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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  March 3, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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could not have happened that way. story in a live report. >> i'm amy hollyfield live in a caltrain station. big cuts are on the table. how do you feel about caltrain's service. today's your day to speak out about weekend service and fare hikes. i'll have the story coming up. >> good morning. here's a look at downtown san francisco. low clouds hanging overhead. even light showers waiting for you this morning into the afternoon. looks like it will be dry friday but it's going to be a 50/50 weekend. >> and light showers have caused a few very early morning accidents. a new one in oakland but they're all on the shoulder. look out for that on your drive to work. >> it's a thursday at 5:00. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. it's 5:00 as kristen said. police are searching for an inmate that escaped from the jail in dublin. finding him is half the battle, finding out how he walked away from the jail is the other half.
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terry mcsweeney is live at the jail in dublin. terry, this is probably the quietest jailbreak we've ever heard of. >> absolutely. quiet when you just walk away from a jail but i just got done talking to an inmate who was properly released about a half hour ago or so. you have to go through a minimum of five doors that can only open if someone sees you and pushes a button to let those doors open. how did it happen? it's a really big question. take a look that the person the alameda sheriff's office is looking for. 21-year-old ishmael cessna. he was in a court hearing in fremont yesterday. about 6:00. 11:00 last night a fed check and he is nowhere to be found. sergeant j. d. nelson of the sheriff's office says cessna somehow made it to the area of the jail where inmates are released.
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sergeant nelson tells our media department that the sheriff's office wants to know if it's human error or an error in the jail design. he can't remember an inmate just walkin' away from the jail. and this morning we talked to a just-released inmate about why that is. >> desperate. you gotta go through three doors. they gotta press it and unlock it in order to get downstairs and then they gotta press two more of those to get out. >> not something where you can just walk out a door. >> no. too many buttons to push before you get upstairs. >> 5-6, 140 pounds and walked out of here wearing a gray sweatshirt. if you know where he is, call any law enforcement agency. they'd be glad to come and get mr. cessna. another inmate we talked to, also just released this morning, says security here at this jail
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is very tight and he says he's been to a number of jails but security here is so tight, you can't even get drugs anymore. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thanks a lot. 5:02. caltrain riders are poised to show up today at the agency's meeting to protest plans to shut down many stations, slash nearly half the service and raise rates. amy hollyfield is live with details. >> kristen, today is your day to speak out. do you want caltrain to cut service and increase fares? the answer is probably no. and the problem is caltrain officials don't want to do it either. but they need solutions. they have a budget problem, a $30 million budget deficit. and no funding source. and that is on their list of things to do, to advocate for a permanent funding source. it's the only transit agency in the bay area that doesn't have one but until then they need to
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balance the books and considering cutting weekend trains almost in half from 86 to 48 and eliminating service on the weekends. also talking about closing seven stations and increasing fares by 25 cents. so bad news all the way around. no trains on the weekends would significantly impact people getting to the city for fun events like giants games. so taking the people mover out of the mix is going to have far-reaching effects. if you want to speak out they're going to have a meeting at 10:00 this morning. public input is encouraged. it's going to be at san carlos administration office at 10:00 this morning. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> it's 5:04. speaking of meetings and hearings, federal hearings into last fall's deadly natural gas line explosion in san bruno resume at 6 a.m. but already turned up a communications problem. the fire chief testified he
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didn't even know there was a pipeline in that area. jenelle wang is live in the news room with the details. >> eric, and even if he did know, san bruno's fire chief said their initial response wouldn't have been different. it took so long for pg&e to shut off the gas, nearly 90 minutes, the firefighters were on the defensive when they could be been on the offensive. they're set to begin less than one hour from now. today they will focus on remote and automatic shouldoff valves and whether they should be installed on pipelines across the country. the explosion killed 38 people and destroyed 78 homes. there are regulations requiring utilities to notify first responders and warn residents about nearby transmission lines. >> my conversations with the residents, they had no idea they were on a pipeline. >> the chief just said a few moments ago prior to september
