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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  January 13, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PST

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♪ fireworks at a meeting. terry mcsweeney is live in san francisco with more. >> the puc president fired right back. the meeting started out -- when this meeting started out with president pebby asking everyone to remember what president obama said yesterday in tucson, asked everyone to have more civil tone, less fiery words. that lasted about 60 seconds in here. take a look at the meeting when he was first up to speak and what he was saying is pg&e is a
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disaster itself. criticized them for not knowing what kind of pipe they had in the ground, the one that blew in san bruno killing eight and destroying 37 homes. he went on and on about pg&e's incompetence and then turned his sights on the puc, a culture this have complacency as he called it and it hit the fan. >> this commission has failed the people of california and especially the residents in my district by your culture of complacency. >> i think that wraps it up, mr. hill. >> to fill the vacationsies with individuals of experience and a passion for pipeline safety. >> you were unmoved by the remarks i made earlier. and we appointed a five-member panel unfettered by anything to look at these matters and be critical of us as well as pg&e and others. and you you make no recognition of that and i find that
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contemptible. i think the direction comes from the top, mr. president, and i think that's where your lead areship should be. >> i expect your opinion but you managed to slur several00 people at this commission in one felled swoop. >> telling abc news that he is looking forward to a new members on the public utilities commission. there are two openings now, a third expected later this month. the puc response was very quick, very rapid and people are inside talking to heather ishimaru. she will have more on this fireworks coming up tonight at abc 7 news at 5:00 and 6:00. live in san francisco, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thank you so much. oakland police and the alameda county district attorney's office will hold a news conference in a few hours from now to discuss a big break in a crime spree. police say they've made an arrest in the lake merritt area. we'll have details in the
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suggestion expect and the crimes at 5:00 and 6:00. >> a san jose neighborhood woke up to the sounds of a hand grenade and a s.w.a.t. team bursting into a home. the officers surrounded the home around 6:30 this morning in hopes of a resting a suspect wanted on drug charges. he found an elderly woman inside who was slightly injured by the flash grenade. paramedics treated her at the scene. >> the bay area could be the first all electronic toll bring. officials want to eliminate cash payments which means dozens of toll collectors could sooning looking for work. amy is live at the golden gate bridge with more on the hearing going on right now. amy? >> and, jenelle, there's only one toll taker here to speak before this committee even though it is a very big issue. he said toll takers are depressed and frustrated by this issue but a lot don't think they can make a difference with what they have to say.
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the proposal is get rid of all the toll takers, turn the payment into an electronic experience. cars would need toll pads or the bridge would scan your license plate. the district has an $89 million deficit they have to work with. they wish they would shed the bus and ferry service and let another company deal with those expenses and keep the toll takers at the bridge. >> that bus system, they sold it. why? because it was something that was dying. something that wasn't really taking them anywhere. and now we're -- the bay bridge itself is trying to support two other departments. >> it's going to be a very difficult decision. what we are hoping and working on aggressively if in fact the board goes forward with it is that we'll be able to place employees in other positions. >> the finance committee is
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listening to a presentation right now. one committee member told me it's tough to argue against the cost-savings of these proposals to go electronic and he believes fellow members feel the same way. if this does pass look for it to go into effect next year. >> amy, thank you so much. other news this morning, the first of the funeral services for the victims of saturday's tucson mass shoot had gone gets underway in about an hour. people are gathering to pay their final respects to nine-year-old christina taylor green. they watched as firefighters raised the largest american flag flown at ground zero. it was brought to christina born september 11th, 2001. she was the youngest of all the shooting victims. there were 19 in all, six killed and 13 wounded including the attempted assassination of gabgy giffords shot in the head. >> the progress of gabby gifford
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is a miracle. she's moving both legs and arms and responding to family and friends. yesterday when nancy pelosi and two of gifford's close friends from congress came for a hospital visit, they started talking to giffords. . they reminded her of good times and told her how many people are pulling for her. >> she was struggling. you could see every ounce of determination in her face trying to get her eyes open and she did. it was amazing. >> mark was urging her can you see me, can you see me? she literally pulls her whole arm up as a thumbs up with her arm. it was amazing. >> giffords' husband gave president obama permission to share news of his wife's progress with the nation during yesterday's memorial service. yesterday was the first time giffords had opened her eyes since she was shot in the head. >> newly released police reports about the suspect.
