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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  January 22, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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in the news this saturday morning, january 22nd, a new federal court on the san bruno gas explosion says the welds on the ruptured pipeline had severe defects. and divers will be back out at a canal about two hours from now to continue searching for a missing four-year-old boy who authorities say was kidnapped by his mother's ex-boyfriend earlier this week. >> good morning. some of our north and east bay valleys dropping into the upper 30s with patchy fog. you guessed it, another sunny and beautiful day today. >> thanks, lisa, and thanks for joining us. i'm jenelle wang. our top story, the feds say the pipeline that caused the san bruno disaster not only failed today's standards, it would have been a problem even in the '50s when it was installed. the safety board revealeded welds had severe defects. lillian kim has more. >> the national transportation safety board says the pipeline that exploded in the san bruno
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neighborhood back in september had dozens of defective welds. in its 78-page report, the ntsb wrote the longitudinal seams showed lack of penetration, income pleat fusion and undercutting. an expert in metallurgy at stanford. >> also evidence that cracks emanated from these defects, grew with time eventually to critical size. so clearly if you had inspections in place, those might have been caught. >> but no such inspections ever took place because up until recently, pg&e thought the pipe was seamless. in a scathing statement, congresswoman jackie speier wrote the loss of life might have been prevented if pg&e showed the risks underground.
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>> who was watching over what they were doing? >> san bruno resident tina is one of the homeowners who is house burned down the night of the explosion. her property is a half block from where the pipe ruptured. >> i just hope this doesn't happen to somebody else. i think they need to go through and reinspect every inch of pipe that they've got. >> pg&e declined on-camera interviews but its president issued this video statement. >> that all pipelines in pg&e system that are of a similar size and vintage to the line in san bruno and have not been pressure-tested are continuing to operate at pressures of that been reduced by 20%. this measure built a significant margin of safety into our system. >> yesterday's report was just a finding of fact, not a final report. the ntsb has still not determined the cause of the blast. that could come in march in washington d.c.
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san jose police are investigating the deadly shooting of a young man during rush hour yesterday evening. officers found the victim just before 5:00 at story road and east capital expressway. story was shut down in both directions for several hours. the victim who has not been identified is between 18 and 20 years old. so far there's no word on any suspects or what led to that shooting. this morning a south bay family is grieving. they say their son was murdered by a police officer in ethiopia. the 20-year-old was there seeing relatives. now the family wants the u.s. government to help them receive justice. abc 7's lisa amin gulezian has the story. >> a steady flow of visitors try to console a family that's experienced so much loss. >> he was a good kid to me. >> asanni died january 9th. he loved his family, sports and ethiopia, his mother's native country. he led for africa january 1st. nine days later he was in a
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restaurant. >> one that got shot heard. >> witnesses told the family he and his friends were offended so they left. a police officer who was nearby suddenly opened fire. assani died soon thereafter. >> i blame the government because they're the ones training these so-called officers act out in their behalf. >> according to this family, corruption in the ethiopian police department is commonplace. they think the ones making the racist remarks in the restaurant may have been involved. >> i'm thinking they went up to the police, here i give you $200, shoot at this car. you know, as a mother i'm thinking a lot, a lot is going in my mind. i don't have an answer at this time and i need an answer. >> they want government and civil rights leaders to help investigate. an aid to senator barbara boxer told abc 7 news their office is
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trying to get more information. >> don't want this to be just another incident of someone being killed in that country. >> his plan was to return from ethiopia at the end of this month and continue taking classes here at san jose city college. his goal was to graduate and become a film maker. recently he made this film. ♪ it's filled with friends in ethiopia and in the bay area in happier times. in the span of seven months, the family's house burned downs, they became homeless, and now their only son is dead. lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. >> his family told us about his story through youreport powered by if you have a story you'd like to share, you can e-mail us or just go to our youreport website. the search for a kidnapped four-year-old boy continues this morning in a central valley canal near patterson. detectives will be back at 8:00
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this morning searching a section of the delta canal where a farm worker says he saw a silver toyota corolla with two people inside go into the water. last night a 4th car was pulled from the canal but it turned out to be just another stolen car unrelated to the kidnapping case. investigators say the canal is still their best lead for finding the little boy. >> there are no other credible leads, ladies and gentlemen, taking us in a different direction. >> possibly did see two bodies in the car. >> that sighting was made on tuesday shortly after the boy was kidnapped from his grandmother's arms by his mother's former boyfriend. divers had been using sonar to locate objects in the canal ever since that report. the car is a silver toyota corolla, the license plate number is 6 hbw 445. if you think you see that car, call police immediately. the east oakland elementary school where officials are investigating sex acts between
