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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  January 29, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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♪ in the news this saturday morning, january 29th, when the sun comes up authorities will begin searching the canal for the bodies of the suspect and a kidnapped four-year-old boy after the suspect's car was pulled out of the water without any bodies inside. and a fifth day of protests in egypt as demonstrators demand that egyptian president hosni mubarak be ousted. 38 people have died with two thousand others injured. >> clouds around this morning. >> good morning, everyone. i'm jenelle wang. thanks for joining us. it's 5:00 right now. our top story, a county dive
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team resumes searching the canal this morning. the silver toyota corolla described in a statewide amber alert was pulled out yesterday but no bodies were inside. leslie has this update. >> unfortunately the vehicle's empty. joe say and giuliani are not in the car. >> by nightfall the silver toyota was hauled up out of the canal. >> two of the windows were down. we haven't completely finished inspecting the vehicle. detectives have to go through the inside to find any substantial evidence. the vehicle is badly damaged. >> a dive team descended into a cave-like siphon system located between two sections of the canal. the siphon is designed to move water under the creek bed through 15 by 15 foot square tubes. they found the silver corolla lodged inside one of those tubes. a sophisticated sonar system got
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close enough to read the license plate. >> we're going to continue to search the siphon, the canal downstream. we're going to continue to look and hold out hope. >> officials said with the 42 degree water in the canal, bodies would not surface for 14 days. outside giuliani's family's home in patterson there was silence as friends and neighbors prayed inside. >> still holding out hope? >> absolutely. i think there's always hope for, you know, until there's finality. >> the mood in the home is still hopeful and that the child will come home safely. >> but neighbors set candles on their door steps after watching it come out of the canal on tv. >> i broke down. >> she's been worried ever since she's heard the kidnapping suspect yell at giuliani's family in the past. >> he would come in and threaten
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them, to kill them. >> the mother was in sacramento for a vigil and expressed eternal home. >> as a mom you think i'd get that gut feeling that something's wrong. i never got that feeling. that's why i believe he's out there somewhere. >> now that the car has been found, the search will resume in the canal for bodies. leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. >> overseas the egyptian people's revolt against egyptian president hosni mubarak's regime continues. thousands of demonstrators violated overnight curfews after crashing with police in cairo last night. today he's expected to name a
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new prime minister after state television announced his cabinet officially resigned. president obama phoned him yesterday urging that he take concrete steps to expand the people's rights and refrain from using violence against protestors. >> continue to stand up for the rights of egyptian people and work with their government in pursuit of a future more just, for free and more hopeful. >> cellphone service is now partially restored after egypt's military cut off nearly all modes of communication yesterday. internet service is still down. that's making it harder for 2,000 foreigners desperately trying to book flights out of the country. bay area members of the egyptian community will rally today in downtown san francisco to show support for the rebellion against that regimen. the noon protest at market and montgomery streets will call for an end to u.s. support for the region minute. local families are very worried
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about loved once back home. >> what was supposed to be a regular friday night meeting turned into a special prayer service. most of the members of the orthodox church in hayward have friends and family in egypt and tonight they prayed for their safety. >> it's really scary. i feel like we're watching history in the making. it's a revolution and i hope that the end result is something that's great. but i think nobody knows what's gonna come of it. >> since the violent demonstrations broke out, many in the bay area haven't been able to get through to their friends and family. the egyptian government had restricted internet and cellphone service. even those who can get through are choosing not to for fear the lines may be tapped or traced which means for most all they've been able to do is watch the turmoil unfold on television. for members of this church, opinions are strong over how the protests have been carried out so far. >> make fires and to destroy the shops and restaurants and banks.
