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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  February 5, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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♪ in the news this saturday morning, february 5th, egypt protest leaders said they have met with the prime minister and talked about egyptian president hosni mubarak's departure. the protest will continue every day until he steps down. and san jose men's hockey team has been suspended indefinitely accused of abusing alcohol. >> 47 oakland, partly cloudy, the winds will be picking up today. >> thanks so much for joining us. it's 5:00 this saturday morning. i'm jenelle wang. egyptian president hosni mubarak is keeping his tight grip on power this morning despite monumental pressure for him to step down.
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anti-mubarak leaders say they discussed ways to ease him out of office. things are relatively peaceful in cairo this morning but sabotage is believed to have caused an explosion at gas facilities. it set up a massive fireball on the peninsula. the fire was brought under control by closing down the valves that feed into israel. security remains tight while the obama administration uses diplomatic channels to pressure egyptian president hosni mubarak to make a quick exit. they want to hand over power to a transitional government until elections can be held. a missing google executive has become the spokesman of the youth of rising in egypt. he disappeared last thursday when he joined the initially protests in cairo. his family believes he's in the custody of government officials. lillian kim has more.
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>> in cairo streets peaceful protestors took back control. tens of thousands of egyptians gathered to pray. president obama wanted peace. >> will not be resolved by violence and oppression. >> despite the calmer atmosphere, concern is mounting for the google executive. he's head of marketing for the middle east and north africa. he took part in the protests from the very beginning but hasn't been seen or heard from since january 27th. he's believe to be in the custody of the egyptian government. former google employee of mountain view worked with goni two years ago. >> i don't have a very high opinion of the sort of human rights standards they have over there. so that makes me sort of worried. >> the leading opposition group met a symbolic spokesperson.
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he has received threatening phone calls telling them goni has been taught a lesson. >> it's had to see him end up in this situation when you know his heart's in the right place and you know he was working for the betterment of his people. >> back on the streets of cairo, protestors vowed to continue the rallies until president mubarak is gone. muhammad abaradi made this plea. >> he should hear that -- you know, the clear voice coming from the people. and leave in dignity. >> lillian kim, abc 7 news. >> bay area demonstrators continue to show their support for the egyptian people. today is declared an international day of mobilization and solidarity with the egyptian and at that nearby shan revolution. they will stand in solidarity for foes fighting for justice
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with a march in the u.n. plaza. the event at market and 8th will include live interviews with journalists on the ground in egypt. there will be calls for the u.s. government to step up support for the egyptian people. san jose state's hockey team is off the ice amid accusations of alcohol abuse. the complaints against them could put the entire season in jeopardy. players, parents and coaches held a closed door meeting to discuss the situation. abc 7's thomas rahman reports from san jose. >> the san jose hockey spartans and parents and coaches left the closed door meeting. neither the team members nor their parents would answer any questions. we do know they discussed the indefinite suspension the team has been given, after a couple of calls of the team abusing alcohol. >> this does involve alcohol. and all our club sports team members are fully aware that
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alcohol and team sports don't mix at san jose state. >> this is the spartan hockey team playing last march. harris would not say when, where or how the alcohol was consumed, whether it was when the team was on the road or during the game. ron glasso was elected for the parents to speak for them tonight. he didn't want to say too much. >> we'll do anything needed to look into any allegation. i'm not sure what the allegations are. >> he repeated several times he didn't know why his team was suspended. he says he has faith in his players and thinks they'll be cleared of any charges. >> we believe it will be. and i'm sure the players -- i'm confident the players will be exonerated from any of the allegations whatever they may be. >> the team was supposed to play tonight against san diego. no one is sure when the team will play again. a junior at state says he was looking forward to watching his
