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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  January 22, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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>> alan: police open fiririririr
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>> alan: we begin in at the oakland hills where school district police officers have shot and killed a man and wounded another. we're live at the scene with more. tomas? >> reporter: we're here in the oakland hills, the crime scene is right behind me. there's police -- oakland police have the streets closed off, and there's a silver honda down the street, and that's where the situation occurred tonight. the information we're getting comes from troy flint, spokesperson for the oakland school strict. he says theirs two oakland school district police officers were patrolling the area because there was a party and a dance at the high school.
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they had to make a traffic stop. the made the stop, and when one of the officers weapon to the driver's window, the driver, according to flint, took a tool or a knife and tried to stab the officer. now, that's when all this started. the officer's life was apparently saved by the fact he was wearing a vest. the suspect went for a weapon, and that's when the other police officer fired into the car, killing the suspect. now, the suspect died at the scene. there was also another person in the car, a woman. she was injured. we don't know exactly what her injuries are. but she was taken away in an ambulance to highland hospital. we don't know her condition. we're not sure why the traffic stop was made, and we don't mow what kind of weapon the individual was reaching for. oakland school district officials are investigating the case right now, and they're going to be helped by the oakland police department, which is here at the scene, taking
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care of the issues with the crime scene. so we'll have more information as this continues. reporting live in oakland. abc-7 news. >> alan: another officer-involved shooting happened in san francisco tonight, but it was daly city police who were involved. it happened near the cow palace. police opened fire after a vehicle began backing up toward them. the female driver what is shot and rush to the hospital. police say an officer was hit by the suspect's vehicle and received nonlife-threatening injuries. a male passenger was arrested. >> tonight, sheriffs have downgrade an amber alert. it's now confined to the central valley and san jose. police say jose rodriguez snatched the boy from the arms
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of a gm. here's more. >> after five days of searching the canal, drives recovered six stolen vehicles from the water. the car in which four-year-old jewel juliani is not one of them. >> we're not going to give up our search. it certainly means there's still hope we're going to find him alive, and that's always been our goal. >> reporter: last tuesday a local man reported he saw a silver toyota with two people inside drive should the canal. that's why searchers are using sonar technology and sheriffs divers in an term to determine if the car is in the canal. >> there isn't any reason to disbelieve him. he appears very truthworthy. >> last tuesday, juliani was
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kidnapped from his home, from his grandmother's hands. >> can do anything like this. >> reporter: a coworker of rodriguez describes the man as odd. >> i did feel uncomfortable, so quiet, never spoke out. >> reporter: deputies trying to understand the rope for -- the reason for the abduction. >> we haven't been able to locate the suspect's vehicle. that doesn't mean we're going to give up our search. it certainly means there's still hope we're going to fine juliani alive. >> reporter: as for rodriguez, the only lead they have is a witness that saw a car interthis canal. there's been no trace of jose rodriguez or juliani. >> he's not making purchases with a debit card that he was
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normally using preabduction. >> reporter: crews are getting and badly needed rest. >> alan: the answer plate number on the d license plate number on the tweet silver toyota is 6hbw 445. san holiday say police arrested a 17-year-old boy in connection with the shooting death of an 18-year-old. police say the victim was riding a bicycle last night when at least two people approached him and opened fire. this is the seventh homicide in san jose this year. at least three of them are fang- -- gang-related a. and san jose leaders are admitting they have a gang problem. >> reporter: everyone here has the same goal to clean up san
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jose. a growing graffiti problem is just part of the bigger issue with gangs. >> is it hard to stay out of gangs? >> yeah. >> reporter: that's why the city organized this crime and gang prevention summit. it comes one day after this gang-relate murder. police say a 17-year-old shot and killed an 18-year-old as he rode his bike. it's the city r seventh homicide since january 1st. >> we have had spikes like this larger in the past and been able to rebegan control of the city. >> you can't arrest your way out of the problem. >> reporter: the focus here is on prevention, intervention, and suppression. for the first time the city is asking faith-based groups to take a leading role. but it's not just spiritual, it's also economics. >> limited resource funds, they have the facilities, sweat
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equity, volunteers, mentors, and that's what we need. more adult interaction with these dudes. >> reporter: this former gang member says adults are the key. >> your mom and dad have to work owl day and you have down time, your down time, you're hanging on the streets. >> reporter: she is here with her son. >> very concerned that the school he attends, at it going to be tough for me to keep an eye on him. at it highly populated with bangs and drugs. >> reporter: they also leave a few blocks from the shooting. volunteers will contact both the victims' and the suspects' families to offer help with services, finances, and getting out of the gang life. lisa amin gulezian, abc-7 news. >> alan: a vallejo family is homeless after a car plowed into their house on florida state. it happened around 4:30. a honda accord exiting eastbound
