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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  January 21, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PST

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>> i didn't know it was possible. >> parents at an oakland elementary school are demanding answers after they launched an investigation of reported sex acts in a classroom. >> aim same live at markham elementary school with the
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latest. >> the investigation is in full swing, we seen officers from the oakland police department and alameda county sheriff's department at the school and they are meeting with the families. so far there is nothing to indicate that the children made the story up. >> this grandmother came from markham elementary school looking for answers, her granddaughter is a student who reported the sexual activity going on among students. >> she saw them taking off their clothes. that she saw personal things doing on to each other. >> school officials are concerned there are two incidents in one classroom. one was taking their clothes off and one was two people engaging in oral sex. >> it's very shocking. i'm not sure if i want my granddaughter to come back to
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this school again. >> you have a beautifully principal here who holds her school down. i think it would be the ignorance of that teacher. >> it mazes me and i don't understand it but, it's on to parents, they don't teach that at school. >> they want a thorough investigation is played. >> early findings show that nobody was coerced. >> the teacher is not accused of geablg inning sexual acts but not being aware. >> he has no knowledge of the reports so we have to square the different stories. >> as for the grandmother she feels much better after meeting with the principal who plans on getting her granddaughter an award for coming forward. >> you get hit something in the face like this, here is your grandchild that witnessed things that happened. you are in shock and you don't
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know. a lot of my questions were answered. >> the we decided not to reveal her identity. we wanted her granddaughter to be able to stay anonymous. at this point, the teacher is not facing disciplinary action and not facing criminal charges. he is in here, they want to keep him away from campus until they get to the bottom of what happened. the letter markham elementary school is posted on our website at sheriff's department are using sonar technology to search for a missing child. four-year-old was kidnapped on tuesday. divers are in the canal looking for a car linked to the boy's disappearance. terry mcsweeney is there with more. >> reporter: this is a $200,000 sonar device and it in the canal
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right now. they are operating it autos go those tables, those men holding and it can go where no diver can go. 70 feet below the surface the search for a silver toyota corolla. take a look who they believe may be inside that toyota. he and his kidnapper, he is the boy's mother's boyfriend. this device was purchased by the merced county sheriff's office with homeland security grant money. it dives down. it sends out sound waves that are deflected by solid objects. it creates a picture like an ultrasound. there are three ten foot tubes in the canal. they go down 70 feet underneath a river bed and come up on the other side of that dry river bed it's down those tubes where the device will do its work.
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>> we have an underwater vehicle. it will give us video but it will give a multibeam sonar image that can cut through the murk and give us a pretty good picture. >> today's search is the last effort to find the car in the search for the boy and rodriguez. it begin tuesday afternoon when rodriguez grabbed the boy from his grand more and took off. an eyewitness said they saw a silver vehicle go into the canal on tuesday evening. silver car was pulled out from the canal but it was not the toyota. investigators say they have received lots of calls in this case from all over the state but no lead is better this lead. that is why they are here now with the sonar device. once they get it down those tubes it will not be long before it takes those pictures, ultrasound like pictures and get the images back to the people. they can see it on the screen
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and they will know what is down there. a large prostitution ring operating in bay area has been busted. they arrested 17 people yesterday for their roll in o-ago brothel ring they say exploited asian women. 125 law enforcement personnel helped the hayward police department in serving arrest warrants in several counties. officials say the bust is the result of a yearlong investigation. they are still identifying more potential victims and suspects. >> police in orange county are investigating new death threats made against governor brown. they came in the form of graffiti discovered in santa ana. one threatens to kill him on valentine's day. they consider it terrorist threats and there have been other hate messages in orange
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county this month. the arizona congresswoman wounded in the assassination attempt two weeks ago is now out of the hospital and on her way to a rehabilitation facility. she was shot in the head. 18 others were shot, hit or killed. >> congresswoman giffords is on flight from tucson to houston and will be landing any minute now. these are live pictures, hobby airport, she just landed at the airport. from the airport she will be taken by medical helicopter to the icu at texas medical center where she will be evaluated before going to the rehabilitation hospital. >> at 8:20, gabrielle giffords left the tucson hospital where she spent the last 13 days. people lined the streets as the ambulance drove by. she was then transported to a private plane headed for houston where she will recover at a
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rehabilitation center. the mom and husband and surgeon and nurse are traveling with her. >> she is a strong person, a fighter. she is a fighter like nobody else that i know. >> yesterday, more signs of tremendous progress. giffords smiled when doctors wheeled her outside for the first time since he being shot in the head on january 8th. doctors say she can move her lips, stand with help and even scroll through an ipad but they don't know yet if she can see or talk. her husband says she is very aware of the people around her. >> she'll smile at me. she will do a couple things she'll only do around me like pat me in the face. very gently. she is well aware of who is around her. >> there is a cognitive function but i want to caution everyone
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she has a long road ahead of her. >> the memorial hermann hospital specializes in the treatment of brain injuries. they set up extra security measures at the facilities. houston is also home to the johnson space center where the husband mark kelly is an astronaut. at some point he could return to work and still see his wife everyday. >> meanwhile, the young man accused of shooting giffords is scheduled to make his next federal court appearance on monday where he is expected to enter a plea. jared loughner is accused of killing six and wounding 13 others. the plane just landed. this is the medical chopper that will take her to the icu at texas medical center and from there she will be transferred to the rehab center. >> a decision by a major
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pharmaceutical company could delay executions. they say it will no longer manufacturer the drug a key ingredient used in lethal injections. they are being forced to stop production at the plant in italy because they couldn't guarantee that the drug wouldn't be used for executions. a shortage of the other drug has disrupted executions nationwide including a scheduled execution here in california last year. >> former giants player barry bonds is in court. he is charged with lying to a federal grand jury about steroid use. defense will try to get more evidence thrown out. a judge has already barred several key pieces of evidence connected to his personal trainer, greg anderson because he has refused to testify. according to espn the evidence being disputed, doping cancerous with the initials b.b. on it and
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hand wrinkle notes labeled "barry," on it. >> and bay area university that first say is a cover-up for illegal imigrants. >> plus president obama is on the road today are you trapped and don't know how to escape your addiction to cigarettes? one out of two regular smokers will die prematurely from smoking. you don't have to be one of them. escape the trap. say "enough." for free help to quit smoking, call the california smokers' helpline at 1-800-no butts.
