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tv   ABC 7 News Sunday  ABC  February 27, 2011 6:00am-6:59am PST

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bay valleys, east bay valleys, 30 degrees in some spots. already at 32 degrees in san jose. that's the new record, 33 oakland is the new record. but we've got a little bit of a wind in san francisco. and that north wind allowing for radiational cooling not taking effect yet. but with another hour or two of cooling, we could see these numbers continue to tumble. here are the old records and after that we're looking at a bit of a warm-up and more rain coming our way next week. i'll detail that extended forecast coming up. >> look forward to it, thank you, lisa. thomas ramon found people in walnut creek not letting the cold temperatures spoil their weekend. fire officials offer pretty good advice protecting your loved you ones and property from the cold. ♪ >> the emperor nero is said to
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fiddle while rome burned. he's singing while his temperature outside plummets. >> the cold weather, well, it was a little too cold. the girl here talked me into singing tonight and i had a good time. >> singing on the corner. the temperature here in contra costa county is expected to drop into the 20s. his accompanyist tonight said the cold is sending her home. >> i'm going to watch a movie. >> freezing temperatures could damage delicate plants. the weather service is saying those that can should be put inside. firefighters are concerned about freezing pipes which could break, spill or cause other damage. firefighters say the homeless are also a concern. >> with the homeless and stuff if they don't get a shelter and not dressed in layers and stuff, that's a concern. >> he warns people about fires in their fireplaces. >> burning a fire very long, all
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day, leave it unattended, go to bed. >> be careful on areas on the roadway where there's automatic sprinkler systems that could leave behind some black ice and to check on the elderly or any other person who might be impacted severely by these freezing temperatures. i'm thomas roman abc 7 news. >> dozens of warming centers are opening in the south bay again this morning. there are ten places people can go to warm up in san jose, including this one at the roosevelt community center. the centers are open from 8:00 to noon. we've posted a list of all of them on our website the chp is repeating warnings that we've been hearing all weekend about icy road conditions. this time of the morning, the roads maybe coated with ice that drivers simply can't see. it is that so-called black ice that can linger long after sunrise when morning temperatures are down into the 20s. >> we're in a winter storm
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watch. the temperatures have been dropping. and even in the day time hours if the temperature drops far enough to the freezing level, you can actually have black ice during the day time hours, also. >> and yesterday at this time there were several spinouts on highway 37 in vallejo. it was due to the ice on the roadways. somewhere in the middle of all this cold weather there's an elderly man who's been missing since thursday. last night a team of 50 volunteers with search dogs searched through golden gate park looking for 73-year-old kenneth chen. he suffers from dementia and high blood pressure and does not have his medication with him. chin is described as 5 feet 10 inches tall, 173 pounds. he was wearing a black jacket, a long sleeve blue denim shirt jeans with black shoes and velcro straps. police say a man was shot at
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23rd and dakota streets at 8:00. police cordoned off an area where a nearby car also had bullet holes in it. his name has not been released. service in san jose has been restored after an accident between a light rail and a pedestrian. it happened at the valley transportation on east dish road and north first street last night. witnesses say the pedestrian was pushing a shopping cart and may not have been paying attention before he was hit. he was rushed to a hospital. his condition is not known. light rail service was shut down about three hours while police investigated the accident. a bus bridge was provided for commuters. a pilot survived a crash of his small plane yesterday with barely a crash. it came down in the mud flats where it flipped over. the faa says the pilot of the single engine cessna reported
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losing power after taking off from the palo alto airport. the menlo park investigation division went to rescue him. >> in the mud and he did a good job doing that because he does not appeared injured. we'll either boom it or try and get it removed as quickly as possible. >> firefighters say the man is a retired commercial pilot with about 30,000 hours of flight experience. up next, the u.n. takes action against libyan leader moammer gadhafi and president obama aims his strongest words yet at the libyan leader. after charlie sheen defends the recent radio rant that led cbs to pull the as long as i can remember i've had sensitive teeth. i never did anything about it because i felt t ke okay this is not life threatening.
