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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  February 12, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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>> alan: good evening. a federal report is revealing new details about a 2007 tiger attack that has been kept under wraps until now. christmas day 2007, a tiger attacked three young men. a 17-year-old carlos sues sues ca was killed but documents reveal the tiger was likely provoked into leaping and clawing out of her enclosure. vick lee has more tonight. >> a tiger expert who investigated the fatal attack wrote that tatiana, the tiger,
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must have been provoked to jump from their enclosure. chris austria agrees. >> in order for tatiana to have been agitated enough to jump out of her enclosure, she had to have been really taunt bid the individuals. so, from the cafe, turn the corner and make a right and that's where the tiger exhibit it. >> reporter: he is a van tiger trainer who has work at the marine world and san francisco zoo. he read the record and has viewed pictures used by the investigators. they show tatiana's claw scratches on the wall, more on the top, and the blood smear where she killed carlos sousa. >> to actually jump up 12-1/2 feet, grab on to the top of the moat with her claws and pull herself up, it's an outstanding feat that is very, very unusual.
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>> reporter: the see tiger killed sousa and injured his friend on christmas day 2007. the tiring leaped out of the grotto which was sounded by a moat and a wall which was lower than federal safety regulations. then the tiger likely followed the boys' blood trail for 300-yard outside the cafe, where she resumed the attack on one of the brothers. police finally shot and killed tatiana, a zoo spokesman in the aftermath of the tiger attack says the report vindicates his clients. >> never would have happened if the brothers and their young friend hadn't enraged the tiger. >> but the attorney for the sousa family says, no matter what, the zoo is at fault. >> it was there obligation to keep the tiger in the
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enclosessure no mart what people did to it. >> after the attack the zoo build built a new and taller enclosure. >> alan: two children and adults were hospitalize after someone sprayed pepper spray into a municipalieny -- muni station. so far, muni officials don't know who is responsible or why they sprayed the chemical. >> the body of a man has been recovered in a canal today and investigators say it matches the description of the suspect who kidnapped four-year-old juliani card deep -- cardenas. >> reporter: the body recovered today was found 11 miles south of the location investigators believe jose rodriguez drove his
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car into the canal. if the body is rodriguez', it ended a grueling three and a half weeks search. the body was found floating in a canal by a water district employee this morning. the sheriff says the body closely matches the person they have been searching for since january 18th. >> our team responded, our detectives and dive team and recovered the body of an adult hispanic male. the clothing and physical description matches the kidnapper. >> reporter: rodriguez kidnapped juliani by snatching the boy from the boy's grandmother's arms. the empty toyota he was driving was pulled from the canal last month. today, julianie's mother showed relief that the ordeal is finally over. >> i was relieved, and i was just thinking, you know, about jose's mom and hoping that she
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is okay and is tough enough to deal with this. because i know what it feels like to lose a friend, because i lost mine, too, in all this. >> reporter: cardenas says she is making sure the baby girl she will soon deliver will never forget she once had a brother. >> deciding on her name. >> reporter: now she knows her ex-boyfriend has been found and can no longer hurt her, she can rest. >> we all have our peace now. we don't have to worry about anything else bad happening. >> reporter: an autopsy is scheduled for tuesday. the county coroner. positive identification will be made through dna, evidence on the body, or dental records. abc-7 news. >> alan: an oakland, police are searching for two suspects tonight after a high-speed chase injured an innocent driver. the suspect led police on a five-minute chase in east
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oakland before crashing into a gray buick. the buick crashed through the front of an empty store, where it burst into flames, and a witness rushed in to help the innocent driver. >> he wasn't bleeding a lot but you could tell he cooperate walk -- couldn't walk and couldn't stand up. so i took him to the hospital where he is now. >> alan: the suspect's car also burst into flames. police say the took off, leaving his female passenger behind. officers says he had to help pull the woman from the burning car. then she fled the scene. police searched the area for an hour and didn't find either suspect. they believe the driver is armed. after 19 days of upheaval, this was egypt's first full day without president hosni mubarak in nearly 30 years. its new military leaders have made a commitment to hand over a power to to an electioned civilian government and abide by a peace treaty with israel. >> for a second night people in
