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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  January 10, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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tucson and also storm coveve ♪ news this monday morning, the man charged in a tucson, arizona, rampage is said to appear in a federal court. gabrielle giffords shot in the head is responding to the verbal commands. >> one of the six people has ties to northern california, congressional aid gabriel zimmerman graduated from u.c. santa cruz. >> the weekend appointment by outgoing gavin newsom. >> a live look from ballmer peak this morning. from the east bay looking to the west. look how clear it is. very cold this morning. find fog just about everywhere and the threat of freezing
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drizzle in the forecast tonight. >> no major traffic problems but if you don't have fas trak there is a minor wait right now at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> good morning. it is 4:31 this monday. thank you for starting the week with us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. there's going to be plenty of buzz this morning at san francisco's hall of justice. that's where george gascon will move out of the police chief's office to his new job as district attorney. it was one of gavin newsom's final appointments yesterday. as district attorney for the city and county of san francisco. >> congratulations. (applause) >> gorge gascon was sworn in as district attorney one day after he was offered the job. he didn't even seek the position. mayor gavin newsom gascon was his pick avenue offered his advise on the quality he would like to see as a new d.a.
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>> as i was listening to him, it became clear to me that he was the choice. he didn't know that. he was giving me some good advice. he didn't know how good the advice was. >> gascon replaces carmella harris sworn in as state attorney general last week but unlike harris gascon believes in the death penalty. >> i'm not going to tell you we're going to be seeking death penalties, clearly we will not but with the evidence and the circumstances in the case, that penalty i will seek. >> gascon served as police chief for a year and a half and during that time san francisco has seen its violent crime rate dip since the 1960s. gascon holds a law degree from western state university but only practiced law for a year and a half. gascon says that doesn't matter. >> not the same as prosecutoring cases. it's just like running a police department, it's black and
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white. there are different skill sets and i believe that i have the organizational schools. >> assistant chief a confidant who worked with him in los angeles will serve as acting chief of police until a replacement is chosen. the new mayor with the help of the police commission will secretary the new chief. in san francisco, lillian kim, abc 7 news. >> 1:00 this afternoon gavin newsom takes the oath of office as lieutenant governor at the state capital. his father william newsom will administer. it's an appellate court judge. the supervisors will take a final vote of ed lee as interim mayor. lee will fill the remaining year of newsom's term. >> 4:33 now. san jose is on track to name its new police chief as soon as early next month. rob davis retired at the end of last october. the san jose mercury news has learned that acting chief chris moore remains one of the ten candidates still being considered. he and the others are expected
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to be grilled this week by three community panels. several groups have called for a more open process by budget cuts and accusations of racial profiling and overly aggressive tactics. >> the six defendants in the richmond gang rape case are expected to make their first appearance since the hearing. they will expect to shear new charges. the 16-year-old richmond girl, whether she was forced into sex. defense attorneys say the victim drank so much alcohol that no force was required. the contra costa district attorney's office is seeking sentences up to life in prison for some of the suspects. >> oakland police have identified a 15-year-old boy who was shot to death over the weekend. officers were called to a report of shots fired near 66th and afnol after 5 p.m. an saturday. that's when they found a 15-year-old with a gunshot
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wound. he died at the scene. police are looking for an adult male in connection with the shooting. a man killed in a separate, unrelated shooting saturday night has been identified as 29-year-old newtonsome. >> the man accused of shooting gabrielle giffords and 19 others is due to appear in federal court today. the nation will remember the six killed in tucson. hundreds gathered for a candlelight vigil outside the hospital where she remains in critical condition. diana? >> well, kristen, good morning. so far we have not heard anything from from jared loughner. his intended target is still here at the hospital struggling to survive. >> congresswoman gabgy giffords remains in a medically induced
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coma. her long-term diagnose is still unclear. six more victims lost their lives in saturday's senseless rampage, including nine-year-old christina taylor green. >> came into the world on 9/11, and then nine years old, yesterday. >> authorities have filed five counts against the suspected shooter, 22-year-old jared loughner including a member of congress. loughner might have killed more but as he tried to reload, a woman grabbed the clip from him. >> we have one dead. there were multiple people shot. >> a search of the states at loughner's home yielded an envelope with the words i planned ahead, my assassination and giffords. a thank you letter from the congresswoman after the two met