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the united nations security council voted unanimously for brutal attacks on anti-government protestors. >> the u.n. security council voted unanimously for sanctions against qaddafi, his associates. referring the situation in libya to the international criminal court. >> it is a powerful expression of the deep concern, indeed anger, of the international community about the levels of violence perpetrated on the people of libya by the libyan leadership. >> in his strongest words yet, president obama says qaddafi must go. when a leader's only means of staying in power is use mass violence against his own people
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he lost legitimacy of rules and needs to do what is right by his country by leaving now. in tripoli a sea of humanity camps outside the airport. pouring out of the western border into tunisia. some tell stories about being robbed at highway checkpoints by little boys with guns. it's repeated on the eastern border with egypt. another major deflection in the inner circle, the ukrainian nurse always by his side is heading home. euphoria in libya's second largest city is run by the opposition. they set up a command center in the torched supreme court building putting out a daily newspaper making videos for the outside world and helping families find loved ones abducted by qaddafi's regimen. >> after charlie sheen is sitting down on abc to defend
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controversial comments he made that led to the cancellation of his tv show. cbs suspended the hit comedy two and a half men after sheen blasted the show's producer during a radio interview last week. he referred to chuck lori by his birthday levine which sparked claims of anti-sem tick. the interview with sheen will air on abc 7 tuesday night at 10:00 on a special edition of 20/20. right here right now my friend lisa argen with a look at the accu-weather forecast. >> you know, temperatures were colder yesterday than this morning. so we do have a couple records that we've shattered. >> yeah. >> but not as many as yesterday. we have this to look forward to. clear sky, a bit of a warm-up and temperatures semirecovering but more rain is headed our way as well.
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stay tuned. we'll have it all for you coming up. >> thank you, lisa. also coming up, the quest for a championship. saint mary's battles portland with a share of the regular season battle on the line. this is a strawberry pop-tart.
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♪ oh, oh, oh
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tonight is hollywood's biggest night and the stage is set for a different academy awards show this year. abc's craig has the preview. >> rain or shine, hollywood boulevard and the kodak theater are just about ready for the 83rd edition of the academy award. it features new producers and new hopes. while james franco and ann hathaway are not comics, they're not an unusual choice. >> there have been traditions of movie stars hosting the movie show. >> ten nominees for best picture but looks like it's down to two films, the social network and the king's speech. in the last few weeks, the king's speech has been on a
6:15 am
royal roll taking the top prize from the screen actor's guild. many expect colin firth to win his first oscar for king george the 6th. >> seems to be a sure fire winner this year. natalie portman for black swan puts her in the spotlight for best actor. >> sandra bullock was her time and it could be very well annette bennings' time. the fighter melissa leo seems to have the upper hand among actors but look out for newcomer hayley signfeld. >> leo's co-star christian bail is the favorite for best supporting actor; but if it's a big night for the king's speech, keep an eye out for jeffrey
6:16 am
rush. didn't much feel like deja vu, he was here in 1998 up for best supporting actor in a movie up for best picture. la year shakespeare loved one, but he didn't. >> well, the academy awards are tonight right here on abc 7. the coverage begins with on the red carpet at 2:00. the oscars begin at 5:30 followed by a post-award special and then abc 7 news at 11:00. lisa, are you into the oscars or not? >> i never get to see all the movies, but i saw a couple. >> it's fun. >> fun to see the gowns, too, shivering on the red carpet with the cool temperatures in southern california. a little warm-up here, warm-up there and pretty much our cool snap is behind us later on today. lake tahoe, they set a record yesterday of minus 15. that's south lake tahoe.
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yeah, this morning, yeah, they're not doing that much better because it's only 1 in truckee. the airport 1. this is mount tam, gorgeous start, clear sky and no records yet in the north bay. we have temperatures at or below freezing but we would need to see them in the mid-20s to have records. and with that sun coming up in another 30 minutes or so, the temperatures begin to recover but still our freeze warning in effect until 8:00 where temperatures will hover at or below freezing, a lot like yesterday. we already have seen a few records shattered in the south bay. but here are the records to beat this morning. we would have to get at least about 2 degrees colder in the north bay to see those upper 20s. and around oakland, we have tied a record. sfo would have to get about 5 degrees colder. sitting at 41 in san francisco. freezing in redwood city with numbers below freezing in los gatos and freezing at the coast.