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you know, i'm not -- >> all this puts the u.s. government in a tough spot. while it can't ignore the call for a new regimen, egypt is a major u.s. ally. a former correspondent for "the new york times." >> the united states has needed egypt for intelligence, for terrorism assistance, to help with israel palestinian situations. >> hopefully a change for the better. more democracy maybe. more justice. that's what i hope for. >> lillian kim, abc 7 news. >> pacifica police say a suspected drunk driver crashed her pickup truck into a bar right at closing time. you can see the results of the 2 a.m. crash. two commerce on francisco
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boulevard were injured and taken to the hospital. the driver, 49-year-old carla andres of daly city was also hospitalized for her injuries. she was arrested on a felony d.u.i. charge. a job that's been around since the golden gate bridge opened is going away. the district voted yesterday to replace toll collectors on the bridge with an electronic system starting september 2012. the bridge will collect tolls through fas trak or by scanning license plates eliminating cash all together. the move is expected to save $19 million over the next eight years. the district thinks it can reassign the 32 toll takers to other positions. >> this morning a coalition of bay area interests will gather for the save our caltrain summit, a severe budget shortfall next year threatens to derail the commuter trains that run between gilroy and san francisco. despite high ridership, caltrain is the only transit agency that lacks dedicated funding. organizers hope to come up with
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solutions to keep caltrain on track. people along the peninsula have a vested interest even if they don't ride the train. that's because it carries traffic equivalent to through full lanes during rush hour. some community activists are criticizing both the expected choice and the process. expected to recommend chris moore for the job. karina rusk has more reaction. >> community members representing a number of ethnic groups spoke with one voice. they think oakland's police chief anthony batts is the best person to lead san jose's police department and wants the city council to meet with him. >> chief batts is far and away better qualified to do this job. he hasn't had the opportunity to speak with the council so the process is hijacked. >> the city manager appears to
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have made her choice and is expected to recommend the council hire acting police chief chris moore for the top job. former police officer and council member pete constant is looking forward to tuesday's vote. >> i think he's a person that brings a very wide range of experience and education. and i think he's a very good leader. >> people opposed to moore say he's a department insider and may want change when it comes to what they consider racial profiling and excessive use of force. >> we ask that the city council, the mayor not ratify the city manager's decision. thank you. (applause) >> he supports moore. he's head of the politically powerful roundtable. he points to moore's historic move to promote a woman to the number two position. his decision to release a 9-1-1 dispatch call from a recent murder/suicide and chance to police policy on impounding vehicles. >> i commend him for the
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courage. if he can do that much in three months, i know he can do a lot more. >> the council vote on a new police chief is scheduled to take place tuesday in closed session. a decision this group says should be made out in the open. in san jose, karina rusk, abc 7 news. >> coming up next, beasts have villain. >> what's the other 12%? it's our secret. >> taco bell's no bull approach to questions about what's in the beef? and find out how council woman jackie speier
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>> ( beeping, beeping stops ) >> announcer: free is better. do your simple return for free with the federal free edition at turbotax. the most trusted brand of tax sofoftwtware. well-being.
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we're all striving for it. purina cat chow helps you nurture it in your cat with a full family of excellent nutrition and helpful resources. purina cat chow. share a better life. . >> taco bell has a major beef with its critics. the fast food train is fighting
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back with charges it's substituting beef with fillers. lisa amin gulezian reports on the lawsuit and taco bell's reaction. >> hi, i'm greg, president of taco bell. >> announcing its own aggressive campaign to prove where the beef really is. >> our seasoned beef contains 88% quality beef. >> the company launched this video and bought pricey full-page ads in major newspapers nationwide. this after an alabama law firm claimed the meat taco bell uses is only one-third beef. >> this is a great headline. >> the top of the ad reads "thank you for suing us. here's the truth about our seasoned beef." >> thank you for suing us because here's what the facts really are. sam singer knows management. he was hired after an e-coli
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outbreak in the '90s. >> they're counterattacking and doing it with such assuredness that it gives the public the sense they're telling the truth. >> somewhere between meat and what's called extenders, non-meat substitutes used to add bulk and texture. some of that includes isolated oat product and sill condioxide which is eseptemberly sand. the ad don't list this as an ingredient in its secret recipe. customers we spoke with really don't care. >> i like taco bell tacos and their beef. >> to me it doesn't really matter whether it's beef or some other filler. >> nationwide taco bell serves 35 million customers every week. the company's ceo says he does not know if the lawsuit is hurting sales. earnings reports will be out next week. in san francisco, lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. >> bay area congresswoman jackie speier is holding a congress on your corner event in san carlos
