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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  February 1, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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president obama warns of dangerous days ahead for egypt as president mubarak says he is stepping down in september after 29 years in power. >> and as egyptians wake up to a 9th day of demonstrations, many say they want him out now. tonight liberation square erupted in anger as the egyptian people finally heard from the man they had risen up against. appearing on state television, president mubarak addressed the protesters directly, telling them their demands are law scwit mat. -- legitimate and he will step down, but not just yet.
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>> and i will not be nominating myself for a new presidential term, for i have served egypt long enough. >> mubarak promised to leave in september and vowed to spend his remaining months restoring calm. but september is not soon enough for the protesters. >> president obama said he spoke to mubarak for 30 minutes saying there must be change toward democracy. >> an orderly transition must be meaningful, must be peaceful, and it must begin now. >> then he spoke directly to the egyptian people. >> the people of egypt, particularly the young people of egypt, i want to be clear. we hear your voice. >> it was a moment one week in the making from the people on the streets and to leaders
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around the world. today's protest was the largest yet, and some came prepared for the worst. >> i got a plastic sheath. what else do you want? if i die, so what? >> american tourists returning from egypt are bringing back hair-raising stories. charlotte was in cairo with a uc berkeley alumni group. >> the teargas can miss -- canisters were being fired from the police. so the teargas erupted and they would get uh hold of one periodically and throw it at the police. the fires started then and burning of the vehicles. >> in alexandria there were reports today of fighting between groups that support and those that oppose the government. as for the protesters in cairo, some insist they are going to stay until mubarak leaves. president obama today spoke about the power of the internet in the egypt
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uprising. many silicon valley companies play a part in that. google, twitter and say now, a speak to tweet service hacked a work around to the internet in egypt. it allows people without web access to share messages on twitter via voicemail. you can watch messages being translated in realtime. and another bay area group began looking for ways to get people back on-line through what is called a mesh network. >> the possibilities are within a mesh, it is a mesh set together and if a person had internet access, they would all have internet access. >> the teams are working on the software. once it is ready, it will return laptops into low cost internet routers. another group is making it possible for two cell phones to communicate with each other without a cell tower. egyptians living in the bay area are watching what is happening in their homeland very closely. they are worried about their families, but also worried about the future of their country as a whole.
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today some local students had the chance to learn about what is happening there from someone with very close ties. abc7's thomas roman reports. >> san francisco state university students are hanging on to every word. she is an egyptian and a uc berkeley science graduate student. she is explaining why after 30 years of rule by mubarak a revolt has finally taken place. >> poverty and inflation and a widening gap and political repression. the combination is explosive, of course. >> she is worried about her family back home, but she says her brothers and neighbors are literally taking back the streets. >> my brothers, for instance, were saying they were taking shifts with the neighbors protecting the streets. people have gone out to protect their own neighborhoods. they have done this to keep public law, order and security. >> yasmine felt unrest on the streets when she went home two weeks ago, but nothing
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prepared her for this national uprising. there is another teaching moment at the international house at uc berkeley. here they scwiption dance company is putting on a cultural event for people interested in learning more about egypt. >> we decided to put this show together to bring some good -- some support to egypt which of course is going through a lot of turmoil right now. >> reporter: he has waited a longtime for what is now happening. >> there is change. definitely this was overdue. everybody was expecting something to happen, but it took much, much longer than anticipated. so it is about time. >> in berkeley, thomas roman, abc7 news. the two-week search for a kidnapped little boy ended today with the discovery of his body. tonight people in patterson who had been praying for the safe return of four-year-old juliani are now in mourning. here is lisa amin daw legion.
