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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  March 5, 2011 8:00am-9:00am PST

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in the news this saturday morning, march 5th, fallout from the foreclosure crisis. and oakland school officials prepare to send layoff notices to hundreds of teachers. >> i'm meteorologist kristine hanson, live look outside, sunshine and also some rain, we'll talk about and have the complete forecast coming up. >> thanks so much for joining us. it's 8:00 right now who this saturday morning. i hope you are having a good day so far. >> there is new down side to the housing market in the iron
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triangle. vacant and foreclosed properties are turning into garbage dumps. as soon as they clean up one trash this one yard another one pops up. tomas ramon has more. >> this is the horror. she lives next to the empty lot in richmond's iron triangle. >> i see people coming in with trucks. they dump rubble, they dump couches, everything. >> today it's garbage that sits next to her home. food and clothes and other trash that she says is unhealthy. >> i call all the time about this. it has rats and mice. >> it's a constant battle to keep the area clean. >> how long have you been here? >> three years. >> how long has the problem been going on? >> three years. >> she complained directly to richmond city councilman. he was showing spots where illegal dumping is common place.
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>> foreclosed homes, vacant homes, allies like this, people are out there doing like this they don't want to pay the fees to go to the dumps. >> had some of them are off of alleys like this. this one has contains takeners of hazardous waste. neighbors say that crews come in all days of the day or night to come in. >> they are going to try to get cameras to try to catch the people dump in the act. >> they will be here on the corners where we see consistent dumping and they will be able to track down and prosecute. >> the fine for illegal dumping is $1,000 he wants to go farther. >> a lot of people get a slap on
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the hand and they think they pay a little fine and that is it. i think jail time needs to happen. >> we have link to the bay citizens original support on this issue at under see it on tv. >> on wednesday the oakland school board is expected to send out layoff notices to teachers and counselors. the district is pray bracing for the possibility of losing $12 million from k-12 if they have to slash state funding. the proposed budget but it depends on a texas extension and keep cuts in other extensions. they have a march 5 deadline. >> california teachers association, president of the association will be talking about the state budget crisis with 500 teachers. david sanchez shown with east
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bay teachers is calling on educators for a rally. it will coincide with a deadline. teachers will rally in support of the governor's plan and ask voters to approve a five-year tax extension. governor brown says there is a good chance some time next week they will approve that special election. >> an. a student called saying she is afraid of her own teacher. an investigation is underway. but other students of the class are coming to the teacher's defense. lisa amin gulezian reports. >> i know you are scared. >> we now know what led up to atherton's police department emergency response to the school on tuesday. this 911 call came at 2:24 p.m.
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>> they are going crazy. >> the teacher is going crazy? >> yes. >> the struind is talking about john haynes. >> started calling us names and throwing things. >> and 13-year-old go to the girl's bathroom. on her way out she borrowed her friend's cell phone. >> when police arrived they found a calm classroom and teachers. >> the district is investigating and haynes is on paid administrative leave. >> they released this statement saying quote we firmly support the right of teachers to be treated fairly. we also take our responsibility to protect students extremely fiercely. edgar martinez was in his math class that day. >> students and parents are
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supporting haynes who has been a teacher here for 11 years. >> do you trust your kids with him? >> yeah, absolutely. absolutely. i'm hoping he is going to come back and my son is going to have his class. >> they expect to complete its investigation next week. richmond police are investigating a shooting death of a man sitting in his car yesterday afternoon. it happened at 3:30 yesterday behind kennedy high school at south 45th street. no students were injured but some may have seen what happened. 26-year-old victim died when someone walked up and fired several rounds into the white cadillac. police believe he may have been targeted. >> a man who escaped a jail in dublin has been caught. they arrested him early yesterday morning at an apartment complex in fremont. they have been looking for him since tuesday when he walked out
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of jail. he was being held on a possible immigration violation. >> this morning, plainclothes police unit is off the streets of san francisco. the interim chief suspended all six plainclothes officers. they are accused of illegally conducting drug raids. it shows drug bust at a south of market hotel. the officers failed to identify themselves properly and searched without a proper warrant. >> i'm going to look at the plainclothes operation. i'm going to look at everything. we're going to audit the entire operation on this department and anything involved plainclothes operation. >> the cases involving narcotics officers have been dismissed and more are under scrutiny. f.b.i. along the district attorney and san francisco police department are conducting separate investigations into the drug raids.
