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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  March 1, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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what investigators are looking for. i'll have a live report. >> and a good morning to you. it's clear and rather chilly this morning but the big story weatherwise in this evening's storm. the heavy rain, the wind that's going to bring the possible power outage and flooding and still more chances of rain in the forecast. >> tomorrow's commute's going to be a messy one. today you can enjoy a pretty typical start. a mineyor backup for the cash-paying lanes. >> it's 6:00 exactly. thank you for joining us this tuesday morning. i'm kristen. topping our news, stunning twist in the jaycee dugard kidnapping and sexual bondage case. phillip and nancy garrido say the couple had given stunning admissions and were individually offered plea deals. amy hollyfield is live in antioch with major developments from yesterday's court hearing. amy? >> jaycee dugard was held captive in this house behind me for 18 years. the neighbors on this street don't feel any sympathy at all
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for nancy and phillip garrido but that's what they're hoping for in court. nancy and phillip have now confessed to the kidnapping of jaycee dugard. nancy's attorney now believes his client deserves leniency even though she is the one that literally grabbed jay see from her south tahoe neighborhood 20 years ago. she was held captive where phillip garrido would sexually assault her and had two daughters with her and he sometimes videotaped the attacks. nancy was said to be a mother figure under phillip garrido's power and she shouldn't go to jail for her life. but neighbors disagree. >> ruined that girl's life. no matter money or whatever, can't bring that back. it's ruined. >> people like that, they deserve death. i'm a firm believer. >> the defense attorney is begging dugard to weigh in on
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the sentence. he publicly appealed for her to please talk in his quest for leniency. as of now prosecutors are offering nancy garrido 241 years in prison and phillip garrido 440 years. his attorney says that's no deal. he wants a sentence that will one day have her free. otherwise he wants to go to trial. >> 6:02. this morning the red cross is helping five children including two children to find a new home after a fire yesterday that almost cost them their lives. all five had climbed on to the roof of a burning building in order to get away from the fire. a toddler was handed to a firefighter to a ladder and helped to safety. nearby black smoke and flames poured from a second story apartment. a grateful mom was glad to make it out alive. >> grandma, babies. we're fine and we're okay but
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now our housing, where we gonna live now? >> she says her daughter was playing with the stove when the fire broke out. right now federal investigators are beginning an extraordinary three-day hearing focusing on the deadly san bruno gas pipeline explosion last fall. top pg&e officials are among those arriving in washington d.c. for some tough questions. >> kristen, pg&e engineers and operations managers are scheduled to be the first to testify in the three-day hearing put on by the national transportation safety board. it's going to get underway any minute now. officials are scheduled to testify as well as top city officials from san bruno and the public utilities commission. heather ishimaru is at the hearing. i just spoke to her a few minutes ago. she's following all the developments. the ntsb doesn't conduct hearings on every disaster but wants to look at san bruno more
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closely. the hearing could also change pipeline safety laws in california and around the nation. the transmission pipeline that ruptured last september killed 8 people and destroyed 38 homes. they released thousands of pages of documents of the investigation. they identified bad welds in the pipeline as a possible factor in the explosion. they say the pipeline was not inspected after two pressure spikes prior to the blast. a final report will take another six months. these type of hearings are unusual. the last one was 11 years ago back in 2000, also looking into a deadly pipeline explosion. pg&e has already announced it will install remote and automatic shutoff valves in highly populated areas. the ruptured pipeline spewed gas 90 minutes before it could be shut off. heather is at that hearing in washington d.c. we'll try to get a live shot for
