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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  January 9, 2011 9:00am-10:00am PST

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good morning, a news conference underway at the university medical center in tucson, arizona where congresswoman giffords is being treated. let's listen in. >> you will hear as kevin said from the doctor, he is chief of neuro science and neuro surgery and the dr. reid who is chief of critical care and emergency surgical care. i offer on the entire tucson, arizona community our appreciation and thanks for the remarkable skills of these individuals. the university of arizona is proud to be associated with u.a. health care. so it's my pleasure to introduced the chair of surgery at the university of arizona and the health care unc. >> thank you. i will be very brief. this is a sad day for the
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families are for community and state of arizona and the nation. our hearts go out to the families of the victims. this is something we are already prepared for as we think but yesterday we were fortunate enough to have the doctor here. within an hour in the operating room we had four trauma surgeons in the operating room, two neuro surgeons were here. we had a vascular surgeon here. it took 38 minutes for the most critically injured person to be transferred to the operating room. and it's crucial in the recovery of the victims. dr. peter wie who has served our nation with great distinction in afghanistan and iraq and the
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chief of neurosurgery who has been with us a year and a half ago. it's always the willingness of people to support us. >> we're listening to a live news conference in arizona where congresswoman gabrielle giffords is being treated along with some of the other victims. this morning the congresswoman reported to be heavily sedated and in critical condition. now, we're going to hear from the doctor we heard from yesterday who treated her. >> i'm the trauma director at the university medical center. we suffered a tragedy here. i never thought i would experience something like this in my own backyard. i have a lot of empathy for the patients who came through here and their families and this is a very trying time period for all of us. our condolences especially to the patients and their families. my update is going to be short. i'm going to turn it over to one of my partners.
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we had a combination of 11 patients we had seen here at the hospital. the first one was nine-year-old child who came in dead and we tried resuscitated efforts but we were not able to bring her back. five patients who were brought to us in serious condition. of those patients we had additional five patients who were not in such a critical situation but we ended up doing six surgeries and that included a variety of things in combat scenario. it was matching casualties and we were doing things in the chest and abdomen and also orthopedic in nature, as well. as of this morning only one patient remains in critical condition. i think we'll be able to discuss that patient and give you more information and give you more
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detail. the we still have three in serious condition and the rest is in fairly good condition with one patient being discharged. we know the one patient in serious condition is congresswoman so at this point i'll turn it over to dr. molder, chief of neuro surgery here to give you more information. >> i'm michael molder from the university of arizona. i wanted to reiterate that our thoughts and prayers go out to the families. let me reiterate what a lot of people have said is the incredible effort here, it's a team effort at level one trauma center and that enables us this effort. everything from the e.r. positions, they were able to triage the patient and get them to the o.r. in 38 minutes then the fact that the person who operate next to me,
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anesthesiologist and support staff. this kind of effort, this kind of outcome is possible because of his resources. so let me take you back to the sequence of events to clear up some of the information out there. congresswoman giffords was shot in the head. when she arrived here the reports were that she was, in fact, able to follow commands, responsive to verbal communication. we very quickly got her back to the o.r. within 38 minutes, once there, we went through our routine procedure for this kind of injury. that consisted of controlling the bleeding that thank goodness was not excessive. our next objective was to take the pressure off the brain. that was by removing the bone fragment that was caused by the bullet fracture as well as additional bones to allow the brain relax and we remove any
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devitalized brain. at that point she returned to the icu. we'll tell you briefly that when we talk about gunshot wounds to the head, the things that are most concerning to us are if the bullet crosses from one hemisphere to the other. if the bullet crosses through the geometric center of the brain. i'm happy to say those were not case in this distance instance. because of that. she is able to communicate to us this morning to follow simple commands. we are still in critical condition, brain swelling at any time could take it for the worse but i am cautiously optimistic. dr. reid will talk about the critical care management that will be vital. >> you heard the latest on her condition. obviously brain damage not as
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serious as it could have been. she is responding to commands which is a positive sign at this point. again, very serious injury and certainly not out of the woods yet. we'll continue to monitor this news conference and bring you any updates and additional information later on in this hour as we get them. moving along now, as you've been hearing, six people killed and 13 others injured after the gunman opened fire in front of a supermarket in tucson yesterday. diane has the latest on the investigation from tucson. >> reporter: shots has given to sadness over a senseless shooting that killed six and injured more than dozen others. shots at point blank range, giffords is in a medically induced coma. >> she is fearless, truly fearless, always more concerned about the welfare of others about her own welfare.