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two second graders has given an award to the student whistle blower. the incident happened last week. the student reported it this past wednesday. her grandmother spoke to us. we concealed her identity to protect her granddaughter. >> she saw them taking off their clothes. and that she saw them doing personal things to each other. >> there is also a report students got undressed in the same classroom where this happened. the teacher told officials he was unaware of the incident. he has been placed on leave during the investigation. in richmond a teenage gang rape victim has reached a $4 million settlement. the attack happened during the richmond high school homecoming dance. the victim will get an immediate payout of $2.5 million and additional $1.5 million over the next 40 years. a judge ordered five men and a teenager boy to face trial in
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the rape case. most are facing life in prison. a woman says her pitbull was running to her house when officers shot it earlier this month. a neighbor called 9-1-1 on january 10th because the 70 pound dog was threatening him. police say the pitbull lunged at them and that's why officers shot it. the two-year-old dog's owner has a different story. >> zeus, the pitbull was running to come into the house because i was calling his name. at the exact moment i got to the front door and the dog was coming towards me, he was shot by the police officer right on the edge of my property. >> the pitbull was later euthanized. the owner says zeus got out of her house along with two other dogs because a door was accidentally left open. the two other dogs were not hurt. coming up next, the latest on the flood crisis in australia. find out when officials believe floodwaters will finally recede.
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will astronauts be able to grow their own food some day? a local ♪ ♪ do do da do doom da do ba do [ female announcer ] last year, ethan thompson and three friends from missoula, montana, put a band together and won the first ever folgers jingle contest. [ kara ] that was great! let's do it again. ♪ the sun shinin' when i rise... ♪ [ kara ] so, we're doing it again. to find out how you could be the next folgers jingle contest winner go to ♪ the best part of wakin' up is folgers in your cup ♪ [ laughs ]
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homes. >> liftoff. liftoff of the japanese htv cargo craft heading for a rendezvous with the international space station next thursday. >> a japanese rocket is on its way to the international space station for that rendezvous. the unmanned rocket blasted off this morning caring food, water, clothing and experiments. a special pay load is on board that rocket. a first of its kind experiment conceived by high school students from san jose. abc 7's david louie has their story. >> it's really cool. >> and you could say it's out of this world. these it 22 science students have spent the past year working on an experiment headed for the international space station. they wanna learn how microgravity affects plant growth. >> some of the things we expect are things like the water will travel better in space because there's no gravity so that means the plants will be able to grow a little faster. those are some of the hypotheses
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that we have currently. >> it could pave the way of astronauts to grow their own food during extended missions. the students are from san jose. their project must fit inside a cube measuring 4 by 4 by 8 inches. inside seeds for basil, marigolds and a camera will monitor its growth. >> it will send information down to us and we'll look at the information and be able to see, okay, this is what's going on. >> this is the first high school project ever to use these special chambers. the students have put in over 1,000 hours of their own time. the applied math, science and engineering institute with selected admission. it includes former nasa scientists and satellite design engineers. >> if you give students an opportunity to do something significant and apply what they've learned in the classroom, it just doesn't get any better. >> the students said one of the most valuable lessons learned
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was the importance of collaboration. >> everyone had opinions on what plants we were gonna choose. and we brought them all to the table and we got into some heated debates sometimes on what we were gonna choose. and then we came up with what we thought were the best decisions. >> the first data should be transmitted to earth by mid-february. >> you can really make a difference and do something crazy. it's so exciting. >> david louie, abc 7 news. >> we've had lots of dry weather this week. any rain in sight. >> well, i can't give it all away right now because we are looking at some fog north and east bay valleys and some calm winds right now but those are going to get quite gusty in our north bay valleys and your seven-day outlook coming up. >> warriors star monta ellis is hurt seconds before an overtime win over the kings. larry beil has the highlights in this morning's sports. [ female announcer ] why choose between delicious
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[ kara ] so, we're doing it again. to find out how you could be the next folgers jingle contest winner go to ♪ the best part of wakin' up is folgers in your cup ♪ [ laughs ] welcome back, everyone, on this saturday morning. it is 6:17 right now. the sun is going to be coming up shortly. about what, 45 minutes from now.
