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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  January 8, 2011 8:00am-9:00am PST

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i'm excited about the san francisco 49ers. >> in the news this morning, the 49ers are excited about him, too because jim harbaugh is going to the n.f.l. and this could be the first asian-american mayor. they unanimous ri picked ed lee as the interim mayor. >> a good deal of fog but we'll see partly cloudy skies. >> good saturday morning. it's january 8th. thanks so much for joining us. he is one of the most sought
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after coaching candidates and he is coming to san francisco. jim harbaugh will take over as coach for the 49ers. >> there was an earthquake but at the palace hotel, nobody felt it, not with the 49ers rocking the pro football world by hiring jim harbaugh. >> i can't wait to be around those guys, those strong men and start building a team. >> for harbaugh this concludes a momentous week. after leading stanford to the orange bowl, michigan wanted him and the dolphins and broncos but the 49ers was described by him as the best competitive if you went. >> it's the perfect competitive opportunity for me and the rest of the san francisco organization to be a part of a team, a team that has a chance
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to win for the san francisco 49ers. >> this marks a new beginning for 49er fans. mike singletary did not have an offensive mind. to the 49er faithful, this feels like a good move. >> awesome. that is exactly what they need. >> i think that he has shown that she capable of taking a team from nothing and making it into something and that is what we need in san francisco. >> that is exactly what they hope to hear. building championships or giving fans a reason to hope he is known for. 49ers have not had a winning season since 2002, but they do have new blood in the form of jim harbaugh and we announce the sweepstakes to be over. are wayne freedman, "abc 7 news." stanford president praised
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harbaugh following the announcement and wished him the best. john hennessey credited him for re-energizing stanford's football program. stanford students watch the him rise from just four years. >> harbaugh turned the program around. he is real nice. >> everyone is on campus, it's hard to turn down $25 million. >> another coach jumped to the 49ers ago a generation ago and that was bill walsh. he won five superbowl titles within 15 years. >> we have harbaugh's entire press conference as well as an interview with him on our website. find that on our front page at >> freeway closure to tell but the interchange between highway 1 and 101.
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if you are driving toward the golden gate bridge, the ramp is closed until 10:00 a.m. tonight starting at 10:00 p.m. the ramp from southbound highway 101 to southbound 1 will close until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. drivers are advised to take geary or van ness to reach highway 1. >> today the jean quan will walk the districts in oak. today she will be in a neighborhood where suction people were shot near 89th and "d" street including a bystander that was struck by a bullet in his own home. >> because i've been watching the stuff for eight years. you have weeks that are high and weeks that are low. >> the crime reintroduction plan will focus on beat 33 x-.
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a new crime prevention council has first meeting label later this month. >> san francisco may have a new mayor. ed lee will have to routine from his post to fulfill the rest of gavin newsom's term. he earned the support of 10 city supervisors. chris daly is the only one that voted no. >> you are talking to one of happiest people in san francisco. this was an extraordinary and historic vote. >> outgoing mayor enthusiastically approved the selection of city ed lee as successor. if he is subordinate in he will be the first asian-american mayor. >> this an historic moment for the chinese american community, for a community that has been in the city for 160 years, a community that has struggled.