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she is just a great human being. >> judge a judge died at the scene including three constituents and a staff member. born in 2001, a girl came to meet her congresswoman. christina wanted to learn about politics. they say the man responsible for the massacre is 22-year-old jared loughner. he was kicked out of college for posting disturbing videos on youtube. classmates say he was a troubled young man. >> the bottom line, i don't think he had the skills to do that. i don't think he ever learned how to engage with the world socially and emotionally. >> he is in the custody of the f.b.i. authorities have not yet determined a motive and searching for a possible accomplice seen here on still surveillance video. >> after the surgery, doctors said they were optimistic about
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her chances for recovery. her friends are having a tougher time to stay positive. >> i'm very hopeful to her, but when i see the tv i get very emotional about it. it's a real hard thing to deal with. authorities have released new information about this possible accomplice. he is described as a white male between the ages of 40 and 50 years old. anyone that has information to please come forward. understandably some of california's most prominent leaders are shocked over the shooting. democratic leader nancy pelosi met with her constituents during an event yesterday. she was joined by john garmendi. >> our prayers and thoughts are with all of their family. congresswoman giffords is a
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great patriotic american. >> obviously there is a risk and she paid a huge price to be available to her constituency. security at pelosi was noticeably tight. when garamendi met with us she was accompanied by a single aid. we are learning more about jared loughner. a community college in tucson said he had five encounters with police for classroom and library disruption. he was suspended after authorities found a youtube video of him lashing out against the school in order to return, they told him he needed a mental health note indicating he would not be a danger to himself. his myspace page included a message, goodbye friends, please don't be mad at me. the page was taken down immediately after he was named a suspect. >> still ahead, san jose police are looking for several suspects
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in an early morning shooting that left two people dead. and san francisco swears in a new board of supervisors includininininininininininininin
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oakland police are investigating the shooting death of a young boy. officers were called to a report of shots fired near 66th avenue where they found the boy with a gunshot wound. he died at the scene.
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no arrests have been made but police are looking for an adult male in connection with the shooting. >> san jose police are investigating a nightclub shooting that left two people dead and left a third injured. police were called to the mexicali club. they found three men with multiple gunshot wounds, two of them was killed. the third was rushed to a hospital and is expected to survive. police are now looking for three to four suspects who took off after that shooting. san francisco is now on the verge of having the first asian-american mayor. [ applause ] >> yesterday, new members of the board of supervisors were worn in and they immediately voted david chiu in as president. ed lee was voted as the interim mayor. he is expected to be voted in by the new board have supervisors next tuesday. >> jean quan went door to door
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in oakland, beat 33-x. this is the focus of mayor's quan crime and rejuvenation plan. there have been 1500 arrests in that neighborhood the last five years. the unemployment rate is 28%. quan wants neighbors to get involved. she is asking them to join a crime prevention council. >> what do you make of it? >> i loved. >> it she interacted with the people in the neighborhood and city which is a beautiful thing. i look her already. >> quan also encouraged neighbors to clean up the streets of the neighborhood in manor of the martin luther holiday. >> fog is being stripped away from the coast. view from mount tam, you see the marine layer, it was quite dense
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still dense fog and poor visibility but the rest of you enjoying sun. details coming up. >> still ahead this morning.... ♪ >> the salute for a singing group that help spearhead a literacy program for east bay schools. medicare. it doesn't cover everything.