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9th he wasn't wire of line 132. so how do you explain that? >> i can't. >> the ntsb says 2010 third-party audit shows a serious problem with lack of awareness. they sent out 15,000 safety aware postcards with customers living near pipelines. educating people on how to recognize a leak and what to do if they think there is one. live in the news room, jenelle wang. >> it's 5:06. authorities are investigating a bizarre chase at the bay bridge toll plaza. the chp caught a man last night who climbed into a toll booth and used an underground tunnel to get into the caltrain's administration building. the officer swung the plaza about 8 p.m.. officers pulled over a driver on the bus ramp heading towards the toll plaza and asked him to get
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out of his car and that's when he ran. he dropped a gun along the way and headed into the toll booth and into the tunnel. no one was hurt during his capture. >> a santa clara college student is suing the f.b.i. for putting a gps tracking device on his car. the council on american/islamic relations is filing the lawsuit. it claims the f.b.i. violated his civil rights by not obtaining a warrant. the f.b.i. will not discuss the lawsuit but said in the past that court decisions consistently backed the practice of using gps tracking in public spaces without a warrant. >> supervisor pier is planning to kick off her candidatessy for mayor. a state appeals court ruled she was termed out. she's set to announce her run for mayor at fisherman's wharf
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tonight. they include board of supervisors president david shoe, city attorney dennis herrera and leland yee. >> quite a field there. >> you want to move to town? >> politics are not my game. watching politics has been fun for the last 25 years. a little rain out there. one spot where five seconds of really good rain. i thought i really found something but no. >> it stopped, right? >> stopped. >> that's how isolated the showers are this morning. good morning to you. i ran into the same thing. got hit twice like 20 seconds and that was it. live doppler 7 hd. still a chance of isolated showers not only this morning but also this afternoon because we still have this warm, moist flow. most of us even warmer than yesterday except santa rosa and half moon bay where we're the same or 2 degrees cooler.
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right now mid to upper 40s fairfield, santa rosa and los gatos. everybody else the low to mid-50s. with a lot of cloud cover, still pretty mild this afternoon with upper 50s to low 60s. monterey bay we could have an isolated shower. temperatures in the low 60s. let's look at your accu-weather 7-day forecast. you want some dry weather? how about tomorrow. rain's back in the forecast for the north bay saturday. for all of us sunday into monday and looks like we have a dry and warming trend for next week where we could hit the mid to upper 60s by wednesday or thursday. sounds like we have a new accident. >> we have a couple accidents on 880 but the new one is actually in san jose northbound 880 approaching first street. we have a live shot near the area. this is north 880 in the distance just over 101. so it's on the shoulder but now they might need emergency crews and that could possibly slow things down. keep that in mind. another accident on 880 in
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oakland but this one has been cleared to the shoulder as well. southbound at 29th avenue. that's been out there for a while. here's a live shot of 280 and highway 17. so north 280 looking good here through the downtown area and a good ride across the san mateo bridge. no wind advisories. pretty quiet in contra costa county. no problems on 680 at all walnut creek. eric, kristen? >> thank you. why the nation's largest online retailer is to server p. >> why you have to wait in line to be one of the first to snag one. >> a lot of great stuff at the conference from intel. >> and the hype and the hope that this year's big get-together for gameers will
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> good morning. we begin the money scope report with soaring oil prices, the highest price since september 2008. gas prices up nearly 25 cents a gallon. the economy expanded in all parts of the country in january and early february. that's according to a new federal reserve survey.
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many companies are beginning to raise prices as their costs rise. justin bieber's hair has sold on e-bay. the proceeds will go to animal rescue organizations. >> amazon is threatening to cut ties with 10,000 affiliates in california with internet sales taxes. they get paid when people click through and buy items. state proposal to force amazon to collect taxes from california customers would lead to job losses, decreased sales for the affiliate and hence decreased tax revenue for the state. no comments from amazon or for the state. >> plan on standing in line if you want to buy the apple i-pad 2 when it goes on sale next friday. apple is not taking preorders on these devices. steve jobs got a standing ovation as he walked on stage at
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center for the arts to unveil the new i-pad yesterday. jobs had a liver transplant two years ago when he went on medical leave. jobs calls the thinner, faster i-pad an amazing machine. >> when you get your hands on one, it feels totally different. all these other tablets are coming out, most even thicker than the original i-pad, nothing even approaching this. >> the i. pad 2 has a dual cord chip and two cameras. the absence of preorders means if you want on i-pad 2, you have to go to an apple store when it goes on sale 5 p.m. march 11th. >> the place to be is the moscone center. the game developers conference continues through tomorrow because of the future of an industry growing exponentially and the market showing its stuff. don sanchez was there.
