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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  January 11, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PST

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good morning, america. i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. it's tuesday, january 11th. this morning, winter whiteout. shut down by snow, ice and freezing rain. over 2,000 car wrecks. the world's biggest airport shut down. >> now, the storm is racing north. more than a foot of snow targeting the northeast, including new york city tonight. sam is live on the scene and on the ice, with the latest. the face of evil. the suspect appears in court as president obama heads to the scene tomorrow. new details about the reclusive loughner family from a neighbor who went inside their house. >> she just broke down. just a nervous wreck. and he's in there crying, just walking around. "gma" is live from arizona to atlanta and new york, covering both major stories this morning.
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and good morning, everyone. it's good to have you back, george. >> good to be back. >> the president and the first lady are heading to arizona tomorrow, for the memorial service for the six people who died in the tucson shooting. the ceremony will include a native american blessing, a moment of silence, and a poetry reading and messages from the public. also, good news this morning on congresswoman giffords. the doctors telling us this morning there's no change in her condition, which is good news at this stage. most important, the latest c.a.t. scan show no, sir additional swelling on her brain this morning. >> no news is good news. they were hearing more today about the parents of the alleged shooter, jared loughner. how they found out about the shooting from a neighbor. and the suspect's family, we're hearing, should be speaking out
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perhaps later today. >> may be putting out a statement. we're going to get into the whole question of security for members of congress in the wake of this shooting. a couple of members of congress now saying they're going to carry weapons in their districts. this morning, we're going to talk to the man in charge of security at the capitol. all members of congress will receive a major briefing tomorrow on security. there could be enhanced security measures. we turn to the other major story of the morning. that's the massive winter storm in the south that's headed to the northeast, with more than a foot of snow expected tonight. the ice shut down much of the south, killing at least nine people. also shut down, the world's busiest airport. that's where we find sam this morning. good morning, sam. >> hey, good morning, robin. good morning, george. all eyes are on atlanta, and their airport, the busiest in the world, to see if they can get back on their feet. it's not likely. there's more on top of this sheet of ice.
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we had to chip this out to find a place to stand. it's easily a half-inch thick. delta, airtran, they hope to get to full schedule by the end of the day. they're starting very light. atlanta drivers are facing crippling conditions after snow, sleet, and freezing rain turned all of the interstates into blankets of ice, inches thick. atlanta police have responded to over 360 accidents. and ice-coated highways caused these 18-wheelers to collide. a multi-truck pileup. >> this is a bit dangerous. >> i-85 was actually closed much of the afternoon. >> if you do not need to be on the roads, don't venture out. >> reporter: from this accident in texas, to 2,000 wrecks in south carolina, the storm has left a treacherous trail. in fayetteville, north carolina, drivers averaged ten crashes an hour. state d.o.t. trucks rushed to keep up with mother nature.
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and in most cases, failed. >> this last snow band has covered everything we uncovered. so we're playing catchup right now. >> reporter: back in atlanta, there are 8 snowplows for the city's 500,000 residents. officials have hired a fleet of 11 privately run trucks that they hope will help spread salt and gravel. where the roads are treated, you can get some traction on them. but the problem in atlanta, there are a few roads that are treated. but there are so many that just aren't. and all over the country, passengers are stranded, due to thousands of flights that have been canceled. atlanta's hartsfield-jackson airport, the nation's busiest, is eerily quiet. that ice is on every interstate. yunji de nies is in south carolina.
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how are the roads? >> reporter: look at my feet. that's clear asphalt. that's solid ice. cow can see one clear lane. right next to it, solid ice. it's very dangerous out here. over 100 accidents in just 12 hours. officials are asking folks to stay off the road if at all possible. sam? >> nothing but bad news for the southeast. it's about to get worse for the northeast. a perfect union of lows that form together right off the shoreline. this is capable of one heavy band of snow. philadelphia could get six inches. new york city, 12 inches. boston, could easily be 15 inches of snow. we say blizzard because the low is close enough to the coastline to throw in some wind as well.
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icing is likely in places like washington, d.c. we'll be following it and watching it. and, of course, right in the middle of it. george? >> sam, thanks. my girls are planning their snow day tomorrow. we're going to turn to the tragedy in tucson. jared loughner appeared in an arizona courtroom monday, accompanied by the lawyer that represented the unabomber and one of the 9/11 plotters. pierre thomas has the latest from tucson. pierre? >> reporter: george, this morning, there are serious questions about why no one intervened to stop the suspect, who clearly had mental health issues. and now, his very family life is at issue as well. this mug shot of jared loughner may say a lot about his mental state. loughner's family has yet to release a statement on the tragedy. and has yet to address what happened to their son. the family is described by some neighbors as fiercely reclusive. besieged by the media, the house is boarded up. but one neighbor was allowed inside to deliver the mail and talk to loughner's father. >> he was crying. it was obvious. he said, i need your help. not only is he sad for his son.
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he is devastated other people -- over the people that were involved. >> reporter: he went on to describe loughner's mother. >> she's in bed. and she's just broke down. just a nervous wreck. they want to be alone. and they didn't bother me. >> reporter: some neighbors are sharply critical of the loughners. and one family openly questions the way loughner's parents raised him. >> i saw a child that wanted to come out and play. and wasn't allowed to come out and play, for whatever the reason may be. >> reporter: rick admits he has feud with loughner's father over their property line. but said he had worried about the son for years. >> i'd see jared walking down the street. you know, head down. but no. never any words. never any gestures. nothing. not a single one. i would call him depressed. >> reporter: when jared loughner appeared in court on monday, his family wasn't there. he walked calmly into court, head shaven. he seemed nonplussed by it all.
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some thought he even smirked when the judge addressed him. his demeanor, when count after count was read to him. by now, loughner's allegedly crumbling mental state is well-documented. some expect the district attorney to try an insanity defense. she has said she wants a change of venue. police say they have no doubt that this suspect is guilty. now there are many questions about whether his mental state will play a role at trial. robin? >> thank you very much, pierre. there are additional stories about jared loughner. the bizarre behavior are coming to light. it's becoming clearer this is a young man widely known to be troubled. and feared by many to be capable of violence. but the question many are asking, why? why wasn't more done to address those fears? jim avila is in tucson with that. good morning, jim. >> reporter: robin, under state law here in arizona, any one of
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his classmates or teachers could have made a call to state mental health service to have an evaluation made. but the call never came, despite the fact that many were worried about his strange behavior. but they never thought it would become this serious. his classmates remember jared loughner's spooky, joker-like smirk. the most visible signs of trouble, were in ben mcgahee's algebra class at pima community college. where loughner wrote mayhem fest all over his first quiz. and often blurted out random phrases and numbers. phrases like, how can you deny math? >> this guy is not complying, unfortunately. and seems to be quite a threat to our class. >> reporter: one of loughner's classmates wrote a panicked e-mail, obtained by "the new york times" and sent to a friend. saying, hopefully, he will be out of class very soon. and not come back with an automatic weapon. in his poetry class, other students were worried, too.