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several years ago at a similar event. >> a question that made no sense. he said i can't believe she didn't understand it. >> the investigation is painting a picture of a troubled young man rejected by the army after high school and minor drug arrests. his downward spiral deepened this fall. he dropped out of community college just before the school kicked him out. loughner had been told he'd need a mental health review before he could return. you can feel the pain and the sense of loss in this community. just take a look behind me at this makeshift memorial. when we first got here there were just a few candles and a few cards. now that has quadrupled in size and people have laid flowers and cards and are all praying for the recovery of the victim. kristen, back to you. >> diana, we're hearing there's some positive news regarding the congresswoman's condition? >> yes. good news couldn't come soon enough. we're hearing from doctors and also the congresswoman is still
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in critical condition and remains in a medically induced coma. when they bring her out she's able to respond to simple commands and the most poignant after her husband raised two fingers she was able to do so and she made a peace sign. >> thank you. >> it's now 4:38. one of the six people killed in saturday's shooting rampage was a u.c. santa cruz graduate. 30-year-old gabriel zimmerman was gifford's community outreach director. he organized the congress on your corner event. by all accounts zimmerman was a rising star in tucson's political circles. >> there were always people half joking, half seriously chiding him when he was going to run for some kind of office, seemed to almost have that innate calling. >> gabriel zimmerman graduated with honors from u.c. santa cruz in 2002 with a sociology degree.
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his father tells our media department he did well, really loved the school and made some close friends there. >> president obama's calling on all americans to observe a moment of silence to honor the victims this morning at 8:00 our time. the president also signed a proclamation calling for all flags to be flown at half staff. i believe at 8:00 this morning we'll have a special report from abc. diane and george will both be there for the special report, 8:00 this morning. >> all right. it's 4:39 right now. mike, the car was reading 30 for me as i was coming in. that's pretty cold. >> you're reading anything? i can't read anything it's so cold. i just go blank. >> actually the car was talking to me says it's 30 out here, you should go home. >> yeah, mike, it's cold out here. >> why are you driving me, it's so cold. definitely frost waiting for you in many areas this morning and starting to develop on parts of the peninsula as redwood city is
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32 degrees. fremont 33. san rafael, santa rosa 29. fairfield 28, livermore 29. concord and antioch 30 and 31. los gatos 31. the warm spot san francisco and half moon bay, low to mid-40s. as far as our 24 hour temperature change, those are the only two areas that are warmer this morning. everybody else from 3 degrees cooler in napa to 11 in redwood city, 10 mountain view, san jose, fairfield and livermore. about 9 degrees cooler along with novato. so 8:00 this morning it's still going to be very frosty. we have some high clouds starting to roam in. that may cap our temperatures and keep them from dropping much more. by noon we're looking at pretty much mid to upper 40s in most of our neighborhoods. we'll see an increase in high clouds this afternoon. and even with that we should be warmer than yesterday with upper 40s to low 50s by 4:00. accu-weather 7-day forecast, a few showers possible tomorrow. rain is possible in the north bay thursday into friday. looks like tomorrow will be a fairly dry forecast after
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tomorrow. frances, how's our monday morning commute starting? >> actually starting off a little better now at the bay bridge toll plaza. you saw earlier how there was a backup for the cash-paying lanes. they only had a couple booths open but now five cash paying lanes open so everyone getting through, no delays at all. isn't many road work going on. usually isn't from sunday night into monday morning. a live look at the san mateo bridge, looking great. 101 also at the 880 end in hayward. also no problems for the contra costa county community with this live shot of 680 in walnut creek. of course, i guess eric mentioned it's pretty chilly out there but my car's not advanced enough to tell me that. >> i thought you hired somebody to sit next to you to say, hey, it's 30 degrees, frankie. >> california faces a new round in budget paying. still ahead the big cuts governor brown is expected to announce today as he reveals his plans to balancing the state's books. >> the new admission from pg&e