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>> lots of action. the newest in video game and the advanced equipment to play them on. people talk about creative in their businesses. >> talk about practices, they talk about innovation. they talk about the future of technology. and the trend. >> here's a place to show off exploring possibilities. nintendo is launching its 3 ds november 27th. it will sell for $249.95. they're making their games more complex. intel shows off the performance chip that challenged game makers. >> the developers take a while to take full advantage of our hardware. we put a lot of god hardware over the years. our graphics are really good. >> a german company came up with games in real 3-d.
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and a new service to let you get more than 200 games free. >> the delivery mechanism where you can take any p. c. game and launch it to the web with a finger click. >> game leader electrictron nick arts has a small office to meet one-on-one and that's all. >> had a beginning in a living room in san jose. about 25 people were there. take a look around 25 years later. 18,000 people are here. in san francisco, don sanchez, abc 7 news. >> 18,000 people. and my oldest son wishes but he's got class. he'd love to be there. >> you got a favorite game? >> who, me? >> we've been playing lately. it's fun. >> it's a lot of fun. >> an easy game. younger kids can play, too. it's not violent. there's no blood spewing out of
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the fruit. >> should we dissect the weather forecast, cut it up. >> let's do that. take a look outside first and show you what's going on. we have some clouds this morning and some light scattered showers. and i can't emphasize light and scattered enough. done, very light. you can barely see any radar returns here. fog popping up in the north bay where we have a clear sky. watch out for quarter mile visibility up and down 101 this morning. let's talk temperatures. low to mid-50s except santa rosa, cooler, 44. 49 fairfield and los gatos. around the monterey bay and inland temperatures low to mid-50s. your highlights, light, isolated showers. today rain moving into the north bay saturday, spreading across the rest of the bay sunday into monday. and right now looking dry most of next week and warmer for today. it's not bad. we're pretty close to average.
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even with all the cloud cover we'll be low to mid-60s in the south bay. 59 millbrae. along the coast upper 50s but the peninsula low 60s. south san francisco 60. daly city and the sunset the upper 50s. mid-50s we'll say for the north bay beaches. upper 50s around san rafael, sausalito, vallejo. low 60s through most north bay valleys. clear lake 55 degrees. hercules, richmond, upper 50s. low 60s for the rest of the bay shore. low 60s through the east bay valley and 58 carmel, the rest of the monterey and inland low to mid-60s. tonight cloudy with low to mid-40s inland. mid to upper 40s bay shore and out to the coast. falling apart as it moves through the mountains. focussed in on the jet stream which will drive it right over us and has a little moisture. that's why we're going to have those scattered, light showers.
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hanging around through the early afternoon hours. going away tonight. tomorrow morning partly cloudy conditions. we'll see some sunshine and get overrun by high clouds during the afternoon hours. but temperatures tomorrow will be pretty much like today, upper 50s to low 60s. may hit lower 60s around the bay and inland. showers sunday and monday, temperatures cooler the mid to upper 50s but we'll hit the mid to upper 60s with sunshine wednesday and thursday of next week. here's frances with an update. >> san jose we have this overturn crash now is what they're calling it. northbound 880 near first street. apparently it's off to the shoulder but they say it's deep in the trees so they're sending emergency crews there to try and get that out of the way. at this time still not blocking any lanes and still not causing any slowing. all green out there. check out a live shot nearby just to show you how green traffic or what green traffic looks like. it's light right now. that's north 101 and that's 880
5:21 am
right across your screen. 101 as you make your way up the peninsula, an earlier accident at brisbane and quickly cleared off the freeway. heading up to tahoe for all that great snow, definitely bring your chains. you'll need them on interstate 80 and on highway 50 right now. to get more details on that and your commute to work, go to click on the bay area traffic link. eric, kristen? >> frances, thank you very much. it's 5:21. see if you believe this is even possible. >> i don't know if it is but i know it's not what you wanna hear. why the streets of san francisco could soon be a lot bumpier. >> the state thinking about bicycle owners putting license plates on their ride. >> think parking in the bay area is expensive? se
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. >> it's 15:24 on the abc 7 morning news. the bay bridge toll plaza, what you see from this view is, one, traffic is light; two, the road is a little wet throughout. keep that in mind driving to work or school. keep the speeds down a little. >> the streets of san francisco need repaving but funding could be a challenge. the san francisco examiner reports that the city has relied on borrowing money to pay for repaving streets. there's a huge backlog in infrastructure maintenance. a board of supervisors committee is expected to discuss the issue during a budget hearing later this month.