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>> yesterday, hundreds of east bay high school students rallied outside oakland city hall to protest the city's gang injunction in the fruitvale district. a successful is set to decide to issue a preliminary version of the injunction. if it passes about 40 suspected gang members will have restrictions placed on their movement. they say it unfairly targeted latino youth. >> a brave 84-year-old woman took matters into her own hands after an intruder broke into her home. >> last sunday, she woke up to someone breaking down her door and then saw a man coming toward her bedroom. that is when she had the.38 caliber revolver and fired a shot. then she called police who say
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these won't face charges. >> as a homeowner you are allowed to possess a weapon and defend your property. she was well within our right to do. >> she says she has never fired the gun in the break than in. >> coming in next, the good and bad economic news, what to make of the encouraging numbers and rising gas prices. >> also the governor brings his campaign for a vote on taxes
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so where's the fiber? maybe it's in the honey clusters. [ male announcer ] fiber one. cardboard no, delicious yes. they call it stagflation but is the economy growing out of it? there is mixed news with some signs looking up. consumer spending and job growth look up. but one important indicator is
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rising costs in fuel. lindsay davis tracks the good news and t.j. winnik tracking the bad news. >> we have had months of positive concern. >> there is all this fear out there and it goes a long way to make prices going up. >> good news, a substantial 222,000 jobs created in the private sector. huge gains across the board. including 33,000 jobs in manufacturing, 33,000 in construction and 34,000 in health care. >> it doesn't it does look like we're finally getting out of the woods? >> the optimism is warranted. >> you get the sense maybe the job mark has finally turned a corner. >> i think it turned in the right direction. >> so you are looking at the jobs? >> definitely. >> but those numbers of last month.
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now americans are facing $4 a gallon gasoline. >> i think the price of gas in ridiculous. >> in libya, 17th largest oil producer is partially to blame. nelson valdeds picked a heck of a time to start his own career business. >> even $45. >> and rising gas prices take a huge toll on the overall economy. each one is increasing gas prices means $1.2 billion in consumer spending over a year. in the past month alone, the economy lost $41 billion. >> if costs go up to ship goods, that is going to be passed on the to consumer. all this extra fuel costs has to get passed on to the consumer. >> investors are hopeful. the dow is up 5% since the start
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of the year. >> but the housing market lagged median housing prices are 30% lower than their all time high in 2005 and million families are losing their homes to foreclosure. this was the scene in atlanta has hundreds lined up for federal assistance in cutting mortgage payments. >> it's making less money. >> with consumer confidence the highest it's been in three years more people are spending which will hopefully keep the economy growing. >> a major group of bay area business leaders are now supporting governor brown's proposal to extend tax increases for five years. the governor met with the bay area council yesterday afternoon in san francisco. it's members include most of the biggest investment businesses in northern california. they want to decide in a june special election, whether to consider temporary increases in the sales taxes and vehicle taxes, those increases are set to expire this year. >> the fact is that california's
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$25 billion in the red. it has been living to some degree degree fantasy. >> many are opposed to the tax plan. san francisco mayor only needs the votes of a few supervisors to be interim mayor. lee was sworn in as the city's 43rd mayor in january. city ethics rules prohibit outgoing mayors to be appointed for city jobs for at least a year. so he needs voter approval to return to a city administrator job. just before yesterday's deadline the supervisors approved a june ballot measure asking voters to change the rule. >> enjoy your forecast today. because changes are on the way. >>. >> we do have a nice day ahead.
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saturday is going to be great. as we take a look at this morning. can see the clouds thickening up over the area. i'll tell you when to expect the storm system coming up. >> also next, the warriors make a late comeback in boston led by monte ellis. highlights in this morning's sports. well this year our garden's simply amazing.
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welcome back on this saturday morning, about 8:19 right now. i just love it. it's mild. it's really nice out overall. no traffic or air rain delays or flight delays to report right now. enjoy it while you can. changes are on the way. meteorologist kristine hanson is in for lisa argen. hi, nice to see you. >> and you can see the clouds, it looks like it may be cool outside and mid to upper 60s, maybe 70 in some spots. so we have this moving you can tell it's coming in from hawaii. let's go outside. gorgeous day on the slopes.
8:20 am
no problems getting up and down road wise. the snow is fresh and crisp and in the teens and 20s. and downtown san francisco, pretty day as i mentioned. we've got sunshine and a little bit of hazy visibility right now. but no visibility problems because of fog. we are seeing some high cloud cover just over the northern portion of the state. this system is what we saw later yesterday afternoon. throughout the overnight hours, you can see it's cleared out with a little bit of rain to the north of us around the california-oregon border. a few high clouds rolling in. 51 right now. in downtown san francisco, 52 in antioch. 49 fremont. 40s oakland, 47 in napa. overnight low of 48. 48 degrees in santa rosa. hard to believe with the cloud cover it's going to be this mild of a day but it will.