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they showed jared loughner's became increasingly menacing. documents say loughner was in a poetry class and began talking about blowing up babies. a former girlfriend of laughners's has come forward. she believes the shooting was well thought out. she said loughner used drugs and had a grudge against the government. >> politics, he thought the government -- anything that pretty much had to do with the government. he basically kind of thought that the government was crap and that it was just this big, bad thing that was just trying to take over everybody. >> we're just getting word that police found loughner's black bag that he brought with him on that shooting dale. it contained ammunition and drugstore purchases. >> in sacramento an assembly budget committee is meeting to review governor brown's budget proposal for the first time.
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brown's proposal largely aims to close the state's $25 billion budget deficit by using a mix of deep cuts from nearly all state departments. some of the biggest cuts will be made in welfare, social services and higher education. the proposal spares k-12 education p though. the governor wants to call a special election hoping voters will approve higher income, sales and vehicle taxes for the next five years. >> california has the third highest foreclosure rate in the nation and a new report warns the situation may only go from bad to worse. according to reality track, the bleakest year for u.s. housing has just begun. they plan to repossess more homes this year since the housing meltdown began back in 2006. borrows are two months behind on mortgages. banks took back more than 1 million homes in 2010. that's the highest number of foreclosure properties on records dating back to 2005. a new labor department report
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shows an increase in the number of people who applied for a job benefit, jobless benefits as retailers shed temporary holiday employees. the labor department says the number of people asking for unemployment benefits jumped by 35,000 last week and is now at its highest level since late october. >> still ahead, the new proposal to ban dogs in several popular bay area parks. >> but first hold the fries. the federal government wants to make some big changes in what your kids put on their school lunch trays. >> and new limit. the order issued today that will make several prescription drugs
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini slee this morning the federal government announced sweeping chance for school lunchings nationwide. the first federal overhaul for nutrition in 15 years. elizabeth mass more. >> the academy has already adapted the healthier food of the future. >> here's an sold menu. bread and beef pattie on a roll with fruit popsicle and low fat milk. now the new. baked fish nuggets, whole wheat rolls, mashed potatoes, broccoli, peaches and skim milk. >> the more we can reinforce the right set of choices the greater chance we will get a handle on
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obesity. >> reduce saturated fats, sugar and sodium. for the first time set maximum calorie counts in addition to minimum ones. >> this doesn't mean we are going to eliminate treats. not at all. but it is a circumstance where treats have a special meaning, a special occasion. >> the usda says children consume more than half their calories at school. >> schools are supposed to set an example, example of many, many values of society and one ought to be eating well. >> if they eat well there, it's a lesson they can share with their parents. >> when we go shopping, he says no, that's not healthy. >> all public schools must start serving the new selections in 2012. elizabeth lehmanmy.
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>> acetaminophen, painkillers like vicodin and percocet contain the anti-inflammatory. the food and drug announced new rules that will cap the amount of it at 325 milligrams per capsule. they will not affect over the count drugs like tylenol and nyquil. it sickens about 56,000 americans and kills about 200 every year. >> meteorologist mike nicco is here with our forecast. how's it looking? >> looking pretty wet. sfo right now where we have nearly 90 minute flight arrival delays because of the rain. i'll show you where the rain is, where it's going and how much you're going to get. >> mike, thanks. and man versus machine in a highly anticipated jeopardy matchup. who won today's head to head competition. >> and meet the new guy. stanford names a new head football coach. here's a hint, cardinal
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♪ it's zero for man and one
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for machine in a much publicized jeopardy matchup celebrating technology. this morning an ibm supercomputer named watson had its first practice round against ken jennings and brad rudder. he was in the middle there, you can see the computer monitor. it finished with $4400 ahead of jennings and rudder with $1200. the real con7-day forecast will sair right here on abc 7 from february 14th through 16. the prize, $1 million. win or lose, watson represents a landmark of human language. usu usually you can psych out the opponents but not watson. >> i wouldn't even go up against that computer. i'd be like so nervous, too embarrassed. >> i'm afraid i'd look pretty foolish. >> you are unstoppable. >> no, no. >> it was dry when i went
