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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  January 15, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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♪ in the news this saturday morning, a newly released video made by the arizona shooting suspect. it's the video that got him suspended from college. and more than a dozen san francisco fire victims are burned out of their homes. >> good morning. it's a cooler start but we also have some dense fog in our north and east bay valleys right on through 9:00 this morning. >> good morning, everyone. i'm jenelle wang. it is january 15th this saturday. we have developing news. a fatal shooting at the top of twin peaks in san francisco this morning. san francisco police are there now trying to piece together what happened. a fire dispatcher said a call
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requesting medical assistance was received shortly after 3 a.m.. emergency medical personnel rushed to the scene. the victim appears to be a young man. a witness who did not want to be identified said the suspects fled in a white minivan. >> slammed the door shut. i didn't get his face, a license plate or anything. but just the fact three shots fired. about .22 caliber, a small round fire. nothing loud. >> twin peaks is known more for hiking and its views than violence. we'll follow the story closely throughout the morning and update you when we get more information. the chp issued a severe traffic alert for southbound interstate 880 near the oakland airport where all lanes are blocked to a major fatal crash. you're looking at a live picture. this is a caltran camera of 880. southbound 880 no traffic. it's completely shut down. so if you're heading for the airport, you should allow extra time. there will be a detour right
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now. it's being diverted off the freeway at 66th avenue near the coliseum. that's why there's no traffic driving southbound 880. no estimate when it will reopen but please stay away from that area. traffic will be a little bit of a hassle for the next couple of hours. newly released home video made by the arizona shooting suspect jared loughner, he narrates it and rambles about his dislike of school. watch and you can briefly see his reflection in the glass door. >> this is pima community college, one of the biggest scams in america. the students are so illiterate, their daily lives. here's the bookstore. the bookstore, the bookstore, the bookstore. it is so illegal to sell this book under the constitution. we are also subject by our
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freedom of speech. >> the nearly four-minute video was posted to september 23rd of last year. a few days later college officials discovered it and suspended loughner. the video was released yesterday by the school because of public records requests. the sheriff's office compiled a time line of loughner's day last saturday. he picked up racy pictures of himself from a walgreens at 2:19 a.m. eight hours before the shooting outside a safeway store. loughner was nearly naked and posing with a glock semiautomatic pistol, the same one he used to shoot gabrielle giffords who remaintenance in critical condition at a tucson hospital. six others died in that shooting spree. funeral services for the judge took place under tight security. federal judge john roll stopped by the meet and greet after attending church. mourners gathered to remember him at the same tucson church
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where christina's funeral was held thursday. gifford he is continues to impress doctors with her recovery. they hope to remove her breathing tube today. and a giffords staffer returned to the office yesterday. pam simons said she did what she had to do to stay alive. >> i played dead. i think that was an instinct wall thing. i saw gabby go down and saw them laying on the ground. >> another giffords staffer ron barber is out of the hospital. barber was shot three times. he attended judge roll's funeral just after being discharged from the hospital. two dozen people held a candlelight vigil in walnut creek. it was organized by the peace and justice center. organizers say they wanted to bring people together to promote nonviolence and civility. president obama's weekly address this morning was a homage to gabrielle giffords and the other victims of the tucson shooting.
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and the sense of community congress exhibited on the floor this week. >> one by one representatives from all parts of the country and all points of view rose in common cause to honor gabby and the other victims and reflect on our shared hopes for this country. the shrill and discord that our politics can be at times, it was a moment that reminded us of who we really are and how much we depend on one another. >> president obama concluded by expressing hope this unity in congress will continue. a new caretaker government assumeless control after the country's long-term president was driven from power. the countrywide uprising forced the president and his family to take off for saudi arabia after 23 years at the country's home. the government put soldiers on the street through the night after rioters set the main train station on fire. earlier there had been reports
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of gunfire throughout the capital. it took tourists by surprise. many visitors were trapped at the airport waiting for a flight out. the populist uprising is virtually unprecedented in modern air history and the violence is virtually unheard of in at that nearbyaway. fire swept through two residential buildings in san francisco. it happened in the mission district on florida street. lillian kim reports. >> when firefighters arrived on florida street in san francisco, they saw flames shooting out of the roof. this cellphone video captured the fire soon after it started. it began on the top floor of this two-story, two-unit building. clayton was home at the time and saw smoke coming out of his roommate's bedroom. >> it was supersmoky in there. the clock set kind of erupted in flames. went back, grabbed my bag. called 9-1-1.