8:21 am
the rain arrives tonight. most of us will see the rain early tomorrow morning and then that will turn to showers by sunday afternoon. then the cold air comes in and that's when we expect more extensive snow, down to 2,000 feet. so today increasing cloudiness we saw that the storm system that is going to produce the rain overnight tonight and again starting in the north bay. so by this evening around 7:00, light rain moving in to northern marin and also sonoma counties. by overnight hours start to see close to the san francisco and then look at the heavy rain comes through, and mild air mass got a lot of moisture to it. and late sunday, chilly again, showers popping up offshore that will move over us, as well. for today, plenty of sunshine south bay. partly to mostly sunny. 66 cupertino and menlo park.
8:22 am
67 in pacifica. downtown san francisco, 62 degrees, mostly sunny skies. increasing cloudiness in the north bay. 64 in sonoma, 65 in napa. 63 degrees in san leandro. cool start in we have the 70s and 71 in gilroy and hollister yesterday. here is your seven-day outlook. so the rain will continue throughout the early morning hours turning to showers tomorrow. then as we mentioned colder air moving in behind it. that is what will produce snow in the sierra. dry weather tuesday and wednesday and probably thursday and friday, as well. >> nice stretch of sunshine there. >> it feels good. >> thanks so much. >> had let's check in with sports. this afternoon, stanford plays
8:23 am
cal at the pavilion. last regular day before the top ten tournament. this morning, there is no agreement between the n.f.l. and players union. it's stim still time to avoid the walkout. >> outside an agreement between league owners and the players union, this is as good as it gets. the two sides extended the collective bargaining agreement with a new deadline is next friday. both sides say the extension is a sign of progress is being made. here is the 14 points, how to divide the revenue. rookie wage scale. expanding the season from 16 games to 18 and benefits for retired players. the commissioner had these words yesterday. >> i repeated over and over again, this is going to get resolved through negotiations, not through litigation. >> former cal bear, lorenzo
8:24 am
alexander is five-year veteran. a back-up player to the washington redskins, i asked him yesterday when he thinks an agreement might be reached. >> i think we'll probably get something done. i think they're going to have another extension and get something done. both sides are finally realizing that we need to get something done. fans in a recession a we are trying to figure out how to pay our way, pay our mortgage. pay our child's healthcare. so you definitely don't want to turn the fans off and both sides are starting to realize that. >> 11 days ago, troy murphy was trade today golden state. first game in the celtics uniform against former team,
8:25 am
golden state. david lee a right-handed jump, 26 points, 12 rebounds. monte ellis, high degree of difficulty. it started a huge night for monte. while in the second quarter, the basketball is a hot potato, kevin garnet to ray allen, jeff green, throwing it down. allen would hit his first shot, boston led by 18 at one point. the warriors rallied behind monte. with john rondo takes it in and scores. later in the fourth, the play from david lee keeps it alive. to monte in the corner, the 3, got it. ellis had 41 but couldn't get over the hump. paul pierce, celtics hold on 107-103. >> nicks and cavaliers from madison square garden, baron davis had it gone going.
8:26 am
carmello anthony driving for the tie. that is a charge on mello. cavs' losing streak ends. they get the win. >> and the last four months, giants world series trophy has seen more of this country than i have in my entire life. if you are one of the seven people that hasn't seen it. tour continues in scottsdale, giants and brewers, brandon phelps a name made to are baseball. she now .375 and 5-0 giants after 1. jeff pitched well and miguel tejada some range and. it's okay right there. it placed aaron rowland and giants beat milwaukee 7-2. >> in glendale, they downed the dodgers, zito cave gave up one run. a's fell to the rangers 7-3.
8:27 am
>> big events later today, locally, cal and stanford on the court in men's basketball and the sharks go for a ninth straight win when they host dallas. have a great day everyone. >> next at 8:30 the revolution in libya, rebels celebrate their first military victory taking control of an oil port city. >> in washington, the smart san food this is a strawberry pop-tart.