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outside for a moment today and now it's just comin' down. >> it's rain ping a lot here. in fact, we'll show you that in a second. first grand rapids, michigan, video where they're playing chess. yeah, take a look as residents turned an ice rink into a chess game. the ice is painted like a checkerboard and every chess piece is sculpted out of ice. here's a look at the bay bridge, excuse me, the golden gate bridge. you can see the wet weather still falling here and let's take one more perspective mount tamalpais where it's been falling the better part of the day. it's 2800 feet up, it's sticking into the clouds. looking at live doppler 7 hd, you see the north bay starting to clear out of the most steady rain. that's moving through the heart of the bay right now. it left nearly a third of an inch in santa rosa, about a tenth in napa. only a couple hundredths around
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mill valley and san francisco where it is still raining. you can see it sliding to the south rather rapidly. it's going to push out of here by the evening commute. talk about temperatures. they're being held down because of the rain. most of us in the upper 40s to low 50s. our highlights, rain today fading this evening. valley fog and the return the next two nights sunny and warmer than ever. 60 in san jose with low to mid-50s inland. mid to upper 50s around the bay and out to the coast. more sunshine around the monterey bay and not as much rain. low to mid-60s, a little warmer for you and inland neighbors. low to mid-40s inland, the coast, san francisco about 50. these two areas of high stubborn this week. nickelled and dimed by the rain. watch as this system slides through. by 6:00 it's almost over. by the overnight looking at just the clouds starting to roll in.
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that's where the fog will start to form. by tomorrow morning the commute should be fine. about a tenth of a quarter of an inch around the bay. here's your accu-weather 7-day forecast. once that fog fades we'll hit temperatures in the low to mid-60s all the way through the holiday weekend. a small cooling trend on wednesday. back in the 50s but dry friday through tuesday. >> sounds beautiful. >> dog owners will get a chance tomorrow to speak out about a plan to change many policies affecting them and their pets in the golden gate national recreation area. it calls for keeping dogs out of certain parks, ocean beach and fort tonson. also a popular dog-running location. >> i think a lot of dogs and their owners would be devastated. it shouldn't. i mean, this is a wonderful, open space for animals. and people. to share.
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>> the national park service believes the policy changes can balance protecting the environment with providing places for people and their dogs. the head of the golden gate national recreation area says it will remain the only place in the gnash park system where dogs can go off-leash. >> jim harlaugh who left the 49ers, saw has been an assistant under harbaugh under stanford since 2007. he played with the cardinals from 1991 to '94. he will take over a team that finished fourth ranked and poised for another strong run next year. >> big shoes to fill. >> exactly. >> we're going to get your weekend started early next in
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and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. today at 3 p.m. on 7 live, the giants are getting their own reality show? and a woman kicked out of a bar because she was pregnant. then on abc 7 news at 5:00, the blood test that could remove the risk of miscarriage when they undergo a.m. neocentesis. those stories and more on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> an acoustic guitar to acrobats, there's a lot to enjoy this weekend. >> don sanchez he's what's hot. >> the crucible revival fans the fire with jaw-dropping performances. it's a fair well tribute to mike search in oakland.
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>> eric johnson, andy and pep pino the guitar masters. see them sunday afternoon in the marin center. ♪ >> linda tillry and the oakland interface gospel trial with a music tribute to dr. martin luther king. amazing displays of flexibility, control, balance and power precision. the peking acrobats offer up daring maneuvers at the marin center saturday afternoon. >> a theatric experience. voices combined with food, the gospel brunch returns to 1300 on gilmore sunday morning. >> the harlem globetrotters are an american tradition in basketball with laughs. h. p. pavilion in san jose and oakland marina in oakland. ♪
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>> a san francisco institution. 11th year at pier 29. the new show is likely to be through thursday. >> it's not written in pencil mark. >> blu-ray and dvd, the year's most talked about film, the social network. won the critics choice award or the golden globes this weekend. i'm don sanchez, abc 7 news. >> popping in a dvd might not be a bad way to spend the afternoon. >> definitely. rain out there. live doppler 7 hd. moving through the heart of the bay but out of here the next four to five hours and then an extended period of dry weather starting tomorrow to the middle part of next week. >> enjoy it. thanks for joining us on abc 7 news. >> see you later, bye. [ female announcer ] why settle for plain bread
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