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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  January 26, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PST

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good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> and i'm robin roberts. it is wednesday, january 26th. and here we go again. another huge snowstorm targets the east, from d.c. to boston. as hurricane-force winds and tornadoes batter florida. the state of the union. president obama calls on congress to come together and do big things to win the future. >> what comes of this moment will be determined, not by whether we can sit together tonight, but by whether we can work together tomorrow. plus, the emotional tribute to gabby giffords. this morning, her condition is upgraded from serious to good. also, school fight. the mom thrown in jail. her crime? trying to get a better education for her children. and the fired fan. his green bay packers won.
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why did a show of support cost him his job? hello, from washington. robin, boy, the snow started coming down pretty hard early this morning, after last night's speech. >> and it's heading our way. and about that speech last night, you know, george, not the usual state of the union address. there was no circus-like atmosphere. and as we just heard the president say again, it's not about sitting together. it's about working together, beginning today. >> that's going to be the hard part. robin, last night was different from anything we've seen before. obviously, very emotional because of the tribute to gabby giffords. but also subdue throughout the whole speech. awkward at times. members of congress looking back and forth, not knowing quite when to applaud, but on the other hand, more bipartisan applause of any speech in memory. by my count, it was about 45 times republicans and democrats got up together to applaud mostly for the president's
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goals, not the policies he laid out. the tough stuff is coming up ahead. we'll get into all that this morning, with senator john mccain, right here in the studio. george, we'll also get to the news overnight that gabby giffords' condition has been upgraded. great news. you mentioned the snow, a big storm heading for the east coast right now. sam is watching this for us. what's going on, sam? >> it is the 6th snowstorm in 30 days. with this one, we think there's two doses of moisture. one begins in the morning and one at drive time tonight. in the pink, shaded area, five to ten inches of snow. that includes philadelphia, new york city, hartford into boston. there is a target zone of ten. in washington, we expect the total to come in at 3-5. >> okay. hope i get home quickly. we're going to turn, now, to last night's big speech at the capitol. the stakes were high, and the sentiment in that house chamber was something in a even the longest-serving legislators had never seen before at a state of the union. the annual event that often seems like a pep rally began
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last night on a poignant note. >> as we mark this occasion, we're also mindful of the empty chair in this chamber. we pray for the health of our colleague and our friend, gabby giffords. >> reporter: reminders of tucson were everywhere. up in the gallery, the family of the youngest victim, 9-year-old christina taylor green. and below, every member wore a ribbon. black to mourn the victim, white to hope for peace. and 1500 miles away, commander mark kelly watched with his wife, the congresswoman. >> tuscon reminded us, that no matter who we are, or where we come from, each of us is a part of something greater, something more consequential than parties or political preference. we're part of the american family. >> reporter: and for the first time, members of congress seemed to act like it. republicans and democrats sat together. john mccain with john kerry.
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former speaker, nancy pelosi, with her republican friend, roscoe bartlett. from florida, marco rubio, with bill nelson. it created an unusual, more subdued atmosphere. there were fewer moments of partisan division. the most bipartisan applause of any state of the union in memory. at least 45 times democrats and republicans applauded together. but those cheers were mostly for the president's goals. >> we need to out-innovate, out-educate, and out-build the rest of the world. >> reporter: when the president talked about policy, like health care, it was more controversial. in a nod to the new republican majority, he called for a spending freeze and a ban on earmarks. >> if a bill comes to my desk, with earmarks inside, i will veto it. i will veto it. >> reporter: but the gop did not embrace the president's call for new investments in technology, research and infrastructure. when he called on congress to
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act on the deficit with principled compromise -- >> if we make the hard choices now to rein in our deficits, we can make the investments we need to win the future. >> reporter: there was silence. and congressman, paul ryan's republican response -- >> health care spending is driving the explosive growth of our debt. and the president's law is accelerating our country toward bankruptcy. >> reporter: reminded everyone that working together today, will be a lot tougher than sitting together last night. and for more on this, i'm joined by our white house correspondent, jake tapper. and john berman has been covering the speech and all the reaction on social media. jake, let me begin. the president had a goal of laying out his strategy of winning the future. the snap polls, pretty positive for the president. all they they tend to have a bias for the democrats. was the white house surprised by any of the reaction of the speech? how do they feel coming out of it? >> i think they feel positive about it. they wanted the president to lay out, basically, a narrative for his presidency. not just his spending proposals.
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but his presidency. and the term, winning the future, is now on newspapers across the country. i think they successfully did that. next, you're going to hear republicans take that apart. it's not winning the future. it's about spending our way into bankruptcy or further bankruptcy. that's really going to be the test. how long this motto survives. >> you got a preview of that from congressman ryan's speech last night. in some ways, this is new packaging, for the president, the win the future strategy. but most of the proposals are things we've heard before. >> every single one of the themes, innovation, education, was in last year's state of the union address. but it's the first time he has a coherent story for it of winning the future. you're going to hear the president, and vice president, and other senior members of the administration, go out, starting today, selling it. selling the idea of what the investments -- not spending -- investments mean for the future of the country. >> trying to move the country. they hope the country will move the congress. john, you've been following this on twitter. what was buzzing? >> it was a social media event.
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100,000 tweets about the speech during the speech. and that's ten-times more than the oscar nominations. so, people were watching. according to the outfit tweet beat, the most tweeted subjects were public education, jobs and the debt that public education. and one of the items, was when the president said we need to teach our kids that it's not just the winner of the super bowl that needs to be celebrated, but also the winner of the science fair. there was a spike there. >> that's interesting because they got a huge response in the room and politicians were also on twitter. >> paul brown, a republican from georgia, was watching from his office. he didn't seem to get the bipartisan memo that everyone else did. he tweeted, mr. president, you don't believe in the constitution. you believe in socialism. but on the other side, there was a very interesting tweet from a group called palin tv not an official palin tweet site. but a group that supports her. they tweeted during the president's speech, obama is sounding a lot like palin now. >> it was twitter, so you had
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some snark as well. >> twitter is unforgiving. one of the most popular subjects late in the night, was michele bachmann or why she wasn't looking at the camera. didn't appear to be. well, the answer was, there were two cameras in the room. she was looking at the tea party express camera or her own camera. the feed we were seeing was a pull camera. some twitter ridicule directed at michele bachmann. >> thanks very much. for more on the republican response, i'm joined by senator john mccain here in the studio, as well. thanks for coming in this morning. >> thanks for having me, george. this tweet business -- >> you're on twitter, aren't you? >> we have, 1.4 million followers. and we hear from people who are not exactly fans. >> i'm sure of that. >> it's a lot of fun. >> by showing a little more of the chamber, a little more of the unusual seating arrangements. there you are. >> between kerry and tom udall and joe lieberman. two democrats and an independent. >> all mixed up there, which made for quite a different feeling in the chamber, right?
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>> oh, yes, it did. it really did. it was a much different feeling. some of the things a lot of us have resented over the years, this constant jumping up and down. it interrupts the theme of the president's speech. i think it was helpful to the president's speech last night that it was less than usual and certainly not as partisan as it used to be. it used to be a cheerless -- it still is. it's been reduced, the cheerleading kind of thing. >> do you think this is going to stick? >> i hope so. i think there's a different atmosphere here. with every tragedy comes something good. and obviously, the tragedy of tucson and gabrielle giffords has brought about a certain change in the atmosphere. >> so, let's get to the policies. >> sure. >> you jumped up when the president said he would veto any bill that had earmarks in it. >> i was so pleased. and hopefully we'll work on enhanced recisions. there's a number of things that the president said last night that we've been talking about for a long time. reducing the corporate tax rate.
