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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  February 11, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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my life. i am 42 years old. >> egypt erupts in joy, tears and relief after pro democracy pro protesters force -- forced out president hosni mubarak.
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you are looking at photos atta rear square where this all began. >> they will stay put until they are sure egypt has become a democratic nation. good evening. >> it is morning in cairo and some egyptians have spent all night celebrating, sharing a joy many thought might never come. >> as if they had been holding their breath for 30 years, the egyptian people fill the streets with cries of victory as the sands of time ran out for the egyptian president, hosni mubarak. >> president hosni mubarak has decided to step down as president and the higher council of the armed forces will lead the nation. >> chants of "egypt is free" went through tahrir square. >> we got our freedom back. >> across egypt, people were literally dancing in the
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streets. president obama praised the protesters for their peaceful methods. >> it was the moral force of nonviolence and not terrorism and not mindless killing, but toward justice. >> he is the ghoul gel executive that organized the first protest using facebook. as millions of egyptians joined him in celebration, his cousin called him from san francisco. >> everyone is celebrating. >> can you describe it? >> have i to go. >> take care. best of luck. sure. this is the boy that launched this. >> what a day. in the coming days, protest leaders will hold talks with the military who is holding power. president mubarak is now at a
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red sea resort. we heard from an egyptian professor just after mubarak resigned. he is the chair of the history department at the american university in cairo. he marched with other professors to the square and later took these i'm edge ins of the jubilant celebrations there. he believes the revolution in egypt will inspire millions of people across the middle east to stand up against oppression. >> i think now the government has to be responsive to them and their demands. >> he also described in detail what he witnessed and heard today in tahrir square. we will be posting our entire skype interview at the celebrations that started in the streets of cairo quickly spread around the world. abc7's lilian kim is here with a look at how news reverb berated in the bay area.
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>> there was a celebration in san francisco this evening. it was originally scheduled to be a protest. but to the delight of many in the bay area, the protest turned into a vector rerally. -- victor rally. >> they sang the national anthem like never before. now that president mubarak has stepped down, it carries a whole new meaning for them. >> it is a big day. everyone has been waiting to get freedom and to have a better life. >> this gathering at san francisco's u.n plaza was supposed to be a demonstration against president mubarak. this morning when everyone learned of the news, organizers decided to turn it into a celebration instead. they could hardly believe the turn of events. after mubarak's refusal to step down, many were discouraged. they were also bracing for the worst. >> we expected to see
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bloodshed. we expected that. but everything went smoothly and the people were very smart. they didn't get into any violence. >> she em grated years ago. she said she was -- she wished she was there, but being in the company of supporters and other egyptians was the next best thing. >> just trying to make the best out of it. i am so happy. i want to celebrate anyway. >> and despite all of the uncertainty as to what lies ahead for egypt, today is all about optimism. >> everybody is on the same page. everybody wants the same thing. life, food on the table, roof over your head. it is an awesome, awesome experience. >> and many expressed optimism that democracy will spread to other countries. first thing's first, and those with dual citizenships are hoping they can vote in future
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egyptian elections. carolyn. >> thank you, lilian. "nightline" will expand to one hour to bring you full coverage of revolution day in egypt. that's after this newscast. >> now we move to other news. vallejo police shot and killed a man after officers say he pointed a gun at them following a car chase. it happened around 4:30 this afternoon. police were trying to pull over the man for a traffic violation. this is the second time in two months vallejo police have shot a suspect to death. san jose police hope this sketch helps them capture the hit-and-run driver who hit a woman. he appears hispanic and his 30s with black hair and trimed short on the sides and a mustache that is split in the middle. 18-year-old erika luna suffered a crushed hip when a gray or silver mile-per-hour knee van hit her -- mini-van hit her. her family is offering a $5,000 reward in this case.
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the federal government is offering san jose millions of dollars to rehire 49 laid off firefighters. the city might have to turn the money down. fema is offering san jose $15 million to boost staffing. but the money comes with a major string attached. san jose must promise to avoid firefighter layoffs for two years which could mean cuts to other departments. >> we will certainly need a 10% pay cut for concessions. but will we need more than that to make this happen without having to hire firefighters and lay of on somebody else to cover the cost. >> the firefighters' union rejected a 10% pay cut last year triggering the lay of yo. the head of the union said his members will do thar part at the -- their part at the bargaining table to help this grant come through. violent sex offender carrie verse was back in the hospital after sex -- after sexually harassing a man.