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this morning, libyan rebels are celebrating their first military victory. taking control of an oil port city. they are fighting for muammar khadafy took back a city that rebels held close to tripoli. >> this morning, fighting continues west of tripoli, close
8:30 am
to the capitol than ever before and forces loyal to khadafy tried to crush the rebellion but there are reports that rebels are fighting back. both sides declare victory. >> a small, peaceful protest is threatening enough. police open fire with tear gas and rubber bullets. >> at the heart of the struggle here, libya's largest refinery is still operating but guards to the gate and worries about the future. >> what is happening outside the gate, the refinery. >> i'm trying to say, we are libyan. we are for the whole country. >> by some estimates, crude oil production here has dropped by 50% or more, a massive hit to
8:31 am
the small economy. another huge hit, cheaper foreign workers leaving by the thousands. >> this is the last stop for many refugees leaving libya, right beyond this gate this is tunisia where they hope to find a camp. most of the workers out of tripoli that have come here to get out of the country because there is no more work. just beyond the gate here, that is libya, the part that colonel khadafy still controls. >> some african workers say that it's too dangerous, they feel targeted. despite the rebon bell yon, the impact and continuing protests. khadafy has a large and loyal power base. libya is split in two and could
8:32 am
day that way for a long time. >> in his weekly address, president obama is calling on both parties to come together and pass a budget that cuts wasteful spending. >> my administration has put forward specific cuts that meet congressional republicans halfway. i'm prepared to do more. we'll finish the job together by sitting at the same table, working out our differences and finding common ground. >> the president made his comments while advice financing a miami high school with jeb bush. next week the senate will consider two different budget proposals. the votes will indicate how far apart they are on budget issues. >> a fight between democrats and republicans on capitol hill. the battleground is the cafeteria. >> when nancy pelosi became speaker, this was his pet project, she replaced the freedom fries bringing in
8:33 am
locally grown organic food and lots of identical go. >> she made everything about this cafeteria more environmentally friendly, everything is recyclable, no more plastic, forks and knives are made out of a corn based material now. the problem it doesn't work so well. you see the spoon -- well, they tend to melt after a while when they have been in your soup. >> now republicans say enough is enough. they have had it. the $475,000 a year it costs to truck it all out to a kom posting facility in virginia. >> it takes more energy and it doesn't work and costs more money. >> a democrat who rides to the capitol on his bicycle is fighting back. >> we will not go quietly. >> ultimately this is what america will do. this is what progressive
8:34 am
employers are doing. if congress wants to set an example by taking a step backwards, so bee it. >> it's not just the cafeteria. pelosi has set out to michael the capitol a beacon of environmentalism. of making plans to install solar panels. republicans are cutting all of it. >> kristine hanson is here with the forecast. >> yeah, we're going to take a look first of all whether or not we're going to see rain today or tomorrow. this is a live picture from emeryville looking across the bay. it's been pretty quiet outside right now. but, how long will that last, more coming up. >> also ahead, high speed rail or high speed pork. how much money we're spending on something that some say y y y y
8:35 am
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welcome back on this
8:37 am
beautiful saturday morning. look the blue skies, this is a live picture from roof camera, hd roof camera looking at the city of san francisco financial district. enjoy the day today. it's really mild. it's going to be dry. changes are on the way, kristine hanson will have the first full forecast three minutes from now. >> many people contend high speed rail is a good green idea that will reduce traffic congestion and benefit the environment while creating house of jobs. others call it a prime example of wasteful government spending. which is it? transportation reporter heather ishimaru has an in-depth look. >> the current price tag is about $43 billion for an 8-mile all electric line between the bay area and anaheim. this is the animation how it might look, zipping at a speed of 220 miles an hour. the high speed rail authority wants the federal government to
8:38 am
pay about half the costs. after that and nearly $10 billion in voter approved bonds, there is still nearly $15 billion gap. >> it's absolutely crazy. the world over, high speed rail are heavily subsidized by government. they don't pay for themselves. they don't make a profit. >> stanford professor of private management did an analysis of whether high speed rail is a good use of taxpayer's money. he says on it is not. it will always need a government subsidy and better use of the money in these times and he says it costs too much for what it offers. >> it's not the future. we don't need it. we have perfectly good highways and we very good air transport this which has a lot of advantages. >> in about 20 years time, we'll have 12 million more people. we need more roads and more ways of moving people throughout the state. this is planning for our future. >> they have criticized him for
