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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  January 11, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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because they're e only cereals with box tops for education. last year, schools earned over ten million dollars from big g cereals. you can raise money foyour kids' school. look for this logo... only on big g cereals. you can make a difference. ♪ good morning. i'm amy holyfield live in san bruno where pg&e is changing its practices as the utility faces its critics. the story coming up. >> richmond police are questioning at least two suspects after a 16-year-old is shot and killed. >> and mourners will gather at a tucson arizona church today for victims of a shooting rampage. >> here's a live look from downtown san francisco. good news.
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no freezing fog. we do have some light rain showing up on live doppler 7 hd. i'll show you where it is and where it's going. >> i'll give you details but for now still looking good bay bridge toll plaza with only a very minor wait. >> 6:01 this tuesday morning. a vote at san bruno's city council meeting could determine when long-awaited checks will be mailed out. that sent after the deadly explosion and fire. pg&e has decided to stop a controversial pipeline testing method that could have played a role in the explosion. amy is live in san bruno with all the latest. >> kristen, this really is an issue for everyone, not just residence of san bruno. pg&e says this is a standard operating practice the utility did on all its pipelines.
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it does it every five years but now the practice is being called into question. people want to know if it compromised the pipeline in san bruno that burst in september. that killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. three years ago pg&e tested the pipe by pumping the gas through at maximum legal pressure. it normally runs in about 375 pounds. experts call that move a huge gamble and congresswoman jackie spear even takes it one step further. >> that's gross negligence. that's what hydrostatic testing is about and yes it's expensive and somewhat inconvenient but you don't put people at risk like that. >> this isn't the only bit of news residents here in san bruno are focussed on. there's also anxious to hear what will be announced tonight. this is video last week when about 100 people showed up to
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confront council members about the $400,000 donated to help victims. the city hasn't handed the money out yet. city officials explain much more complicated than you would think trying to figure out the criteria who to give the money to and how much to give this is they wanna do it right but the overwhelming message was hand it out immediately. those two council members are going to make recommendations how to spend that money and who to give it to. make a recommendation at the full city council meeting tonight. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> it's 6:03. overnight three were arrested in connection with a shooting death of a teenager in richmond. police say they believe all three were on the scene when a single shot hit and killed gris by as he walked out of his grandmother's home yesterday afternoon. grisby managed to run back into the house where he collapsed and
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died. officers say they found a weapon, possibly the weapon involved. grief counselors are expected to be add hand today at the high school. >> president obama will attend memorial services for the six people killed in saturday's tucson shooting. mean wheel doctors for gabrielle giffords are optimistic for the chances of her recovery. >> every day that goes by and we don't see an increase, we are slightly more optimistic. >> the 22-year-old shooting sus spejt jared lee loughner made his first appearance in federal court yesterday. they're considering filing state charges against him. >> the tucson shooting has now accelerated a central valley's congressman's plan to move his office. he's closing his stock son office and moving it to a site
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with better security. he's been planning to relocate for a while but stepped up the effort after saturday's rampage. cardoza and giffords are friends and share many political values. >> the interim police chief of san francisco says he'll only be in the post a short while. jeff godown was given the interim police position after george gascon was appointed interim district attorney on sunday. he was a long police detective before he was hired by gascon. godown is considered an outsider and wants the new police chief to be one of his own. >> they'll understand the idiosyncrasies of our membership and the things that make it different -- >> i told the police chief i would not put my hat in the ring for the position. he just asked me not to do it and i told him i wouldn't. >> godown said his priorities
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are to get it is a sores for his officers, schedule classes and begin security for the 2013 america's cup. >> governor jerry brown today begins the difficult process of selling his first budget which he knows come complete with something for everybody who hate. big cuts in higher education got most attention when he unveiled the plan yesterday but that's not the only area taking big hits. the other areas affected. >> eric, it's tough to swallow but governor jerry brown says he found a way to eliminate $12.5 billion in state spending. it sets mandatory copays and limits doctor visits and prescriptions each year. that affects one in five state residents. >> one in five from cal works. one billion hit to u.c. and csu campuses and up to a 10% pay cut
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for state workers not in collective bargaining agreements. >> what i propose will be painful. it's going to take sacrifice from every sector of california. >> governor brown wants to cut funding to cal fire reducing the number of firefighters on an engine crew from 4 to 3 putting them back to staffing levels that existed before massive wild farce charged the state in 2003. the governor wants to make cuts to california state parks by reducing the operating hours at some of the 278 parks and close others entirely because of low attendance. and he wants to make changes to the state prison system by moving juvenile and low level offenders from the overcrowded prisons to the county jails. 50,000 people sent to prison spent less than 90 days there. one of the few things spared is california's k-12 education system but it won't be receiving anymore funding either. jenelle wang, abc 7 news.