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cairo celebrated victory. egyp shans spent their first day without hosni mubarak, demonstrating their pride and hope for the future. >> including the government. a former prime minister and the information minister were put under house arrest. current and former officials are banned from leaving the country. the military is in charge they promise to honor egyp's peace treaty with israel and other existing agreements to ease the nighttime curfew and land over power to a government elected by the people. >> we are starting from scratch. this is a system that hassen in place for 30 years, one party, one man, and there have been no opposition parties allowed to generate or develop. >> reporter: the political upheaval in the arab world is spreading. there were more protests in yemen and violence clashes. the president has announced he will not run for re-election in
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al jeera, thousand -- al jeer a, thousands of demonstrators demanded democratic reform ands a palestinians in the west bank celebrated the fall of mubarak in ant, a surprise announcement was made that parliamentary elections will be held in september. >> alan: looters broke into the eship egyptian museum. an archaeologist said the antic quits official downplayed what was stolen in a new list released today, the museum identified eight stolen artifacts and over 70 damaged items. >> a lot of bay area egyptian supporters are celebrating the
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removal of hosni mubarak, amnesty international led a rally in the civic center plaza. they're calling for egyptian authorities to enact human rights reforms. the group held similar recall yes in other cities, young in new york and one outside the white house. coming up, the extraordinary sight outside the golden gate, a pod of orcas surprises a group of sight seers with some playful antics. and then this. >> president obama and the democrats are playing lip service to job creation. >> alan: conservatives meeting in washington, dc point fingers. their straw poll favorites for the 2012 nominations for president. >> leigh: hi there. i'm leigh glaser. this hour much of the bay area
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seeing clear skies, although some fog reported in santa rosa. get ready for big weather changes in the next 24-36 hours.
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >> alan: congressman ron paul won the straw pole at the cpac conference. paul won the poll for the second consecutive year with 30% of the involvement former massachusetts governor mitt romney finished second with 23%. some g.o.p. heavy weights lagged behind. newt gingrich finished fifth,
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sarah palin got 3%, and mike huckabee got 2% of the vote. major conservative figures gathered at the annual conference in washington, dc to refine their choice to run against president obama. hally barber was extremely critical of president obama, saying his economic policies have been hostile to job creation. >> after his policies contributed to unemployment rates stuck at 9-plus% for almost two years, suddenly president obama and the democrats are paying lip service to job creation. except this time they call their spending invevmentz rather than stimulus. >> alan: barber is considering a run for president. so far no republican has officially launched a 2012 campaign. >> the obama administration says it will release its budget plan for 2012 on monday. it's expected to include both cuts and investment projects.
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one of those projects is a high-speed rail which directly benefits california. president obama wants 53 billion for high speed rachel california plans to build 800-miles of track between san francisco, san jose, bakersfield, l.a., and orange county. republicans are trying to revoke 2.5 billion of that. >> more orcas have been spotted a few miles from the golden gate bridge. a whale-watching group spotted a pod of them swimming ten miles from the bridge this afternoon. the same tour boat got a glimpse of more than ten killer whales in the same area on wednesday. the tourists today say they got a special treat when 14 orcas pulled along the boat. >> they were spread out over 200 yards in a line, just traveling, and exhibiting some playful behaviors like slapping
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their tealz, tails, and some wee coming over the boat and watching us. >> alan: it's not unusual to see orcas off the coast, but the captain of the boat says he has never seen this many of them off the coast of san francisco. >> one of the most famous novels, moby dick, was inspired by the story of captain george pollard, jr., who captained a ship was what sunk by a sperm whale. now 188 years later, archaeologists say another of his ships has bind found. the two brothers is the first discovery of the wrecked whaling ship considered the birth place of the whaling industry. scientist offend an an an -- found an anchor and hard --
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harpoon tips. >> artists started painting a mural in honor of the lunar new year. volunteers garth 'ed and picked up litter at chinatown square. the mayor sent out a tweet thanking them for cleaning and greening the city. >> a big change in the weather. >> leigh: rain returns to the bay area next week. i'll show you when the timing will be. a terrific day to get out and about. right now from the high definition roof cam, we're looking down on the embarcadero and san francisco, much of the bay area right now reporting clear skies. we have a little low cloudinesser in the coast, and something now being reported in santa rosa and napa. it's 50 right now in san francisco 45. in nap -- napa. 49 in antioch.
