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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  January 9, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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♪ in the news this sunday morning, reaction continues across the country to the deadly shooting in tucson, arizona. six people were killed including a federal judge and 13 others were injured, among them arizona congress woman gabrielle giffords. >> another great start with plenty of fog, 30s and 40s but sun later on today. >> arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords is fighting for her life after that shooting rampage in tucson yesterday. six people were killed and 13 others injured after a gunman opened fire at a town hall gathering in front of a supermarket. this morning police are trying
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to figure out what led to the shooting and to locate another possible suspect. diana has the latest from tucson. >> shock has given way to sadness in arizona over a senseless shooting that killed six and injured more than a dozen others. shot at point blank range, congresswoman gabrielle giffords is in a medically induced coma. friends say she's a fighter. >> she's fearless, truly fearless. always more concerned about the welfare of others than she is about sorry own welfare. and she's just a great human being. >> judge john roll died at the scene as did constituents and a staff member. nine-year-old christina green died in the hospital. born september 11th, 2001, she'd come to meet her congress woman. having just been elected to her student council, christina wanted to learn about politics. the man responsible is
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22-year-old jared laughner. he was a troubled young man. >> the bottom line is i don't think he had the skills to do that. i don't think he ever learned how to engage with the world socially and emotionally. >> laughner is in the custody of the f.b.i. authorities are not yet determined the motive and are searching for a possible accomplice. seen her on still from surveillance video. after giffords' surgery, doctors say they're optimistic about her recovery. her friends are having a tougher time being positive. >> i'm hopeful but when i look at the tv and see her picture, i get very emotional about it. it's a real hard thing to deal with. >> authorities have released new information about this possible accomplice. he's described as a white male between the age of 40 and 50 years old.
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they're asking anyone who has any information to please come forward. diana alyar, tucson. >> she is responding to commands from doctors. again, six people killed in tucson. they include 63-year-old john roll, a federal district court judge. he had been the target of past threats for his rulings on immigration. the youngest victim we just saw nine-year-old christina green who was interested in going to the rally because she was really elected to her student council. giffords' community director of outleach was also killed, gabriel zimmerman was engaged to be married. 76-year-old dor win stoddard, he was a pastor at the mountain avenue church of christ and 76-year-old dorothy murphy died with 79-year-old philly shep. an eyewitness to the shooting is a former emergency room doctor who played dead to save his own life. >> i had passed by the table.
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the congresswoman was standing there talking to several people. i went to the side of the table, the side of the concrete post, and i looked up and i saw a man shoot her in the head and then he began to spray gunfire everywhere. at that point i ducked behind the concrete post and as he came around it. the whole thing unfolded in maybe 12 or 15 seconds. as he came around it, i laid on the ground and acted as if i was shot. when i checked on her she was conscious and moving her extremities and being held up in a halfway sitting position with her face covered. >> some of california's most prominent leaders are expressing shock over the shooting of fellow congresswoman gabrielle giffords. nancy pelosi met with her constituents during an annual event in san francisco yesterday. pelosi was joined by east bay congressman john gary mendy as they led a moment of silence for their colleague.