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vetoing pork barrel spending. medical malpractice reform. i can't tell you how many times we tried that during the health care debate. free trade agreements with colombia and panama, as well. there was a number of areas that the president has clearly shifted his opinions on. >> which can you make progress on this year? >> i really think on the issue of free trade, we can move those agreements through. we will be revisiting health care and medical malpractice reform is one of the key areas. there's a number of various -- so, i think we probably -- i think the real crunch is, as you commented before on the show, is probably when we raise the debt limit. or address the debt limit issue. that's where most of these things are really going. >> and the clash on that was really set up last night between the president and congressman ryan. what are republicans going to demand in return for increasing
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that debt limit? >> a way to get back down to at least 2008 spending. some of us would like to see us go down to 2006. between the last two years, a -- discretionary spending went up some 80%, if you count the stimulus package, as well. we've got to get the spending level down. there's got to be some kind of absolute, iron-clad path to getting there. >> as the president started to point out last night, getting down to the 2008 levels, could lead to cuts of 30%, in programs like education, infrastructure, research. are you willing to go that far? >> yes. and i'm willing to take up sooner rather than later entitlement reform. you and i could do social security reform on the back of an envelope. medicare reform is much, much more difficult. but we really need to sit down and work -- when we recognize those kinds of cuts that are going to have to be made, i hope that drives us towards entitlement reforms.
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>> that's similar to what the president said last night. he said he wants to strengthen social security. but neither side coming out with specifics on what it's going to take. is it truly realistic to think that's going to be done this year? >> 1983, ronald reagan and tip o'neill, sat down together, came up, tough medicine, walked out together and said we're going to fix social security. we can do that if it's done on an bipartisan basis. but it has to be done. first, get the agreement. then, go out and present it to the american people. medicare reform, which is the biggest elephant in the room, that's going to be even tougher. >> and of course, your home state of arizona, on everyone's mind last night in that chamber. that empty seat for gabby giffords was so poignant. you heard the news, overnight, her condition was upgraded from serious to good. >> that's wonderful news. an incredible story. and thanks to the medical care, you're going to have people on from tucson medical center. it's an incredible story. and we're grateful in arizona for what the president said when
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he came to tucson. and the outpouring on the part of all americans. on behalf not only on gabrielle giffords, but judge roll who sacrificed his life and christine taylor green. and all of the others, we're very grateful. >> senator mccain, thanks for coming in this morning. >> thanks for having me on. for more on the congressman, let's go up to new york. >> as you and the senator said, the president and congressional colleagues paid that tribute to gabby giffords. leaving her chair empty. and her doctors have upgraded her condition from serious to good. and bob woodruff joins us from houston with more on what this means for her recovery. bob, this is such great news. good morning. >> reporter: robin, good morning. it is absolutely great news. it is very strong progress. like you said, upgraded her condition, certainly to good, which is a big step forward. for a short period this morning, she will be coming by ambulance down this road, from about three blocks away, from icu, here, to begin her rehabilitation, at the in the tirr memorial hermann,
7:14 am
the hospital where she will deal with some of the problems she's been going through. now into getting better with therapy. she's had worries with brain fluid building up. that's being absorbed. and nothing in terms of infections. so all good news, robin. >> and you went through something similar, bob, with fluid on the brain, after your injury. >> reporter: you know, in these kinds of circumstances, with a brain injury, it happens quite common. but over time, it's either absorbed in, which means you don't have long-term problems with that. in about one-third of these situations, people do have them permanently. and they have to put in shunts. in my condition, that's not the case. mine was absorbed within about two weeks. it looks like that's what's happening with the congresswoman, as well. which is also good news. >> it is excellent news. bob, thank you very much. we're going to turn, now, to egypt, where thousands of people were protesting on tuesday, against government, calling to an end of president mubarak's rule of nearly 30 years. riot police there, bracing for
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more protests today. let's go back to washington and turn to christiane amanpour, host of "this week." what is your take? first of all, good morning, christiane. what's your take on what we're seeing right now in egypt? >> good morning, robin. it's vitalry important. egypt has been the united states' linchpin for its policy in the middle east. it's one of the arab states that's made peace with israel. these were the biggest demonstrations in years. last night, president obama said in the state of the union, that the people of the region are showing their free will against dictators. and he supported those looking for democracy. it's key. and of course, the president of egypt, mubarak is a kill mill tar yan. he has the military behind him. it's been more than three decades of military rule there. >> our state department is watching closely. what are the implications here in the u.s.? >> the implications are really big. this is a very fundamental.
7:16 am
egypt receives the most american aid, more than $1 billion a year. it has the same goal of the united states, against radicalization of terrorism. pro the israeli peace process. but the united states, many people are saying, needs to get ahead of the curve, otherwise, it might be left behind, as the people demonstrate their will. already, we've seen the state department ramp up its statement in support of the people, calling on the egyptian government to reform. and certainly, these are being inspired, to an extent, by what happened in tunisia, where they had the first modern arab revolution. it is secular, nonislamic. but the people are saying they want freedom. they want social justice and end to economic deprivation and corruption. >> do you see a link between what we're seeing in egypt and what's going on in tunisia? >> yes. a link in that, it was certainly the demonstrations, which caught everybody by surprise yesterday. being inspired by what happened in tunisia. in tunisia, the military was not on the side of the president.
7:17 am
in egypt, the military is on the side of president mubarak, at least for the moment. the question is, if it comes to that, how many egyptian people will be willing to die? how many soldiers will be willing to fire into the crowd? >> christiane, thank you very much. we look forward to "this week" with you on sunday. have a good day. thank you. going to get back to george in snowy, washington, d.c. george? >> it has already started here. the whole eastern part of the country about to get blasted again. sam will have the forecast. let's first go to yunji de nies, in nashville, where they are already digging out, yunji. >> reporter: good morning, george. we started getting snow overnight. and by the end of the morning, we're expecting three inches in some parts of the nashville area. in memphis and the northwestern part of the state, it's coming down harder. in tennessee, they've had nine inches since december 1st. that's more snow than they usually get in an entire winter. and it's enough to shut down the schools here today. we also want to tell you about severe weather in central florida overnight.
7:18 am
the winds got as high as 75 miles per hour. and st. petersburg, they knocked down this gas station canopy, crushing a car and trapping a woman inside. it took firefighters 40 minutes to get her out. thankfully, she's fine. the snow is heading your way, george, and up through the northeast. >> that's right. it's already here, yunji. let's go to sam, now, for what's next. sam? >> hey, george. as yunji just mention from nashville, this was the line of tough storms that moved from tampa into orlando. we told you to expect tornados with that. one unconfirmed tornado in that area from last night. look at the watches and warnings that extend from nashville all the way through washington. new york city, all the way into boston today. this is our snowmaker. we think it will deliver a good, solid hit of multiple inches of snow. anywhere from -- well, washington, to philadelphia, to new york city, hartford into boston. cold air coming in behind it. we'll go through it, so you won't be surprised. air coming in behind it. we'll go through it, so you
7:19 am
won't be surprised.
7:20 am
all the warmth is in the west. robin? well, speaking of warm cities, let's go to miami, sam. where a mystery in biscayne bay is striking, as you can see a chord. grand piano suddenly appeared on a sand bar. the question is, who put the 650-pound musical instrument there, and why? matt gutman is on the case. ♪ >> reporter: one day, in the middle of biscayne bay, it just appeared. a grand piano, on a sliver of a sand bar. the mystery piano is making a lot of noise. >> how did it get there? that's the big question. >> i woke up one morning. and it was just out there. >> it's a mystery. who put it there? >> do my eyes deceive me? >> we've never seen a piano in the middle of the bay like that. >> reporter: we hopped on a boat to try to solve this enigma. from afar, this looked like a mythical sea creature.
