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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  February 11, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> the crowd in the square delearis n washington, d.c. president obama pleased but somber. >> there are... very few moments in our lives where we have the privilege to witness history taking place. and this is one of the moments. >> jipt's armed forces supreme council now runs the country. a spokesman promised the army would transition to a representative government. the google executive whose postings helped spark this revolution says heroes under the streets. >> real heroes are in the streets. the real heroes are every single egyptian. there is no one leading this. one nin saying they're one of the leaders is not the truth. the leaders on the square were every single person there. he said he knew a year ago the internet would change the political scene in egypt.
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>> today i'm telling you that egypt is going to be a democratic state. you'll be impressed how fast we'll develop things. >> saying every egyptian in tahrir square was a leader. but his postings drove a lot of people to the square. coming up the silicon valley connection that took him to egypt, his arrest and how his family here is reacting. >> the revolution enspired protests in other middle eastern countries. it could lead to stronger ones across the region. egypt is the most influential country in the arab world according to this middle eastern expert who is comparing this revolt to the people power and worker led revolutions two decades ago. >> 2011 could be to the middle east was 1989 was to eastern europe. a desire for human freedom. desire for accountable
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government is something that is universal. and while the transition to democracy in egypt and other middle eastern countries could be rocky and many ways i see this as the best thing that could happen in terms of america's interests. >> he said when people can express their grievances and work to change, they're less like to be attracted to extremist ideologies. egyptians living in the bay area are celebrating this day in their homeland, even from afar. the emotions are clear. abc 7 is in the newsroom with that part of the coverage. we visited a mosque today. the sheik says fears egypt could become a religious state are unfounded. he says people want freedom and democracy what. streets have been saying. it's a victory dance at san francisco's crave city. the owners include a taste of their homeland, egyptian pizza on the menu. >> excited and very happy.
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like all of the people, millions came out and changed everything in just one week. exciting. >> this 24-year-old has been in the u.s. for four years. he looks forward to some day going home to a changed he jipt now the economic conditions will be a little bit bad, then goitsing to take time to recover. i think it's going to be for the best after that. >> and this mosque was packed today. the sermon focused on events in egypt, showing power of hope and youth. >> all of the kids they're peaceful. open mind. starting now not foreclosed mind. it's one closed mind, go home. go stay in the home. >> this graduate student at usf left cairo only a month ago. saying when he returns home,
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he'll vote for the first time, believing this time it will count. >> i think like any other egyptian i tried. i couldn't end up happening and i called my family and everyone is happy. everyone is dancing. >> one expert today said despite the jubilation today, the struggle for freedom may be far from over. today president obama echoed that saying quote, this is not the end of egypt's transition but a beginning and while egypt will never be the same there will be difficult days ahead. in the newsroom abc 7 news. no doubt that is true. thank you. night line will deveet voet on hour to egypt tonight. you can see night line revolution day, beginning at 11:35 here on abc 7. and the bay area ac transit bus drivers in the east bay are so concerned about gun violence on one of their routes they want armed security. they say it's so dangerous
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they, and their passengers worry about making it home alive. laura? >> reporter: this is the southern point of origin for route 376, it's had five violent incidents this year. that prompted drivers to threaten to abandon the line until ac transit reassigns some of the deputies they have as part of the security force to watch over this troubled route. >> and you never know who you're picking up. >> this single mother, and a ac transit driver works route 376, where gunfire erupted wednesday night, injuring one passenger. it happened in north richmond at intersection of third street and grove avenue. a group of young men gathered and someone fired at it. >> i believe everybody needs to be able to get their ride and you know get to where they're going, work, home,
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whatever. without being in the midst of violence. >> drivers are relieved that sheriffs will be shadowing the 376 during night time hours but wonder if this will last. >> i was told that the officers have been put in place indefinitely. but who is to say how that will be. >> ac transit is increasing security in other ways too. >> we're having our dispatchers phone operators to try to see what is going on z we're making sure all buses that roll through that area, particularly at that time are he jiped with cram system autos it runs to hill top mall. but the focus of the patrols will be along a one mile stretch where problems have been. >> this is kids at night they're just crazy, trying to
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figure out who has money. >> people who are armed kind of you know run the place, whoever they are. in some instances they do get on bus autos it's a safety issue. you know? like i'm going to have to do the route again again. i want to go home at night. >> because of the problems last june, ac transit considered canceling this route but then thought that might be too big of a blow to the law-abiding rider who's depend on route 376. abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> and a bay area sex offender made headlines a few years ago when neighbors kept pushing him out with protests has been arrested again. carey verse is accused of sexual assaulting another person during a session. he was arrested today in concord. they said his conditional release status was revoked because of inappropriate conduct. the state classified verse as a sexually violent predator,