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today. the san mateo democrat introduced a resolution declaring the first saturday in january as national congress on your corner day. it's a direct response to the shooting of gabrielle giffords three weeks ago at a congress on your corner meet and greet event. speier says we cannot allow a single gunman to alter our form of government and having direct access to the representatives in washington. today's meeting at the corner of laurel street and san carlos avenue from 10 a.m. to noon. the postal service and san francisco police are trying to figure out who sent them military grade projectiles to a woman in haze valley. she thought she ordered a cooking mold but found an anti-aircraft mortar inside the box that arrived in her mail on thursday. she called police. the bomb squad evacuated several nearby apartment buildings but it appears the device was harmless. a snow-covered icy sidewalk in maryland tripped up a bank
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robber and allowed a hostage to sprint to safety. yesterday a news chopper captured these images of the robber holding the gun to the head of a teller as he uses her as a human shield outside a bank in tacoma park, maryland. you can see the red cloud from the security dye pack in the money exploding. the robber then slips on snow and ice, the teller bolts but the robber chases after her with his gun -- my goodness -- pointed at her back. that's when six officers opened fire on him. >> a very dangerous situation. something these officers have probably never seen in their career and will never see again. >> the suspect died at the scene. the bullet grazed an officer's leg but his wound is described as minor. very lucky teller there. lisa with her forecast. >> plenty of low clouds out there. not going to see too much in the way of sun. a live look from our roof camera. sun not coming up until after 7:00 but rain on the way this
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>> changes in our forecast, meteorologist lisa argen is here. >> we're going to see rain. almost four weeks since we have seen the wet weather. it's coming back late tonight. we're going to look for much colder weather as well. but today the last dry day. a live look from emeryville where we have plenty of clouds out there. we have an on-shore flow. that's going to allow for the clouds to stick around for much of the day. not much in the way of fog yesterday. yesterday really fogged in for a good portion of the morning and afternoon. 50 in san francisco. 51 in oakland. we have some warmer temperatures down around the south end of the bay, 51 mountain view with 50 san jose. mid-40s up by the delta. so showers arrives this evening overand we'll see the possibility of a thunderstorm tomorrow cool and dry weather
5:21 am
returns next week. so really just a small area of rain coming our way. and here's the look at it from our satellite and radar composite. an area of low pressure to the north and west of us. high pressure still holding on for the day today and this low begins to move to the east-southeast later on today. with it the threat of rain later on tonight in the north bay. here's the timing. our computer animation starting tonight 5:00 you'll notice parts of northern sonoma county getting wet but the front still offshore. but then by later on this evening, here comes that front pushing through sonoma county and by the overnight hours we've got scattered showers and behind it the colder air and by 5:00 tomorrow morning maybe a few heavier showers in the north bay and throughout the later morning hours. here comes the low. we're looking at showers throughout the late morning and then by the afternoon still some cool unstable air. looking at anywhere from about an inch of rain in the north bay with a tenth to three-quarters
5:22 am
in the east bay, south bay, santa cruz mountains. so quite a switch from our dry weather pattern. in sierra nevada, a winter weather advisory. the first snow since mid-january. looking at 3 to 6 inches at lake level at best and about 7,000 feet maybe a half a foot to a foot but that's probably not likely. we'll be looking at definitely some treacherous travel if you're heading to the sierra nevada. it's been quite some time since we've seen that snow and ice in that area. so high temperatures today in the upper 50s. look for a lot of cloud cover in the south bay. mid-50s for redwood city. 52 pacifica. downtown look for numbers ranging from the low 50s daly city. north bay numbers cloudy and cool this afternoon. maybe a few peeks of sun. rain off the coast and in our east bay look for 55 san leandro. inland valleys, yeah, maybe the cloud cover throughout the entire afternoon. so a cool one for you in
5:23 am
pittsburg. 57 in pleasanton. by monterey bay, look for highs approaching around 60 with hazy afternoon sun. here's the accu-weather 7-day forecast. we'll call it mostly dry today. if you're way up in the north bay you could see a shower late in the day, scattered showers, maybe a thunderstorm tomorrow, cool. we're looking at more dry weather with slowly warming temperatures by next week. >> but it is winter so we should expect a little rain. we can deal with that. thanks so much, lisa. in sports r- my goodness, spoiler alert. turn down your volume, turn off the tv, go out of the family room if you set your dvr and don't want to know the result of the australian open woman's final. a couple hours ago third-seated kim cliefter defeated khan to win her fourthel grand slam tournament. the warriors lost a heartbreaker at oracle arena to the
5:24 am
charlotte's bobcats. highlights in the morning sports. >> good morning, everybody. cats and jack return to wreak havoc on his old team. steven jackson delivered a dagger force, buried the warriors in a game that turned into pure agony for golden state. kill 'em with kindness and early with three points late. to the third quarter, durell wright, but charlotte on an 11-0 run. north quarter. jeff curry the hot hand hittin' everything. less than two minutes ago, another three. he had 27. dad not too happy. they're all right. slowing down with authority. you figure game over, no! jackson was fouled, made free throws and the bobcats for the tie, kickout. jackson bumps it in!