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you by mancini sleepworld. last month we told you about an english teacher that partnered with a singing duo to increase literacy in richmond. what started out as a small book project has turned out to be a huge success. lyanne melendez spells it out. ♪ >> the indie music duo made a guest appearance in public school in richmond. you know them. they are one singing in the commercial. ♪ ♪ >> so why did they come here? students wanted to personally thank them for helping them to collect books for a school in richmond. >> the book drive started in november and in two months, four schools received them, more than
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11,000 books from all over the world. >> because there are so many, some of the books will now be delivered to other schools. this is how it works. the two offered their online christmas album for free for anyone who bought one of the books on the list through you pick the book and send it to richmond address in the box and the downloadable songs were yours. >> we have a unique opportunity with a generous fan base that mobilizes easily and with enthusiasm. >> it was their idea, an english teacher that wanted to motivate the students. >> the book that is completely in line with their life experiences. they are going to be thrilled to
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read. >> to actually have a book and won't be bored about reading. >> for most of us, it may seem like an unusual name for a group >> grate grapefruit. >> thanks to the group, the students have an excellent source of knowledge. lyanne melendez, "abc 7 news." >> books are cool. the weather is cool, too. >> yes, it's been freezing or near that and tonight with the clear sky we're going to see some freezing temperatures. how about one degree at truckee, but as it looks pretty good there. sunny skies. back home we're looking at the fog beginning to break up. this is a view from tam. still looking at clouds around napa and santa rosa where the temperature calls for 33 degrees.
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36 in antioch. sunny by the delta. we're looking at sunshine. 40-minute delays at the airport. peninsula beginning to see sunshine around palo alto. still cloudy, san jose. so the widespread low clouds and fog giving way to partly cloudy skies. with that clearing we'll see temperatures drop tonight into the 20s. so you have to watch out for some of that black ice develop. more sunshine on monday. next chance of showers comes our way on tuesday. here we are, over 19 inches of rain. 138% of normal, santa rosa. 93% of normal in san jose and 12 inches of rain here downtown puts at about 139% of normal. so doing just fine. taking a break from the rain but we will see a little more come our way mid-week next week. actually may be some fresh powder but not looking too wet at all. partly sunny with light
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north-northeast wind doing their job. so the plans for the rest of the day, 3:00, some sunshine and then by tomorrow, higher clouds. still sunny start but look what happens by 8:00 tuesday, scattered light showers, maybe a quarter of an inch at best and then by wednesday, some rain off shore but it looks like it's not going to make it onshore. south bay and southern california enjoying the 50s, but it's still pretty cold in the central valley but you saw the sierra, sunshine, above freezing and 52 in cupertino. sunny skies in the south bay within the next hour. already brightening up san mateo 52. san francisco warmer today at 53 and in the north bay, you are noticing brightening conditions earlier today, much earlier. 53 santa rosa with castro valley 52. nice day in oakland and over the hills, even looking at sunshine here with numbers just starting to get out of the who's. mid-50s with nice afternoon
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along the central coast. another dry, sunny day tomorrow and then chance of rain on tuesday and thursday. >> we can deal with it. it is n.f.l. wildcard weekend. he is mike shumann with more. >> we kick off with wildcard weekend and a rematch with the game against the jets and colts. manning had the upper hand again, in the second he steps up and 57 yards. 7-0 colts at the half. fourth quarter. up 3 but the jets respond. in a drive capped off by ladainian tomlinson. and then colts are down, 50 yards out. indy back on top. after a return kickoff return, edwards, down to the colt 14 and through the uprights from 42
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yards out. jets move on to face the patriots after a 17-16 victory. >> really i'm thankful for the men that i coach, those two backs we got that pounded it in there. thank you for the coaching staff. i'm thankful for nick and i'm thankful i finally got to beat peyton manning. >> the saints in seattle, they never won a road game here in franchise history. new orleans up. seahawks would not fold. hasselbeck, over the middle, wide open. 10-7 ballgame. game tied at 17. hasselbeck going deep. 45 yards and 24-20 at the half. seattle kept it going, more from hasselbeck. dropped the ball into williams hand. he threw for 272 yards. and later in the fourth, 34-30,
9:27 am
seahawks trying to run out the clock but former cal star, the run of the year, he breaks free, stiff arms the defend teort ground, breaks another tackle and goes the distance, 67 yards. the upset, seahawks stun the defending superbowl champs 41-36. >> there was so many chances, now today was lucky to be here. these guys for whatever reason, our football team we were going to win a game. >> all right. in every sport you are supposed to own your own home court. sharks have now lost four straight at home. now a two game losing streak, first period, he fires one. he is there for the save but he gets his own rebound and scores one, 1-0 predators, game tied at
9:28 am
1. off the rebound and that makes the difference, sharks drop their third straight 2-1 the final. >> cal hoops, hosted by arizona state trying to avoid an 0-3 start. off to a quick start, jorge, cal up 8. later in the half, alan crab for three. he had 17. bears are up 15, but the sun develops rally. the game is now tied at 40. cal up by 3. baseline hook shot and bears hang on. >> st. mary's is visiting pepperdine. kind of like this one, st. mary's led in the half. same story, one one th is one of his five 3's and gales have won
9:29 am
eight straight. >> usf visiting santa clara, 11-point lead. foster hits the triple and back on top. on the other end, running in the lane, gets a friendly roll, they are back up by one. michael williams, the three! and they complete the come back 74-67 victory. >> we'll have more tonight at 5:00. >> next at 9:30, more on the deadly shooting in tucson, arizona. úúúúúúooooooooooooooooooop
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good morning, within the past half-hour, we received an update on congresswoman gabrielle giffords who was shot.
