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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  February 2, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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wielding knives and shots in the air. the egyptian army has done little to stop the violence. they say mubarak paid thugs to crush the movement. journalists were targeted for the first time. christiane ammanpour was chased and anderson cooper were punched and kicked. >> we turned around and started to walk calmly. the crowds kept throwing more punches and kicks. there was no control to it. >> the white house is strongly condemning the violence and is calling for an immediate transition of power. the european union has urged mubarak to stop the violence but stopped short of saying he should step down immediately. >>blame the regime for orchestrating the violence. they showed off police badges from the attackers. mark matthews joins.
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>> university professor in yu and student is describing what they have seen firsthand. >> many wounded people. >> from her apartment across the river, sara layton described of the pro mubarak demonstrators that attacked what was the peaceful protest. >> they had the exact sign. it seems like someone was coordinating it. >> a professor saw them makeup in? >> dozens and dozens of people being organized and buying marched from the north of the city down south to the square. >> camels and horses from the tourist stalls of the pyramid stalls being trucked to the square. >> they unleashed these animals
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with people mounting them carrying clubs and sticks and beating the peaceful demonstrators beneath them. >> the professor says the attackers lobbed molotov cocktails and threw stones. earlier in the week they made sure that no one carried weapons into the square. >> they allowed throngs of people with whatever clubs and sticks and knives and stones that they were carrying. >> they say it looks like the army is siding with the mubarak government. >> for the first time i saw it was actually on april 6th 2008. >> the former head of mideast study at the american university in cairo he has seemed the same tactic in other demonstrations. >> they want to demonstrate to the international audience and
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especially president obama it's either us or chaos. the professor at stanford says the army appears to be going along indicates they are siding with mubarak's choice of a successor m sul sul. we'll hear more coming up at 6:00. >> we'll seal you later on. >> state public utility's commission ordered pg&e to lower the pressure on under ground gas lines. they continue an investigation in the san bruno gas explosion. this week investigators learned that pg&e had allowed pressure on some pipelines to rise above the maximum allowable amount. it affects a 23 and a half mile sex of pipe. half mile section inside milpitas andite mile line that once from watsonville.
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>> and you you will soon see more officers riding trains thanks to a great. eight officers will be dedicated to right bart and at times most vulnerable to a terror attack. the grant is funding this effort aimed at preventing the attack but bart citizen it may improve the ability of transit police to respond to everyday law enforcement problems out there on the train. >> i've noticed in the last few weeks i have seen more officers oftentimes at one group of officers gets off the train another group will get on and ride to another stop and get off. they are pacing the trains. >> they are fortunate enough they can kill two birds with one stone. they are anti-team and also be highly visible during peak commute times of the system. >> those officers will be working ten hour shifts in teams
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of two. >> a child care worker at san jose elementary schools are charged with child sexual abuse. they say he committed lewd acts where he worked. investigators are looking for other possible victims and witnesses. he has worked with children for more than a decade including camp counseling including day care and after school activities. a married san carlos couple is accused of drinking and driving with four young children in their minivan. james lee and 43-year-old wendy lee are in custody on felony charges. a deputy who pulled them on january 22nd said he found 14 empty beer cans and an empty bottle of rum in the van. parents had pulled over twice so they could drink more beer. the driver could barely stand. he had a suspended license from
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a previous d.u.i. and a restraining order of visiting contact with his wife. >> people lined up for jobs only to be told to come back tomorrow. a new company mare island dry dock has contracts to work on two ships. tugboats prepared for the move today but a combination of wind and tide forced a one-day delay. the company hopes to start putting people to work as soon as tomorrow. >> over 3,000 applications so far within the last 45 days. approximately 50 jobs. >> i'll take whatever they have available, if it means taking less money, i have no problem with that. >> this is the 17th ship to be pulled from the bay. obama administration plans to remove three more by september 30th. >> a frightening drama at an elementary school in eldorado