5:25 am
with 0.6 left. you had he had to love that. finished with 31 points and charlotte snatches the victory away 121-113 in overtime and absolutely demoralizing loss for the warriors. tiger woods is lurking, so is phil mickelson and surprisingly even john daily at insurance open at torrey pines. daily worked his way. four putt on the fourth hole double bogey six. he would get back. he's at 8 under par. three behind the leader bill hobbs. tiger, a second consecutive 69. minus 8 finishes with the birdie to the delight of wife amy. down under andy murphy put himself in position and britain's 75-year winless streak
5:26 am
in a major but took care of the spaniard david ferreira. match point drop shot, the half valley winner. 4-6, 7-6, 6-1. a new look for brian wilson, the black beard gone. for one night anyway wilson donned a gray beard for the talk show on tbs. there was a nautical theme i guess you could say mixed in with the usual brian wilson bizarre conversation. >> what's happening with the outfit? >> well, when i meet folks for the first time they say, hey, you kind of look like a few characters, chuck norris one of them. with a little edge. >> are you chuck norris with a little edge? >> a tiny bit. >> how would you relate your pitching to chuck norris. >> chuck norris has been known to throw 100 mile fastball. >> are you a nautical man? do you have your own boat. >> i do have a schooner.
5:27 am
it's double-parked out front. i have 15 minutes until i get a ticket. >> check out this kid. during his son's game after the tram pa lien and right through the rim. it's a good thing he went all the way through because the guy behind him did not stop. he was gonna throw down no matter what. clearly not planned and it's a good thing the kid is skinny but that is truly unbelievable. that's a wrap on morning sports. mike shumann will be here at 5 p.m. 6:00 and 11:00. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> exciting. evidence that bay area builders are ready to start building again. >> i'm nanette miranda in sacramento. governor jerry brown just issued another executive order this time charging state cars andndnd
5:28 am
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another major cut facing state workers. governor jerry brown announced he's cracking down on state cars to save money. he wants to cut the government fleet in half. abc 7 capital correspondent nanette miranda reports from sacramento. >> in yet another measure to cut costs, governor jerry brown issued an executive order to scale back the state fleet, including an immediate stop to new car purchases. he believes about 11,000 vehicles don't serve a public safety or health function. another 4500 permits allow certain state workers to take vehicles home for their daily commute. >> i notice a lot of cars driven by state workers so i put out the order. we're cuttin' 'em in half and we're going to look to see every use of a state car is needed. >> the order is expected to save $16.5 million a year getting praise from taxpayer groups. >> the area of government-owned
5:31 am
cars and the abuse of the vehicle fleet has been one of our pet peeves for many, many years. >> earlier this month governor brown ordered half of nearly 100,000 state-issued cellphones be turned in by june with brown being the first to give his up. >> the fleet and the cellphone cuts may be more laying the groundwork for the bigger plan, to ask voters to extend the temporary tax hike. >> he realizes that as long as there's these massive fleets out there and state employees that have all these cellphones, that arguing for tax increases is more difficult. >> a new poll out this week shows strong support for brown putting the tax hikes on a special election ballot. but getting them to approve them may be a bigger hurdle. >> each year it seems we're apt to may more and more and more and we're getting less and less and less. >> brown's state of the state address monday is expected to make the case with voters asking for their help in getting california back on track. in sacramento, nanette miranda,
5:32 am
abc 7 news. >> teachers in the pittsburg school district are offered early retirement for the second straight year. last year 25 teachers took incentives to retire early allowing districts to avoid layoffs. they're eligible to get monthly payment lasting five years to life for retiring early. ironically the incentive money comes from federal job creation stimulus fund. this morning sixflags discovery kingdom is hosting its annual job fair. it needs to fill 400 of its seasonal positions, admission reps, tram drivers, operators, concession, security workers. the fair is phoenix campus in fairfield from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. this afternoon. more signs emerging that silicon valley's economy is recovering. google is launching its biggest hiring job and then there's
5:33 am
