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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  March 2, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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good evening, everyone. we begin with developing news, that bizarre chase at the toll bridge plaza. >> the man climbed into a toll booth and used a tunnel to get to the building. chp swarmed the plaza tonight. >> it started with a routine traffic stop. officers pulled over the driver on the bus ramp heading toward the plaza. they dropped a gun and headed to the toll booth and into the tunnel. >> they surrounded the cal trans building and arrested a man near a dumpster just outside. no shots were fired and no one was hurt. a notorious drug spot in
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san francisco is raising allegations of a police cover up, and it could jeprodize drug cases city wide. leslie has the story. >> san francisco's public defender claims that six narcotics officers may have falsified police reports about arrests they made at the henry hotel at 6 and mission. it could compromise scores of other drug cases. >> taken in december and january on the fifth floor of the henry hotel, this surveillance video shows undercover officers in a hallway following up on a drug tip. san francisco's public defender says in one instance the officers entered a unit without first getting consent. in another, as you see here, someone covers the camera with a hand. >> there is the constitutional violation that is blatant. it is a warrant less, unexcused entry into a person's home. and then there is the perjury that ensues.
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>> that is the six officers made arrests, filed police reports and even testified in court. >> their version of events of what occurred in that hallway is completely opposed to what we know happened in the hallway by watching the video itself. >> i have some concerns with the tape and concerns with the written report, but until we have interviewed the officers and find out exactly what happened, we are going to take a long, hard look at it. >> because of the surveillance video, san francisco police launched an internal affairs investigation, and will place the officers on paid administrative leave. >> these officers deserve an investigation. like anything else, they are innocent until proven guilty. >> it gave them cause for concern. the san francisco district attorney's office launched their own independent investigation into any potential, criminal wrong going on the part of the officers. >> the otherill be taking a
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look to see if there were any other cases that may have been compromised. >> police officers and prosecutors need to play by the rules. when we do not play by the rules -- >> as it stands this video could potentially have a tremendous impact on other drug cases investigated by the six officers. >> thanks, leslie. a publicity stunt backfires and the company responsible is in damage control. here is part of the reason why. some of the 10,000 balloons released today ended up in the bay. abc7's alan wang is live on the embarcadero with the story. alan? >> dan, this is one of the balloons that floated all the way to treasure island. you could literally see the whole city in an uproar over this. you can see their tweets about this all over today. the whole city was in an uproar over this. in this environmentally friendly city surrounded by water, the site of 10,000 red
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balloons drew a less than festive response. >> that seems like a dumb idea because how could they not know these would go in the water. >> they were launched at the masconi center attached with fliers to hypen upcoming video games. >> i see a lot of birds walking and eating just anything. they swallow one of the balloons and it can kill them. >> the fliers traced the balloons to the video game maker thq, a retail video game outlet. game stop quickly distanced itself from the fiasco saying the stunt was created by thq. the balloons drifted across the bay to treasure island. >> you can smell it and taste it. it is definitely latex. >> but thq says they were made from a 100% organ number product and a 100% biodegradable. >> it smells like balloons. like a normal balloon.
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>> it can take a very longtime for biodegradable materials to degrade when it is in the cold waters. it doesn't mean they won't be mistaken for food sources and cause damage. >> while it is not illegal to launch balloons in san francisco, it is a violation of the federal clean water act if they land in the water, even if it is biodegradable. the epa is eght having. >> the -- the epa is investigating. >> they do not discriminate what you throw in the water. but you need to show it violates and we haven't done that yet. >> and a sample of red balloons in the water is all it will take. aside from the epa, the coast guard and the city and county of san francisco are also investigating this. reporting live in san francisco, alan wang, abc7 news. >> alan, thank you. a betrayal of trust, that's what parents and teachers in the south bay are calling a scheme by two women. they are accused of embezzle
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embezzlement swindling tens of thousands of dollars from a teacher organization. lisa amin gulezian joins us live from san jose with the store. lisa? >> carolyn, the two women were in charge of a lot of money. and that money was supposed to go directly to the school behind me. it is also to support programs that might not otherwise exist. vanessa reyes who also goes by anne kemskey are accused of stealing more than $50,000 from trace elementary school's parent teacher organization or pto. a few months ago they noticed that money was missing and charges were made to target, chuck e. cheese and even a trip to legoland in southern california. >> i couldn't believe their eyes when they first started seeing evidence of this. of course we looked deeper, and the evidence became very convincing and very persuasive and overwhelming. >> trace elementary has had
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its share of problems. last year an arson destroyed much of the school. though the remodel continues, this money was earmarked for things like student field trips, pe teachers and yard duty supervisors. reyes is the former president. the treasurer is obviously in charge of the money. >> yes, there is a relationship of trust there. they are entrusted with being responsible and making sure the money is inventoried and unit -- and counted and kept up-to-date. >> reyes moved to southern california sometime last year. police have not tracked her down yet. >> both individuals are looked up to. they are tight with the organization. >> the two women were familiar faces at the elementary. but still tonight parents are outraged. >> it is even more scary. we put our trust into these people.