7:21 am
up close, even worse. we don't know how it got here. or who brought it here. we do know it is trashed. it's probably not going anywhere. and it was sold at bradford's in milwaukee. that's where the trail goes cold. rumors are swirling. maybe it was a publicity stunt for last night's opening of a new frank gary performing arts center. >> the truth is, i wish we had done that. it's a great idea. >> reporter: our charter boat captain told us he saw a boatload of people on the sand bar, the first day the piano appeared. >> it appeared they were doing a music video. i'm sure that piano came off that boat. was a little too heavy to get back on the boat. they left it there. >> reporter: and there it is. state officials say they'll remove it, if it becomes a water hazard. music to our ears. for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, miami. >> music video. has anybody seen lady gaga recently? did they see her down there? coming up, george, the nurse by gabby giffords' side from day one will join you live. and the super bowl superfan fired from his job by wearing a
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$6,000. the victims whose houses were destroyed will receive the highest payouts. the community generated nearly $400,000 in donations in the aftermath. 58,000 will be reserved for needs that may come up in the next six months. the oakland unified school board will consider giving pay raise toss employees while also trimming its budget deficit by $12 million. our media partner the oakland tribune reports the proposed 2% raise for district employees including teachers would cost about $2 million. at the same time oakland school principals are being asked to cut their budgets by 7%. the president of the employees union says she believes the employees deserve a raise but she's concerned about the economic climate. get an update now on the morning commute here's megan. >> we have a backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights on, traffic backed up to the west grand overcrossing. 15 minutes to head into san francisco.
7:26 am
allow yourself extra time commuting through contra costa county or parts-solano county. a live look at walnut creek at 680. low visibility and it's foggy into the san ramon valley. our other foggy slow spots westbound 4 and southbound oprah: all new. america, are you happy? take our ultimate quiz with oscar winner goldie hawn. sex, the happiest city, and how much money do you really need to be happy? now see -- the answer mayyyyyyyy
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>> welcome back. this is the way it looks in walnut creek. you can barely see 680. fog the big story, especially the east bay and north bay valleys where visibilities are a quarter of a mile. in concord, fairfield and santa rosa. temperatures are in the 30s and 40s inland. we'll set more record high temperatures as we hit the upper 60s to low
7:29 am
7:30 am
well, green bay may have won the game. but a packers superfan lost his job. we speak with the chicago salesman whose boss cried foul over his support for green bay. you see it on the tie right there. good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos here in washington. and, robin, i knew they played bare-knuckle politics in chicago. but losing your job over being a packers fan? >> chicago is a tough town. politics and sports. we'll hear from him. we were all surprised about this. and this, i have a feeling, is going to light up our message board, george. it was a mom who was tossed in jail. and her crime, fighting to get the best education possibly for her daughter. she really feels that she's being made an example of. among those in attendance
7:31 am
last night. of course, first lady michelle obama, at the state of the union address. and she's going to talk to us about some of her top priorities. we're going to sit down for an exclusive morning show interview with first lady, michelle obama. that's friday right here on "gma," george. >> we're looking for it all. first, one of the touching moments last night in the state of the union speech was when the president paid tribute to the victims of the tucson shooting, including congresswoman gabrielle giffords. amid the tributes with the black and white ribbons, is one of the trauma nurses that have been taking care of congresswoman giffords. we'll speak with her in a moment. but now, more on how she cared for giffords. >> we're mindful of the empty chair in this chamber. we pray for the health of our colleague and our friend, gabby giffords. >> heartfelt cheers for a colleague. and the team of heros that helped save her life. she was on call that saturday, in tucson. and has cared for giffords
7:32 am
throughout her recovery. when the congresswoman was moved from tucson to a houston hospital, culver was right there by her side. giffords' husband, commander mark kelly, was invited to attend the speech. but he chose to stay with his wife in houston. they watched together from her hospital room. but the commander insisted that the nurse come to washington, to be honored by congress. >> to have this gift extended to me, i'm so gracious. i can't explain how grateful i am to mark kelly and the giffords family. i'm very honored. very honored. and tracy culbert joins us now, with one of her physicians. it must have been an amazing night. >> it was. >> tell us about the moment when the president talked about congresswoman giffords and everyone turned to that empty chair. what were you thinking? what were you feeling?
7:33 am
>> i have a personal connection with her. so, it was very tearful for me. it showed how much they care for her and they want her back. that chair represents the fact that she's going to be back one day. >> you talk about the personal connection. you really established in the days coming out of the shooting, that bond with the congresswoman. i know you're wearing a necklace that actually caught our eye. tell us about that. >> this necklace is a thumbprint of my father who passed away three years ago. i was sitting, holding her hand. we were talking. and she reached up and took ahold of my necklace. and i explained what it was and what it meant to me. and we started talking about our fathers. her father has been there, as well as her mother, and mark. i just see the look of hurt in her father's eyes because he loved her so much. and i just talked about our fathers and how much they meant to us. and i started getting some tears
7:34 am
in my eyes. and she reached up to my shoulder. and she was stroking my shoulder. and tried to pull me forward, like to hug me. and i told her, i'm going to cry, gabby. you're going to make me cry. >> you're sure that you were breaking through? that she was seeing and hearing and feeling? >> yeah. that was just one of many. and many with other nurses, as well. i mean, we all have our own stories. and there are many people caring for her. >> and dr. friese, you were caring for her. i was talking to senator mccain offcamera, how you got to congresswoman giffords in that golden hour, right away. that makes all of the difference for patients of brain trauma. tell us about the first few days. >> it was certainly a surreal experience. you deal with what you need to deal with to get the patient what they require, in the first few minutes, hours and days. she was very fortunate, in that
7:35 am
our prehospital team, was able to triage her and immediately get her to us as quickly as possible. they brought us to her by ground. it was a lot faster than by helicopter, waiting for a helicopter to arrive at the scene. when a patient comes to the hospital after a severe injury, your first important steps are to evaluate them completely and determine what therapeutic and diagnostic tools you need to tree them. and she immediately required a head c.t. scan and a trip to the operating room. >> we see her upgraded from serious to good condition. and we saw mark kelly holding her hand. he's been by her side from the very beginning. how is he holding up? >> he is holding up quite well. he's a strong person. and he is there for gabby every second. and he has only positive things to say. and he's very optimistic. i think that that power will get
7:36 am
her through so much. he's quite an amazing man. >> from your experience, you've seen the support of the family, the tangible support of family, like that, really does make a difference. >> it does. it really does. i've explained to her that she's a very lucky woman to have all of the support that she's had. especially mark and her parents. she smiled. she knows. >> what's ahead for the congresswoman now, as she moves into rehab? >> she does have a long road ahead of her. a lot of hard work. rehab is about determination, focus and exhausting days. but again, she is very strong. her husband provides much optimism. that is the one thing that he is very good at. i played the pessimist a couple times with him. and he didn't want to -- he didn't want to hear it. and he convinced me that every day is a small step forward.
7:37 am
>> you say you played the pessimist. is that part of a doctor's job sometimes? >> not pessimist. realist. he was always right. >> that is good to hear. and i'll bet neither of you ever imagined you would be sitting in the gallery for the state of the union address. >> no. >> but we would give it away to reverse the events. >> i think we would all do that. but it was a fitting tribute to congresswoman giffords. and thank you for some amazing work that helped save her life. >> thank you. now, for some of the headlines developing this morning, let's go to juju chang at the newsdesk. >> good morning, everyone. stunning. that's the word being used by the government commission that just got done examining the 2008 financial crisis. the panel said the crisis was avoidable. but the commission is not unanimous. the minority republicans on the panel plan to release their own findings. more quality concerns for toyota. it's recalling nearly 2 million
7:38 am
vehicles because of bad fuel pumps and pressure sensors. more cars were sold overseas. but two lexus models sold here, the g.s. and i.s. are affected. new test results show only one-third of elementary and high school students scored at the proficient level or above on the latest national science exam. many high school seniors count differentiate between stearns planets. and a high school girls basketball team in utah is being akudzed of bad sportsmanship. heritage steam rolled west ridge academy 108-3. but the school has apologized for that score. robin, apology was accepted. but the coach of the losing team says they feel bad because the winning team is being vilified. >> 108-3. >> everybody has feelings in this game. >> there's no feelings in basketball.