8:39 am
being biased since she lives along the corridor where the train would pass. >> it doesn't depend on my feelings or where i live. >> the rail authority says there is no way around government investment of a project this size and it can't be legally subsidized once operational. >> high speed rail is a ui at the any of them for republicans -- >> they say there are good arguments for and against. >> it's not going to make the country independent of oil. nor is it going to solve our climate issues. >> it is a step in a direction. >> u.c. berkeley's institute director have analyzed current ridership projections. he says they are unreliable. possibly too high or, too. >> low because the formula is
8:40 am
faulty. he won't offer an opinion whether the project is an example of wasteful government spending but he will say this. >> an alternative is going to be needed. either we need to expand highways or we're going to expand airport capacity and increase the number of flights or some combination of this. all this such as california high speed rail. >> the obama administration gave the rail authority more than four million dollars which will go toward building the first segment in the central valley. heather ishimaru, "abc 7 news." >> we have a special visitor today. >> lisa is enjoying the morning off. >> yeah. >> mother daughter day. >> she is enjoying it today and who knows what tomorrow will bring. i do. >> you are going to tell us. >> this is a live picture from
8:41 am
mount sutro looking back over the city toward the golden gate bridge. isn't that beautiful. a little bit hazy, if you look at the marin headlands. that is because we have conditions. no wind to speak of right now. we have a little bit of high cloud cover but sunshine. variable high cloud cover will increase as the day progresses. right now we are looking few high clouds overhead but most of that is thin and this a little bit of rain to the north of us. the rain will continue to produce more than an inch of rain, especially for the north bay areas, but will look for less than that as it moves over the area the storm system producing that. let's put that in motion for you to see. there is even a little bit of precipitation but for us we're
8:42 am
seeing the variable high cloud cover. 51 in mountain view. 52 degrees in antioch. our temperatures also come up from the 40s into the mid to upper 40s in napa and at sonoma county airport. here is what we're forecasting for today. increasing cloudiness, you'll notice a very mild day, 40s, 50s and 60s. the rain will start to move in later this evening and overnight tonight, the heaviest rain in the north bay. still early tomorrow morning for much of san francisco then turning to scattered showers by tomorrow afternoon. very mild air coming up from the south but this cold air begins to filter ter in. increasing cloudiness, this is weathermaker well off in the pacific. see the lower lat attitudes and we're forecasting our readings to be so mild this afternoon. by 7:00 over the entire area overnight tonight.
8:43 am
you can see what the snow picks up tomorrow afternoon in the mountain areas and overnight into monday. chains will be necessary by tomorrow night and then we'll start the see some scattered showers popping up for us. high temperatures for this saturday, beautiful day, a little bit highways but highs will be low to mid-60s. 60 in millbrae. san francisco 62 degrees. petaluma, highs 64. 64 in sonoma. 65 in napa. 65 castro valley. fremont 65 degrees. 63 pittsburg. antioch, 64. similar readings as yesterday. 69 and 70 in hollister. monterey 66. seven-day outlook giving way to sunshine, a little colder readings as you can see. we will be mostly in the 50s on monday and then dry weather for much of next week. >> in the 60s, right on through.
8:44 am
thanks, christine. >> from triumph to tragedy in a heartbeat. sudden death of a high school basketball star on a hidden health concern even the most physically fit young people. their tiptop shape may put them at higher risk. >> it was this basket that capped an undefeated season of the high school when west leonard scored the basketball won the game by two points then it turned tragic, as he suddenly collapsed to the gym floor. >> i knew something. >> the cheering fans fell silent. rushed to the hospital, efforts to revive him failed. the cause of death, sudden cardiac arrest due to an enlarged heart where it can
8:45 am
short-circuit stopping the heart from beating. it often goes unnoticed. according to friends and relatives heevlgs was fit and healthy though recovering from the flu. >> she was my best friend. >> he was so healthy. >> strong when we needed him. and did everything ride. >> it's estimated as one in 350 children may have a dangerous underlying heart condition. each year as many as 3,000 people die from sudden cardiac arrest. many of them high school athletes. >> athletes are probably at higher risk because they exercise more and some person with an underlying heart condition can be a trigger for a sudden cardiac arrest event. >> now the community is in mourning the loss of a young man with so much promise. >> good basketball player and a great football player.