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>> some parents are reeling after another arrest last month. a child care worker not affiliated with the school behind me is accused of inappropriately touching girls during an after school program that took place on this campus. live in san jose, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> lisa, thank you. police arrested 10 students at uc berkeley who were protesting as part of the day of action, as it was called at schools across california. the students were arrested after they refused to leave wheeler hall. today's event was meant to draw attention to planned cuts in education. students and teachers at allendale elementary school in oakland walked out of their classrooms at 11:00 a.m. the principal lead the group through the streets to gather support from the community. >> i think that is a great idea that the kids are marching for education. education, let's go. >> it is unconscionable to cut it to the bone. these kids are our future. >> students at san francisco state protested against the
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$1.4 billion in proposed cuts to higher education. a mudslide shut down a portion of highway 1 in the north bay. both directions are closed near stinson beach. crews are working to clear debris including a large oak tree and rocks that fell on to the roadway at 7:00 tonight. the ground has been saturated by our recent string of rainstorms. a bicyclist is recovering in the hospital after colliding with a muni bus. witnesses told police the cyclist ran a stop sign coming downhill before hitting the bus. it appears he and not the bus driver was at fat. -- at fault. a fire at a hotel for the homeless in the tenderloin district displaced at least 40 people. the red cross is helping them find a temporary place to live. a nonprofit organization owns the hotel. officials say the fire appears to have started near a light well and then burned through the wall. a drug task force commander pleaded not guilty in martinez to charges he stole drugs confiscated in
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police raids and then sold them on the streets. 49-year-old norman welch pled not guilty to 28 felony counts. he is free on $400,000 bail. his friend and private investigator chris butler pleaded not guilty to the same charges. if convicted they face up to 25 years in prison. police arrested a transient in connection with the shooting death of a san francisco jewelry store owner. police found the body of len in his store last night after neighbors asked officers to check on his welfare. investigators arrested the 58-year-old after finding evidence linking her to the crime. he opened his store three months ago. a san staw clara student is suing the fbi foresee creately putting a gps tracking device on his car. the council on american islamic relations filed the lawsuit on behalf of 20-year-old asi-si. they say his rights were
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violated by not obtaining a warrant. they have said before that court decisions back the practice of using gps tracking in public spaces without a washt. -- warrant. the san bruno fire chief testified that pg&e never told his department about the large gas transmission lines running under its neighborhoods. they also told the national transportation safety board that even if he had known about the pipeline, his department's initial response wouldn't have been any different. he did say if the gas supply would have been shut off sooner, firefighters could have been in an offensive rather than defensive mode. the hearing tomorrow will focus on remote and automatic shut -- shut off valves. a board denied sirhan sirhan. he gunned down robert kennedy in los angeles in 1968. parole board members say he had not shown enough remorse and didn't understand the severity of his crime.
