feel it. >> i was into work and everybody felt it. >> were you scared?. >> well, a little bit scared. and you never know it's's the beginning a large one. the earthquakes began, you never know until it's over how big it's going to be. >> and saying there are no reports of damage or injury. >> and that did get our attention. >> unemployment in december fell to the lowest level in 19 month autos the number people watched is misleading.
6:31 pm
>> lowest level in more than a year and a half is still... not great news. >> in west oakland tobias daily tells pee he's been out of a steady job four years. >> this is bailey says he wasn't given up. and is learning construction but jobless numbers tell a story of hundreds of thousands of other who's have given up. and this is true, it felt but the number of new jobs is not enough to keep up with population growth, let alone bring down unemployment. >> and you realized what happened. people have left the job force. you find there has been an increase. >> the dean of the public
6:32 pm
policy says it's not good news and today, fed chairman told congress he's going to be a long recovery. >> this could take four to five more years to normalize fully. >> areas that did grow most, leisure and hospitality and health care. and this is not encouraging for an oakland trainee vie faing. that will carry me through. with hard work i think i'll reap benefits. >> touring a plant in maryland the president called the new numbers encouraging. and we know numbers can bounce around from month to month but the trend is clear well. saw 12 months of private sector job growth. >> and the government saying
6:33 pm
it had underestimated new hiring and numbers show for october, november, december, the average growth was 128,000 per month. and that is about what it takes to keep up with population growth. the big drop in rates unfortunately reflects the number of discouraged workers that are dropped out of the hunt. >> and that is too bad. >> today, a high level team came to help entrepreneurs grow their business. david louie was there and got a television interview. >> we want job growth. >> he thinks people in this room are considered the key to making that happen. there is is a kick off event by a white house initiative on the presidential commission.
6:34 pm
and it's designed to link potential job creator was government programs and businesses. there is a co-founder of the new clean tech firm. >> there are many programs out if. if you don't know the right person in the department and right connections you get lost. >> there are over a million asian american owned businesses employing two million workers. many don't know about tax credits or lone programs or help they can get to tap export harkt market n this interview the commerce secretary gary lock said a focus will create jobs. >> more they produce, more people they hire. there are many programs for free that will find buyers and customers for made in usa goods and services. >> this summit giving them access to top agency leaders
6:35 pm
and policy makers. to give you an idea there is a official gave out his phone number. the entrepreneurs got a pep talk from a senior economist that they can make a difference. >> this is an idea to push boundaries and can generate opportunities. we're going to need to do that. >> i think it's going to help spur a continuing wave and more energized wave of entrepreneurship. and asian americans have been the back bone in the valley. >> secretary lock unveiled plans to keep americans safe in cyber space calling for launching a system designed to limit fraud while stream lining web transactions. and there is commerce
6:36 pm
estimated $10 trillion per year. >> stocks ended with modest declines. dow jones fell 22 points and s and p 500 slipped two points. very on is set owe get the iphone. and there is a an event being held tuesday, until now only available on at and t's network and there is a is a ruling invalidated some sales because the bank dz not prove they owned the mortgages at the time of for closure. >> hot technology is on display in las vegas. tonight jennifer jolly takes us include -- inside of the electronics show in vegas.
6:37 pm
>> this is ground zero. there is everything from outstanding... to outlandish. >> my abs will be ripped. >> it will work through your abs. >> today's big focus? ford's new all electric cars. >> this is so exciting. we announced the new ford focus vehicle. the own is more evolutionary. so rather than seeing mind blowing technologies this is about picking existing technology and giving regular consumers more excited bit. >> nothing here. and there is star power.
6:38 pm
>> i've enjoyed it. and there are time to associate myself with people who have passion for what they can do. so this makes me happy to be here. and doesn't just unlock it when ces wraps up, nearly 200,000 people will have cut, tested and paid for the hottest gadgets of the year. and now, will you buy them? >> still to come problem was muni's so called smart shelter autos what is wrong with thememp
6:39 pm
you can see
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san francisco muni system getting a thousand new bus shelters and what some of the so called smart shelters aren't wrorking. we learned about the problem through you fix it. send us video of something in your neighborhood and we'll help you get it fixed. dan noyes reports on the smart shelters. there is new bus shelters supposed to include a display using gps to predict when the next bus will arrive and a button for blind people to press to get the same information. and bill says since replacing the shelter in san francisco
6:42 pm
three months ago, that has been blank and that bus doesn't work. >> i saw there was a component in there but it never worked. now very no idea when the next is coming. >> so he called to report the problem and says he kept calling almost every week for nearly three months. and never heard back from muni. >> i feel frustrated. i feel like they're making no attempts to respond to me. >> just have to be cautious. >> muni spokesman says this agency has been waiting to get clearance from pg&e and department of building inspections. and he says two more of the hundred shelters so far are wait are for clearance. >> it's unfortunate but we
6:43 pm
have to do it. and have to be safe. >> day after interviewing muni, clear channel sent the contractor but push to talk feature was still disconnected. and we checked it the following week. >> bill says muni needs to make sure all of the new shelters work. >> they will make sure that that is working and will work in new shelters. >> and you'll be seeing more of the sqlerlts around town, soon. clear channel will install about a thousand over two years f have you a problem that needs fixing or a government service that isn't working upload your video to our web site. click on you report link and don't forget to include a phone number or an e mail
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address. >> just ahead call it a special return engagement.