5:25 am
>> new york state cyclists are trying to put the brakes on a proposal to make them get licenses for their bikes. lawmakers say the plan could raise $2 million for new york's coffers in just the first year. people would have to pay $25 to license private bikes, twice as much for commercial bikes, kids 18 and younger would not have to get a license for their bicycles. >> if you drop a quarter in san francisco parking meters you're lucker to get ten minutes. palm beach, florida, is charging $5 to park at popular locations, a dollar and a half more than in san francisco. the council jacked up rates to make up for a budget shortfall that surprised a lot of tourists. >> in san francisco by compares son, the highest rate at a meter is -- you can probably figure this out if you did the market
5:26 am
from earlier, $3.50 per hour in the busy financial district. >> you had that. >> oh, yeah. what goes up came down hard on a video came company. the 10,000 red balloons that made some people angry. >> and i'm jenelle wang live in the news room. remote and automatic shutoff valves and whether they should be installed on the thousands of miles of transmission pipelines across the country, one of the topics at a federal hearing surrounding the san bruno pipeline explosion. >> the local officers accused of breaking the law then trying to cover it up. >> a live look at temperatures across the country. the forecast of high temperatures. cold in boston, 20. fargo, 21. but spring has sprung around st. louis. denver 63. let's take a look at the airports. all is quiet. we have snow around minneapolis, chicago, detroit. could be delays there. we'll track 'emememememememememm
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i'm amy hollyfield live in a caltrain station where riders are disapointed. they don't like the options for cuts to services. >> also this morning a noisy protest against state budget cuts in education leads to arrests on the u.c. berkeley campus. >> and a good morning! looking from our roof cam in downtown san francisco. notice low clouds are still around. light scattered showers possible in the morning through the afternoon hours. heavier rains this weekend. i'll tell you what day it will fall. >> a few accidents still no major hot spots right now. toll plaza delay-free. >> and surveillance video from a notorious drug hot spot in san francisco sparked allegations of
5:30 am
a police coverup. six officers accused of falsifying police reports. >> good thursday morning, everyone. just about 5:30. a little wet out there. keep that in mind. thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. in a half hour the third and final day of a capitol hill hearing gets underway into the san bruno pipeline explosion. federal investigators are not putting only pg&e but state regulators under the microscope. jenelle with the latest focus. >> yesterday the government questioned the california public utilities commission about its oversight of pg&e and suggested it may have not been thorough enough. today one of the topics at the hearing will focus on remote and automatic shutoff valves and whether they should be installed on thousands of miles of pipelines across the country. it took 90 minutes to shut off the gas. eight people were killed and 38 homes were destroyed. it was revealed at the hearing
5:31 am
that fights and residents had no idea there was a large transition pipeline rung through the neighborhood even though utilities are to notify first responders and warn residents about them. congresswoman jackie speier is offering a bill requiring notification of anyone living near a pipeline. >> what we need to do is tell people if they live within 2,000 feet of a transmission line and then provide the additional awareness and education. >> an article today in san jose mercury news says a sewer project just inches below the pipeline may be to blame for the explosion. the violent ground shaking may have weakening wells in the pipeline. the exact cause has still not been determined but shoddy construction has been brought up. we'll bring you the latest in the last half hour.
