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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  February 12, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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the police say the car was been driven by suspect ray anderson. now, the buick smashed through the doors of this closed business and caught fire. the suspect vehicle also caught fire after the collision. police say anderson ran from the car after the crash. a woman who was with him was removed by a police officer, who says she ran away. >> police searched for anderson and the woman for an hour without any results. he is described at 5'7" to 5'8", wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans, a right cast on his arm. and is believed to be arm. the woman, 5'7", heavyset, wearing a white t commit blue jeans. the individual in the gray buick was taken by a bystander to kaiser hospital. that bystander pulled him out of the car, took him into his own
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car and drove him the hospital. he told us that the individual seemed very disorient, didn't have any life-threatening injuries. we don't have any official response from the oak leak -- oakland police department. >> alan: a body has been recovered from the delta mendota candle that mashes the description of accused kidnapper jose rodriguez. a water authority employee spotted the body at 8:30 this morning near a gate in the canal in patterson, 11 miles south of where detect tide determined he drove his car into the canal with four-year-old juliani card den -- cardenas. the -- police say he kidnapped
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juliani from his groom. his bid was found two weeks later. new photos of the san francisco zoo tiger attack have been released, and a federal investigator says the tiger was likely provoked into clawing its way out of its enclosessure. i, you remember that night well. >> who can pouring about that night. tatiana, killed one man and hunted town and clawed two others. tonight we have mow details from the 350 page report from the federal agency investigating the attack. >> in order for tatiana to have been agitated enough to jump out of her enclosessure, she had to have been really taunted by the individuals. >> chris us a city ya agrees witch a tiger expert who wrote
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that the animal must have been provoked to jump from her enclosure. >> so from the cafe, turn the attorneyer and that's where the tiger exhibit is. >> he is a veteran tiring trainer who has world at marine scworld the san francisco zoo. he read the report and has viewed pictures. they show at that timan tatianaw scratches and blood smear outside the got to where she killed carlos sousa. >> to jump up 12-1/2 feet, and pull herself up, it's an outstanding feat that is very, very unusual. >> reporter: the tiger killed sousa and injured his friend. who brothers, on christmas day, 2007. the tiger leaped out of the grotto, which was surrounded by a moat, and that 12-1/2 foot
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wall which was lower than federal safety recommendses. the report says after tatiana sat with the body of sousa, the tiger likely followed the blood trail for 300-yard outside a zoo cafe, where she resumed her attack on one of the brothersful police finally shot and killed tatiana. a zoo spokesman in the aftermath says the report vindicates his clients. >> this never have happened if the powers and their friend hadn't enraged tatiana the tiger. >> michael cardosa, attorney for the sousa family, says no american what, the zoo is still at fault. >> should eave -- have been their pry export obligation to keep at that that tiger in the e no matter what people did to it. >> the zoo built a taller enclosure after the attack. the sousas settled a suit, and
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the brothers settled a zurich but never admitted provoking tatiana, but one of them admitted being drunk, yelling, and waving their arms at the tiger. >> alan: turning overseas, egyptians are celebrating the resignation of their long-time. power is now in the hands of the military, which is promising a transition to democracy. today the army tore down of the barricades to open it to vehicles. the military is asking the current government to continue operating until a in one is elected. here's the latest. >> reporter: when dawn broke over cairo, a knew new era ban in egypt. plenty of hard work ahead. the main opposition coalition said it would end its daily occupation of tahrir square, calling for weekly demonstrations, and the military says it would honor the