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-- lisa amin gulezian. >> we pray you will comfort and heal our community. >> reporter: the community is in mourning. the two-week long search for julian si over. the four-year-old's body was found in the delta canal 30 miles south of patterson. >> in the name of my daughter, i thank all of you and my grandson he is looking over you. >> juliani's grandmother said this man snatched the boy from her arms on january 18th. since then police have been looking for rodriguez who is the exboyfriend of scr uliani's mother. a short time after the kidnapping a witness saw a toyota corolla like the one belonging to rodriguez drive into the canal with two people inside. that car was recovered friday. now that juliani's body has been found, investigators are sure rodriguez's also will
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surface. in san jose, the suspect's mother was too upset to talk to us. she insisted her sister speak on her behalf. >> there is no doubt in my mind that they will find him. >> and rodriguez's family also has a message for juliani's mother who is pregnant with his baby. >> i'm so sorry, baby. i'm so sorry, tabitha. >> she silently attended the vigil. earlier today she wrote this on her facebook page, "i love you all very much, and my son does too. he is my lil angel now. >> it is a parent's worst nightmare. >> rodriguez's family told me they don't know why any of this happened. they say the suspect helped raise juliani from the time he was two months old. in san jose, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. pg&e found and repair serious problems on natural gas lines in the east bay
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after the san bruno pipeline explosion. that's because of the state utilities commission. there were leaks repaired in several cities including concord, livermore, newark and vacaville. the leaks were classified as grade one or hazardous. now the exact location of the repairs is not listed. meantime, pg&e has been busy compiling an electronic database of the 1800-mile natural gas pipeline system. after the september 9th explosion in san bruno, the puc gave pg&e until march 5th to document the kind of pipes it has underground. pg&e says it has now collected, scaned and indexed one and a quarter million documents. it has leased a new space to house the records verification process. documents -- document scanning and indexing goes on on apparently 24 hours a day and seven days a week. and hundreds of boxes of records have been collected for more than 20 field offices. and now pg&e says where it
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cannot find good records it will excavate to find safe pressure levels in the pipelines. the governor is looking at ways to balance the budget including reclaiming redevelopment funds from cities across the state that haven't yet put the money to use. in oakland there is a lot on the line including the city's effort to keep the a's in town. abc7's alan wang reports. >> we have got to move. there is some youency here. >> the race is on to spend money before jerry brown has taken away. >> we have spoken to all of the major cities as to what various arrangements or gimmicks or other things they have been trying to figure out , and we are absolutely looking at each one of those. >> the governor wants to withhold $1.7 redevelopment dollars to balance the state budget. for oakland, that's a loss of $52 million. money that is used to leverage bonds for other projects.
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>> it really is the ability to turn the economy around in different parts of the hardest hit cities. >> reporter: if anyone understands the value of redevelopment money, it is governor jerry brown himself. as mayor of oakland he used $fest 1 million in redevelopment -- $51 million in redevelopment money to bring the fox theater back to life. >> everything around is blooming. some of the hottest restaurants in the country in the area and the tax revenues are coming back to payoff the original $14 million. they are coming back at a very high rate. >> the oakland a's generate millions for the city. and the plan to build a new stadium to keep them from moving to san jose is hinged on redevelopment dollars. >> is this the nail in the coffin for the oakland a's? >> i don't like to think of it like that. it is hard to move a franchise. the giants were on their way out countless times to places all over the world quite frankly, including canada. >> and the other city courting the team could have a redevelopment dilemma.
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san jose stands to lose $20 million for its stadium. governor brown said money obligated before the march 1st deadline will not be taken away. now cities are racing to use it before they lose it. in oakland, alan wang, abc7 news. still to come, first they saved a labrador, and then they went after a sheep. and also ahead there is a fine for the yellow pages on the doorstep. >> and live from chicago, the massive storm that is only getting worse.
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to a dog chased a pet sheep down a steep cliff in richmond. both animals got stuck and had to be rescued by firefighters. the dog is named sparkle. the sheep is peter pan. there you can see both of them. the woman walking sparkle went down after them. she also became stuck on the cliff. it is located off canal boulevard near the water treatment plant. the woman managed to climb to safety, but richmond firefighters had to repel down the cliff to rescue park kill and peter pan. -- sparkle and peter pan.