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>> tenants in the bottom unit also got out as fast as they could. one even tried to put the fire out. >> we ran up there. i got the fire extinguisher and i tried to put the fire out but i couldn't do nothing with it because the flames were already big. i couldn't do anything about it. >> flames spread to the building next-door. in all 16 people were told to evacuate. firefighters knocked out the flames pretty quickly but both buildings had significant damage. clayton hasn't been allowed back in yet but he believes he loves everything. >> wait until tomorrow to laugh about it i guess. >> the red cross has offered hotel couchers so people will have a place to stay for the next five nights. lillian kim, abc 7 news. >> another fire, this one in oakland, damaged an apartment complex on 39th avenue. it remains under investigation. flames went through the roof but crews contained the fire to one apartment unit. fortunately no one was injured
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in that fire. san francisco police made an arrest in thursday's shooting death of a man inside a coffee shop. tips from the community helped them nab the 30-year-old suspect yesterday. his name has not been released as the exact charges are still pending. they say he chased the victim terry turner through the coffee and tea company into a back room where the victim was shot several times. thanks to dna testing, the santa rosa police department has cracked a year-old vandalism case. in december 2009, someone smashed out the windows of 62 sonoma county vehicles which caused $40,000 worth of damage. detectives submitted blood evidence found at the scene to the california department of justice lab. the department of justice notified police this week. the dna profile from the blood matches 59-year-old allen snoweden. snoweden is a transient currently in custody on an unrelated charge. the republican national party is now under new leadership. the gop has chosen wisconsin
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party chief ron privus to replace michael steel. they fails a $22 million debt in an internal war over its identity. he has pledged to hire top notch staff to restructure the organization in time for the party's 2012 presidential push. a 60-year-old northern california woman has been sentenced to two years in prison for tax evasion. maria virginia reyes. she was sentenced to an additional three years of supervised release. she was the general manager of a medical practice with offices in san mateo and palo alto. coming up, a tragic chain of events leaves three family members dead in southern california. it all started with live power lines falling on to a san burnna
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. a downed power line electrocuted a couple and one of their children. the father accidentally stepped on the line, the wife tried to help and then the son. power lines have fallen on this house before and this accident could have been prevented. robin has more. >> this is the second time those lines have fell on my brother's house. second time it caught fire on my brother's house. this time it killed my brother's family and him. i'd like to know why that's happening. i'd like to know why those fires
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fell and killed my family. >> his brother steve, his wife sharon and their son jonathan cole were all killed this morning. police are still investigating what happened. the thought is that somehow the wind caused power lines to fall in the backyard. he says it sparked a fire. >> he was trying to get the fire out before it was out of control. evidently he didn't see the line and he stepped on it and the tragedy just escalated from there. family members trying to help him and i lost three people. >> two children were inside the home at the time. they both survived. >> our thoughts and prayers go out to not only the family members but also the neighbors here obviously close to the family. words can't express obviously the tragedy taking place. >> other news this morning, the johnson & johnson company is recalling another 47 million packages of tylenol, sudafed and
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other over-the-counter drugs. they were packaged at a pennsylvania facility shut down in april. they don't meet manufacturing standards and don't have all the required labeling. actress zsa zsa gabor's publicist say she's doing well after they removed her right leg above the knee. gabor had hip replacement surgery in july. her heart rate is said to be normal. she'll remain in the hospital another week or two and hopefully be back in time for her 94th birthday on february 6. days before the golden globe, a hollywood insider is claiming the nomination is up. he and his company were fired after trying to stop the awards show from accepting cash and gifts from studios in exchange for votes. michael russell has slapped a $2 million lawsuit on the hollywood foreign press, the organization that puts on the golden globes.
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it's a wonderful three-day weekend and we're going to have beautiful weather. >> if you have work, next week looks good, too. we have the fog this morning, the golden gate bridge. it looks pretty good here but if you head further north and even east over the bay bridge, some dense fog in pockets out there. i'll explain and have your 7-day forecast next. >> the gleaming palace of fine arts. open again this weekend after a major renovation.