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>> our prayers and thoughts are with all of them, all of their families. congresswoman giffords is a great patriotic american. >> obviously there's a risk. and she's paid a huge price for being available to her constituency, to not hide in a room someplace with a photo op and a sound bite. >> security was noticeably tight but when he met with us he was accompanied by just one aide. gerald lee laughner, a community college in tucson said he had five encounters with the police for classroom and library disruption. he was suspended after authorities found a video of him lash being out. he needed a mental health note indicating he would not be a danger to himself or anyone else. laughner's included a message that said good-bye
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friends, please don't be mad at me. the page was taken down immediately after he was named a suspect. congresswoman giffords had just begun her third term in washington, something after a rarity after last fall's election. she is a moderate democrat from a largely republican district. today's politicians on both sides of the aisle are condemning the attack. john karl is in washington with more on that. >> gabrielle giffords was most recently heard on the house floor as one of those reading aloud the constitution. >> the establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof or bridging the freedom of speech. >> franks is a fellow arizona representative. >> it's incredibly ironic she was out there practicing the first amendment practicing free speech and she was shot. she was practicing that first amendment right she had when some bastard shot her down. and i think it's a tragedy
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again. >> reacting to the shooting, speaker of the house john boehner said in a written statement an attack on one who serves is an attack an all who serves. our prayers are with giffords, her staff, all who are injured and their families. this is a sad day for our country. from minority leader nancy pelosi -- >> we stand before you with the deepest sadness for the act of violence that was committed against our colleague gabgy giffords, her staff, her constituents and now we know a federal judge as well. >> congressman joe crowley is one of many in congress who consider giffords a close friend. >> i was in a very contentious state in the last year or so with immigration at the forefront. but gabby has been a fighter, spoke out against the administration when she thought they were wrong. >> winning despite being one of
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the top republican targets for defeat. she was even on sarah palin's target list. during the campaign she faced anger over her opposition to arizona's immigration law, immigration not surprisingly one of the hottest issues in her district which shares a border with mexico. >> the shooting comes amid a highly charged political environment which has seen several dangerous threats against lawmakers. last april 48-year-old gregory lee juicety pleaded guilty after threatening then house speaker nancy pelosi. he called her and threatened to destroy her northern california home if she voted for healthcare reform. in july a heavilily armed sacramento area man known for his anger over left-leading politicians was wounded during a shotout with highway patrol officers. it was later discovered that 45-year-old byron williams planned to attack the aclu and nonprofit called the tides foundation. a former f.b.i. agent in san francisco said the only way to
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have possibly prevented an attack like this is if the shooter had made threats against the congresswoman and that threat had been investigated. >> i don't think we can change the entire methodology of a congress person speaking to their constituents. you can't do that. these people want to get out there. they wanna talk to people. they need votes when it's election time. so i don't think you change that fundamentally. you just have to investigate these things individually. >> a tea party activist in tucson sharply disagreed during her successful re-election campaign but deian hatch doesn't believe there were any tea party protestors in yesterday's event. hatch said "i want to strongly, strongly say we absolutely do not advocate violence. this is just a tragedy to no end." because of the shooting, house of representatives is postpones wednesday's scheduled vote to repeal the healthcare law.
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it has been on top of the republican party's priority list ever since they took control of the house. still ahead this morning, san jose police looking for several suspects in an early morning shooting that left three people dead. and reaction to the arizona shooting from
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5:13 am
boy, reports of shots at 66th avenue just after 5:00 yesterday. that's where they found the boy with a gunshot wound. he died at the scene. no arrests have been made but police are looking for an adult man in connection with that shooting. san jose police investigating a nightclub shooting that left two people dead and third injured. the mexicali club at oakland road, they found three men with multiple gunshot wounds. two were killed, the third rushed to the hospital and is expected to survive. police are looking for three to four suspects who took off after the shooting. time for a look at our weather. here's lisa argen. >> looking still at that fog and cool temperatures, 30s and 40s so that hasn't changed. as we look outside, fog isn't too dense here from our high definition emeryville camera. we'll have rain return next week. the forecast next. >> and still ahead this
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morning... ♪ >> the salutes for a singing group that helped spearhead a unique literacy project for an east bay school. ring ring. progresso.