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>> jenelle, thank you very much. our time now 6:07. >> so we've got a little rain on the radar but any rain on your head? that's what really matters? >> i think that's what happens with rain typically. >> i thought it was a cue for you to start singing there, big boy. >> ah, no. no quicker way to send an audience screaming. >> you know what i meant. >> i know what you meant. i think everybody did. it was just take a jab at eric. good morning. we have good news. kind of light-hearted because the weather for once is not a real factor in your morning commute. don't have freezing fog. yes, we have clouds but kept the temperatures up overnight and they're dropping rain but it's not making it to the ground even though the radar returns look very impressive. it's all evaporating. 4 degrees warmer in san francisco to 14 in napa. we got double-digit warmth in novato, santa rosa, fairfield,
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antioch, san jose and los gatos. let's take a look at this -- what's happening right now. temperatures in the upper 30s to low 40s. low to mid-40s around the bay and also the coast. this afternoon mostly cloudy with rain becoming more likely during the afternoon and into the evening hours. you can see how much cooler it's going to be with mid to upper 40s in our inland valleys. also san francisco with low 50s along the bay shore and the coast. rain rest likely around the monterey bay where we have temperatures low to mid-50s and that does include your inland neighborhoods. let's take a look at that accu-weather 7-day forecast, cloudy tomorrow, cooler than average again. showers if we have them will be on the north bay thursday and increasing sunshine and warm kt for saturday, sunday and monday. let's find out about that commute. >> good morning, mike, everyone. there's a new injury accident northbound 280 past almonte plus it's on the shoulder and the think traffic is light enough 280 to be fine.
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so far not affected as traffic moves 69 mph past the scene so no trouble cupertino towards mountain view and palo alto. outside what you'll find so far. it's been pretty nice and quiet. we don't have to deal with the freezing fog. there is a typical slowing out of antioch but good here, southbound 680 to walnut creek approaching highway 24 at the top of your screen. eric, kristen. >> thank you. our time 6:10. >> the mystery grows. first office arkansas than louisiana, then tennessee then brazil. the usgf weighs in with an explanation. a new discovery of dozens of dead births but this time right here in the bay area. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in san francisco. we are awaiting word on a marriage between i-phone and verizon. some companies not crazy about this idea but consumers are. i'll tell you why you should be if you own a cellplplplplplplplp
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>> welcome back. 6:13 on this tuesday morning. we're barely into 2011 and already major airlines ringing in fair first fare increases of the year. southwest started things off on friday raising fares by 4 to $10 on flights. now american and frontier are matching. it's the third price increase in the last month. the airlines are blaming rising fuel costs and greater demand for seats. >> sonoma county now has its own case of birds mysteriously falling from the sky dead. new year's eve you remember more than 5,000 red wing blackbirds fell from the sky in central arkansas. since then several more cases worldwide. saturday more than 100 birds were found dead clustered on the ground south of guysersville. state fish and game is investigating the discovery off highway 101. officials say the birds don't have peer to have been shot.