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>> getting to this point wasn't easy. the vote was split on tuesday between lee and hennessey. when a swing vote was declared in lee's direction, chris daly lost his cool. >> i will haunted you. i will politically haunt you. it's on like donky-kong. >> despite references, we have engaged in an orderly succession of leadership. >> chris daly passed the lone dissenting parades. >> today will like can be no different because i have a reputation of raining on pa decades. >> they called him and encouraged him and leaders from
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the community 4. >> never have an opportunity if he doesn't take the first step. >> if they approved lee he will be the interim mayor until the election in november. amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news." the vote is non-binding, it's up to the new board of supervisors which will be sworn in today and they will cast their final vote on tuesday. >> jerry brown is expected to announce a budget on monday including deep cuts to state spending. he recently announced cuts to his own office in order to save seven million dollars. it includes returning 84% of the governor's transition funds, eliminating the secretary of education, cutting the washington, d.c. staff and eliminating the office of the first lady. but there is word of a costly problem with the state's
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computer system. >> california is the birthplace of technology with some of the world's best products invented right here. but somehow the innovation stopped short of sacramento. >> you would think we would have access to the best and brightest people having to do to deal with information technology. >> they warned brown about california's latest efforts to modernize its computers. $1.6 billion project that started in 2006 is four years behind schedule, $300 million over budget and top two project leaders just quit. >> we have significant concerns about how successful this project is going to be. >> the interim director says they will be hiring replacements in a couple of weeks and project should be on track. >> we're doing our best to move the state forward. we think we're doing a good job of that. >> the computer modernization
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project is part of a long history of technological skewups by sacramento. they often cost more than anticipated. >> in 1984, governor pete wilson scrapped a computer project after the state spent $50 million on a system that didn't work. in 2008, $1.5 billion project was supposed to better track payments but california has the worst collection rates in the country. >> we are working with the three top vendors in the united states. >> yes, it does worry it. >> the analysts recommend scaling back in sacramento. >> a lawmaker in the peninsula limit the pension that state employees would receive would help solve financial problems. jerry hill unveiled his plan at the civic center yesterday. it calls for getting the state
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from getting exceptions that capped pensions for public employees. i would could have all state employees earning more than $245,000 per year. >> the average pension for a calpers member with 20 years of service is $24,000 a year. it's hard to imagine how a $195,000 pension is not sufficient for these executives. >> if the bill becomes a law it would take effect in january of next year. the city of a antioch's police department is hurting so bad they are asking for donation. they are opening up a bank account to help pay for police services. many donors want to make the pledge made by the president of
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antioch auto center. they have delayed laying off six officers but still could lose their jobs later this month. >> san jose police want want help finding a car and suspect. a girl was walking with her boyfriend at an intersection when she was hit in the sidewalk. they are looking for a silver or gray car, please call san jose police. >> and shocking new report on the bp oil spill that explains where all the oil has gone. >> and a judge, what happens next to an army veteran that ran into a trouble with the law
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an armed robbery case involving an army captain came to a close in a san jose courtroom. bits it's been a long journey for the west point graduate. >> the sergeant completed his medical treatment at atascadero state mental hospital and finished all the court ordered programs. there was one more obstacle in wait to a normal life. he was still legally insane since they declared a jury declared him not guilty by reason of insanity. he wants his sanity restored. >> his attorney chuck smith says this final act puts an end to this sad case. >> he is now free of any restrictions from the superior court. >> the captain and west point graduate was overcome with emotion. >> i just couldn't -- as i said,
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overwhelmed by people's help. >> binkley served in bosnia where he witnessed atrocities. four years ago he robbed a walgreens in mountain view. he pointed an unloaded gun and stole painkillers which military doctors had been prescribing for a fractured hip. >> narcotic painkillers relieve me of stress. >> he spoke from his jail cell after he was arrested. he said he was addicted to painkillers and that is why he robbed a walgreens. his attorney says the system has worked for his client. they hired him earlier to work in his law firm. >> he has an engineering degree from west point. >> he continues to go to therapy sessions administered at the v.a. hospital. >> some of them be helpful and
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it's good to keep in touch with issues i'm still doing. >> he dent decided to continue working at lawsuit firm or go to school, but he is in no hurry is the first day in the rest of his new life. >> a surprising report about the recent oil spill off the coast of louisiana. microbes have consumed most of the gas released from the fill. it's stunning scientists thought the waters would be tainted for the years. most has settled on the ocean floor or dissolved. in a report, federal officials said there was no significant amount of oil remaining and most of the fisheries have reopened. lisa argen has the forecast now. >> 30s and 40s and high clouds. you probably guessed it it's the same old, same old but golden
