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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  January 7, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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how the red and gold landed the hottest coach in football. >> and they may be small, but bay area leaders are hoping it will becocococococococococococoo
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i'm excited about the san francisco 49er. >> and the 49ers are excited about him. >> coach harbough is going to teach in the nfl and hopefully teach them something about winning. he made the announcement after a week of meetings. >> colin is here now and everyone wanted harbough and he could have went anywhere he wanted to. >> it is a nice problem to have. everybody wants you. he cited a shared vision for the reason. after days of rumor and speculation, jed york got their man. he leaves stanford for the
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49ers. harbough cited the ability to coach and compete against the best in his decision. the niners are desperate to bring back a winning culture. they believe harbough is the man who can do that. >> i view it as the perfect opportunity, the perfect competitive platform with these pros and the level playing field and the chance to be a part of a team that goes after the highest award and that is the lombardi trophy. >> you mention the competition, the money, the location, was it all just the perfect fit? >> the perfect fit was the san francisco 49er organization. it was that opportunity for what they have built here and how they want to go about building. their vision is what i believe in. >> he is a ball coach. he loves the game. you can tell he loves the i'm
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gay, and that's important. you can tell he loves the game. he is a guy that can lead the franchise to where it belongs. >> searching for the right way to characterize, the gm says he has the it factor we all look for. more on my interview later in sports. >> the 49ers did get a etch coulding gift. >> yes, hottest on the market. >> no doubt. the president and athletic director both praised harbaugh this evening and wished him the best. he credited him for reenergizing the program. he commended the integrity and vision and news. yeah. students watched them rise from the basement to the penthouse in just under four years with harbaugh. >> harbaugh was awesome and he turned the program around. but he has his own life. >> everyone on campus was
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reminded it is hard to turn around $25 million. >> in san francisco many folks see stanford's loss as a major gain for the floundering franchise. >> awesome. exactly what they need. >> he has shown he is capable of taking a team and taking them from nothing and taking them to something and it is what we need in san francisco. >> it wouldn't be the first time. another jumped in 1979. bill walsh transformed the 49ers from the nfl dor mat to the dynasty that won five super are bowl titles over 15 years starting in 1981. and we have jim harbaugh's entire press conference as well as the one on one interview. go to the home page, after all sorts of maneuvering and even a temper tantrum, it looks like san francisco may have a new mayor, and he would be the first asian-american mayor. ed leigh would have to resign to fill the rest of gavin
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newsom's term. he earned the support of 10 supervisors. chris daley is the only one who voted no. amy hollyfield has more. >> at the beginning of the week, leigh had the support of six supervisors and the other ones said they took the time this week to talk to lee, and they said they were convinced to vote for him too, all but one. so the tally tonight was solid for lee, a 10-1 vote. >> you are talking about the happiest people in san francisco. this was an extraordinary and historic vote. >> the out going mayor enthusiastically approves of the selection of the city add -- city administrator. if lee is sworn in, he wull become the first asian-american mayor. >> this is a historic moment for the chinese american community, for a community that has been in this city for 160 years. a community that has struggled.