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first san jose hockey game. >> it was my first game. i'm a little disappointed. >> the team is supposed to host the national division finals this march. now they don't know whether they'll be able to play in them. university tells us this investigation will take anywhere from two to three weeks and if they find wrongdoing by any of the players, those players could be expelled. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> oakland police chief anthony batts says he's staying on the job despite some frustration about budget problems making his job more difficult. chief batts' future has been in doubt since he revealed he was applying for the chief's job in san jose, a position he didn't get. yesterday he joined oakland mayor jean quan in oakland. >> the reason i came is try to make a difference in the community and the community responded and asked me to stand by them. that's what touched my heart. >> that decision came after meetings with top city officials
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that led to a deal to rehire ten of the 80 officers laid off last summer. a peace march is planned this morning through south san francisco's troubled old town. police chief mike masoni will join about 200 others at linden avenue. they will walk along linden where the december 22nd shooting left three young men dead and three juveniles wounded. organizers hope it will lead to a community center and mentoring programs for young people. milpitas police have released sketches in three possible kidnapping attempts in the past two weeks. the latest suspect is accused of trying to grab a 17-year-old girl yesterday morning near the high school. he's described as hispanic, 20 to 30 years old, 5-8 and physically fit. here is the other suspect. he's accused of trying to lure two girls ages 13 and 17. these are two different sketches of him. he lured them into a van and
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exposed himself. we have a link at under "see it on tv." well, this man's accused of mutilating dogs, cutting off their ears and tails all the while claiming to be a licensed veterinarian. tonight there's a statewide search for the man authorities believe may be hurting other animals. we have to warn you some of these images may be disturbing to you. lisa amin gulezian has the story. >> the ear has been literally cut off. this ear should cover the ear canal. >> anna is a three and a half-month-old pitbull. she and her brother had most of their ears cut off. this is what anna looked like when officers found her two weeks ago. >> the stitches were holding the flesh together along here. and it was fishing line. it's active mutilation of the dog. it's absolutely senseless. >> the spca is looking for damian maldanado.
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he claims to be a licensed vet that can do ear croppings that people opt to do for cosmetic purposes. this was the result. this doberman's tail was completely cut off and its ears taped to popsicle sticks post-surgery. they raided his home yesterday but couldn't find him. this neighbor didn't want to be identified but says he's heard non-stop barking from his house. >> not a dog that he's -- in the territory. >> authorities believe he operated on animals all over the state, including fresno and santa clara county. there is a $5,000 reward to anyone can help with the arrest. >> coming up next, target reaches a settlement with the state over allegations of hazard waste dumping. and find out where
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>> the secret service is trying to find the hackers that broke into nasdaq's computer network. there were multiple breaches over the past year. the stock exchange's trading platform was not affected. it appears they were looking around but they could have threats of trade secrets or a national security threat. target is paying the state millions of dollars to settle a lawsuit how it throws things away. the los angeles times reports that target will pay $22.5 million but no wrongdoing. prosecutors accused target of pouring returned or merchandise including paint and pesticides
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down drains, throwing it in trash bins, even donating expired food to a food bank. target will have to train employees on proper waste disposal. a berkley institution has closed after 71 years in business. the restaurant used to be a favorite eatery but recent years tried to become part of the music seen. they couldn't make the monthly rent and lost its lease. no decision what will be done with the 85,000 square foot space. palo alto-based may be moving a few miles up the peninsula. the company has scheduled a news conference on tuesday at menlo park city hall. the palo alto weekly reported that it bought 22 acres of property next to former microsystems campus at the western landing of the dumbarton bridge. lisa is here with our saturday forecast. >> looking good out there. we have no fog to speak of.
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partly cloudy skies and already quite mild in the city. 51 downtown. sun coming up at 7:10. a look from emeryville. a lot of sunshine but it will be windy in the hills. i'm explain coming up. >> thanks, lisa. next a slimmed down panda and a mustache for the freak. the new look for the giants as they talk about suspending their world series title coming up in morning sports. [ female announcer ] back to school means back to busy mornings.
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welcome back, everybody. it's 5:17 this saturday morning. our roof camera on 900 front street. just how warm is it gonna get? lisa argen is going to have our forecast in just a minute. no snakes on the trains in boston anymore. penelope is safe back home. she had her wrapped around her neck and didn't know she escaped.
