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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  February 8, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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we're moving but they're saying we're expanding in the future this, has to mean it's a sign that facebook is actually one of the big players in the silicon valley. nine existing buildings, one million square feet of space will makeup the new campus in menlo park. >> facebook has been looking for a place to plant roots, pull together our bay area employees where they can work together, feed off each other's energy and build the future of the company. >> a deal was struck to lease the complex for 15 years with an option to buy in five. the amount not disclosed. ora cell purchased the former tenants, sun micro systems in 2009, then laid off thousands of sun employees. signs are still up, but facebook started to remodel the first of the nine buildings. >> that building will hold about 500 folks and ready in
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mid june time frame. >> the goal is to have most of the employees on campus within 12 months. face ks book will keep its palo alto facilities until the leases expire and says the company did not receive tax breaks from the city. the mayor says facebook, the future looks good for menlo park. >> we're going to be able to do things the city has not been able to do in years, more revenue and planning and ideas into that community. >> we're in this for a long term and have every hope that the area around it can be a place that grows and offers interesting amenities and services that our employees enjoy. >> beth owns this restaurant in downtown menlo park and worried expansion will affect small businesses, especially restaurant owners like himself. >> i was excited to have them come to bring business to small businesses like in
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downtown menlo park but hearing that they're having and planning to have their own malls and facilities over there, that is concerning. >> this independent car pender says he was curious to see if facebook was hiring for the project. >> just see the potential of just using my talents and finding future work. >> and by the way after that press conference he was approached by a facebook representative. we'll see how it goes. on march 5th bon the -- both the city and facebook will hold a planning session. they're inviting the community to come give suggestions and brain storm to see how facebook will fit into the menlo park community. i'm live next door in palo alto, abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. listen to this. facebook founder mark zuckerberg has a restraining
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order against a man accused of stalking him. the judge ordered the 31-year-old to stop contacting zuckerberg, his girlfriend and sister. court documents say he tried 20 times to reach zuckerberg in one day, left a note on his car and was spotted outside his house. he told tmz he thought zuckerberg could help him with a personal problem. san francisco appears set to offer twitter a tax break as a way to keep the company in the city. the mayor ed lee emerged from his office this afternoon with the announcement. the company has outgrown it's current location and talked about leaving san francisco for larger and possibly cheaper space. after approveal from the board of supervisors the city will offer a payroll tax exemption for new employees for companies moving to a blighted area of market street. >> twitter has 350 employees.
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their expectations is over 3,000 employees. we're talking to serious numbers of the net new job autos supervisors still have to pass an ordinance. reports say twitter executives are considering space in brisbane and south san francisco. there is no comment about this. twitter has grown to 350 employees since 2006 and is outgrowing its space in that building. analysts say twitter could add more than 3,000 jobs in the next five years. >> and the federal judge who stopped executions in california five years ago toured the state's new death chamber today and will make a decision on whether the state can resume executions. we have the judge's fact-finding mission. >> reporter: the tour was an court hearing complete with a court reporter trailing the judge. this is just one more step on
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the long legal road to deciding whether lethal injection can begin again in california. this shows the death chamber inspected by judge foggel today. >> a lot of the questions focused on delivery of the drugs themselves. this is a big issue. >> reporter: reporters were there as observers only. foggel was asking questions in great detail. he toured room by room. >> he went through, you know cabinet by cabinet, refrigerators and verifying where the drugs are kept. the amounts of each of the three drugs injected. >> reporter: foggel halted an execution of a murderer five years ago on grounds the lethal injection protocol could be cruel and unusual punishment. >> in the old death chamber, execution team was unable to view a proper monitor of the
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inmate. a lot of questions seem to be around how long will the lines be? which halls do they go through? >> reporter: the questions could be months away. >> i did say at the end of the hearing he wanted to wrap this up as soon as possible. nonetheless he had this case six years and repeatedly said that. >> reporter: demonstrators were there protesting money spent on the new death chamber when social services budget is losing millions. >> the governor supposing to cut our budgets $750 million this, is going to destroy services for persons with disabilities. we go back to the governor they say where do you want to us cut? we think we've found a place to cut. >> reporter: there are 700 prisoners on california's death row f the death clears the way for lethal injections there could be other legal obstacles including lawsuits challenging the use of one of the three drugs used. >> thank you very much.