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it's going to be another beautiful day. just how nice is it gonna be? well, guess who's here, meteorologist lisa argen is going to give us our forecast. >> santa rosa as much as 15 degrees above the average. that's due to gusty north winds. outside we go. you notice the winds there on top of the ferry building rather light. basically our north and east bay valleys tonight into tomorrow we will see gusty winds. this camera shows a nice perspective. not much in the way of fog, santa rosa, concord and napa reporting low visibility. about three-quarter of a mile visibility in santa rosa. we are looking at 41 in livermore. you've come up a few degrees since last hour. 38 santa rosa with the warm spot downtown, 51. it's 43 in oakland and fremont today and 24 hours ago, yeah, everyone was a little cooler except for oakland and half moon bay.
6:19 am
this morning with just a little wind out there, a nice warmer day yesterday. retain just a little bit of that heat. so we're starting out with mainly 40 degree temperatures. so sunny and mild this weekend. the surf's up at the coast. no rain and extended dry period right through next week. here currently are the wave heights. 10 feet san francisco, 11 feet half moon bay. and they're expected to be anywhere from 15 to 20 feet through 3:00 early tomorrow morning. so some of these higher waves could drag you right out to the sea there so be careful. it's been so nice. i bet the beaches will be kind of busy today. dangerous waves. so that will be the story throughout the weekend. and we are looking at the sunny weather all throughout the state today, even near 50 degrees in the mountains. 79 palm springs. look for 61 sacramento. still some fog southern
6:20 am
sacramento valley to san joaquin valley so you should see hazy sunshine but sunshine will warm us up at the coast. the central coast 67 degrees. here's what's going on in the atmosphere. high pressure to the east and west of us. it's been anchored here and been pretty persistent. this is where it's gonna stay. that will allow the storm track to stay to the north, keep us rain-free throughout the next seven days. perhaps beyond that. and we are looking at this weak system to push on through today and what that does, it changes our winds and brings some slightly gusty winds to the north and east bay valleys. but in turn that will warm us up around santa rosa today with temperatures i said before up to 15 degrees above the average. 67 in sunnyvale and santa clara today. look for 65 redwood city, menlo park about the same. downtown 53 south city and the north bay the warmest numbers from 70, petaluma and napa. near east bay, nice day for you
6:21 am
again in oakland at 68. 67 in newark with pittsburgh coming in at 67. and look at salinas, 74 degrees. the accu-weather seven forecast, some of the warmest numbers today, a bit cooler tomorrow. those north winds will back off and temperatures will be still very pleasant, above normal into next week with really no rain -- >> i can't believe this weather. it's fantastic. thanks so much, lisa, but it's brrrr! cold on the east coast. what's coming up on "g.m.a." >> hi, jenelle. it is freezing. 14 degrees in new york city right now just to give you an idea. we're going to talk more about the weather and this arctic chill between the coldest weathertivity season between the midwest and northeast. how long will the deep freeze last. plus gabrielle giffords leaves tucson for rehab in houston and doctors were very optimistic. what benchmarks doctors will be monitoring going forward.