5:18 am
a transit workers caught it. penelope's owner promises to be more careful from now on. if i saw a snake on a train, i would freak out. >> i'd want off the train! >> gonna be gorgeous all weekend long. you mentioned some records or i mentioned records. we are looking at temperatures starting out quite warm this morning already in the 50s. a live look outside, partly cloudy skies. we have had some serous spilling across our dominant ridge of high pressure from time to time and that will be the case again today. so we are looking at numbers right now in the upper 30s. fairfield is 38. 39 napa. so pretty cool here but look at the coast. 50 half moon bay, 51 antioch. we are on our way to a warmer day we've seen in quite some time as this ridge continues to strengthen. here at the surface, northeast at 5 by the delta and looking at the winds to pick up throughout the day today. but since yesterday, look how
5:19 am
warm we are. 10 degrees warmer from antioch, 5 degrees warmer in san francisco. with numbers starting out warmer, the winds picking up. we are looking at some potential records, 70s, maybe mid-70s, maybe near 80 in the salinas valley. so windy in the hills this afternoon, tonight, into tomorrow and we'll see record highs with once again no rain in sight. see here's the way it looks. this afternoon and tomorrow morning, i should say sunday morning, we'll look for winds 25 to 35 mph. gusts to 45. santa cruz mountains, the carquinez straights, north bay hills and our east bay hills around mount diablo. the reason why, high pressure off the coast, it's strengthening. that's going to allow for a pretty tight pressure gradient from surface high to area of low pressure to the south. once that happens we will see or feel those winds howling, maybe 50 mph up around mount diablo. so definitely pay attention to that but it's this area of high
5:20 am
pressure that's going to stay in command the next several days and, in fact, we are looking at a pattern change but not until probably next weekend. so enjoy it while we have this nice weather. so temperatures widespread in the 70s. only the cooler locations will make it into the 60s tomorrow. so tomorrow we should reach our peak. take a look at the south bay. 70s across the board, 71 campbell. numbers at the coast quite mild, 56 pacifica, 70 menlo park. low to mid-60s this time of year. 69 downtown and in the north bay perhaps a record around santa rosa with strong north winds. allow for numbers here to average the mid-70s. upper 60s berkeley and richmond as well as union city with highs topping out around 70 in fremont as well as fairfield. dublin and danville today, low 70s. here's where we have the warmest
5:21 am
weather. mid-70s for salinas with beach weather monterey, 70 degrees there. the accu-weather 7-day forecast, the numbers warm today, even warmer tomorrow. slightly cooler. take a look. another string of sunny weather. >> but how many days straight. by the next week we could see a change. >> thanks so much, lisa. we're going to talk about sports now. just nine more days remaining until spring training begins but today giants fans can get a free up close look at the world series champion san francisco giants. here's larry beil with more in sports. >> the giants have their big fanfest today at at&t park. they're talking about tens of thousands of people and everything gets started at 11 a.m.. the giants took care of some business yesterday extending contracts for the manager and
5:22 am
g.m. savior through 2012. >> here it is! for the first time since 1954, the giants are world champions! >> thanks to their world series run in november, the off-season was shorter than usual but giants players feel like spring training can't come soon enough. >> for me it was -- the season was over and i was already kind of antsy about getting back and getting going again. so definitely makes it more fun to come in with that world series title. >> giant tim lincecum is ready to go. last off-season, better to get through spring training and know my body a little more. >> speaking of bodies, all eyes today on bab blow sandball. he struggled last week. today it was object useless he shed some pounds but how many is still a millstry?
5:23 am
>> how many pounds lost? i lost a lot. >> in his off-season of self-improvement, he's been running with dan o'brien, hitting with barry bonds. he's even had some of his more intense workouts captured in showtime's new documentary. >> went to the mountain, throw out. yeah. yeah! it's not easy. it's not easy to work out, not easy. >> and it won't be easy to repeat. the giant enter 2011 as the hunters rather than the hunters and are ready for that challenge. >> have that chip on our shoulder that people are trying to take a run at us. and we have to defend. and, you know, we're all on board with that. >> the nfl's grand spectacle, the super bowl is tomorrow but everybody in the league is wondering if the title game will be followed by a lockout on march 4th. while the packers and steelers
5:24 am
were working out, commissioner expressed how meaningful for negotiations to start now. whether they result in progress remains to be soon. among those asking questions, bangel's receiver chad okosinko. >> i don't want the politically correct answer. do you know how far away we are from getting a deal realistically done. >> chad, i think both sides have to be prepared for every outcome. but i can tell you, the commitment on behalf of the ownership is get an agreement. and we will get an agreement. and i think that's only gonna happen when there's intensive negotiations between your union and the owners. and that has to take place now. >> meanwhile raiders quarterback has been named one of the three finalists. payton man of the year award,
5:25 am
excellence on the field. now he does extensive work in the community, including his college tour for scholars and the orphanages and needs foundation in africa. >> very humble for me to be here because you never do this type of stuff for this kind of recognition but it continues to raise awareness. i just thank you guys for recognizing that. >> the cold weather that has caused havoc all over the country and hit phoenix as well, they've had frost delays in the phoenix open and because of the bad weather, the tournament won't wrap up until monday. start on the famous par 3, 16 one of the largest galleries in golf. charlie for birdie, rolls it home 5 under for 11 in round two. shot of the day, hunter mayhan shipping up on 11 for par. wow! defending champs 6 under. your leader tommy twogloves gaining. this is on 11 for birdie.