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i-80 clipped another car before barreling into the house. the damage to the car was so severe the firefighters had to use the jaws of life to pull the passenger out. red cross was call in to assist the family in fining a place to stay. more progress today in the recovery of arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords. her chief physician says she is even more alert today. he says that giffords is doing well with her therapy after arriving at texas medical center in houston to start her row hall addition. >> a lot of work in terms of moving, sitting, standing, the speech pathologist were there, engaging her to improve her communication skills. >> alan: her doctor says it's too soon to tell where she will be able to talk. she was one of 19 people shot at a tucson safeway two weeks ago. six people were killed and 13
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others injured. today is the 38th 38th anniversary eye roe vs. wade. the supreme court decision that legalized abortion. the seventh annual walk for life brought tens of thousands abortion rights opponents to san francisco. >> not only are tens of thousands gathered here in san francisco but in cities and towns across america this weekend, and on monday, on the national mall in washington, dc, hints of thousands gather. we stand for what is right. >> alan: a group of abortion rights supporters held a counterdemonstration cross the plaza. >> a woman without the right to choice, without the right to control her on reproductive life has no more freedom an their slave, and we say abortion on demand without apology. >> alan: they picked san francisco for its march because of the city's liberal reputation. both side traded remarks. police say there were no
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problems today. california state treasurer says the state may have to issue io u's as soon as april or may. if lawmakers don't adopt a timely budget, california will run out of money to pay its bills and says lawmakers need to act by the end of march. the state faces a $20 billion deficit. governor jerry brown wants to ask voters to extend temporary taxes in a june special election. apple computer hits a huge milestone with its epa app store. president obama putting the finishing touches on his state of the union address. >> leigh: hi there. i'm.
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>> leigh: clear skies right now, 60 is the current temperature. and take a look ahead to see if
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >> alan: president obama is spending the weekend putting the fishing touches on this state of the union speech. here's more from washington. >> i'm not finished yet. still working on it. >> reporter: a sneak peek, and the state of the union is obvious in one number, 9.4% up
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employment. >> my number one focus is going to be making sure we're competitive, we're growing, and we're creating jobs, not just now, but well into the future. >> reporter: the president will also press for more civility in civil discourse. >> we have to change the way way talk to one another. tone matters. >> reporter: a message the vice-president and president delivered to democratic house members who are huddle this weekend, strategizing how to govern as a minority. >> you brought a group of member together that do not have a minority psychology. >> reporter: democrats are pouring over polls, taking seminars and messaging, hearing from instation principal -- inspirational authors, is it working? >> i think they've been wounded. >> reporter: already trying to figure out how to rebegan control of the house, members are getty advice. >> they have to allow the republicans to shoot themselves
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in the foot and not get involved in their battle. >> alan: abc-7 will broadcast the speech live on tuesday, starting at cf, and6:00. >> inin the first ever straw pol of the new hampshire republican party committee, mitt romney led with 35% of the vote. coming in a distance second was ron paul with 11%. tim pawlenty came in third with 8%, and fourth place, sarah palin, received 7%. this is by no means a scientific sample but does show she sentiments of the state's most active republican voters. >> political leaders, activists and sell britz gathered in maryland to honor sargent shriver. the first lady, vice-president biden bid, bill clinton, and oprah winfrey remembered the
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dedicated public servant. >> the family that had suffered more, borne more, lost more, who showed up every day. >> you dad not only was prepared to make life better than it was, he made it better than it was for literally millions of people. >> alan: musicians bon know and a -- bono and vanessa williams performs ace -- as well. a new milestone for cupertino based apple. its app store hit 10 billion downloads. apple made the announcement today. the app store has more than 300,000 different programs for the iphone, the ipad, and the ipod touch. the company gave the ten billion
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customer a $10,000 certificate to the itunes store. >> leigh: a terrific day today, temperatures running 10-15 degrees above where we should be this time of year. santa rosa today, a high of 74. and that tied the record for this date. we have clear skies right now. this is a shot from the high definition roof top cam. and i want to say some pretty strong wind gusts are being reported, at the top of mt. diablo, 3800 feet level, 67 miles-per-hour wind gusts there, and even the oakland east bay hills, wind gusts above the 1,000-foot level at 30-miles-an-hour. so higher elevations, a breezy night overnight, and the temperatures still in the 60s. santa rosa, a pretty good northerly breeze there 60 degrees. 57 in napa.