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>> but getting to this point wasn't easy. on tuesday the vote was split between lee and the san francisco sheriff, michael hennessey. and when a swing vote was declared in leigh's direction, chris daly lost his cool. >> i will haunt you. i will politically haunt you for the biggest fumble in the history of san francisco politics. it's on like don cee y kong. >> tonight's discussion was more civil. >> despite references to donkey kong, we have engaged in an orderly transition of leadership. >> lee was selected a 10 to 1 vote with daley casting the long dissenting vote. >> i have a reputation for raining on parades. today will likely be no different. >> even leigh himself didn't want the job at first, but several people called him and
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encouraged him including leaders which the chinese american community. >> because we will never have an opportunity if he doesn't take the first step. >> very emotional. i have never seen her like that. this vote is not binding. it is up to the new board of supervisors which will be sworn in tomorrow. it is expected the new board will vote for leigh. if that's the case he will serve until the november election. >> all right, amy hollyfield reporting. thanks. tomorrow oakland's new mayor will walk the beat. it is one of the most violent crime ridden neighborhoods in the city. today she was in the diamond district to unveil a new set of colorful mosaics. she will go door-to-door in a neighborhood where on tuesday six people were shot near 89th and d street including an innocent bystander who was struck by a bullet in his own home. >> are you discouraged at all by this difficult start? >> we have been watching for
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years. you have weeks that are high and weeks that are low. >> the new crime reduction and rejuvenation plan will focus on beat 33x. they will talk about a new crime prevention council that will have the first meeting later this month. here is a sign of the times. the city of antioch's police department is hurting for cash so badly that officials are actually asking for donations. a media partner, the contra costa times reports that antioch has opened a bank account where they can deposit money to help pay for police services. many donors want to match a pledge made last month by the president of the antioch auto center. so far it is working. antioch delayed laying off six officers, but they still could lose thar jobs later this month. you may have felt it. a small earthquake shook the bay area. the 4.1 quake categorized as light was centered east southeast of san jose city hall. people felt it up the
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peninsula into san francisco and through the east bay as far north as vallejo. lisa amin gulezian is live at san jose city hall, not far from the epicenter of the quake. lisa? >> carolyn, that was very true. the apple center is east southeast of san jose city hall. but that does not mean you have to be here in the area to feel the quake. the direction tft fault motion was -- the direction of the fault motion was more or less so everyone could feel it. >> the earthquake hit and this is what the seismograph at the usgs in menlo park showed. moments later viewers started calling the newsroom and posting messages on abc7's twitter and facebook pages. one person wrote, yes, we rocked and rolled in the hayward hills. he wrote, i live in santa clara and the house was moving side to side. he wrote "it rocked a bit.
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i imagine down in sj they really felt it." and then laura responded with, "totally." my building rocked and shook. in parts of the east bay residents also reacted. -- reacted. >> i felt the bed react a little bit. >> a little scared. i lived in california pretty much all my life. you never know if it is the beginning of a larnl one. -- large one. >> the last large one along the calaveras fault was 1984. the 6.2 quack hit morgan hill -- quake hit morgan hill howard. they say it happens once a year and the reason it really rocked the east bay was because the quake literally pushed in that direction. >> it was a sliding earthquake and the push to the north that everyone felt emanated from this point and was clearly felt throughout the bay area. >> a 4.1 quake is really too
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small to cause any damage. and we did not receive any reports of damage or injuries as a result of the quack today. live in san jose, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> thanks, lisa. well, there is downsizing, and then there is downsizing. next, one bay area city's small solution to a growing problem. >> also ahead, a landmark south bay business is shutting down. but another upscale shop could be waiting in the wipings. -- wings. >> and lookout cookie monster. the word of the year that beat out his most famous. >> and then later on "nightline." >> i'm cynthia mcfaden, carolyn and dan, coming up on "nightline" new reports of flocks of dying birds during the thousands of fish and crabs falling dead around the world. is it an omen? a symptom? just a
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to berkeley is hoping small houses will make an effort in the growing population. thisy will cut the ribbon on one of the growing homes. they report on what berkeley calls smart growth.
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>> behind this nonde script house is what they hope will be the new trend in housing. it is also known as an in-law unit. >> people walk in and they say, this has such a sense of place. >> care rip took out a $100,000 equity loan to build this secondary unit she plans to rent out. she is a city planning professor at uc berkeley and this is her way to not only add to her property, but to help a growing population and suburban sprawl. >> we need to lower our energy costs. how will we get that? this is one strategy that is not obtrusive. it is hidden density. it is not for everyone. >> it is tiny. just under 400 square feet and you have to climb this steep ladder. beyond the confines there is concern over the neighborhood, primarily parking.