5:26 am
gaining 11 under for 9 on round two. he's tied with mark wilson. that's a wrap on morning sports. mark shuman will be here at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00 with all your highlights. have a great weekend, everybody. >> i'm nanette miranda in sacramento. critics are questioning whether an insurance agency fund-raiser is buying some influence. there's a hearing scheduled on the blue shield rate hike. >> and a new look for chrysler. and new signs of
5:27 am
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♪ developing news this morning. the u.s. and russia have finalized a nuclear arms treaty that limits the number of atomic warheads the two countries are allowed to have. the new start treaty went into effect when secretary of state hillary clinton exchanged the ratification papers with the foreign minister on the side lines of a security conference in munich. it limits each side to about 1500 strategic warheads down from 2200. leaders of egypt's anti-government protests say they held talks discussing ways to ease egyptian president hosni mubarak out of office. here's a live look at the square where thousands of the protestors continue to gather there. the talks between the prime minister and protest leaders
5:30 am
comes after 12 straight days of noisy demonstration, clashes and violence in the streets of cairo. still mubarak refuses to leave, wants to serve out the rest of his term in september and won't be dumped out of office in a humiliating way. while president obama has not called for hills resignation, he's urging him to do the right thing. >> the future of egypt will be determined by its people. it's also clear there needs to be a transition process that begins now. that transition must initiate a process that respects the universal rights of the egyptian people and leads to free and fair elections. >> u.s. diplomats are trying to convince him to release power to that transitional government headed by the military government until elections can be held later this year. health insurance giant blue shield delayed plans to raise rates by as much as 59% earlier this week but now there's new outrage from critics after blue
5:31 am
shield hosted a $1,000 fund-raiser for the speaker of the assembly. nanette miranda reports from sacramento. >> after weeks of public outcry over rate hikes of as much as 59% of individual health insurance plans, blue shield finally agreeded to delay the move this week. now sacramento is bringing in company executives and demanding an explanation. >> this is probably the largest rate hike in california history for health insurance. so i think there's no question that the legislature should be holding hearings. i think they should be subpoenaing the ceo of blue shield. >> saying he's just as outrages as the public, assembly speaker insists he plans to hold hearings. >> we absolutely are. i think you see our health committee already starting down that process. >> but the health committee chairman's office says there are no firm plans let alone a hearing date leaving some to question holding blue shield's feet to the fire, particularly after the insurance industry
5:32 am
threw them a $100,000 fund-raiser last week at this restaurant. that's his car and driver waiting outside. >> he needs to give back the money or hold hearings very quickly because the perspective of impropriety is great. >> he said it's not a factor. >> yes, we can be fair. it's not only the assembly's role to do this oversight but the senate's role. >> we're going to be very aggressive and the speaker's going to be very aggressive in protecting the consumers first. >> you may remember when they used a subpoena threat for the company that holds anthem blue cross to adjust under oath a 37% rate hike. the company later with drew it. >> have you no shame? >> the question is one that is disappointing, mr. chairman -- >> blue shield and its head
5:33 am
lobbyist, calls were never returned. the clock is ticking for the legislature to take any action. nanette miranda, abc 7 news. >> concourse mount diablo school board may put off next tuesday's expected final decision which of three schools to close down. on friday superintendent steven lawrence notified parents the board may look at a new option that hasn't been discussed. the mount diablo district has gone through the painful process of narrowing down which three of seven schools it should close to save $1.5 million each year. the trustees will now discuss a new option to see if they can achieve the savings without the controversial closures. tuesday's meeting is expected to pack the gymnasium as mount diablo high school. auto makers and dealers had a rough three years. dealerships closed down, government bailouts but now they're no longer grimacing. david louie explains why. >> you can see it in the new
5:34 am
sign over norman din chrysler in san jose, money being spent because dealers see auto sales on the comeback. analysts are protecting they could have a recession sales plunge to $9 million. the ceo of chrysler is in san francisco to talk to 17,000 auto dealers and the vendors who supply them. he's hoping the turn-around has traction. >> we need to walk before we start running. we cannot believe our own press. i think we learned the hard way a number of things. i don't think we should be making those mistakes. i know chrysler is redeeming. i'm sure my other friends are as rigorous and disciplined as we are. >> chrysler will invest $500 million over the next five years to support the dealers. that boosted optimism. craig's group operates 100 show rooms. >> you can feel it. there's more excitement. seeing better product, the health of domestic manufacturers.