6:22 am
we'll tell you about the controversial new show your teens are watching with scenes so explicit that critics are concerned. and then a new start-up company garners significant support from major investors. established ones like google will show you this search sight and let you hear it, too. it's called quickie and we're getting into it later on in the show. >> try to stay warm over there. can't wait for "good morning america" in 40 minutes. thanks. other news this morning, a federal judge has ruled that current and former major league baseball players will have to testify at barry bonds' upcoming perjury trial. bonds arrived at court yesterday morning in san francisco. the judge ruled prosecutors could call bonds' former teammates and other players to testify about whether they received steroids from bonds' trainer greg anderson. bonds is on trial for perjury and obstruction after telling a grand jury he never knowingly
6:23 am
took steroids from anderson. anderson has refused to testify. in sports the warriors are in los angeles to play the clippers riding a four-game winning streak. last night the warriors made a later comeback to beat the sacramento kings in overtime at oracle arena. here's larry beil with the highlights. >> the warriors are thinking playoffs. they won their fourth straight game last night staging a dramatic overtime win over the sacramento kings but no smile afterwards because of a late-game injury to monta ellis. he's on his way to an aneurysm or something. calm down. careless inbounding but warriors say i'll take that, thank you very much. warriors come back. to the hoop! warriors on a 12-2 run up 5. fast forward. 4th quarter. tyreke evans. sacramento on a 21-6 burst. kings up by 9. warriors rally. curry high off the glass had 34
6:24 am
and monta off the inbound buries the warriors 103, 102. same spot, same shot, same result. less than a second left, tied at 104. go to overtime. no? reach? yes! new owner's lovin' it but nervous when monta goes down with a sprained ankle. dante green rolls into him. the warriors 119-112 victory. it looked really bad but after the game monta made it sound like it's probably not that serious. >> i mean, it was -- it was a painful at the moment but for me right now, a little less swollen. >> gotta figure monta probably will not play tonight against the clippers. willie mays started his career with the giants in new york. yesterday willie and the world series trophy were back in the big apple. dropping in at ps-46 in
6:25 am
manhattan. sits where the polo grounds used to be. that's where willie played where f before the giants moved west. he never imagined when he started his career he would end up in san francisco. >> i've been here all the time. i didn't go to san francisco on my choice. i was, you know, asked to go by the team. >> yeah. >> so new york has always been, you know, part of my home. >> football news. jim tomsula became an instant fan favorite when he took over. he led the team to victory over arizona. tom will be back as part of new head coach returning to his old jock as defensive line coach. the australian open ended a lot earlier than venus williams expected or hoped. she with drew for the first time in her career. she was playing just a few minutes into the match. she aggravated the abdominal injury resuffered a few days
6:26 am
ago. serena couldn't play, now venus has to pull out for the first time in 251 grand slam matches. doubles entertaining. got upset with the chest bumping. they say he was provoking him all night long. getting an earful there. the ref intervened. won in straight sets. that's a wrap on morning sports. mike shumann will be here with all your weekend highlights at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. have a great weekend, everybody. >> doctors are ready to begin rehabilitation therapy for congresswoman gabrielle giffords after her 1,000 mile trip to a texas medical center. >> after cordial meetings with governor jerry brown, people are acting out in defiance against his budget. oneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
6:27 am
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♪ california lawmakers are actively protesting against governor jerry brown for wanting to take away redevelopment money from cities and counties. here's abc 7 political correspondent nanette miranda with the stir. >> governor jerry brown's budget proposal has been subjected to acts of defiance lately by opponents showing just what they think of his ideas. assemblyman donnelly posted a video denouncing the three-volume spending plan. >> you notice it's about as tall as a can of diet coke. we think the budget needs to go on a diet. this is how much government we have. this is about how much we can afford. >> he then shreds page after page, especially taking aim at the funding for the california air resources board. >> what part of no don't they understand! >> later city leaders stood up against the governor upset that
6:30 am
he wants to defund redevelopment. locals say they need that money to revitalize blighted neighborhoods and create jobs. they also point out a new constitutional amendment protects that money. >> we're infuriated once again sacramento is attempting to balance its budget by raiding local government funds. >> redevelopment agencies throughout the state have been approving project after project spending the money before brown can take it for use in schools, public safety, and social programs. >> through redevelopment, we support jobs, we build the economy. more taxes are paid, services get paid for. >> it has been called quite frankly a subsidy for developers. >> taxpayers groups think redevelopment money has been abused with politicians get willing too cozy with developers. while many projects are successful, downtown san jose built a pavilion with theaters and restaurants in the '90s and
6:31 am
it flopped. >> about 90% of the cases, a substantial effort to build low income housing but new shopping malls, new auto malls, new sports stadiums. >> governor brown is well aware and has often said everyone must act as californians to help solve the state's budget deficit. in sacramento, nanette miranda, abc 7 news. >> other economic news, u.s. exports to china will increase by more than $45 billion and china will increase its investments in america by several billion dollars. both are the result of this week's economic meetings with china's leader in washington d.c. president obama is using his weekly address to highlights steps to be taken. >> these may just sound like statistics but yesterday i saw what that means firsthand and i traveled to a g.e. plant in schenectady, new york.