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you in the next half hour. jenelle wang, abc 7 news. >> it's 6:05 now. walnut creek police are hoping a new picture will help them track down a man they believe may be holding up security stores. security cameras took this picture when the 7-11 was robbed last week. the same man may be responsible in walnut creek. >> new battles brewing between the families of john'stown massacre. the victim's families claim evergreen cemetery in oakland has backed out a promise to erect a wall. it calls the plant unfeasible. it has agreed to allow another memorial marker but that would include the reverend jim jones who led the mass murder suicide. >> to put jim jones' name on that memorial is like going to the jewish community and telling them to put adolf hitler's name
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on the holocaust memorial. >> if you leave his name off you give him more power and more authority. >> jones' son was to have the memorial in place by this november's anniversary at the 1978 tragedy in guyana. >> the san francisco municipal transportation agency will temperature settling 12 more legal claims relating to a massive crash involving two muni trains in 2009. a moving train slammed into the back of a parked train at the westporttal station leaving dozens of people injured. the operator said he blacked out shortly after taking manual control of the train but federal investigators haven't yet determined an official cause. the san francisco chronicle reports the collision resulted in 57 claims. 40 have already been settled. they expect settlements will bring the total payout bill to nearly $1.5 million with five more cases pending. >> 6:07 now. let's think back, december very wet, january very dry, february
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wet again so today march 1st -- >> already dry/wet -- that's my vote and i'm stickin' to it. >> i think you both could be right. dry for the daylight hours and wet during the darkness hours. >> such a diplomat you are. >> 24 hour temperature change. remember we had all those clouds yesterday. they're gone. temperatures from 2 to 9 degrees cooler than when you stepped out yesterday morning. all right. as far as the temperatures right now, most of us in the mid to upper 30s, places like oakland, san francisco, san jose, antioch are in the low to mid-40s. by the afternoon hours, we'll see an increase in the clouds. it's pretty clear this morning. clouds on the increase as that cold front draws near, drier in the daylight hours with upper 50s to low 60s. you'll want that rain.
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look at the pollen, high amounts of trees and very high amounts of grass. so about 8:00 the rain moves ashore and spreads all the way across the neighborhood. heavy tonight which will cause some flooding. it will be windy which could cause power outages. the rain tapers to showers wednesday and thursday. looking completely dry friday. rain saturday afternoon. sunday's looking for some heavy showers and those will spill and tape he ever into monday. frances. >> all right, mike. i'm looking forward to the rain as long as it takes the pollen away. on your commute there have been a few accidents but none really slowed anybody down. southbound traffic on the right towards 580. there's an accident that has cleared from the lanes and also we'll check out the san mateo bridge. you know, trouble across the span here, 101 still looking pretty good on the peninsula. we'll head all the way down to the south bay to show you how nice it is right now at the 280 and 17 interchange in san jose. that's 17 coming out of the
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santa cruz mountains and really the only slow spot is westbound 4 in antioch. eric, kristen. >> frances, thanks a lot. it's 6:09. >> the cookie that sent three vallejo fifth graders to the hospital yesterday. >> plus we'll let you know -- >> i'm terry mcsweeney live at san francisco international airport where operation chihuahua is underway, so far so good. 14 dogs on their way back to new york to find the homes they york to find the homes they couldn't fin i dislocated both my ankles. i had my first heart attack when i was 35 years old. - we have asthma. - when i found out i had cancer, i was so scared. announcer: at sutter health we share our expertise and invest in new technologies. because everyone has a story. and our story is you. - we can be boys... - cowboys. i can run again. they gave me a new heart. i am so happy to be alive.
