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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  February 7, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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ever again. >> and free at last. google executive held captive in egypt is released. but he's not executive held captive in egypt is released. but he's not going quietly. 7 news
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>> somebody could have heard something and whoever that is please come forward and help us out. please. >> san jose family is desperate for clue in hit-and-run case that may have left this teenager girl paralyzed. >> erica luna dragged for hundreds of feet through east san jose and in critical condition. we are live at police headquarters tonight. >> police say they don't yet know whet this driver even knew that erica luna was pinned underneath the vehicle and being dragged for hundreds of feet by her family tonight is convinced that this driver did know and took off any way.
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skid marks stretches hundreds of feet. the entire length of this east san jose neighborhood block. that's how far erica luna family says she was dragged while trapped underneath a car. >> didn't have the deeceen is i to stop. you think about it they don't even do that to animal. they don't even do that to animal. you hit an animal people stop. >>reporter: 2:30 sunday morning she was walking across fontain road. her boyfriend saw the speeding car and tried to slow it down. but it hit erica and never stopped. >> the only information that we have is that we are looking for a gray sport utility vehicle with possible damage to the front end. >>reporter: if few ladies her family returned to the neighborhood hoping to find someone who saw something they passed out fliers offering 2000 dollar reward. money they pooled themselves. >> i believe somebody saw something. somebody could have
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heard something and whoever that is, please come forward and help us out. please. >>reporter: neighbors say cars often speed through the area without slowing down even for children. >> sometimes pretty fast and sometimes people have to tell them to slow down. but they don't really slow down. >>reporter: as for erica, she's lucky to be alive. but with extensive injuries to her hips, leg muscles and pelvic bone her family doesn't know if she will ever walk again. >> we tried talk to her and she tells us she can handle this. they can't. which is very difficult for us seeing her through that because she's a really strong girl. >>reporter: strong is the right word. erica being treated this evening at san jose regional medical center where she hopes to one day become a nurse. she's had 2 surgery so far but she has a really long road ahead for this recovery. men time police again are looking for either a gray suv possibly a minivan. anyone with information is asked to call san jose police kept. reporting in san jose, abc 7 news.
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>> all right thank you cecelia. >> situation in egypt where the google executives who disappeared more than a week and a half ago is back on the streets of cairo protesting once again. egyptian government released the man amid mounting pressure. we have more on his day in captivity. lillian? >>reporter: he says the security for his holding him branded him a traitor but to his surprise he said he was treated with respect and came out of the situation unharmed. after 12 day of government detention he found comfort among his friends shortly after his release. the google exec announced on twitter this in an interview with green tv he described how he was leaving a friend's house at 1:00 a.m. when he was captured. >> i was going to get a taxi so i went one way and walking down a straight road and i found all of a sudden 4 people surrounding me. they were kidnapping me and i yelled help me. but of course i knew these
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were security force. >>reporter: he was google head of marketing for the middle east and north africa became the target of egyptian government because of the on line activism. he confirms he was the administrator of the facebook page that washington one of the main tool for organizing the demonstration that began january 25. while members protest movement consider him a hero, he himself do not. >> i'm not a hero. i slept for 12 day. the hero were in the street. the heroes are the 1 that wept to the demonstration. >>reporter: he says he was blindfolded during most of his 12 days in captivity but says he wasn't mistreated. he has sin rejoined the protest at the square but this time has deep appreciation for those who died for the cause. >> pi want to say to every mother and every fat who lost his child i'm sorry this is not our fault. i swear to god this is not our fault. item the fault of everyone who is holding on to power greed ily and not let it go.