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and only one classmate tried to befriend him. a fellow outcast with bright, pink hair. >> he would half to himself randomly. sometimes it would be appropriate times. and other would be silent writing time and he would just laugh. he clenched his fists a lot. >> reporter: at one point, loughner surprised the class, by reading a poem he wrote. titled meathead. about day in his life, thumping his chest and grabbing himself. quote, looking around, the cute women are catching my eye. probably waiting for their hot boyfriends, wandering in the locker room." there were danger signs at home, too, where neighbors tell abc news, loughner and even his family became more and more isolated. >> we would be out with other neighbor kids playing in the street and jared wouldn't be allowed out. he would have to stand and watch if the door. >> reporter: and he isolated himself, which is common among mass shooter, according to michael welner, a noted psychologist and abc news consultant. he says loners hide their intentions as they carefully plan a tragedy. >> you have a person who is alone and alienated. so, he doesn't speak to others.
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and you have someone who wants to be as destructive as possible. >> reporter: hiding the evil, brewing behind that joker-like smirk. and there was one final message from the shooter, who called a friend the night before the disaster and said, good-bye. george? >> jim, thanks very much. so many americans have been touched by this tragedy. you can feel it everywhere you go. and nowhere more, of course, than the tight-knit community scarred by the shooting. dan harris has more from tucson. >> reporter: george, good morning. the science of distress are really everywhere here. the vigils, like the one behind me at the hospital. to the public religious observances to the private conversations. in the last 24 hours, many in america have been joining in. overnight at the college national championship football game, which was played in
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phoenix, tens of thousands of people stood silent, in honor of the victims of the shooting. meanwhile, the vigil kept growing outside of the hospital, where congresswoman gabrielle giffords is fighting for her life. >> the fact that she's lying up there with part of her skull off is almost more than i can handle. >> reporter: it capped off a day of emotion across the country. with a moment of silence that stretched from the white house to the steps of the capitol, to the floor of the stock exchange. at the arizona statehouse, daniel hernandez, the intern that rushed to the aid of congresswoman giffords after she was shot, received a standing ovation. the moment was also marked in outer space, where the twin brother of mark kelly, congresswoman giffords' husband, said this. >> as i look out the window, and see a very beautiful planet that seems very inviting and peaceful. unfortunately, it is not. >> reporter: it was also a day of anguish for the victims' families.
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we met ross zimmermann father of victim gabe zimmerman, a recently-engaged aide to congresswoman giffords, just hours after he heard from the fbi chief, who said there are indications that gabe threw himself into the fray when the bullets started flying. >> he will never grow old. and will never see his kids. and we will -- we will remember our fine, strong, 30-year-old son and brother, or fiance. >> reporter: and ross zimmerman told me he received a phone call from president obama. he told me hat the normally very talkative president told him, quote, i have no words. robin? >> that's how many of us feel. in the wake of saturday's shooting, some lawmakers are taking security into their own hands. two congressmen announced monday they'll start carrying concealed
7:14 am
pistols while in their home districts. jon karl is in washington with more on this. >> reporter: the u.s. capitol building has been something of a fortress ever since the september 11th attacks. when members are congress are in their districts, most have no security at all. >> i haven't been in congress very long. but it's pretty routine to get some very vitriolic, very angry, very aggressive people communicating with you. >> reporter: utah's jason chaffetz, who has long had a permit to carry a gun, told us in the wake of the arizona attack, he'll carry his gun more often when he's back home. >> it's something i feel is my right. and i like to exercise that right. and you know, i hope i'm never in a scenario where i ever even have to pull it out of my holster. >> reporter: don't expect too many members of congress to start carrying guns. but the concern is real. just two days before the arizona shooting, a man threatened colorado senator michael bennet, saying he would shoot his staff and set fire to his office.
7:15 am
that man is now in jail. >> we will, of course, thoroughly review the safety precautions that members of congress take. and consider what, if anything, needs to change. >> reporter: but most members of congress i have spoken to say they don't want bodyguards. they don't want metal detectors at their event. they don't want anything that will get between them and their constituents. >> no part of society is immune from this random, senseless violence. but we can't let it interfere with how we do our jobs. to be a representative means being out there, in the public. close to your constituents. >> reporter: close to their constituents and not afraid of them. jonathan karl, abc news, capitol hill. joining us live, now, is the senate sergeant at arms, former chief of the capitol police, terrance gainer. >> good morning. >> some are going to carry weapons in their districts. what's your reaction to that? and are any senators telling you they're going to do the same?
7:16 am
>> i don't think it's a good idea. i think we should leave the law enforcement and the security to the professionals. but i do think there's things we can do to help minimize the risk in the districts. >> like what? >> you work with the staff and the police in the area, to say where the subject is going to be. how many people are going to be. and we can analyze the threat information we get. and then decide how many law enforcement officers need to be there. >> you know, the congressmen say by having the weapons, they might be able to take the situation, calm the situation down, minimize any harm. and it is true that in the last year or so, maybe even longer, the threats against members of congress and their staff have increased. >> they have increased from 2009 and 2010. i've been a policeman for 42 years. and i don't think introducing more guns to the situation is helpful. i think there's other ways to address the homicide problem in the united states and in these districts. >> what's the nature of the threats members of congress and
7:17 am
their staff are receiving? >> most are rather bizarre. from ones, people that have demonstrated erratic behavior. we investigate them closely, with the fbi. there's been a number of arrests on those. so, in fact, in the senate, there were 49 last year. when you think of the tens of thousands of interactions that members of the senate or house have with the public, it's actually very low. >> that's true. you had that incident, a couple years ago, where a couple of the members of the capitol police were shot. i'm not sure if you were chief at that time. given all of this, given these threats, i know that members of congress are going to be meeting tomorrow on the security situation. all of the members of congress. what kind of enhanced security are you going to be recommending, if any? >> i don't believe we need enhanced security on the hill. i think we have been on-guard, especially since 2001. in the districts, we're going to meet wednesday with all 454 offices of the senators have around there and the senate staff. and explain to them, the simple ways to plan for an event.
7:18 am
and do an analysis of what law enforcement efforts they may need. i have to tell you, if i had been called friday before this particular event, had the same set of circumstances laid out to me, that it would have been in a parking lot, a meet and greet, a few people there, not a controversial subject, no known threats to the member, i probably wouldn't have done anything but talked to the local police and have them stop by and take a look. >> okay, sergeant gainer. thanks very much for your time this morning. and we have other stories developing right now. let's go to juju. hey, juju. >> good morning, everyone. well, it's being described as an inland tsunami. at least 10 people are dead and 78 are missing after this massive flash flood in northeastern australia. a wall of water burst through a valley, sweeping away bridges, roads, nearly everything in its path. one river rose nearly five feet in one hour. more rain is expected there today. and a dire warning today in the nuclear standoff with north korea. while visiting china, defense secretary robert gates said
7:19 am
north korea could have missiles capable of dropping nuclear weapons on the u.s. mainland within five years. he said pyongyang's communist dictatorship must be reined in. former house majority leader tom delay was sentenced to three years in prison after a conviction last year of funneling corporate donations to state candidates in texas. delay says he's the victim of political persecution and will appeal. and college football has crowned its new national champion. it came down to the wire. but a field goal as time expired put top-ranked auburn over the top. they beat oregon 22-19, for the school's first national championship since 1957. that's the news. they started the season ranked 22. >> war eagle. that was the battle cry there at auburn. that was an exciting game, especially towards the end. thanks, juju. to sam, now, with weather. >> hey.