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he was chemically castrated for assaulting men and boys. he tried to move to several cities and was met with protest. he ended up in bay point where sheriff deputies arrested him today. congresswoman jackie spear introduced a package of privacy bills to protect her information on-line. her legislation comes as the on-line aggregate has a firestorm of complaints. they call themselves a social networking site, collecting and releasing information about you. as lisa amin explains, the information released isn't what most people want made public. >> they pride themselves on not being your grandmother's white pages. here you type someone's name and you can find the address, phone number, marital status, home value and hobbies for a fee you can get their credit information, income, photos and other information. >> perm -- personal harm,
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financial harm is severe. >> they are concerned that they violate people's privacy. that's not all. some users filed suit against them claiming the company violated the federal fair credit reporting act by making people's financial data public. but not allowing them to correct inaccuracies. a judge ruled in favor of spokio this week. >> one judge said the plaintiff that were complaining had no basis to complain because they couldn't show how they were hurt. >> eric goldman is the director of the high-tech law institute at santa clara university. he offered the search himself on spoke oo. >> this is my old address. >> there is nothing available there. >> this is exactly why goldman doesn't consider s pokeo a threat and doesn't see anything illegal about it. >> assuming it is all public information that has been published somewhere else, it is not illegal to put it in a new context.
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>> but web users we spoke with disagree. >> it is breaking the privacy issue. people can find out where i live or my family lives. >> is it true that you are a female and you live in an apartment and it is worth $295,000? >> yes. >> we can actually see my apartment. >> now a consumer privacy group is trying a different route. they filed a complaint with the federal trade commission, also claiming spokeo's information is inaccurate. lisa amin gulezian, abc news. >> you can opt out of spokeo, but it is a complicated process. we posted the link at ab you can find it under see it on tv. there could be some serious strings attached for californians on food stamps. what they may no longer be able to buy. >> also ahead, baseball is still out, but three other sports are now safe at cal.
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>> and the volunteers who donate their time and put 3333333333333333t
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to
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right before this newscast, abc brought you the dramatic story of the kim family. the bay area parents who took off for new york and got lost in a blizzard with their two young children. even with the death of james kim, his wife expressed grat gratitude for the search and rescue volunteers. now, karina rusk on the people who give their time to save lives. >> this is proof that passion has nothing to do with pay. >> we practice and we train in all times of the day, night, weather. that's when we have to do our work. >> across the state, some 1,000 search and rescue volunteers often hone their skills after putting in time at their day job. >> the people on the team range from sheet metal workers to teachers and to emt's and paramedics, ceo's. >> santa clara county has 56
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volunteers. the retired high-tech employee jim cole has been part of the unit for nearly two decades. >> i do it for the people. it is flat out for the people. >> in most counties, the sheriff's department oversees the search and rescue. they operate on a lean budget of $12,000 a year. most grants and dough -- donations. >> they actually pay for their own uniform. gas and some equipment. the canines are all provided at no cost to the taxpayer. >> they live with us. the training is extensive. we train two to three times a week. we spend a lot of time together, and we certified together. >> the volunteer experience is challenging and rewarding. the santa clara county search and rescue team goes on anywhere from six to 15 real meetingses a year. they range from trying to find a lost hiker to searching for
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a missing child. those are often the most difficult. jim cole can't forget the faces of the campbell. especially sandra can few. >> i was 75 feet from her at one time. she was in a canal i was near. i didn't see it because the water was over the top of the suitcase. >> even when the search ends with a tragic outcome, the volunteers say their efforts provide some measure of comfort. >> even there you realize you have accomplished something. you have brought closure to the family. you have brought them some end to a thing that might have gone on forever. >> search and rescue volunteers train and hope their services are not needed. but when they get the call, they will be ready. in san jose, karina rusk, abc7 news. uc berkeley has reinstated three sports teams that were set to be eliminated as a way to save money.
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cal officials say they have received between $12 million and $13 million from donors. that's enough to fund men's rugby, women's law lacrosse and women's gymnastics. but it is not enough to keep alive the school's baseball team and men's gymnastics. the decision to keep the two women's teams keeps them in compliance 9. one state law i can maker wants to milwaukee it impossible to use -- state lawmaker wants to make it impossible to buy certain things with food stamps. right now you can buy anything including junk food. some counties allow you to purchase fast-food with the food stamps. mike rubio from bakersfield believes it is time for taxpayers to stop subsidizing unhealthy eating. >> the government should give people what they need and not what they want.