5:35 am
an exciting place to be today. >> the dealers association is setting up a large exhibit floor. its chairman singled out additional reasons for optimism. >> the auto loans are very low. the average interest rate is about 6% and you have a fleet of cars that's actually ten years old. the average age of the fleet is ten years old. so you do have some pent-up demand. >> it could be rising fuel prices, hybrid or electric cars. john humphrey at j. d. power claims detroit can survive that. >> i think the fundamentals of the recovery are strong enough to weather that. it might slow the pace but it's there. >> the recession field of meltdown of auto makers did sends out the ranks, two-thirds disappeared. the remaining are profitable, the highest figure in a decade. there are tens of thousands of people counting on the comeback of the auto industry to help them as well.
5:36 am
at moss coney center, david louie, "moneyscope". >> you can see the complete interview at under "see it on tv." david louie asked him about a bunch of things including low carbon fuel standards and a number of other issues. all this weekend two of the ramps that connect interstate 880 and highway 92 which leads to the san mateo bridge will be closed so caltran can continue to work on a realignment project. the work began last night and will continue through 5:00 monday morning. you can follow the detour signs or take a. street or winton avenue to avoid the closures all together. lisa argen is here with our beautiful forecast this weekend. >> and it's going to get even warmer. we could see highs, record highs today, low to mid-70s some places. tomorrow even warmer. from our roof camera right now low 50s in san francisco, partly cloudy skies. i'll be back with the temperatures and we'll look ahead coming up. >> also ahead, a seismic
5:37 am
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try 20 kfc hot wings today for just 10 bucks. that's only 50 cents a wing! kfc. tastes so good. welcome back, everyone. you're looking at a live picture of the golden gate bridge. nobody really on there. just a couple cars moving into san francisco right now. it's 5:39. we're going to have records today in february, the middle of winter. record highs. can't wait to hear from lisa arg in a couple minutes. >> water in the bay area, several key projects of the seismic retrofit will begin this year. it's a carefully choreographed construction project that will give them places they haven't been in decades. in assignment 7 dan ashley shows us an exclusive look inside this amazing system. >> this pipeline was built in
5:40 am
the late '60s to meet the growing demand for water along the peninsula. typically it carries water for more than a million people. the pipeline is seven stories below the surface and no one has been inside it to inspect it since the water was turned on more than four decades ago. until now. >> this went into service approximately 1967. it hasn't been inspected since. >> blake rossfuss is the lead quality insurance inspector on this three-mile stretch of pipeline running along highway 280 in san mateo county. >> we're inspecting water system infrastructure that rarely gets inspected but is so critical to the population that you rarely have the opportunity to get inside and check on 'em. >> this stretch of tunnel was carefully walked by engineers and water officials looking for anything that may affect the flow or quality of the water be sent through it. >> looking for signs of distress in the concrete lining that might be indicated by cracks.
5:41 am
might be indicated by leaking water. >> this can be dangerous work. the communication is by radio. and an air horn letting everyone outside the tunnel know everyone inside is okay. working in a 9 foot tall tunnel underground has unseen dangers. the air quality is constantly measured for dangerous levels of carbon monoxide or possibly explosive gases. a high-powered fan forces air through the opposite end of the tunnel to keep the water out during the inspection, every valve supplying water to the tunnel is turned off and locked until everyone is out of the tunnel. >> the opportunity for the sfpc to assess the condition of the this tunnel is a rare opportunity. >> and it is an opportunity made possible by one of the largest water infrastructure upgrades in california history. since the 1920s water from yosemite national park has provided 2.5 million people in northern california with some of
5:42 am
the most pristine and valuable water in the nation. it is an engineering marvel managed by the san francisco public utilities commission. but years of deferred maintenance and old construction techniques have made the system vulnerable in a major earthquake. in 2002, san francisco voters approved a bond to pay for their share of repairs to the aging system. it will paid back over time with increases in water rates. some of the largest projects are ramping up to start this year. >> we're going to be probably dedicating a project a month for the next six months. >> ed heads up the puc and the $4 billion project to upgrade the water system. it includes replacing pipes in the san francisco bay with a tunnel, a new dam, and upgrading water treatment facilities. >> we have $2 billion under construction right now which is really pretty amazing when you think about it. >> harrington says the goal is completely upgrade the water system by 2015.