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half moon bay, 32. 29 in livermore as well as napa but still no record. it's cold enough. we'll look for numbers to slightly recover today. and this morning a little colder in the east bay and the south bay. and with just a teeny bit of wind out there, numbers are just hovering around the freezing mark. so we will look for a warmer air mass to come our way with a few more clouds headed our way tomorrow. today we're calling it sunny and warmer. the rain returns next week. in fact, the rainiest day will be probably wednesday. look at the cold air. you can see the trough as it slides to the east and southern california and nevada. looking at the clear sky but also the cool temperatures, all 50s from north to south. 59 los angeles, 57 san diego. colder in southern sierra. lake tahoe numbers in the mid-50
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sacramento. the rain, slowing getting here. so we'll look for a couple of dry days before return to a wet weather pattern. 54 milpitas today with coastal temperatures in the low 50s. 53 downtown. a degree or two warmer there with 56 in sonoma. nearing, say, warming to the mid-60s in oakland today. 55 fremont and over the hills we'll see mid-50s for you in antioch and brentwood today. down by the monterey bay, you just had mid to upper to upper 40s yesterday. improvement for sure at salinas at 55 degrees. tomorrow numbers in the 30s and 40s and tomorrow's highs in the 50 with some clouds. another chance of rain on tuesday. could see moisture on wednesday with entire snow levels in the sierra nevada with temperatures coming up all across the day into the upper 50s. we are not out of wintertime
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yet. >> well, as you said it's february and into march. this is what we can expect. i was thinking about the actors in los angeles. i'm sure you'll never even know how cold it is, they're actors after all and they can strut their stuff. yeah. thanks, lisa. coming up at 7:00 is "good morning america." dan harris is joining us live from new york now to tell us what's coming up. good morning. >> hey, carolyn. good morning. i think you're exactly right about that actor's point on the red carpet. but we have an incredible lead story for you. chaos at the airport, violence in the streets. our christiana has made it into colonel qaddafi's strong hold in libya. that blast of winter weather continues in your part of the country. you were just talking about it. a little bit to the south of you snow fell in burbank for the first time in over half a century as both san francisco and los angeles deal with these
6:21 am
record low temperatures approaching the freezing mark. a live report from los angeles with a specific focus on that issue you discussed which is what do they do on the red carpet when it's not so warm. a toddler that went into a bank vault and closed for the night and locked her in. the girl's family and police scrambled to rescue her. had to call in a safe cracker. we'll tell you how this thing closed out on "good morning america" this sunday morning. >> that's gotta be scary for the child and, obviously, the parents. >> it was. it's a fascinating ending. we'll fill you in. that's my way of leaving a cliff hanger for you, carolyn, you have to watch. >> i do that anyway, dan. you don't have to bribe me. we'll see you at 7:00. >> okay then. >> let's check in on sports. this afternoon the occasion a's play the cactus opener with the
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cubs. the wcc conference title for the first time in 14 years. mike shumann has the highlights. >> saint mary's hosting portland. the gails get a share of the wcc regular season title in the number one season of the wcc tournament. the three-game losing streak, her longer in four years. steven coming up with a steal and a little two-hand push at the other end but the pilots came to play. stole driving. finishes with the left hand. 39-38 at the break but the gales turned it up. the president hit three big trays to start the half. 3 big points in all. carving his way through the line, beautiful. for the first time since 1997, saint mary's captures a share with an 83-69 victory. usf edges mary mount and the
6:23 am
seat of the conference tournament and knocks off pepperdine and secures the seat. out of san leandro high frozen down 8-1 beavers. cal rallied. range on the 3. down 6 on the break. cal down 2. jorge cashes in from long range. now on top by 1. couldn't miss. his 6th stray at the game. the freshman finished with 26. packed in with an 87-76 victory. down the road stanford visiting oregon. first half joe spinning, going up strong for two. up 3. that lead wouldn't last. green getting the friendly roll on the 3. then jerry man dumps it off josh
6:24 am
owen. a career high 31. an 88-71 victory. there's no place like home for the second-ranked stanford women. stanford says the new program record with their 60th straight win at maple pavilion. maybe the stanford band is the lucky star. okay. it's our talent early going. stanford up 31-10. great outlet for peterson. lays it in. she has 20 of 35-14. slater in the half, cayla, driving baseline. she converts. 13 for kayla. the freshman, up strong for two. stanford rolls 99-60. >> i'm really proud of the program that we built at stanford. proud of the young people like toni that are part of this. but it's not easy. i mean, to stay healthy, come
6:25 am
out every night. if it was easy, more people would do it. congratulationses to the cardinals. doesn't matter when or where these two teams get together, there's hate going on. stanford got the start. allowing four hits in a row recording that strikeout. provided the offense, two hits, three r.b.i., including the two-run bomb. 2-1. giants didn't serve. later in the frame, trying to make the team. drives one into the left center gap. replaces aubrey huff. blast the dodgers, 8-3 that final. last night's championship, i love match plays. me against you, not at the golf course. not a good day for american players. donald facing him. he went two matches yet filling all of 27 holes winning 6-5 to advance to the finals. bubble watson. on 18 par and the victory.