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now the survey says dieoffs are relatively common and those found in arkansas suffered intern internal from flying in to homes and trees from noises that startled them. again, it's not like it never happens. >> that's the interesting thing. >> why not the 4th of july, too, do we have all these big birds falling -- i don't know. mr. empirical over here. >> conspiracy theory. >> let's go to the forecast. >> well, that's why i thought maybe it was the chem trails. oh, just opened a big, big, big can of worms with that one. 6:15 this morning. we'll talk about it. all right. we're looking at emeryville in the foreground. san francisco in the background.
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notice it's kind of cloudy but no fog. let's talk temperatures. much warmer this morning. still in the 30s in fairfield and antioch. if you're joining us in monterey bay, inland, dress to mid to upper 40s. our highlight, rain today, most likely into the evening hours. the clouds and the rain that is evaporating right now will keep us chilly today. mostly cloudy, windy, showers. some on the north bay thursday and it's brighter and warmer for saturday, sunday and monday. here's a look what happened last night. see the cloud deck getting thicker, more widespread but being undercut by this layer of dry air. included through 7:00. could see sprinkles develop towards the end of the commute and through the noon hour and maybe spill into around 3:00. by 4:00 all the way through 6:00, that's when some of the
6:17 am
steadier light rain starts to move in. 8:00 starts to taper more to scattered light rain. overnight it completely dissipates as that cold air moves to the east and brings snow to the sierra. a tenth of an inch in the north bay. as far as our temperatures today will be the low to maybe mid-50s, san jose, campbell and cupertino 53. low 50s on the coast and downtown south san francisco upper 40s to near 50. up in the north bay we'll have 50 at the coast but mid to upper 40s elsewhere. it's going to be chilly hercules and richmond with low 50s the rest of the east bay shore. into the east bay valleys also chilly with mid to upper 40s. around the monterey bay, the least likely area to see the rain, we'll have low to mid-50s not only around the bay but also inland. for tonight the clouds will keep our temperatures up once again. you go into the valleys, upper 30s to low 40s while the bay
6:18 am
shore out to the coast will be the low to mid-40s. that accu-weather 7-day forecast, temperatures below average. we get back to average on friday and as we reach 60 across the board, some of those temperatures in the afternoon will be a little bit warmer than what we're definitely used to and what would be average for this time of the year. let's turn it over to frances. have a great day. >> the chp is on its way right now. a new accident reported in the south bay. south 85, looks like the right lane currently blocked. a live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza where it's still pretty light. no delays at all. did get humidity yesterday though. haven't seen it that busy in a few weeks. interstate 80 in berkeley. so for headlights moving westbound, things getting a little more crowded but overall no major trouble to the maze. a good ride 101 throu:1 through
6:19 am
rafael, drive 1 minutes to notified to the golden gate bridge light traffic heading into san francisco and also the south bay. the 280 and 17 interchange. on northbound 280 here, traffic continues to move well past almonte where we have an accident and injuries have been reported. so fire truck is now at the scene. we'll go to the maps and show you that. traffic still flowing well there despite that accident and mass transit systems reporting no delays. you can get the latest traffic whenever you want by going to our website it's under the bay area traffic linking. eric? >> it's 6:19 now. if the buzz is to be believed, all the rumors throughout the i-phone sold by a wireless carrier other than at&t will end just hours from now. terry mcsweeney joins us live from a verizon store where it appears customers will be told today that the iconic phone will be available in a matter of
6:20 am
weeks. terry? >> yeah. i-phone customers are going to have a choice if we can believe everybody we've heard. herd it from "the new york times," "wall street journal," not just some website or blog throwing it out there. in less than two hours from right now, that i-phone and verizon are getting together. take a look at the phone everyone is talking about. the i-phone. it's going to be a win for consumers because it's going to mean for sure different pricing options. some competition, halt at&t's exclusive hold on the device since back in 2007. the "wall street journal" reporting that apple says it's pleased with what it's done with at&t but needs more sales. here comes verizon and it's 93 million subscribers. it could mean 10 million more. i-phone customers, verizon phone similar to the i-phone 4 but run
6:21 am