6:32 am
this plant is manufacturing generators for a big project in india that resulted from a deal we announced around that trip. >> the president is up against polls that shows half the nation disapproves of his policies to refuse high unemployment. this morning gabrielle giffords is under intensive care at texas medical center following her 1,000 mile trip from tucson yesterday. her new team of doctors plan to immediately begin therapy for the bullet wound to the brain from her assassination attempt two weeks ago. awayian owens report. >> her husband, mother and doctors left the tucson hospital, and the people she represents line the street to pay tribute. her doctors say she noticed. >> we could hear applause in the ambulance with gabby and she responded very well to that, smiling. in fact, even tearing a little bit. >> her husband mark kelly is just as thankful. he sent this message on twitter.
6:33 am
g. g., gabrielle giffords, going to the next phase of her recovery today, very grateful to the docs and nurses at umc. after a half hour ambulance ride to a local air force base, she was gingerly lifted out of the ambulance and loaded on to a specially equipped private plane for the two-hour flight to houston. from there another ride, this time on a medical helicopter to the memorial herman rehabilitation hospital where she will likely be for a few months. >> she looked spectacular. came into the icu and she was alert, awake, calm. >> gabby's rehabilitation will take a fighting spirit, a tenacity her friends say she's got. >> and to get back to work representing those people who line the streets to see her off.
6:34 am
>> gabby, i'm proud to say i voted for you before and i will vote for you again. >> capital police from washington d.c. arrived at this hospital early. they will be providing security while the congresswoman is here. and they'll be here a while. doctors predict her rehab will last four to six months. brian owens, abc news, houston. >> abc's bob woodruff knows how difficult it is to recover from a traumatic brain injury. woodruff talked to diane sawyer last night about some of the more surprising aspects of his recovery. >> the congresswoman we know speaks fluent spanish. you, of course, speak multiple languages and you woke up, you said, speaking chinese and italian? >> chinese and french. i wish i did know italian. there's a possibility she may wake up and actually speak spanish better than she speaks english. scientists believe that there's -- those languages you
6:35 am
learn before you're six are in a different part of the brain than those that you learn after age six. so there are sometimes you can be hit in part of the brain that affects one but not the others. >> despite an affinity for foreign languages, woodruff says it took ten minutes to recite the english alphabet early on. >> keith olbermann announced on his show last night he's off the air after eight years on the network. msnbc and olbermann ended their contract. he said last night that he has been yanked before. >> when i resigned from espn 13 and a half years ago i was given 30 seconds to say good-bye at the end of my last edition of sports center. as god is my witness at the commercial break before the emotional moment, the producer got in my air piece and said can you cut it down for 15 seconds so we can get in this tennis
6:36 am
result. so i'm grateful i have a little more time to sign off here. >> olbermann has had a stormy relationship with msnbc especially since he was suspended for making donations to three democratic candidates including gabrielle giffords. in a statement, msnbc thanked olbermann for his success. he will be replaced with the last word from laurence o'donnell. the supreme court decision to legalize abortion, there are demonstrations on both sides planned in san francisco today. the pro-choice rally at 11:00 this morning followed by a noon march starting at the intersection of market and embarcadero across from the ferry building. organizers expect more than 35,000 people to attend the annual pro-life rally at nearby justin herman plaza. that rally will be followed by the annual walk for life west coast beginning at noon and ending at the marina green. both offer speakers on the hot button topic of abortion.