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>> welcome back to abc 7 news this morning. a live look at the bay bridge, a serene morning on the bay right now. light traffic on the span. still about two hours or so away from sunlight. last month we told you about an english teacher who partnered with a singing duo to promote literacy in richmond. what has turned out to be a huge success. lee ann melendez spells it out. ♪ >> the indy music duo made a guest appearance today at
5:17 am
leadership public school in richmond. you know them, they're the ones singing in that hyundai commercial. >> you can get a brand new alan tray for a song. >> why did they come here? students wanted to personally thank them for helping collect books for three high schools and a middle school in richmond. >> the book drive started in november and in just two months these four schools received... >> more than 11,000 books from pretty much all over the world. >> so come, check it out. >> because there are so many, some of the books will now be delivered to other schools. this is how it worked. jack conaty and natalie dawn offered their online christmas albums for free to anyone who bought one of the books on the list through you picked the book, sent it to the richmond address in the box and the down loadable songs were
5:18 am
yourself. >> we had a unique opportunity with a generous fan base that mobilizes easily and with enthusiasm. so it's the best way for us to give back. >> it was tyler hester's idea, an english teacher who wanted to motivate the students, some of whom are not reading at grade level. >> a book that is completely in line with their life experiences, they're going to be thrilled to read. >> what we like and our interest, whatever we're interested in, we can have the book to get to read it and won't be board. >> for most of us, it may seem like an unusual name for a group. >> pomplamoose is a grapefruit. >> these students now have an excellent source of knowledge. richmond lee ann melendez, abc 7
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news. >> lisa argen with us now. a nice sunday but rain is on the way eventually. >> yes, nice if we can get some of that sun back into sunday. yeah. outside now the clouds have been with us throughout the overnight hours. we have that cool damp east wind bringing in that tulie fog from the valley. what else is new, right? we did manage yesterday sun around san jose and the airport but never quite made it up into the north bay. but today a little wind shift should help us do that. as we get started this morning, numbers quite cool. in fact, looking at more 30s out there. 36 around the delta, 38 concord. our north and east bay valleys continue to be kind of cool with that lighter east wind. and temperatures elsewhere in the low to mid-40s. 44 mountain view, san jose 44. 42 los gatos with 37 on the coast. so our highlights then, widespread low clouds and fog this morning with some clearing. it's going to be this afternoon.
5:20 am
we'll see temperatures respond and come up a few degrees but then as we head into next week, it looks like we'll see some showers on tuesday but not looking as wet as we previously thought. so that's some good news although we have some more snow for the sierra. looking for fog all around the bay area but easterly wind talking about bringing it in from the valley. but today looks like we'll be looking for a light northeast wind in the upper elevations. should mix out the cooler air trapped beneath the clouds and that's the fog. so we should look for sunshine beginning this morning, actually late in the morning in the north bay and then working its way through the bay area. so keep our fingers crossed on that and with that we should see temperatures come up a few degrees due to that sunshine. but the low angle of the sun taking a little time to burn back the clouds. here we are today. notice the central valley fog stays put and some showers to the north.
5:21 am
but bringing inñç a few areas o sunshine later on this afternoon. by late monday, the clouds increase again and our next weather system, it's a weak one but it is on the way into tuesday. the high clouds stream in on monday and look what happens by 10:00 on tuesday. looking at rain from mendocino to marin and down the coast here. looks like the first system should be a light one and then the ones after that really not looking too, too big as well but much of the midweek should be on the damp side. high temperatures today with afternoon sun ranging pretty much flat in the low 50s. 52 sunnyvale, santa clara with 53, los gatos and peninsula numbers low 50s pacifica. remember we're going to have that fog much of the morning hours with menlo park coming in at 52. mountain view low 50s. san francisco, call it partly cloudy for you. about after 1:00 hopefully you see some of that cloudiness begin to burn back. 53 downtown. north bay, we'll take you out of