on cdma technology. blaming blocked calls despite the company's effort and spent a lot of money doing it. the last month "consumer reports" came out with a rating and verizon came in first as most reliable. at&t came in dead last. but the question is can verizon step up to the plate and handle all the extra traffic it's going to have as a result of bringing on all those i-phones. if you go on to the electronic's web block this morning, you will see an article why it might be a good idea to wait and see if it can handle that. response to that article are pretty darn hysterical. the phone available in three weeks. >> terry, thanks a lot. it's 6:21. >> coming up calendar coincidence. one very big reason some people are calling today extra special. >> heavy oror
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>> we are coming up on 6:25 this tuesday. two bulldozer drivers are using their passion for rock and roll to put on a unusual street performance. get aload of this. break dancing bulldozers in china. the men balance their 21 ton vehicles while swinging the buckets from left to right. the drivers learned six months to learn these moves and, yes, during that time they said they got a lot of head banging injuries. >> you're walking up to january 11th, 2011. that's 1/11/11. it's asymbol of aseention to a higher form of consciousness and awaking to a higher plain. that moment will come at 11:11 a.m.. oh, during the midday news! but most days just fun to acknowledge the uniqueness of
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the day. the numerical magic has been outweighed by the fact it's a tuesday leaving most reception halls unbook but no one is ruling out the impulsive couples expected to tie the knot on this unique day. >> when you realize you're enlightening. that we must rule out. paying for problems with the pickup. the vote that will have thousands of peninsula residents paying more for a service they say has been nothing but trouble. >> the latest on the issue that forced nearly a dozen people to evacuate their san francisco homes in the middle of the night. >> the city of san bruno has almost $400,000 for fire victims yet officials haven't handed out the money. residents want to know why. a big decision regarding that money coming up tonight. the story up ahead. >> if you're traveling by plane flight arrival delays into chicago's o'hare international airport. snow and ice causing two and a half hour backup there and fog
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> 6:30. open bell has rung on wall street. confetti coming down there. a rosie outwork by giant alcoa is pointing to early gains on the stock market. the company beat earnings estimates and is specsed to have the market loosening this morning. while a live report from the new york stock exchange coming up in about 15 minutes. >> we begin with the latest on developing news in belmont where six are treated for minor injuries and three evacuated after an overnight fire in an apartment complex. this started just after 3 a.m. on at apartment building on carmonth drive. two were injured when they jumped from a second floor balcony to get away from flames.
6:31 am
two others treated for smoke inhalation. none of the injuries believed to be life threatening. one apartment unit was destroyed. 50 residents were evacuated and are being kept sheltered by the red cross while firefighters try to determine a cause. investigators say this fire in belmont did about a million dollars in damage. >> tonight victims of the san bruno pipeline explosion are hoping to finally get word when they'll start getting checks from donations raised in the aftermath of the disaster. the city council is expected to take action after taking a lot of criticism. amy is live in san bruno with the details. good morning, amy. >> residents here say they need the money. medical expenses and the cost of home repairs are adding up and that the money that's coming in just isn't enough. several people actually confronted two city council members at a meeting last week asking why the money hasn't been handed out. the council members had gone to the people looking for suggestions how to hand out the
6:32 am
money. the officials said distributing it is not as easy as you would think and they want to do it right. congresswoman jackie spears says she can understand that. >> the fact that they have now created a committee of local community members to determine how the money is going to be distributed, it is appropriate. i mean, far better to do it this way than to distribute money willy-nilly and not have it accountable. so i think they're just being prudent. >> also making news in san bruno, pg&e and how it handles its pipelines. the utility has admitted it has a practice of testing its lines every five years by running the maximum amount of pressure through them. the san francisco chronicle exposed the practice and the utility now says it will stop doing it. experts criticized the test and are wondering if the test compromised this line here in san bruno that exploded in september killing eight people.