6:37 am
lisa argen is here with our forecast. >> we have a few things going on. fog, gusty winds later and a high surf advisory. 7:21 sunrise. but it will be a sunny afternoon. i'll pinpoint your neighborhood coming up. >> also ahead, your love for food could make you a successful business owner. find out how to turn your find out how to turn your the smell of warm maple syrup. honeysuckle and rosemary.
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>> welcome back on this saturday morning at 6:39. you're looking at a live picture from our roof camera on top of our building on 900 front street. just look at that sky. it's so blue, it's so beautiful! gonna be lots of sunshine today. sunrise is at 7:21. if you're just waking up, thanks for joining us. lisa argen is here with our forecast. >> do you believe it was 71 yesterday at half moon bay. >> great day for the beach. >> that's right. salinas 77.
6:40 am
but we have a high surf advisory. be careful for some of those rip currents and dangerous conditions. we head outside from ballmer peak. mount diablo, another beautiful shot for you with a clear sky. we do have fog around concord, the valley, the livermore and also the napa valley, santa rosa three-quarter mile visibility but just in patches, the fog. elsewhere starting out with sunny conditions. we'll be enjoying temperatures once again above normal today. it's 43 in fremont. good morning, oakland. 43 for you, upper 30s the cool spot in santa rosa, 51 downtown outside our studios. so we're looking at temperatures today, a little warmer around the bay, mountain view 5 degrees warmer but cooler in oakland, cooler at our coast. a little cooler half moon bay. we'll see temperatures in the 60s there but sunshine prevails all weekend long. the surf will be up at the coast and no rain in sight through next week. so mid-winter dry spell
6:41 am
continues it looks like through the end of the month. high surf advisory through tomorrow morning for large-breaking waves 15 to 20 feet. not there yet but still san francisco at 10 feet. 10 feet monterey bay and half moon bay is at 11 feet with point arena 12 feet. some strong rip currents and dangerous sneaker waves out there. so really be careful. probably will be a busy day at ocean beach and stinson beach. just because it's been so nice. folks probably wanna get to enjoy much of the day outside with wall to wall sunshine. 67 in monterey, 49 the southern sierra with upper 70s palm springs. still some pretty good fog the southern san joaquin. watch out for that. 70 reading so even the northern portion of our state with a few high clouds will be nice but high pressure really persistent off the eastern pacific and
6:42 am
that's allowing for the storm track to stay well to the north throughout the weekend into next week. looking for temperatures to be still above normal. today the warmest day we'll see in quite some time and that's because this week's system passing through the bay area today. behind it strong northerly winds. though downsloping winds will allow some of our inland spots to warm up into the 70s. and that will take us 15 degrees above the average around santa rosa. campbell, 69. not bad for you. 68 san jose with 65 menlo park and redwood city. san francisco, you'll be in the mid-60s today with daly city coming in at 62. lots of 70s for cloverdale, petaluma, napa. near east bay upper 60s oakland today. 66 hayward and in our inland east bay, 67 pittsburg with more 70s towards the monterey bay. here's the accu-weather 7-day forecast. those winds will back off a bit allowing temperatures to stay in
6:43 am
the 60s tomorrow and each and every day sunny afternoons, morning fog, maybe high clouds in the afternoon. so where did all that rain go? >> i don't know. i love it. i don't really exercise that much but when it's nice out i'm like maybe i should go for a walk or running. you're keeping me in shape. do you think you could be the next great chef or restaurant owner? it's tough if you don't have any business experience. that's why the success of the place called la casino is so remarkable. focus on solutions report on a san francisco that's helping food entrepreneurs beat the odds. >> really nice from my grandmom and my mom's recipe. >> allisa makes one tasty tamales. >> really delicious. >> allisa is cook her fabulous creation in la casino, a
6:44 am
nonprofit incubator kitchen helping good cooks turn an idea into a business. caleb is scuff director. >> what we're doing is looking for natural entrepreneurs. >> entrepreneurs who are either low income or immigrants or both. and have a passion for food. >> so i make comments. i'm the only local organic hummus in the bay area. >> for japan, but next-door san francisco. >> this is what i have. beans inside. >> we have businesses that want to be caterers. a business that's gonna launch a restaurant and businesses that sell package food and do food service. >> businesses get to use the commercial kitchen at a greatly reduced rental price. but that's just the beginning. they also get help with their entire business plan. >> something as simple as the packaging, getting the nutrition facts. >> and even more critical...
