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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  January 13, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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all of us, we should do everything we can do to make sure this country lives up to our children's expectations. if there are rain puddles in heaven, christina is jumping in them today. and here, on this earth, here on this earth, we place our hands over our hearts. and we commit ourselves, as americans, to forging a country that is forever worthy of her gentle, happy spirit. >> eloquent words from the president in tucson. that's what's making news in america this morning. thanks so much for watching. and have a great thursday.
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there go the toll takers, every single one of them. the story in a live report. >> also this morning a tour bus catches fire in palo alto. the 65 people on board forced to scramble to safety. >> downtown san francisco it's dry. the clouds are on the move and so is the rain. talk about when it gets to your neighborhood. >> we're starting with a couple early accidents. not causing big delays yet. walnut creek, i'll have those details coming up. >> president obama wants an america that's as good as the one imagined by the youngest victim of the shooting rampage. it's a thursday, 4:31. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. topping our news this half hour, a vote scheduled for later today
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could put the golden gate bridge district on the road to eliminating toll takers. that could be the first to go all electronic. terry mcsweeney is live at the bridge. >> yeah, bridge district committee is voting on a plan that will eliminate toll takers making way for electronic payments only. take a look at the folks you may not see after next year. they are the first in the state to eliminate toll takers. maybe the first in the nation. the districts wants to do it, save money, $2 million a year they're saying. you would not have to get fas trak because a camera would photograph your license plate and then bill the registered owner. so, kids, if you think about borrowing mom's car without asking, she's going to find out
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about it. >> the industry standard is going all electronic tolling across the county. >> they're taking away our jobs, our livelihood. the people have to deal with what, a machine? >> if approved today, the full board would vote on this january 28th. it's going to go into effect sometime next year. the bridge is dealing with $89 million in the red and every little bit helps. and this is about $2 million per year of that. live at the golden gate bridge toll plaza, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thanks a lot. we have dramatic video of a tour bus that burst into flames in palo alto last night. it was taking a group of japanese businessmen in the silicon valley when the driver saw smoke. they evacuated all 35 passengers before the back of the bus
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erupted in flames. it was briefly shut down while fire crews put out the fire. >> a funeral will be held in tucson today for the youngest victim of a mass shooting. nine-year-old christina green. last night president obama attended a memorial and delivered the emotional news that congresswoman gabby giffords has opened her eyes. >> there were 26,000 people and president obama told them they were not alone in their grief. >> the hopes of a nation are here tonight. we mourn with you for the fallen. >> mr. obama honored the six people killed and 13 wounded. he had come straight from congresswoman gabrielle gifford's hospital room with an emotional update. >> a few minutes ap we left the room and some of the congressmen were in the room, gabby opened her eyes for the first time.
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(cheers and applause) >> describing the moment. >> she struggled and struggled and within a few moments she literally opened her eyes and mark was so excited, he said, honey, if you can see us, if you can see us, gives us the thumbs up. she literally raised her whole arm. >> it was a moment of hope in a day of details about accused gunman jared loughner. he had 12 encounters with them. he was pulled over three hours before the shooting for running a red light but given a verbal warning. president obama cautioned not to use the shooting to turn on one another. >> and make sure that we're talking with each other in a way that heals, not in a way that wounds. >> the president said our democracy could be as good as nine-year-old victim christine taylor green imagined it. her funeral mass will be held
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this afternoon. >> we posted the president's entire speech at you'll find it on the home page. >> arizona wasn't the only place that honored the shooting victims. about 100 people gathered in oakland last night for a candlelight vigil. >> judge john roll -- >> the names of those killed in tucson were read out loud. oakland residents and local clergy say they wanted to honor the victims but also condemn political violence and violence in general. >> we owe it to the victims and the survivors of the attack on gabby and her brothers and sisters, to refocus our national efforts and our local efforts in the promotion of nonviolence. >> oakland mayor jean quan says she'll push to get the automatic weapons ban reinstated when she attends the conference of mayors in washington d.c. next week. >> san jose police hope newly
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released surveillance video will lead them to a hit and run driver. the video shows a hit and run accident that critically injured a 15-year-old girl last weekend. you can see the driver clips the teen and keeps going. it happened on camden avenue about 1:00 in the morning. the victim had just left a party. police are asking anyone with information to call them. >> san mateo county assemblyman jerry hill is set to appear before the state public utilities commission in san francisco today to call for an end to what he calls a culture of complacency at pg&e. he'll have introduced legislation in the assembly to strengthen pipeline safety regulations following last september's explosion and fire that killed eight people and destroyed 37 homes in san bruno. hill is concerned the commission has not leveed a single fine against pg&e or any other utility for pipeline safety violations in more than a decade. he also says the commission failed to properly audit the utility's records.
