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tv   ABC World News Saturday  ABC  February 12, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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tahrir square recovering, along with an entire nation. good evening, and it was another giant day in egypt, a day when images told the story as egyptians build a new nation after the downfall of mubarak. we took note of this today, the polishing of the lions as volunteers, everyday citizens cleaned the famous lions on the nile bridge. a job they said the government had ignored for years. and today, swelling support for the military. men embracing the guards, and the children climbing up onto the tanks, and this evening, the military has answered two crucial questions about the power to a civilian government and the long-standing treaty with israel. jim sciutto starts us off from cairo tonight. >> reporter: good evening,
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david. the military trying simultaneously to soothe concerns overseas and at home. internationally, says it will follow the peace agreements including the peace agreement with israel at home. it will inshuure a transition ta f free democratic state. the goal the protesters have been fighting for since the beginning. they have traded their flags and fireworks for brooms. sweeping up tahrir square, even skr scrubbing the famous lions on the nile bridge. >> what does it symbolize? >> it's a step toward cleaning up the whole country. >> they're starting with their own government. a former prime minister and former information minister were put under house arrest, and all former regime officials have been banned from leaving the country, raising the possibility they'll be tried. egyptians we met are aware of the long list of things they have to do to make their democratic dream a reality, but the last 18 days have given them
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the confidence to believe they can get it done. a meeting of judges and lawyers to amend the constitution today is delayed. they're waiting for an okay from the military. and egypt's political system has no clear leaders, few organized party, and no new date for an election. >> we are starting from scratch. this is a system that has been in place for 30 years. one party, one man, and no opposition parties allowed to generate or develop. >> this man, whose father was jailed after challenging mubarak for the presidenty, is one young man charting the future, including focusing on suing former leaders for stealing state funds. >> the people will not settle for any less and the people on the long term will be getting their money back. and all their stolen money back. this is what i'll be doing,
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trying to raise awareness of the matters. >> i'm sorry. this is not the first issue for us. >> this man wants elections first. one small window in a much larger national debate to come. a possible step forward for the opposition already young opposition leaders getting together to try to form a single youth political party to harness all that energy behind the movement. the young energy into votes. the question, of course, david, is when or if new national elections will happen. >> that is the huge question tonight. jim sciutto leading us off. thank you. we also got our first word from one famous face in egypt. the broadcaster from state television who as the camels and horses charged into tahrir square, decided she couldn't do it anymore, quitting her job, choosing the people over the propaganda. i spoke to her about what she was forced to say and what she can freely say right now. >> i know you have had only about 24 hours to soak all of this in, hardly enough time, but the question for you tonight,
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how are you feeling? >> ecstatic. i'm over the moon. i haven't felt this good in a long time. and i feel free. i'm looking forward to a new beginning for my country. >> i will not forget being in egypt and seeing the headline cross that a broadcaster had decided to quit television there and join the protest. can you take me back to that moment? >> it was a spur of the moment decision, david. i had gone to tahrir square a number of times and saw the atrocities committed, the horsemen with their whips, paralyzing the anti-regime protesters. and i just felt that if i continued to be part of the propaganda machine of egypt state television, i would be implicated in the crimes of this regime. >> you chose the people's side, but in doing so, were you nervous about what would come for you? >> not at all. i thought it's just a job for me, but here were young people
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losing their lives because they believe in this, and i didn't want to betray them. >> how difficult was it to say what your bosses wanted you to say and hold back what you really wanted to offer to your audience? >> i did it for just one day, and i couldn't take it. i was given press releases from the interior ministry that said that the muslim brotherhood had instigated this, which wasn't true. this was a people's movement. secondly, we were told there were foreign agents tormenting the unrest. that, too, wasn't true. >> and so many people in america want to know, did you get your job back? >> no, and i don't know what the future holds for me. but if it's a free me yeah, then i would love to go back to my job. >> the bold and brave journalist who sided with the people. a victory for you tonight. congratulations to you. >> thank you, david. there were messages of congratulations today for egypt from two countries with icy
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relations with the u.s., iran and syria. they celebrated what the egyptian people had accomplished, but not without barbs aimed at the u.s. for supporting president mubarak for 30 years. could islam now fill the political void? terry moran in cairo tonight. >> the egyptian revolution, so inspiring. yet hijacked by radical islam like the iranian revolution 20 years ago. americans and many egyptians are deeply anxious about the role islam will play in this country's politics going forward, so on the first day of the post mubarak era, we headed to old cairo, islamic cairo, it's called. it's one of the most islamic countries, but we found a lively conversation about politics and islam, and egypt. is islam important to you politically? >> plenty of people come to power. >> plenty of the people in the country disagree, but what will that mean?
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there's no question islam is a major part of egyptian people's life and culture. but that doesn't mean this is going to be an islamist state. even the muslim brotherhood supports a civil democracy. >> the power after the mubarak dictatorship will be the people power. >> this doctor is one of the leaders of the muslim brotherhood when is expected to be the strongest of all the political groups in the country, and he claimed they support almost liberal values. >> freedom, quality, prosperity, tolerance, and development of co co commices for all people and preserving human dignity. >> but the government remains suspicious of such claims. still, one gets a sense a new style of politics may be emerging in egypt. one that demands the most basic of this revolution, freedom.