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>> good morning, everyone. 6:12 on the morning news. that's why we live here. look at this beautiful picture of the bay bridge, the traffic coming across -- see those headlights, thin stream of lights coming across. looks like they're doing okay. frances is checking all the commute hot spots and she'll have more information for you coming up. >> vallejo police are trying to
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find a person who gave marijuana-laced cookies to a fifth grader. the gray patterson elementary got it from someone on a local convenience store on the way to school monday. they say four students eventually ate the cookies at lunch, got nauseous, read the packaging and realized it was pot. all four are fine. >> fremont police are hoping surveillance video of a moving van will help them nab a sophisticated gang robber who held up a hi-tech company. employees say 15 masked robbers, 15 carrying rifles and handguns stormed in on sunday morning. they tied up and gagged five employees before taking a significant number of computer parts. >> about an hour from now some unwanted pound puppies will get the ride of their lives. they're headed for the big apple in style and hopefully new
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homes, too. terry mcsweeney joins us live from sfo with undoubtedly the cutest passengers ever. terry? >> i think you're right about that. you know, operation chihuahua is what it's called and what it boils down to, supply and demand. san francisco had an oversupply of these chihuahuas, the demand is high. puppies heading out on virgin america and they'll be welcomed to new homes. it was a wild scene, 14 little fluffy dogs coming out here. it's a warm story, a great story. these dogs that had no home are going to have a home. it's a positive ending, we think. san francisco has way too many dogs in general because of a lack of spaying and neutering, but chihuahua's have their own specific reason there are too many. >> they're just really overbred. people are neutering as much as we'd like to see them doing. they've become really popular
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after all the hollywood hype around them. and people think they're a lot easier than big dogs but they're still dogs. >> and when she says still dogs, we're talking about dogs, these dogs need to be walked, they need social interaction or they can bottom behavioral issues with these animals like any other animal. if you're interested in a chihuahua, there are still 20 at san francisco animal care and control. and these dogs are available. if you wanna follow these 14 dogs heading back east, you can. you can check out the animal care and control, san francisco animal care and control sfacc or check out virgin american. both of them working and twitter to make the flight available to the public. a very positive story. an educational one, too. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, just wondering if they're going to get economy class food or first class puppy
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chow? >> i think the puppy chow's all the same. the question is will mcsweeney's kids be getting one? >> he seems like he's falling in love. >> they were adorable, just sitting there shivering. >> no cold for them this morning. >> you definitely want to bring one into your home, don't you? we have a little fog as we look around mount tamalpais this morning. the fog is thickest near santa rosa with visibilities nearing a quarter of a mile. what's going to happen tonight, i want to show you live doppler 7 hd. all the areas you see in yellow, a lot of our higher elevations in our bay shore and coast. we have a wind advisory starting at 9:00 this evening to 6:00 tomorrow morning. gusts could be up to 50 mph. so when the rain does arrive, it may make a little bit of a noisy entrance. with the heavy rain and
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conditions we could have power outages during that time frame. there you see the fog around santa rosa. mid to upper 30s in most neighborhoods. antioch, oakland, san francisco, mountain view still around the low to mid-40s. 45 monterey but mid to upper 30 santa cruz, watsonville and salinas. your highlights, increasing clouds today. rain rolls in during the even hours. heaviest rain will be tonight. that's when those fastest winds will roll in, also. wet weather possible again thursday, saturday and to a greater extent on sunday. for today temperatures below average with increasing cloud cover. temperatures around the monterey, 58. low to mid-60s the rest of the bay and inland. tonight you see the rain shield over all of us. temperatures mid to upper 40s. what's happening? high pressure to our south kept most of the rain in the north bay. very light yesterday. that's pushing the system to the
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north. this is the one that comes in and brings the rain after the evening commute. let's fast forward to 5:00 this evening. you can see the winds and clouds roll in. the wind come in shore 8:00 and spreads east. the heaviest rain by say 10:00 to 4:00 in the morning. front passes through but we still have steady, lighter rain for the morning commute and then the breezes -- the rain tapers to just showers for tomorrow afternoon and for the evening hours, rainfall amounts very impressive. half inch to an inch around the bay, 1 to 3 inches in our mountains. that's why we see some fogging. those showers linger into thursday. friday still looks like the only completely dry day. more rain from saturday evening. heavilyier showers sunday. temperatures mild, upper 50s to low 60s all seven days of the forecast.