5:22 am
those upper 40s but numbers here ranging from about 50 by the water in vallejo. low 50s for santa rosa. near east bay, numbers a little warmer. hopefully getting more sunshine at fremont today at 54. hercules only 50 and out over the hills still some of those upper 40s as that tulie fog settles on in. it will be late in the day if you see any sunshine at all around brentwood today. 47 there and down by the monterey bay, had a nice day yesterday. today should be the same with numbers in the mid-50s. here's the accu-weather 7-day forecast, still kind of cool for those areas that hold on to that fog throughout the afternoon but should see some sunshine this afternoon. high clouds tomorrow and then some rain moving in midweek. but it looks like by the end of the week not a rainy as we thought so not bad. >> sun good. thanks, lisa. here's mike shumann with more on this weekend's big matchups. >> good morning. we take off with wildcard weekend and a rematch of the
5:23 am
game between the jets and the colts. entered the game 1-5 against peyton manning. manning had the upper hand again. in the second hits garson in stride. 225 yards in that score. 7-0 colts at the half. colts up 3 when the jets respond. ten-minute drive, caps off the second t. d. upped a minute to play. colts down 14-13. 50 yards out. nails it back on top 46-14. after our 47 yard kickoff return, mark sanchez and edwards on the south bay. down on the colt 14. hook the uprights from 32 yards out. the jets move on to face the patriots after a 17-16 victory. >> really i'm just thankful for the men that i coach, thank you for those two backs we got that pounded it in there. thank you for that coaching
5:24 am
staff. thank you for your nick foal being and i'm thankful i finally got to beat peyton manning. >> number one team in franchise history. green to evans. new orleans up to nothing in the first. but the seahawks wouldn't fold. later in the first, hassleback to john karlson. over the middle. wide open. 10-7 ball game. just before half game time at 17. going deep. he's there. 45 yards. led 24-20 at the half. seattle kept it going in the third. more from hassleback. drops a perfectly thrown ball into mike williams' hands. 372 yards. later in the 4th, 34-30. but former cal star, the run of the year. he breaks free, stiff arms a defender right into the ground, breaks another tackle at 15 and goes the distance. 67 yards.
5:25 am
the seahawks stun the super bowl champs 41-36. >> so many chances to say okay, lucky to be here. these guys for whatever reason, our football team as of two weeks ago believe we're gonna win the game. >> all right. every sport you're supposed to own your home court. with their loss to the predators last night, the sharks have lost four straight at home. a two-game losing streak first period. one on goal. there for the save. but gets his own rebound and scores for the predators in the second. goes top shelf. game tied at one. that's the difference. sharks drop their third straight 2-1 the final. college hoops. hosted by arizona state, trying to avoid an 0-3 start in play. students always know how to have fun. first half cal also a quick
5:26 am
start. jorge, deep three of his 21. up later in the half for three. tickles the twine. bears up 15. but the sun devils rally in the second half. forcing three of his own. the game tied at 40. cal up three. plus baseline hook shot. the bears hang on 65-61 the final. west coast conference hoops, visiting pepper dine. had 15 assists. st. mary's led at the half. matthew, one of his five trades. he had 17. the gales won eight straight. 85-60 that final. the broncos blew an 11 point half time lead. kevin foster hits the triple. 66-65. on the other end, runner in the lane. just a friendly roll. back up one. now under a minute to play,
5:27 am
michael williams for three. completes the comeback with a 74-67 victory. more nfl today. packers and the eagles, baltimore, kansas city. all that for you at 5:00. i'm mike shumann, have a great day. >> more on the deadly shooting in tucson, arizona. a look who congresswoman giffords is, her story of her
5:28 am
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♪ arizona congresswoman gab yet giffords is fighting for her life this morning after a shooting rampage in tucson, arizona, yesterday. six people were killed and 13 others injured after a gunman opened fire at a town hall gathering in front of a supermarket. we're learning more about that suspected gunman who left a trail of videos and postings on the internet alluding to future plans. the justice department and the f.b.i. have joined arizona officials in the investigation. abc's pierre thomas has more on the story. >> the suspect is identified as 22-year-old gerred lee log ner. his page suggests he was preparing for a violent onslaught. he posted a message entitled