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doctors say she is able to respond to commands. she is still in the hospital in critical condition. to relieve pressure on her brain doctors have removed a portions of her skull as well as apparently very small portions of her brain. the bullet did not pass through both hemispheres of the brain which was encouraging but they did have to remove a small portion of her brain. she is responding to commands. we have more from pierre thomas on the shooting. >> the suspect is identified as 22-year-old jared loughner. his myspace page suggests he was preparing for a violent onslaught. a few hours before the shootings he posted a message, goodbye friends, it begins. please don't be mad at me. >> he appears to have been obsessed with violence and was angry at the government. look at this youtube postings.
9:33 am
in this video, a u.s. flag is burned. in another youtube posting, current government officials are empowered for their currency. he appears paranoid suggesting the government was monitoring his communications. he also discusses mind control and brainwashing methods. they are tracing the firearm in the shooting. they describe it as a semi-automatic pistol. the f.b.i. is dissecting his background. >> a comprehensive investigation is currently underway. at my direction, the dr. director bob mueller is helping coordinate these efforts. >> u.s. capitol police are assisting in the investigation and plans were underway to step up security for congressional leaders. six people were killed in tucson yesterday. they include 63-year-old john roll a federal district court
9:34 am
judge. he had been the target of past threats but yesterday he happened to just stop by to visit giffords who was a friend. >> the youngest victim is a nine-year-old girl, christina green who was interested to going to the rally because she was recently elected to her student council. giffords director of community was also killed. other victims include 76-year-old pastor. also 76-year-old dorothy murray along with 79-year-old person. the shooting bringing up a serious issue of security for politicians. amy hollyfield spoke with three local members of congress including jackie speier. >> jackie speier was 28 years old when she witnessed the killing of her boss leo ryan.
9:35 am
he is the only congressman to be assassinated in u.s. history. she was also shot. that horrific day was on her mind today when she heard of the shooting of congresswoman giffords. >> i felt sick to my stomach and total disbelief. the more we heard, the more anxious i became. >> but she and other raesms aren't willing to stop appearing in public in the name of safety. the point that kept coming up, the tone of the country. >> there is so much hate that is bees spewed out on the airways constantly. we just have to lower the level of rhetoric. >> the motive behind the shooting is still unknown, public officials don't want to jump to conclusions. the shootings have brought attention to heated political argument taking place across the country. >> if it's any kind of political
9:36 am
rhetoric that has given this individual some help on the mission to go forward and thinks this is all right, i think we need to examine that. >> a congressman from napa says a couple of his town meetings over healthcare turned ugly. he says the level of anger he has seen has made him uncomfortable. >> notwithstanding what happened the level of discourse has to change. it makes it prohibitive to get the work of the people done. >> the representatives say that giffords was very committed to doing the work of the people. they called the attack on her an assault on democracy. >> it's very sad day. i can't pretend and say that this isn't unsettled to me because it is. it is highly unsettled. >> giffords has received threats the windows of her office were
9:37 am
shattered but they say they aren't surprised she was stands inning the shopping center talking to the voters. she is very dedicated to doing what is right for her constituents. a former f.b.i. agent is san francisco says the only way to have possibly prevented an attack like that is that the shooter had made threats against the congresswoman and the threats were investigated. i don't think you can change the entire methodology of a congress person speaking to their constituents. you can't do that. these people want to get out there. they want to talk to people. i don't think you change that. you have to investigate these things individually. >> because of that, congresswoman giffords has been thrust into the national spotlight. david has more on the story and transition into politics. >> 40 years old, giffords started her third term in the
9:38 am
house this week. >> and in november we're going to take back our community. we're going to take back our district, our state and government for the people, for the working people. >> after running her family's tire business, gabby as her friends called her, she is not to take on her fellow democrats, including the president on border control. >> we want to make sure that the president of the united states understands and hears the plight of the people that are affected by the inability to secure the border. >> during a trip to china, she met the navy fighter pilot mark kelly and married. >> she is always doing something. she and mark are the talk of the couples on capitol hill. >> mark kelly's twin brother scott is commanding the space station. she was notified about the shooting in a private phone call. i talked to the twins recently who expected to be the first