7:20 am
good morning, robin and george. let me hit you with this straight up. 43 of the lower 48 states have some form of winter weather advisory out. will they thaw out in the deep south? the answer is no. the watches and warnings we just told you about, look how much of the country they cover. if you're going to try to find a warm spot, the southwest seems to be the only warm spot. a snowmaker moves into the northwest, with rain right along the coastline. inland mount snow.
7:21 am
>> and we're live this morning in atlanta. robin? george? >> sam, thank you. next, how the classmates of christina-taylor are coping with the loss of the youngest victim in the tucson shooting. we kick off vote 2012. the challengers.
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♪ three people are under arrest in connection with the shooting death of a teenager in richmond. all three were on the scene when a single gunshot killed 16-year-old grisby as he walked out of his grandmother's home
7:25 am
yesterday afternoon. grisby ran back into the house where he collapsed and died. grief counselors will be on hand at the high school to help students cope with his murder. ten san francisco residents are back in their sunset district homes after a gas leak forced them to evacuate. firefighters and pg&e went to a home on 33rd avenue shortly before midnight to check reports of a leak. pg&e shut off the meter but that didn't stop the gas. crews evacuated the home and four others while they jack hammered into the street to locate the pipe and repair the leak. the evacuated residents came back about an hour and a half later. see how the traffic's going this tuesday morning, frances. >> eric, you'll find a delay at the bay bridge toll plaza. not horrible. about a ten minute wait. traffic's pretty slow in the southbound northbound 280. you'll find it slow just before highway 17 up towards saratoga
7:26 am
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>> welcome back. here's a look at cloudy skies southeast from downtown san francisco. showing radar returns but nothing reaching the ground other than the possibility of a spray sprinkle. over the last three hours that's all we've seen. the clouds, no freezing fog this morning. upper 30s an an job and fairfield. low to mid-50s for the rest of us. light rain developing this afternoon. another chance
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i can remember this, oh, too well, when i lived down in the south. you don't get much of this down south. but when you do, hard to control. cars spinning all out of control, down south this morning. about 1,600 flights canceled. and that storm is headed for us here in the northeast, dropping up to a foot by tomorrow morning. it's going to be a snowy morning. >> seems like we're here every week this winter. >> it does seem that way. >> waiting for it to come down. good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. also this morning, we're going to have more on the tragedy. we're going to go to that school this morning. the youngest victim of the tragedy. how christina-taylor's classmates are facing their loss this morning. ashleigh banfield will have that. and we're going to look at the top potential contenders that will take on president
7:31 am
obama in the next election. we'll start this morning with minnesota governor tim pawlenty, he joins us live. >> 2012 will be here before we know it. and coming up, why fergie may get the royal snub. >> what a high-stressed guest list. >> it is. we'll see what happens. first, the elementary school in tucson, where students and teachers are coming to grips with losing one of their own, after the shooting on saturday. ashleigh banfield has more on the school remembering 9-year-old christina-taylor green. good morning, ashleigh. >> reporter: robin, take a look at the ribbons individually tied along this 175-foot makeshift memorial. you can see the teddy bears, rob bonns, flowers. candles stit burning.
7:32 am
and signs from other schools in the area. they have come to pay their respects to the youngest victim of this tragedy. >> i told my children that we were bringing flowers for a little girl in heaven now. when i first pulled up, my son said, are we in heaven? i said, no. we're not. but christina is. >> reporter: a heartbreaking return to school for 380 children who attend mesa verde elementary school, the same school where the youngest victim of saturday's massacre, chr christin christina-taylor green, was a shining beacon of the third grade. and a brand-new member of the student council. >> how did you hear it happened? >> my mother was telling me to wait. but i found her picture on the news. and i started crying my eyes out. >> reporter: anguish, pain, and lessons about life and death. >> it's the first time he's had to deal with grief or grief counseling or know anything about death or violence. he's 7. >> reporter: crisis counselors met with teachers before the children arrived. a moment of silence started the school day. the principal wrote special notes to each class, explaining
7:33 am
what happened to christina. >> it's hard. really hard. i just -- just -- can't really -- she was just, like -- very important to everybody because she had so many things she wanted to be, so many things and haul that stuff. >> reporter: christina, the only girl on an all-boy baseball team, dreamed of being the first girl to play in the majors. her grandfather, dallas green, a baseball legend with the phillies, told the gm of the team, i can't believe our princess is gone. >> it became very real for me. this little girl is from our community. she comes to school here. it could have been my child. >> reporter: robin, some news overnight. the woman who brought christina to the event where the shooting took place. she was shot herself at least three times. she was upgraded overnight from
7:34 am
critical to serious. and also want to let you know that services for young christina are expected to be held this thursday. >> thanks for letting us know, ashleigh. joining us now is todd jaeger. he is the associate to the superintendent and the general counsel of the public schools there in the tucson area. sir, just listening to the young children in ashleigh banfield's piece. can only imagine what it must be like for you and everyone else there. and some of the students came to school yesterday. and they knew what had happened, unfortunately, to christina. but there were some students who did not know. how did you prepare for that? >> good morning, robin. the first thing we did was to begin the day with a very brief statement, as ashleigh mentioned from the principal to each of our classrooms. to let the kids know what happened. to spark the conversation, the questions, so we could address things. >> and what kind of questions did you get from them? >> well, kids, of course -- most kids knew what had happened.
7:35 am
it was pretty hard to walk into the school yesterday and not know that. with the memorial wall that had taken shape there. but questions about, you know, why it happened. how it happened. and where. the things that most of us would ask. >> sure. we know it is also very difficult right now for the teachers. >> it's been very hard for our staff. this is a child that they loved. and that they cared for. it's very raw. it was so reassuring yesterday to see our staff come together. the students come together to support one another. and not just at mesa verde. as you mentioned a moment ago, throughout our district. we had schools sending cards and memorials and even staff members offering to come over and support the staff at that
7:36 am
school. >> and talk a bit more about that. as you said, right in ashleigh's piece. we saw that and we're seeing it now, along that chain link fence. it was very impromptu. and as you said, not just your school. but schools in the area. and that must be some comfort to you and the kids and the staff. >> i think it's just been remarkable, the outpouring of support from our individual district communities, certainly, in amphitheater. but also from across tucson. pima county, the state. frankly, across the world. our principal has received best wishes and thoughtful notes from literally across the world. and that has been such a support. >> we know that christina-taylor's service will be held tomorrow. and what plans and how are you going to help the children deal with that, sir?
7:37 am
>> well, we are going to ensure that any student that wants to go to the service, of course, is excused from school for that purpose. we're going to do the same for our staff members. we already have one of our schools that has their entire staff is actually released early that day. and they've offered to come over and man the school while the staff at mesa verde attends christina's services. >> todd jaeger, thank you very much for your time this morning. and just know that we're continuing to think of you and others that are there. so thank you very much. >> thank you, robin. we appreciate it. >> it's 7:37. time for the weather and back to sam, who is in atlanta, covering the big winter storm. sam? >> good morning, again, robin. the headline continues to be the icy southeast. but now this storm moves north.