5:43 am
>> one of the fundamental challenges we have is rebuilding it while it stays online. it's a tremendous challenge. >> that's why they're putting in this new tunnel. it will provide an alternative path during an emergency. but the older tunnel is still part of the system and why this inspection is so critical. >> it turns out the tunnel is in fantastic shape and lucky enough to not go back into the tunnel for repairs for the foreseeable future. >> that was dan ashley. crews worked around the clock and managed to finish the job in half the time. meteorologist lisa argen is here now with her beautiful forecast this weekend. great day to be outside. >> i know a few people who thought they were going to go skiing this weekend. >> that's too bad. but we could see more snow maybe ten days or so. seriously. between now and then we're gonna have the dry weather.
5:44 am
we head outside from sutro cam. later on today we could see some of these cameras shaking a bit. in fact, wind gusts, mount diablo, 63 mph. 20 to 30 mph winds at the oakland hills, in the oakland hills. and that is allowing temperatures to stay on the mild side this morning, 52 san francisco. except napa and fairfield and low lying valleys, looking at upper 30s, 50 half moon bay with 45 livermore. so at the surface the winds are calm, no problems here but if you're doing biking or hiking you'll notice the winds are definitely up and that's why we have a wind advisory in the hills. but 24 hours ago we were cooler. so already starting out anywhere from 1 to 10 degrees warmer from oakland to the delta. 5 degrees warmer in san francisco. 6 degrees warmer in los gatos. this is actually typically cool location. we're on our way to a very warm weekend. windy in the north and east bay hills tonight into tomorrow. records will be likely and no rain the next seven days.
5:45 am
beyond that it does look like we will see a pattern change. a wind advisory from 4:00 this afternoon until 10:00 tomorrow with north winds 25 to 30 mph, gusts to 45 mph. also wanna include the santa cruz mountains as well. and we've got high pressure building into the coast and that's going to allow those north winds to really start howling around the bay area. the double barrel of high pressure, the storm track going up and over the ridge and from time to time a few high serous clouds drifting through that ridge. but overall the ridge is gonna stay in place and the warmest temperatures should come in tomorrow. then we'll see things slightly cool back for the rest of the week. so the short-term, we're looking at mid-70s in some of these locations will experience some records for mid-february which should see highs anywhere from 3 to 10 degrees cooler than what we're seeing today. 70s should do it in santa clara, milpitas and sunnyvale today.
5:46 am
on the peninsula look for mid-60s at our beaches, pacifica, half moon bay, 71 redwood city. downtown warming through the 60s to 69 degrees in san francisco. north bay numbers look for 74, santa rosa. that could be a record. 71 novato. even by the water here, hercules, richmond and berkeley. upper 60s for you. in the hills remember very windy here, 71 concord, 72 pleasanton and down by the monterey bay, we'll see highs in the mid-70s from salinas, 70 at monterey. here's the accu-weather 7-day forecast. so above normal anywhere from 3 to 10 degrees above normal today and tomorrow with windy conditions north and east bay hills. then we cool it back slightly. no changes here but stay tuned. i think we're getting close. >> really! finally be winter? >> yeah. yes. everyone is enjoying it but it's a little weird. >> it is strange. is it part of that whole la nina thing? >> could be, definitely. the whole country.