6:26 am
he nails it. with the win he's the new number one in the world and he'll meet luke donald in today's final. that's the way the ball bounces. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. >> up at 6:30, the tax on san jose pot clubs that takes effect this week. even though they consider medicinal marijuana dispensaries illegal. a landmark san francisco >> all new oprah: the day after hollywood's biggest night we're taking over oscar's stage! ((oprah)) hooray for hollywood! it's our ultimate after oscar party from the kodak theatre in los angeles! withthththththththththththththth
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♪ welcome back, everyone. san jose still considers all medical marijuana shops to be illegal, but that is not stopping the city from inviting pot club operators to city hall tomorrow to discuss taxing pot sales. our media partner, the mercury news reports the city will slap a 7% tax on marijuana dispensaries starting tuesday.
6:29 am
the move was overwhelmingly approved by voters last november. san jose is not the first bay area city to tax medical marijuana. oakland and berkeley raised their marijuana taxes in november. as for the illegal status of pot sales in san jose, city leaders say the taxman must be paid regardless. this week concord's mount diablo school board will take up more budget cuts, even after district leaders made their school closures decision. the contra costa county education department is asking the district to develop a puj plan -- a budget plan assuming the plan would fail. that would transfer to losses to students. the county wants the board to plan on cutting another $300,000 for students for next year's budget. both add up to $21 million for the district. hayward is one of many california cities looking for ways to protect assets tied to
6:30 am
redevelopment. the city council votes tuesday to authorize immediate action to protect redevelopment funds. you might know the state's threat to dismantle redevelopment agencies to balance its budget could affect $300 million worth of property and other city assets according to the oakland tribune. hayward stands to lose near $4 million in funding for projects like revitalizing mission boulevard. some of san francisco's most venerable hotels are struggling. they sit atop knob hill far away from the convention action south of market. the fairmont is making a last ditch effort to stay alive. it's one of the most famous hotels in san francisco, but fame doesn't necessarily equal fortune. the owners of the century-old fairmont are threatening to sell until the city allows them to convert part of the building into condominiums as part of a
6:31 am
$30 million renovation project. >> the revenues we will generate from the sales of the residences will provide us with the capital to reinvest in the historic building. >> but a city policy allowing some hotel rooms to convert to condos expired last fall, seemingly dooming the project. but now the owners are pressuring the district's supervisor david chew to help carve out a special exception for them. he seems skeptical. >> there's a lot of controversy over this project, a lot of neighbors that don't think this is particularly appropriate. hundreds of hotel workers that would be out of a job. >> the fairmont owners say more jobs would be created if their project can get the go-ahead. it came before the city's planning commission back in october and on a tie vote just as the conversion policy expired. mike is a planning commissioner. >> i think everyone wins if we're able to work out something that satisfies the concerns of
6:32 am
the neighbors, of labor, of the hotel. >> these are challenging times for other knob hill hotels as well. huntington court up for sale. the owners of the fairmont say that could be their fault as well. >> their latest strategy targeting david chew with glossty fliers aimed at his voters may not work. >> i respond to facts and figures, not political propaganda. >> the owners say they need someone to introduce legislation this week, by tuesday if they're going to be able to get the ball rolling again. starting tuesday bay area transit riders who use the clipper card to pay their fares will have to load new cards with at least $5. right now $2 is the minimum but word got out that riders can take advantage of a flaw that keep bart and caltrain out of
6:33 am