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>> delays on ace train again. this time train number 3. that's running about 17 minutes late. yesterday it was ace train number 1. we'll keep you posted on that and let you know how it continues throughout the morning. other mass transit systems reporting no delays. there is an accident in hercules eastbound 4 at willow that may still be blocking a lane. look out for that. bridge toll plaza. really not that bad. only for the cash-paying lanes. just a very minor wait. we'll show you this other beautiful shot of the other bay bridge heading into san francisco from sutro. traffic flowing well and on to southbound 101 on to the peninsula. also checking out the ride in walnut creek. it's still fine southbound as you make your way towards highway 24. a slowing on antioch westbound 4 and we'll end with a live shot in the south bay. 101 and 880, no problems at all
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in san jose or the rest of the south bay. and you can always get traffic anytime, is the place to go. it's under the bay area traffic link. eric? >> all right, frances. thank you. it's 6:20 now. a newly uncovered police memo appears to show police in the embattled california city of bells created a game which officers wrote tickets, impound vehicles and arrest drivers. the los angeles times with the memo entitled bell police department faceball game. assigns singles, doubles, triples according to the violations. they were engaged in an organized effort to go after motorists. investigating claims that police were ordered to write tickets to drum up revenue to the city as it was paying exorbitant salaries to officials. >> today you can get yourself a nearly free breakfast from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. today, anyone
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can get a free short stack of pan cases at i-hop. it has to be a participanting i-hop, only good while supplies last and for making a denation to the network hospitals. do you hear that growling. we have 39 minutes. >> coming up just call it wilson's web. the new online home for one of san francisco giants' most famous beard pictures. >> the social network gets even more social. ororororororororor
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>> welcome back. it's 6:25. is getting a new feature, video chatting. a new program called social eyes allows users to video conference up to six people. they can join or start as many
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groups as they like consisting of friends and people with similar interests of >> giants relief pitcher brian wilson has a website that continues to grow faster than his beard., you can submit a picture of your own beard on the site. wilson's been making the rounds on the late night talk shows recently and rejoined twitter while visiting the company's headquarters. the examiner says the website is linked to a public relations firm that deals with bay area sports. >> the critical court hearing today that could bring home run king barry bonds face-to-face with a man that could have proved him guilty of perjury. >> the battle that could put a big kink on the freeway widen project in the east bay. >> the discovery investigators
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say may prove a state drug agent may have been reselling something much more scary than drug evidence. >> and the new information that may be revealed as the ntsb begins an extraordinary three-day hearing on the san bruno pipeline explosion this morning. >> and good news if you're traveling to the east coast. the rain and snow has moved offshore. bad news maybe if you're headed to portland. rain and snow there. no delays right now [ male announcer ] eakfast for breakfast. breakfast for lunch. breakfast for dinner. with three new breakfast lovers dishes, who needs a break from breakfast? denny's. america's diner is always open.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> good morning. opening bell ringing to start the trading day on wall street. stocks headed for a higher opening on auto sales, manufacturing and construction spending. analysts prodict auto rose 20% in february from the same time last year. same companies are offering more
6:30 am
discounts and incentives to boost sales. live to the new york stock exchange for the latest on trading coming up in about 15 minutes. >> right now an extraordinary three-day hearing is underway in washington d.c. focusing on the deadly san bruno gas pipeline explosion of last fall. top pg&e officials are there prepared for what's expected to be tough questioning about the disaster. the utilities record-keeping, the condition of the pipe, why they didn't know about the condition of the pipe and how their files were organized. jenelle wang is live in the news room with details for us. >> we're following all the developments right now. the hearing just got underway 30 minutes ago. a live picture from washington d.c. one of the lead investigators from the national transportation safety board is now speaking. these are his graphics you're seeing. he's giving an update into the investigation of the pipeline
6:31 am
explosion. pg&e engineers and operation managers will be testifying first after this investigator. congresswoman jackie speier is also there. the pg&e pipeline rupture last september killed 8 people and destroyed 38 homes. it doesn't conduct hearings on every disaster but wanted to look at the explosion more closely. >> however, we do hold several public hearing each year when there is a sustained injury in the accident and in this case an opportunity for lessons to be learned by discussing the facts and circumstances of the accident in the public's view. >> the ntsb just released thousands of pages of documents today pertaining to its investigation. it also released new pictures, and i think we have the pictures here right now. so far investigators have identified bad welds in the pipeline as a possible factor in the explosion. we just heard from the investigator who say there was increasing pressure in the
