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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  March 3, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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berkeley agreed to do to stop the dangerous demonstration. >> and the app to help you go the dangerous demonstration. >> and the app to help you go off line just
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>> they came down but they are upbeat. stawnt protestors at uc berkeley agree to leave the ledge tonight after the university gave them what they wanted. lillian is on campus for us tonight outside wheeler hall, william. >> student protestors claiming victory tonight after seven hours they say university officials finally agreed to some of their demands. 8 protestors received victory hug after they emerged from the hall for nearly seven hours they stood on the building 4 story ledge bound together with
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pvc pipe, duct tape. >> did it seem long. >> no it went very, very quickly. >> do you think you could have stayed there much longer. >> i don't know. i don't know. when you are fighting for a cause you believe in you can do plenty of things. >>reporter: started out with nine protestors but one got arrested soon after when he tried go back in the building. came to protest fighting against since 2009. budget cut for higher education and ongoing fee hook. stun on the ground came to show their support for those about perched above. >> we are the fun days of the university and if they keep pushing us to pay more fee and more fee and will cut down those who can attend the school and it's a serious lack of diversity. difficult divorce ty situation here is already awful. >>reporter: many were prepared for all nighter but when news broke that the protestors struck a deal with university officials crowd erupted in cheers. officials agree to release the stunt without handcuff. drop criminal charges against the 18 protestors arrested over the past two days and meeting betweenu! students and chancellr
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bergeron. >> we have this administration who makes all the san diegos for everybody on campus a.lot of people here would lick to be involved with those decisions and we don't have any any system for that at this upon the. we would lick that. that is basically what we have been fighting for for a long time. >> that meeting with chancellor is supposed to be a town hall type gathering. as for wheeler hall item open tomorrow for normal activities. live at uc berkeley, 7 news. >> thanks lillian. >> there's a late development in the investigation of 6 san francisco police officers accused of possible coverup. we learn late tonight that the fbi is getting involved investigating possible civil rights violations and other potential crimes by these narcotics officers. san francisco public defender says this video from henry hotel shows undercover officer entering a room without consen consent. in fact the public defender shows officers may have committed perjury relying in court. department launched
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internal investigation. district attorney is also lacking into this. officers are on paid administrative leave. >> san jose firefighters union in the city announce an agreement today to prevent another round of layoffs. firefighter union has agreed to continue percent reduction in both pay and benefits as well as other concessions. this afternoon the city accepted the offer. last year the city laid off 49 firefighters after the union declined to macon sessions. this agreement is expected to save the city about 30 million dollars over two years. union will vote to ratify the deal this weekend. >> federal hearing into the san bruno pipeline explosion in washington, d.c. ended today. pg&e announced would it send let investigators all of the customers who live with 2000 feet of the pipeline. they will also he can panned the peninsula pilot program that replaces manual valves with remote or automatic shut off valves. the national transportation safety board safety board hopes to finish the report of the cause of the explosion by september. for the first time president obama today called
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for lybian leader gadhafi to step down. >> the violence must stop. l omar ka dave has lost legitimacy to lead and he must leave. >> the president ordered plans that would allow u.s. forces to act quickly if the situation in libya key tier 88th. 2 more ships carrying more than 1,000 marines have moved into the mediterranean sea closer to libya. today was the president's first public statement on libya since violence erupted between rebel and those loyal total gadhafi. the president also directed humanitarian assist tan to the lybian border and approved the use of military aircraft to help egyptians return home. the unrest in libya is having a direct impact on fuel prices here at home. over the past week gas license has jumped about 20 cent a gallon and in the bay area it's not uncommon to see gas above 4 dollars a gallon. cecelia reports. it will be 5
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dollars. >>reporter: just about every day you see the praise at the pump go up and up, you are fought seeing things. it is not your eyes. item a fact. triple a says the average price for gallon today in california is 3.81. yesterday it was 3.78. and just last week, 3.6 3.60. >> certainly we have been seeing 3 cents here 3 cent there and over all if you were to look at the past week we are talking about 18, 19 cents depending on where you are in the bay area. so it is an above average increase. >>reporter: above average. that's code for painful. especially for the people who have to drive for a living. people like earl l of this produce market. now it's not just the delivery man paying more as gas praises rise. price at the pump trickle down. >> we fold the praise increase of gas no a cost of doing business and we add it to our bottom listen and cost of the product going out to the customer. >>reporter: in san francisco it is not unusual to see the