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>>reporter: he referred to his time in detention a kidnapping and crime but he says this is not the time for settling account. he says this is egypt time. >> all right lillian reporting. >> cairo right now both sides seem to be digging in for the long-haul. thousands of protestors are still camped out in the square. they have even set up smoking and non-smoking areas there. elsewhere in cairo sign today of life getting back to normal. banks were open for a second day. shops opened. traffic jam returned. and in an apparent gesture to shore up support the mubarak regime said government employees get a 15 percent pay raise. protestors continue to say he must leave. back here at home. federal judge who shut down the san quentin death chamber will inspect the prison new facility in person tomorrow. june fogel stopped california executions in 2006 after ruling that the prison converted gas chamber and the training process were both inadequate. 900,000
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dollars and 5 year later there have been upgrades to both. the judge had a scheduled a hearing and tour tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. to determine whether executions should resume. investigators believe 3 robbers knew exactly what they were looking for when they targeted a gun collector home in gilroy and stole weapons. woman called 911 after her neighbor gary wise pounded on her door early this morning. he showed up at her house. face bloody and swollen. the sheriff says wise ordeal began at 9 la night when 3 men invaded his home. >> they obviously knew something. not public information that there's a gun safe here. >>reporter: neighbor once saw wise gun collection. she tells 7 news it included about 75 weapons. wise says they are worth about two million dollars. the thieves also took wise truck. chp found it burned in the santa cruz mountain. >> county health official say a
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virus made dozens of student sick last week at a nature camp in petaluma a.65, fifth and sixth graders from novato, danville and oakland came down with flu like symptoms at walker creek ranch. many treated by paramedic and sent home. the virus is a stomach infection and transmit from person to person easily. investigators say the food and water at the camp were safe and that the virus was likely from an infected student. firefighter say some electrical equipment caught fire at water pumping station in walnut creek this morning. and setoff an explosion. no one was hurt. happened at the east bay mud facility near geary road. some said it sounded like a plane crashing no. impact on water service. cause under investigation. >> also in walnut creek. fire in downtown close the buck horn grill until wednesday. that's when it will reopen. grease fire broke out on a stove at the restaurant on locust street this afternoon. flames reached the attic where items there
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being stored also caught fire. update now on problems the abc 7 news i team helped he can pose on 2 south bay college campus. state panel ordered san jose city college and evergreen valley college to fix the problem ranging from finances to planning within two years or risk losing their accreditation. the 2 schools serve more than 20,000 student students. as reported 2 years ago the district former chancellor took 39 trips on her 4 year on the job. grand jury said she violated several policies and called her travel excessive. family can have party at city park in walnut creek just without the inflatable bounce house. park recreation open space commission banned them from city parks tonight. budget cut have reduced staffing levels making it difficult to process the permit applications. permits are necessary because the jumping houses were damaging grass. so they were only allowed on hard surfaces. vendors also needed liability insurance. >> i don't think they should
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need a permit any way. we have enough government. we pay our taxes. get to use the park big deal if a 20 foot by 20 foot bad spot in the great for a week big deal. >> i don't think it would really affect us because we have a big back yard and put it back there. >>reporter: neighboring city in danville and klaint clayton already lawed the bounce house in public park. >> cybershut down. debate over whether to give washington the power to urn turn off the internet. >> the worst intersection in the bay area for buy cyclist. one street is a real danger zone. >> and boy behind the mask of one of the most popular superbowl ads this year. then later on "nightline". >> about coming up next on "nightline". in an exclusive interview with diane sawyer former secretary of defense donald rumsfeld opens up as never before. discussing the controversies, wars, wmd and big question whahahahahahahahaha
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>> closed captioning brought to with with request. >> there are more bikers on the streets of san francisco and more are getting into accident. bay citizen analyze san