6:32 am
pipeline prior to the blast. now, the ntsb says two off-duty pg&e employees first reported the fire to the dispatch center within 10 minutes; but according to heather ishimaru who's at the scene, at the hearing right now, she says a crew capable of isolating the pipeline did not show up until 30 minutes after the rupture. and in the end we learned it took 89 minutes before they could shut off the gas to that pipeline. of course, she is there following all the developments. what happens at this hearing will help the ntsb with their investigation. it could also change pipeline safety laws in california and around the country. our reporters there following all the developments. you can also watch the hearing. it's being streamed live on our website that's the latest from the news room, jenelle wang, abc 7 news. >> thank you. 6:33. new accusations against a private investigator who already faces charges trying to sell drugs with a former top drug
6:33 am
agency in contra costa county. chris butler is accused of selling two bricks of explosives to an informant. he's already accused of helping norman welsh. he was accused of running passports in contra costa county. he's charged to stealing and selling drugs seized during the raids. both are back in court tomorrow to enter a plea in the drug charge east a man fatally shot by officers had a long history of threatening police. 35-year-old robert ca roan was killed outside oak street yesterday. he opened fire as police tried to convince him to surrender. his mother claims he was mentally ill. >> he was pointing the gun and screaming and acting in an aggressive and disturbed manner. >> everybody else. the police know. and he doesn't take the medications -- >> officers had been looking for
6:34 am
caroan after he flashed a gun and threatened employees at a nearby drugstore earlier. >> barry bonds is due back in court today. he's expected to reenter his not guilty plea before his federal perjury trial begins march 21st. they cut the number of charges against bonds from 11 to 5. the slugger now faces only four counts of lying to the grand jury in 2003 when he denied knowingly using steroids. bonds will share the spotlight today with his former trainer greg anderson. anderson has repeatedly refused to testify against bonds and spent time in prison for the refusal. today anderson again refused to testify. a caltran project to widen niles canyon road has protests from environmental groups. construction crews have been cutting down native trees in the first phase of the project along state route 84 in alameda county.
6:35 am
environmental groups are angry about 500 native trees will be torn down to widen the road. now that the canyon road is a busy corridor between the central valley and the bay area. >> state water officials take their third snow pack measurement of the season this morning at lake tahoe. electronic meetings indicate the water content is at 99% of the april 1st seasonal average. that's a significant improvement since last month. february storms delivered another 5 inches ofwater content. state managers expect to deliver 60% of the water requested by california farms and cities this year. >> looks like the storm gates are wide open this week. not just starting today. >> we're talking about tonight and tomorrow and let's have mike walk us through this. >> looks like a parade of storms. wet patterns for early march. good morning to you.
6:36 am
the wind will definitely help that snow pack and allow some more water to be given to the farms. here's what we're looking at. most of us, we're getting flanked on both sides by high clouds. the thicker clouds on one side of your screen, that's where the rain is for us later in the evening and overnight. starting with sunshine. got a little fog to contend with up around santa rosa. temperatures in the most part the mid to upper 30s. low 40s around oakland, san francisco and half moon bay. you'll see the high clouds start to roam in during the noon hour and temperatures mid to upper 50s and by the afternoon hours it will become partly with thicker clouds rolling in and temperatures maybe in the upper 50s. most of the evening commute dry. after 8:00, that's when the rain starts to roll in. you will like it, i'm already hearing complaints about the high levels of pollen, whether tree or grass. that will be washed out of the sky by the heavy rains and the windy conditions tonight.
6:37 am
so flooding power outages possible by this time tomorrow morning. showers for thursday, rain saturday, showers again sunday and spilling into monday. frances? >> mike, with the metering lights on we see the backup grow for the fas trak lanes. intersection state 80 in berkeley, also still flowing well. no problems as you make your way west down from vallejo and to the maze. we'll check out a couple more bridges for you. the golden gate bridge a presented good right heading towards san francisco. no problems either across the san mateo bridge. 14 minutes is the drive time right now from 880 to 101. now, ace train number one -- rather number three still reporting over 15-minute delays so just keep an eye out for that if you're heading to the train station. other mass transit systems reporting no delays.