6:33 am
that practice will no longer go on here in san bruno or anywhere else. as for that donated money, those two city council members listened is and heard loud and clear they want the money handed out right away. they make recommendations to the full city council tonight. >> amy, thank you. ten san francisco residents are back in their sunset districts morning after spending much of their night out of their home after a gas leak. they reported smelling gas near ortega street. pg&e managed to shut off the valve but that didn't stop the leak. they had to jack hammer into the street to get to the actual pipe and pinch the leak off, a process that takes a lot more time. >> what we have here is a low pressure leak in a residence across the street here. what we've done is we've evacuated nearby residents and turned off all tourses while
6:34 am
pg&e crews make repairs. >> in all the repairs took about two hours. nobody was injured, and the gas is back on for residents for now. >> novato police are now offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in last week's shooting outside a safeway supermarket. two men were wounded in the parking lot at the hamilton marketplace shopping center. there has been an arrest, alexandra marie coyle arrested but police don't believe she fired the shots. anyone with information is asked to call novato police. >> 6:34. a mass is planned tonight for the victims of saturday's shooting rampage in tucson, arizona. tomorrow president obama and the first lady will attend a memorial service for those killed. jenelle wang is live in the news room with more on the condition that congresswoman gabrielle giffords. >> no major changes in the congress woman's condition. that's good news. that means there's no further
6:35 am
swelling in the brain and doctors say she continues to respond to simple commands. the young man accused of trying to kill her made his first akourns appearance yesterday. gerald loughner killed six people and injured 14 others including the congresswoman who was there for a meet and greet event. yesterday the nation paused for a moment of silence and the president will travel there tomorrow for a memorial service to remember the victims of saturday's shooting. >> as president of the united states but also as a father obviously i'm spending a lot of time just thinking about the families and reaching out to them. >> on capitol hill in washington d.c. this morning, people are stopping by to sign condolence books. the youngest was nine-year-old christina taylor green. the fence around her school is covered with notes and flowers from classmates. more information is coming out about the suspect.
6:36 am
many who knew jared loughner says he's kind of an odd ball and seemed unstable and a record he dabbled in drugs but a former classmate says he's one of the nicest people he's ever known. the motive is still unknown. >> all right, jenelle. thank you very much. it's 6:36 now. there is some relief this morning for parents and students of san pablo's lake school. parents and students packed the meeting in such numbers that the council stepped away from plans announced last year to close the school. the council expects operating costs for 430 students to run about $300,000. >> clearly the council has signalled they're interested in keeping the school and want to work with us around a long-term relationship. they'll help that happen. >> the council pushed for formation of a long-term financial plan between the city
6:37 am
of saab pan blow and the school district. >> the san francisco board of supervisors considers the appointment of ed lee as interim mayor. lee is expected to be approved by the new board and serve out the remainder of gavin newsom's term. lee was in the audience when newsom was sworn in. lee would become the first asian american to be san francisco mayor. >> the redwood city council has now approved an 18% rate hike despite complaints about missed pickups and getting the wrong size of trash bins. we're talking about garbage pickup here of course. the city began new garbage collection a week ago. it costs nearly a million dollars more. last night residents went to the city council with their frustrations. the new company says 97% of the city got the right service but the company needs more time to work out kinks. they promise to pry more recycles and send less charge to
6:38 am
the half moon bay landfill than the previous collector. >> the recent cold weather may have been a factor in two water main breaks in san francisco. both happened in the glen park and visitation valley neighborhoods. water gushed into the streets and homeowners had to sandbag their garages. a few homes were without water service a few hours until stu crews capped the leak. >> it is 6:38 now. weather elsewhere having a big effect on flights this morning. we're warmer today than yesterday. >> right. mike, tell us about the flight cancellations. this is atlanta? >> yeah, about 1400 delta flights cancelled. air tran is working on a reduced schedule. flight arrival delays into chicago and flight delays out of memory. a lot worse weather than we are. the clouds came in, kept the temperatures up. they are dropping rain. you can keep radar returns here plus the dry air undercutting it. the sprinkles may sneak through
6:39 am