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that's why they say in-law units have their own parking spots. >> we want to make sure it does not load up neighborhoods with more cars. we want to make sure as we see these develop that people actually live there, but also hopefully will not have a more impact as more cars on the street. >> the renters are scheduled to move in soon, but before they do she will be hosting an open house on saturday in hopes of inspiring others that they too can build in their backyard. >> many of these cities have the capacity to do this development. >> in berkeley, lilian kim, abc7 news. and a slice of history is disappearing. they are closing its doors next month. the family fruit stand that grew into a gourmet food landmark was in business for more than 60 years. the three brothers are retiring, but the closure leaves 70 employees out of work. now, another high end grocery store is expected to move into
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that space, but that could take awhile. they report that the new tenant would likely tear down and rebuild from scratch. and verizon could start carrying the iphone in days. they scheduled a media event which is reigniting rumors that they will become the second wireless provider to offer the iphone. at&t has held an exclusive deal with apple since the iphone's debut in 2007. drivers in san francisco will face closures at the interchange between highway 1 and 101 this weekend. if you are driving toward the golden gate bridge, the ramp from northbound 1 to 101 will remain shut down. on saturday at 10:00 p.m., the ramp from the southbound 101 to southbound highway 1 will close at 10:00 a.m. on sunday. drivers are advised to take gary boulevard, van ness or lombard to reach highway 1. >> as you well know, cold and
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foggy around here today. chilly. >> and really chilly tonight. let's check in with sandhya patel. >> can you believe it is actually cold, but slightly higher in terms of temperatures compared to last newt? i know it is hard to believe. when you look at the numbers, it is cold outside. 34 in livermore. we've got fog in places like concord. 39 in napa and santa rosa. visibility is poor. we have had widespread fog and low cloudiness. it is half a mile. novato, three quarters of a mile. so first thing in the morning you can certainly count on widespread low cloudiness and fog. partly cloudy and cool for saturday. and we are looking at sunnier and milder conditions for sunday. so improving weather as we head toward the weekend. this afternoon we have the valley fog and the coastal fog. when the cold air is keeping us in the cold mode, the temperatures are struggling to make it to the low 40s in the inland communities. the north and east bay valleys
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had the high temperatures in the low 40s. a good 10 degrees below normal for this time of year. things are going to change. first we start out with the overnight readings. a little more moisture in the air due to the fog and the low cloudiness. the temperatures with i will remain above freezing in most locations except livermore down to 32. 34 for napa. these are some of the colder readings. 40s right along the coastline. the satellite-radar is showing what will bring about the change. it is this system here. i know it is well to the north of us. but it will mix up the fog as it brings in cooler and dryer air heading into saturday night and really into sunday. so tomorrow morning we start out with the overcast and maybe a little mist and drizzle and then you notice a clearing trend in the bay area. sunday morning it is wall to wall of sunshine and the temperatures are actually rising for your afternoon. highs for your saturday in the south bay in the low 50s. 53 for san jose, saratoga. 52 in mill pea tis.
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on the peninsula, temperatures in the low 50s from millbrae toward palo alto and mountain view. some fog is lingering along the coast keeping half moon bay in the low 50s. downtown san francisco, 53 degrees. 51 in daly city. in the north bay, you will get some of the drainage. the cold air draining in with the fog holding the temperature down 47 degrees. a little more sun and slightly higher temperatures in santa rosa, sonoma. low 50s. 52 in hayward and newark. the temperatures are still going to remain on the cold side. look at the afternoon highs. brentwood at 43 degrees. 44 in antioch. the fog will linger. 45 in fairfield. livermore 47 and around the monterey bay, this is where you will see the mildest readings. mid50s for santa cruz and watsonville. accu-weather seven-day forecast, cold and foggy inland tomorrow. comfortable by winter standards around the bay and coast. you will see the milder
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daytime highs on sunday, monday dry conditions through tuesday. a chance of rain again coming back in mid to latter part of next week. if you are thinking of cold, the cold nighttime readings are coming back sunday night and monday night. prepare. >> thanks, sandhya. coming up, the word of the year. >> a couple hints. it trends toward tech and beat out a mop pell. >> can you -- ring ring progresso i look great iny wedding dress with the help of your amazing light soups. you know they're the only ones endorsed by weight watchers. they taste so good. now we're adding even bigger pieces of white meat chicken. oh, so when's the big day? oh, we got married years ago. but the point is, i fit in it! are you wearing it... right now? yes! well, good for you. [ shopper ] excuse me.