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convicted four times of sexual assault and has been castrated. >> san jose faces a dilemma. the city can use a grant to rehire 39 laid off firefighters but that may cause cuts in other demts. fema awarded san jose nearly $15 million to beef up staffing levels. but the money comes from washington and with strings attached for city hall f san jose rehires those firefighters it has to keep them on the payroll for two years. >> we'll need a 10% pay cut in the way of kons yegss. the question is whether or not we need more than that without having to hire firefighters in and layoff someone else in order to cover costs. >> you may remember the union rejected taking a 10% cut in pay in order to avoid layoffs. the president wants san jose to take advantage of the grant
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money. >> and uc berkeley reinstated three of five sports teams set to be eliminated. cal officials say they've received between $12 million and $13 million, enough to fund the men's rugby and womens gymnastics teams for seven to maybe as long as 10 years. this is not enough to keep alive the baseball team and men's gymnastics program. many say they're disappointed. >> we've learned it wasn't enough. not enough for just two of the teams. it's a disappointing result. >> the expectations is that $25 million would have been required for to us bring all types of sports back. >> the decision to keep two womens teams keeps cal in comply yens with title nine. >> coming up, we have breaking news in the north bay. officers just shot and killed
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a suspect. we'll take you there, live. >> tonight the push to stop food stamp recipients from using their debit cards on junk food. >> mild weekends, and then, a wet week is ahead. i'm sandhya patel and will detail it out in the accu-weather forecast. >> and at least a dozen dangerous chemicals have been found in those
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. breaking news now. sky 7 over this scene in vallejo. police shot and killed a person. we're still waiting to find out what triggered this shooting. it happened at olympic street and arrowhead drive wex know no officers were injured in that shooting. mrs. stay with us as we learn more about the shooting involving the vallejo police. >> police released a sketch of a snekt a hit and run incident
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that left a woman badly injured. the suspect is described as a hispanic man with black hair, trimmed short on the sides with a mustache split in the middle. it happened on font yain road early last sunday morning. the victim was hit and dragged 2000 feet by a silver or gray suv. maybe a minivan and suffer aid crushed hip and serious injuries to her left leg. a $5,000 reward is being offered for information. >> we invite to you watch an update on a drama playing out nearly five years ago. a san francisco family vanished during a holiday road trip to oregon. james kim and his wife were traveling with their two young kids. they took a turn and got lost in a blizzard in the oregon wilderness. nine days no sign of the family. and crews searched for them. >> we believe they were in
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peril. >> in an exclusive interview with abc news katie kim tells her story of survival and what happened to her husband when he left to find help. tonight on a special edition of 20-20 start agent 9:00 p.m. >> news about things around the house. package might say they're eco friendly but researchers report l.e.d.light bulbs sold for displays contain high levels of potentially harmful substances. l.e.d.uses less power than traditional bulbs. researchers at uc davis do point out the bulbs only pose a danger if one breaks. >> a young military widow founded a program to help other widows is preparing to host a group of women in a weekend pampering retreat. and one of the hosts is john's girl in san francisco.
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she founded american widow project at age 21 after her army husband was killed by a roadside bomb in iraq. they'd only been married a year and a half. they traveled the country and made a documentary, creating a social network connecting widows of soldiers killed in iraq and afghanistan. most are very young. >> i have about 6,000 widows. and 80% of the military wives are under 35. >> john's grill is providing transportation and lunch this weekend. she will present them with a collage of pictures and a necklace with a heart. >> food stamp recipients would not be able to buy junk food and fast food under a new bill. in sm counties allow recipients to use food stamp cards at fast food restaurants. the new bill would end that
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and prohibit the cards from buying unhealthy things. opponents say it puts the state in the role of the food police. this state senator will introduce this bill on monday. >> and valentine's day is monday. this is a busiest day of the year. one chocolate maker ramped up production by himself. abc 7 looks at these confection autos they're like works of art. many shapes and flavors. chocolates from grand avenue that are exceptional. he makes all of them by hand himself in his shop. >> this is like you know, area i enjoy the craft. >> he starts with quality chocolate, making molds
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holding his fillings. put on a table to shake out bubbles that could create a hole. he hand paints the heart shaped carmel chocolates. there are many choices. and there is barbecue. sometimes flavors don't work. >> dried tomato on a chocolate bar didn't work out. >> but the taste experience is filled with richness, i'd be tempted to sample. >> you don't stop yourself. you know? it's not like in the movies. there is a production line, one in the box, one in the mouth or something like that he came here from northern germany, opening the store in 2004. now, it's valentine's day meaning special chocolates in packaging designed by his artist wife. >> i do make this fresh. can i not start in december to stock up. i work long hours to last two weeks.