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county, the principal was shot and killed. accused shooter is a school employee. nannette miranda joins us with details. >> reporter: police say the school principal, they got in an argument with the school janitor just minutes before the shooting. up until a couple minutes ago, parents were consoling each other trying to make sense of the shooting. it's unclear what the argument was over. police say the gunman may have confronted the principal over some perceived grievance. they are also looking into reports that the janitor may have been laid off today. no children were hurt. the principal was rushed to the hospital when he died not long after the shooting. the kids were bus today nearby fairgrounds where parents could pick up the children. they identified the guns as
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43-year-old man and arrested him at his home. they believe he did not have a criminal record. one parent said that they had been trying to get rid of the janitor for a long time because high was mean to kids. another person said that he bought girl scout cookies from her. but the shooting in the rural school and town has people on edge, especially the students. >> we believe that one student may have witnessed the shooting. we immediately have three chaplains respond to work with families, students obviously and emergency responders. >> traumatized for sure and i don't know how to tell them it was their principal. >> so far no formal charges on him yet but he is a married and
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has three daughters and had a love for sports. we are going to switch gears and how about this? would you eat this? why scientists say it could be healthier for people. >> but first 7 on your side michael finney looks why traffic fines could go up for a good cause. >> and temperatures are going up. they will go up so far they will have you wondering is it winter or spring. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. the mid-70s coming up in just a few minutes. >> big difference here, the latest on massive winter storm on the east coast that has caused problems at babababababa"
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. state lawmakers unveiled a plan to jump start clean energy businesses in california and create new jobs.
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the initiative is made up of four pieces of legislation in all, one plan would require both private and public energy providers to produce a third of their electricity from renewable resources. another measure would expedite the construction of renewable energy projects. >> we're streamlining regulations and moving unnis burden so that businesses can expand, build more facilities and hire more workers. >> other parts of the bill would provide grant funding to high schools and economic incentives to small businesses. opponents say it will drive up the cost of energy and put more financial strain on the state's already strained budget. google unveiled a secret weapon today. it's called honeycomb. first version of google's an astroid operating system for mobile tablets, one of them is
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3-d graphics for video games. developers had a few days to try it out. a few companies have several applications set to launch. disney is the parent company of abc7. >> i think it's a different experience. android is different from the platforms out there. you will see that in honeycomb, as well. we hope that people enjoy it. >> the first tablet to use it is the motorola zoom scheduled for release in two weeks. >> a new newspaper made a debut today. first ever newspaper created just for the apple i-ipad out. they charge 99 cents a week that will provide news, entertainment and gossip. murdoch is hoping to lure consumers who is used to getting news for free on line and certainly many in the industry are hoping his model succeeds.
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>> the price of traffic citation is going up. >> keep in mind it would be for a good cause. michael finney he is here with the story. >> it might take a little sting out of it. it could be considered both bad and really good. under the bill motorists cited for any moving violation would be fined an extra $3 for ticket. it's to raise money for the research of spinal cord injuries. >> we drive fast and some people don't pay attention and there are accidents. one of the society al harms that occur is people are left paralyzed. >> and roman reid who suffered a spinal cord injury while he was playing football for chabot college, 19 years old at the
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time and said he was paralyzed for life. it was grown in laboratory. researchers at medical university of south carolina are growing cultured meat. it could eventually appear on store shelves. they use muscle fine teors create different types of divpd flavors and no worries about e. coli or other contamination and they can control for fat content, too. only obstacle is rating enough money to complete the laboratory work. >> will environmental protection agency wants to make sure your drinking water is safe or safer. the agency will set limits on the amount of percolate allowed in tap water. its toxic ingredient used in rocket fuel that was heavily used in and around military bases. epa found it and 153 water supplies in 26 states, most
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often in california and texas. the new rules reverse a bush rare policy saying the standards are not necessary. thanks so much. with the unrest and uncertainty in egypt we talked about, there is concern this evening about the price list collections in cairo museum. world history scholars are worried they could be stolen or destroyed. we talked with an expert on egyptian history. >> the fighting has intensified and it's become a battlefield and that is where the egyptian museum is located, filled with the history of egypt. there are concerns about the fate of the museum and huge collection. >> in a situation like this where anything could happen. >> a professor is director of near east studies at berkeley. >> you are always concerned. these things are irreplaceable.