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francisco police data and identify the 3 most dangerous spots for bikes over the past two years. all were on market street. 14 accidents on octavia. 14 at fifth and 8 at new montgomery. interestingly there are bike lanes in all of those intersections. you can find out more about san francisco most dangerous streets on our web site. just click on see it on tv. >> the uprising in egypt that we spoke about a few minute ago has thrown a snag into cybersecurity legislation on capitol hill. senate committee on homeland security is propose ago bill to give the federal government some measure of power to limit the internet. mark matthews with the proposal and the political blow-back. >> protest in egypt and mubarak reaction shutting down egypt internet causing some concern. new bilodeaux to be proposed in the u.s. congress might give a u.s. president similar powers. >> we see in egypt it's a bad idea to give one person control how people in the country
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communicate. you don't want the president to have that or leader of any country to have that. >>reporter: electronic frontier foundation says it joined with couple dozen other groups in opposing the bill proenza posed by the senate committee for moment land security. today the 2 senators that head the committee issued a response saying we would never sign on to legislation that authorized the president or anyone else to shut down the internet. they point to what happened at a nuclear facility last year when it was attacked by a computer virus and several spot shut down. supporters of the bill say the government would have the extra cybersecurity powers only in extreme circumstances. >> there are scenario where it is not outrageous to consider some government control of internet traffic. however, those situations would have to be really tightly circumscribe circumscribed. >>reporter: that's what our political analyst says as well. >> it has a shot but has to very carefully explain itself
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and the conditions that are put on the presidential power and very, very important. >>reporter: professor cane says no question the event in egypt are having an impact on the bill chances. there is a lot of fear. just ask bruce templeton president and ceo of web hosting and cloud xuingt start up. >> i find it threatening and disturbing. >>reporter: he doesn't think the government need the power to order him to shut down. >> i can guarantee it will be quicker to do something about it, quick tore get our customers back on line when the coast is clear and we'll probably do it less spichbs than the government. >>reporter: lieberman and collins unavailable for comment today but agitated spokeswoman for their committee told me that she wished reporters would stop referring to it as the kill switch bill and hold off on those comparisons to egypt. praving won again that timing isn't everything in politics but it is quite a bit. in the
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newsroom, 7 news. president obama delivered an urgent message to american business leaders today. he asked members of the u.s. chamber of commerce to start sendingรง money and hire worker president said u.s. company sit on nearly 2 trillion dollars. and time to get in the game. >> my message is now is the time to invest in america. now is the time to invest in america. if there's a reason that you don't share my confidence if there is a reason enthusiastic don't believe this is the time to get off the side lines, to the hire and invest, i want to know about it. >>reporter: business leaders have said the new wall street rules and regulation couple with health care reform are keeping them from hiring. president says he want to hear suggestions on which rules should be rescinded. >> abc 7 want to help you find a job. we host a hire event in concord tomorrow in con junciton with the job journal from noon to 4 on clayton road
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in center concord. federal reserve bank of san francisco, farmer insurance and university of phoenix and all the company and job option listed for you on our web site. find them under see it on tv. >> terrific resource. mean time put sandy to work to talk about the ma fantastic weather. >> but getting agent bit coole cooler. here now with more. >> yes. hope you enjoyed today's weather. we had record warmth today. third day in a row. it's all going to be over tomorrow. here are the new records santa rosa 76 degrees. san rafael 73. gilroy 73 as well. record tied for this day oakland coming in at 72 degrees and kent field at 71. this is a beautiful photo that captures the day. submitted by rachel heinz powered by you tube beautiful view of a sunset from vallejo. you can see the con trail going through there. we'll be seeing sunset like this but the difference is cooler temperatures as we head towards the next day or so.