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gate bridge is looking drive and hoping sunshine. temperatures around the rest of the bay area coming up. >> more on the big announcement naming jim harbaugh as coach of the 49ers. what he plans to do with the struggling team. ♪
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welcome back. you are looking at a live
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picture from emeryville camera. you see interstate 880 there and you see fog, not too bad right there by the bay, much thicker inland. hopefully we're going to have sunshine coming up today. we'll have more and lisa argen will be in a few moments. >> a senior has won the high school math quiz. he took home $10,000 in the game. last year evan evan won the same competition in san francisco. >> i don't know why i'm that good at math, but i'm pretty good at explaining how the methods work. >> evan is home-schooled and he is also a national spelling bee winner. he plans to go to harvard to study to be a math professor. we were talking about the fog and lisa argen is going to tell
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us when it's going to start to cool off. >> hopefully today a better day than yesterday and in the afternoon. it looks pretty good out there because we have changes in the upper levels of the atmosphere that will concept scour out the clouds. sfo, 34 minute delays on arriving flights. reason for that is fog but there is ice in much of the northeastern portion of the u.s.. that could also add to the delays. and beautiful shot from mount tam where we have the sunshine and plenty night there, in the upper 30s and elsewhere, north and east bay valleys are looking at upper 30s, even some mid 30s for livermore. you factor in wind and it feels cooler than that, overall temperatures are a bit warmer today because we have all sorts of clouds insulating just a bit. 44 in redwood city as well as mountain view. we are looking at the low clouds
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and fog throughout much of the morning. becoming partly cloudy and still cool later on in the afternoon. few degrees warming tomorrow, maybe a little bit of warmer, but the tradeoff is when you mix these clouds out overnight lows are going to be colder. here is where we stand, not only on the coastal fog, the stratus the summertime pattern along the shoreline, the tule fog to the east of us that is going to encompass malpractice of the bay area the last several days. and this morning, it will start out with gray skies. to the north of us we've had some rain. but there is a cold front that won't affect us in terms of rainfall but the area of low pressure will start to slide to the south and that will allow for mixing of the atmosphere. that is what we need to mix out the fog. we'll have that to look forward to and still our double barrel
8:23 am
high pressure keeping us high and dry with no chances of rain for the next several days. rain is staying up to the north in washington and oregon. throughout the day tomorrow, more sun as temperatures still in the 50s you it will be brightening up out there. in the south bay, highs fairly uniform, low 50s in lows gatos. peninsula, gray start, 52 in menlo park. mountain view, partly cloudy, 52 nor you. 53 in downtown san francisco. upper 40s from vallejo and napa today with warmer numbers well north of ukiah, 56. 52 in berkeley. afternoon sun and mixture of clouds in hayward and newark. look for the 50s because of the tule fog, you are still going to stay rather cold in the mid 40s for the delta. 49 in pleasanton.
8:24 am
mid-50s in hollister. >> still 40s for the highs which is kind of hard to take but it could be worse. sunnier and mild in the days ahead. looks like a return to the rain by mid-week. big news for 4 49er fans, jim harbaugh is named as the new coach he spoke about his big move. >> as an n.f.l. player, harbaugh's nickname was captain comeback. he will be tasked with bringing a once proud organization to the dominance it once enjoyed. >> without excuse or hesitation, losing is not an option. >> with those words, the harbaugh era begins. >> in the world's greatest sport played by the men who are the greatest, strongest, fast test athletes in the world.
8:25 am
that competitive challenge, that is a perfect opportunity to compete at that level is something that i willingly accept. >> you mentioned the competition the money, the location, was it all just the perfect fit? >> you know the perfect fit was the san francisco 49ers organization what they built here and how to go about building it. when i heard their vision, it's something i believed in. >> he revived the stanford program and now to revive a struggling n.f.l. franchise. harbaugh was option one for the 49er front office. >> i just love the man, i love his passion. how he approaches the business. he is a grinder. he is a football guy.
8:26 am
>> the goal is to be a team that is going to compete with the superbowl year in and year out. i know jim harbaugh understands that. >> and going to the n.f.l. wasn't hard enough decision, now he has decided on a staff. they are confident whatever he decides. >> a fan watching him the way he took stanford over and kind of the way he coaches and the players. i think it's great. >> his decision is passing a stone in the water. it has a ripple effect. andrew luck needs a new coach at stanford, but it will won't affect his decision to return according to his father, oliver. he will be missed. >> i want him to know i'm going
8:27 am
to be right down the road this is not a relationship that is going to end. >> it's hard to turn down $25 million. we wish him the best. >> i'm disappointed. it would have been nice to have him around. i definitely think having somebody else. >> bob doles issued a statement wishing him the best. couple notes for you, har boo but a says he will install the west coast offense, he gave no indication with the quarterback situation and balke will have the final stay on team roster decisions. >> fresh off their win against new orleans, they played with swagger. golden gate state pushing cleveland cavaliers, david lee with a 20 and had that by the end of the third quarter. showing no reverses, lee 22-14.
8:28 am
in a good way, he capped their lead at the break. big break for monta ellis, fourth quarter, with defense the block. and to reggie williams and the finish, warriors have won six in nine, 116-98 the final. >> cotton bowl, los gatos u and texas a&m, this game used to have interest but under-publicized now. these two hooked up on three touchdowns. 41-24 was the final. three games left in the bowl season if you are counting at home. be sure to tune in at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00, it's wild car playoff and mike schuman will have it for you.