7:38 am
here's how the low curves up the coastline. it will combine with another storm and form a pretty powerful low. this low is close enough to the coast. there's plenty of cold air that lit spin some snow. you've heard totals from us this morning of six inches in philadelphia. getting as much as 15 inches in the boston area. the low close to the coastline will be having wind. it could bring blizzard conditions. there's a brand-new northwest storm. that will bring some snow. much more by the time you get into the mountains. a quick look at the outlook, there's a few areas of warm weather.
7:39 am
the you're looking for warm weather, there's two spots. l.a., 64. south florida could get as warm as 80. best weather on the board. robin? >> stay safe. and the others there in atlanta. thanks, sam. coming up next, our new series. it's called "vote 2012, the challengers." and well, this man, right here, governor pawlenty. will he be one of them? george will put that and other questions to him when we come back. with prostate cancer... i needed a coach. our doctor was great, but with so many tough decisions i felt lost. unitedhealthcare offered us a specially trained rn who helped us weigh and understand all our options. for me cancer was as scary as a fastball is to some of these kids. but my coach had hit that pitch before. turning data into useful answers. we're 78,000 people looking out for 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare.
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we'll look at those in the race. and those just taking a hard look. there will be a lot of them in 2012. we're happy to start off with former governor tim pawlenty. he has a new book out called "courage to stand, an american story." are you going to announce right this second? >> right here. >> are you? >> i'm seriously considering it. but the announcement has to wait a little bit. >> let's talk about the events coming out this week. a terrible tragedy in tucson. we have no evidence that the shooter, jared loughner, was motivated by anything but the crazy voices in his own mind. but this has sparked a debate about the political debate in this country. you have paul krugman on the left talking about a climate of hate. what's your take on all this? >> one of the things we cover in the book is management crisis, lessons learned in crisis. make sure you have the facts straight. and make good decisions based on good information. there's no reason to believe at this point, that there's any motivating factor tied to a
7:44 am
particular politician or a particular show or a particular act. it appears to be the rage of a mentally unstable person. and sometimes they do irrational and senseless things. let's make sure before we make judgments or sweeping condemnations that we have all the facts up. but i think we can all benefit from a more civil and thoughtful discourse in this country. >> and your fellow republican, sarah palin, and you write about this in the book, as well. the craziness of the final selection -- john mccain's final selection process, where a lot of the outsiders believed you were a lot closer to getting the vice presidency than you did at that time. you're very kind to sara pailen in the book. you say she has a lot more capacity than people believe. but she's come under fire over the last weekend. this has become a test for her. you told "the new york times" you wouldn't have done the kind of mapping with crosshairs of congressional candidates that she was working against in the last campaign. is this a test for her? >> i think governor palin is a
7:45 am
remarkable leader. she brings a lot to the table and debate nationally. it wouldn't have been my style to put the crosshairs on there. but there's no evidence to suggest that that had anything to do with this mentally unstable person's rage and senseless acts. >> you think it changes the political climate at all? >> i think it clearly does. in the sense that this is a major story. it's going to be part of the debate in the coming days and weeks. it's going to cause everybody to step back and say, we can be passionate. and should be passionate. we should be strong. but there's a line as it relates to basic civility and respect. and not trying to invoke violence. >> you say you haven't made a final decision on whether to run for president. but i read this on the way back. a book of a man who certainly wants to run for president. and fascinating details about your life growing up in
7:46 am
minnesota and your family. and the kind of challenges you faced as a governor. you write that the biggest challenge for america right now, if i get this right, is to learn how to say no. >> yeah. politicians have been rewarded in recent history in this country for saying yes. yes to just about everything. we're in big trouble. this "courage to stand" book is about standing up to challenges. identifying them accurately, truthfully, boldly. and not just scaring people. showing them there's a way out. it's not a matter of right versus left. it's a matter of eighth grade math. you can look at the spending and projections on revenue, they don't line up. we have a huge gap. if we don't start addressing this immediately, boldfully, truthfully and courageously, the country will have a rough ride. >> you say you want more tax cuts? >> the united states of america is involved in a hypercompetitive global competition. and the cost for doing business, starting job, growing jobs in this country, which is a key to
7:47 am
the quality of life for most of our citizens, is too high. >> won't tax cuts increase the deficit? >> in terms of the action reduction, tax reform, we should talk about lowering rates. and making the system for simple. i would like to require every member of congress to do their own taxes. >> do they're own taxes? >> no help with an accountant, a lawyer, a tax specialist. if they can't do it, we'll get certification that they can get help. i would like every one of the individuals to do their own taxes every year, and live with the mindless burdens we put on the american people. i filled out a w-9, a half-page long, four pages of instructions. >> the book contains biblical passages. if there was one passage, what would it be? >> proverbs three, five and six.
7:48 am
in all ways acknowledge him and he will make straight your path. this is a country founded under god. i believe that our faith in god is an important part of who we are and what we believe. it informs a lot of my thinking. this is a time, particularly in this moment of crisis, where we need to pray and lean into our faith to get understanding of this terrible, senseless tragedy in arizona and those people who suffered from it. >> governor pawlenty, thanks for your time this morning. come back when you're ready to announce. >> thanks, sir. >> you can check out highlights from his book. coming up, which food would you choose to drop the founds? a fat-filled muffin or a plate it was easy, muffin or a plate flexible and it worked. ok -- i've got ground turkey, i've got bell peppers so he'd plug it into the recipe builder and it just pulls up tons of recipe options. laura's very competitive, whenever i was beating her in weight loss numbers -- i always was winning in percentage. i am a little competitive. together we lost 162 pounds. i don't know if you've noticed, but look at this guy.
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7:56 am
♪ a vote at tonight's san bruno city council meeting could determine when long-awaited checks for $400,000 donation fund will be mailed out. that was set up after last september's deadly explosion and fire. pg&e has decided to stop a controversial testing method that could have played a role in the explosion. check the weather now with mike. >> all right, eric. thank you very much. good morning to you. scattered sprinkles on live doppler 7 hd but more likely a steadier rain this evening with mid to upper 40s inland. next chance of rain in the north
7:57 am
bay on thursday. frances? >> about a ten minute wait at the bay bridge toll plaza. if you're planning on taking the san mateo bridge, you'll find slow traffic southbound 880 from 238 to 92. also at the other end, south 101 very slow thhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ hey, baby i want to marry you ♪ getting educated here. that's brew bruno mars. >> you thought it was katy perry. >> i thought it was katy perry. >> a perfect setting for what we're talking about. >> the invitation of the decade. who is on the guest list for william and kate's royal wedding? mine has not come in yet. >> keep waiting, george. >> we have all of the details in today's royal diary. good morning, america. >> alongside george, i'm robin. also coming up, why aren't you losing weight on your diet? i'm not looking at you. you don't need to be on a diet. for many of us, we think we're doing the right thing. low-fat granola. a non-fat muffin. sugar-free cookies. those could be the problem.