5:30 am
good-bye, friends. he was apparently angry with the government. look at this posting. it's one of his favorites. let the bodies hit the floor. ♪ >> in this video, a u.s. flag is burned. in another posting, logner writes and appears paranoid. i know who is listing he wrote. he discusses mind control and brain wash methods. officials plan to trace the firearm used in the shooting. the weapon is a semiautomatic pistol with an extended clip. the f.b.i. has begun to dissect his background and look for any possible accomplices. >> a comprehensive investigation is currently underway and at my direction, director bob muller is en route to arizona to help coordinate these efforts. >> u.s. capitol police are also assisting in the investigation and plans were underway to step up security for congressional
5:31 am
leaders. >> the shooting now brings out the serious issue of security for politicians who usually interact with their constituents. amy holyfield spoke with three local members of congress including congresswoman jackie spear who said she had flashbacks after hearing the news. >> jackie spear was 28 years old when she witnessed the killing of her boss, leo ryan in 1978. he is the only congressman to be as is nated in u.s. history. spearas also shot in the attack. that horrific day was on her mind today when she heard of the shooting of congresswoman gabrielle giffords. >> i was just sick to my stomach and in total disbelief. the more we've heard, the more anxious i became. >> but spear and other representatives we spoke with aren't willing to stop appearing in public in the name of safety. instead, the point that kept coming up today was the tone of the country. >> there's so much hate and
5:32 am
benevolence that is being steamed out on the airwaves constantly. and we've just gotta lower the level of rhetoric. >> the motive behind today's shooting is still unknown and public officials say they don't want to jump to conclusions. but the shootings have brought attention to the heated political arguments taking place across the country. >> if it's any kind of political rhetoric that has given this individual somehow permission to go forward and think that this is all right, then i think that we need to examine that. >> congressman mike thompson of napa says a couple of his town hall meetings over healthcare turned ugly this past year. he says the level of anger he's seen has made him uncomfortable. >> i think notwithstanding what happened, the level of discourse hasn't changed in this country. it makes it near prohibitive to get the work of the people done. >> the representatives we spoke with say gabrielle giffords is
5:33 am
very committed to doing the work of the people. they called the attack on her an assault on democracy. >> it's a very, very sad day and i can't pretend and say that this isn't unsettling to me because it is. it's very -- it's highly unsettling. >> giffords has received threats and even had the windows of her arizona office shattered. but the bay area representatives we spoke to say they aren't surprised she was out there today standing in front of the shopping center talking to the voters. they said she's very dedicated to doing what's right for her constituents. >> abc 7 news spoke to palo alto congresswoman anna eshue. she calls it an act of terrorism. >> my first reaction was oh, my god, this can't be so. but it is. and it's tragic. and i can't help but think that congresswoman gifford, gabby,
5:34 am
who was my colleague, my friend, was doing really what is so basic to our democracy in terms of representation. she was meeting with her constituents. which is what i do, what other members do. >> we also spoke to former san francisco police chief tony rivera. he said the incident highlights the fact that national security cannot overlook acts of violence committed by u.s. citizens. >> where our focus is on foreign terrorists where we still have domestic terrorists who may not be in any way connected to al-queda or anything like that who are simply bent on doing something to undermine our government. >> of course, congresswoman giffords has been thrust now into the national spotlight. more on her story and transition into politics. >> since 40 years old giffords started her third term in the
5:35 am