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>> and you have to be here, you can find his chocolates around the bay area. he says he's keeping it small. and his shop is right next door to... a weight watchers. in oakland abc 7 news. >> that is just wrong! >> yes. >> and let's talk about the weather. it's changing. >> for the weekend it's a sweet forecast. for any valentine's day plans you have, beautiful. so go outside this weekend and take your plans outside. next week it will be indoor weather. all week long. looking towards golden gate bridge there is a lovely evening. we're seeing sun, high clouds and as we'd expected sheer what numbers look like. we have temperatures all into 60s, our highlights, sunny,
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mild tomorrow, cloudier, cooler sunday and a wet pattern setting up next week. you're going to need umbrellas day after day. we're not expecting heavy down pours all week long but are expecting a big pattern change. upper 30s for santa cruz and around 40 degrees for palo alto. and there is high pressure, in charge still going to hold. tomorrow enjoy a nice, sunny mild day. then, after that, you can count on enjoying there is a pattern beginning monday and rain starts to arrive jet stream starts to drop down and we get to see changes. monday morning, around 10:00 or 11:00 we can see rain developing and rain becomes more wide spread and it's a good dose for monday evening this, continues as a couple
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other systems and that is throughout the week. tomorrow here is what temperatures are going look like. a couple degrees higher than today. 72 in los gatos on the peninsula, sunshine. taking a look at this warm by winter stand yarpdz 71 for los altos, coast is clear. mid-60s tochl, downtown san francisco, 66 degrees and north bay, you're looking at low 70s from yu kaia. and into the east bay there is 69 in oakland z inland areas another beautiful afternoon, plenty of sunshine. 67 walnut creek and pittsburgh. around the bay this, is hard to believe. 75 degrees inland in gilroy. here is your accu-weather forecast. temperatures into low 30s into coldest valleys next couple days and tomorrow is a mild one. cooler, cloudier sunday. rain on valentine's day.
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rain tuesday, cold showers wednesday, thursday and you can see cooler conditions, too. and on friday, i know it's far out there. we need to see snow in our higher peaks. >> oh. that is good. >> and i want to console myself with chocolate. >> there you go. now you're talking. >> good medicine. >> yes. >> and coming up next, finney's friday free stuff. >> a meal and a chance to stop and smell the flowers.
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you have made it to the end of another week and indeed. michael is here with finney's friday free stuff. >> we'll get to the food in just a moment. >> and yes. >> and okay.
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the first we're going to start with flowers because we're almost here. let me show you some video we have. this is exposition and this is america's orchid show. it's not out of the fort mason center. and you'll be able to be able to catch this 115,000 orchids. i can't keep one of them alive. >> they die. >> oh, yeah. >> and this is -- they're really beautiful. it's a $14 ticket. you might as well go. it's free. >> and the barbecue bacon burger. now, that all they've got for us. >> looks like -- fast food places are turning it up there. you go. >> and fabulous, how can we
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get this? >> let me show you right here. you can give them a call. and or at any time you can log on. >> good stuff. >> thank you. >> thanknknknknknknknknknknknknk
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in the newsroom new tonight at 6:00 regime change in egypt. untold story tonight of how an executive at google landed a leading role in the egyptian rev skplugs michael finney investigates why it's taking the dmv months to deliver new licenses to anxious drivers state wide. it's coming up tonight at 6:00. now back to dan and cheryl. >> thank you. >> and a little bit of hollywood today in san francisco. >> and actor jude law in the blew blu suit with his back to our camera there. >> he's part of the cast filming in san francisco. >> the action thrill kbrer a deadly disease and doctors fighting it stars matt damon and kate winslet.
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>> filming expected to pump $5 million into the local economy. you may see them in a local restaurant. >> yes n masks. >> thanks for joining us. >> from all of us, tonight on a special edition of "world news," revolution in egypt. change has come. cheers of joy and hope as president hosni mubarak steps down. we bring you the images our team will never forget. and what does this mean for keeping america safe? gas prices? and is this the dawn of a new era of democracy around the world? good evening tonight. a triumphant group of young egyptianke


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