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last month we told you about a english teacher who partnered with a singing duo. what started out as a small book drive turned out to be a huge success. how huge? abc 7's leanne melendez spells it out. the indy music duo made a guest appearance today at leadership public school. you know them. they're the ones singing in that hyundai commercial. >> so why did they come here? students wanted to personally thank them for helping to collect books for three high school and a middle school. the drive started in november and in just two months, these four schools received, drum roll, please... more than
6:48 pm
11,000 books from around the world. >> check it out. >> because there are so many some will now be delivered to other schools. and there are there is the album through you pick the boom send it to the address on the box and songs were yours. >> and there is a it mobilizes and so it's just there is a tyler hefter an english teacher wanted to motivate his students. and it's completely going to be thrilled to read. >> and we can have work to get the reading it won't be bored.
6:49 pm
they're going enjoy it. >> foremost of us they may seem like an unusual name for a group. >> this is from a french word which means grapefruit. >> now they have a excellent source of knowledge. >> there is another check on the forecast now. >> and there is some cold spots this morning. and there is morning frost in oakland covering homes there. and take a look at the highs, inland areas only into low 40s today. there is 41 in napa and santa rosa. the fog just sat around.
6:50 pm
half moon bay, santa cruz enjoying some sunshine. temperatures into low to mid-50s. tomorrow morning, wide spread fog. and there is mild around the bay and coastal areas. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is mild weather relatively speaking. upper 40s inland making it cold. and sunday, brighter and more temperatures and we'll keep it dry. >> and goodbye, stanford hello nfl. >> how 49ers were
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coming up at 9:00 it was once credited with cutting cavities but why fluoride might be too much of a good thing. >> then at 11:00 there is tin yeep houses one bay area city hopes it will be the answer to a growing problem.
6:54 pm
>> it's the get in football coach autos and there i is -- they'll be okay. his nickname was captain come back by taking reigns of the 49ers he'll be tapped with helping a once proud organization make a come back for respectibility and dominance that it once enjoined. >> without excuse, without hesitation, losing is not an option. >> the era begins. >> there is a the world's greatest sport and some of the strongest athletes in the world that. is a perfect opportunity to compete at that level is something i accepted it. >> you mention competition. money and lok was it just a
6:55 pm
perfect fit? >> this perfect fit is the 49ers organization. and there is that opportunity. what they felt here, so up of what i heard their vision, is what i was just to believe in. >> and now, comes opportunity to revive a struggling franchise. from the most let go, harbaugh became option number one. >> i love passion and respect for the gape and love for the game. and he's a grinder and a football guy. >> the goal is to be a team competing year in, year out. i think trent understands that. >> and if staying in college wasn't hard enough, you must
6:56 pm
decide on a staff offensive lineman is dmfd whatever he decides. >> there is a kind of the way he coaches and to players and discipline they have. i think it's very excite oogt decision is like tossing a stone into water. andrew luck now needs a new head coach at stanford. and with luck returning expect stanford to be a preseason lock, helping their search for the replacement. and that said, he will be missed. >> i want them to know that if this is not a relationship going to end. >> everyone is like minded that it's hard to turn down $25 million. we wish him him the best.
6:57 pm
>> i'm disappointed. there is a synergy that is lous the team to be great. >> a couple notes here, har dbaugh gave no indication as to what he'll do with the quarterback situation. and this is when it comes to team and roster decisions fchl you're a 49er fan this, is great. >> i agree and that is terrific. he didn't indicate what's happening with the quarterback situation right now. >> knox he didn't. maybe there is still a chance. i don't know. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> thanks for joining us. >> have a good night. >> have a good night. see you again atatatatatatatata/
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