6:38 am
if you're thinking about driving, westbound 4 is really slow this morning. the drive time from lone tree way to 242 is over half an hour right now but still a drive through the sunol grade and so far southbound 101 normal slow and go traffic to novato, 30 minutes. eric, kristen. >> frances, thank you very much. >> trading underway on wall street now. a live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. let's give you a live look at the big board. the dow up 31 points. >> he's not done yet. more candid statements from charlie sheen about his so bright, two girlfriends, his family life and future of his tv show. >> and what violence? the newest denial from libya's embattled leader. >> i'm terry mcsweeney at san francisco international airport where 14 chihuahuas are about to lift off on a flight leaving san
6:39 am
francisco for homes in new york. i'll
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♪ and welcome back! we're going to talk about your california forecast. it is going to be sunny and then become kind of cloudy this afternoon as that system draws near. the system stays out in the ocean. eureka, chico, 70 the warm spot in palm springs. take you up to the western slope of the sierra where we'll have a winter storm warning. it begins at midnight and hangs all the way through 4:00 wednesday if you're traveling to tahoe above 7,000 feet which are a lot of the passes, nearly a foot of snow. >> eric, thank you. 6:43. residents of the rebel city closest to libya's capital passed out the sweets and cold
6:43 am
drinks to fighter as they repelled the government forces loyal to moammer gadhafi. the battle lasted six hours and forces could not take recontrol of the city 30 miles west of tripoli. early the libyan leader denied there are any protestors in his country. >> left me all my people with me. they left me all. they would die to protect me, my people. >> qaddafi also says he has not ordered his own people killed, though the u.n. estimates hundreds it not thousands have died. >> we're going to shift gears to business. you might be able to get your hands on the new i-pad 2. >> legally? without going to jail, you mean? let's check with jane king for more of the "moneyscope" report. >> hi, eric and kristen. apple shares, actually just
6:44 am
slightly lower. just a day away from the scheduled events. the center of the arts and analysts think they're false and they could be in consumers' hands by april. capital america said apple is ramping up production faster than expected. so we'll find out for sure. we'll see what apple had to say about how fast it really is and how a track camera is set up. it was almost apple jobs turning down to speak for the labor party. u.s. auto sales numbers, they'll be starting to come out here in an hour or so. expected to be very strong, especially for february. ben bernanke appearing on
6:45 am
capitol hill for his twice a year testimony on the economy. it gets underway here in about 15 minutes or so. we expect him to talk about and answer questions on the deficit, higher fuel prices, higher food prices and higher employment. we've got the dow, s & p up but the nasdaq is actually a little lower and the bloomberg index trading down slightly. noble energy, they are slightly lower as well, that's after gaining yesterday that won the country's first permit as your last april b.p. oil spill. >> all right, jane. thank you. >> did you tell jane what you paid for gas. >> i know. $4.25 for premium. it really did. thank you very much.
6:46 am
a new target store opens this sunday on the oakland emeryville border. the leaders of both cities say the jobs and sales taxes needed more than ever before. technically the new store is located in oakland but the emeryville border is just a few feet away. both share the tax recent which is expected to be hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. it will employ three hundred workers nearby. >> in oakland, it would maybe run out 10 million of my deficit. >> 4,000 people ran for the jobs. there are still a handful of open slots for those with the right qualifications. >> astronauts are about to take their second space walk in two days. they'll install a 20 foot long chamber filled with supplies. it flew to the station but this
6:47 am
time it's staying. the robot was developed by nasa and will be tested as a potential astronaut helper. nasa managers also say discover's mission will ends next tuesday. >> back here on earth, a snow man slide near lake tahoe is now attracting attention nationwide. >> the very top, it's just an instant drop. >> the first time i got on it i was looking down and scared but now every time i go down, it's better. >> you pick up speed really quick. instantly going south. >> ricky reich hazard been building the slide for his daughter every winter for years but even he says this year's slide takes the cake. >> i'm making the snowman so big, i might as well make a slight out of it, into. >> it was a lot smaller. every year it turned bigger and turned into a snowman.
