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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  January 30, 2011 9:00am-9:30am PST

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>> ( beeping ) ( beeping stops )
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>> announcer: free is better. do your simple return for free with the federal free edition at turbotax. the most trusted brand of tax software. in egypt two military jets make several passes over protestors in central cairo, each time flying lower and lower just before curfew but demonstrators have remained maintained on the streets. riot police have returned to several streets after virtually disappearing for two days. it led to acts of burning and looting with armed gangs releasing inmates from prisons.
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military tanks have moved in taking key positions around the city. so far they remain a passive show of force mingling with thousands of anti-government demonstrators. alex mccord has this update from cairo. >> the army is setting up checkpoints to contain the crowds. helicopters were hovering over cairo. police left leaving behind a huge security vacuum. gangs took advantage stealing from office buildings and even breaking into cairo's famous museum. >> to all the people and all over the world protect the prisons. >> they want to protect their neighborhoods. across egypt, buildings were set on fire. clashes between anti-government
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protestors and the police and with al-jazeera ordered shut counsel this morning. they may be without the main source of information. they are also absorbing the news that hosni mubarak named a new vice president, in an attempt the protestors have rejected. >> mubarak.... >> the u.s. embassy in egypt is now urging americans to get out of that country citing all the growing unrest and uncertainty. an effort by the state department is now underway to fly planes into help americans leave the country. that could happen as early as tomorrow. some americans are taking refuge in hotels trying to get an understanding of exactly what they should do next.
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i don't like the situation. we don't speak the language and it's hard to communicate with people. so the best thing for us is to get to the airport. >> the international airport is packed with an estimated 3,000 foreign tourists all desperately trying to get flights out of egypt. that is further compounded by the internet blackout imposed by the military in an attempt to keep the crisis from growing. >> this morning, hillary clinton is clearly signaling u.s. support for the egyptian protestors answering critics who complained that america has been trying to resolve the crisis through hosni mubarak himself. clinton says policy for calling democratically elected leaders have remained consistent for decades. >> real stability comes from the kind of democratic participation that gives people a chance to feel they are being heard. by that i mean, real democracy,
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not a democracy for six months or a year and evolving into essentially a military dictatorship. >> she made the rounds of five network news shows including "this week." she is calling for peaceful change determined by the gyms people. let's take a break from that crisis and move on to a lighter note at home. for the first time in a couple of weeks we have some rain this morning. here is our meteorologist lisa argen with today's forecast. >> the rain is moving across the bay area and it's really sliding a bit to the south and east. peninsula, south bay you are getting pretty good rain right now. we'll take you into the south bay where heavy rain has been occurring in the santa cruz mountains. in the east bay, heavier pocket heading toward alameda and then to castro valley and emeryville.
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you have rain showers back across the richmond-san rafael bridge, more rain to the north, american canyon. and half moon bay, still more rain this morning but it will begin to taper off and salvage the rest of the weekend. >> you are well aware of this. this morning, east bay residents were shaken awake by three small earthquakes. the first magnitude 3.2 centered a mile from alamo. then eight minutes later, in the same area, a magnitude 2.0 quake struck. just before 5:40 a 2.2 earthquake rattled the same vicinity. there are no reports of any damage. >> the body of a popular marin county teacher missing since thursday was discovered yesterday. 53-year-old debra submit was found dead in a creek bed near her home. an initial examination of the body shows no signs of foul play.
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schmidt failed to show up at the high school in san rafael where she worked. her keys and i.d. were left behind along with her message on her classroom blackboard that read, thank you everyone. sheriffs have ended their search of canal near the town of patterson after divers turned up anything yesterday. they have been looking for a kidnapped four-year-old boy. they found a car belonging to the man suspected of kidnapping the boy but the car was empty. the bodies could surface downstream in few weeks but the boy's family is continuing to hold out hope. >> i am never going to give up hope. i know he is alive. >> the family says the suspect's
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friends could be helping him hide out in the central valley. they will continue to patrol the canal but no organized search efforts. >> coming up next, paper or plastic? the latest bay area county considering banning the use of plastic bags at stores. and benefits this year is going to help injured sea lions
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a bay area company that president obama showcased less than a year ago is now struggling. they report fremont's solar panel company is having trouble from competition from china. they have raised money from venture capital plus loan guarantees but china's factories have sharply driven down the price of solar panels. >> sonoma county is considering san francisco's lead in banning plastic bags used by retailers. they wind up in landfills and clutter the environment. only about 5% of the 19 billion plastic bags that are tossed out actually get recycled. on wednesday a supervisor will moderate a discussion about all this at santa rosa city hall. presentations will be made by
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plastic bag foes and grocery industry and plastic bag makers. >> this year's run for the seals event will be more for a run for the sea, sea lions. i will be held in a sea lion named silent night who is recovering at the facility after being found last december with a gunshot wound that left him nearly blind. all of this year's proceeds from the march 12 run for the seals will go to sort the patients like silent night. good deal there. lisa argen is here now to talk about something we're not used to anymore. >> all of a sudden we've got pretty good rain. in fact in the east bay coming down in a good clip. right now the golden gate bridge, a few brakes out there. even a hint of sun. forecast today, wal i'll have that and look at the week ahead next. >> also next, stanford's losing
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streak against oregon state. mike shumann has the highlights in sports. ñxñxñxñxñxñxñxñxñxñxñw
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. believe it or not, another huge storm going towards the east coast. by wednesday it's expected to dump more snow and ice on the already winter weary northeast. but the question is, can they handle it? >> between the buckled buildings many cities have had it you were
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to here or even here. >> it's enough, you know. we have had enough. >> the problem just seems to snowball. boston has plowed through two-thirds of $16 million snow revolve budget. new york city has gone through all $38 million and earlier this week, new jersey asked for $53 million to combat post christmas snow. it's not only a matter of running out of money, some cities have run out of space. municipalities with their salt is doing exactly what boston, massachusetts clearing the way for more snow. >> it's ridiculous. >> even though we're not out of january, many schools are running out of their five budgeted snow days. many are looking into digging into vacation time or piling on more days at the end of the year.
