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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  March 7, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PST

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good morning, america. breaking overnight -- gas price shock. prices skyrocketing for the morning commute as the white house weighs use of emergency oil reserves for only the third time in 40 year. wild weather. twisters tearing up part of the south. heavy rain washes out the east. a 3-month-old baby rescued from rising waters. lindsay lohan caught on tape. the surveillance video is released from the jewelry store where she's charged with stealing an expensive necklace. will the tape help or hurt her case? and you're angry but what if you heard this over the p.a. system? ♪ oh girls they want to have fun ♪
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and good morning, america. hopefully, everybody had a great weekend. i know there was some bad weather, maybe you got stuck at the airport. but did you have cyndi lauper at your airport serenading you? >> i think that would put me in a good mood, only if it was followed by ♪ and your plane is leaving right now ♪ sometimes you don't want to be cheered up. >> exactly. >> we have a lot to get to this morning. big day for the president. first cattle call in iowa. five are going to take the stage together tonight. the first caucus is less than a year away. who is not jumping in? and why. it's interesting who is in? sarah palin actually weighing in on an interview as she's on her way to india. all of that ahead. also, george, more controversy brewing over prince andrew and his link to a convicted sex offender. pressure is growing on queen
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elizabeth's youngest son to step down as britain's trade ambassador. also this morning, sad stories from over the weekend. a young rugby player and basketball player. both appeared to be in great shape. great student athletes. both die from what appear to be heart attacks. this morning, we have an important health alert, what parents and students need to know before sending their children on to the field. but first we'll return to the gas prices. with all the turmoil across the middle east, they're on a record climb. you see at a gas station in manhattan. white house now saying it may tap the strategic oil reserve tamp the oil prices down. that's happened only from the early 1970s. bianna golodryga is tracking this all weekend over at the smart screen. good morning, george. be prepared for another week of shock. and awe at the gas pump. unfortunately, gas prices are directly tied to the price of oil. as we've seen oil prices skyrocket, so too have gas prices. up 40 cents in the past month. take a look. in the past two weeks we have seen a 33 cent spike.
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that's the first time since katrina. of course, that's not a record you want to brag back. look how it's affecting folks across the country. california up 50 cents in the past month to $3.89 a gallon. and indiana, up 40 cents. george, it's hitting folks at home faster than you could imagine. >> a lot of people calling for the white house to tap that strategic oil reserve. yesterday, the white house chief of staff bill daley said the white house is considering it. he didn't seem all that eager. there's a real debate, right? >> that's right, the u.s. has 727 million barrels sitting the in the strategic oil reserve. this is for emergencies only. take a look at the last time we did it, hurricane katrina, we tapped into 11 million barrels of oil. that only brought the price of gas down 3%. that's not enough to really hit home. it saves people probably about $10, george.
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10 cents a gallon. >> all right, bianna, thanks very much. the crisis in libya also affecting gas prices forces loyal to moammar gadhafi and the battle to key cities in libya. the obama administration is under growing pressure to stop the violence. martha raddatz is in washington with the latest. good morning. good morning, robin. this is one of those growing crises where there are no easy answers and certainly no quick fixes. but that does not take the pressure off the administration. >> reporter: while rebels celebrated after pushing gadhafi's forces out of northern libya, this appears to be a fight no one is winning. a chess game that has stalled now prompting more calms for the u.s. to step in with a big move, enforcing a no-fly zone. >> this would be a signal to
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gadhafi that the president is serious when he says, we need for gadhafi to go. >> reporter: but it would require a 24/7 air control. dozens of fighter jets that would attempt to keep gadhafi's war planes grounded. a no-fly zone could allow rebels to take a decisive step forward, stopping gadhafi's ability to launch air attacks. but it could also require u.s. bombing inside libya. to take out air defense systems. defense secretary robert gates has tried to shut the idea down. and was joined sunday by president obama's chief of staff. >> well, lots of people throw around the phrases of "no-fly zone." and they talk as though it's a game on a video game or something. >> reporter: one fear for pr victory for gadhafi, if he managed to shoot down an american jet. steve danyard is a former fighter pilot who enforced no-fly zones. >> there may be cheaper ways of providing for it. such as providing covert arms to the rebels. >> reporter: another option, deploying cell phone base