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>> we have a severe traffic alert to let you know about. here's a live picture from a caltran camera. this is 880. you can see southbound there all lanes are closed. that's why there's no traffic moving. the headlights coming toward you are northbound. this is the oakland coliseum. all blocked due to a fatal major crash. it happened near the haginburger road exit. you should allow extra time for the detour. diverted off the freeway at 56th avenue near the coliseum. that's the traffic camera you see here.
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there's no estimate when southbound 880 will reopen. a grand reopening for one of san francisco's oldest landmarks, the palace of fine arts is showing off its $21 million makeover this weekend. it has been repainted, the dome and statues reinforced and new entrances added. the palace was built in 1915 for the panama exposition. >> a lot of people have a great deal of passion about the palace of fine arts. they have their memories of feeding the ducks and the swans or stories of the 1915 exposition so there's a lot of passion. 1200 donors came through for us. >> the palace gets more than 2 million visitors a year. maybe i'll head out there. i need some vitamin d! >> that's right, the natural kind. lots of sunshine but the fog is causing problems this morning in the north and east bay valleys.
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we have ballmer peak. it looks fine here but we have some areas that the fog has allowed for visibility less than a quarter of a mile. so be careful. 7:24 officially our sunrise setting at 5:15 and the numbers continue to drop. so with areas of clear sky, it's a cool start with low 40s by antioch, santa rosa. we're looking at temperatures in the low 50s. san francisco, half moon bay. so everywhere around the bay this morning anywhere from 1 to 9 degrees colder than we were yesterday. the dense fog advisory for our north bay valleys for 9:00 including santa rosa and napa. fairfield, travis but also down by concord this morning. over by concord because that fog is sitting in the lower-lying valleys. it's colder. that denser air. it will be some time before it disperses but then we'll have sunshine, pretty mild weekend with our warmest day coming in on monday, the holiday.
6:21 am
we will look for temperatures above the average. so here's the advisory this morning. north bay valleys into the east bay. we've got high pressure in control. it's off the coast. it's in the upper levels of the atmosphere but also that inversion down below. that is creating the fog. central valley, you're stuck with the pea soup fog once again throughout the afternoon. but elsewhere it's going to be a pretty nice day today all throughout the state. high pressure keeping the storm track to the north. not only today, tomorrow, monday, but it looks like perhaps the rest of the month. a long-term outlook looks for temperatures and trends right on through 16 days. so it looks like we could be staying dry for the foreseeable future. this area of low pressure wants to sink south. just as far south as the mendocino coast. a few extra clouds tomorrow morning. across the state today 55 southern sierra. feels like spring out there.
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mid-60s monterey but the 80s returning to southern california. mid to upper 60s for campbell and san jose today. should see about 58. really temperatures today well above the average. men low park enjoying 64 as well as redwood city. san francisco 61. mid to upper 50s for you. that's the average. but in the north bay take a look at this. 68 for santa rosa, 63 vallejo. near east bay low 60s for hercules and richmond. but then you get towards hayward and union city, 64. warming to 65 in dublin today. here's where you have that fog sitting a bit throughout the morning hours. and it will evaporate and we'll see 62 antioch. down by the monterey bay, even warmer at 70 in salinas. the seven-day forecast, the fog stays with us throughout the morning hours getting a little warmer by the holiday on monday and then really staying in the low to mid-60s through next
6:23 am
week. we hate to look way, way out there but just can't help it. >> it's so beautiful. >> looking for the rain now. >> seems like spring skiing probably a lot of people going to the mountains this weekend. >> 50s there. >> i know, crazy. "good morning america" starts in about 30 minutes and dan harris joins us live from new york with a preview. hi, dan. >> coming up on "good morning america," exactly one week after the attempted assassination of gabrielle giffords in arizona, news about the suspect, including the video released overnight. you hear his voice in a rambling and confusing dialogue. you'll be able to hear for yourself coming up. a surprising revelation in an exclusive interview with ronald reagan's son. did the president have early stage alzheimer's while in the white house. more debit and credit card fees are on their way to your account very soon. whether you can do anything about this.