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price pass 4 dollars. even though the average is 3.87. cab company owner john thankful for a city ordinance requiring cab to reduce the mission. alternative vehicle make up most of his fleet. >> really been a good play for us to do that and the city to require us because drivers put an afternoon of 120 to 150 miles a shift and gas prices are going from 60 to 80 to 90 dollars in a 10 hour period. >>reporter: but not all taxi drivers are so lucky. >> before i would say 19, 20, 21 dollars for a 5 hour shift and now i'm spending 24 to 30 dollars. yes less money for m me. fortunately i have a freight wife. she has a good job. >>reporter: fortunately for him is right. triple a says no telling how bad it gets. trying to predict who is going to win the superbowl. analyst say the national average today 3.43 is going to reach 3.50 by
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next week and probably quite a few folk in the bay area willing to pay 3.50 a gallon compared to what we are paying right now. this is 7 news. >> from the high cost of gas to high produce prices which are putting a straining on bay area food bank. second harvest santa clara county is feeling the pinch. freezing temperatures this winter followed by excessive rain caused short annual of crop. prices have shot up 25%. >> that means that we are having to pay mr. for what we can get and we are actually having to compete with people like retail grocery chain that we normally wouldn't compete with to get what produce we can find. >> second harvest is spending half million dollars of it reserve fund to continue meeting the need of the community. without that extra spending they would be short 3 million meals. >> san jose police arrested a driver accused of beast another man with a hammer in a road rainñi attack. grave-year-old william moss of san jose was arrested yesterday on charges
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of assault with a deadly weapo weapon. investigators say moss cut off another driver on san an degree as boulevard then jumped out of the car when the other driver made a gesture at him. they say moss hammered the driver several times on his body and head. the victim was treated at the hospital. he did not suffer life threatening injuries. approximately another attack on a worker at napa state hospital. the patient accused in the assault is expected to make his first court appearance a early ago tomorrow. 30-year-old jesus hernandez to bar arrested and charged with sexual battery an attempted rape in an attack on female psychiatric technician. nurse came to the tech rescue and to bargain attacking her as well. workers have demanded more security sin last year murder of psychiatric tech donna gross and an attack on a third pig. >> now 2 day and still no sign of the 21-year-old inmate who escaped from the jail in dubli dublin. he had returned from the court appearance tuesday night. he wasn't discovered missing until 11:00 p.m. when
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guards did a head count. they think he may have just walk ou out. >> during our own internal investigation the find out how this happened escape out of this jail are very rare and we are not sure if this was some sort of a fing make of the facility that allowed him to escape or was there a human error involved. >>reporter: he was arrested last saturday night on suspicion of stealing a vehicle and evading police. those charges were dropped at tuesday court hearing but he was still being held on an immigration matter. officials believe he may be headed back to mexico where he is from. >> still to come tonight. apple 100 dollar give away. i pad owner eligible just ahead. >> and i'm at least thinking what other people are doing or what i will do later. >> sound familiar? then you are just the kind of person targeted by a new app. helps you unplug for a day. >> auto maker with a serious case of arack no phobia.
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>> closed captioning brought to >> here's a challenge. could you give up the cell phone computer and social networking site for just wawb day? item a challenge that starts tomorrow. lisa tells us how this annual effort is trying something new this year to get people to unplug. >> all day long every day. black berry. computer. . >>reporter: ever thought about how much time you spend in your technical world? >> i think my phone and lap top is probably 95 percent of my life. >>reporter: how about reconnecting with the world around you. shutting off everything and going through a digital detox? no facebooking. tweeting. or texting. nothing. that is what the national day of unplugging is about. >> we felt that there needed to be a balance brought back into life and that people could use a pause from technology. >>reporter: non-profit reboot
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challenge people nation width and worldwide to ditch all the gadget for 25 hours starting tomorrow at sundown to sat at sundown. will you take part in national day unplugging. >> friday to sat? l probably not. >>reporter: to make things agent easier reboot has created an app called help though suffering from tech withdrawal. app sends a message to the facebook and twitter pages letting your friend know you have checked out for the national day of unplugging. once you reconnect and start posting again, the message disappears. >> we absolutely recognize the irony we are using a high tech device to pro met a low tech day but that's basically the best way to get the word out. >>reporter: it was enough to convince some die hard tech addict to step up to the challenge. >> i'll do it. >>reporter: even down loaded the app on the spot. >> l remy yes to this message to confirm. >>reporter: for others no budging.