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stations on aircraft flying outside of libya, to prevent the regime from jamming rebels' phones and internet connections. but those options would take weeks, even months to implement, giving gadhafi time to make advances in a very deadly game, george? >> okay, martha, thanks. we turn now to politics, and a milestone for at least some of the potential challenges to president obama. big names ascending on iowa a year less than the caucuses there to reach out to a critical group of voters. ahead of that, john berman has been tracking the candidates' latest moves. he is here this morning. john. >> good morning, george. this is one of those momentous days in politics. what's being called the first republican cattle call in the key state of iowa. it's the meeting of iowa state and freedom coalition. what the candidates appearing there have in common? for the most part, they aren't official candidate, yet. >> reporter: waukee, iowa. today's world headquarters for republican candidates not running for president who are
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actually running for president. pawlenty, santorum, gingrich. who had us on the edge of our seats. >> because of our concern for the future of the country. >> reporter: with the dramatic announcement that -- >> we are today establishing a website. >> reporter: a website? how about the arguable front-runner, mitt romney in new hampshire who had us on the edge of our seats. >> it's going to take more than a good speech to put americans back to work. >> reporter: with the dramatic announcement that -- >> it's going to take a new president of the united states. >> reporter: but will it be him? what other possible explanation could there be that romney, who was trying to shake the reputation that he was born in a business suit, has apparently lost all of his neckties. four years ago, hillary clinton and barack obama had already been officially running for more than a month by now. can you name the only republican officially running so far? if you name the former part owner of the godfather's pizza
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you win. george will writes if pessimism is not creeping into americans' thinking about the 2012 prospects, that is another reason for pessimism. what about sarah palin? the latest from the bbc today from alaska. she says she'll only be an official candidate if she feels the american people are officially ready for her. >> will the american electorate be ready for someone a bit unconventional in terms of a candidate who calls it like she sees it. as to let a political machine to get in the way. do it right for the voters. >> sarah palin. well, mitt romney likes a joke but no one ever came up to him after 2008 and said, you know, i wish the race could have been just a little bit longer. >> how have the past relations started, robin and i were talking about that before we got on air. on the other hand, i remember back in 1992, bill clinton didn't get in until what would have been october, because people thought george bush was strong that time around.
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john, when you look at these different candidates, why do you think some of them aren't doing it? there are different reasons for each one. >> romney doesn't want to be a label the right now the official front-runner, because he doesn't want to be a punching back. people like mike huckabee, they genuinely haven't made up their mind. they genuinely aren't sure if they're running or not. then there are people like pawlenty and others right now, they don't need to get in. there are ways to run fast now. there are ways to run without being official. >> it seemed to help barack obama the fact that it was so long. people got to know him. >> got used to the idea that he was running. didn't seem so strange. >> as you said with president clinton, it didn't. are we reading more into it? does it really matter the timing of it? >> i think john hit on it at the end. there are other ways for candidates to be running without running right now. they set up independent packs. one of the factors, john, we saw last week that fox news suspended both newt gingrich and rick santorum.
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i think mike huckabee wants to keep those jobs. >> that's right. they want the paychecks. let's go more to the tornado zone. twisters touching down in the south, leaving over 1,000 people homeless, plus a massive winter storm soaking the northeast. our sam champion is outside. has the latest for us. good morning, sam. >> good morning, robin. fast and furious. this storm wrapped it all up in one. spring is less than two weeks away. a lot of spring-lime components varying, some areas in floodwater, others in up to 20 inches of snow. >> reporter: this massive storm system soaking the eastern seaboard is up to 3 1/2 inches of rain. dumping snow in some parts of the northeast. rollovers and accidents line the highways. in scranton, pennsylvania, this bus turned up on its side after sliding up on a two-car fender bender. here, this family was lucky enough to make it out after it flipped over. this morning, 25 states are under either a flood watch or
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warning. from vermont where flooded streams closed roads. >> oh, boy, look at this. wow. like lava coming at me. >> reporter: to shelby county, indiana, where a dozen people, including this 3-month-old baby had to be rescued from rising waters by boat. >> it came up 2 to 3 inches every hour. >> reporter: a possible tornado rip add part tree, and in louisiana, another band of high winds ripped the roof right off this church. in rayne, louisiana, a deadly tornado, winds racing at 135 miles per hour, displayed 150 people. and winds damaged 1500 homes and killed a mother who lost her life while shielding her new born baby girl after a storm ripped through her home. >> it happened so fast, it was a shock. >> reporter: after what has been an intense is winter. flooding is a major concern heading into spring. in big storm fashion, the air sweeping in behind this is cold and windy. right now, in times square, we're even seeing snow flurries.