5:32 am
>> thanks, jenelle. 5:31 now. caltrain officials will get an earful when they take public comments on a budget-cutting plan that could eliminate numerous runs. amy hollyfield is live at the downtown san mateo caltrain station. amy? >> eric, the cuts they're proposing are huge but so is their budget deficit. they're facing $30 million in the red so officials say they have to do something drastic. they're talking about cutting weekend service entirely. getting rid of half of their weekday service, only during the peak commute hours and talking about raising fares. customers say they understand financial hardship but would like to see officials find another way to solve this problem. >> we have to do something about it because there's a lot of us who don't drive. so we need public transportation, and so they need to work on the deficit so we don't have to pay too much as it
5:33 am
is. >> and there's more. officials are also talking about closing seven stations. so look for lobbying for certain stations to start. in mountain view city officials are already crafting a plan to plead for their station to stay open. got an opinion? you can express it at today's board meeting. it's at 10 a.m.. it's going to be in san carlos, but if it goes through, expect it to go into effect in july. 5:33 now. sheriffs deputies are looking for a 20-year-old inmate who walked away in dublin. that inmate known by the name of ishmael cessna walked away from the courthouse. he faced a stolen vehicle and pursuit charges. the sheriff's office is trying to figure out if the escape was an error in the jail design or
5:34 am
if it was an employee's error. >> officers arrested 17 people that refused to leave a u.c. berkeley campus building during the protest of education budget cuts. >> shame on you! shame on you! >> police say the takeover at wheeler hall was not violent. the berkeley protest was part of a statewide day of action at schools across california. the day of protests come as washington and sacramento threaten to cut plans and other aid to help students pay for their higher education. >> the san francisco public defender says six narcotics officers may have made false reports about drug arrests at a south of market residential hotel. this surveillance video taken on the fifth floor of the henry hotel in december and january showed an undercover officer entering the unit without consents. they may have committed perjury by lying in court. the police launched their own
5:35 am
investigation. the d.a.'s office says it will also be investigating. the officers are being placed on paid administrative leave. firefighters will meet with city officials later today to reveal their offer to cut their own wages and benefits. the union is offering a 10% cut to their pay and benefits to revent layoffs. last year the firefighters refused to give up anything and 49 were laid off. both the firefighters union and san jose city council has to approve this deal but no problems are anticipated. if approved, it will save the city an estimated $6 million. >> all lanes near stinson beach are reopen following a mud slide. mud and debris came across the road yesterday. they reopened the south bound lanes last night but had to work several hours to clear debris in the northbound lane. >> it is 5:35 this morning.
5:36 am
on the way into work i felt like i was getting teased. a little rain, stop. a little rain, stop. >> kind of what it's going to be. >> kind of nickel and dimed if you want to use that phrase. not going to last more than 20 to 30 seconds but it may happen over and over, especially if you're traveling a little bit of a distance to get to work. the flow still coming ashore. a moist, a mild flow and as long as we have that moisture in the air, isolated light showers. san core lows from fremont to milpitas up to san jose heading up the sunol grade. san francisco over oakland and down in the santa cruz mountains. that's where the best radar returns are showing right now. big fog up along 101. watch for that. visibility a quarter of a mile in santa rosa. upper 40s to low 50s. by noon still mostly cloudy with
5:37 am
temperatures already hitting the mid, even a few upper 50s. by the afternoon hours we'll go partly and isolated late shower and temperatures in the upper 50s to even 60 in san jose. a look at your accu-weather 7-day forecast. dry everywhere tomorrow, rain for saturday will fall in the north bay. the rest of us will get rain sunday into monday. tuesday and wednesday drying and a little warming trend as we hit the mid 60s by wednesday. frances, you have an update? >> yeah, mike. now they need a big rig tow truck to get this car out of the trees that's overturned on the right-hand side shoulder. north 880 past coleman just before first. at first they were worried that the driver might be trapped but now they think the driver is actually gone from the car. just something to keep in mind. still not slowing traffic because it is on the shoulder. we'll check out the san mateo bridge. flowing well here westbound as you make your way out of hayward. another live shot, intersection state 80 in berkeley.
5:38 am
headlights move westbound towards the bay bridge. eric, kristen. >> frances, thank you. it's 5:37. >> still ahead, the trail of trust. the scheme that bilked tens of thousands of dollars from a parent/teacher organization of a hard-hit school. >> where did these come from? >> i think it's really irresponsible. >> 10,000 red balloons goooooooq
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>> welcome back. it's about 5:41. two former leaders of trace elementary school are being charged with embezzling $50,000 from the group. the two are accused of felony grand theft. one was arrested at school yesterday. reyes is still at large in southern california which is where she lives now. a few months ago members noticed money was missing and unauthorized charges were made to places like target, chuck e. cheese and a trip to lego land in southern california. >> couldn't believe their eyes when they first start seeing evidence of this. and then we, of course, looked deeper and the evidence became very cons convincing, very persuasive, overwhelming, in fact. >> these positions are even more scary because we put our trust into these people.