8:01 am
the foods that could be sabotaging your diet. >> you're going to settle a big debate in our house. >> really? >> i'm not saying who is on what side. >> i might have an idea. also coming up, paul giamatti. he's up for a golden globe for his terrific performance in a movie called "barney's version." he'll be talking with us next half hour. >> he is hilarious in that. first, we go to tucson, where the president and first lady will be going for a memorial service. congresswoman gabrielle giffords is still in a medically-induced coma, and her husband, astronaut, mark kelly, is there by her side. and they are described as one of the most popular capitol hill couples. >> reporter: they have mastered the work/life balance. gabrielle giffords and mark kelly were in constant communication with one another. they are said to carry ipads, iphones and blackberries.
8:02 am
and for giffords, the only distance that did worry her was when her husband was in space. a few years ago, the launch and reentry were the most difficult parts of her husband's trip to space. yet, in a tragic twist of irony, it was her job that proved to be the more dangerous of the two. the politician and the astronaut. a title fit for a political novel or a hollywood blockbuster. but for gabrielle giffords and mark kelly, it's simply real life. ♪ you are as close to heaven that i'll ever be ♪ >> reporter: on her wedding ring, he inscribed, you're the closest to heaven that i've ever been. words from a song by the goo goo dolls. it clearly has special meaning for the couple. >> she met mark. and gabby was so happy. so much in love. >> reporter: they met in china as part of a u.s. state trade mission. she, a state senator and dating someone else. he, a married astronaut. a year later, the duo reunited. once again in china. but this time, fate intervened.
8:03 am
both were single. and they found themselves taking long hikes together. bonding over the difficulties of meshing high-powered jobs with marriage and family. >> you can tell how much they love each other, how much they work to make that relationship work. they both have many responsibilities. they meet them. and still managed to stay together as a very happy couple. >> reporter: e-mails and letters followed. giffords even sent kelly an invitation to tour a state prison with her. the couple married in 2007, at an organic produce farm. >> gabby had a borrowed dress on. that's gabby. she borrowed a wedding dress from her friend's daughter. >> reporter: once married, they faced their toughest challenge yet, a long-distance relationship. as he discovered new frontiers as an astronaut with nasa in houston. and she represented the state of arizona, in the house of representatives in washington, d.c. up until saturday's shooting, mark had been training to command nasa's last space shuttle flight scheduled for april.
8:04 am
but friends say, no amount of distance could sway the love in their hearts. robin and george, we mentioned the wedding band. it's said she gave him her wedding band to take with him to space the last time he went. as a sign of good luck. and he brought it back. and unfortunately, tragedy struck. >> such a loving, loving couple. he has been there and will continue to be by her side. for a look at the other top stories, let's go to juju at the newsdesk. good morning, juju. >> we're going to give you an update. we spoke to the congresswoman giffords' doctors this morning. they say her condition has not changed. but that's encouraging because we're in the three-day high-risk period. and she continues to follow simple commands. >> every little bit is important. and it doesn't matter so much whether it's showing us two fingers or wiggling a thumb or wiggling her toes. as a neurosurgeon, each of those tells me that parts of the brain is working in coordination to understand what i'm saying and carry out what i've asked. and i'm looking more at the
8:05 am
neurologic importance of that. >> her doctors say there's only minor brain swelling so far. military helicopters are searching for at least 78 people missing after the tsunami-like flash flood in eastern australia. a wall of water swept through a valley, taking cars, homes and people with it. 10 people have died and up to 9,000 homes are expected to flood in 1 city alone. tomorrow, works one year since the devastating earthquake in haiti. and haiti's government has revised the death toll. the prime minister told abc news he believes 316,000 people died in the quake. that's dramatically higher than the 230,000 previously estimated, and represents 3% of the country's population. a florida state university student is dead and another is facing manslaughter charges after a shooting at an offcampus fraternity house. police say 20-year-old evan will helm was showing off his
8:06 am
rifle when it accidentally went off and fatallial shot ashley cowley in the chest. he says he didn't know the gun was loaded. an update on a self-proclaimed crime fighter we features here on "gma." phoenix jones patrols the streets of seattle was attacked over the weekend. he had just broken up a fight when a man held him at gunpoint and broke his nose. police are concerned for jones' safety and want him to stop intervening in crimes. but jones says he is undeterred. that's the news at 8:06. time for the weather with sam in atlanta. he's tracking the storms all over the country. good morning, sam. are you skating? >> yeah. good morning, juju. welcome to atlanta, the new home for "gma" on ice. and basically, it is the life here. it is a solid sheet, coated. and folks in atlanta are staying in. there's very few people on the roads. the problem is the trucks that they allowed on the interstate that jackknifed and blocked
8:07 am
traffic everywhere. this ice isn't going anywhere. the storm that brought it is traveling northeast. there will be snow and ice and wind and blizzard conditions, as well. there's a shot of new york right now this morning. and it's later on tonight, during the day tomorrow, where your skies will really change. here's who we think gets what. and we think from philadelphia, there's a coating of snow, all the way to new york city and on into boston, as well. these totals could be about six inches around philly. about 12 inches around new york city. around 15 inches in boston. these are likely numbers that you'll be hearing by the time that's out. quick look at the arctic blast that comes in behind it that makes sure that everything that has fallen from the midwest to the deep south and all the way into the northeast, will stay as ice and snow on the ground.
8:08 am
and we are live in atlanta this morning, tracking all of the winter weather across more than two-thirds of the country. george? >> it is everywhere. sam, thanks very much. now, for this morning's chapter of the royal diary. new details of the upcoming wedding between prince william and kate middleton. there's buzz on everything, from the wedding guests to the dress. miguel marquez has the latest from london. >> reporter: as the big day is finalizes, one royal probably won't make the cut. sarah ferguson when asked if she's attending said this. >> it's just fantastic news. it's great news for william and catherine. and she's so reachable.
8:09 am
>> reporter: last may, fergie caused enormous embarrassment to the royal family. busted on camera taking an $800,000 bribe. sarah ferguson may be on the outs, way outs. kate middleton way in. her name now owned by the royal family. the royal decree to stores here, sell or market anything under kate middleton's name and you'll be facing a royal lawsuit. middleton, now a fashion icon. that blue is the dress she wore when she and prince william announced their engagement, sold out in a day, and inspired several copies. princess diana's dress was copied lightning-fast. >> they had machinists at the ready, watching the tv, as she walked down the aisle. the next day, it was in all the hyde street shops. >> reporter: finally, kate's hometown of bucklebury, population 2,000 may get a bit
8:10 am
more populated. a tour company will bring tourists to see the quaint, country village. for "good morning america," miguel marquez, abc news, london. we're joined by our royal wedding guru, katie nicholls. she's the author of "behind the palace walls." let's begin with the snub. is it true fergie's not going? and who else is being left off? >> you're absolutely right, george. she's not on the invite list at the moment. but our report for the weekend, this is just a provisional list. they haven't finalized anything. and they're trying very hard to whittle it down. it will be hugely embarrassing given what happened last year. sarah ferguson was there. that said, there are a couple of surprise people that i didn't expect to be on the guest list who have made at least the close to the final edit, that we're getting at the moment. one is gary goldsman. you'll remember kate's uncle filmed taking drugs, getting into all sorts of problems. he's on the invite list. i was quite surprised to hear that. >> and there's two -- the big party in the daytime.