6:48 am
>> i'm lucky my dad would work on it, not just stay inside and play video games. >> spent more than 50 hours creating the snowman slide. he expects it to last another week until the snow begins to melt. >> not just his kids, the local kids. you know -- >> i'll meet you there at 3:00. >> looks totally fun. >> a tunnel through the snowman, too. pretty awesome. that's a cool 50 hours. >> cold enough we could make a snowman here. >> absolutely. it is chilly in some areas but now those high clouds are rolling in. the threat of frost is starting to subside. the sun is coming up and we should be off our morning lows the next hour or so. let's talk about those temperatures and fog around santa rosa. mid to upper 30s oakland, mountain view the low to mid-40s. the monterey bay, we have mid to
6:49 am
upper 30s from santa cruz, watsonville, inland salinas and monterey at 45. three things i want you to know before you head out the door. we'll have clouds on the increase today and rain this evening. the heaviest rain will be tonight. it will also be breezy tonight which could mean power outages. wet against thursday, saturday and sunday. let's take a look at our temperatures. we're pretty mild. still cooler than average but not as chilly as it has been. 58 monterey, the rest of the bay inland more rain. temperatures mid to upper 40s so not nearly as cold as this morning. high pressure that cut that system in the north bay is now pushing that cold front even farther to the north but that's opening the door for the next system to come in after our evening commute. in fact, here we are at 5:00. you can see the clouds and the winds picking up. by 8:00, the rain is coming
6:50 am
ashore. spreads to the east and gets heavy from 10:00 to 4:00 in the morning. you combine that heavy rain with the wind. that's why we can can see flooding, power outages, possible trees topple and limbs falling. the heavy rain will taper to a light rain during the morning commute and eventually by noon through scattered showers. hang around during the evening hours also. rainfall amounts very impressive. half inch to an inch around the bay. 1 to 3 inches. the north bay it's santa cruz mountains. all the areas you see, yellow, the faster, mainly the higher elevations inland but the coast and bay shore could see those gusts from 9:00 this evening to 6:00 tomorrow. your accu-weather 7-day forecast, showers again wednesday afternoon and heavier showers for thursday. friday only the completely dry day in the forecast. more rain rolls in saturday. sunday heavy showers and some of
6:51 am
those leak into monday. low 60s just about every day. wanna see what happens when it snows on mount hamilton. that! traffic jam! look at that! the director of the link observatory. he took that picture sunday after all the snow fell. if you have whether video or photos you'd like to share, we'd love to see them. just upmail them or e-mail them. frances? >> all right, mike. heads up if you're planning to drive into petaluma this morning. an earlier big rig accident that's been on the shoulder some time. southbound 101 on the petaluma off-ramp. off-ramp and in the grassy area but trying to clear this big rig and while they do so they're going to shut down the off-ramp until 8:30 this morning. you may want to consider lakeville as an alternate. ace train number 3 still 17 minutes late. other mass transit systems so
6:52 am
far so good. very slow on a couple stretches on bay area freeways. one is antioch. lone tree way to 242, 33 minutes and also a ride through the altamont pass, 34 minutes from 205 to 680. bay bridge toll plaza also a hot spot. backed up towards west grand. we'll show you the maze. we're looking south this time so that's westbound 80 traffic heading towards the bay bridge. 680 walnut creek. pretty good. no problems southbound if you continue through the san ramon valley and no problems at all reported in the south bay. get traffic when you want by going to eric? >> frances, thank you very much. it's just about 6:53. let's talk about some lucky dogs here. just minutes from now, about a dozen pound puppies will become those lucky dogs who are about to get a first class flight to what they hope will be new
6:53 am
homes. terry mcsweeney is live to explain. >> operation chihuahua so far so very good. there's a plane down there, and that is the jet that's going to be taking these 14 chihuahuas from san francisco where they couldn't find a home back to new york city where it seems to be no doubt they're going to find a home. take a look at the scene about an hour ago. 14 chihuahua's seemingly aware that they're flying to freedom. a glut of chihuahuas because of the overabundance and, of course, as with all species the lack of spaying and neutering. so virgin america offered a flight to get them back to new york where if history is any guide, these dogs will have a new home in a matter of days. >> i think their adoption center opened at noon and they had people lined up at 7 a.m. around the block. and it was cold. it was really cold. they really wanted them and they