fares. the transportation commission tells the san francisco chronicle that the new $5 minimum will help combat abuse. well, when you talk about numbers, we've had some record lows this morning? >> that's right. a freeze warning in effect for another about an hour and a half. we're ten minutes away from sunrise. you can see from our sutro camera some low clouds out there but we have temperatures hovering at or below freezing in many locations around the bay. oakland and san jose in particular either tied or broken a record. i'll detail how cold it is this morning and a look ahead. that's all coming up. >> also coming up, the vehicle in the east bay
6:34 am
you can see
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welcome back, everyone. time right now 6:36. this is a live look from our heavenly mountain resort camera showing you heavenly valley, showing you all the resort right
6:36 am
now. according to lisa argen and the airport, minus 4 degrees. very, very chilly. that's beyond chilly. that's just downright cold. the snow conditions are great up in the sierra but if that's not enough to lure you to the mountains, a couple of tahoe ski areas have some new hi-tech offerings that might help. dan ashley has the details. >> you guys! >> for little kids learning to ski, sometimes the trickiest part is j riding the chair lift so alpine meadows ski area is trying out a new product call magnify 6. >> it's an extra element of safety for kids learning to ride chair lifts. >> it's built into a light-weight vest. >> over the child's jacket and the back it's a metal disk. >> the beginningers have
6:37 am
electromagnetic seatbacks. the metal disk sticks to the magnets on the chair and the child captain fall off. at the end it interrupt a magnetic field, it releases and the child can get off the list. aiming at a slightly older child, a chip built into your ski pass. when you get on the chair lift, a scanner detects the card. it does all the tracking for you. >> it records how many vertical feet you ski or snow board and let's you know when you reach a mile zone. >> 7500 vertical feet today, total for the season. it posts your accomplishments. an app for i-pads and droids.
6:38 am
megan and brad, they checked in about an hour and a half ago and brad just loaded. >> epic mix works at all the ski areas owned by vail resorts, including heavenly. bragging rights like the guy in vail with 3 million vertical feet. >> we all know. we never met him but we know. >> dan ashley abc 7 news. >> alpine's safety vest cost $20 to rent for the day or it comes free if you enroll in ski school. we have links to both at so good skiing weather there in the sierra. >> yeah. the high just 32 there. so definitely cold, and maybe some new snow there by the middle of the week. we've got a cold morning just like yesterday. talking a couple records out there. here's a look from our sutro camera. you can see the low clouds, a beautiful shot.
6:39 am
lots of clear sky. our roof camera, official sunrise 6:44, setting today at 6:01. the bay bridge, of course, the breezy numbers into the east bay oakland tying a record this morning. we will look at a slightly warmer day today and our freeze warning is in effect until 8:00. hopefully you have the procautions of protecting your plants. getting really cold in the south bay with the new record in san jose at 32 degrees. we would need to drop another 2 degrees to see a record at the airports and also napa. we have a couple 20s out there in livermore this morning. it is very cold, 29. 29 in napa. and numbers below freezing in santa rosa. 32 in concord. good morning, fremont. 35 in mountain view and freezing at our coast at 32 degrees at half moon bay. we will see numbers coming up
6:40 am
today another 20 degrees. it will feel pretty good out there. we'll get out of those 40s. it was only 46 degrees in morgan hill yesterday. then you'll notice the south half of the bay is colder than it was yesterday. a slight breeze in the north bay allows for numbers to not reach that maximum radiational cooling with that little puff of wind up there. but we see those west winds take over today. cool at our coast, a lot of sunshine today. sunny afternoon. more rain coming our way mainly the middle of the week but north bay we could see some rain as soon as tomorrow. our water vapor, you can see that cold trough continue to slide to the east. we have a weak weather system to the north tomorrow that could provide a few showers in our north bay communities. but today we're looking at clear and cold conditions. 32 in the northern sierra with upper 40s in the southern sierra. 59 los angeles.