8:11 am
and the ultraexclusive one at night, correct? >> that's right. and this is the invitation to the evening reception, i'm being told by the palace, the most sought-after invite. not just for the celebration of the afternoon, but for the entire day. this is the ticket that everyone wants purely because it's just so exclusive. it's the dinner dance being hosted by the prince of wales. the couple have spent the weekend and the last couple of days, a chance to whittle it down. they're allowed 100 guests each. if you think about it, that's not that many. >> that's not that many. and elton john and paul mccartney trying to make a play to play at the reception? >> there's talk of who will be involved in the celebrations. music is one of them. the only name i know at the moment that is attached is the maxwell davis, the queen's composer. and he will write the music for the couple. in terms of the entertainment, that hasn't been finalized. i expect elton john to be in there somewhere.
8:12 am
>> we don't know yet what william gave kate for her birthday sunday. but we know what she got him for christmas. >> yes. this is really surprising actually. probably not the most romantic of presents. but a course of sailing lessons is what he gave her for christmas. kate is a keen sailor. and they live on an island. there's plenty of water to practice. and they enjoy sailing holidays. a honeymoon for the royals traditionally comprises a cruise. this time, we might see kate sailing her own boat. >> that is a little bit of a clue right there. and you have to give us the latest insight on the dress. >> we're hearing that kate is, if not yet decided, very close to having decided who she wants to create the gown. it's going to be the most important dress she wears in her life. but she says she has to keep it a secret, not just from prince william. but from the rest of the world. i'm told the fitting, the pattern-cutting, the choosing of the swatches. everything is going to be done
8:13 am
in-house, at the palace. we may not get a glimpse of the dress until the actual day. >> she's not afraid about making fashion statements. she had a daring dress at her friend's wedding last weekend, correct? >> absolutely. she stepped out to a wedding for two of her closest friends wearing i would say probably the most revealing dress we've seen her step out in. usually, we see her in the isa wrap dresses. unusual for her to wear black. she had a plunged naval. and maybe she was trying to make a little statement before she walks down the aisle in a dress we're all going to pour over. >> katie nicholls, thanks very much. we'll be back with you soon. >> thank you. and when we come back, the so-called diet foods that could be sabotaging your diet. rate boxes working out? e flat fabulous! they gave me this great idea. yea? we mail documents all over the country, so, what if there were priority mail flat rate... envelopes? yes! you could ship to any state...
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8:18 am
it makes you want to cry. dr. howard shapiro is the author of "eat to beat diabetes, with picture-perfect weight loss." and he's going to tell us about the tick foods that throw us off our diets. thanks for being here, dr. 145 piro. >> it's my pleasure. we label them diet saboteurs. they are not healthy or natural. you have to read the side label. i'll give you an example. six sugar-free cookies. people get them because they are sugar-free cookies. you have the equivalent of three pats of butter. you have six tablespoons of starch. starch acts the same of sugar. it acts the same. in place of it, we created a recipe. we have 17 executive chefs that have worked on this book. this is a peanut butter almond
8:19 am
cookie. no extra starch. no fat. no sugar. >> does it taste good? >> you better say it tastes good. yum, yum. >> seriously. mm. i was prepared. >> you were prepared to what? say no? >> say no. i didn't -- and you don't have to be diabetic. >> no. this book is for everybody. there's four nutrients that fight diabetes. we mention those in the book. you don't have to be diabetic to read the book. it's a diet for everyone. here, we have 100-calorie snack packs. people think, it's 100 calories. i'll have one now. i'll have one later. that's the portion you get in the 100 calories. that's not very much. a hand full of nothing, really. and this is the size of the package. if you ate one package a day, you would gain 12 pounds in a
8:20 am
year. 100 calories a day. >> it adds up. >> it adds up. >> we think we're doing the right thing. and you might have two or three of them. here's granola. people don't eat this as cereal. they eat it out of the box. in this bowl of cereal, there's the equivalent of 11 teaspoons of sugar. this is what that is, in that one bowl. 11 teaspoons of sugar. that's why that's a diet saboteur. here we have a fat-free muffin. we talked sugar-free. fat-free muffin, 500 calories. fat-free. 16 teaspoons of starch. again, 11 teaspoons of sugar. and in place of that muffin, you could have this entire meal. whole grain waffles, which are healthy. you have fruit, which fiber
8:21 am
nutrients. there's veggie sausages. that's 200 calories less than mr. fat-free muffin. >> which would you rather have for breakfast? this one muffin? or all this right here? >> and you saved 200 calories. look at this. >> oh, my. who said the muffin? i love your honesty. that's part of it. maybe half of the muffin. >> a moment on the lips, forever on the hips. okay. here we have a tablespoon, a heaping tablespoon of premium ice cream. in place of it you can have popsicles. >> that's are good. >> people think if you have something sweet, it triggers you to have more sweet. >> four are the equivalent of this scoop here. >> what do you have there? how many do you think? >> i don't know, ten. >> ten.
8:22 am
>> 25. 25 popsicles. one scoop of ice cream. the idea is these are things we see. my book is full of photographs. we shoot them in the office. if you see something, you remember it. it's not just a book for people who are diabetic. kids, 11 and 12 years old, are getting adult onset diabetes. if you get diabetes before the age of 40, you can lose 11 to 14 years of your life. this is the first generation of children expected to have a shorter life span. you have to be careful. it's a book for everybody. and the pictures speak for themselves. >> i have to tell you. this is a recipe from your cookbook? >> it was done by my dietitian. we had 17 chefs contribute. it's really a team of people. >> wonderful. great to have you book. get the details on all these foods that sabotage your diet on our website. and our complete new year, new
8:23 am
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do you know scott? scott towels are cleanup, done right. ♪ in belmont six people are being treated for minor injuries and 22 people have been evacuated after a fire at an apartment complex. this fire started just after 3:00 this morning at an apartment building. we're told two people including a pregnant woman were injured when they jumped from a second story balcony to get away from the flames. four others are being treated for smoke inhalation. none of the injuries are life threatening. one apartment unit was destroyed. evacuated residents are being cared for by the red cross. no word what caused the fire. more folks back at work this week but let's see how photograph is looking. >> you'll definitely notice it's much more crowded and slow in san jose. northbound 2080 from 880 all the
8:28 am
way to 85 because of several accidents along that stretch. also the bay bridge toll plaza's back up just towards west graund but in the east ground direction look out for sand or concrete mix that has been spilled in the lanes and that's trouble for motorcycle riders. kristen? >> thanks a lot.