7:39 am
thank you, juju. time, now, for the weather. back over to sam. >> or in weather, robin. let's get to the boards. we're going to show you what it looks like outside. starting with philadelphia, wpvi is telling us, whiteout conditions, as the snow is falling in philadelphia. here's the plan with the impulse of low pressure. this is your first batch of snow. this storm will get up here and bomb, explode rapidly, and throw snow back. that's where we get the big collection later today. washington, d.c., new york, boston. your drive time in new york city -- your drive home will be worse than your drive in. keep that in mind. from filly, we're looking from six to ten inches of snow. i think d.c.'s going to kind of come close to the six-inch line. new york's in there. boston's in there the and there's one target zone that t gets ten inches of snow in the system. in the west, it's flawlessly perfect. seattle, 52. san francisco, 68. today, 63. phoenix is 69. shou
7:40 am
and here's what's ahead on "the morning menu," we'll speak with a chicago salesman who was fired for being a packers superfan. can you do that? and the controversial tiger mother goes one-on-one with juju chang. are western mothers too relaxed? plus, in the market for a bargain house. we all are. get your pens and paper out. we'll tell you the top five cities to find them. ♪ ♪ express yourself ♪ ♪ express yourself ♪
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7:44 am
and just cost one man his job. monday, the day after the packers beat the bears for the nfc championship and is headed to the super bowl, car salesman, john stone, showed up for work wearing a packers tie and got fired. and john stone joins us this morning. is that the tie in question, mr. stone? >> yes, ma'am. yes, it is. >> i know you're wearing it with great pride. tell me how long you were working at the car dealership. >> i was only there less than a month. >> what was the atmosphere like for you during that month? >> 14 cars in the 1 month that i was there. i thought i was doing good. >> and had you ever worn that tie before in selling those 14 cars? >> no, ma'am. that was my first time wearing the tie there. >> so, why, john, did you decide to wear it the morning after the beloved bears of chicago lost to the packers? >> in commemorative to my
7:45 am
grandmother. we buried her friday, this past friday. i thought it was just fitting for me to wear the tie. plus, the green bay packers won. i thought it was okay. >> so, what did you boss say when he saw the tie? >> oh, he was very, very irate. telling me, if i didn't take the tie off, i was fired. told me a second time to take the tie off, or i was fired. and a third time, he told me to take the tie off, i was fired. he said, forget about it. get off the showroom floor. you're fired. i couldn't believe it. i was crying. >> did you think at first he was joking around with you? >> i thought he was joking because when he did call me up to the sales desk, he told me to take the tie off. but the second time, i had a customer. and he told me to go and help my customer out. >> were any of the customers giving you a hard time about wearing the tie? >> no customer gave me a hard time. they was upset at the bears because cutler didn't finish
7:46 am
playing the whole game. >> right. the quarterback. they had to go to the third string. and they were even burning his jersey on monday morning. they were really upset with the quarterback. john, i'm going to play a clip from your boss. this is what he said about the firing. take a listen. >> we have a big partnership with bears radio, some bears players, such as cory wooten. and we've invested a lot in partnering with the bears and supporting our community. we didn't want to offend the customer. >> john, i know you've only been at the dealership, as you said, about a month. were you aware of the partnership with the bears? >> i didn't know about the contracts, or anything. commercials. i never heard them. >> well, your boss, we understand, has decided that you can have your old job back. but you already have a new job? >> yes, ma'am. yes, i do. at homewood chevy in homewood, illinois. and i'm happy. i got hired yesterday. and i'm so ecstatic. i start tomorrow morning. >> i have to tell you, you sound like a car salesman right now.
7:47 am
making sure we know where you're working. you're happy with where you are? you're not going to go back? >> no, ma'am. i'm happy where i'm at. i'm with real people that care. they care about you. >> well, final question, john. your prediction in the super bowl? >> green bay, 24. steelers, 17. >> all right. by a touchdown. well, you are a good sport. as you said, you were thinking of your grandma. and our condolences that you lost her so soon. but thank you, john. and good luck to you. >> thank you so much for having me. >> all right. you take care. and we'd love to know what you think. should john stone have lost his job for wearing a packers tie to work? weigh in on our shoutout board, and coming up, should a mother be jailed for sending her kids to a better school? we have one woman's emotional story. you want to hear this. ♪
7:48 am
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coming up on "gma," we continue the fiery debate over the best way to raise your kids. juju goes one-on-one with the controversial tiger mom, george. >> i want her inside secret on that one. plus, we're mixing it up here in d.c. christine o'donnell, donna brazile. they're here live, talking about everything, from oprah's big reveal, to obama's big speech. a lot to talk about in "the
7:52 am
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7:56 am
>> the oakland tribune reports police would not say how he was killed. the 64-year-old bingham was political director of the union local. check the forecast. >> the big story, the fog, especially the east bay and north bay valleys. watch for that until 11:00. the potential for 8th day of record high temperatures. in the valleys the mid to upper 60s. upper 60s to low 70s around the
7:57 am
bay shore and out to the coast. day nine is tomorrow but 10to 15 degrees cooler by the weekend. >> bay bridge toll plaza traffic backed up to the maze. you'll wait at least a half hour to make your way into the tolls and san francisco. walnut creek it's foggy heading ♪ ♪ express yourself ♪ ♪ express yourself
7:58 am
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8:00 am
♪ it's the eye of the tiger it's the cream of the fight ♪ ♪ rising up to the challenge of our rival ♪ yes. "eye of the tiger," because the line is drawn once again, george, in the mommy wars. we have our own juju chang. and she will be the first one to tell you that she was raised by strict, korean parents. and now, she's raising her own beautiful three boys quite differently. juju, one-on-one, with the controversial tiger mom, george. >> i was just looking at that footage. they were going at it a little. you can feel the heat, even here in washington, where the snow is coming down. we're going to mix it up here in washington this morning. all of the headlines in "the morning mix." christine o'donnell and donna brazile. they've come in early this morning. lots to talk about this week. and can this woman solve your personal problems?