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jay there is a full 220 feet -- >> there is a full 220 feet to the bottom. the stiff is unstable and it has a lot of large, loose rock. >> i think she is in shock and pretty scared. >> he will be okay when he gets back up to the others. >> both animals are doing well. peter pan did have some cuts to his face, but he is being looked after by a veterinarian. san jose has a new police chief. acting chief chris moore got the nod from the city council and he reached out to those who didn't want him to have the job. >> i ask you to be my appointment as a new being and new start and an opportunity to build upon the dialogue we created during the election process. >> a coalition of community ago thank you vises concerned about -- of activists concerned about profiling. they will set up a system to better track complaint about
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police bias and establish a community advisory board that will include those critical of the police department. the president of san francisco's board of supervisors wants to make the city first in the nation to ban yellow pages. david shu is proposing the interest distributors of the yellow pages get permission before they leave phone books on door steps. it cost the city a million dollars a year to recycle unwanted books. the industry is threatening a legal fight saying an out right ban would infringe on the group's right to distribute speech. and the municipal transportation agency board is not ready to support manis getting parking permits until conditions are met. they would like to see a nine-month trial period. and they would like parents to get their neighbors to approve these permits. it would take weeks perhaps or months to rewrite the proposal. well, now to the massive storm that is pounding the midwest stretching across 2,000 miles from texas to new
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england. here is a live look at the whiteout conditions in chicago right now. the storm is so severe the governors of four states including illinois have declared states of emergency. the national guard has already been called in to help. they rescued at least 100 stranded drivers on chicago highways. 10,000 flights were canceled today, and the severe weather is not over yet. >> this is a storm that is huge. there are many areas of this country that have heard about this storm, and they are saying it is not that bad. we are saying it is not that bad yet. this storm is still moving. >> fima is mobilizing generators and it is expected to bring two feet of snow. >> and they said not that bad yet. that's the question, how bad will it get? >> sandhya patel is tracking it now for us. sandhya? >> it will be intense, especially for the new england area as we head into the next 24 hours. count on flight delays and possible cancellations.
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take a look at live doppler 7hd. you can see the storm covers a good portion of the central and eastern united states. i will take you in closer here. we do have some very heavy snow falling right now as you take a closer look at peoria. moderate snowfall. the temperature is 20 degrees. you combine it with the wind gusts of 25 miles an hour, and the wind -- windchill, what it feels like is 5 degrees. it is worse in chicago. windchill factor of 0. very gusty winds there, and as we take you into philadelphia it is switching to freezing rain with a temperature of 32 degrees. they are seeing this wintry mix of freezing rain and sleet and snow across this area, and they could be seeing anywhere from 10 to 20 more inches of snow. meanwhile back here, take a look at this view. the high definition sue trow camera, everyone enjoyed the sun this afternoon as it set at 5:33. clear skies and it is crystal clear tonight.