but the widespread rain is later this afternoon and into the evening hours. here we are at 8:00 and temperatures still upper 30s to low 40s inland. low to mid-40s the bay and out to the coast. by noon stuck in the 40s inland with 50s starting to show up around the bay and out to the coast. by 4:00 that's when we'll see the steadier light rain move across the bay keeping temperatures low to mid-50s around the bay and out to the coast and mid to upper 40s inland. the rainfall, probably have it during the evening commute. the clouds, while they've kept us up this morning, keep the sunshine from warming as much. the same in fremont, san jose as yesterday. concord and oakland and san francisco 2 degrees cooler. santa rosa 5. even though we get an extra minute and 10 seconds of sunshine. clouds keep us cool again tomorrow. a stray shower possible in the north bay thursday. sunshine and warmer weather as we see 60s return to the forecast for the weekend. here's frances with a look at the bay bridge. >> mike, that's where we
6:40 am
starting to see a backup grow because metering lights have been turned on. it's the fas trak lanes slow almost to the west grand avenue overcrossing. and we'll check out 680 in walnut creek for you. so far so good. none of that fog that we had to deal with yesterday. that southbound traffic on the right moving well as you continue past highway 24 through the san ramon valley. we had a few earlier accidents and problems. this one northbound 85 just cleared as well. the traffic is flowing well. you see all that green in the south bay. it's moving above 40 mph. so really no major flowing. accident at almonte in the lose alto area has been cleared. so sluggish drive times both in the east bay. lone tree way to 242 is 25 minutes and almost half an hour now on the westbound 580 ride from 205 to 680. of course, if you want to bypass that slow traffic you can take
6:41 am
mass transit. so far no major delays reported for all mass transit systems. eric, kristen. >> frances, thank you. we are approaching 6:41. >> trading underway on wall street. a live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. live look at the big board here. the do you is up 48 points. they settled for millions and now they want more. the new hearing today that could have reaching back into its checkbook to pay more money to accusers who say the site is a stolen idea. >> and the bay area bridge that could have nothing but electronic toll booths by the end of next year. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in san francisco. a little over an hour from right now, the smart phone landscape is expected to change. verizon and i-phone getting together. really good news for consumers and apple. not good news for everybody. story's on the way.
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♪ all right. coming up on 6:45 right there. time for your california forecast. heading north or east, watch out for valley rain and mountain snow. look at tahoe getting a dusting along with yosemite today. 35 and 43 there. we'll have 52 fresno, 54 big sur with scattered light rain. mostly cloudy conditions but warm weather, san diego 61, palm springs 62 and l.a. 67. here's kristen. >> the tech world is expecting a huge announcement shortly about the i-phone and aimed at folks who want the phone but can't stand the current service provider. terry mcsweeney is live at san francisco at verizon which may give you a big hint about what the announcement will say. terry? >> yeah, the i-phone and verizon coming together. the announcement expected 8:00 this morning our time and going to mean a choice for i-phone
6:46 am
customers, a choice they've never had before. the i-phone, it has been around since 2007 and since it first came out, the only place you could ever get service, at&t. now verizon entered the picture, the largest wireless character with (9) 300-0000 customers. running on verizon's cma technology. until the first time customers have a choice. until now it's only been at&t. plagued with dropped calls, all kinds of other. some say it's the worst possible carrier and verizon the best. the question for verizon, can it handle the volume when the i-phone comes over to verizon? that was at&t's big problem back in 2007 and ever since. the winners are going to be apple. it needs more sales because androids have been outselling the i-phones. verizon will be a big winner if it can avoid those network
6:47 am
problems that at&t had. at&t looks like it's going to be the big loser on this thing, losing between one and 300-0000 customers, t-mobile and sprint also expected to lose customers as verizon picks them up. can they hold them with a solid performance. the phone will be available in two to three weeks. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thanks a lot. it's 6:47. >> on best buy offering to let you return products that you think have become outdated. yeah. and two people claim they invented say they want a court to issue a settlement do-over. >> jane king is live at the new york stock exchange with more on this busy business day. jane, good morning. >> hello, eric and kristen. interesting to watch apple shares on this day. we'll have that in a second. but first best buy news, dying to get your hands on electronic gadgets but you're word it will be obsolete, best buy may have an answer. they will offer a buy-back
6:48 am
program. customers trade in laptops, notebooks, tablets and smart phones, the price on this privilege between 60 and 70 bucks and you pay that at the time of purchase. speaking of new products, apple shares hitting an all-time high this morning. traded just under $345. that's where they are right now, up a quarter of share at $342.70. as you mentioned here in this report just an hour away from the unveiling of verizon's i-phone at lincoln center here in new york. that social network, the guys that claim they're classmates. zekkerburg stealing the network company from them? will be in a federal appeals court in san francisco asking a judge to force a settlement the twins and agreed to more than a few years ago. they're asking for more money nan what they agreed to. they say withheld information at the time how valuable the company was. investors feeling pretty friendly today.