5:47 am
>> seeing strange weather this winter. thanks so much, lisa. sarah palin and her daughter bristol are trying to protect their names by trademarking them and turning them into brands. they've applied to the u.s. patent office. the registration was initially refused because the form had not been signed. palin's attorney says the family has until spring to submit the paperwork. "7 on your side" is next. >> a brand new auto insurance program could save you a ton of money. [ mom ] can a little bowl of cereal change your life? i think it can. one of the challenges for kayla being gluten-free is actually finding choices the whole family will love. five flavors of chex are gluten-free, including the honey nut flavor, and that's amazing to a mom like me. as a parent you dot want to have to tell your kids "no" all the time. it's nice for me to be able to say "yes" to something th they want to eat. [ male announcer ] chex cereal. five flavors. gluten free. >> woman: with the right
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welcome back, everyone. it is 5:49 right now this saturday morning. we're gonna have lots of sunshine, beautiful weather this morning. right now outside no problems to report. no traffic problems or anything like that. we're gonna have some record temperatures, too. 70s! so get outside, put on your t-shirt, maybe shorts and enjoy the sunshine. new car insurance programs are
5:50 am
rolling out beginning this month that could save you some serious money. 7 on your side's michael finney is here to explain how it works. >> you were stuck in this traffic, something that doesn't happen much to you but in the car next to you there's a guy who is in this traffic every day. is it fair that you pay the same for car insurance? >> you have insurance, you kind of want to get rewarded if you're not as much of a risk as the other guy. >> now you can be. the state of california is allowing insurance companies to base rates on how much you drive. state farm is the first to offer the program in northern california. >> the program is called drive safe and save. essentially what it is, it means the less you drive, the less you pay. the program starts in a couple weeks. >> i think it does a better job of matching risk to price. which is always something that
5:51 am
we're concerned about. >> i don't know i've ever been on the same side as state farm in a news story. >> he says the state farm program is following the spirit of the law but allowing savings even a little at a time. which means that if you're driving 9,000 miles a year right now and you're able to carpool or take the train once or twice a month, you're going to go down maybe 500, 700, maybe a thousand miles and with that you'll see real savings. >> your insurance premium will drop between 1 and 2%. drive a thousand miles less and you save 2 to 4%. and on and on. >> for doing nothing really except just showing what i'm driving. you know, telling them the miles that i've driven which i don't have a problem. >> and it's not just about the money. to nick here or to sarah. >> i live in a green building. certified building. i'm always about reducing the carbon footprint.
5:52 am
while i spend a lot of time in the car as a realtor, i do like to use public transportation. >> if you drive more, you're gonna pay more. if you have on star, that will keep track of the mileage. if not, you simply self-report. i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." >> coming up next, designer duds in the bay area. fashions completely out of paper. find out where you can see this unique exhibit. ♪
5:53 am
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5:55 am
abc 7's kristen sze, she's going to help celebrate the year of the rabbit. martial arts demonstrations, arts and crafts for kids and the best thing lots of good food. it all takes place from 11:00 this morning until 3:00 in courthouse square. that's 2200 broadway street in downtown redwood city. now to a unique exhibit in san francisco. gowns and costumes made entirely out of paper. arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez takes you to the legion of honor. >> they look like fine textiles from the crumbling and feathering and painting. elegant gowns and dresses, all made of paper. buttons, necklaces, head pieces and all the shoes stunning in their detail. it began with making paper costumes for her children 20 years ago. now it's much more involved. >> it's difficult at the start but finally when you play with
5:56 am
the paper first, we are to share, place -- you change the aspect of the paper. >> she works with the team creating the piece. they shape the design and she paints it. >> as a painter i look at the fashion. i look at the painting. i look at many things, the fabrics. >> after they arrive here, the pieces had to be shaped and ironed. she finds her inspiration in classic paintings. this became this. this is the first time all of her work has been shown together in this country. before this exhibition where she was inspired by four european paintings in the legion of honor collection. >> this is more than fashion. and i do not want anybody to say, oh, this is just another show fashion at the fine arts museum. this is fine art and that's what we do here. >> they're not meant to be exact copies. closer to impressions actually. >> it's so unique that everything is painted paper.
5:57 am
so in fact it's an illusion in large part. it's a very dream-like fantasy. >> very simple. >> the show is here until june. don sanchez, abc 7 news. >> those are stunning. the show opens today and the artist will be there showing how she makes the gown and that's only going to happen today. a google executive is being called a symbolic spokesman of the youth uprising after he disappeared last week. and de-iced.
5:58 am
5:59 am
♪ in the news this saturday morning, february 5th, in egypt protest leaders say they have met with the country's prime minister


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