house this week. >> and in november we're going to take back our community. we're going to take back our district, our state, our government for the people, for the working people. >> after running her family's tire business in tucson, gabby as her friends call her jumped into politics and she's not afraid to take on her fellow democrats, including the president on border control, an important issue in her district. >> we wanna make sure that the president of the united states understands and hears the plight of the people who are directly affected by the federal government's inability to security our u.s./mexico border. >> during a trip to china in 2007, she met astronaut markellely and they married. >> she's very vibrant, always moving, always doing something. you know, she and mark are probably the most popular couples on capitol hill. >> mark kellie's twin brother scott is in the space station. he was notified by a private telephone call in houston. the first blood relatives in
5:36 am
space together, i asked giffords' husband what he might bring his brother. >> he said underwear runs pretty low in the space station. he said don't use all your underwear. when you undock, keep some of it. >> giffords was among the representatives so-called targeted by the tea party for defeat in last election. sarah palin's page still displays a map showing the cross hairs of a gunshot over the districts that were vul in term. she expressed her condolences to the family and other shooting victims. san francisco on the verge of having its first asian american mayor. (applause) >> yesterday new members of the board of supervisors were sworn in, and they immediately reelected david chew as board president. on friday the outgoing board voted 10-1 to appoint ed lee as the interim mayor until election
5:37 am
in november. he is expected to be voted in by the new board of supervisors on tuesday. oakland mayor jean quan hit the streets going door to door talking to people who live on the toughest beat in oakland, beat 33-x. the neighborhood has seen a surge in violence lately. it's the focus of mayor's new crime reduction and rejuvenation plan. there have been 1500 arrests in the neighborhood in just the last five years. the unemployment rate for young men is 28%. quan wants neighbors to get involved in making the streets safer. she is asking them to join a new neighborhood crime prevention council. >> what do you make of it? >> i loved it. >> it's a beautiful thing because she interacted with the people and the neighborhood and the city which is a beautiful thing. >> i liked her. i like her already. >> quan also encouraged neighbors to come out for an event to clean up the streets of oakland next weekend in observance of the martin luther king federal holiday. right now lisa argen back with a preview of the weather.
5:38 am
>> if you don't have an umbrella, looks like a heavy coat out there, that's the tradeoff with the clouds and cool temperatures. once again we start with fog around the bay, dense in the north bay. live look from sfo where temperatures are cool, in the 40s. i'll have the rest of your weekend and the week ahead which includes some umbrellas next week coming up. >> still ahead, we used to think it was a good thing. @ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ
5:39 am
5:40 am
welcome back to abc 7 news. here's a live picture of the golden gate bridge where traffic is light. a little bit of fog hanging around. but that fog should start to burn off as the day wears on. well, for the first time in nearly half a century, the federal government is taking drastic action on the nation's tap water. fluoride thought to help, not hurt our teeth, is behind a growing epidemic. too much of a good thing. here's ron clayborne. >> ever since the 1940s, fluoride has been artificially added to drinking water to help fight tooth decay. it's been credited with reducing cavities up to 50%. but even then there were critics who complained about injecting a chemical into drinking water, a view satirized in the 1960s movie dr. strangelove. >> do you realize fluoridation is the most dangerous communist plot we have ever had to face. >> but today the federal government called for reducing
5:41 am
the amount of fluoride in water to project children from a tooth disease which stains and even erodes teeth. it affects as many as a third of american children. >> suggested now we'll promote public health, improve oral health and reduce the disease. >> for years fluoride has been added to toothpaste and other products we eat and drink. the governments says americans are now ingesting too much fluoride. it's new recommendation, no more than 7.milligrams of drinking water. cities such as new york, chicago, minnesota and many others would have to reduce them to meet the new target. dr. griffin cole of austin, texas, says he has treated severe cases in children. >> the teeth become brittle, become weak. and you have to treat them with either crowns or new faceings and it can be very costly.