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>> i'm too attached to my phone. >> i think good luck. >>reporter: national day of unplugging started las year. lisa, abc 7 news. well the huge popularity of the i pad and other tablet computers could soon put a mainly strain on public wi-fi services. experts say wi-fi was sdoond for lap top that sit in place rat than tablet that move around with you potentially breaking the connection. many wi-fi network also need to be upgraded to handle the increase of user streaming video. wi-fi network in schools and hospital are especially vulnerable. >> you look at hospital environment. lives at risk when you can not xun indicate between a room and the system between different devices in hospitals and so forth. >> experts say until advance wi-fi network in place, the perform an of the tablet will varies a you move around >> >> apple doesn't want any sour grapes over recent i pad purse so if you bought first generation i pad and the past two weeks your receipt will get
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you 100 dollar reif you said to match the current price. apple lowered prices yesterday when it unveiled the i pad 2. >> judge given the okay to make target to pay for how workers threw away toxic material. june approved a settlement requiring target to pay 22 million dollars for proper disposal of pesticide paint chemical and other hazardous material. target developed new policy since the fut was filed two years ago. >> concerns about spider web have led mazda to recall the 20092010 model mazda 6. enough room in the vent for spied tore crawl in spin a web and approximately make a web and could cause problems. the spokesman has no idea why the spider like the mazda 6 so muc much. >> we enjoyed lovely day out there. let's check in with sandy. will stay warm. >> it is indeed. but cool down
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for the second half of your weekend. you know that washington come. photo sent by peggy to you report powered by you tube. she captured this photo of the cloud offer san martin. could see a beautiful buildup of cumulus clouds. nice looking day. these were fair weather cumulus. reheate reheated. left overs. not the food. the moistures from yesterday. here's what it lacked like in other part of the bay area today. high definition camera. fog was just rolling in at the time the sun was setting at 6:05 and tonight we have fog along half moon bay. visibility is down to a quarter of a mile so you know tomorrow during that commute you are going to have to deal with the fog. temperatures right now in the 40's and the 50's. coastal low cloud patchy dense fog sunny and spring like tomorrow and rain developed for your sat evening. so tonight we watch the fog along the coast and it will form possibly in the valley of the north bay. the fog will then pull back away
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from the coast line allowing us to enjoy another nice looking day. today temperatures range from the 50's at the beaches to the 60's around the bay and inland and we are expecting similar readings if not even slightly warmer in some areas tomorrow. overnight tonight look for cooler temperatures. we look at mid 30's in santa rosa to the upper 40's in places like san francisco and everyone else pretty much in between. here's satellite radar here's the the area of high pressure that provided us with a nice spring like day. tomorrow count on more of the same. mainly sunny mild but by saturday evening changes are coming. don't worry. this is not going to be a big soaker. this storm system much like the rest, the last one will bring us some moisture. front will tap that this moisture here and we get agent bit of rain beginning sat evening continu continuing right through sunda sunday. if heading to tahoe tomorrow look fine. partly cloudy. by saturday snow rain mixing in. 48 degrees after 16 degree morning and sunday is going to start out in the mid 20's getting up into the mid
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40's with few showers lingering if heading up to the high country. highs for your friday in the south bay mostly upper 60's. 69 in los gatos. 68 degrees in san jose. beautiful day on the peninsula. mid 60's for palo alto menlo park the fog is going to hold the temperatures down a little bit along the coast license so we go with upper 50's. downtown san francisco mix of sun and high cloud. 62 degrees. get up in the north bay and it is a pleasant day as well. very much looking like about l where it should be around springtime. 66 in santa rosa napa we get an early taste. east bay 65 oakland fremont head inland temperatures in the mid upper 60's. 67 in livermore and around the monterey bay 67 degrees in santa cruz up to 70 in salina. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast upper 50's to upper 60's tomorrow. rain sat evening into sunday. few lingering showers on monday. temperatures remain mild. really right through the next 7 days. 50's. 60's. can't beat