8:01 am
we're putting our next "gma" guru finalist in the hot seat. there she is right there, answering a whole bunch of questions. >> i love all of the different music we play. "express yourself," "eye of the tiger." this is going to come in handy. having hats, gloves and boots, keeping everyone warm and looking good in the next winter blast we're going through. we have all of the best ways to bundle up in our last half hour. we begin because every parent wants to give their children the best education possible. one ohio mom is sitting in a jail, accused of illegally trying to get her daughters in a better school district. should she be serving time? or was she justified? our andrea canning is here with more on this mother's crime and her punishment here. this is really going to light up our message board. >> reporter: it is a big debate right now. kelly williams-bolar, serving a ten-day sentence. she falsified residency records, and prosecutors say a private investigator even caught her red-handed on video,
8:02 am
living in the wrong district. bolar said all she wanted to do was help her daughters escape their crime-ridden akron neighborhood. >> it's overwhelming. i'm exhausted. i did it for them. there it is. >> reporter: kelly williams-bolar's decision to give her daughters a better life has now landed her behind bars. it started four years ago, when bolar, who lives in a poorer section of akron, ohio, sent her daughters to a highly-ranked school in a neighboring district. the problem is, it wasn't her district. it was her father's. and her children weren't eligible to go there. she says she did it to keep them safe. and that she lived part-time, with her dad. >> when my home got broken into, i felt it was my duty to do something else. >> reporter: but school officials said she was cheating, getting a quality education for her daughters without paying the right taxes to fund it. >> those dollars need to stay home with our students. >> reporter: the school system says she lied about her address, falsified records, and when confronted, had her father file
8:03 am
false court papers to game the system. the district even hired a private investigator to follow her. she was ordered to pay $30,000 in back tuition. but refused and was indicted. >> ask yourself why would you believe a word she told you on the stand? >> reporter: bolar claims she was singled out. >> it's not a murder trial. it's not. >> i felt that some punishment or deterrent was needed for other individuals who might think to defraud the very school systems. >> my girls need me. i never ever went a day without seeing them off. never. >> reporter: the case has now divided a city. >> why they chose this particular young lady, this particular girl, and not anyone else. >> reporter: and left many wondering how far a mother should go to give her children a better life. >> i don't think think wanted money. i think they wanted me to be an example. >> reporter: 100 other families were investigated at the same time as bolar. three agreed to stay and pay tuition. the others proved they were residents of the district or
8:04 am
admitted guilt. only bolar fought the school district. >> and she wants to be a teacher. now, that could be in jeopardy. >> she is only 12 credit hours away from her teacher's license. now that she's been convicted of a felony, that's in jeopardy. she's also a teacher's aide. and of course, her job is in jeopardy, as well. >> how much money are they spending going after the families? >> they spent thousands of dollars on the attorney fees and the private investigator fees. they claim, though, that it's the taxes that they're losing from these people is much more than that. >> and if you -- it's buzzing right here, in our studio right now. people are very aware of -- yes. it's -- you're not supposed to do that. but people do it because they're just trying to get their kid a better education. >> they're a hot-button issue for people. >> absolutely. and the president talked about that a lot in the state of the union. andrea, thank you so much. we would love to hear from you. both sides. please, weigh in. let us know what you think. how you feel about this. for a look at the other top stories, let's get to juju at the newsdesk. >> good morning.
8:05 am
very high on the outrage meter. good morning, everyone. president obama hits the road today, to sell his economic vision. he'll tour three factories in the battleground state of wisconsin. he's expected to repeat the message he delivered in the state of the union address, that america must out-innovate, out-educate, and out-build to win in the future. congress is cheering that goal. but is unlikely agree how to fund those investments. congresswoman gabrielle giffords' husband watched the speech from his wife's bedside. giffords has been upgraded from serious to good condition. and will move to a rehab facility today. now, developing stories overseas. day two of violent demonstrations in egypt. a key american ally. the protesters are calling for the ouster of president mubarak. our alex marquardt is in cairo. good morning, alex. >> reporter: juju, things here in egypt are very tense after the biggest protests the country has seen in decades. what started peacefully yesterday turned violent. and today, the interior ministry
8:06 am
says there's a zero tolerance policy for protesters. but opposition leaders say they will take to the streets today. and twitter is abuzz with encouragement, even though twitter here has been shut down. the government has made it clear they will crack down on the protesters. but their revolutionary spirit still appears to be strong. juju? >> alex marquardt, thanks. those protests in egypt were inspired by nearby tunisia's revolution. just today, we learned 11,000 inmates have escaped from prison there, amid all the chaos. a quick sports headline. tennis star, rafael nadal's bid to win four grand slam tournaments has come to an end this morning. the world's top-ranked player, who has been slowed by injuries, lost his quarter-final match at the australian open. now, from hollywood this morning. word that actress penelope cruz and husband, javier bardem, has welcomed their first child. audience applause. the baby was born tuesday in a los angeles hospital, shortly before dad was nominated for an
8:07 am
oscar. that's what i call a busy morning. that's the news at 8:07, time now for the weather with sam. good morning, sam. >> good morning, juju. we thinks that will be a very attractive baby. >> me thinks you're right. >> who has a good future ahead of him. by the way, i feel slightly underdressed. did you notice? where are you from? >> navy operational support center, new york city. >> all right. i feel safe. i just feel slightly underdressed. let's get to the boards. there's a few things going on that we want to show you, as we step out the door. in the northeast, realize that your drive home will be worse than your drive to work today. that's anywhere in the pink, shaded area. any place from washington, to new york city, to atlantic city, all the way up to boston and the coast of maine is going to get snow. but the target snow will be about ten inches. one, little spot, somewhere between hartford and boston that comes in with the snow. in the southwest, it's gorgeous. i'm tired of saying this. 76 in l.a. 75 in san diego. and 75 in palm springs. and into the southern land, we start to warm up, as well. so, we'll concentrate on the warmer temperatures.
8:08 am
tallahassee gets to 64, by friday. and it's even more uniforms, robin. when you come downstairs, you have to have a uniform. >> okay. i'll go change. thanks, sam. all right. now, the tiger mom debate has captured attention of parents all across the country. from the cover of "time" magazine, to the best-seller list, amy chua's book, "battle hymn of the tiger mother," about strict, asian parenting, has exploded.
8:09 am
now, juju sat down to talk about this uproar. >> there's a lot of controversy. robin, i call myself a tiger cub. i was raised by tiger parents. you were, too. >> my parents were very strict. very loving. but very strict. >> loving but strict. no play dates. no slumber parties. that's part of the controversy. but is this uber, tough-love parents good for kids? i swore i would never raise my kids that strictly. but when i spoke to amy chua about the controversy caused the headlines like chinese mothers of superior, she said she's been misunderstood. let's start with reaction to the book. it's been so polarizing. people either love you. or love to hate you. >> absolutely. and i didn't expect this level of intensity. the book, of course -- it's not a how-to guide. it's about my own journey and transformation as a mother. >> reporter: you got death threats. so much vitriol online. what do you think people are afraid of? >> it feels like it's had a life
8:10 am
of its own. people saying terrible things about my kids. wishing bad things on my family. it's just so personal for everybody. >> reporter: i've heard that from a lot of my friends who feel like amy chua is giving us a bad name. she is making us look like harsh, dragon moms. >> i'm sad about that. and i'm a little puzzled. the last third of the book. it's not a tiger. it's a crying, little rabbit. >> reporter: no one likes to have their parenting criticized. >> it's not intended to be a criticism of other people. i teach. and i can see that so many people get to great places. so many different ways. you know? lenient parents, strict parents, western parents, eastern parents. >> reporter: full disclosure. i was raised by tiger parents, who wanted a lot from me. and had very high expectations and drove me very hard. and i think i responded in exactly the opposite way. i was full of insecurity and pressure and self-doubt. and it took me years to get over it. and my parenting style is quite the opposite of yours, actually.
8:11 am
i adopted almost a full-bore western style of parenting. >> again, my book is completely sympathetic to that, right? at the end, i'm saying, listen to your child. and if they are crying out for you, this isn't working. you have to stop. >> reporter: one of the more controversial excerpts from the book was when you rejected your daughter's mother's day card. how cruel? >> that story has gotten out of control. >> reporter: i have the "new york post" article here, with your daughter defending you. but let's face it. the card was feeble, and i was busted. if i actually tried my best at something, you'd never throw it back in my face. >> never. both my daughters know. if they put their best effort, then that's good enough for me. >> reporter: you're not saying, if you don't get an "a," i won't love you? >> are you kidding? i don't care about the "a." it's i believe in you so much, i love you more than anything. i'm going to stick with you. >> reporter: but you're saying in the book, repeatedly, a-minus is not acceptable.