8:29 am
>> welcome back. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. picking up scattered sprinkles but most not reaching the ground. upper 30s fairfield and antioching. low to mid-40s the rest of us. a steady rain during the
8:30 am
afternoon and evening hours and chilly, mid to upper 40 don't you people ever just say hello? >> good morning, america, on this tuesday morning. george and i are here with a special guest. you're looking at elizabeth mitchell, in a scene from "v," the sci-fi story about humaning fighting aliens. she risks her life to get to fight the invaders. was that good? >> that was really good. you made it sound so really good. i liked that. that was very good. >> "v" is for visitors, right? >> "v," is for visitors. or victory. >> you've been on "v," and "lost." i would love to see your e-mail list. >> my e-mail list is pretty
8:31 am
good. i have a password on my phone because i'm afraid it will get stolen. i have assumed names for everybody. >> we weren't sure when you were on "lost," if you were good or bad. but you were. and the way you died. i'm sad. it was just -- >> they did a good job. >> we're here to talk about "v." >> it's okay to cry. >> yeah. give us the pitch on why people should watch "v." >> "v," because it's really fun. and there's lots of beautiful guys in it. and women. and i don't know. it's great fun. it's a popcorn show. nice to lose yourself every once in a while. >> we need that. >> give us the pitch on why you're giving out the coats. >> yes. here is this coat. this coat is to help people stay warm. and i'm so happy that you made this big enough that i don't miss because when they said throw it in. okay. i'm going to miss. and that's embarrassing. should i throw it in?
8:32 am
>> please. there's a drumroll. >> all right. well done. >> thank you very much. >> "v," airs tonight at 9:00, 8:00 central. there's time to donate a gently-worn coat to the coat drive. go to your local burlington coat factory. you have two more days to bid at our ebay auction. we're auctioning off more than 40 coats that have been signed by the stars. you can find out how to donate and bid on a coat. that was a mouthful. >> you did really good. you did. yeah. now, to the weather and sam. >> next year, george, robin, i want to add to it. we want to start a collection for southern cities that don't have snowplows, road salt, dirt, gravel, to combat ice like this. we need that help. there is nothing in the way of snow removal in most of the south or very little.
8:33 am
let's get to the boards. we have weather happening today. most of the country is under some kind of weather watch, warning or advisory. 43 of the lower 48 states have them out. and we're focused on what will happen when two systems get together for the northeast. there's winter watches, and advisories out for a heavy hit of snow. we're looking at six inches in philadelphia. maybe the total will be 12 inches in new york city and possibly up to 15 in boston, if all this comes together. brand-new snowmaker in the northwest today. and it is just cold air dropping i want to go back to times square for a second to show you something interesting that's
8:34 am
going on outside our doors. it's 24 degrees. windchill of 17. and the milk street team is out giving away free milk. 1 million people will get free milk today. it's part of a new campaign by the folks that brought you the mustache. they call it pour one more. and registered dietitian, aliza is out there. tell us about the program. >> i'm with you. hey, sam. how are you? >> good. >> we're giving away up to 1 million servings of milk, as part of the amazing, got milk pour one more campaign. nine out of ten americans are not getting enough nutrients. and three of the top nutrients we're missing out on, calcium, vitamin d and potassium are found in milk. and most people are only getting one serving a day. we need three servings. pouring one more helps us to
8:35 am
feed the nutrient gap and feed our families welt. >> it's a phrase i use often. pour one more. you can win free milk for a year. each family that wins, that's a good thing. these days, you can use a little free milk for the family. robin, i like to say it. pour one more. >> i'm sure you do, sam. okay. thank you. thanks very much. we have an update on a story we covered a few months ago. it concerned the death of pace university football player, danroy henry, d.j., we call him, who was shot by police in westchester, new york. a grand jury has been convened in the case. the police officer said he fired in self-defense. an attorney for the henry family says their son was murdered. that's his words. we're going to speak with his parents, live in the studio with us. we're going to talk to them in just a moment. first, a reminder about the
8:36 am
story. the cell phone video captures the chaotic moments right after the police shooting that ended danroy henry's life. a blonde woman is seen giving chest compressions to the popular pace university student. he was shot in his car, after a celebration spilled out into the streets. but exactly why is a mystery. police officers say they approached the car because it was in a fire lane. they claimed henry tried to speed away, driving his car directly towards officer aaron hess, who then opened fire. but several eyewitnesses said the police officer overreacted. that henry was trying to move his car. witnesses say after his was shot, henry was handcuffed, while officers with nonlife-threatening injuries received treatment before he did. three months later, the young man's family is left with many questions and no real answers. here with us live, d.j.'s
8:37 am
parents, danroy and angela henry, along with their attorney. thank you all very much for being here with us. i know, angela, you couldn't even watch some of that video. i know it's still, of course, very painful. danroy, where does the investigation stand right now? >> the lead-in investigation is complete. the evidence gathered by this police agency is now in the hands of the district attorney's office. it will be presented to the garage at the end of this week. >> they said it was going to start this month. and it has begun. >> our understanding is it started -- it could have started yesterday. >> and the family, this is protocol, you're not allowed, because you're family members, to be there until you're asked to testify, correct? >> that's right. >> i have to say, the first time that i spoke with you both, it was soon after the tragedy, you really moved our audience. you said you're not anti-police. you raised your son to be
8:38 am
respectful of the police. you didn't want anyone to try to play the race card. you just want the truth. >> absolutely. >> whatever that is. and you still maintain that, angela? >> absolutely. that's all we're looking for is the absolute truth. >> how have the police been working with you the last few months and helping you find some answers? and have they be helpful at all? >> not at all. we've been concerned, from the start, that this local police agency was investigating itself. and that's continued to be our concern. the evidence has the been gath r gathered. that's what the d.a. will use in the case. >> it was leaked, the toxicology reports. and the medical examiner said that d.j., your son, was over the limit. and you also had an independent exam about that. and what did they find? >> they confirmed. it was a split sample. it was confirmed.
8:39 am
more importantly that the autopsy revealed that d.j. had not drank anything for between an hour and an hour and a half before the incident. that was taken from his digestive tract where they were able to determine the quantity of fluid in his digestive tract. and in that, the trace of alcohol, that demonstrated to the scientists we showed it to, that for the period he was in the bar, for instance, he wasn't drinking at all. we don't believe he was impaired. we don't believe criminality was afoot. we don't believe any of that has any bearing on this. every eyewitness we've spoken to has told us basically the same thing. >> what charges do you want to see? >> murder. >> murder? >> yes. we believe what occurred was that d.j. was driving at a slow rate of speed. this officer, without warning, jumped out in front, giving him no time to stop. and in a split-second was on his car. and two to three feet away was firing bullets, directed at him. and the path of the bullet shows that d.j. tried to move to get
8:40 am
out of the vehicle, the officer shot directly at him. >> we reached out to the officer, officer hess. and we did not hear back from him or his attorney. but previously, his attorney has said that, if your son had obeyed, quote, the officer's directions or stopped once he hit officer hess, the entire tragedy could have been avoided. how do you respond? >> all indications are, robin, that this officer never gave our son time. had he given him time, he would have stopped. he was complying with one officer's instructions to move. why he would become noncompliant in a split-second is beyond us. and we don't think it's true. >> that's led for your attorney, mr. sussman, to do what today? >> filing a notice of claim, which in new york state is required for individuals who want to bring a wrongful death action against police agencies. that's state claims. we have federal claims to be advancing in the federal court.