construction. >> a clear byproduct of the economic downturn in silicon valley. a sudden uptick in business expansion and new start-ups. a new reason is capital activity. they made $28.8 billion in investments. that's up 19% from the year before. it's also the first increase since 2007. silicon valley valley start-ups got $8.5 billion. that's four times more than new england, the second place region for investments. hiring translates in demand for housing. good news on that front, too. chuck reid told business leaders at a breakfast event sponsored about by the business journal that permits for 1100 housing units have been issued. one of the largest development companies are ready to build housing. >> rents have been down the last three years but now they're starting to gun 8 or 9% what most people are predicting. getting to the point where it
5:34 am
almost justifies -- i said justifies new construction. >> there are no signs of a broad-based recovery. tom warner, ceo at sun power, says banks are still not lending money. >> that lending is a huge factor for employment so that broad-based lending key metric to look at. i think that creates broad-based employment growth. >> mayor reid says job growth will help to offset government layoffs. >> despite losses in government, there were sectors growing, that's a good thing. clean tech is growing rapidly. that's a good thing. we'll get job growth over the next year but we will see government shrink. >> getting projects like this one completed will help city coffers bringing in workers that spend money locally but sometimes that takes 18 months to happen once new jobs are created. in santa clara, david louie, abc 7 "moneyscope.." >> u.c. davis has uncorked the world's most environmentally sophisticated center for learning how to make wine and
5:35 am
beer. students at the facility will focus on studying and creating their own wine, beer and cheese and produce using environmentally sustainable methods. the $25 million robert mun dav have i institute took about a year to build and was paid for by private donations. it has the highest rate possible for environmental design. >> i would love to be in that school. >> how alleys the weather looking? >> a return to normal. we've had those above normal temperatures records. from our roof camera, temperatures in the 40s pretty much all across the bay area. not so much in the way of fog. a cold front on the way and rain to talk about. your forecast is next. >> also ahead, sense of smell. the stanford researchers working on a new way to mimic the human nose.
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some rel sleeve coming for embattled homeowners in san rafael's mobile home park. we told you last week how their landlord had prematurely threatened some with evictions after a routine state inspection found minor violations. wayne friedman reports some of the hardship cases are getting help from the county ♪ >> andrew parents of san rafael doesn't just play the blues. lately he and other residents from marin have been living the blues due to an ongoing fight with the company that owns the land beneath their mobile homes. >> we do appear to be the victim of a somewhat vindictive landlord. >> first their landlord equity lifestyle properties of chicago won a ruling in federal court that eliminates representative control here by 2018. it has devastated property values here but there's a second provision that allows the company to raise rents on any lots where people leave.
5:39 am
>> so earlier this month dozens of residents were suspicious when that landlord sent premature eviction warnings after mostly minor violations of a routine state inspection. they included trash, leaves and one home improperly installed christmas lights. rossi has to move this storage shed which inspectors say is a fire hazard. not easy for a woman on fixed income. >> always the money but if you don't have it, what are you supposed to do. >> enter susan adams that chairs the marin housing authority which has a relief fund for renters in distress. they'll funnel some of that money here, a county protecting its old against an out of town landlord. >> whether they're bullies or not, they believe the right to use the tactics they're using. does it feel like it's the right kind of approach? no, it doesn't feel that way to me. >> the maximum rent would be $5,000, more than most
5:40 am
homeowners need for their fixes but it would mean all the difference for jeannine rossi. >> huge. i can barely survive on disability as it is. >> wayne friedman, abc 7 news. >> this january one of the driest in years but we should have more water thanks to several fall storms. last week they measured snow pack. water content ranged from 108% of normal in the northern sierra. it provides one-third of california's water. it looks like we may add to that just a bit but nothing too significant. >> not a major storm at all but maybe a couple inches at lake level in the mountains. yesterday it was the 40s in concord, 60s gilroy. definitely on our way to changing weather conditions the past couple of days. a live look outside. high definition emeryville. we have an onshore flow. that's going to keep the clouds with us.