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he expressed his sorrow, but does not remember shooting kennedy or the five other wounded victims. one of those victims is 73-year-old william wiesle. he was a director for abc news at the time and standing in the line of fire. >> i dropped my stopwatch out of my coat pocket. i opened my jacket and my shirt was all red. i said, i've been shot. he said, get down, get down. that's all i saw. >> he apologized to wiesle for the first time at today's parole hearing. the supreme court ruled protestors who unleashed messages of hate at military funerals are protected by the first amendment. the father of a marine who died in iraq sued the west burrow baptist church for picketing with signs singing "thank god for dead soldiers." they say soldier deaths are america's punishment for tolerating homosexuality. the court ruled because they are protesting public issues, they are protected under the
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constitution. u.s. investigators say they do not believe the shooter who killed two u.s. airmen at frankfurt airport in germany was part of any sort of terrorist organization. police say he walked up to the bus, pulled out a semiautomatic weapon and started shouting "god is great" in arabic. the victimswere airmen being deployed to afghanistan. >> i am saddened and outraged by this attack. i want everyone to know we will spare no effort in learning how this outrageous act took place. >> in addition to the two airmen killed, others were injured. some of the surviving airmen grabbed the shooter when his gun jammed. a german police officer arrested them. he is identified as 21-year-old yukka. he is a devout muslim who worked at the airport. opposition forces in libya are calling on foreign governments to launch air strikes against militias loyal to moammar qaddafi. they launched an attack on rebels who control an oil
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facility in eastern libya. qaddafi's fighters briefly took control before the rebels wries el ised it back. they formed an interim government before calling for the strikes. the soldier accused of leaking classified information to wikileaks faces a capital offense. the new charges include one for aiding the enemy under the uniform code of military justice which could carry a sentence of life in prison or death. although the army prosecutors say they will not recommend the death penalty foremaning. now to something different. the new ipad as you probably heard was unveiled today amid a lot of fanfare. and it was probably introduced by steve be jos who made a surprise appearance. he has been on indefinite medical leave since the start of the year. this one product launch was one jobs didn't want to miss.
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>> the surprise appearance brought everyone to their feet. steve jobs was back on-the-job, at least for this one event. >> we have been working on this project for awhile and i just didn't want to miss today. >> jobs might have upstaged the announcement of the new i pad 2, but he may have helped to delay fierce. >> by taking control, as he does, and being in his own element, that should go a long way toward putting to rest the speculation. >> the ipad 2 is not an incremental upgrade. it is a tab let with a dual core processor that means it is faster, displays graphics faster too with two cameras to do face time apple's video calling program. and it is one-third thinner. it has a new cover design that will roughs up into a stand. and the entry price remains $499. taken together, the cam petition can't touch the ipad because they think they are still making pc's.
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>> hardware done by different companies they are talking about speeds and feeds just like they did with pc's. our experience and every bone in our body says that that is not the right approach to this. >> what we are seeing is companies like motor role law and toshiba are creating excellent problems that they will struggle to sell at a price competitive with the ipad. >> you can expect lines when the ipad 2 comes out a week from friday. the company seems confident they can roll out later this month to 20 other countries. it sounds like they have plenty of supplies. jobs proved once again he is the face of apple. >> there is more than apple than steve jobs, but he makes a hell of a difference on stage. mickey rooney pleaded with lawmakers on capitol hill to pass legislation to curb elder abuse. >> the elder abuse happened to
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me. even when i tried to speak up i was told to shut up and be quiet. you don't know what you're talking about. >> the 90-year-old actor told a special senate committee that his step-son and stepdaughter embezzled $400,000 from him over several years as they cared for him and their mother. >> i am asking you to stop this elderly abuse. i mean stop it! now. >> tragically they are most often abused by the very people closest to them, their spouses or their children. >> a recent study found 47% of elderly dementia patients living at home were either abused or neglected. charlie sheen's twin boys are with his soon to be ex-wife, brooke mueller. the "two and a half men" star handed them over after a restraining order was obtained.
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in a court filing, mueller is concerned that sheen is currently insane, her words, and claims he threatened to cutoff her head. since last night sheen has become a twitter sensation picking up a million followers. we had a wet day, but a little change coming our way now. >> sandhya patel is tracking it and is here with the latest forecast. >> as we look at live doppler 7hd, it is a quiet scene. we have a few showers but they are in the north bay, ukiah getting line rain. the rest of you are dealing with the cloud cover and even some fog in places like half moon bay. chain controls on 80 and 50. you can see it is snowing across this area. in south lake tahoe, it has been a mix. look at this time lapse. it was raining and then snowing and then it was raining. this was a mild storm. it did drop a few inches in the high country. they are still going to get a
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few more inches, but i think you will be okay to go up there tomorrow or the following day if you have plans to go skiing. here are the 24-hour rainfall totals. impressive in some areas. ben low man over two inches of rain. we had two inches in sonoma county san raver fie yell close to two -- san rafael, close to two inches. .20 in nap -- napa. when the storm did come through, we had 40 to 50 mile an hour wind gusts, primarily in the northern end of our viewing area. where do we stand? with all of the rain we have been talking about in the last couple weeks, here is where we are, above normal. santa rosa 111% of normal, oakland at 110, sacramento 102. you are really lagging behind in san jose. 83% and ukiah is at 89% of
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normal. temperatures right now in the 50s running milder than where they were yesterday. chance of showers early tomorrow morning. dry and mild for friday, and the rain returns on saturday afternoon-evening. here is the satellite and radar and the storm that moved through. it really just washed out. most of the energy missed us. we still have the potential for an isolated shower or two tomorrow morning. here is what will happen. this area of low pressure, a little moisture associated with it will move through. here is the computer animation. look for clouds tonight and a few showers. during the early morning hours and heading into the 5:00 hour for the morning commute looks fine. your evening commute looks fine. you will see sun breaks for your thursday. tonight the temperatures will be like last night. mid40s to the low 50s. tomorrow afternoon it is a beautiful one. in the south bay, low 60s from san jose to campbell. 60 degrees in san mateo. upper 50s near the coast.