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terry moran, abc news, cairo. >> the political upheaval spread to the palestinian west bank where there was a surprise announcement than the long delayed presidential and parliamentary elections will be held by september, and that lingering question continues tonight, will there be more dominos to fall? martha raddatz is in one of those places the white house is watching very closely, yemen. >> it's impossible to know whether the protests that have erupted in egypt's wake have the same outcome, but already there are unprecedented changes by the near fact that people are defying authoritarian rule. here in yemen, there were close to 1,000 protesters on the street today. there were a few violent clashes. we saw some rock throwing and confrontations between pro-government forces and opposition groups. but these demonstrators got some of what they wanted weeks ago. forcing the president here to say he would not run for re-election.
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some 10,000 demonstrators poured into algeria's capital today, asking for democratic reforms. mubarak's departure even prompted activists in saudi arabia to seek more political freedom, and in tunisia, where this all began, there were celebrations. >> martha raddatz in yemen tonight. thank you, as so many nations in the region watch what is happening in egypt, big questions about the time table and a possible political vacuum. we want to turn to christiane amanpour, great to see you there, preparetic for tomorrow morning's broadcast, and what do we know about the time table given what we heard from the military today? >> very little. they haven't said when these elections will be held. they have said they're committed to a democratic reform, but no real specifics. the protesters, those who have been leading the oust of the mubarak regime have said that they want a transitional government. they want to see a committee to
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amend or rewrite the constitution, and they want to see the emergency law lifted. the military has not said anything specific on that, so people are really waiting and seeing what the next steps might be. >> how significant was it when you heard today that the military spells out there will free electioness and the military will help people get there. >> it's a continuation of what they have been saying. they have been saying that the people's grievances were legitimate, and even when they took formal power of the country, they did also say that military power is no substitute for the people's wishes. so they're saying the right thing. the real test is going to be when they left the emergency law, when they have an actual road map. you remember, mubarak had said there would be elections late as september. the military hasn't even said that. >> great to see you back in washington. thanks. and tomorrow morning, christiane will have much more on this, including an interview with newt gingrich weighing in on how the
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white house handles on this. we know that president mubarak didn't leave office empty handed. it's believed he's worth billions, but it's hard for the leaders to hold on to their money. alex is in sharm el sheikh, the resort town where mubarak is believed to be staying. >> reporter: good evening. this tip of the sinai peninsula is known as the red sea riviera, the destination for sun and scuba diving and now reportedly the refuge for egypt's fallen dictator. it's not hard to see why hosni mubarak would want to retire in sharm el sheikh. he's been coming to his vacation estate here for years. a peaceful escape. a venue of summits with foreign leaders. today, the empty road to mubarak's villa, lightly guarded by egyptian police. for more than two weeks, millions of protesters chanted for him to leave egypt, so he might consider himself fortunate to still be on his native soil where he says he wants to die.
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it allows him to save face, but will he save his fortune? for now, switzerland has frozen mubarak's assets, but u.s. intelligence officials estimate mubarak and his family have between $1 billion and $5 billion stashed around the world. this in a country where half live on less than $2 a day. >> any dictator who is engaged in good estate planning and asset planning will not put all of his assets in one place. >> switzerland, where dictators have been stashing their loot for decades, has made it easier for their countries to reclaim it. $684 million of the marcos' was given back to the philippines. haiti's john paul known as baby doc, arrested when he returned to his home land last month, is still fighting to hold on to his millions. many egyptians have been calling
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for mubarak to be prosecuted for corruption and human rights abused. so far, no action taken. alex in sharm el sheikh, thank you. still ahead as we continue on "world news" this saturday night, just in this evening, the results from the early test, the straw poll. and what it reveals about the race for president. also ahead, a massive rally in north carolina. crowds warning that segregation could be coming back. >> and later on the broadcast, the young man from texas who went to egypt to check on his grandmother. how she's doing tonight, and how his black eyes are doing, too. radio. gecko: caller steve, go right ahad. steve: yeah, um, i just got a !free rate quote on, saved a ton, and it only took me 5 minutes and 12 seconds! steve: i was wondering, is that some srt of record? gecko: that's a good question. et's have a look. curtis: mmmm, not quite. someone's got you beat by 8 seconds.