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good morning, everyone. it is 4:44 on this monday morning. the abc 7 morning news. a live picture of san francisco international airport where it's probably quite chilly this morning as well. weather problems in other areas could affect some flights here. we already know about flight cancellations in atlanta, hartsfield, the busiest airport in the country, about 100 flights already cancelled and delays out of charlotte. planes from those cities have to get here in order to turn around and become your flight. so we'll let you know how that's being affected later on this morning. >> more news. california lawmakers, interest groups and citizens are waiting to finds out what's in store for the state when governor jerry brown unveils has january budget later this morning. he's offered few specifics since he was sworn in a week ago about
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how he'll close california's $28 billion budget deficit but he's warned it will be even more drastic than many anticipate with deep spending cuts across the board. it may include a special election to ask voters to extend temporary income sales and vehicle tax hikes set to expire in july. >> we may have another clue when to the national pipeline explosion in san bruno. two years ago pg&e briefly raised the pressure in the line to its maximum legal level. the utility increased the pressure to 400 pounds per square inch for two hours in december of 2008. experts call that move a huge gamble. they say a sharp spike in pressure could weaken the pipe making it more vulnerable to failure later on. pg&e says it's the company's standard operating practice to run the gas lines at their maximum pressure once every five years. >> an indian restaurant in san francisco is open again after
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being shut down for a carbon monoxide leak that sickened several people next-door. four people fell ill thursday night. it was traced to a water heater at the upscale amber indian restaurant. it was leaking into a shaft between hotel walls at ten times normal levels. a temporary water heater was installed allowing the restaurant to reopen saturday night. >> am could go up the new research that may have couples carefully planning how far apart they have their children. >> and the surprising increase a lot of drivers are seeing at the gas pump. >> the big new trend in tablet computers. we'll look at some of the devivivivivivivivivivivivivivivi
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>> welcome back. your travel forecast if you're leaving us, it's colder just about everywhere than here. phoenix 62, miami 78. we're below freezing in atlanta
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today. eric mentioned some of the delays up the eastern seaboard. here's the reason why. look at the snow and ice in georgia, carolinas, heading towards virginia and even snow around kansas city and st. louis and minneapolis. a lot of delays today and our flight tracker will have you covered at here's kristen. >> mike, listen to this one at 4:49. a stunning new theory on a factor causing autism. a preliminary study based on half a million california children suggest if a second child is born less than two years after their older sibling, that younger child is more likely to be autistic. compared to babies born three years after their older sibling. columbia university research say that was true no matter the parents' age. they say more study is needed for a birth spacing link. it accounts for 18% of births, a rising percentage due to mothers delays child birth.
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>> gas prices are taking another significant jump over the past three weeks. gas prices shown up an average of 9 cents a gallon to $3.08 nationwide. there is another change. the highest price in the country is no longer found in san francisco. chicago has the highest price at $3:35 a gallon. the lowest price, salt lake city where unleaded is just $2.73. >> verizon will announce tomorrow a version of the i-phone that's compatible with the cellphone system. steve jobs will attends an invitation only event in new york to unveil the long-awaited verizon compatible i-phone. verizon will go on sale thursday february 3rd. until now as you know the i-phone has been exclusive to at&t. users have complained about faulty at&t coverage especially large cities like san francisco. >> tablet computers were the big
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hit of the just-ended consumer electronics show in las vegas. more new tablets were introduced than any other product. a worthy competition to the i-pad. >> touchy, touchy, multitouchy. you could lay your hands on no fewer than 20 different tablets vying for the number two spot behind apple's i-pad. technically you can't lay your hands on half of them until later this year. motorola that is the top contender with its zoom but not until this summer. dell, samsung, the wind pad, acor but nothing yet from sony. tablet and tablet accessories rival the phones and phone
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accessories. dual window pads opened like a book. and more accessories than you can shake a smart phone at. this one is a game controller for tablets that mounts with suction cups. speaking of games, angry birds were everywhere. mattel even introduced a real life version. your digital version has an advantage though. you don't need to rebuild your pig palace after every shot. with the next step in tablets, richard hart, abc 7 news. >> 4:52 this morning as you get out of bed, what, you wanted to go back in, is that what it is. >> don't get out of bed if you don't have to. >> what are temperatures like? >> very cold. definitely. take a look outside, show you the reason why it's so cold and i'll show you those temperatures. looking down from mount tamalpais this morning. see sausalito there in the foreground. the background san francisco in the way background, probably fremont hayward. that's how clean the air is this morning. check out how cold it is.