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and it's the flash mob wedding. this video has truly gone viral. the couple got married for real in a mob in a mall. why did they do it, how? did that look like a good wedding plan to you? >> actually it looks like a really fun party. >> cheap by the way. you don't have to pay for a function hall or anything. >> and everyone's having a good time. "g.m.a." coming up in about 30 minutes. 49ers head coach jim harbaugh is not going very far to fill out his coaching staff. the war years once again trying to beat l.a. but this time it's the clippers. here's rick quack. >> after losing a tough one wednesday, the warriors were trying to bounce back last night against the other l.a. team, the clippers. the only way to slow down the rookie and blake, trip 'em. barren davis is one again playing well. he stuffs griffin for the alley yoop. monta ellis and david lee for
6:25 am
the two-handed plus. up by 4. monta had 38 wednesday by the lakers. last night he had 30. this just beat the shot clock. now with the clips. he makes his presence felt. the warriors by 7 at the intermission. dunked l.a. at two. misses inside but stays with it. he beats monta for the three. in all the warriors have 14 trades. two late in the contest. the warriors pull away to win 122-112. back to stanford to fill three of his coaching positions. greg roman has been hired as the offensive coordinator. and tim will coach the offensive line. former 49er defensive tackle brian young is headeded to
6:26 am
florida. he's been hired by new head coach to coach the gator dais defensive line. he held that same job at san jose state. the divisional playoffs begin today but the game with the most hype is foxboro with the patriots and the jets. new england embarrassed new york last week 45-3. only soaked the competitive fire of rex ryan. >> this one probably the second biggest game in the history of this franchise. obviously super bowl 3 being the most. plenty of respect for 'em. but we don't fear 'em. i can promise you that. we do not fear 'em, we respect them and we're going to win the game. >> the jets are 8.5 point underdogs. world champion giants are getting their own series on showtime. the pay channel network has been granted access to follow the team throughout the jump coming
6:27 am
season. former stanford golfer joseph branan made his pga debut in honolulu after heavy rains postponed the first round. the weather was picture perfect yesterday. they're the only african american players on tour. the rookie not exactly tiger-like. this chip is off the mark. he shot a one over par 71. coopers tied for second. he fired a 65 leaving him one stroke back of the leader. and that is sports for now. i'm rick quan. have a great saturday. >> still ahead... >> the learning curve is just about vertical. >> captain sully sullenberger two years after the miraclclclcl
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hudson. on january 15th, 2009, bay area pilot captain sully sullenberger safely landed his airbus loaded with passengers and crew on new york's hudson river. in an instant sully was a household name and a national hero. dan ashley sat down and discussed how that event changed his life and how he's using his fame to make the skies safer. >> this must have been parking lot fastest two years of your life. >> especially the first one. at first it was drinking from a hire hose. i can't tell you, words almost fail me being able to tell you if you haven't gone through it yourself, going from complete anonymity to worldwide recognition literally in minutes. and when that fire hose public attention is focussed clearly, directly on you, the learning curve is just about vertical. >> that fire hose of public attention gave chesley sully
6:31 am
sullenberger full force when he left that plane. he fully evacuated after making sure everyone else got out first. flight 1549 started out ordinary enough. suddenly three minutes into the flight the plane struck a flock of geese disabling both engines. unable to make it back to the airport, sullenberger made a split second decision where to land. >> turn right 280, you can land peterborough. >> we can't do it. >> he ditched the plane in the hudson river avoiding catastrophe on the streets of new york city. it was his skill and composure that saved 151 lives that day. sully has met presidents, been honored at the super bowl, thrown out the first pitch among countless other opportunities and experiences. >> have you enjoyed this ride? >> one of the biggest surprises was it didn't fade away like
6:32 am
most stories do. it just lasted a long time. this is one of those seminal events that people remember where they were when they first heard about it. because of that special nature of the story, all of us felt an obligation to use it for good. >> last march sully retired from the cockpit and is now focusing his attention to make the skies favor for everyone. and he's had some success. >> gotten through the congress, signed by the president, a bill that increases the minimum flying experience that pilots have to have when they become airline pilots. >> as airlines tighten their belts, sully is concerned about the pressure on pilots. he wants to see changes on the number of hours pilots spend in the air and he has serious reservations about shifting aircraft maintenance out of the country. >> the repair of the components, the parts of the airplane overhauled, you can put it somewhere else far away where the people working there, their native language is not english and yet they may be dealing with
6:33 am
highly technical manuals that must be followed in proper order written in english. when you don't have as many regulatory agents from the united states overseeing that work, it's quite frankly more difficult to have as much confidence in the outcome. >> do you feel satisfied what you're able to accomplish? >> no, i don't. we have much work to do. >> that was dan ashley reporting. the national transportation safety board website features an animation that recreates the flight using radio transmissions from captain sully to ground controllers. he has one book in print about that incredible flight and another is now in the works focusing on leadership. expect to see it in book stores later this year. the pima county sheriff's office put together a time line hours before the attack on congresswoman gabrielle giffords, the shooting suspect made a stop at a walgreens to pick up pictures of himself. in the pictures jared loughner was wearing next to nothing and