6:41 am
just 57 in san diego. temperatures beginning to moderate tomorrow and back to the 60s for next week, although the rain will be coming back as well as far south as the central coast by the middle of the week. the numbers today in the mid-50s. still shy of our averages. 56 campbell and san jose. 52 pacifica. san francisco coming in a couple degrees warmer than yesterday. 53. north bay numbers ranging from the low 50s and bodega bay, 62 there and 55 napa. look for 55 in fremont today at about 3:00 this afternoon. berkeley 54 and over the hills, nice afternoon. definitely a chilly start. a ways to go, afternoon high of 56 in danville and today you'll see numbers, oh, a good 7 degrees warmer than yesterday's high. 57 in gilroy. the accu-weather 7-day forecast, a milder afternoon, still on the cool side though.
6:42 am
not as cold tonight. slight chance of showers in our north bay tomorrow. tuesday not looking bad. more rain comes in late tuesday into wednesday and then we'll look for still a chance of rain on thursday. so march not coming in like a lion. >> thank you, lisa. there's a ground-breaking project to explore a place no one has ever seen before. in alameda, a robotic submarine is being built that will dive into the water beneath the ice of antarctica. here's cheryl jennings with the drive to discover the last unexplored frontier on the planet. >> like going to the moon. somewhere where nobody has been. >> dr. russ panel from northern illinois universities will be using this one of a kind robotic submarine on a mission to antarctica. he wants to find how fast the ice sheet is melting by the ocean underneath and what's causing it to happen.
6:43 am
>> if the ice is flowing into the ocean it can lose mass and raise sea level faster. >> it's being built in alameda. dr. powell and dr. reid share and their team will use it to study the glacier ice, where it meets the seawater under the floating ice shelf. they expect the shelf underneath. >> it's the transfer of the heat that is into the atmosphere into the ocean. >> scientists don't know exactly how fast the ice sheets are melting so dr. powell wanted to send out high definition cameras around 2500 feet under the ice. but a sub like that didn't exist until now. >> you just said here's what i want, can you make it happen? and they do. >> engineers are extremely excited. a real challenge for them.
6:44 am
about three years in the making so far. >> it's 28 feet long, less than 2 feet in diameter and weighs 2200 pounds. it will be sent down a 32-inch wide bore hole into the ocean. >> when it enters the water it has to unfold and go around and take the different measurements and get the -- all the data sent back to the surface. >> this is where all the fiberoptic cables go out and go back to the surface to transfer all the data. >> again there's another engineering feat. it requires a specially built giant hot water drill that will look similar to this. >> what we do is gather the snow that's around, put it into this big melter and put it through steam heating and create very hot water and run pumps and then put it down through a rubber hose. >> it will take three days to make a hole for the sir. it will be under the ice ten
6:45 am
days sending back information in real time. but before the sub-ice rover goes to antarctica, it will be tested in lake tahoe. this is a mini underwater robot with a high definition camera and it's going to keep an eye on the 28 foot long sir machine as it's sent to work in lake tahoe, too dangerous for divers. >> this will give us a whole new picture because this is the first time we actually get high definition, video footage to see what we're doing. >> an engineering geologist for the state of california, he and his team hope the sir will show whether fault lines connect in lake tahoe to help predict the magnitude of breaks for public safety. how the wrk could also provide life-saving data about climate change. >> i've got two kids and i'm really concerned what we're creating for them to deal with in the future. >> cheryl jennings, abc 7 news. >> the scientists will be
6:46 am
testing the sub ice rover in april in lake tahoe. their expedition to antarctica will happen in the next couple of years. funding for the sir comes from the national science foundation. >> don't go away. "7 on your side" is next. >> can gas stations ask for a zip code when you use your credit card.