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>> next up, better jobs report but still not good enough. how long before the country can recover millions of lost jobs and jobs coming to silicon valley. and wh
8:30 am
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welcome back. the nation's top economists are dissecting the latest jobs report. only 103,000 jobs were added but the unemployment rate fell slightly to 9.4%. lowest level in 19 months. still they say it will take five years for the john market to recover and get back to normal. mark matthews with more on the unemployment numbers and what they really mean. >> in west oakland, he says he has been out of a steady job for
8:32 am
four years. >> in this economy, being laid off, i wasn't able to find the unemployment. >> he says he hasn't given up. he has enrolled in a job training program at cypress center, learning construction but there are hundreds of thousands of others who have given up. yes, it's true unemployment fell down do 9.4% but the number of new jobs is just 103,000, not enough to keep up with population growth, let alone bring down unemployment. >> how could the unemployment rating down, a lot of people have become so discouraged they have left the job force and you find there has been i know crease number of discouraged workers. >> goldman school of public policy says the jobless report is not good news. today ben bernanke says it's going to be a long recovery. >> it could take four to five
8:33 am
years to normalize. >> the areas of economy that did grow the most jobs, leisure and hospitality and healthcare, not encourage foorg 30-year-old oakland trainee hoping to land a job in construction. >> are you very optimistic? >> i have faith, that will carry me through. >> a window manufacturing plant in maryland, the president of the company called the numbers encouraging. >> we know the numbers can bounce around from month to month. we saw 12 straight months of private sector job growth. >> and 9 government did revise its numbers for october and november saying it had underestimated new hearing in those months before the holidays. >> the revised numbers show that for october, november and december, the average job growth was about 128,000 per month the
8:34 am
that is just enough to keep up with the growth in population. unfortunately the big dive in the unemployment rate reflects hundreds of thousands of workers who grew discouraged and dropped out of the work force. mark matthews, "abc 7 news". >> the white house wants to see long term job growth right here in silicon valley and yesterday, a high level team came in to help people grow their business. david lieu witness an exclusive interview with the commerce secretary. >> we want economic growth and job growth. >> gary lock think the people in this room is key to making it happen. they are silicon valley entrepreneurs engaged in small businesses. this is a kickoff event by the white house initiative on asian-americans and presidential advisory commission. it's designed to link people with programs and services.
8:35 am
the cofounder of a clean tech firm called sun hydrogen. >> there are so many programs out there, if you really don't know the right person in the department, if you don't have the right connections you get lost. >> there are one million asian-american owned businesses, many don't know about tax credits or loan programs or about helping them get to tap the export market. in an interview with abc7, commerce secretary gary locke who was the keynote speaker says a focus on export will create jobs. >> the more they export the more they produce, the more people they hire. we have so many programs for free that will get buyers and customers for made in u.s.a. goods. >> this summit drew 800 people. >> to give you an idea, what kind of access they are getting,
8:36 am
a high level treasury official gave out his direct phone number inviting people to call him. >> the entrepreneurs got a pep talk from a senior economist that they can make a difference. >> it's the idea we can push the batteries and business models and generate opportunities we didn't think was possible. we're going to need to do that. >> i think it's going to help spur a continuing wave and more energized of entrepreneurship. asian-americans have been the backbone of entrepreneurship in the valley. >> in other news, a ruling in massachusetts could affect foreclosures all over the country. supreme court in massachusetts says two foreclosures by u.s. bank and wells fargo are invalid because the banks didn't prove they owned the the mortgages they closed on.