6:34 am
posing with a glock pistol, the same one used to shoot giffords. six others died in the shooting spree and we're learning more about loughner in a newly released home video he made. loughner narrates it and rambles on about his dislike of the school. you can briefly see his reflection in the glass door at the bookstore. >> this is pima community college, one of the biggest scams in america. the students are so illiterate, they expect their daily lives. here's the best part of the bookstore. the bookstore, the bookstore, the bookstore! it's so illegal to sell this book under the constitution. we are also subject by our freedom of speech. >> the nearly four-minute video was posted to september 23rd of last year. a few days later college officials discovered it and
6:35 am
suspended loughner. the video has been released by the school because of public records requests. a warning about social net working. a sacramento man has pleasant guilty to invading the lives of countless women through their pages. george brock targeted women online stalking them and hacking into their accounts. lisa amin gulezian has more. >> is the place to connect with friends, look at photos, and share information. it's also prime hunting ground for hackers. that's approximate what george brock did. >> he looked at the profiles and he found information like people's e-mail addresses and might have found out the names of their pets or boyfriends or where they live. through that he was able to kind of decipher passwords. >> boch admitted he targeted female users and guessed their password based on the personal information on their home page. then he'd take over and find an e-mail, nude photos of the women.
6:36 am
the victims were in california. 16 other states and england. >> this is a good example of something that we call a social engineering attack. >> audrey chattery leads the user authentication division. he says this attack could have been a lot worse. >> but it could easily be used for lots of other things. identity theft, fraud, stealing money, et cetera. >> but in this case, brock's main objective was to embarrass the women. still the experts agree the hacking could have been avoided. >> too many people are putting too much information on >> larry recently publiced a parents' guide to it helps users create safe and secure profiles, something many adult users admit they don't often do. >> my password is one of my hobbies because it's something i could remember. >> and her hobbies are listed on her page. >> that never crossed my mind, that that was even something they would do. >> that was lisa amin gulezian
6:37 am
reporting. well, security experts recommend that you use a password that nobody can get. the movie the social network keeps making friends. it's won the critic choice award for best picture. the origin is also one for director, adapted screenplay and score. best actor was collin first for the king's speech. natalie portman won for best actress for a ballerina. >> we'll have an extended period of nice weather although the temperatures are going to change. from ballmer peak. isn't this beautiful. the forecast is next. >> plus researchers come up with a simple solution to save a lot of time, gas and i have fallen in love with making bird houses. caw caw! [ director ]what is that? that's a horrible crow. here are some things that i'll make as little portals. honestly, i'd love to do this for the rest of my life so i've got to take care of my heart.
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faster, safer and with less fuel, would you consider the way you drive. the key is living without left turns. abc's jerry hubbard has the story. >> hanging a left may work for nascar drivers. what would this sport be without left-hand turns. but for the rest of us there is scientific proof left just isn't right. >> if people stopped making left turns tomorrow, we in the traffic business would be out of business the day after that because left turns just contribute to so much of our problems. >> researchers wondered what would happen if we stopped turning left all together. so they looked at specially designed superstreet intersections where instead of going left you hang a right, drive a little ways then flip a legal u-turn. it may sound time consuming but travel times dropped 20%. injuries plummeted, too. >> it's a great thing to do so to speak. >> left-hand turns are no joke
6:41 am
to ups. >> we're going to make a right turn here. >> a few years ago the company bought navigation software that perfectly minimizes the number of left-hand turns drivers make. the result has been staggering. >> since 2004, avoiding lefts saved the company 10 million gallons of gas and reduced emissions of taking 1500 cars off the road the entire year. something to think about the next time you approach the intersection. apparently you can't go wrong going right. jeremy hubbard, abc news, new york. >> you have to change your driving habits. >> yeah. >> not hard to deal with the sunshine. i love it. i'll deal with it all the time. >> looks like we're settling into a prolonged period of dry weather. hope you like it. our roof camera shows a few high clouds. no airport delays or problems downtown. the official sunrise not until 7:25. setting at 5:15 but we have a dense fog advisory for the north
6:42 am
bay valleys. but also fog is settling into our east bay communities as well. around concord it's 44. visibility less than a quarter mile for concord, fairfield, travis, napa and santa rosa. and those numbers quickly dropping with some clear skies and we're looking at 47 in mountain view. good morning, san francisco. 52 for you. so overnight with the drier air mass, the numbers have been allowed to slip a little and we're looking at 9 degrees of cooling on the peninsula. redwood city, you are definitely much colder this morning as well as concord and oakland. so we will look for the temperatures to rebound. lots of sunshine. mild numbers for the entire weekend. and if you're lucky enough to be up for the holiday, some of our warmer numbers settling in by monday. so the dense fog advisory until 9:00 not only for parts of marin, sonoma but also into alameda county. so be careful. we're looking at areas with less than a quarter of a mile.