6:54 am
went quickly. >> animal care and control still has 20 chihuahuas. they didn't get rid of them all. 14 are going, 20 remain. lots of other dogs are available as well. you can follow the flight of these animals on and twitter through virgin america or san francisco occ. one question that photographer steve's sister had are these dogs after a few months in new york going to be speaking with new york accents? that i don't know. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thanks so much. 6:54 our time. you knew there was more coming. charlie sheen's job may be uncertain but telling "good morning america" that his home life is perfect. >> wow! who's got it better than me. >> what do you love about these two? >> what's not to love? every memory, the future.
6:55 am
all that. >> amateur. a pioneer. i'm honored to be mentioned in the same sentence with them. >> nadia and charlie have their own special connection. i have my own connection with charlie and nadia and i have our own relationship. >> it's unconventional and it seems crazy for everybody else but for us it works well and we all love and respect each other's boundaries. >> beverly hills home life with natalie and porn star rachel ovan. you can see more of the interview including his thoughts on marriage coming up at 7:00 on "good morning america" and a special edition of 20/20 tonight right here on abc 7. >> a critical hearing is underway right now in washington d.c. about the san bruno
6:56 am
pipeline disaster. >> jenelle wang is live in the news room. she's been tracking the hearing all morning. >> operation managers are testifying right now. a lead investigator from the national transportation safety board opened up the hearing which started just after 6 a.m.. he gave an update on the san bruno pipeline explosion and fire last september which killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. the investigator just revealed it took pg&e 30 minutes to dispatch a crew capable of isolating the pipeline and in the end took nearly 90 minutes to turn off the gas and it was done by offduty pg&e employees. as many as eight pg&e officials are scheduled to testify as well as top city officials from san bruno and the public utilities commission. they do not conduct hearings on every disaster but wanted to look at the san bruno explosion more quickly. the purpose to get more information with its investigation. we have a reporter there at that
6:57 am
hearing and are streaming that live on our website live in the news room, jenelle wang. >> a check on weather and traffic. >> increasing clouds. rain should roll into the bay area by 8:00. heavy and wednesday tonight, also. frances. >> a last look at the bay bridge toll plaza backed up to the 880 overcrossing. >> thank you both and thank you for joining us for the abc 7 morning news. >> back with a local update at 7:24 and join us for the midday news at 11:00. stay connected 24/7 at have a great day!
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never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles compared to what a cancer patient goes through is a walk in the park. from the moment i registered, people started immediately supporting me and asking me how they could help. you meet the most wonderful, inspiring people. when you accomplish those 60 miles, it's truly life-changing. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. good morning, america. i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. it's tuesday, march 1st. an abc news exclusive. dictator in denial. colonel gadhafi laughs off calls to step down. telling christiane amanpour, his rule is secure.
7:00 am
>> they love me. my people love me. they love me all. >> but if they do love you -- >> they would die to protect me and my people. charlie's angels. >> look at these two. wow. who's got it better than me? >> inside the actor's world with his children and the girlfriends he calls the goddesses. >> i have any own connection with charlie. and nadia and i have our own relationship. and lindsay lohan breaks her silence. her first interview since being charged with grand theft. what she says about her future and how she's turning her life around. pour on extra cup of coffee for all of the blockbuster interviews. >> i agree.


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