8:37 am
all 50 stated attorney generals are examining whether lenders are forcing people out of their homes improperly. >> another string of explosive packages has police worried there could be more on the way. yesterday a package addressed to the head of homeland security set fire to a mail distribution center in washington, d.c. two similar packages were sent in maryland. >> a new suspicious package sent authorities scrambling to a postal facility in washington, d.c. >> the package had been described as popping, smoking and brief flash of fire and then it extinguished itself. >> sources say the package was addressed to homeland secretary j match nap. it could be the same person that -- janet napolitano. >> that suspect appeared angry at the government especially to
8:38 am
increase public awareness about terrorism. a message was contained in the package. report suspicious activity, total bull, you have created a self-fulfilling prophecy, that sbleefd to be road signs throughout the state of maryland. the letter was discovered around 2:45 in the afternoon. mail facilities are now on high alert. >> even though we live in the greatest democracy in the world. safest nation in the world, we still are vulnerable to dagstardly acts like this. >> its cowardly act. >> the mayor and police are hoping the packages stop coming but everyone fears there could be more. website wikileaks says it's twitter account information has been subpoenaed by the u.s. government. in an e-mail statement, officials say u.s. investigators are demanding access to the private messages contact information and other personal
8:39 am
details of julian assange and three other people associated with the website. twitter as declined to comment saying that the policy is to notify use es of government requests for information. more fog and cold temperatures -- we want more sunshine. >> i'm with you on that one. partly cloudy skies and sunnier tomorrow, but things are going change all around the bay. a live look outside if you are lucky enough to be in the sierra nevada. sunshine up above that fog layer i'll tell you about it and what to expect for the rest of the weekend coming up. >> plus, it may be small but this is what leaders in one bay area community are hoping to be
8:40 am
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betsy bets. you haven't changed a bit. oh...neither have you... sean. well, yeah. [ female announcer ] go to to start your two week tune up. welcome back. it's 8:41. that looks like an island in the middle of the ocean, but that is top of mount diablo surrounded
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by fog from our camera in the berkeley hills. it's socked in, but it's letting up a little bit. lisa argen will have the forecast in a few minutes from now. >> berkeley is hoping that small houses will make a big difference. the mayor will cut the ribbon on the mini homes today. lilian kim reports on what berkeley calls it. >> behind this house in berkeley is where city leaders is hoping will be the big new friend housing. a backyard cottage. >> people walk in and say, this has such a sense of place. >> karen took out a $100,000 equity loan to build a unit she plans to rent out. she is city planning professor at berkeley and it can add value to property but it could help curb suburban splual.
8:43 am
>> we need to be more sustainable. this is one strategy that is not obtrusive. we call it hidden dense it. >> they aren't for everyone. this cottage is tiny and to get to the bedroom you have to climb a steep ladder but beyond it, there are concerns over the potential impact of the neighborhood, primarily parking which is why the city requires that in-law units have their own parking spots. >> we want to make sure it doesn't load up more neighborhoods with more cars. we want to make sure as we see these develop that people actually live there but hopefully not to have more impacted more cars on the streets. >> they are scheduled to move in soon but before they do she will be hosting open house on saturday. >> in oakland, albany, many of the cities can do this kind of
8:44 am
development. a fishery in san jose is disappearing. they are closing its doors. it grew into a landmark had been in business for 63 years. the three brothers are retiring but the closure leaves 70 employees oust work. another high end store is expected to move into that space. >> verizon could start carrying the iphone in a few days. they have scheduled an event on tuesday which is reigniting rumors that is the second wireless provider. at&t has held and exclusive deal with apple since the iphone's debut in 2007. >> another chilly morning, i've been bundling up, the hat and gloves. >> very gloomy out there but we have a shot for you and lake
8:45 am
tahoe. above the fog, blue canyon, 42 degrees and cloudy. truckee, nine degrees with the fog and tahoe valley airport is at 16. partly cloudy skies. so great conditions there, of course, and from mount tam very cold but up above the low clouds we're looking at sunny skies. we're going to work some magic and hopefully mix out some of that fog throughout the afternoon. notice the 30s are in the east bay valleys, livermore 36. 39 in concord and upper 30s in santa rosa. the coastal fog is with us. the tule fog, as well. we are looking at the mildest conditions on thes, 44 in mountain view and redwood city. highlights today, widespread low clouds and fog, nothing new there but then by tomorrow a weak weather system will mix out the foggy conditions and more
8:46 am
sunshine, couple degrees of warmer. a little bit of light east wind there but today the fog is from the shoreline. it's all pretty much the same thing and we need a stronger mechanism to mix it all out. we have a weak january sun. it's this weak system to the north and low pressure system will be traveling into the great basin and it pushes south which allows for mixing and sunshine. we've got high pressure on either side of this so it means dry, with the storm track well to the north. we'll keep the rain out of the bay area through probably tuesday. it stays to the north, oregon and washington, tomorrow should be sunny and mild. saturday, your highs, low 50s.