8:12 am
what does that mean? not acceptable, not acceptable. >> you have to realize that the book is a little self-parodying. i experienced that as a kid. >> reporter: and what if one of them came home and said, i want to quit piano? or i want to quit violin? >> this happened. and i let her quit. i didn't let her quit for a long time. but we had a crisis. and at some point, i realized, she was saying, i'm unhappy. >> reporter: so, whether it's culinary school or beauty school, anything that doesn't involve college, you would be okay with it? >> i would be okay with it. >> reporter: really? >> i believe -- i do. i do believe in excellence or trying for excellence. i do. but i think you can be excellent at anything. >> reporter: what three pieces of advice would you give to a new parent? >> self-question more. i was overconfident. i was wondering why all of the western parents are anxious about? just be firm. listen to your child. you have to know when to listen to your child. i wonder if that's what it comes down to. >> reporter: that sounds like
8:13 am
western parenting to me. >> those are the first two things. >> reporter: okay. give me the third. >> don't assume your child is weak. if you assume they can't take anything, what kind of signal are you sending them? my daughter, lulu came back with a bad math test. when she was about 10. and she said, i hate math. i'm bad at math. i wouldn't accept that. and i said, i'm making practice tests. i hand-wrote them. i drilled them with her for a week. the next test, she did really well. and she decided she didn't hate math. and her friends started calling her a math whiz. now, math is one of her favorite subjects. >> reporter: i don't know whether to be repulsed by that or completely jealous that you are able to get results. >> maybe it's both. >> reporter: maybe it is both. maybe that's why you're getting such a strong reaction. now, she says she evolved into the rabbit mom. but the columnist, david brooks, called amy chua a whimp, saying it's the very cognitive skills that you pick up at a slumber party or a play date, that gives
8:14 am
you success in life. those are the things she used to forbid. she now allows them. i heard you listening to it. it sounded like a biography for you. >> in some ways. we were not allowed to have sleepovers until a certain age. people could sleep at our house. it was more of a thing of my parents not knowing the families. and we had to take piano lessons to a certain age. then, it became optional. but, i'm the last one to give anybody parenting advice. and who knows? what works for one, may not work for the other. >> exactly. >> who knows? all right. we'll talk after this. we'll grab a cup of coffee. i want to know the behind-the-scenes story. the hot topics are next. christine o'donnell and donna brazile, mixing it up. talking about the speech last night. talking about oprah. come on back leep. i really didn't see it coming. i didn't realize i was drifting into the other lane. it got my attention, telling me that i wasn't paying attention. i had no idea the guy in front of me had stopped short. but my car did.
8:15 am
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♪ ooh! ow. [ male announcer ] at ragu, our mission is to pack two servings of vegetables into every half-cup of healthy, delicious sauce. new ragu has the taste your family will love, so, it's even easier to make every bite count. ♪ ragu. feed our kids well. ♪ talk about it talk about it ♪ it's time for a special washington edition of our "morning mix." here with me, christine o'donnell. she ran for senate as a republican. and democratic strategist, donna brazile. matching jackets. >> we got the memo.
8:18 am
>> she ran for the senate. i just run my mouth. >> you ran a lot of campaigns before. christine, let me start out with you. win the future. did the president sell you? >> not at all. i felt two things. well, i thought a lot of things. number one, hypocritical. >> hypocritical? >> he -- i had more than a dozen examples that immediately jumped out at me. where he would say one thing but he did another. for example, he railed against the energy company tax cuts. but he voted for them. he said he wants to free spending. something that everybody wants to hear. but at record-level high spending. he said he wants to eliminate wasteful programs. but give internet, wireless internet to everybody. i could go on and on. >> anything you liked? >> well, yeah. there were a lot of things that i liked. but those catchphrases sounded familiar because he took them right from tea party candidates, which i thought was funny. for example, we have to spend within our means.
8:19 am
that's something that many candidates, including myself, said on the campaign trail several times. so, he -- you know, he used tea party sound bytes to announce more big government spending programs. so -- >> i thought, george, the speech was very uplifting. if he was -- in many ways, i think a different president. he came to capitol hill last night, george, to rally the american people to begin to look to the future. to look to the future. to rebuild the country. to help expand america's reach in the world. i thought overall, the president received high marks because he also set the right tone. he reached out to republicans. he said, you know, we're not going to do a lot unless we can do it together. so, just a great moment for the american people. >> he was here earlier. and he loved the fact there was no jumping up and down last night. he said he wants the republican and democrats to work together in the future.
8:20 am
but others in washington said it made for a boring speech. >> i didn't like it. no. maybe because i'm a traditionalist. i like when the democrats sit on one side and the republicans sit on another. and. >> -- go at it? >> it's supposed to be civil debate. we're not suppose to sit together and sing "kumbaya." i think something was missing with that. >> what was missing, clearly, george, was gabby giffords. and i think that's why the president and members of congress chose to sit together to show the american people, that to face -- to solve these great challenges, we have to sit and listen to one another. >> let me switch gears a little bit. i didn't think there were any surprises left with oprah winfrey. yet, she came up with one. >> well, for 25 years, she's been our big sister. we've listened to her. we've learned from her.
8:21 am
she's let so many people. and now, she has a younger half-sister. and i'm happy for oprah. >> it's a beautiful life-affirming story. a very pro-adoption. while abortion is such a hot topic, this shows a positive side to the adoption alternative. >> a little late. but it did take some time. no happy ending for keith olbermann. no big surprise. on friday night, at the end of his special comment, he was told that this is his last show. and, donna, i wonder if you think there will be any long-term fallout from all this. keith olbermann made the brand over at msnbc. was a real -- he really rallied a lot on the left. do you think they're going to miss him? >> oh, already the left -- people on the left are missing
8:22 am
keith olbermann. we miss his voice. we miss his fire. we miss his criticism of some other people. but you know what? he's online. last night, he was tweeting up a storm. he has his major league baseball blog, the nerd -- the baseball nerd. i don't think we've heard the last from keith olbermann. that's a good thing. >> i well, i can't be objective here. i can't pretend that i'm not -- >> he was tough on you in the last campaign. >> i can take tough. that's one thing. you know, you were very fair. i mean, you called me on some of the stuff. but you didn't twist my responses. and i was surprised. i mean -- i tip my hat to you. >> fair. okay. >> you're a candidate as beat up as i was, and you're celebrating fairness. that's what it came to. i can't pretend i wasn't celebrating and popping a few corks on friday night. i felt a little vindicated.
8:23 am
i think the thing for him, he got so angry. it became a negative tone. he had a center base at one point. and just began to turn people off. >> christine, that's passion. that's how democrats express their passion. you have to hang around democrats a little bit. there's fire in us. >> there's passion. and there's another thing about total dishonesty. and some of his reporting, especially about my campaign, just became dishonest. and it became a turnoff to many people. >> you guys brought us passion with a smile this morning. thank you both for coming in. >> thank you. when we come back, the next candidate for our "gma" advice guru. she's taking questions now. (jennifer garner) there's a lot of beautiful makeup out there
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named the best of 2010 by money magazine. ally. do you love your bank ? ♪ the mayors of california's largest cities will meet with governor brown today. they include ed lee, jean quan and chuck reid. the mayors plan to tell the governor how his proposal to eliminate redevelopment agencies will harm the economy. brown is proposing to divert $1.7 billion in redevelopment money to help fund schools and public safety. in orinda commuters should expect significant delays on a major artery to highway 24. a partial closure at minor road remains in effect after a suspect in a stolen s.u.v. ran into a power pole yesterday after. pg&e crews are working to replace the power poleed the
8:28 am
drive killed was trying to escape police when he crashed. let's check with megan and see where the slowdowns are a. >> metering lights are on, traffic backed up into the maze. a half hour wait time to head into san francisco. let's get a check of other drive times for your slow wednesday morning commute. northbound 280 is jammed from 101 to highway 85. it's slow southbound 880 from 238 to highway 84 and northbound 238. kristen. >> we'll check switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
8:29 am
>> good morning. here we're looking at the 7-day forecast. you can see the temperatures are going to be warm. let's talk about the visibility. it is kind of dangerous around fairfield and santa rosa with a
8:30 am
quarter mile. visibility improving in the east bay valleys. record high temperatures, definitely possible again today for the 8th day in a ♪ i really can't stay but baby it's cold outside ♪ snow coming down in times square. it's been coming down in washington, d.c., as well, this morning. this morning, the whole east coast, taking the hit of one more winter storm. that makes it sound nice, robin. >> i wish it were one more winter storm. if you could guarantee that. we've been hearing that song. it is cold outside. snow, on the way. snow, already happening here. we have it covered. we have the hottest hats, gloves, boots to keep you warm, from head-to-toe, when it's cold outside, george. >> that's right. plus, all this week, the four finalists in our "gma" advice guru search are being put to the ultimate test. answering your questions.