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on top of that, it's the physical burden and emotional toll. >> it may calm down by this afternoon. >> it impedes mobility and can ultimately contribute to the depression. >> but the weather forecast of snow can be sort of a trigger for some people. yeah, it's definitely depressing there. we can't complain but we were looking out there, it's about to boom. >> the rain is heading east. that is the bay bridge shot. very dramatic out there. we are looking for moderate rain still but starting out in lake tahoe where they have light snow in blue canyon and truckee, near 30. heavy snow at the airport and quarter mile visibility. winter weather advisory throughout this afternoon.
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high definition emeryville, lower clouds and rain pushing east and even a hint of sun out there. really a dramatic skies as the center of the storm moves over the bay area this morning. gusty winds earlier but the rain continues to shift in the southeast direction. a live look, we're starting out in the south bay where san jose has been in and out of rain. you notice to the north, fremont about to get wet and wet in union city but here is where the heavier cells are, alameda, from hayward to castro valley and up through oakland. with that dramatic sky into berkeley, wet weather in the north bay, vallejo and benicia, some shower activity but a break up in marin and sonoma county. here is some pretty good rainmaker shower pushing through half moon bay. could be even be a thunderstorm in woodside this morning. the rain totals so far, at last
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hour, mill valley with the totals of sfo quarter of an inch. los gatos with .4 and about a third in san jose. temperatures, we have numbers in the 50s but they are not going to go up that much today because this cold parcel of air moving across the bay and winds allowing for a cooler air mass to settle in for the effects few days. some clearing and cool i dry weather through much of next week. once begin we're getting into a dry pattern. here is the front. you can see it pushed down through the overnight hours and right now the area of low pressure behind it with some pretty good energy. we have a thunderstorm that moved through monterey last hour. here we are going to start the time line. 10:00 you can see the steady progression of rain from south to east. we're looking at clearing out, sunset at 5:30. should be a nice looking sunset
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and then the fog develops. so the snow continues to come down. you saw the pictures in tahoe. it's been over three weeks and we'll look for conditions to improve around 80 and 50 by later on this evening. temperatures only low to mid 50s today. it's going to be a cool day and then we've got several cold nights ahead. down by the monterey bay, you are looking at some sun and some showers with this. it will take toward the afternoon hours to begin to clear out. we're talking about cool temperatures today, fog tomorrow and then cool afternoon highs, gusty winds by mid-week but that should clear out that fog and then we'll begin to warm up, wednesday, thursday and friday. that is really not what we need. we need more rain. this is about it. >> i see the groundhog poking his head out. maybe we're going to get something down the line. >> maybe he'll tell us go something. >> you know how much i love my warriors.
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tonight they are going to try to end a four-game losing streak when they play the utah jazz. yesterday stanford tried to snap one against oregon state. here is shu with the highlights. >> we tip off with college hoops. stanford men have lost four straight games and had president obama rooting against them because his brother-in-law fred robinson is their head coach. no problem here. quick 10-0 lead but the beavers battle back. oregon state trailed by one at the break. stanford pulls away in the second half, brown with a steal. with the one hand jam. he had a career high 21 points and then to josh owens and stanford snaps a four-game skid with a victory. >> over in berkeley, first half, using his big body.
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he had 18. delaware 7. right on the half, he cans it. the lead is up to 18. the ducks would rally. that one is good. oregon is down one, but jorge with the answer, three of his own. bears back up by 6. under two to play. two of his 18. bears sweep oregon 85-77. >> and st. mary's was down in the first half but then went on a run. portland up by 27. gales wouldn't go down without a fight. st. mary's but it was too little too late. st. mary's first loss 85-70 that
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final. >> and fresno state, spartans with the alley-oop. san jose up to 18. and here is 3-ball, that made it up by 20. more oliver. turnaround jay he had 25 points, eight assists, and they win it 78-66 victory. >> and pga tour in san diego, a course where phil mickelson grew up playing and tiger seems to win every time he plays there. we'll start off with tiger on the 13, way right, tiger is eight off the lead. shot of the day. par five 18, his second, puts it within three feet. he would eagle. he is eleven under a mickelson
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is the leader. here is a beautiful ball, he would birdie. shoots a 68. tied with the lead with haas going into final round. that is the way the ball bounces. have a great day. >> thousands answer a casting call to be in matt damorn's new movie. it's
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thousands of san franciscans showed up to audition as extras in a matt damon movie. the action thriller is about preventing the spread of a deadly virus. crew is going to film in several places including an undisclosed stadium, a coffee shop and a location near chinatown. people from all over the bay area wanting their shot at stardom. another audition will be held at the embarcadero ymca from 10:00 to 4:00. if it was a big crowd like yesterday, will they be rained on?
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>> yes, but later on the rain tapers off. right now, 280 and 101, san carlos and by woodside, san jose, but take a look at this. moving up through san leandro through the san ra money valley and it will continue to slide to the south and east. cool afternoon with sunny dry weather. >> thank you lisa. thank you for joining us. we're off early base ofpipipipio
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