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>> in marin county, the sheriff's deputy says it will not enforce the board of supervisors ban on the installation of smart meters. the board voted last week in favor of a one-year moratorium. the independent journal reports the sheriff has since been swamped by requests by residents to block pg&e from installing meters on their property. two women were arrested on tuesday. sheriff bob doyle says the smart meters are regulated by the state pubs lick utilities commission so he cannot enforce the county's ban. >> a woman who fell into the bay last night needed help from a rescue crew to get out. (screaming) >> we're coming down! hold on! >> this happened off pier 19 in san francisco. firefighters were called to rescue a woman from the frigid bay waters. her boyfriend had tried to use a jacket to help pull her up along the pier but that didn't work. it's unclear how she ended up in the water in the first place.
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>> 4:38 now. mike, what do you think the temperature was in the water last night? >> probably mid-50s. wasn't very good, was it? when she got out probably even worse. good morning, it's thursday. talking about light rain this morning showing up on live doppler 7 hd, the higher elevations even it now. the only reporting station with an accumulation, that's about 400. let's take a look at the big picture. you can see the radar returns increasing over the north bay. some of the moisture is starting to gather. it looks like it's on schedule as we talked about yesterday and the bulk of it will fall after the morning commute. 38 in fairfield and livermore. the cool spots. we have 50 santa rosa, one of the warm spots. and low to mid-40s for the rest of our inland valleys. 42 redwood city. upper 40s the bay shore and out to the coast. the afternoon temperatures top out in the mid-50s inland.
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near 60 around the bay shore and the coast and looking at light rain scattered mainly through the north bay about i'd say maybe a tenth, quarter of an inch at the most. once we get through tomorrow and all the way through tuesday we're looking at highs in the low to mid-60s with pay whole lot of sunshine. >> looking forward to that. there are a couple of early morning accidents that you need to keep an eye on. north 101 at san bruno avenue, a car spun off into a ditch. there were injuries reported at first but now it's supposed to be a non-injury crash. leverage a car crashed in a bunch of barrels there. they need to replace the barrels. it's not blocking lanes but you may see slowing on the leverage onremain to eastbound 4. a live shot of the san mateo bridge. as you make your way through hayward, that connector ramp should be reopened any minute
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>> 4:43. a live look at the incline section of the bay bridge. you see traffic zippin' along like usual, slowing at the curves, of course. if there are any traffic problems, frances will let you know in a few minutes. >> the crippled cruise ship that kept passengers adrift in november will come to san francisco for more repairs. the carnival splendor's engine caught fire and left 3,000 stranded on board without power for four days. passengers had no electricity, hot water and limited food.
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the 951 foot ship was towed to san diego where it has been undergoing some repairs. it will be brought to san francisco's peer 70 which is the only west coast dock able to handle more serious repairs for a ship as large as the splendor. >> the latest job outlook appears brighter for this year college graduates. companies are hiring again and as lisa amin gulezian reports, you don't have to be an engineer to get a job. >> nationwide tens of thousands of college students are already starting their job search. >> i hope i can get a job out of college. we'll see. >> that's why these students are trying to get a job start here at santa clara university job fair. 70 companies are present and all have jobs to offer. >> employers are more convinced that the economy is on a steady path upward. >> according to the national association of colleges and employers, the 2011 job outlook for new graduates is good.
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companies plan to hire 13.5% more graduates with a bachelor's degree than last year. >> the future is very bright. we are doing a lot of hiring right now. >> big names are at this job fair. apple, lockheed martin, and some want their future hires to have very specific skills. >> where are you in? mechanical? >> these companies aren't just looking for techies. students with degrees in social sciences, languages and art also have a chance at a hi-tech job. >> you can take a marketing background and do something with it. >> i've applied to maybe about 30 jobs at least. >> many students are still having a hard time landing a job. some told me staying in school longer may be the best way to deal with the situation. in santa clara, lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. >> abc 7 is sponsoring a hire event in partnership with the job journal two weeks from now
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wednesday january 26 from noon to 4:00 at the south san francisco center on south airport boulevard. there's a link that will tell you more at look under "see it on tv." >> and we'll remind you again, too. >> yes, we will. >> it's 4:46. the deleted computer files of that launched an investigation in the east bay. >> your children's school lunches could be getting a major overhaul. the move by the federal government to fight childhood obesity. >> the first of it's kind in the nation right here in the bay area. the museum celebrating gay history. >> and the suspense is finally over. the other winner of a huge 3q
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welcome back. 4:48 on this thursday. still bitter cold throughout most of the country. even down to new orleans down from the 40s, atlanta in the 30s. 28 degrees in new york today so all that snow's going to hang
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around. the warmer weather phoenix 71. seattle and also portland in the low to mid-50s but that's where you'll find most of the rain. no delays or ice now but there could be in our flight tracker will have them for you at here's earning with more news. >> mike, thank you very much. it's 4:49. we're expecting abig announcement from the federal government that could change what your child puts on his or her school lunch tray. >> the big announcement is am could go down this morning just weeks after president obama signed into law a child nutrition bill that would help schools pay for healthier foods which often times are more expensive. the federal government says one-third of children in adolescence, 25 million kids are obese or overweight. the u.s. department of agriculture wants to raise the nutrition standards in school lunches for the first time in 15 years as you mentioned. the new rule would limit sodium,
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calories and those beloved french fries and offer more fruits and vegetables. the rule would apply to kids who eat breakfast at school. now, here are some of the requirements. decrease the amount of statuty vegetables such as potatoes, corn and green peas to just one cup a week. reduce sodium in meals. minimize trans fats. serve only 1% or fat tree milk. flavored milk is fine only if it's fat free and increase whole grains substantially. these rules do not apply to what's sold in school vending machines or school stores. that will be addressed later. many have already made changes on their own eliminating soda and most trans fats in school cafeterias.