8:31 am
liz pryor here this morning. does this single mother of three have the right stuff? they're lining up right now. and there's no place like home. especially when you can buy one at a bargain. we're going to tell you the top five places to buy a home this year. that's coming up. first, everyone is being on their best behavior down here. so quiet. oh. >> it's the uniforms. >> military. we're both military brats, too. >> also, katherine russell, everybody. broadway legend, if she lets us use the word. >> okay. >> she is the star of the big broadway show, "perfect crime." it is the longest-running, non-musical play in new york theater. katherine originated the role. let me get this right. you have shot 89 different men. you have kissed 57 different others. and the show has had 10,000 shows. >> 10,000 shows this fall. and people wonder why i show up
8:32 am
to work every day. because i get to shoot men and kiss them. >> i know you want to applaud. go ahead. it's all right. i totally understand it. so, in this way -- do you ever forget the words? >> no. i have a wonderful time. the play is such a pleasure to do. it's a great murder mystery. it's great for couples. it's great -- 10-year-old children figure out the play faster than their parents. >> that's always the way. >> absolutely. >> and you hold a record. i want to say it. thank you for the coat at the same time. >> i'm happy to donate a coat. in this weather, everyone deserves a warm, winter coat. look in your closet. can i put it in? >> yes, ma'am. please do. >> and donate. >> thank you for coming by the show. >> thank you. >> we love you for coming in. let's get to the boards. one or two things to let you know about. our twitter pictures. we have snow falling. but we have gorgeous scenic shots from the yucatan
8:33 am
peninsula. absolutely beautiful. we have a problem with snow today. stay with your local abc stations on the eastern seaboard. it will probably be worse on your drive home than the drive all that weather was brought to you by ally bank. robin? >> all right, sam. thank you. as you know, it's the "gma" advice guru finals. we've gone from 15,000 finalists to our top 4. the final four. so far this week, we've talked to dr. cooper boone. and life coach, fran harris, was here yesterday. now, the finalists, close-up, liz pryor will be in the hot seat. first, let's find out more about
8:34 am
liz. liz pryor calls herself part-minivan mom, a single mother of three. >> lunch. >> reporter: and part go-to girlfriend. a straight-talking advice expert. and she says juggling these roles give her the perfect skills to become the next "gma" guru. >> besides being sharp and smart, i think you have to be intuitive. >> reporter: skills she honed, growing up in a very large family. >> i'm number five out of seven. two older sisters, two younger sisters and two older brothers. everything about me is somewhat of a by-product of being from a big family. >> reporter: her family gave liz the encourage to leave the midwest behind and hit the los angeles acting scene. >> i got the chicken fillet from jack in the box. >> reporter: after getting married, she gave up hollywood for mommyhood. until a tough divorce. >> it was terribly difficult for all of us. you're breaking up as a family.
8:35 am
what i learned through my divorce mostly, is that i can't fix everything. >> reporter: she was also mourning the loss of a close friendship. >> and i felt really badly about myself. and failed. and awful. so, i started talking about it and writing about it. >> reporter: that turned into a best-selling book on dealing with female friendships. and launched a new career for liz, as an advice expert. her website, life with liz, gets hundreds of hits a day. dishing out advice on everything from parenting to dating. >> to be able to get my voice out there, that i know has helped a lot of people, help that many more people, would be a very, very cool thing for me. >> reporter: but can she cut it as a "gma" guru? we sent her to clear channel's valentine in the morning radio show. for one last challenge. >> say hello to liz pryor. >> pick two things that bug you. maybe you need to take a break. >> i feel like i should. >> you need to say -- please, don't get mad at me. i cannot get in there.
8:36 am
>> right. >> do you think you solved some problems today? >> i think so. >> did you help people out? >> yeah. >> liz pryor is live in our studio right now. so good to see you. >> so nice to meet you. >> we asked dr. coop and friends. >> it warmed my heart a little bit. the jack in the box commercial -- >> could have done without. we kind of went to the archives. i like the music in the background. >> we nailed it. >> it was so fun to do that. >> was it? >> all about liz. >> you love that. growing up, such a large family. >> yes. >> pros and cons of being the middle child in a big family? >> you know, i loved it. i was always a little pryor. we're talking nine or ten years. we're right in a row. maybe the bad part of it is you don't have as much time with your mom. >> oh. >> when i decided to have children, i thought, the one
8:37 am
thing i'm not going to do is go overboard. i missed parenthood. >> you have three children. 16, 14 and 11? >> yeah. >> they take your advice? >> all the time. >> yeah. >> 14-year-old daughter. >> really? you're hired, if that's the case. we're taking questions from our audience. so, are you ready? you've not seen these questions. are you ready to hear her answers? some of the questions. that's the cue. are you ready? thank you. there we go. we have not been able to do that -- you reach in there. >> oh. >> you have not seen these questions. >> robin. >> yes. i don't want you to edit it. all right. here. here we go. this is judy from wisconsin. my grandson is getting married this summer. i'm concerned that she and his wife aren't having a religious ceremony. all of the other grandparents want me to convince him to at
8:38 am
least have a prayer being said. what should i say? >> it's not your business. i don't think so. go to her son by herself. her grandson and say what she feels. but this is their thing, their day. you must respect that. >> right to the point. all right. reach in the ol' bowl again. again, you have not seen these. these are right off the cuff. >> this is a good one. >> you feel it. okay. this is chloe from austin, texas. i have a friend who often asks if i can look at her toddler for a quick 20 minutes, while she runs an errand. but the 20 minutes always stretch into an hour or two. i want to be helpful. but it's not respectful of my schedule. what do i say to her? >> yeah. that's tough. you have to put the boundaries up. before she asks you, you say, i love watching the toddler. it's fun. it's cool. no more than a half hour. that's what you have to do. she doesn't know. the girl doesn't know.
8:39 am
this is what we do. we don't say it. when she gets home, she should say, that's a bummer. we don't do that. we write into me. and i say, pick it up. >> we don't want to make waves. >> not bad with girlfriends. >> you've written about that. >> we'll tell our guys. we'll tell them all. >> reach in the bowl one more time. >> what are you doing? >> i want to mix them up really well. don't want you to see any of them. all right. this is kathy from ohio. and she asks liz, our daughter is 26 years old. and has been living with her 40-year-old boyfriend for 2 1/2 years. all right. she says he wants a family and kids. but we never hear any commitment talk from him. i feel she is wasting her prime dating years. my question is, should we ask him flatout what his intentions are? >> my answer would be no. no. you can't ask him. sit down with your daughter.