6:45 am
>> they help you taste it and really honest feedback, the whole process. >> one of the first clients with a business called eltoracha. >> my husband work in the farmers market with my daughter and i go to other farmers market. and it's all family. >> the business is so successful, veronica now has seven part-time employees and will soon open a restaurant in marin county. >> we are working with the architect. >> most of those accepted into the incubator program are women. an exception is the two-man team that operates onagilly, a new food cart at justin herman plaza in downtown san francisco. >> very healthy. >> it took about two years for the owners to get from their idea to a long line of customers every lunch hour. they say they couldn't have done it without la casino.
6:46 am
>> this is my first time to have my own company. i didn't even know where to go. basically have the answers. >> and now allisa is hoping for the same kind of success with her tamales business. she's been with them since july doing catering and now she's raising money for her own food cart right next to the onagilly. >> i'm glad to see my place i come to, working for and trying to raise my business. >> success one tamales at a time. dan ashley, abc 7 news. >> it gets about half its money from foundations and donations. the rest comes from food sales and gift baskets. find out how to place an order or apply to be a la casino business at under "see it on tv." somebody has a beef against tack bow bell.
6:47 am
there's not enough beef intact cobell's offering to qualify as beef. the alabama consumer law firm says it's mostly fillers. they're not asking taco bell to change its food, they simply want it to be labelled as taco meat filling rather than seasoned beef. taco bell says there's been no false advertising about any of its products. don't go away. "7 on your side" is next. >> a customer gets a low airfare booking online but no warning about all the restrictions. i have fallen in love with making bird houses. caw caw! [ director ]what is that? that's a horrible crow. here are some things that i'll make as little portals. honestly, i'd love to do this for the rest of my life so i've got to take care of my heart. for me, cheerios is a good place to start. [ male announcer ] got something you'll love to keep doing? take care of your heart. you can start with cheerios. the natural whole grain oats can help lower cholesterol. brrrbb... makes you feel ageless. [ male announcer ] it's time.