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the department of agriculture will take input the next few months before making a final decision. >> 4:50. the second winner of last week's huge megamillions jackpot has finally come forward to claim her prize. 29-year-old holly lottie of idaho didn't appear revealing her as the winner. we know she has two children and worked at a bank. i said work because she resigned on monday. lottie is splitting the jackpot with the couple you see here, jim and carolyn of washington state. >> that's how i would do it. i wouldn't attend a press conference would you? people seeing your face and saying there's the guy, you're my best buddy. >> i think for us it's a little late for that. but for most people, yes. kristen sze won $360 million. you know? mike, you wanna jump in here?
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>> i kind of have to agree with kristen. i don't want people to know. >> what you look like? >> no, that i have the money. >> they make an announcement. >> oh, they do. >> let's take a look outside. 4:52. clouds on the increase in morning and they're going to drop some light rain. you can actually see how thin the layer is. you can see a star shining brightly above the cloud deck. it is rather thin. that's why we don't have much rain falling. let's move on to the temperatures because that's affecting everybody this morning. they are a little cooler in our east bay valleys. upper 30s to low 40:. fairfield 38. up in the north bay a little warmer with mid to upper 40s, even a 50 at santa rosa. redwood city 42, the cool spot. around the monterey bay, mid 40s. a 50 for santa cruz. your three highlights for this forecast cycle, scattered light
4:53 am
rain, best chance of it reaching the ground in the north bay. valley fog returns the next couple nights and sunshine warmer than average afternoon this weekend. the east bay we'll get some sprinkles today. temperatures low 50s from brentwood. over on the east bay shore, mostly cloudy, some scattered light rain. temperatures mid to upper 50s. down in the south bay just mainly some sprinkles under a partly sunny sky. alodge the peninsula mostly cloudy, some scattered sprinkles, upper 50s for you. mid to upper 50s along the coast with light rain, downtown south san francisco scattered light rain and mid to upper 50s. the light rain will be more prevalent through the north bay. low to mid-50s here. around the monterey bay inland, a partly cloudy sky. not much happening there. most of the action will be above 80 today. so if you're heading up to the sierra, watch out there is snow. tahoe about 52 and chico with
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some rain. back home tonight, cloud cover lingering. mid to upper 40s around the bay and out to the coast. high pressure's dominating the weather to our south and steering this system to the north. that's why most of us will get no measurable rain until about 500ths in the north bay is going to get a tenth to a quarter of an inch today. tomorrow look for sunshine and temperatures reaching 60s in the afternoon and that's where they'll stay all the way through monday. >> here's a new injury accident in the north bay. it's not blocking any lanes but a car drove off into the ditch and apparently the ditch is full of water so we have emergency crews en route right now. traffic flowing well in both directions through bernard park and the grade. road work going on in the east bay. southbound you'll find some lanes blocked. northbound some lanes brocked up to sycamore valley road. this should all be cleared by
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about 6:00 this morning. even though that construction is out there, you can see traffic looking good, still flowing well. mass transit systems reporting no delays. get traffic whenever you want by going to our website, it's under the bay area traffic link. kristen? >> frances, thanks a lot. hercules police are investigating their own city hall. some files from the city's main computer network have been deleted. they believe it happened last thursday or friday. a hercules spokes woman says these were not confidential files. they were used by several departments and are usually recoverable because they are regularly backed up. police don't have a suspect. they will get help from another law enforcement agency or a technology company. >> the first museum dedicated to the history of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people opens its doors today in san francisco. 18th and castro traces gay history in the bay area. the collection contains thousands of items all donated
4:56 am
by individuals including rare photos, videos, matchbooks from gay and lesbian bars, pamphlets as well as costumes. neighborhood merchants are helping with the lease. the museum will be open wednesday through saturdays 11 through 7 and sundays noon through 5. >> governor brown's proposed new budget faces its first test in sacramento today. next on abc 7 news at 5:00, the big impact it could have on already burdened fire department. >> the controversy in marin county over smart meters is about to heat up once again. i'll explain coming up. >> and one year after his death, the family of a murdered bay area musician finally gets the news they've been waiting for.
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♪ i'm amy hollyfield lived in san rafael where the sheriff has stepped into the debate over smart meters and his stance is likely not going to be a popular one. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live at the golden gate bridge. they're going to be voting today whether to automate the entire toll plaza and get rid of all the toll takers. the story coming up in a


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