9:39 am
blood relatives in space together and asked giffords' husband what he might bring his brother. >> he said underwear runs low in the space station. don't use all your underwear, keep some of it when you undock. >> for now, lisa argen is here with a preview of the forecast. >> it's been cold, still cold in the north bay, look at this, transamerica pyramid, blue sky and sunshine, still cloudy in the south bay but everyone enjoying a warmer afternoon. a look ahead, i'll have it for you coming up. >> still ahead, we used to think it was a good thing. why does the governmenenenenenen
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welcome back. a gorgeous shot from our emeryville camera looking back to san francisco. >> first time in half a century, federal government is taking drastic action on the nation's tap water. fluoride is behind on growing epidemic, too much of a good thing. >> ever since the 1940s, fluoride as been added to
9:42 am
drinking water to help fight tooth decay, by credited to reduce cavities but there were critics that complained about injecting a chemical into drinking water. >> do you realize that fluoridation is most monstrously conceived and dangerous communist plot we have had to face. >> but the federal government wants to reduce the amount of fluoride in water, it sustains and even erodes teeth. >> making this adjustment now will promote public health, improve oral health. >> for years, fluoride has been added to toothpaste and is in other products. americans are ingesting too much fluoride. new recommendation, no more than
9:43 am
7 milligrams for every liter of drinking water. down. cities which have higher amounts of fluoride would have to recuse them to meet the target. a doctor says he has treated severe cases of fluorsis in children. >> the teeth become weak or treat them with crowns and it can be very costly. >> they say fluoride can cause greater damage than just brittle teeth. a research council which was cited by the epa linked i it to bone damage and increase risk of fractures. >> the government says there is no evidence that fluoride causes seriously illness. the only concern for now, is serious damage to children's teeth. american academy of pediatric dentistry, parents need to be concerned about all the ways children can ingest fluoride including toothpaste.
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plenty of vitamin d.out there that we could use, the natural vitamin d.. we are looking at lake tahoe. temperatures in the 30s later on today but overnight lows have been below zero. tonight our overnight lows will get back into the 20s in the protected valleys because the fog will continue to dissipate throughout the day and temperatures will drop like a rock. sunshine all the way down the peninsula but you know, mountain view and san jose still holding on to some fog, even getting brightener the east bay. by fairfield, sunny conditions, only 33 degrees right now in santa rosa with some poor visibility. you will mix out the layer of clouds and get into sunshine. it should be a nice afternoon
9:45 am
with temperatures climbing out of 30s and 40s probably before noon. then freezing cold tonight and we'll look for a chance of showers on tuesday, that may be our only chance all week long. we're off to 10-12 inches of rain. we are doing just fine in oakland and san francisco, doubling our rainfall compared to last year. even san jose there ther were trailing behind but up to healthy 93% with over 5 chs inches of rain. here is what we are looking a weak system pushed on through yesterday. behind it colder air, north ease material winds scouring out the clouds and high pressure keeping the storm track still at bay allowing for a pretty decent afternoon. not enough mixing to mix out the central valley. here we are this afternoon. then by tomorrow, increasing clouds, a good deal of sun and the next rainmaker for early on tuesday, maybe a quarter of an
9:46 am
inch and i don't know if you are going to see anything in san jose. that should be it. as we go into wednesday, high pressure builds in. we've got the rain offshore but it looks like it's not going to make it. a weak system flirting with the north bay on thursday. across the state, everyone taking the break from the wet weather, it's been a week since we've seen the rain and still that cold fog settling into the sacramento valley with near 40 in fresno. elsewhere, pretty decent afternoon, 64 in palm springs. still nice day with low 50s south bay, peninsula 51, pacifica 51 and in the north bay 53 in santa rosa. you still have a long way to go to 33 but a big improvement from yesterday. near east bay, 54 in oakland. nice afternoon on the east bay and valleys. brightening up a bit with pleasanton around 50.