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numbers tonight in the 40's and 50's. notice fairfield is still in the mild range. 56 degrees. very gusty winds have developed there out of the north and gusty in the hills tonight as well. cooler tomorrow. locally gusty winds. cold morning coming wednesday through friday with some areas seeing sub freezing temperatures and there's a slight chan of rain on sunday. certainly going to signal a shift in our weather pattern. shifting weather pattern tomorrow. we look at cooler conditions. look at sampling of today's highs and then compare it to tomorrow. napa going from 72 to 63 degrees for your tuesday. 9 degrees coole cooler. redwood city from 73 to a comfortable 61. 12 degrees cooler. san jose back to reality from 70 to 64. 6 degrees below where it was today. here's what is going to happen and what is going to contribute to the cool down. yes our ridge of high pressure is still holding on. strong ridge but what is going to happen is there's an area of low pressure that is inland and
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it is going to continue to drop to the south and to the east. behind it higher pressure builds in and the wind flowing from the high to the low creating locally windy conditions. very gusty winds develop which is why a wind advisory in effect for the straits in delta tomorrow morning at 9. continues until 7 tomorrow evening. northerly wind 15 to 30. gust to 45 miles an hour. same breeze is holding the temperatures up tonight in some areas so we are really looking at primarily 40's. by tomorrow afternoon it's still nice day but breezy and sunny in the south bay. 64 degrees in san jose. 63 for new sunnyvale. on the peninsula you look at low 60's right around where you should be in palo alto, 59 on the coast in half moon bay. downtown san francisco south san francisco in the low 60's and still going to enjoy the sun, not as warm as it was today though. mid 60's in the north bay for santa rosa, calistoga, oakland and east bay
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10 degrees cooler. 62. castro valley 62. inland low to mid 60's. 62 for livermore and monterey bay 59 degrees in monterey. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. item a breezy cooler tuesday. cold morning wednesday through friday with mild daytime high and then over the weekend particular attention to sunday. slight chance of rain developing. continuing into valentine's day and then after that you look at the extended model. tuesday is actually appearing to be wet now. so we may be shift to go a wetter pattern. >> thanks. >> tonight google goes under. under water that is. >> that story coming up. plus
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vadar. pass pa the boy under that mask is 6-year-old actor max page. >> how does it feel being in the ad everyone is talking about today. >> well i mean it's huge. >> max was born with congenital heart defect but showed the force is strong with him especially when it comes to making people smile. >> he sure is cute. he was great. all day. >> we all agreed that was a winner. >> it was one of the fantastic spots yes. >> the there were some others that were not that good. any way. enough about. that day after rodgers and packers. he was spectacular. hear from rodgers on the urine from chico to the top of the football
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game winning streak with phoenix. steve nash birthday and warriors gave him a nasty present because they played no defense. warriors didn't do it early. hustle from lee. he has some hospitals but it was phoenix that was sick in the jumper. 48 for 3 of the 19. led by 16 after one quarter. we had to search to find warrior highlights. that's authority there. now along with nash miguel had his birthday and warrior down at the break. nash had a birthday today. warriors wake up late. ellis 21 point. 10 point game then curry the tear drop. 8 point game. warriors cut it to 5 and you think yes, finally. no. enough of this i'm ending this game. phoenix 13, 3 on the night and the suns win 10
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104-92. item a good thing rodgers is patient. he had to wait to get a college scholarship to cam. he waited on draft day. he waited 3 years to start in green bay. tonight that patienceen has been rewarded. superbowl mvp. he flew from today la to orlando to hang out with micky at disney world. that's what all mvp l do. pinpoint prae significance on display in the win over pittsburgh. 30 4 yard passing. 3 touch down. laser shot right into his receiver. former cal star out of chico finally chance to emerge from the shadow of farve. instead of replacing him he huh-uh chance to become one. >> kind of been my career ther there. the journey of waiting for an opportunity and making the most of it. hay school, junior college, division i, being a back up, overlooked on draft day. three years as back up. finally an opportunity i had to make the most of. >>reporter: item becoming tradition at the sap open in
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san jose. exhibition day grand slam champ. smile and say that's my new profile pick. pretty soon we have you up on facebook i know. >> i know it. coming soon. here's pete. can still do. that serve and volley. up 6-5 in the first set but p.e. would rally and into the corne corner. take the first set in tie break here. back hand winner down the line. he tacit 7-6 and 6-4. final round of the phoenix open pushed back of the bad weather on 16. 2 back of the lead. the 35 footer for birdie. also birdie 17 to finish at 18 under and head to play off. second extra hole. wilson for birdie. all go home. wilson with second tour victory this season worth over 1 million dollars. also won in hawaii so nice way to start the
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year with a couple of huge khichblingt way to good for aaron rodgers. fan take particular. >> for any of us got to know him at cal you were hoping and hoping. some of us hoping he would be a forty-niner. >> that's another story. but item great for rogers. >> we can still hope. >> i don't think he's leaving green bay now. >> worth more money now. "nightline"coming up next. >> for all of us here, thanks for joining us. >> for all of us here, thanks for joining us. >> see you tomorrow.
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