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about adding onglyza. extra help. extra control. you may be eligible to pay $10 a month with the onglyza value card program. it is still very early, of but there are always a lot of eyes on the straw poll. conservatives weighing in on who they want for president. tonight, they have chosen ron paul as their front runner for the second year in a row. the annual conservative political action conference in washington placed mitt romney in second. three others finished in single digits. you see newt gingrich there in fifth. and at that same conference, conservatives proud of the muscle they're flexing against their own party, forcing to republicans on the hill to come up with all of the promises cuts in spending. $100 billion worth. here is david kerley tonight. >> stop, enough. we're not going to go down this road anymore. >> reporter: conservative republicans meeting in washington are celebrating tonight. while most of the nation
5:47 pm
concentrated on egypt, tea-party republicans were forcing house leadership to blink. >> $100 billion means $100 billion, and we insist on it and we're getting it. >> freshman republicans, more than 80 of them, said no to their leader's first offer to cut $35 billion for the rest of the year. the speaker bent to their will, changing his tune. tripling the proposal. >> we're going to cut more than $100 billion in discretionary spending. on this year's account. >> so a campaign promise to cut $100 billion would be jammed into the last seven month of the budget year. the cuts would be broad and very deep. >> contrary to the view they're smaller than people think, they're bigger than people. >> money for the epa, food and water, the weather service, and funds for states and cities would be cut. >> we said $100 billion, here's $100 billion, and they're protected from the consequences
5:48 pm
of their own, less than responsible actions here. >> protected from the consequences, he says, because the democratic senate and president will not go along. and the president gave us a little more indication about what he plans in his budget. he wants to spend more on education, and new economy jobs, and pay for that with cuts of his own, which he says, david, will freeze federal spending for the next five years. >> a fight for come for sure. david, thanks. when we come back here, massive protests in a state where segregation could be making a come back. so i have to wait up to an hour just to eat or drink. i've got time to kill. yeah right! i'm a working woman. and i'm busy. why should osteoporosis therapy disrupt my morning routine? with new atelvia there's no wait. unlike other osteoporosis medicines... atelvia has a delayed- release formulation... so you can take it right after breakfast and help protect your bones. do not take atelvia if you have esophagus problems, low blood calcium, severe kidney disease,
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a chaotic scene in san diego. early this morning, a cab driver plowing through a crowd in a popular nightclub district, injuring 25 people, several critical critically. one woman lost her leg when she was pinned against the wall. the driver told police he just blocked out. >> more than 50 years after brown versus the board of education ended legal segregation in schools, a
5:52 pm
massive rally in south carolina against a man that would bring segregation back. they took part. the newly elected conservative wake county school board wants to use the use of race and income in deciding where a child goes to school. instead, children would go to school in their own neighborhoods. the school board said it would save money on transportation, but it would also end the racial diversity that the district is now known for. >> we have people here from across the country. people have driven in from as far away from d.c. to the north, as far away as georgia to the south. people have flown out from california because they realize so goes wake, so goes this country. >> the school board's own survey found that parents are overwhelmingly happy with the schools as they are now. and we took note of this today, they're celebrating in cleveland after the cavaliers finally win a game. they beat the clippers in overtime to win the 26-game losing streak. the longest in nba history. the team has struggled since losing lebron james, of course. he's now in miami doing just fine.
5:53 pm
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and finally tonight, here, right after the news that president mubarak was in fact stepping down, we tried to reach out to the young man from texas who we met on our way to egypt. but the phones were busy, internet connections jammed, as so many celebrated in egypt. but late today, we got through to him. we met him on the plane to cairo, the young man from texas headed to egypt to check on his grandmother. couldn't believe what he was seeing, the citizen army. outside his grandma's apartment, so scared, she doesn't even answer the buzzer. >> did she believe you? neighbors demand to know who we are. finally, he gets in and gets a hug from his grandmothers. minutes later, a man with a gun asking who are we, is his grand mother safe? later, he sent us this after
5:57 pm
being attacked in tahrir square. now, the president is gone. and today, we learn eed he's stl there. it's so good to see you. >> good to see you, too. >> and the black and blue eyes. >> yeah, yeah, they're still here. you can see them. but i took my stitches out, which is nice. >> do you consider them badges of honor at this point? >> i mean, i don't know if they're as good looking as a badge of honor. >> but he did tell us he's proud to have witnessed history. >> i have to ask, how is your grandmother tonight? >> grandma is fine, yes, she's been well. >> i remember you hugging your grandmother that night, and then you told her you were off to tahrir square. has she forgiven you yet? >> the whole family has. >> the whole family. glad to know grandma is okay and he's recovering, and he told me he's on his way back to texas come monday. safe trip home. that is the broadcast this saturday night. i'm david muir in new york. we hope you have a good evening. good night.
5:58 pm
>> alan: new evidence revealed tonight in the tiger attack that killed a young man more than threeees -- three years ago. it was christmas day in 2002 when a tiger attacked three young men. one was killed. tonight, documents obtained by the "associated press" reveal the tiger was likely provoked into leaping and clawing out of its enclosure. here's more. >> a tiger expert who investigated the fatal attack wrote that tatiana, the tiger, must have been provoked to jump from her enclosure.
5:59 pm
he agrees. >> in order for her to have been agitated enough to jump out of her enclosure, she had to have been really taunted by the individuals. so, from the cafe, turn the corner, that's where the tiring exhibit it. >> he is a veteran tiger trainer. he read the report and has viewed pictures used by the investigators. they show tatiana's claw scratches a foot below the top of the wall. more scratches on the top, and blood smear on the sidewalk outside the tiger great -- grotto. >> to jump up 12-1/2 feet, grob on dash grab on and pull herself up are an outstanding feat. >> the tiger killed sousa and his two frien


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