5:42 am
>> last summer an arson fire destroyed much of the school. the remodelling continues. the money was supposed to pay for things like student field trips and yard duty supervisors. >> the release of thousands red balloons in the air was to announce a lot of fanfare. it wasn't what the game developers was hoping for. alan wang has the story. >> in this environmentally sensitive city surrounded by water on three sides, the sight of 10,000 red balloons drew a less than festive response. >> okay, that seemed like a dumb idea. how could they not know these are gonna go in the waters. >> they were launched at the moscone center attached to fliers for an upcoming video game. >> i see birds walking along the embarcadero eating just anything. they swallow one of these balloons and, you know, they can kill them. >> the fliers traced the balloons to the video game maker
5:43 am
thq and game stop, a retail video game outlet. game stop quickly distanced itself from the p.r. fiasco saying the stunt was created by thq. the balloons drifted across the bay to treasure island. they say they are 100% biodegradable. >> smells like balloons, like a normal balloon. >> it can take a very long time for even biodegradable material to degrade one of them in cold waters. it is a violation of the federal clean water act if they land in the water. even if it is biodegradable. >> a sample of red balloons in the water is all it will take. aside from the epa, the coast guard and the city and county of san francisco are investigating this. reporting in san francisco, i'm alan wang, abc 7 news. >> mystery finally solved. they were floating down the
5:44 am
embarcadero yesterday. a lot of people slowing down their cars to look. causing a traffic issue as well. >> speaking of traffic issue, if this young man was walking down the street in san francisco there would be one. justin bieber, hair, raising thousands for charity. >> that would be nice, every time we got a haircut. the national football league and players to reach a new deal on a contract. the midnight deadline that could mean no football next season. >> the threat that charlie sheen says forced police to show up at his house. >> and got stuff you no longer need? next, where you can
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5:47 am
welcome back. 5:47 on this thursday. rain around eureka at 52. the central valley showers like we have. big sur a little moist, a little drizzle, 55. we'll see sunshine around l.a. and san diego, mid-60s there to 73 palm springs. the sierra we still have a winter advisory. here's kristen and eric with more news. >> mike, thanks a lot. it's 5:47. >> let's take a look at the stories we're following this thursday morning.
5:48 am
the alameda county sheriff's office is looking for a 21-year-old inmate who escaped in the jail in dublin. on tuesday this inmate just walked away after somehow making his way to a holding area where inmates are released. but he wasn't due to be released. >> the san francisco public defender has launched an investigation of six undercover cops who may have falsified reports about drug arrests and enter residents without warrants. they were captured on surveillance video. now there's concern other drug cases could be jeopardized. in germany a top security official says the suspect in the killing of two american airmen confessed to targeting the u.s. military and says he acted alone. prosecutors say the shooting's being investigated as a possible act of islamic terrorism. two other people were wounded after the gunmen opened fire on a booze carrying u.s. troops. the accused suspects shouted out god is great in arabic before he
5:49 am
opened fire. he's described as a 21-year-old ethnic albanian from kosovo. >> accused of leaking classified documents to wikileaks is charged with capital offense. the army filed 22 determine charges against sergeant man being. one for aiding the enemy under the uniform code of military justice which could carry a sentence of life in prison or death. army prosecutors say they will not recommend the death penalty for manning. >> the nfl players association face a deadline. there could be no profootball next season. it looks likely the team owners will look to lock the players out. that means no spring practice, no free agency deals and potentially no 2011 season. both sides have been meeting in washington over a week trying to avert the nfl's first work stoppage since 1987. >> want the fans to know we're
5:50 am
trying and if we don't get it done, we know we'll have let them down. >> this is going to hurt your parking lot ahe ten dants, restaurants, hotels. everybody hurts when this happens. >> it involves a percentage of money the players get from the nfl's annual revenue. they want to add two more games to the regular season schedule for a total of 18 games. >> do you gentlemen wonder what you're going to do on since between september and january. >> there may be more honey dos. >> dishes. >> try to look on the bright side, but really -- >> new york now. (laughter) >> very nice, eric. 5:50 this morning. good morning, everybody. let's talk about how calm it is this morning. look at the bay this morning. the mirroring of the lights on the bay bridge. what a beautiful picture from
5:51 am
emeryville. all right. let's take a look at live doppler 7 hd. it is picking up some radar returns. with moisture like we have right now and the radar does not bend with the curvature of the earth, you find most radar returns right around the radar. that doesn't mean we won't find some scattered light showers elsewhere. the key is they're light and scattered. we have fog, even clearing sky 101 so watch out for santa rosa and novato. about a quarter mile visibility there. fairfield and los gatos 49. low to mid-50s for the rest of us. the monterey temperatures the low to mid-50s and scattered showers light showers this morning. keep those in the forecast for the afternoon hours. heavier rain hits the north bay on saturday. everywhere else sunday and monday. next week i think we're going to break the wet pattern for about four or five days and actually warm us to above average. that's next week. it could change but looking pretty promising right now.