5:42 am
>> critics say fluoride can cause greater damage than just brittle teeth. the report was cited today by the epa linked it to bone damage and increased risk of fractures. the government says there's no evidence fluoride causes sear just illness. the only concern for now, the potentially serious damage to children's teeth. >> that was ron clayborne reporting. the american academy of pediatric dentistry say they have to worry about always to inject fluoride and that's toothpaste and mouth rinse as well. >> temperatures still as much as 5 to 8 degrees below the average but closing in on a week of dry weather. that's impressive for january. as we head outside tahoe this morning, partly cloudy skies, blue canyon at 31, truckee at minus 2, tahoe valley airport at 30. back home it's 40 degrees. so we are looking at another
5:43 am
cool start downtown. but with the lighter winds this morning, once again that pesky fog blowing in from the central valley. although the winds will be stronger i think today out of the north, and that will offset some of that fog blowing in from our east bay valleys. so we are looking at windchill factor at napa and concord and livermore this morning. so with numbers in the upper 30s and a very light wind, it feels like it's in the low to mid-30s out there. so definitely a cool start with 40 in oakland, fog for you as well through fremont. 44 san jose. you saw some low 50s yesterday and cold on the coast. it's only 37 half moon bay. so our highlights this morning looking very similar to what we've seen the past couple of days. widespread low clouds and the fog. we'll see that late clearing today and with that temperatures coming up out of the 40 degree range that you've been so used to in the north bay. look for numbers to be near 50 today and then chance of showers coming in by tuesday.
5:44 am
looks like a weak system. valley fog, coastal fog, it all encompasses much of the bay area this morning. and with the system that has passed through yesterday, we're looking at a wind shift. the winds out of the north/northeast should help scour out this fog. we've been saying that, i know. but it looks like today should be a better day. although you saw the sun yesterday from the airport, the south bay and even much of monterey enjoyed a nice afternoon. with high pressure in control and the north/northeast wind behind it and that front pushed through to the east of us, looking at more sunshine today and this should follow through until tomorrow. but look what's on the horizon. we've got the central valley fog once again today, a few showers up to the north. we're at 3:00 this afternoon. then by tomorrow starting out with some fog, a few areas of some sun. high clouds begin to advance in. by tomorrow night we're still dry monday night but a weak system will break through the ridge, and it looks like
5:45 am
mendocino, sonoma, marin county getting wet by early on tuesday morning. so the commute should be a little wet on tuesday, some sierra snow. looks like much of the middle part of the week will be wet with some light rain chances around here. doesn't look like it's going to be anything too, too big. high temperatures today in the south bay ranging from just about 52 cupertino, campbell and santa clara. peninsula low 50s. pacifica, you got a ways to go this morning just in the upper 30s and the fog hanging out throughout the morning hours and by the afternoon that north wind allowing san francisco to see some sun. 53 there. north bay numbers mild, 56 uke with just 50 with vallejo. the bulk of your day obviously in the mid to upper 40s. by 2:00, 3:00 low 50s on the east bay with 52 hayward. a few degrees warmer fremont and that fog really hanging on to our east bay valleys and that colder denser air getting
5:46 am
trapped so 49 walnut creek and by the monterey bay, another nice afternoon for you but it will take some time for that fog, that low sun angle to bring it back. some rain by tuesday morning. shouldn't amount to too much but we'll keep that next system on keel for wednesday and thursday. could be dry next weekend. >> we'll see. bay area artist has now gained international acclaim for her work with books. not for writing them, for tearing them up. terry mcsweeney has her story. >> internationally renowned artist lisa coken's art has something beautiful for the eye and as you get closer something for the mind. at her panacea plus exhibit in san rafael, all the materials so painstakingly assembled and sown together was once part of self-help books. >> this is the notion we're not okay the way we are. if we buy this book and spend
5:47 am
$19.95 and ten days or less we'll be transformed one way or another. >> she calls her work an investigation just like her first book work 20 years ago while a graduate student at the california college of the arts. back then she was investigating herself. >> i made my first book to tell a personal story about my life and growing up jewish and the influence of the holocaust and my personal history and about having a nose job and a barbie doll and a lot of feminist asimulation kind of issues. i realized it was a great forum to tell a story. >> she gets the self-help books and breaks down the books in a variety of ways. sometimes with an x-acto knife, sometimes with a blender. this rock creation was how women could make big bucks in the real estate market. >> very reasonably priced. under $100. >> sure. >> for you? >> her exhibit has been extended through next friday, january 15th. >> and with her there is this
5:48 am
intense material with layers and layers of meaning in her work. >> if you want to try making this type of art yourself, coken offers workshops at her studio. >> i teach people how to do bad things to books. >> coken tells students byob: bring your own blender. in san rafael, terry mcsweeney. >> if you would like ways to get a free tour of the exhibit, just visit our website,, and click on the "see it on tv" link. don't shred your computer. don't go away. "7 on your side" coming up next. michael finney puts aaaaaaaaaaaa
5:49 am
5:50 am
welcome back to abc 7 news. a live picture of the embarcadero and the ferry building and the bay bridge. ferry building still has the christmas lights up. time to take them down. it's been a couple weeks. well, with gas prices on the
5:51 am
rise again, who wouldn't want to cut cost. there is now product that claims to give you increase fuel econmy. >> sources of electrical interference often prevent your vehicle's electronic control unit sending out steady currents that optimize speed, timing control and fuel injection. >> the fuel doctor commercial goes on to say the fd-47 fuel efficiency booster has increased power and improved fuel economy. "consumer reports" wanted to see how well the $50 fuel dr. fd-40 works. >> seems to have the best effect on vehicles over two years and also claims to have some effect on vehicles that are newer. >> certified lab and field tests show increased mpg up to 35%.