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country's peace treaty with israel and all other prior agreements. it pledged to hand over power to an elected civilian government, ease the nighttime curfew, and ban international tran for current and former government officials. the reformers cleaned the streets they occupied for 18 days. >> we came here, egypt does not belong to anyone, just egyptians. >> barricades came down, like the mubarak presidency, consigned to the scrap heap. >> echos of the victory here have spread to iran and algeria, where thousands of people defied a ban against street protests. demonstrations modeled after the ones here in egypt are planned next week for iran, and the firefighter there -- the government there is trying to
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preempt them, moving in to arrest activist. but if what has gone on here is any indication, change in this part of the world is possible. abc news, cairo. >> alan: a lot of bay area egyptons and their supporters are celebrating the ouster of president hosni mubarak. a rally of about 100 people today in the civic center plaza. the human rights group is calling for the authorities to drop the state of emergency and enact human rights reforms. the group held similar rallies in other cities, including new york, at the egyptian mission to the united nations, and one outside the white house. >> a show of power at the tea party at the nationest largest gathering of conservatives. >> let me answer. >> alan: who they picked for
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their choice to run for president in 2012. >> only been in office for a few weeks, why ed lee is already part of a mural. >> leigh: hi there. home leigh glaser. another stunning day across the bay area. lots of sunshine. 50s and a few 70s today. get ready for big changes
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>> alan: more than 10,000 conservative activist are wrapping up a meeting in washington, dc. the annual conservative political action conference is known for featuring potential republican candidates. in a look ahead to 2012, ron
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paul won the straw poll and mitt romney came in second. here's more. >> the conservatives who gathered in washington hope to find their choice to replace president obama. >> making president obama a one-term president. >> president obama is no ronald reagan. >> reporter: texas congressman ron paul won the straw vote contest with 30%. the annual conference was about more than picking a candidate in to 2012. the want the republican party to act boldly in solving the country's problems. >> we need to restore american optimism and we need to restore america's hope for the future. >> the tea party showed off its power at the conference. just as it did on capitol hill this past week when freshmember republicans forced party leaders to nearly triple the size of
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proposed budget ky cuts, another sign conservatives are getting what they want. >> what we got in the last election is a reaction from the country, and they said, we want something in there to put a stop to this. >> reporter: the only question now? who will lead the g.o.p. effort next year to defeat president obama. >> two influential republicans, sarah palin, and mike huckabee skipped cpac this year. they have plenty of time to reach out to conservatives. after all no republican has officially launched a 2012 campaign. >> alan: well, it's that time of year again to get your wallet out for a good cause. ahead, a look at the gigantic shipment of girl scout cookies coming your way. and this gorgeous weather is about to be rowé"é"é"é"é"é"é"é""
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>> all new -- oprah: our last meeting, you thought i cheated? >> roseanne barr returns to "the oprah show." oprah: fame, marriage, sex, and at home on her nut farm --
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>> alan: get ready everybody because it is officially girl scout cookie season, and today nearly 80,000 boxes of cookies were delivered to the san francisco food banky the troops picked up their shipments. last year they sold 3.6 million boxes of cookies. this 'er organizers are hoping to reach even more people using their new girl scout cookie mobile app. >> we're excited to have a mobile phone app that's free to joan -- download. you can get information live to your phone. punch in your zip code, and you can signed up for e-mail alerts and they will e-mail you as soon
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as there are cookies close by. >> prepare for the up a -- onslawght, next week they go door-to-door selling you cookies >> leigh: um. >> alan: our question is whether we're going to buy from carolyn's kids or jerry's kids. high pressure. >> leigh: speaking of high pressure, that's been over us the past couple days, bringing us this delightful weather. livermore, 74, the only location coming in this evening. beautiful visibility out there. this is a shot from the mt. tam mall cam. 56 in lever moore, 64 in concord. oakland, 58. los got as to, 67. and 67 in san jose.