5:52 am
east bay valley, antioch and brentwood the central valley upper 60s. low 60s for everybody else. on the east bay shore low 60s until you round the bend to richmond and hercules. low to mid-60s the south bay today. mainly low 60s on the peninsula but millbrae, 59 there. near 60 downtown and south san francisco. as we go through the north bay valleys, we'll have low 60s for the most part. beaches mid to upper 60s. low to mid-60s monterey bay and inland. for tonight we'll have clouds and the chance of rain really diminishing. cooler, low to mid-40s inland. a quick look what's happening upstairs. cold front moving away. still a jet stream over top of us to bring this low and a little moisture with it. that's why we have chances of isolated rain today. much cooler, temperatures could be 10 degrees warmer by
5:53 am
wednesday. hi, frances. >> things getting more crowded on the east bay. the typical slowing out of antioch lone tree to summersville. a live shot of interstate 80 in berkeley. this time heading westbound look great out of fairfield. down to the bridge toll plaza. now if you're heading eastbound to check out all that great snow in the tahoe area, you will need your chains on interstate 80 and highway 50. here's the trucks being screened at truckee as they head westbound towards the bay area. bring your chains with you and you'll need them right now. the north bay commute, 101 san rafael, the ride was ruined yesterday at this time with the big rig accident. southbound a little patch of light fog there in the distance and traffic flows well all the way to the golden gate bridge. get traffic when you want by going to our website you'll find it under the bay area traffic link. eric, kristen? >> frances, thank you. >> good news if you're looking for a job.
5:54 am
>> here's jane king with this morning's "moneyscope" report. >> more signs the job market may be picking up. monster survey says job market grew in all 28 cities with san diego among the biggest gainers in the west. dallas showing a big slowdown in gains though. yesterday the labor market improved throughout the country earlier this year, helped by rising retail sales and solid growth in manufacturing. watch for more on jobs. weekly jobless claims come out today and the monthly report tomorrow. how much is a handful of justin bieber's hair worth? over $40,000 for the teen that cut his hair. the chat show host ellen degeneres with that much on e-bay. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> well, charlie sheen is sounding off again this morning. his latest tweet came just before midnight.
5:55 am
he said ready for my next fastball, world? he also posted another saying my first concern is my kids. those boys are with his soon to be ex-wife brook meuller this morning. the two and a half men star handed the boys over to authorities tuesday night under a restraining order to stay away from them. in a court filing muller says she is sure sheen is currently insane and said he would cut off his head, put it in a box and send it to her mother. he has collected 1.2 million followers in just two days. >> newt gingrich will be testing the waters for a presidential bid today. the 67-year-old republican is expected to announce today he's raising money to test whether a bid for the gop nomination is feasible. he cannot set up an official committee until he divests himself from his private
5:56 am
businesses. "fox news" avoided a conflict of interest. >> if you like to shop and shop more bargains. you should be able to find just about anything you might be hunting for if these pictures from last year's show are any indication. the consignment show has a name, a warm and fuzzy one. it's called just between the friends. one is jennifer hunsly. they got the idea for the show. >> felt there was a need in the area for new and gently used items where parents could come by consigning their items and parents could come in and purchase items from around 30 to 90% off. >> not only do attendees
5:57 am
benefit, so do local charities. most of what goes unsold will be donated i should say to a local charity helping homeless families. >> our time now is just about 5:57. still ahead on abc news at 6 a.m. an inmate walked out of jail leaving questions how he escaped as authorities try to figure out where he is now. >> how do you feel about cutting caltrain service. what about a fare hike? these are ideas on the table these are ideas on the table caltrain wou
5:58 am
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