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you can thank the winds that are gusting not only over the hilltops, but the lower elevations for keeping the atmosphere clear right now. the north bay mountains, and we are seeing the northeasterly gusts to 30 miles an hour. the east bay hills anywhere from 27 to 33. look at the wind direction. i draw your attention to it, and it is a north, northeasterly wind. it is a down sloping wind, and that wind is holding the temperatures up. look at the santa rosa temperature. it is 58 degrees right now. it is 59 in san francisco. this is like what you would see in the afternoon around this actual of year. so we are expecting pretty mild night tonight. gusty over the hills this evening. warming trend begins on thursday and beach weather coming near you this weekend. let's look at the jet stream. here is what will provide us with the warmer weather. the higher pressure and a stropg ridge pushing this jet stream to the north of us. notice the trough in central and eastern united states, that's where they are seeing the obviously severe weather. here with the strong ridge in
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place, we are expecting a warm up, but it will make you wonder if it is may. santa rosa going from 68 on thursday to a warm 74 degrees by saturday. these are the kinds of temperatures you expect in may. so it is definitely going to be a warm one. 64 and 69 by friday. 70 degrees on saturday. tonight a comfortable night. numbers in the 40s. definitely a milder night than last night and tomorrow afternoon. look for readings in the south bay in the low to mid60s. 64 for campbell, san jose. on the peninsula, low 60s and definitely sunshine from wall to wall. 60 degrees half moon bay. downtown san francisco, daly city, 60 degrees and in the north bay mid60s for santa rosa, calistoga. a nice looking day in the east bay. 64 for oakland. 63 in newark. head inland and the temperatures will all be in the upper 50s to the low 60s. 60 for you in livermore. around the monterey bay, 62 degrees in santa cruz. here is your accu-weather
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seven-day forecast -- windy in the morning in the hills. ground hog day tomorrow, yes, groundhog will see his shadow. that's my prediction. six more weeks of winter for us. of course, the next seven days means spring-like weather with low to mid70s, a mild weekend on tap. for most of the bay area that is. some may want to watch super bowl. you may want to head outside at some point. it is really going to be unseasonably warm. >> thanks, sandhya. well, many of you have seen commercials for these shift your weigh left foot. take the right leg up, holding the inner arch of the foot... introducing instant action alerts, only from chase. left arm up... manage your account and help avoid overdrafts with a click of a button. just reply to the alert
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the amish are the subject of a lawsuit. you ma i have seen them sold. now five people are suing over whether the fireplaces are actually made by amish workers. they say parts are made in china. and it questions whether the fireplaces can lower heating bills as the advertising claims. the suit is seeking class action status. they have not commented on the lawsuit. well, san franciscans spend more money looking good than anyone else in the country. that's according to a survey by the website, the daily
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beast. it looks at time spent in a spa, hours in a gym, tanning and grooming. san francisco residents spend an average of $111 a month on personal care. 50% are not overweight. 20% belong to a gym. for other cities, boston where peel spend about $106 a month followed lie new york. larry has finished his dieting and tanning and grooming by now. >> from a guy who can spot a mirror 10 feet away. l.a. has to be high on the list. super bowl media day and one steeler offers up pillow talk for the commissioner. and after sleep walking most of the night, the sharks wake up late and in dramatic
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breakfast for lunch. breakfast for dinner. with three new breakfast lovers dishes, who needs a break from breakfast? denny's. america's diner is always open. came back from the allstar break making a playoff push. it didn't start off well. but the finish was fantastic.
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he is facing a first period power play and ran into bad luck. there was redirect over the left shoulder. 2-0 coyotes and paul in front and todd mccleland has seen the rookie. and the sharks would rally behind late in the second. and then suddenly it is a one-goal game. the kid played 29 minutes and nine saves and kept the men in teal in this game with 14 minutes left. behind the net and his first goal and we are tied at three. and then more, more, more. patrick marlow and the shashes the an empty net goal to make it 5-3 san jose. super bowl media day filled with thoughtful, intelligent football questions like can you name all three kardashian sisters? >> who cares? >> kim, kloe and korney if you
11:31 pm
are scoring at home. serious journalism, people. who is that masked man, and how did he get a press pass? there was football talk. pittsburgh's jerome hear rise son fined $100,000 for excessive hits called out the commissioner. >> i don't want to step on nobody's foot or hurt their toe. i just want to tackle them softly on the ground and if y'all can, we will lay a pillow down where i tackle them so they don't hit the ground too hard, mr. goodell. >> following in the foot steps of paul the octopus, there is an elephant at the dallas zoo. jennie the elephant stomped on the steelers medical 11. that would be a bad omen, people. jennie is picking green bay to win on sunday. we advise you to bet accordingly. how do you like the sound of
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the los angeles chargers or the l.a. jaguars. the nfl got $700 million to put a team in l.a. the star-studded news conference today. farmer's insurance is ready to put up $700 million for a downtown stadium. develop developers claim they don't need taxpayer money. >> and carolyn mocked the kardashians. >> i did not. and what does that have to do with the super bowl? >> i'm dan ashley. >> good night, everyone. >> see you tomorrowowowowowowoww
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