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you're looking at a live picture from our hd camera on top of sutro. look at this beautiful shot. it's going to be a beautiful day. slightly warmer, 60s and 70s. a final check of our forecast in just a few moments. hundreds of local ship workers will have plenty to keep them busy in the coming weeks. the carnival cruise ship splendor arrives in the san francisco bay. it was stranded off the coast of mexico last year and had to be towed to shore. here you see the splendor leaving san diego yesterday. it's due to arrive in san francisco monday morning for repairs. the port commission says it will generate thousands of hours of work for local ship workers. booking a flight online can help you get the airfare you want but will you get the information you need? here's 7 on your side's michael finney with a warning about restrictions. >> hasan looked around for a flight from morocco to san francisco for his mother and as usual he used
6:51 am
>> she goes back and forth tomorrow and comes here every year. >> his mother was supposed to stay in the bay area until the new year, however, his sister in morocco announced she was getting married and mom had to go back and help her get ready. >> always needs her mom by her side to help her and prepare for the wedding. >> hassan called expedia to change the date on his mother's return flight. he figured there would be a penalty fee but what he didn't expect was this. >> they said the ticket you bought you cannot change at all. there is no way of changing it and we can't do anything about it. i have to buy a new ticket and forfeit the old one. i was surprised. i was totally surprised. >> expedia said the no-change rule came from the airline, not expedia. the website should have warned him about this major restriction. instead the site provided general rules that implied there was flexibility like this one
6:52 am
saying any changes may incur additional charges. >> i ended up buying a ticket, a one-way ticket for $1,000. >> he also contacted "7 on your side" and we took the case to expedia and it agreed with hassan saying expedia does not believe enough information was provided to him at the time of booking relative to the fare rules for this flight. as a result, expedia is refunding him the value of the return flight. and his mom flew back without worry. >> i was so excited i exchange the tickets for you. excited "7 on your side" was able to help. >> to be absolutely sure about the rules, ask to speak with an agent at expedia or call the airline directly about your flight. if you still have a problem, let me know about it. go to i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." >> coming you will next, celebrating a milestone. the anniversary party for one of
6:53 am
san francisco's biggest tourist attractions. the sea lions at pier 39. ♪ ♪ do do da do doom da do ba do [ female announcer ] last year, ethan thompson and three friends from missoula, montana, put a band together and won the first ever folgers jingle contest. [ kara ] that was great! let's do it again. ♪ the sun shinin' when i rise... ♪ [ kara ] so, we're doing it again. to find out how you could be the next folgers jingle contest winner
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here are the winning numbers from last night's $51 until. 5, 9, 21, 35, 38 and the meganumber 20. nobody picked all six numbers correctly so tuesday night's jackpot goes up and it's estimated at $63 million. well, it's been 21 years since those california sea lions invaded pier 39 and they have become one of san francisco's biggest tourist attractions. they're celebrating an anniversary this weekend. here's abc 7's arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez with those noisy neighbors. >> they're soaking up the sun and sure making their presence known. about 30 of them. pretty much like they did when sea lions took over the docks and chased out boaters back in
6:56 am
january 1990. >> it's more than made up for that. >> as many as 1700 were here at one time. >> we think the original attraction was just a plentiful herring season. what year was that, 1989. unfortunately not as many plentiful seasons since then. >> they mysteriously took off a year and a half ago. they're off looking for food elsewhere. >> last year a lot were in oregon. >> they don't know how many there are on the oregon coast yet. the sea lions have become an international attraction. the smaller numbers may be disappointing to tourists but they still find them fascinating. >> they seem like they have a personality. so i think that's what attracts everybody. >> here in the background putting on a show themselves. they're beautiful. >> sea lions may have started off as a nuisance but now they're a fixture here undisturbed by the boating that goes on at k-dock. >> we have ferry traffic,
6:57 am
commercial charters, sailboats coming in and out and it don't phase them. they stay out of the way. >> we watched them 21 years. there's no guarantee they will stay forever. >> if they find somewhere else that has what they need, they might hang out more somewhere else than here. >> they're hoping more will show up this weekend. after all, it is an anniversary party with tours and cake. don sanchez, abc 7 news. >> well, there will be free guided walking tours offered today and tomorrow at the top of every hour between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. and there will be cake. i've had it before. lisa here with the final check of the forecast. >> looking at nice and sunny later on this afternoon all around the bay but tahoe it's clear, 46 blue canyon, truckee's 25 and airport cloudy and 27. we will look for temperatures all week long near 50 in the mountains. no new snow. 65 san francisco today.
6:58 am
look at the 70s in the north bay with breezy winds. 68 the livermore valley as well as san jose with more 70s santa cruz, watsonville and salinas today. so we do have a my surf advisory throughout the day today so be careful if you're headed to the beach. a little cooler tomorrow but still a string of sunny, mild afternoons with just some morning fog. >> it's going to be a great weekend. thanks so much lisa and thanks for joining us on the abc 7 saturday morning news. tomorrow's newscast at 8 a.m.. join us then. "good morning america" is next. [ asst mgr ] what are you doing?
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