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they are national treasures, they tell us about our human history. most egyptians will do whatever they can to protect it. >> the professor has reason to be concerned. earlier this week, vandals broke into a museum and smashed statues and glass. the next wave will steal items. >> put them on the market. >> that has already happened at a site ee is excavating three hours south of cairo. it dates back to 10 b.c. >> they were looting it with big bulldozers. >> an exhibit continue to show here. she says she had planned to go to egypt in april but she is now watching and waiting. don sanchez, "abc 7 news." >> as he noted, precious artifacts are on display at
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c.b.hearst museum. for more, go to >> chicago was found had with nearly two feet of snow, third largest snowfall in the history. 250 drivers stuck for hours had to be rescued from their vehicles all along lake shore drive. at least 5,000 flights were cancelled today including 40 at sfo and another three at oakland. by this afternoon most of the streets in chicago had been plowed but tonight, temperatures could fall as low as minus 20. can you imagine? >> they are used to bad weather there but nothing like this. even they are overwhelmed by this. >> and wind shear, it's extremely cold and that is what they are going to have to deal with. we are talking about windchill
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factors in the single digits in some areas, getting cold already. i'll show you that in a moment. let's get you outside, completely different scene in the bay area. look at this view from high definition emeryville camera. a few clouds going through. here is another glimpse from sutro camera where it's been a nice day all across the bay area. temperatures have been in the 60s. far cry from what is happening in the northeast. i want to show you live doppler 7 hd. the storm is definitely winding down. you are still seeing snow. buffalo reporting light snow. temperature is 19 degrees and combine witness a wind of 8 miles an hour and the windchill is 9 degrees right now. that is what it feels like to your body. we show you portland where it's snowing very light, windchill of 2 degrees there. extremely cold and going to have
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to deal with that over the next 24-48 hours. numbers here in the bay area, quite comfortable by contrast, look at the 50s and 60s at this hour. clear and cold in the valleys. warmer days starting friday and spring-like weather for the weekend with temperatures climbing up to the mid-70s in many locations this weekend. tonight we don't have the wind like we did last night. because of this we're going to see radiational cooling taking place. 31 degrees in napa. 31 degrees in fairfield and down to freezing, livermore and santa rosa. san jose, 37. san mateo 39 degrees. i got an e-mail from a viewer and said to remind people to bring pets inside. groundhog day today, punxsutawney phil did not see a shadow which means an early spring.
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higher pressure setting up a warming trend and this ridge is going to allow a dry offshore wind pattern to really continued right through the weekend and warm us up. temperatures in the warmest locations by this weekend in the mid-70s. this is what we expect to see in may. >> 63 in santa clara. on the peninsula, on the cool side but low 60s down to mountain view. downtown san francisco getting up to 62. you certainly will need the sunscreen in the north bay. upper 60s for cloverdale, santa rosa and east bay, mid 60s around oakland. numbers will be in the low 60s. so not a big warmup beginning tomorrow. 62 in walnut creek and livermore. monterey bay, 64 in santa cruz. look at my accu-weather seven-day forecast, cold start
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tomorrow morning. tomorrow is the start of the lunar new year, the year of the rabbit. low to mid-70s in many areas. bleaches be a comfortable place. on monday, temperatures will remain in the 70s so very mild to warm winter weather. >> this is nicest start to february that i recall. go to the beach in february. still ahead, girl gamers and how family relationships may benefit from video games. >> and questions about a new exercise trend. safety concerns about training without any real shoes. a lot of people are doing this
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oakland's program for kids
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has been the late evident victim of budget cuts. it's been run for a decade by the jack london aquatic league. they lost 70% of the funding from the city and so they are set to close in a matter of days. >> the fund-raising didn't have an effect. >> the kids just love it. many students were hoping to get rowing scholarships. a few students may move to more expensive teams but most of the kids hoping for skiashs may have to hang up their oars. >> researchers at bringing hum young found several positive outcomes when girls played video games with their parents. the girls showed lower
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aggression and better social interaction with family members. the study found the opposite with girls played games that were not age appropriate. the boys were not affected one way or the other. >> stay with us. we'll be back in just a moment.
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