6:43 am
high pressure is in control keeping the storm track well to the north. this next system is going to sink a little farther to the south bringing a few high clouds. actually more fog tomorrow morning. so we're really getting away with not that much to contend with this morning. but we're going to allow for numbers to still rebound with temperatures above the average. 55 yosemite with 53 and your fog in fresno. but look at the coast. 66 monterey. a few extra clouds to the north but 80s for southern california. 66 los gatos, santa clara, san jose, sunnyvale. look for the numbers on the peninsula to warm past yesterday's highs with low to mid-60s with mountain view and palo alto. san francisco, we already saw the sunshine, 61 downtown. south city 62. in the north bay we'll see numbers into the upper 60s for santa rosa. 68 for you. 63 vallejo. near east bay oakland coming in at 65 as well as fremont and out
6:44 am
over the hills more mid-60s for livermore. walnut creek today in danville where we stay a little cooler by the delta. 69 in watsonville with 70 salinas. fog with us tomorrow as well, maybe lingering a bit longer. warmer numbers for the holiday monday settling into the mid-60s all throughout next week and a couple systems bringing in a extra cloud or two here or there but really for late january, kind of nice. >> put away the wool coat. >> the sperling boots. >> a nice break. >> blue shield of california said the plan to go forward with an increase in health insurance rates, some individual policyholders could see the rate climb as much as 59%. the company issued a news release yesterday promising to subject the new rates to an independent review and even issue refunds if the rates cannot be justified.
6:45 am
blue shield has ired an actuary to begin that process. governor schwarzenegger had plans to open health clinics at elementary schools. but according to california watch, investigative reporting, not a single one has been established. abc 7's education reporter lee ann melendez follows up. >> so i'm going to take your blood pressure. >> el cerrito high has a healthcare center for its students, mental health services and enrichment programs are also offered. >> these people, you can tell they love you, care for you and always there for you. >> jennifer is the center's director. she says if students are healthy physically and mentally it will reflect in their school work. >> we knew if we can create a set of services and connect those services with young people we would support them to do well in school. >> they have tissues when we cry. they are here. they are our shelter. we don't have anybody to talk to
6:46 am
at home. >> there are 176 health centers in schools in california. there should have been more. four years ago governor schwarzenegger promised to have 500 of them in elementary schools. >> the schwarzenegger initiative came about when they were trying to pass their own health reform legislation. i think the health vendors would be part of that. >> but the california legislature never passed healthcare reform. then came the recession. according to california watch, as a result to date not a single one of these centers has opened. tom is the new state superintendent of schools. >> we are in a fiscal emergency. the state budget is still in crisis. the economy is still in crisis. >> school districts like oakland unified are going forward building healthcare centers by relying on health from the community. they are counting on local bond money, grants, donations and
6:47 am
some money from the federal government. any future funding from sacramento is unlikely. >> governor brown has not made healthcare and healthcare reform a major part of these platforms, campaign, hasn't caulked about it. >> even though there is a financial incentive to fund these centers. >> health centers get preventive healthcare to kids right away. they prevent illnesses from spreading in the school. they keep kids in school. that saves money for the school because they get to keep their average daily attendance up. and they also prevent kids from getting really sick and going to the emergency room. >> something that ends up costing three to four times more than a trip to the doctors office. >> and you can read more of the california watch report this weekend online at in the news room, lee ann melendez, abc 7 news. >> up next, finders keepers? >> a good samaritan finds a large sum of money and no one
6:48 am
claims it. do they get to keep
6:49 am
6:50 am
>> southbound 880 is completely shut down. there could be one fatality. traffic difficult diverted. please avoid the area. all lanes south 880 closed. no estimated time for when those lanes will reopen. finders keepers may be the rule on the playground but it's not the law of the land. one woman discovered that when she found a large amount of