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>> they need to not make it a law because it is not fair to the kids. some kids that's their only type of money. >> people on food stamps end up with medical problems from ending junk food and it drives up the cost of healthcare for the poor. get ready for a weekend of wonderful weather and a change. >> yes because rain will be on the way. sandhya patel is here with more. >> that's right. and the rain will stick around for days. but you do have the weekend to enjoy the mild to warm weather. after that it is going to be a disconstant memory. look at these temperatures today. it was beach weather. 74 degrees. 70 in morgan hill. sap tau rosa, san jose, close to that at 69°. we had a 69-degree reading in oakland. and san francisco came in at 66 degrees. it was a beautiful day no matter where you were. from the high definition emeryville camera. you can see the setting sun and a few high clouds at 44. temperatures right now ranging
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from the upper 30s to about the mid50s. it is clear outside. we are expecting a clear start tomorrow. sunny and mild tomorrow. cloudier and cooler on sunday. signaling a change. wet pattern setting up for next week. so tonight it is going to get chilly. it is nothing you are not used to. low to mid30s. our north and east bay valleys in the coldest locations. really it is going to be a beautiful start to your weekend. higher pressure. you can see how strong it is from the curvature of the jet stream and the curvature of the clouds. it will provide us with a nice, sunny, mild saturday, even warm in some instances. after that sunday leads to the cool down. by monday the jet stream starts to drive one system after another. the wet pattern begins on monday, and it really continues through most of your workweek next week. and it gets colder with each system that follows. so let's take you through the first system. monday morning valentine's we
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start to see rain at 10:00, 11:00 in the morning. the rain will intensity and the evening commute is going to be wet for your monday. the rain doesn't stop just there. i will talk about more of that in a moment. it is going to be a snowy sierra nevada. the snowfall estimates for the next week from the national weather service, four to six feet. four to six feet above 7,000 feet. if you are a skier or snowboarder, get ready to go skiing. there will be some tough travel times with the heavy snow and the wind, but that's not something we have to worry about just yet. look at these temperatures. low 70s for february. this isn't bad. san jose 71. 72 in saratoga, campbell. unusually warm. 70 in palo alto. 68 in half moon bay. same thing in downtown san francisco. the sunset district, mid60s. sunshine for you with the low to mid70s for cloverdale and ukiah and clear lake and the east bay.
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oakland could set a record. 70 in free fremont. 69 in livermore. for the monterey bay, it is not even -- it just seems unreal. 79 in salinas. close to 80 degrees there. 75 for watsonville. if you are going to the at&t pebble beach pro-am, warm tomorrow, sunny. as you look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast, the cool down on sunday leading to rain on monday and tuesday and cold showers midweek. snow is possible on top of the highest
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borders is preparing to file for bankruptcy as soon as monday or tuesday. the bookseller tried and failed to get publishers to turn unpaid bills into $125 million in loans. borders plans to start by closing 200 of its 674 stores around the country. arnold schwarzenegger wants his old job back. he is going to start considering movie roles again after seven years in the governor's office. he revealed his plans on twitter. he told his agency it is time to start seriously considering
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offers. >> we'll see what he does on the big screen. larry beil is here now. >> "terminator 4". another spectacular day at the beach. the game is matching the weather.úpúpúpúpúpúpúpúpúpúpúpúp
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he has never won on the pga tour. the question after 36 holes is can he hold on to the final lead at sun-soaked pebble beach. bill murray working on his tan. by sunday he will look like george hamilton. here is the coach, craig t nelson. the t stands for touch. nicely done. saunders happens to be arnold palmer's grandson. it helps to have genetics on your side. ly is 7 -- he is 7 under and he birdied three of his last holes.
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it puts him at 13 under. tiger woods making a charge in dubai. the top three players in the world are in the event. woods finding his stroke on the greens. shoots 66. he is seven under. four back of the leader. the sharks had to lose at some . they played well, but the five-game winning streak end #ed -- ended. looking more and more like the goalie who won in chicago. score less in the third. you can see him there and here is marlow on the doorstep and it is 1-0 sharks. the devils take advantage of a four on three power play. four minutes left. the devils gave a 15-year $100 million deal. he earned his cash and that's the game winner. quarterfinals of the sap open. the top of your screen and forehand winner and takes the first set.
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more of the same here. it goes cross court and you have no match. he -- to the nba and our long nightmare is over. cleavland has finally won one. learn to live with rejection. the cavs lead the clippers by six. in the final seconds, the exwarrior baron davis and that's not goal stepping and they go to overtime. theater 5 points and after 26 straight defeats, the longest in pro sports history, it is over. cavs beat the clips 126-119. there is a reason an unknown quarterback has hit. he is the back up qb at the university of connecticut. three stories up and into a bucket on the 40 yard line.
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skeet shooting and pull! full court and underhand and bottom of the net and a little dance. from the stands, there he is in yellow. other side of the arena and off glass. and in. >> he can work on his dance move. >> he has everything else. >> thanks, larry. >> "nightline" is up next. for larry beil and sandhya patel, thank you for joining us. >> uhpreciate your time. have a great weekend. >> good night,
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tonight on "nightline," revolution day. egypt explodes with joy as president mubarak finally stands aside. a nation rejoices. and we are right there at the heart of an epic celebration. it's a new egypt and a new world order. a special one-hour edition of "nightline," revolution day, starts right now. >> announcer: from the global resources of abc news, with cynthia mcfadden and bill weir


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