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and in egypt the google executive just freed from 12 days of detention energized demonstrators in cairo today. the 30-year-old spoke to one of the largest crowds yet, promising we'll not give up, his words. some say they were inspired by television interviews in which he wept and claimed he was not a hero. president mubarak continues to make kons yegss. demonstrators say they want his immediate departure. outside of the city ancient pyramids remain closed. >> the people live around here depend on the life of tourism. if there is no tourism there is no food for the people. >> another large protest filled the streets with thousands renewing their call for mubarak to step down, immediately. >> the turmoil in egypt is pushing up the price of gas. triple a says regular unleaded now averages $3:41 a gallon.
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in the bay area we're paying $3.48 a gallon. the national average is $3.12 raising concern it could top $4 a gallon by summer. the independent review panel investigating the san bruno pipeline explosion continued its first interim report today deciding not to reproduce the federal investigation, rather continuing to let the national transportation safety board determine why specifically that pipe exploded. instead the panel will focus on the preventative efforts and response. the explosion killed eight people, destroying 38 homes. and if you're interested in finding a job you might see fewer offerings in want ads these days. employers posted fewer openings but that news did not stop hundreds of people from bringing their resumes to a job fair sponsored in concord.
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>> i have looked for a job probably about two years. it's been -- i haven't worked since 2008. >> i know its a matter of time. so you just -- i think everybody needs to keep their head up. things will get better f you're diligent you'll find a job. >> today's line up features private firms and government agencies. the jobs available include everything from enry-level and blue-color jobs to management. the next abc 7 hire event fair is tuesday, march 8th in san francisco. you can find more information on our web site, look under see it on tv. >> and a congressional first tonight courtesy of walnut creek democrat. the lawmaker will be the first member of congress to host a town-hall through a service called visible vote this, service allows people to watch and participate in the event in realtime yugsing -- using
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only their smart phone. he says visible vote brings a new approach to the town hall meet prog ses. it begins tonight at 6:15. for more information on visible vote and how to down load that app just go to our web site. and click on see it on tv. >> and in celebration of black history month the israeli consulate is partnering with local groups to celebrate african diversity as experienced through israel. the event coincided with the opening of a new ethiopian israeli exhibit that went on display. the consul general explained the connection and says their stories start at the same place. the exodus from egypt. the israeli consulate's tribute will include programs throughout the month of february. >> and we're just getting started here at 5:00. the new study shows a simpler form of breast cancer surgery
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may have the same outcome as a more radical treatment. >> the government gets to the bottom of toyota's ak celebration robbem. >> and i'm sandhya patel. cold nights coming up. where temperatures will plunge tonight coming up. >> and local high schoolers brain storm on a competition
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. take a look at this this, dump truck was swallowed by a sink hole on the streets of houston, texas this morning. it appears a broken water main
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caused a street to collapse beneath that truck. a little bit of irony here. it's a city truck carrying gravel to fill pot holes. >> a government investigation into toyota safety problems found no electronic flaws to account for reports of sudden ak celebration -- acceleration. and there was a study and nasa engineers determined the problems were caused by gas pedals this -- that got stuck or trapped in floor mats. >> the jury is back. the verdict is in. there is no electronic-based cause for unintended, high-speed acceleration in toyotas. >> toyota denied electronic problems were to blame for the
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run away vehicles and recalled more than 12 million vehicles globally in order to address these concerns. a new breast cancer study may help patients decide between two different types of surgery. researchers study patients whose breast cancers were in one or two limp nodes, finding women who had simpler surgery had vir wall i -- vir wallly the same survival rate after five years as women who had more aggressive surgery. also they received whole breast radiation therapy. >> and the marin county high school pitcher nearly killed by a baseball last year is back on the field playing the game he loves. gunner sand interg now a senior, returning for his first day of baseball practice yesterday. the team's coach said gunner is good enough and can start at short stop or third base
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this season that. is him. and that is in may. last march when he was pitching a ball hit off a metal bat hit him in the head. the baseball team's all switched to playing with wooden bats after the accident. >> and a group of bay area high school students is heading into combat. on their side is some high-tech advisors. and we have the story. carolyn? it's not a football or basketball game but a national robotics competition. the students are getting help from a company that used robotics to help revolutionize brain surgery. >> we can't run around the floor looking like this. >> maybe now it looks like a step ladder but in a few days this science advisor swears it's going to be a full-blown robot. >> we have to put this into a bag. it gets sealed and we don't
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get to touch it again until we go to the tournament. >> these students are crafting their enry for the national first robotics competition. teams design their bot to perform a goal this, year's challenge boils down to a game of ring toss. >> this is kind of crazy if you think about the fact that the robot is only going to be this big. >> romy is engineering software to help the robot. last year's model used a camera to help it play soccer. this time getting the ring to the pole is only half of the battle. >> so we're planning to do this by kind of -- fork system that. will be able to carry these rings up to the heights. >> the students are developing skills that will likely be in high demand when they graduate. this volunteer is a software engineer with a sunnyvale company developing cyber knife a surgery that delivers radiation to tumors.