6:49 am
the dow, s & p and nasdaq all trading up and the silicon valley index trading at the up side. live at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king, bloomberg news. >> thank you very much. have a great day. the weather a little iffy on the east coast? >> for them, for us not too bad. positives out there. not cold, no freezing fog to deal with. no frost, it's great and no flight arrival delays at sfo. absolutely, yes. a good morning to be out and about in the bay area. looking at sfo, remember flight arrival delays into o'hare and flight departure delays out of miami this morning. you can check that at let's talk temperatures. let's see where we're still in the 30s. same two areas, fairfield and antioch. everybody else the low to mid-40s around the monterey bay and inland mid 40s. 49 gilroy. our highlights, sprinkles this morning but the more widespread and accumulating light rain will be this afternoon.
6:50 am
also keep us chilly today, even cooler than yesterday. mostly cloudy during wednesday with some showers possible on the north bay on thursday and then brighter and warmer for saturday, sunday and monday. looking at the satellite for the past ten hours, you can see going back to last evening the clouds gothicer, started to drop some rain but because they're undercut by this dry layer, nothing's reaching the ground right now. we may get a sprinkle this morning with a better chance of the rain moving through with the cold front. 7:00 pretty much cloudy conditions but starting 8:00 all the way through noon say 3:00 that's when the sprinkles will become more steady light rain right in the heart of the evening rush hour and starting to diminish 8:00 through midnight and completely gone tomorrow morning waking up with cloudy conditions once a again. tenth to a quarter inch, 1500ths
6:51 am
in the east bay and nothing to 500ths in the south bay. temperatures, low to mid-50s in the south bay. barely making the mid-50s cupertino, campbell and san jose. along the coast and south san francisco and throughout the north bay mid to upper 50s, maybe 50 bodega bay and stinson beach. low 50s for the rest of the east bay shore. mid to upper 40s, coolest air in the east bay valleys and mid to upper 50s monterey bay and inland may dip out at 52 morgan hill. tonight looking cloudy with upper 30s to low 40s and low to mid-40s around the bay and the coast looking a lot like this morning. accu-weather 7-day forecast, temperatures below average again tomorrow and with that stray shower, chance in the north bay on thursday. friday we'll see some sunshine and the rebound that will push our temperatures to near 60 if not the low 60s for saturday, sunday and monday. i thought this was fitting. put a smile on your face.