8:47 am
still cool 50s here but you are out of your 40s in pacifica, 51. san francisco coming in at about 53. sun setting at about 5:089 tonight so we're gaining an hour of day -- >> near east bay, foggy now, gray skies but 1:00, san leandro sunshine at 52. here we are looking at still at pretty dense layer of fog. the valleys take longer to scour out the air. 40s for concord and walnut creek. down by the monterey bay, coastal fog burns off and watsonville should be at 55. we're starting out with the dry weather, foggy cold weather but that should translate into sunshine and slightly milder conditions tomorrow. monday and tuesday, not looking
8:48 am
too bad. as soon as we could see rain in the north bay, late tuesday but a better chance for everybody come wednesday and thursday. so definitely looking like a pattern change. thanks so much. don't go away. you've never seen someone so happy to get her driver's license. >> i got it! i got it! thanks to 7 on your side! >> next, why this woman wasn't able to get her license back without the help of michael finney a a a a a a a a a a a a a ] 95% of all americans aren't getting enough whole gin. but actually, it's easier than you think, because general mills big g line of cereals is america's number one source of whole grain at breakfast. there's whole grain in every box... ♪
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welcome back. looking at a live picture from hd camera in emeryville. you can see the fog. be careful if you are driving out. also wanting to let you know sfo is experiencing some delays about 34 minutes on living flights because of the weather and low ceiling. call ahead if you have somebody you need to pick up at the airport. >> the department of motor vehicles would to the budge, it refused to renew the driver's license for a bay area woman but the dmv would not do it. so michael finney got out a pair of scissors. you might have notice nicky is pretty excited. >> i can drive! >> for her, it marks the return to freedom after a surfacing
8:51 am
ordeal at the department of motor vehicles. an ordeal that begin two years ago with a speeding ticket in nevada. >> i said to the policeman when he stopped me thank. >> she was driving alone for a family gathering when she was stopped in the middle in the night outside of reno. officer is said she was going the 7 miles an hour. >> it's a lot. way too fast. >> nicky paid the fine and the ticket was cleared or so she thought. recently she found out differently. >> i lost my purse. so i went over to the dmv at 7:30 to get a duplicate drivers zblns after it went miss and she applied for a new one, she found out she was still wanted in nevada for that speeding ticket or at least that is what the computer said. nicky told the clerk there was a mistake and she produced these documents proving that citation was cleared the dmv said it
8:52 am
would take 30 days to investigate all of this. until then she couldn't drive or do plenty of other things that requires a driver's license like cashing a check or even going to her doctor. >> i'm still without a license, a valid license. that is the problem. so much of our life rivers a driver's license. >> so she contacted 7 on your side and we took her case to the dmv. it turns on the nevada courts had placed a hold on her license that was never cleared from a national database. however, after we got involved, dmv took action. it contact the nevada courts which immediately corrected the database which brings us back here. she is going into the dmv office hoping for her license. a few minutes later, here she is >> i got it!
8:53 am
i got it! thanks to 7 on your side! >> she finally got her license back. and she couldn't wait to fell the world. >> 7 on your side got my license for me! look at that, thank you. >> dmv says you may wind up the national database of problem drivers if you don't clear them up right away. so keep the paperwork once you clear the ticket. if you still have a problem, go to i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> still ahead this morning, a new edition at the san francisco zoo, why the not so little guy is making waves. llllllllllllllls i have fallen in love with making bird houses.
8:54 am
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the san francisco zoo has the perfect new resident to fill one of its empty exhibits. this male hippopotmus met the public yesterday. it's a gift to the zoo that didn't have room for him. he does not yet have a name. they plan to have the public help pick one out for him. if you are looking for a free activity for young people in the south bay, take them to a dance lesson at cheryl burke dance studio. >> its class for teens. then we're having a other classes perform that night. >> the bay area "dancing with the stars" celebrity is offering free lessons at newly expanded studio to kick an after school program.
8:57 am
it's in partnership was program to keep kids out of trouble after school. one last look at the forecast. >> 30s and 40s, but we are looking at some sunshine to work its way down to the surface later on this afternoon. so here is a look at mount diablo, where it's got the sunshine but below we've got some pretty good fog from the shoreline and off in the inland valleys. this is typical for this time of the year but it's been a couple of days since we've brightened up so sunshine there, too, from tahoe. good conditions but get out there and ski, it's been great. any new snow in the forecast? there may be by the middle to the end of the week. today, bank on on temperatures still on the cold side. inland valleys, 44 in antioch. 47 in livermore. san rafael, warmer numbers
8:58 am
coming in fremont and san jose today when the clouds mix on out. winds in cloverdale, 50s for you and down by the monterey bay, milder air, 56 in salinas, 56 in santa cruz. seven-day forecast, staying dry and chilly today with afternoon sun. increasing sunshine a little sooner tomorrow and monday. best chance of showers comes in early on wednesday, maybe some new mountain snow. it's staying dry but the fog. >> it's causing airport delays, sfo about 30 minutes on arriving flights. thanks for joining us. our next newscast starts at 5:0
8:59 am
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