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that. >> it is very enjoyable. >> absolutely. >> thanks. >> think your move make elaine look like a good dancer. why >> think your move make elaine look like a good dancer. why it could be all in your head. go! go! completing an atm deposit in record time... that's a step forward. go! go! with deposit friendly atms, you can make ultra fast, secure deposits with no slips or envelopes. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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. >>my santa clara university abt to be in hot water based to solar panel company one of the headlines from tomorrow morning silicon valley business journal our media partner. they are installing a powerful solar installation on the student union building where the cafeteria located. panel will help the building provide 200 degree water for cooking and cleaning. and the sba approved a sunnyvale company device for treating excessive under arm sweat. the lab developed something to zap sweat glands and read about it more in the san jose business journal. >> got 2 left feet? it may be all in your head. if you look like elaine from seinfeld when you dance, the problem might be a brain chemical called gamma amino acid. oxford university
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researchers release a study today that shows a decrease in gamma gives some people the ability to master motel skills quickly. this finding could lead to break through for stroke patients. if researchers can regulate gamma they could restore movement to people who lost it. >> most people didn't have good machlt to begin with. >> larry is here now with sport. >> are you questioning my gamma level. >> i'm not. >> she was. sharks no doubt about this. they are overflowing with gamma right now. they refuse to lose. daby heatley. look at the now. they refuse to lose. daby heatley. look at the gamma right here
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>> good evening. shshing like a first of nature right now simply can't use. refuse to lose. beat detroit 6 in a row for the men in teal. village people come back. get back together. ring leader there? start ymca any second? danny heatley. on the door
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step. knocks in the rebound 1 nothing shark. second period 1-1 game. shark off the face off. joe puts it right on. heatley stick. mcdonald no chance. 2-1 shark. late in the third. marlow raising in. wins the jouingt with the net and he misses the empty nest. hear about that. shark won 8 straight. 3-1 the final. women hoop tonight. stanford versus cal. cardinal add another championship on the banner. cal hanging tough early. she put cal up 5. look at this great body control. convert the lay up. relentless with the d. cardinal finishing a perfect 18 and o record in conference 75-51. on the day the contract was expiring nfl owner and players agreed to 24 hour extension and they may extend that for another week. a lock out could have gone into effect tonight but after eight
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hours of talk with the mediator in washington 2 sides agree to keep the dialogue going. not clear how much progress being made. president obama says he won't get involved in the talk but he want players and owners to avoid a work stomach an. >> i'm a big football fan but i also think that for an industry making 9 billion dollars a year in revenue they can figure out how to divide it up in a sensible way. so my expectation and hope is they will resolve it without me intervening because it turns out i have got a lot of other stuff to do. >>reporter: ease kind of busy. russell gone but not forgotten. oakland house reportedly on the verge of foreclosure. documents indicate the 1 time raider quarterback got more than 30 million signing bonus. owes 195,000 dollars in back morm payments. robert gallery about to become x-rayeder himself. taken second in the 04 draft.
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couldn't play tackle moved to guard. raiders say he wanted 8 million a year they wanted him back at 2.5 million. not going to work. gallery will test the free agent market. on to baseball. skipped the start because of elbow inflammation. giant will keep an eye on that an buster played and made the presence felt. buster this pitch. i think they picked it up on russian raid avrment sandy got it on doppler. you 4 50 feet. a and brewers oakland showing off agent bit of a long ball after an andy homer. fan would rat sun bathe. almost got hit with the ball. good for the souvenir, dude. agent effort, please. a's lose. he was if gamma deficient i believe. >> i think you are right. >> didn't move well. >> enjoying the sun. >> thanks larry sky "nightline"is up neck. for larry thanks for joining us "nightline"is up neck. for larry thanks for joining us we'll be back tomorrow night
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morning news starts at 4:30. good tonight for now morning news starts at 4:30.
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