5:52 am
>> they tested the fuel doctor device in ten different vehicles. six cars were equipped with a highly accurate fuel economy meter. they measured fuel devices. then the tests were repeated without the fuel doctor. so in the end... >> found out it made no significant difference at all. only thing we saw, the light was on. >> it will improve your mileage avoiding fast accelerations and braking hard. watching your speed, doing regular maintenance on your car and keeping your tires properly inflated. there's more gas-saving moves. first don't carry things on top of your car if you don't have to and don't drive on worn tires. i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." >> still ahead this morning from an instant photo printer to a
5:53 am
state of the art washing machine. a look at some of the top products at this year's consumer electronics show. [ female announcer ] to do well, kids need to eat well.
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aneating well means getting enough whole grain and calcium. and general mills big g kid cereals can help. did you know it's the only leading line of kid cereals with at least 8 grams of whole grain and a good source of calcium? cereals they already love, like lucky charms and cinnamon toast crunch. give your kids more of what they need to be their best.
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grow up strong, with big g kid cereals. ♪ here are the winning numbers from last night's superlotto plus drawing, 8, 10, 13, 19, 38 and megaball number 22. nobody won the big jackpot which now will jump to $29 million. the annual consumer electronics show is underway in las vegas and though it has a reputation being just for techies, this year new gadgets for everyone in the family. rick reports. >> outside of a pair of athletic shoes and mote vised exercise equipment, technology has had little to do with business but not anymore. with something called gesture tv and a program, technology will make sure you finish your workout. >> when you step in front of it, it can recognize you, know what
5:56 am
your objectives are. you can do the program without using a controller and can't cheat the program. >> now instant photos have caught up with technology. >> you can create that instant experience but it's actually a digital camera, too. you can choose which photos you want to print out. >> got a group of kids on a fuel trip? >> what this allows you to do is go in the field with a group of kids. you can set up a web page ahead of time. all the parents can log in, see where their kids are and their position would be updated every ten minutes. >> while crystal performs life at the exhibit at the consumer electronics show, i had a more exciting time with whirlpool's appliances. >> this is top of the line washer and drier. look how sleek. absolutely no buttons on them. you can customize the programs so you can wash everything from bath mats to baby items to your jeans exactly how you want them.
5:57 am
>> video in the car is not new but the size it. want the video in small, medium or large? check out electronics. the world's first portable 3-d dvd player and it will sell for only a hundred bucks. why wear that ugly blue tooth air piece anymore. >> retractible blue tooth head set. goes in the ear. no radiation, microphone here and retract it right back into the case. >> more reaction to the deadly shooting in tucson, arizona. what local representatives have to say about the attack and what could have been done to prevent it. details emerges about the suspect in that shooting. some of the videos he posted
5:58 am
5:59 am
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