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downtown san francisco is right where you should be this time of year coming in at 60 degrees. in the north bay, low 60s from santa rosa down toward novato. east bay communities, you start off with drip pecan decisions in the morning, but dry in the afternoon. inland fairfield 61, livermore 61 and around the monterey bay, sick degrees in monterey. here is your accu-weather seven-day forecast -- and a chance of early morning showers. mild readings. dry friday and rain in the north bay on saturday afternoon across the entire bay area saturday night. showery through sunday and the first part of monday. really mild, like spring-like temperatures. well biking could soon be more costly. the state is thinking about making cyclists put license plates on. >> and a big day at the white house. >> and later on "nightline." >> coming up next on
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"nightline" cops talk charlie sheen's twin sons from his home. his estranged wife questions his sanity and his father speaks out. we have the latest. we have the latest. >> and the murder of son's ♪ going to the bank without going to the bank... that's a step forward. with chase quickdeposit on your smartphone,
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to a stanford university professor received a high honor at the white house. president obama awarded a national humanities medal to the biographer known for his work profiling hughes and jackie robinson, among others. a total of 20 medals were awarded for humanities in the arts. other honorees were quincy jones and james taylor. cyclists are trying to put the brakes on a proposal to make them get license plates for their rides. lawmakers say the plan would raise $2 million for the coffers in the first year. they would have to pay to license private bikes for delivery people. kids 18 and under would be exempt. >> such a deal.
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he has been struggling for two years now. so warriors' coach decided to put yudo in the lineup and the warriors crashed the boards in washington. yudo with his first start of his nba career. he was fired up. nice moves down on the block. six points and three blocks. reggie williams showing up and showing up angry. the closing seconds of the first half and curry for three of his 29. they out rebounded the wizards. how often does that happen?
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monta ellis with the blur. the wizards come back with the deficit. young is unconscious. how about nick young falling out of bounds? the wiz with a chance to come all the way back, seconds left to send it to overtime. the warriors had a free throw and they snap the skid 106-102. mark daw rosa describes himself as a professional. he comes to the park and ready to play. world trade center giants the question is -- with the giants, what position will he play he is working at second base until sanchez works back from coulder surgery. daw rosa had surgery on his wrist and was a spectator during the world series run. daw rosa will get a ring, but he wanted to earn it. >> it was bittersweet to not be out there. after grinding at this sport for so long, but i am proud of getting that ring. i am excited to get back and be on the field again. >> he is 0 for 3 as the giants
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beat the d-backs. matt cain has elbow inflammation. a's edge the indians. but cocoa crisp was pulled over by scottsdale police and arrested on suspicion of drunken driving. the 31-year-old outfielder was released and in the clubhouse where mlb security held a meeting on the dangers of drunk driving. they say he was pulled over in his rolls royce because he cooperate stay in his lane. the team is looking into the details. the nfl's labor contract expires in less than 24 hours. if there is no deal there could be a lockout and they could go with an antitrust lawsuit. or they could extend the deadline. the player's union got a boost saying owners could not stockpile $4 billion in tv money taking away the war chest during the lockout. that's what drew brees is hoping for.
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>> look at the last two years and obviously that money surely would help their lockout cause which hopefully there is a sense of urgency on their side like our side. >> the deadline is tomorrow and the task is finding a way to split up $9 billion a year. >> that's a tough task. >> i can think of a few ways. >> "nightline is next. for lair raw beale and sandhya patetetetetetetetetetetetetetete
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