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59 in san francisco. 61 los gatos, and livermore, 59 degrees. so, we'll keep it clear overnight. it will be breezy over the higher elevations of the hills. sunny and mild tomorrow. and looks like the dry weather pattern will be with us through -- actually the next five to seven days. no rain in the accuweather seven-day forecast. here's a look at your lows tonight. once the wind dies down, temperatures will bottom out. that's what we're anticipating. livermore, 39. 46 for richmond. 48, san francisco. 44, san jose. high pressure will continue to dominate, but it's parked itself over the western half of the united states, and as it does so it will kick that storm track, keep it well the north of us, and really long-range forecast model suggests this is going to stay in place for the next five to seven days. so we will remain dry.
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enjoy the sunshine. the patchy valley fog will creep back into the east bay tuesday night, wednesday, and thursday, and that will keep your temperatures a little cooler than everyone else. really, get ready for more 60s tomorrow. 66 for san jose. half moon bay, delightful day, 64. mid-60s on the practice. -- on the peninsula. daly city, 62. in the north bay, few 70s. 72 for ukiah. 67 for santa rosa. nap passion 6 -- napa. 66, concord tomorrow, 66. 67 for danville, and a few 70s down towards santa cruz. watsonville, 70. the seven-day forecast, it's dry, temperatures fluctuating here and there, but mainly in
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the mid-to-upper 60s across the bay area, and more clouds next friday and saturday. >> alan: on to shule the warriors had a pretty good game tonight. >> mike: down south facing the clippers, a team they usually handle easily, but not since
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>> mike: the warriors looking for their first five can game win streak against a team that used to be an easy victory, the clippers. not anymore. the blake griffin show is in full thereto. off the alley-oop. the sick reverse. warriors rally in the third. curry, the unbelievable circus finish. then the fourth, warriors down nine. moments later, curry with the jimmer. warriors within two. game tied at 105. privilege -- griffin. what can't this guy not do? >> the sharks also streaking. looking for their fourth
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straight win hosting minnesota. popcorn and hockey, good combination. caught tier at -- couture at it again. 1 or sharks. then set gucci with the deflection. sharks up 3-1. now joe thornton finds the become of the net. sharks win, 4-3. >> take a brief time-out before we hit the college hardwoods. ng ring. progresso. oh yes hi. can you put my grandma on the phone please? thanks. excuse me a sec. another person calling for her grandmother. she thinks it's her soup huh? i'm told she's in the garden picking herbs. she is so cute.
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>> mike: some college hoops. usf beat gonzaga at home last year, and the dons did it again. the improve to 4-1. zags down one. david stockton, john stockton's kid with the three. stockley called for an intentional foul. a little elbow. usf up three. under ten seconds to play.
11:30 pm
the clutch three-ball. ties it. we head to overtime. in o.t., green to beat the shot clock. look at this. prayer off the glass. it's there he had 18. 891-87 dons. under a minute to development day jew we're tied. but usf knocks off gonzaga in a thriller, 96-91. >> saint mary's traveling to vanderbilt. the miss but the acrobatic finish. gaels up 16-11. in the second half. saint mary's winning streak is over. >> santa clara fresh off the upset, atle portland. broncos up six. second half, foster, 19 points
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today. santa clare a wins. pac-10 play, cal visiting usc. bears up 10. but the trojans recall y. smith, one of his eight treys. then camps driving, spinning, scoring, cal goes up six. with two seconds left, sc down two, but the shot is off the mark. cal gets a big road win. stanford and ucla from westwood. the cardinal have lost 8-10 against the bruins. cardinal led by as many as 14 in the first half. the bruins close the half on an 18-5 run. honey cut, three of his 16. browns pull away in the second half. jones, crossover, finishing and foul. ucla gets the win.
11:32 pm
first saturday of the aussie open, roger federer trying to end the run of rafa nadal. federer with the big serve, takes the set. then in the fourth, federer putting the match away. big forehand followed by the volume y. his 22nd straight quarterfinal. busy day in sports. >> alan: thank you very much, shu. that concludes another broadcast of abc-7 news. thanks for
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