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temperatures were a few degrees cooler in some locations, and we'll continue to cool off tomorrow as. we tonight, clear and cold. clouds move in tomorrow. a cooler day. and then rain will turn to the bay area next week, beginning, the timing, on monday. high pressure over us, bringing us the clear sky, keeping the storm track to the north. some cloud will start to sink in here by tomorrow afternoon. here's a look at your lows tonight. frost in the north and east bay locations once again. by tomorrow morning, napa, 3 232, santa rosa. 45, san francisco. oakland, 43. this is pretty much the story. high pressure has been over us. it is going to start to weaken as we head into the first part of the work week. tomorrow we'll probably see the high clouds break through the ridge, and you can see an active
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pacific, and tomorrow, partly cloudy and cooler, and then beyond that, our first in the series of storms, which should spread rain across the bay area as early as mid-day on msms here's a look at the timing. 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, noon, the first bits of rain move in it could be heavy at times, especially in the evening commute on monday, and then beyond that, another system will move in on tuesday, and we'll keep it cold and showery. pebble beach, tomorrow, 62, great weather all weekend long. do it again tomorrow. and highs tomorrow. san jose, 66. we'll bring temperatures down a few more degrees, and you'll notice the clouds moving in. san francisco tomorrow, 62. mixture of sun and clouds. north bay, 66 for santa rosa. 65 for napa. oakland, 65. 66 for fremont. all these temperatures still above where we should be this time of year. 64 for concord.
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67 brentwood. 66 for watsonville. the accuweather seven-day forecast, a little messy, monday, valentine's day, heavy at time. another system on tuesday, and then cold showers. by early monday morning, snow levels in higher peaks will be low, maybe a light dusting. >> alan: on to shu. golf in pebble beach. >> mike: cannot ask for a better weekend on the lamp this year's at&t national pro-am. the weather has been beautiful, and bill murray is in the house to play on
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>> mike: what a week at pebble beach. combine the natural beauty, great weather, and three of the dpreats golf courses in the world, where else would you rather be. round three with the celebs. >> this goes on the green, that kid's got 20 bucks. >> mike: ray romano, needed to put it on the green, and romano is money, literally. everybody loves raymond when he is shelling out cash. would par the hole. everybody loved phil mickelson, too much his third on the par 3,518th from the bunker. a lefty special. within two feet. he is 7-under. bill murray rocking the elmer fud hat. par three 5th.
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he can play. sticks it within a foot. his team is second at 28-under. matt cain's team doing well. 13 for bird. he and matt bettencourt are tied at 4-under. bryce powlder, 1-under, one off the lead, and your leader is steve marino. for eagle on 6. draino. his cards a 1-over 71. marine native zach miller shot a 6 under 66. as for the teams, moulder and hairy are atop the leaderboard, a stroke over d. a. points and bill murray. matt cain and matt bettencourt are five back. >> tying woods skipped pebble
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beach to good to dubai. he sinks a big boy. shot a 72, 7-under par. one back of three guys at 8-under, including rory mcilroy on 9. shoots a 3-over 75 but still tied for the lead. >> a little tennis, the sap open has been under the radar with pebble beach going on. today's first semifinal turned into an exhibition. month -- mon "i" hurt his wrist and decided to shut it down. >> to college hoops, stanford women putting their undefeated record on the line today hosting washington. huskies give the cardinals a real test. second half, nnemkadi ogwumike s
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teeing it up. stanford up 6. then 2.3 to play. one of her nine boards, stanford remains undefeated at home. a 10-point victory. >> the top-ranked team in men's college hoops got knocked off today. more coming up at 6:00. >> alan: coming up, san francisco's newly appointed interim mayor about to become
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>> alan: coming up in a half hour at 6:00. san jose says it wants a transparent government and they're about to get it. a pod of orcas spotted off the golden gate. join us at 6:00. finally, there's a new mural going up in san francisco depicting the city's chinese chinese-american leaders including interim mayor ed lee. as part of the event, vonsz -- volunteers gardened and picked up litter. later mayor lee sent out a twitter thanking them for cleaning and greening the city. world news is next. thanks for watching.
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captioned by closed captioning services inc. i'm david muir. tonight on "world news," the new egypt. major questions answered after the fall of the president. what the military is now saying about elections and about peace with israel. the famous face of egypt who put everything on the line, choosing the people over propaganda. she's with us tonight. did she get her job back? cash and carry. mubarak took billions with him, but why ousted leaders are having a harder time holding on to their money. >> and the straw poll race, what it reveals. and healing, that young man from texas we met on the plane to cairo looking to find his grandmother. tonight, his black eye from


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