5:41 am
not much in the way of clearing today and the rain, it's going to enter the north bay today. in fact, a chance of it north of san francisco by late tonight. 50 in the city right now. good morning, oakland. 51 for you. it's 49 in fremont. we're looking at mid-40s by the delta. 46 in santa rosa and 47 in livermore. our highlight showers arrive this evening basically for the north bay. everyone will see the rain overnight tonight into tomorrow with the possibility of a thunderstorm tomorrow. cool and dry weather resumes next week. so here's the setup. high pressure trying to hang on for another day. should do that for the most part. here's the low. it will move to the east-southeast throughout the day today approaching the sonoma coast by late tonight. so showers, the chance of them from san francisco on north by late this evening. the main activity happens with the frontal path and the cold air behind it overnight tonight
5:42 am
and tomorrow. by 8:00 tonight, the front is still about to move through the area. but we're getting the showers around the bay. pushes on through through the overnight hours and the cooler air behind it showing more rain here in the north bay ready to cross the south bay through the early morning hours and then by 10:00, we're still looking at some wet weather pushing through the south bay, the santa cruz mountains. then by the afternoon we'll see partly cloudy skies, still a chance of showers around but quickly we're looking at the possibility of up to an inch of rain by late tonight into midday sunday across the north bay, a tenth to about three-quarters of an inch in the south bay and east bay. so really not a big weather maker but it's been about three weeks since we've seen any measurable participation. winter weather advisory for the sierra nevada. snow since january 14th, 3 to 6 inches around lake level, maybe half a foot about 7,000 feet. upper 50s today in the south
5:43 am
bay. some afternoon partial clearing. so not a bad day but certainly a lot cooler than what we've been used to. a lot of clouds around the peninsula. 55 san mateo. san francisco 53 today. mostly cloudy for you and in the north bay you'll stay dry for the bulk of the day. by late in the afternoon, ukiah, cloverdale could see sprinkles, 56 cloverdale. 54 berkeley. 57 union city today and out over the hills a little fog and we'll see a lot of clouds around today. some hazy sun at danville. 57 today and down by the monterey bay, about 3 to 5 degrees cooler than you were yesterday with 58 in monterey. here's the accu-weather 7-day forecast. we'll keep it dry for the most part, the bulk of the day today. highs in the 50s. tomorrow showers, chance of thunderstorms and then we'll see the dry, cool weather monday, tuesday and then see the groundhog there. >> yes. is he going to see his shadow, punxsutawney phil.
5:44 am
we'll find out. (laughter) >> yeah! looking at some pretty night weather if you like it dry. but if you're looking for more snow in the mountains, january's been a dump. >>. (laughter) >> as long as, lisa. a research team at stanford is working on technology that might be compared to the human nose. it's going to identify substance using the science of smell. here's health and science reporter carolyn johnson with all the details. >> the average human nose can distinguish among some 200 scents. now researchers are attempting to duplicate that sensitivity in a machine. >> so, for example, when we smell things, it's -- molecules will interact with multiple receptors. we're doing kind of the same thing with our dna's. >> professor eric cool and his team are manufacturing synthetic dna but instead of controlling functions, their dna is engineered to react to compounds in the environment. >> we want to be able to smell
5:45 am
contaminants in the air. for example, in environmental applications. we'd like to be able to taste toxins in the water. >> to accomplish that, they replaced certainly molecules of the dna with fluorescent compounds. seven colors in all. they exposed their newly created dna sensors with vapors injected into a vial. the tiny beads of dna turned different colors depending on the vapor they were reacting to. >> we have orange, red, yellow. >> with thousands of possible dna combinations, research assistant c. k. koo thinks it can get to the complexity of human smell. >> it is pretty similar. we use a set of sensors. not just one. it's just like nose. >> they're hoping to use the dna sensors to power inexpensive
5:46 am
fluorescent microscopes like this one we profiled last year. it was crafted from an i-phone by a group at the university of california. >> the idea is that we could sense 100 different things with ten different sensors by reading a pattern of responses. >> a hi-tech nose. not meant to replace the sense of smell but to mimic it. carolyn johnson, abc 7 news. >> don't go away. "7 on your side" is next. >> a landlord charges a security deposit for a vacation rental then won't give it bbbbbbbbbbbbb
5:47 am
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5:49 am