8:46 am
>> got up this morning and told my ten-year-old his hero passed away. it was very hard to do. doctors suggest that kids starting middle school should get a heart readout and regularly monitor their heart especially if they play sports. don't go away. 7 on your side is next. >> a father deposits a check in a daughter's account and the momomomomomomomomomomomomomomomq
8:47 am
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it's actually got about half a day's worth of fiber. [ asst mgr ] it says so right on the box. [ fiber seeker ] really? try it. [ mr. mehta ] honey, touch of brown sugar, crunchy clusters -- any cardboard? cardboard no, delicious yes. so where's the fiber? maybe it's in the honey clusters. [ male announcer ] fiber one. cardboard no, delicious yes. welcome back. common banking practice making a deposit turned into a $10,000
8:49 am
nightmare for a bay area man and his daughter. their money days appeared. michael finney has a disturbing story. >> a man from pit illuminate helped support his daughter while she studying film making. here she is making a school. >> she was low on cash and he deposited a $10,000 check at wells far bank. however, what happened after that came as a complete shock. >> they thought the check was fraudulent and they cancelled the account. >> wells fargo bank refused to give anne the $10,000. instead they abruptly closed the account and told her to go away. the only ex play nation, they claim the check was a fraud. >> didn't know what to think. >> indeed, it made no sense, the check had been cashed by wells fargo bank and the money had
8:50 am
been taken out of myron's account. these documents prove it. here is the cancelled check with the wells fargo stamp on the back. the deposit slip shows that he deposited $10,000 into the daughter's account the very same day. here, myron's bank account shows the $10,000 came right out of his checking account at west america bank in petaluma. >> they had the money. it's the strangest thing i've ever seen. you continue find anybody to talk to. >> wells fargo wouldn't talk to him citing privacy laws and they said her account no longer existed. >> i can't get the money because i don't have an account with them. my daughter can't get the money because they closed her account. >> the way myron saw it his money had been stolen. he reported this to the federal comptroller of currency which
8:51 am
makes thur banks obey the law. >> by saying this gentleman doesn't have an account with us so there is nothing we can do for him. >> the federal agency closed the case, no one would listen. >> this is $10,000 we're out here. that is when i had the idea to call 7 on your side. >> he did contact us and we showed all these documents to wells fargo bank and requested the bank deliver a check to myron's daughter in los angeles right away. >> she went into the bank, she wasn't going to leave until she had the $10,000. >> myron says his daughter sat in the bank for two hours, until finally the check was in her hand. wells fargo tells us it only needed a letter of indemnity from west america bank stating the check was valid. once the letter was provided the bank returned the money to the family. wells fargo did not explain why
8:52 am
the check was deemed fraudulent in the first place. >> 7 on your side finally solved it. we were just happy to get the money back. i thank you very much. >> wells fargo still can't explain how it could take $10,000 out of myron's account nearly a year ago and still question the validity of the check. the bank claimed it's been holding the money in a separate account all this time which was news to myron. the comptroller of the currency declined to comment about its role in closing the case. >> coming up next, the bay area's famous klepto cat.
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is 7. nobody picked all seven numbers correctly. life's work of a man is being celebrated. he was one of the great photographers of the 19th century but as this report explains, he also helped create the movie. >> his western landscapes are considered artful masterpieces, his 17 feet long panorama of san francisco captures the spirit of the city. what he did was a breakthrough. >> he was a pioneer. you had to know what you were doing. it was technically complicated process. you had to coat negatives and make the photograph while still wet. >> and he would add clouds to
8:56 am
the skyline because of overexpose you you are. he left a legacy. >> it was the motion studies that were considered so innovative and a technological breakthrough. >> they commission himd to show all the hoofs were off the ground. >> he could be able to stop motion. >> people were astounded then he took it further. he shot a series of still pictures snowing movement. he is the film pioneer. >> this is really the first motion picture projector, first time that people saw photographs in motion. >> they were put on disks. sequence lasted one second but his technology led to the king's speech and everything that has come before. >> i think he a sense of how
8:57 am
revolutionary his work was. >> we can get a perspective in this retrospective of his work. it goes through june 7th. >> today, neighbors of the bay area most famous cat burglar will have an opportunity to get some of the items stolen by the kitty. they will lay out the stuff and ask neighbors to identify them during a reverse garage sale. he will be the grand marshal at pet parade. he's he had a s national celebrity from stories we aired. dusty has stolen hundreds of items from neighborhood yards. some will be up for auction at the parade. all will benefit the peninsula humane society. >> he is just sitting there. no biggie.
8:58 am
>> let's go outside first of all. beautiful city, we have hazy conditions, a few high clouds, a beautiful day with temperatures in the 60s today. it will top out near 70 in the south bay. increasing clouds leading to rain. and pretty good downpours tonight and tomorrow. >> and workweek looks pretty good. >> it does. >> a little cold other monday. >> thanks for joining us. thanks for being here and everybody at "abc 7 news." have a great weekend
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