8:40 am
and tell me something, as a parent, the more you tell your kids, it is a circle in a square. if you really want her to think about this, don't -- try and mask your judgment of it. and really ask questions of herself, to get her where she needs to get to be on the same page. don't go to him. >> no? >> no. >> all right. liz, thank you. >> thank you. >> it's a pleasure to meet you. >> i loved meeting you. >> i congratulate you on making it this far. >> thanks a lot. >> to put the gurus to the test, liz and our other finalists will be answering your questions. go to next, the top five places to get a bargain when buying a house this year. come on back.
8:41 am
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in "america's consumer" this morning, housing numbers out this week, show u.s. home prices fell 1.6% in november. that's the most in a year. and a sign that the economy is still struggling to recover. if you're in the market for a home, now it could be good news. now is a great time to bag a real estate bargain. we partnered with real estate website, to figure out the top places to buy in 2011. we're going to look at them with elisabeth leamy in d.c. let's start with the number one place. utica, new york. >> reporter: yes.
8:44 am
utica has the lowest foreclosure rate of any city that zillow looked at. and home prices are up 5%, from year to year, compared to home prices nationally, which are down. you can get a house in utica for about two years' worth of wages. and the median home price is about $104,000. we want to show you a five-bedroom house at the median price. it's set on a half-acre corner lot. it has arched doorways. and it has a wood fireplace. >> $104,000. wow. go to the heartland next. oklahoma city. >> reporter: oklahoma city has a strong job market that's only getting better. and home values there are improving, too. up 3% from 2009, to 2010. the median home price in oklahoma city is $118,000. for that price, you can get something like this. a 1930s brick cottage in a central location. updated kitchen, big windows
8:45 am
that lets in lots of light. >> pittsburgh, great football city. and the housing market there is good, too. >> reporter: it is. pittsburgh is one of the few markets where home values are increasing on not just a yearly basis, but a quarterly basis. they're climbing up to see the progress in three-month chunks. that's huge. zillow discovered that half of the homes are increasing in value. median home price in pittsburgh, is $110,000. as an example, a charming, brick, four-bedroom house is for sale just under that. it's newly-renovated. i feel like a realtor. >> and the vice president is heading there today, madison, wisconsin. >> reporter: madison. average home prices went down from 2009 to 2010. but then, went up in the third quarter of 2010, which means madison real estate is showing signs that it could be at or
8:46 am
near the bottom. right now, the median home price in madison is about $207,000. and we want to show you a three-bedroom, two-bathhouse in that range that's only nine years old. high, cathedral ceilings. tons of windows and skylights. >> and a lot to do, as well. finally, lincoln, nebraska. >> reporter: lincoln, nebraska, has the lowest unemployment rate out of the 124 cities that zillow looked at. just 1.4%. and lincoln houses are affordable in relation to lincoln incomes, with a median value of $135,000. we're going to show you an all-stone house built in 1950, for almost that exact median price. and has the lushest of yards of all of the listings i looked at. i looked a lot. i am a real estate junkie. >> you had fun with this. >> reporter: i did. >> you can see the other five cities on zillow's best places >> you can see the other five cities on zillow's best places to buy list by going
8:47 am
a throne for the tv... room for movies... your workout gear... non-stop football... it's a man cave! the boys next door will never leave. who says we want them to?
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now, with more snow blanketing the midsouth and another big storm headed right here to time squares, not only is sam busy. we're busy, too, to give you the best look at hats, boots and gloves, with lori bergamotto, the editor at "lucky" magazine. and all of these are under $50. >> yeah. we really did our homework here. we have a great look for you. let's start with a sporty, casual weekend, which might be this weekend here in new york. >> this is nicole. >> we have nicole in a puffy jacket. and a lot of women get scared in a puffy jacket.
8:50 am
>> i look like the michelin man. >> you don't need to. we gave her this turtleneck. it uses a heat tech technology, that generates body heat. and keeps you warm inside. >> very fashion-forward. but the snud is big this season. >> the snud is. with a tommy hilfiger hat. and we love these boots. charlotte russe, $35. aren't they great? and keep them warm with a cable knit sock on the inside. >> you look fabulous. >> thanks, nicole. >> next, we have nika. don't tell sam it started snowing inside. >> this is nika. we gave her a camel coat. the fedora is so hot right now. >> that's the boyfriend look, right? very hot right now?
8:51 am
>> it is. the gloves are isotoner. they're $17.99 apiece. and i know you love this scarf as much as i do. $38. and the main thing here, two things. the belt -- >> gives you form. can you lift your scarf? isn't that nice? it gives you form and makes you look slender. >> you stay warm. you can put layers on but will still have a sleek look. and the boots, from >> you can still look fashionable. >> carrie? >> and mother nature throws the gauntlet down. when you're getting dressed up, what do you do? we gave carrie, a beaded hat from t.j. maxx, $9.99. >> and the ruffled scarf elegant
8:52 am
look. and that's $17.99. and the shoes. everybody asks us, what do you do with the shoes? you don't need to wear stilettos. you can wear an over-the-knee boot. $49.99 from payless. they keep you warm. you can walk around and look great. >> that's the biggest ticket item, $49.99. >> thanks, carrie. >> and last, fredricka. >> this is a work look. we started with the faux fur ear muffs. and they get rid of the worry of hat head. and we love these gloves. they're $35 from echo. and they're very functional. can you show you can text with those? you see the little grip. >> i've seen those in stores. can you text with them? with a glove. >> and aerosoles boots, rubber sole on the bottom. they're practical for walking around. >> let's have all of the models
8:53 am
come back in. not only are all of the accessories less than $50, most are less than $30. >> it's true. you can be on-budget, stay warm and look chic. >> you can get the accessories and dress it up. thank you, lori. lori bergamotto from "lucky" magazine. you can find all of the looks at and we'll my second diagnosis-- i was told to go home, retire, and enjoy the time i had left. to say it was a shock is just a complete understatement. i mean, i don't think there are words. she had put up a really good fight, but it was her time. you... don't have a choice of getting breast cancer. i had no choice. i wanted to do something bigger than myself. that 3-day gave me that opportunity. and i can actually do something to help. i think it's a very bold thing to do. 60 miles in 3 days-- i can do that. i'm sure if it was 100 miles, we'd still walk it. it was a big statement for me of... (voice breaks) i'm alive. we can do this. we can do this.
8:54 am
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we're with a beautiful birthday girl, betty. she says she's going to be 80. i'm not buying it. 60, tops. and a very lovely audience, we have, as you can see here. a little bit of everything. i hope i get out with this weather, so i can talk to mrs. obama. hopefully, the weather goes well. >> and my conversation with tiger mom will continue tonight on "nightline." tune in if you can. >> have a great day. >> a good one. ababababababababab
8:57 am
8:58 am
♪ the oakland unified school board will consider giving pay raises to employees while also framing its budget deficit. the tribute reports the proposed 2% raise for district employees including teaches will cost about $2 million. principals are asked to make 7%
8:59 am
cuts to school budgets totaling $12 million. residents affected by the september gas pipeline explosion can begin collecting checks today from the pool of donations controlled by the city. 99 individuals will get checks ranging from 1,000 to $6,000. the victims who is houses were destroyed will get the highest amount. the community generated $400,000 in donations in the aftermath. plenty of sunshine for most of us, mike. >> still the fog in the east bay, north bay valleys. that's why their temperatures mid to upper 60s. upper 60s to low 70s around the bay and to the coast. 7-day forecast, tomorrow will be day 9 of record high temperatures and of the last day. 10 to 15 degrees cooler by sunday. >> metering lights are on with a slight delay making your way through the tolls and heading into san francisco. a live look in walnut creek. this is southbound 680. it's foggy into the san ramon valley. other slow spots this morning


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