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order. a senior won the math super bowl for students in new orleans. 17-year-old evan took home $10,000 in the math game "who wants to be a mathematician? " last year he won the same contest that was held in san francisco. >> i don't really know why. i don't know why i am that good at math other than i am born that way. if i have the problem i am good at explaining how the methods work. i should say so. evan is home schooled and he is a national spelling bee winner. he plans to go to harvard in the fall to study to be, guess what, a math professor. >> perfect. if you like technology, then you are probably familiar
11:25 pm
with this year's word of the year. the linguistic society of america has chosen app which is the abbreviation for a computer or smartphone application. app beat out nom which is commonly used in tweets and food made popular by the cookie monster. >> non, non, non. that delicious. >> that should have been the word of the year. >> that is so cute. >> where did you get the video? jim harbaugh. it is good to be jim harbaugh. he brought enthusiasm to stanford. will it work in the pro level? what sold him on the move tototo
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[ male announcer ] imagine what a business degree can do for you. with six bay area locations, one is closer than you think.
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jim harbaugh has something many people don't have. he has the it factor. the it factor is why he believes and the new opener jed york believes he can bring
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them back to dominance. as the 18th head coach he leaves stanford for what he calls the perfect competitive opportunity. he will bring back the west coast off feps made famous by bill wall -- wall sh. the deal is a reported five years for $25 million. >> without excuse and without hesitation losing is not an option. >> i love his energy and i love his passion and respect and love for the game and how he approaches the business. he is a grinder and a football guy. >> in the world's greatest sport ever played by the men who are the greatest, strongest fastest athletes in the world and that competitive challenged, that perfect opportunity to compete at that level is something i willingly accept. >> the goal is not just to be a playoff contender.
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they are a team that will compete for the super bowl year in and year out. trept understands that. -- trent understands that and jim harbough understands that. watching those guys come together, that's what we're here for. >> jed york feeling good tonight. it is like tossing a stone into the water. it has a ripple affect. now they need a new head coach at stanford. rest assured it will not affect his decision to return according to his father, oliver. with luck returning, expect stanford to be a lock for the top 10 next year. that will help their search for harbaugh's replacement. that said harbaugh will be missed down on the farm. >> i want them to know that i'm going to be right down the road. this is not a relationship that is going to end. >> there were other sports tonight. fresh off their come back win over new orleans on monday, the warriors playing with some swagger tonight. golden state hosting the dismal cleavland cavaliers and missing lebron.
11:31 pm
they had it by the end of the third quarter. show and go and he had 22 and 14. 26-20. like the plague, show and go can be contagious. they threw down 65-49 and warrior teaze break. a big night for monta ellis. spinning through traffic and contact and throw it up and get it to drop. warriors by 18 in the third. head up with the dribble, kid. warriors won six of nine 116-98 the final. the cotton bowl. this game used to have some interest. completely under publicized now. the tigers up 28-17 and jordan jefferson to terrance tolliver. lsu knocked off a and m41-24. i know dan you were asking earlier how many bowl games are left? >> yeah. >> you are down to three. of course the kraft fight the hunger bowl here in san francisco at at&t park.
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you have the national championship monday. >> cotton bowl used to be -- what's the third one? >> it is the sbcv -- every letter name. it is pittsburgh and kentucky. >> a bowl used to be a big deal. now there are just so many. >> half of them l lost in the shuffle. we are out of time "nightline" is up next. >> hope you have a great weekekekekekekekekekekekekekekek you can see@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ññ
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