hotel room but often means putting down a big security deposit. not always he' easy to get that money back. one left their home immaculate but still couldn't get their money back. >> still raves about their summertime vacation in hawaii. >> place was beautiful. they had two pools and then had access to the beach right out the back. >> they rented a villa at this beach front resort on oahu. everything was ideal she says until they got back home and karen's aloha spirit faded fast. >> frustrated and mad. >> here's why. the demartini's paid $5,064 including a $500 security deposit. the rental agreement said the deposit would be refunded within 45 to 60 days if there is no damage to the place. >> after the 45th day, i said pretty soon we'll be getting our
5:50 am
check back because i knew we left the place in very nice condition. >> however, 45 days passed, then 60 days. no check arrived. so karen e-mailed the manager of the villa. >> and he said, oh, oh, you're at the top of our list. >> however, weeks later still no refund. karen contacted vacationrentalsbyowner. a website where the owner listed the rental. the owner did not return the deposit. >> so now i'm starting to get worried. $500 is a lot of money to us. >> the demartinis kept calling and e-mailing the villa's owner william howard paul and the manager john greenwood all without result. >> i tried to take care this have your place and you turn around and think you can keep the money. i was so frustrated. i was watching channel 7 one night and it was like "7 on your side." >> we took the case to vacation rentals by owner. the company again contacted the owner and this time it worked. >> it's three days later we get
5:51 am
a letter from this man who owned the place saying we're so sorry and here's your money. >> neither the owner nor the manager responded to our request for a statement about what happened in this case; however, vacation rentals by owner said when we were informed of the demartinis issue in october, we immediately took action to assist them by reaching out to the homeowner. we assumed the situation had been resolved; however, after hearing from abc 7, we have reopened the case and have taken appropriate action. the company would not say what that action was, however a check of the website shows the unit is no longer listed. >> i was so happy that "7 on your side" was able to get my money back. the trip itself was fabulous. it just makes it even better because the way things happened. >> in most states including california and hawaii, failure to return a security deposit may entitle the tenant to collect
5:52 am
damages on top of the deposit amount. i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." >> a sneak peek. breeders compete this weekend at the golden gate kennel club annual dog show ranked one of the most prestige us in the nation. [ female announcer ] why settle for plain bread
5:53 am
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♪ the sun shinin' when i rise... ♪ [ kara ] so, we're doing it again. to find out how you could be the next folgers jingle contest winner go to ♪ the best part of wakin' up is folgers in your cup ♪ [ laughs ] >> here are the winning numbers from last night's $77 megamillions draw, 14, 33, 48, 49, 50 and the meganumber 18. tuesday night's jackpot is at least $91 million. this could be your big break. producers of a movie starring matt damon, kate winslet and
5:55 am
jude law will be in san francisco this weekend looking for extras. the movie is based on the book contagious by robin cook. it's about a rare strain of influenza. they need 2,000 extras. casting will take place from 2:00 to 6 p.m. and tomorrow at the embarcadero "y." you'll find the details on "see it on tv." parking lot 1007th edition of the kennel club dog show is this weekend at the dog palace. it's one of the most prestigious shows in the nation. don catches up with furry friends before their big day. >> best in show. >> a chance to run free before the serious stuff from the dog show. each breed has published standards and these dogs are judged against those. jean's been training dogs and owners more than 40 years and knows what it takes. >> a rapport between dogs and
5:56 am
the person. and they get that. they have an attitude. they have a closeness to you and you to them. >> more disciplined for the handlers than there is for the dog. the dog has the training, also. >> we have become a team in order to really work together. and that's when it really flows, is when you've got that rhythm together. >> the border terrier is visiting convalescent homes. >> she's tiny. if the patient wants, she actually will sit in bed with them. >> they're joined by a lot of friends, 150 breeds, nearly 2,000 dogs at the car palace. the terrier who's a champion. the 11-month-old great dane is a little too young to show. dates back to the time of the pharaohs. the show is saturday and sunday. >> nothing like having an animal.
5:57 am
>> where there are dogs of a different standard. ♪ >> petaluma's ugly dog contest. a new documentary called worst in show will screen during the san francisco independent film festival which begins next week in the roxy theater. two distinct looks with what one human calls humans with hair. >> next at 6:00... >> unfortunately the vehicle is empty. josé and giuliani are not in the car. >> the car connected to a kidnapped boy and the man who grabbed him has been pulled out of a central valley cancel but no one's inside. and protests and prayers. egypt's president takes action to quell rioting while worried
5:58 am
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