9:47 am
mid-50s watsonville. couple of dry days, light rain. the fuss, that could be it for some of you. bay area artist is getting international claim for books. renowned artist lisa's art has something beautiful for the eye and also something for the mind. at the exhibit in san rafael, all the materials so painstakingly assembled were once part of self-help books. >> this notion that we are not okay we are. if we buy this book and read the whole thing, we'll be transformed. >> she calls her work an investigation. just like her first book work 20 years ago, while a graduate student at the california college of the arts. she was investigating herself. >> i mean the first book told a
9:48 am
personal story about my life and growing up jewish and the influence of the holocaust and my personal history and about a job and barbie doll and feminist issues. i realized it was a great forum to tell a story. >> she gets herself help books from friends and fans and breaks down the books in a variety of ways. sometimes with a blender. this rock creation used to be a book on how women can make big bucks in the real estate market. >> it's very reasonably priced. under a hundred dollars. >> her exhibit has been extended through next friday, january 15th. there are layers and layers. >> if you want to try making this type of art yourself, she
9:49 am
offers workshops in her studio. >> i teach people how to do bad things to books. >> she tells students, bring your own blender. if you would like more information about book destruction classes, visit our website at and click on the see it on tv link. don't go away, 7 on your side is coming up next. michael finney puts a
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welcome back. gorgeous shot. that is a shot from mount tam. the sutro tower in the background. >> with gasoline prices on the rise, who wouldn't want to cut costs? there is a product that claims to give you increased power --
9:52 am
it's called the fuel doctor. michael finney put it to the test. >> our gas prices hitting you hard? this revolutionary. sources prevent your electronic control unit to send out steady currents that optimize timing control. >> the fuel doctor commercial goes on to say the fd-47 fuel efficiency about booster create as a more stable current resulting in improved fuel economy. they wanted to see just how well the $50 fuel doctor works. >> it tends to have the best effect on vehicles older than two years and also claims to have some effect on vehicles that are newer. >> certified tests shows increased 25%. >> it was tested in ten vehicles
9:53 am
six of the cars had fuel economy meter. they tested for the city and the highway driving. the other vehicles were put through acceleration tests. to see if the fuel doctor device improves performance. then it was tested without the fuel doctor. >> in the end, it made no significant difference at all. >> consumer reports, it will improve your mileage is avoiding fast accelerations and braking hard. doing regular maintenance on your car and keeping your tires properly inflated. >> first, don't carry things on top of your car is, and don't drive on worn tires. >> still ahead. from an instant photo printer to state of the art washing machine the top products from the
9:54 am
the top products from the consumer electronics show.
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annual consumer electronics show is underway in las vegas and has a recipe takes for techies there are new gadgets for nw the family. >> a pair of athletic shoes, it has little to do with fitness but not any more, with something called gesture tv add miya fit, technology will make sure you finish your workout. >> it knows what your fitness objective are. >> remember the old polaroid. instant photos have caught up. >> you can create an instant experience but its digital camera, too. >> got a group of kids on a field trip? then you need the gps spot
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communicator. >> it allows you to go into the field with a group of kids, set up a web page ahead of time, all the parents could log in and see where their kids are. it would be updated every ten minutes. >> while they perform live, i had a more exciting time with whirlpool's newest appliances. >> this the top of the line washer and dryer. there are no buttons on them and you can customize the programs, everything you can wash to baby items to jeans how you want them. >> video in a car is not new but the size is. want a screen, small medium or large? checks out maxel electronics. >> and this is the first portable 3-d player. and why wear that anymore.
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>> retractable bluetooth headsets, no radiation, microphone there. >> there you go. and one more look at the sunday forecast. >> we're putting the sun back in the sun sn. >> our next newscast starts at 5:00 tonight. stay connected 24/7. have a great sunday. [ female announcer ] why settle for plain bread when you can have pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits? the warm, light delicate lays are like nothing else. add a layer of excitement to your next meal. ♪ and these are the ones you'll love on a friday. pillsbury crescent pizza pockets. with just a few ingredients, you have an easy to make dinner. they're crescents for the other 364. try them tonight.
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