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...authentic... ...pure... and also delicious. ♪ like nature valley. granola bars made with crunchy oats and pure honey. because natural is not only good, it also tastes good. nature valley -- 100% natural. 100% delicious. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. federal prosecutors calling pleasanton university a sham and
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front that is providing illegal immigration status to foreign nationals. they report that agents raided the tri-valley university campus this week. u.s. districts attorney's office says it was a scheme okay millions of dollars in tuition fees by issuing visa related documents. president obama advisory board on the economy is taking a new approach. today he visited general electric's plant to as the head of new council. new plan replaces his economic advisory board and will focus on manufacturing, export, trade and innovation. president says they will work out the trade bill with china this week. >> during this meeting we struck a deal to open chinese markets to their products.
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they are selling here, but we want to sell there. we want to open up their markets so we got two way trade, not one way trade. >> the president also used the visit to praise g.e. new deal to build power to your types wniens india. job news here, california's unemployment rate rose slightly in december. it went up to 12.5%. california's monthly jobless rate has remained above 12% for all of last year. state employment development department says the number of jobless americans rose to 2 million total. what a beautiful day outside. >> actually a lot of sunshine but the haze is getting a little thicker.
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sad news for thousands of customers waiting to get their hands on the all electric nissan car. they are months behind due to longer than expected production time. 20,000 customers may have to wait until may or june instead of getting this one or next. meantime, gm says wait times for chevy volt is running two to four months as expected. >> two months ahead in march or april right now. >> definitely seeing seems like the dry season has kicked in. long range forecast. here is a look at mountains,
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above average snowfall. still finding very good conditions for skiing if usual heading there this weekend. as far as back here back home, let's take a look what is going organization you can see how hazy it is this morning. definitely a thick layer of haze as high pressure continues to put a lid on it. it is keeping us rather mild, 66 in half moon bay. we have low to mid 40s inland and mid to upper 40s around the bay. monterey bay, upper 50s to near 60 degrees. even us a head inland so highlights, hazy afternoon but record highs are possible. tonight it will be clear and cold just like it was this morning. no rain, no sierra snow until at least february. another 16 days out. livermore 5 degrees higher to
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oakland about 12. south bay we'll top out in the mid to upper 60s. look for an asterisk where we'll have a possible record high. mid-50s on the peninsula with low to mid-50s along the coast. through the north bay, low to mid-50s also. a little cooler at bodega bay. mid to upper 60s around the east bay shore. monterey bay, mid to upper 50s, even a 70 in salinas. patchy fog possible. low to mid 40s around the bay shore and out to the coast. as far as hugged up to the sierra, here is the way it looks. temperatures in the 40s and 50s with no real snow in sight. the reason why, take a look at the area of high pressure pushing the jetstream to the north and another one bringing that warm offshore flow. that is why it's mild. here is a look at accu-weather seven-day forecast, as long as
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those temperatures stay above 50 it's above average. we'll have some fog sneak in on wednesday and thursday but still looking pretty sunny. >> a new study shows that children are mastering technology before basic skills. 14% of four and five-year-olds can tie their shoes but 21% know how to use a smart phone or i-phone application. 52% of kids ages to to five know how to ride a bike but 58 can play computer games. some worry that it may come at the expense of basic life skills. >> they will be writing their name on the ipads. >> all new. oprah: our australian grand finale. >> the headline-making
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entrance. oprah: hugh jackman! bono! >> nicole kidman and keith urban. oprah: olivia newton-john. >> and -- oprah: a jaw-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d
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today, grand fir naturally of oprah australian adventure. then at 5:00, the millions incentive pay at u.c. regents meeting just as qualified students could be turned away. and more government findings into the investigation in the san bruno explosion, this time as the result of tests conducted on the pipe itself. we'll have those stories later today at 5:00. >> prince william and kate middle ton haven't said their i do's wet yet but the betting is on for probability of divorce.
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bets can be placed on things whether middle ton walks into westminister abby on time or if she will be late. they can put down money on the length of the wedding dress's train. >> time for perfect pet. >> and from the san francisco spca with little sofie. how are you. let's talk about sofie. >> six-year-old pure bred pug. the owner recently passed away. was treating for an eye condition she had which is very treatable so the interim caretakers weren't giving the meds she needed. so we had to remove her eye but loves to be held. good lap dog.
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she is pretty mellow. as long as they are not crazy and hyper. yeah, if you come to san francisco spca and come to the veterinary hospital, this is how we get to help animals to find her a good home. >> we appreciate that. >> little sofie, she deserves a great home. give the san francisco spca a call. >> first time on tv. >> all right. back to you. >> a little camera shy. >> wagging her tail. >> thanks for joining us. >> "who wants to be a
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