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so, here's the highlights. mainly clear inland overnight. the exception, little valley fog and coastal clouds. the clouds will be with us tomorrow. it will be much cooler tomorrow, and then as we head into monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, that's when the showers and rain will continue to move back into our accuweather forecast. satellite radar come pot sit -- composite showing the light fog near the coast, low clouds, a westerly wind component, and this bit of rain here up along the north coast will stay there it will not invade us. we have one more dry day before that rain starts to move in on msms here's a lock at the lows tonight. antioch, 38 degrees. it will be mainly clear with the exception of a lot of that patchy valley fog up towards the napa valley area. so cold there. 45 in san francisco, and 49 in
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palo alto. here's the setup for tomorrow. hi pressure will bring us one more dry day before the rain moves in on monday. we'll notice clouds associated with the weak system to the north will drift by. so partly cloudy, notice temperatures will come down. and then as we get into sunday night, overnight hours, the clouds will really thicken up, and by monday morning, you can see by noontime on monday, rain possibly, and definitely wet pavement for the evening commute, and then a secondary system will bring more rain on tuesday. if you're heading to pebble beach for the golf tournament, 62 degrees, a mick tour of sun mix mixture of sun and clouds, and notice the cloud thickening up. san francisco tomorrow, sun and clouds, 62 degrees. north bay, santa rosa, 66.
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65 for novato. 65 for oakland, castro valley. concord, 64. brentwood, 67 degrees, and 66 for watsonville. my accuweather seven-day forecast, valentine's day monday, rain. rain on tuesday, and then taper off to some cold off and on showers wednesday, thursday, and friday. friday morning, some low snow levels expected around the bay area. maybe some white caps in some of our local hills. >> alan: thank you very much, leigh. on to shu. plenty of sports. >> mike: a full slate of college basketball, and we tip off in the southern cc conference.
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>> mike: we tip off with a wcc show down, first half, williams keeping usf in it. the gaels win wild in the second. mccome from -- mcconnell from way deep. he had 19. jones has 18.
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st. mary's pouring it on. steven hall throws it down, and the foul. the gaels make a statement with the victory. in the wcc, seth curry checking out santa clara and san diego. the great look, and game tied at 54. 40 seconds left. accept -- santa clara down one. the broncos complete the comeback with the victory. >> pac-10, stanford making a trip to washington. josh owens, two of his 12. stanford down three. uw end the first half on a 17-of run. isaiah thomas, finished with 22. second half. off the. my off the.miss. >> and pullman, a 75-71 set back
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to washington state. to women's hoops, stanford hosting washington. second half, the ogwumike sisters teaming up. stanford up 6. 2:30 to play. stanford up four. the putback. stanford remains undefeated at home, pulling away for a ten-point victory. >> in berk berkeley, hosting washington state. bears down two. clarendon carving her way through the line. then one last chance. off the iron, rebound out-of-bounds, and wsu holds on for the two-point victory. >> need to regroup before we hit the links and deal with bill murray, the clown prince of golf, but
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mike mike -- >> mike: this may be the best weather, and three of the best golf courses, you can't go wrong. >> this goes on the green, that kid reside -- kid's got 20 bucks. >> mike: romano is money literally. sticks it. which means pay up, and everybody loves raymond when he is shelling out cash. everybody loves phil mickelson, too. his third on the par-5 18th. birdied to wrap up a 3-under 69. bill murray, with the elmer fudd cap. has too much fun but he can play. watch his shot. sticks it to within a foot. his team is second at 28-under. matt cain's team doing well. 13 for birdie and the giants ace knocks it home. he and matt bittencourt are tied
11:30 pm
for fourth. then bryce moulder, shot a 68. one off the lead. for the second straight day your leader is steve marino. he drains it and cards a 1-over 71. has one stroke lead. also at 11-under is jimmie walker, carded a 7-under, and marine native zack miller, in a tie for 11th at minus 7. >> a little tennis. gale montes pulled out with a bum wrist, so the defending champion facing juan martin del del potro. he takes the first set 6-4. second set. verdasco, break point, a forhand down the line. then ace, it's over. wins in straight setes. will play in sunday's final.
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>> tiger woods skipped pebble for a huge appearance fee in dubai. one stroke off the lead. looking for his first win in over a year. we'll have the results tomorrow. >> alan: back to pebble beach, must be hard for the pros to play with the amateurs. >> it's a six-hour round, and for the amateurs, you're trying stay out of the pros way. you got a double or trip going, you just pick your ball up. >> mike: and playing with bill murray, are you imagine? >> alan: thanks for watching us, >> alan: thanks for watching us, good
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