6:47 am
6:48 am
. the recent court ruling preventing retailers from collecting customers' zip codes have left some people confused. they've been asking michael finney for help. >> merchants are not allowed to ask for and record virtual
6:49 am
information when you use a credit card. last week the courts ruled that a zip code is personal information. retail clerks and that pharmacies can't ask but what about at this service station? >> i was watching your program on channel 7 and i saw your original broadcast pertaining to your report. and i just figured my question into you, is it still legal? >> that question came into "7 on your side" many times. at most service stations, once the credit card is inserted in the pump there is a request for a zip code. is that legal? >> the gas station request is legit. >> that's joe rideup. he's with consumer action. >> since the gas stations aren't recording your zip code but verifying this card is an active card number, that is not going to be excepted by this. >> for four years california merchants have been been allowed to ask for personal information just because you're using a
6:50 am
credit card. this court ruling gets it right because the zip code was actually being matched with the name on the credit card and the customer was being stalked by marketing materials. >> this had nothing to do with security and nothing to do with preventing fraud on the sale and everything to do with trying to solicit someone's privacy information in a very deceptive fashion. >> which brings us back to donald and how does he feel with the gas station can act. the information isn't be collected by the gas station but by the credit card company which already has the information. so everything is on the up and up when a zip code is requested at the pump. i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." >> up next the year's best movies. don sanchez gives his predictions who might take home oscars tonight.
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check out the winning numbers from last night's superlotto plus game. 9, 21, 23, 41, 47. the meganumber 8. since no one picked correctly, the $7 climbed to at least $8 million for wednesday's game. a 100-year-old bay area heirloom has returned to san francisco. a big welcome home party was held yesterday for the original bay to breakers trophy. and in honor of the 100th running of the race this year, the grandson of the first ever bay to breakers winner presented the relic to the general manager. he won the first race back in 1912 with a time of 44 minutes 10 seconds. the trophy had been with his grandson in houston, texas. this year's bay to breakers race
6:54 am
will be held may 15th. as you know the 83rd academy awards are today here on abc 7. a lot of great actors, directors and films in the running. here's arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez with his on the aisle pick. >> we've seen the critic's choice, the golden globes and sag award so we have a pretty good indication how voting could go. i think this year if anything it's more predictable than usual. in december i gave a full bucket to my pick as best picture, the king's speech. >> what do i call you? >> your royal highness. >> like i said, the only the british can do historical dramas like this. the front runner after the social network took it originally. there is a local connection. direct david pincher spent his early years in san anselmo. i like his chances. however, tradition shows the director of the best film usually wins which means the top
6:55 am
honor will go to the king's speech director tom hoover. >> my position says we like first. >> best actor, no contest. classy colin firth in king's speech. >> picking natalie portman, i raved about her performance as the ballerina going mad. in the supporting actor category, i really liked jeffrey rush in the king's speech. i saw him win it until i saw this. >> against this guy, puts himself out. >> christian bail as mark wallburg's brother in the fighter is a knockout and his tough-talking mom. they'll take home the supporting actor trophy. i'll give inception best visual effects. i know it will win. i dreamed it. >> new toys! >> toy story 3 from pixar in emeryville. it's part of our walt disney family. it's nominated for best picture.
6:56 am
it will win best animated feature. you'll be waiting to see what they wear and who the academy picked for top honors in the ceremony. >> because i have a voice! >> yes, you do. >> don sanchez, abc 7 news. >> i like don's predictions. new for the oscars, the on the red carpet i-pad app. it will give you access to exclusive cameras along the red carpet, inside the kodak theater and the governor's ball. it works on the i-phone and i-pad touch. the academy award's coverage begins with on the red carpet at 2:00. the oscars actually start at 5:30 followed by a post-award special and then abc 7 news at 11:00. and with academy award winning weather, give it to lisa argen for a final look. >> another hour for north and
6:57 am
east bay valleys. we're looking at upper 20s right now in napa and the livermore valley. look at san jose, 34. 32 freezing degrees at our coast. a sunny and warmer day today thank goodness. back in the mid-50s. so it will be another cool one but enjoy it. we've got rain off the coast. a pretty rainy day coming our way by the middle of the week. so we've got some time to enjoy a dry weather trend but still cool, 55 oakland today, 56 in san jose. >> all right. i'd like to thank my mother and
6:58 am
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good morning, america. i'm dan harris. >> and i'm bianna golodryga. it's sun


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