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>> there are scholarships from different companies and institutions for kids in this program. >> the team gets six weeks to build the bot. the first month goes into planning requiring math, research and patience. >> my favorite part is actually doing hands on stuff. and playing with big-kid tools. making the robot itself. >> once all of the bolts are tightened down students and bots will meet for the first round of competition next month. advancing in future reps will depend on how far the technology can take them. as you'd expect, the competition is fierce. there are 2,000 teams competing, working out to 50,000 students taking part. >> wow. >> that is a lot. wow. wish them success. >> good luck. and coming up, weather, sandhya is right. it was cooler but nice.
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>> and breezy, too. >> we told you it's going to be windy. >> and reality check. yeah. get ready for cold fights tonight. so just a reminder it's winter and it's february. temperatures dropping below freezing in locations. >> that is a change. >> outside, okay... thank you for that. >> and there is a live picture of clear skies, windy. you can see the trees in the forground there. and let's show you another live picture from our camera. there is a spectacular view of the sun. we're not seeing clouds or any fog out there. the wind keeping atmosphere well stirred up. temperatures into 50s and 60s, compared to 24 hours ago, most areas down and there is three degrees cooler in san jose.
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down eight in santa rose yachl the wind contributing to this cooling. look at the gusts right now. out of the north, 33 miles per hour, san jose reporting gusts to about 28. oakland is 25. we've seen gusts 40 and 50 miles per hour at some higher elevation locations. freezing cold conditions expected in the next couple nights as wind drops off. and sunny, mild afternoons and rain may return early next week. so we're pushing the rain off. now it looks like a dry weekend. overnight tonight clear skies and we're going to see rapid cooling taking place. and so near-freezing temperatures inland valleys. you'll see how low numbers are going to go. and there is 31 there. santa rosa dropping to 30 by morning f you're heading out of the door just keep this in mind. you'll need a sweater or
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jacket. there is is a jet stream well to the north. and there the rest of the week, cold nights and mild days. then things change early next week. highs for wednesday very much like today. 63 degrees in san jose. still going to be nice on the pin anyone sla. just not as warm. and 62 in redwood city. and there is clear skies, downtown san francisco, 60 degrees, and mid-60s for santa rosa. and east bay communities you're looking at temperatures where you should be for this time of the year. 62 oakland and fremont. heading inland all into low 60s and around the bay, 63 degrees in santa cruz. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is a cold thermometer
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there. freezing-cold mornings, next four mornings dry. temperatures upper 50s to upper 60s, so sunday is still looking dry. monday valentine's day, by night fall there is a chance of rain and on tuesday, computer models beginning to show signs of rain coming to the bay area. it's looking promising for tuesday. >> good. we need some. >> thank you. >> it is february. >> yes. >> okay. >> and we have to keep reminding ourselves that. >> and coming up, the mugging, watch this, it's gone viral. will this video help police catch the man behind that vicious attack? >> and the i team with a heart breaking story of an army veteran whose mistreatment may have led to his death.
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watch this. san francisco police looking for help finding a man shown in this home video robbing a woman during the middle of the day on stevenson alley. look at this, both victim and neighborhood blogger have filed reports with police. she told officers she met the man an hour earlier and he attacked her and stole her purse after she refused to buy him food there. is a look at the guy. san francisco police ask to you call them immediately if you recognize them. >> and there is another story that just makes you wonder about people. police say an 18-year-old girl was dragged 2000 feet by hit and run driver last weekend. her boyfriend witnessed the whole thing. she was crossing a street when an suv or minivan hit her. her condition was upgraded slightly today. she is still in critical condition.
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doctors told her family they don't know if she will walk again. this happened 2:30 sunday morning. her boyfriend said he saw a man hit her and keep going. luna's family raised $2,000 reward hoping someone will tip off police. >> okakakakakakakakakakakakakaka
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new tonight at 6:00 a scathing new report on a court house computer upgrade. the story of poor planning and huge cost overruns. also a major development involving a man at the center of a 7 on your side investigation into mortgage fraud, and california's largest farm show gets underway and a new focus for those that produce crops. its coming up at 6:00. >> thank you very much. >> and that is going to do it for us. world news is next. i'm cheryl jennings. >>


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