6:51 am
money in a parking lot. 7 on your side's michael has your story. >> margaret simon says she was walking in a target parking lot when she saw more than $1,000 on the ground. most would consider it their lucky day. >> i was thinking it could be somebody's rent and bill money, food money. >> margaret briefly considered giving money to the people she knew needed it. >> the memorial service, the right thing to do. >> so she did what you would hope most would do. she turned in the money to target where she found it. target told her the money would be returned if no one claimed it within 30 days. 30 days passed and no one claimed it but target would not give her the money. >> he says, well, ma'am, for an amount of money that high we can't give it to you. we have to keep it. we have to put it in our petty cash. i said no way. >> we contacted target about
6:52 am
margaret's story and it confirmed its policy to "7 on your side" by e-mail. the store write it lost cash that's not claimed by the owner, the store will continue to carry the money claimed in the future. customers we spoke to think the money should be returned to margaret. >> definitely she has a claim to the money considering she's the one that found it. >> if it's not claimed like within a two- three week period, the person that found it should probably get it. >> they took it to legal analyst dean johnson. >> from finders keepers to you have to turn it into police. all them are sort of true. >> the proper thing to do is turn it over to police. once margaret asked for the money back, johnson says target should have given it to her. >> they had duties to hold the property in effect in trust for the finder when when she demanded it back, they were under a duty to give it back.
6:53 am
>> target has since returned all the money to margaret. had the money been turned over to police, it would have been held 90 days. if not claimed, the money would have then been given to the finder. we checked with the san jose police department and there have been no reports filed of lost money similar to this. i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." >> up next, the green hornet. >> i can't do it! >> you can! >> the superhero action comedy is in theaters this holiday weekend and our don sanchez is on the aisle with his review next. é"é"é"é"é"é"é"é"é"é"é"é""
6:54 am
6:55 am
>> in theaters this weekend, the green hornet in 3-d. so does the action adventure
6:56 am
comedy fly or leave a sting? here's don sanchez on the aisle. >> brit reid is a party agenda. his usual man child. but when reed's father dies, he takes over the newspaper. >> what about your father? >> cadedo is his former assistant who knows martial arts. >> we fill our potential. >> you a little more than me. >> so they create the green hornet with masks that don't conceal much. the car's black, lots of tech stuff. the boys fumble along. >> how does that even work? >> they're going after the crime lord. >> i control the crime. i control the thief. >> far cry from his academy award turn in ingorgeous
6:57 am
bastards. >> we're helping people. >> why do you research on the greens hornet when you are the green hornet. >> the only thing it has in common with bruce lee is the name. and it's loud. it is goofy and silly but also funny. the lackluster 3-d can't keep you awake. it all ends with car crashes and explosions, the usual formula but what the heck, it's entertaining so i'll give it a half bucket. i'm don sanchez, abc 7 news and we'll see you on the aisle. >> the sigalert has been cancelled. there was a major accident. shut it down a couple hours southbound. cars are now moving again. final check of the forecast. >> our dense fog advisory until 9:00 this morning in our north bay valleys but also fog in parts of the east bay. later on today you'll enjoy low to mid-60s across the bay. 66 san jose. even warmer along the central
6:58 am
coast. 69 gilroy. how about 70 in salinas and the look ahead if you have monday off, we're going to be even warmer with more upper 60s. still some morning fog but actually low to mid-60s through the end of next week with no rain in sight. so some of that persistent fog but that's about it. >> a beautiful forecast. thanks, lisa. thanks for joining us on the abc 7 saturday morning news. our next newscast is at 8 a.m.. "good morning america" is next. bye! captioned by: closed captioning services, inc. the film gala's in about 2 hours. wanna go? yeah! wait. 2 hours!? [ female announcer ] no time to plan? there's still time to whiten. introducing crest whitestrips 2-hour express. now, in just two hours you can have a noticeably whiter smile that lasts for months. ♪ they must think we're famous! let em. [ female announcer ] whitening without the wait. 3d white whitestrips two hour express, from crest.
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