6:52 am
no freezing fog this morning to deal with. no frost. we appreciate him sending that in. anytime you want to send us a fun video like that or something that may be a little more dangerous such as flooding or winds damage, we'll take them you will. just upload them or e-mail them. have a great day. here's frances with a check on your commute. >> yeah, mike, starting to see some slowing now around the bay area. start with the north bay with a look at 101 and san rafael. a lot of headlights there. seems like i do see a car off to the right-hand side shoulder. a little sluggish past the lucas valley expert on south 101. once you get past the san rafael exit down to the golden gate bridge, traffic light into san francisco. on the other side of the bay interstate 80 also much more crowded westbound, especially right near university. it always seems to slow there near gillman where 580 merges. the bay bridge toll plaza with
6:53 am
metering lights on, it's not that bad of bakeup, just the end of the parking lot for the most part. and then the san mateo bridge is fine this morning but, of course, southbound 880 starting to slow down. you'll see brake lights as you make your way toward hayward. the other side of the bridge looking good. no problems on the peninsula 101 and 280. the southbound, it will show you a hit and run reported on the shoulder. northbound moving at about 45 mph to old oakland road and fine here past 880 and no trouble right now on 280 and highway 17. you can always get traffic when you want it for your ride by going to kristen? >> frances, thanks a lot. the golden gate bridge may soon do away with its toll takers and switch to electronic toll collection. it would save the golden gate transportation district $16 million over ten years in salaries and benefits. the bridge would lose some of its charm.
6:54 am
the district's board may vote on the plan as soon as thursday. if approved, the plan would take effect in 2012 making the golden gate a cashless bridge. >> the industry standard is all going electronic towing acrossing the world. >> they're taking away our jobs, our livelihood and now the people who come through the bridge have to deal with what, a machine? >> drivers will pay with fas trak or a camera would snap a picture of their license plate followed by a bill in the mail. >> at&t is now offering a $10,000 reward to catch the vandals who have cut phone and internet lines in walnut creek for a second time now. it happened friday night on putnum boulevard. it disrupted service for customers most of the weekend. at&t says vandals did the same thing november at 15 different locations in walnut creek or, rin da or lafayette. >> if you tweeted about a movie
6:55 am
you saw and called it koo, you must be a northern californian. you're tweeting short hands can be a sign where you live. southern californians tend to use coo while we use the letter "k." we tend to say hella when we say vary. they also tend to emphasize "i" by writing two of them i. i. have a field day with that. >> recapping our top stories, victims of the san bruno pipeline blast may finally know today when they'll start getting a share of the donations raised in the aftermath of the explosion and fire. >> amy holyfield is live in san bruno with more. amy? >> coming tonight from the san bruno city council, an interesting issue to ponder over your coffee this morning: how to distribute nearly $400,000.
6:56 am
the money is incontinueded for the victims of the pipeline explosion that happened in san bruno in september. that fire killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. the money is meant to help the victims get back on their feet but the city has been holding on to the money. officials say they want to make sure they distribute it fairly and they say it's not an easy decision to figure out who gets what. two council members have been considering the issue, they've been listening to residents and they're expected to make their recommendation to the city council tonight. the city council will make the final decision. amy holyfield, abc 7 news. >> amy, thanks a lot. >> final check on weather and traffic. mike? >> if you're leaving now, mostly cloudy, upper 30s to low 40s inland. sprinkles possible during the morning but more light rain likely in the afternoon. that will keep our temperatures well below average. 5 degrees cooler in oakland and san jose. 7 redwood city. napa 8 and 9 degrees cooler in livermore and san francisco.
6:57 am
sunrise 7:25. it will set at 5:11. this afternoon more widespread light rain with temperatures north bay and east bay valleys with low 50s for the rest of us. tonight mostly cloudy. this time tomorrow we'll wake up with temperatures the same and then thursday a stray shower in the north bay and warmer sunshine for the weekend. frances? >> it's been a much easier drive this morning. don't have to deal with all that freezing fog and ice and at the bay bridge toll plaza it's really quite short wait, only backed up to the end of the parking lot for the fas trak lanes but metering lights still on. sluggish traffic in kind of the usual spots, westbound 4, lone tree. westbound 80 might slow a bit more from 205 to 680, almost half an hour. but an accident in the center divide and slow issue traffic southbound 880 through hayward at this point. >> thank you very much and thank you for joining us at the abc 7 morning news. >> back with a
6:58 am
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