8:41 am
there are procedural pri requirements for new york state claims. and we're satisfying those requirements today. >> you're doing that today. angela, i know you have set up and the family, part of the reason also you wanted to talk with us today is to talk about the fund that you have established in your son's name. tell us about that. >> it's called the d.j. dream fund. and it's a fund that we talked about soon after d.j. passed away. as a way to empower other athletes, other student athletes that want to play sports that maybe can't afford their equipment. can't afford the fees. and this will be a way to empower them to play sports. to be healthy. to be active. anyway we can provide assistance, we're going to do that. it's something that d.j. would have wanted. >> gracious of you to be thinking of others at this very difficult time. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> i appreciate you being here. and i know that we'll keep in touch with you.
8:42 am
and we appreciate your grace and how you're handling all that. thank you, mr. sussman. >> thank you. coming up next, a "gma" exclusive. revealed, , , , , , , , , , , ,
8:43 am
8:44 am
best 46 selling author, brad meltzer, "the inner circle," is about a presidential spy ring
8:45 am
that dates back to george washington. in his research, he also unearthed another presidential secret that will be revealed for the first time right here on "gma." good to see you, brad. >> good to see you, sir. >> i love the way the novel came about. you were called by the department of homeland security to work on a project. >> yeah. the department of homeland security calls me at home. and asks me to brainstorm different ways that terrorists can attack the united states. my first thought is, if they're calling me, we have a bigger problem than anybody thinks. this is a disaster as far as i'm concerned. i was honored to be part of what they call the red cell program. they would pair me with agents and chemists. and we would destroy major cities. what i was struck by, they were calling in civilians like myself, regular people. as i looked through history, it dates back to a man named george washington, who started using regular people to make his own spy ring. and i was so fascinated with this, that i said to one of my guys at the department of
8:46 am
homeland security, i said wouldn't it be school, if george washington's spy ring existed today. >> passed down from generation to generation. >> he said to me, what makes you think it doesn't exist. and i said, i figured something out. it's washington's greatest secret. why would he disband it? >> if it was still existing today. and in the course of your research, this is an amazing story. one of the traditions handed down from president to president, is each one leaves a letter for the next one. in the desk. >> yeah. >> you're talking to the first president bush. >> yeah. i'm talking to george bush sr. i say to him, could my imaginary character, in the inner circle, could he leave a letter from one president to the other? and that's how the spy ring exists and passes. and he sends to me the letter he wrote to bill clinton. my first thought is, oh, my gosh. he sent me a secret code. i take this letter. i put it through free mason codes. i check to see if every third
8:47 am
word, of every letter says, i hate you, bill. i'm trying to figure out what it says. >> you read the letter, it is vintage george bush. i loved the line, i wish you great happiness here. i never felt alone as some presidents have described. there will be very tough times, made even more difficult by criticism that you may not think is fair. i'm not a very good one to give advice. but just don't let the critics discourage you or push you offcourse. >> what i love about the letter is this is a moment that george bush has every reason to hate bill clinton. what george bush does at this moment, he puts our country above his own personal feelings. that's not just a great president. that's a great man. you look where we are right now with the situation in arizona. and everyone's complaining about how do we get the discourse back on track? we complain. here's an example of how we should be talking to each other. >> they had such a great friendship since then. that last line, i'm rooting hard
8:48 am
for you. >> that's why i love history. people think that history is just battles and dates to be memorized. it's made by people every day. and historic is a selection process. it chooses every single one of us every day. and the only question is, do you hear that call? that's what the inner circle is all about. >> can't wait m
8:49 am
8:50 am
run away with me. or stay with me. or i don't care. i can go with you. >> are you out of your mind? >> no. i'm bent over backwards in love with you, miriam. i'm heels over head. >> don't be ridiculous. we just met. at your wedding. that's not funny. >> but it is. paul giamatti is back on the big screen, paying a prickly
8:51 am
character. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome paul giamatti. >> right on. wow. >> good luck with the golden globe. >> thank you. >> we just saw that. >> yeah. >> you're at your wedding. you meet the girl of your dreams. it's not your bride-to-be. >> i'm at my second marriage. my second wedding. and i meet the woman that's going to be my third wife. i chase her on a train. i have had too much to drink, too. he's kind of out of his mind. he's very romantic. he meets this woman. and he falls in love with her like that. he chases her down. >> there's something lovable about your character. i can't believe i'm saying that about a guy who just picked up somebody at his own wedding. >> he's complicated. hopefully you like him or you can sympathize with him and understand it. >> and dustin hoffman. >> yeah. >> and working with him. you guys are magic on screen. >> thanks a lot.
8:52 am
>> how was it working with him? >> it was awesome. he's kind of out of his mind. he plays my father. and he's just a stream of dirty jokes. and dustin's kind of like that, actually. >> really? >> nonstop filthy jokes. he was a pleasure to be around. he was great. he was. total pleasure to be around. a dirty old man. but he's a good guy. >> as far as dirty old men go. >> a good guy. >> we adore you. >> thank you. >> you pop off the screen in these quirky types of films. >> yeah. >> you're very excited about this one. >> oh, i love this movie. it's a fantastic movie. and it's an independent, smaller movie. i'm glad that people -- the nomination for the golden globe. that gets it good attention, which is nice. it's a lovely movie. it's funny, sad, everything. >> what else do you have that you're working on? >> i'm going to do a movie called "the ides of march."
8:53 am
that george clooney is directing. >> and didn't you play ben -- >> ben bernanke for a movie. "too big to fail," for hbo. i played ben bernanke. >> the head of the federal reserve. >> yeah. i met him. and he was a nice guy. but he's a tough read, that guy. you know? >> that's what i'm saying. >> a very tough read. that was tricky. it was actually a very tricky part to get that guy, a deep emotional life, it was hard. >> if anybody can do it, you can. good luck. i'm sorry we're running short. >> no problem. i appreciate it. >> a wipe is a wipe, unless it's also a scrub. lysol complete clean dual action wipes have two sides that go beyond ordinary wipes. you can feel the difference. learn more at [ malbig. hot. pastrami.n out to the big hot pastrami. don't dare call it a cover band -- unless you're talking about covering freshly baked bread
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you can see
8:56 am
robin, you got in right in under the wire. >> i wish i had more time with paul. >> he's fun. >> he is. >> see you tomorrow. oryour weig.
8:57 am
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6oz, fresh cut, tri-tip steak plus our endless salad and dessert bar for just $10.99. sizzler. thinking fresh. everyday. ♪ the new san francisco board of supervisors meets this afternoon to consider the appointment of city administrator ed lee as interim
8:59 am
mayor. lee is expected to serve out the remaining year of gavin newsom's term. lee was in the audience yesterday when newsom was sworn in at lieutenant governor in sacramento. he will become the first asian american to be san francisco mayor. >> pretty much sprinkles during the morning hours, becoming more widespread light rain through the evening hours. look how chilly our temperatures mid to upper 40s inland, low to mid-50s around bay. tonight cloudy with temperatures low to mid-40s most neighborhoods. warmer with sunshine this weekend. frances. >> mike, still slow traffic out there but getting a little better in san jose and northbound 280 this live shot shows traffic improving as you make your way to cupertino. and 9 bay bridge toll plaza backup isn't that bad. it's actually only towards west grand. so less than a ten-minute wait and 101 in san rafael, you see traffic going well southbound.


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