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the 20s santa rosa, fairfield, livermore. 30 concord, 31 antioch and los gatos. 32 redwood city and san rafael and 33 in fremont. all those areas getting close to frost. mountain view, san jose, napa not far behind it, 35. 37 oakland. san francisco and half moon bay, low to mid-40s. monterey bay, mid to upper 30s into salinas and a frosty 27 in gilroy. so we'll have high clouds and sunshine today. not quite as chilly as it was over the weekend. i think we should see more 50 degree temperatures still cooler than average but not as cold as it was yesterday. freezing drizzle is possible tonight in the north bay valleys. then we have showers for tomorrow afternoon and rain mainly in the north bay wednesday and thursday. let's start in the south bay today where we'll have mid-50s with 55 campbell and san jose. we'll have mid-50s along the peninsula, 53 to 54 degrees, temperatures close to each other here. along the coast low to mid-50s
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for downtown and south san francisco. the north bay low to mid-50s for you. east bay shore looks like low to mid-50s also. just mainly low 50s in the east bay valleys because you're starting from such a depth this morning. low to mid-50s the monterey bay and inland it's mainly mid-50s. around the state today, pretty quiet. mostly sunny and low 60s san diego, los angeles and palm springs. here at central valley, tulie fog not nearly as prevalent as it was. temperatures 40s to near 50 there. 53 big sur, 37 tahoe. maybe some snow tomorrow and again on wednesday and thursday. but nothing new for today. all right. tonight you can see the temperature fairfield 31. 30 cloverdale, 32 santa rosa and also livermore. but looks like the north bay will be the first area to see any of the wet weather make it to the ground. if it does when the temperature's below freezing, it could have freezing drizzle. here's the setup. high pressure over us right now, very dry air. and this is going to hold on
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today, be overrun by high clouds that will bring us the showers. through the overnight last night, until this morning i should say you can see pretty clear, high clouds moving in. they'll be on the increasing as the day unfolds. with the dry air locked in the valleys, these first few batches of showers are going to take time to moyesen the atmosphere and then it looks like we'll have a better chance as the afternoon wears on so hopefully the air is too dry for that to reach the ground and freeze. rain mainly in the north wednesday and thursday and looks like it will be dry friday, saturday and sunday with temperatures nearing 60 around the bay those three days. good morning, frances. >> mike, good morning, everyone. get you out of bed and make it out the door you won't encounter problems on your commute to work. it's very quiet. no delays across the golden gate bridge into san francisco. interstate 80 also looking good in berkeley, westbound traffic there moving well out of vallejo towards the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll check out the south bay for you where no accidents have been reported. this is the 280 and 17
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interchange and northbound traffic there, that's on 280 for those headlights and that's highway 17 right across your screen. it's light out there. mass transited systems report being no delays as well but i just wanted to give you a heads up for the weekend delay on bart. they're expected between pittsburg, bay point and pleasant hill, 20 minute delays in the pittsburg direction. you can finds out what's going on anytime by going to our website kristen. >> it's 4:56. a $250,000 reward is now being offered for information in connection with the fatal shooting outside a san francisco nightclub four years ago. police say it happened on the night of january 6, 2007. they say two suspects confronted 20-year-old alberto kasias at 13 and folsom streets. hours later as they were driving from the area, the suspect fired
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multiple shots at the vehicle killing kasias. the suspects are described as two black men in a sedan with a low spoiler in the back. >> it's 4:57. at 5:00, the defiant stand many in congress are taking in the wake of the arizona shooting rampage. >> new details emerging about the young man charged with killing six people and wounding 14 others including an arizona congresswoman. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live at the san francisco hall of justice where we're waking up this morning to a new d.a. and a new top cop. that's not bad for a monday.
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