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after what is about 2 inches of rain yesterday. let's get to the boards. here's a quick look at more than 25 states with flood warnings. one thing you'll notice, they're all kind of hugging the mississippi river, the ohio river basin, the tennessee river basin as well. the red river will also be part of the zone that starts flooding soon as soon as we get the warmer temperatures in those regions. there is less rain in the northeast. as a matter of fact, what happens the clear air comes in and drys things up. 43 in new york, 40 in boston, it will feel colder until the wind settles down. 52 in washington, d.c. the next storm system to make the break a big snowmaker. for parts of the west. intermountain northwest, denver, covered in snow, minneapolis. getting a fresh hit h. only as well. it is nice and quiet along the gulf coast.
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>> and we are live in times square this morning.
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if you're headed out here, you won't need the rain jacket anymore but you will need the gloves and maybe a little hat. robin. >> thank you, sam. we have the latest scandal to rock the royal family, it's intensifying this morning. some british lawmakers are calling for prince andrew to step down from his job as trade envoy. because of his ties to american billionaire, jeffery epstein. epstein who was convicted of soliciting underage prostitutes. bumping ham palace issued a statement saying, prince andrew has the support of the government and continues to be fully committed to that role. let's check in with nick watt who joins us from london and has much more on this. good morning, nick. >> reporter: well, there is nothing like the whiff of a royal scandal, but this is more serious and seedier. it focuses as you said on prince andrew who is the queen's middle son. he is prince william's uncle and fergie's ex-husband. and, as you said, it focuses on his friendship
7:15 am
with american billionaire, jeffery epstein, who is a convicted sex offender, he spent time at epstein's florida home and was even photographed with his arm around a 17-year-old masseuse, who claims that epstein abused her. apparently epstein paid off some of fergie's debts in a deal brokered by prince andrew. at this point, no one is saying andrew was in any way involved in epstein's crimes but people are questioning his judgment, asking why a prince would continue to be friends with a convicted sex offender. prince andrew serves as a trade ambassador for britain and this morning, some people are calling for him to stand down. but the government right now is standing firmly behind the embattled prince. robin. >> and, nick, this is not the first time that prince andrew has had trouble? >> reporter: it is not. that's why the momentum building here. a couple years ago, he sold his home for $5 million over the
7:16 am
asking price to a billionaire. that raised eyebrows. and in those kick wiki leaks cables, he was report by an american ambassador to be borderline rude and cocky in a meeting. the knifes are out for prince andrew. it looks like he might become the embarrassing uncle at kate and william's wedding, robin. >> not the story line they were hoping for. over the weekend, a high school rugby player collapsed and died of cardiac arrest. just four days after a high school basketball star collapsed and died after scoring the winning shot for his team. both deaths came out warning. some are saying tragedies like these can be prevented. dan harris joins us more over a medical debate stirring up hard feelings. >> it is. good morning you to. it's horrifying when something like this happens. young healthy athletes cut down suddenly in their prime. now, as george said, there's a fiercely emotional debate about what should be done about this. >> reporter: 17-year-old matthew hammerdorfer was doing what he loved this weekend, playing
7:17 am
rugby on this field in ft. collins, colorado, where he collapsed and later died. it was a sudden cardiac arrest. this morning, facebook is awash with emotional tributes. you are more than my brother. i love you, man. you will never be forgotten. it comes just days after a 16-year-old basketball star in michigan named wes leonard collapsed on the court and died from sudden cardiac arrest moments after making the winning shot. the crowd going from jubilation to horror. >> this is just tearing me up. because he was just a special kid with a passion. you just don't get to see all the time. >> reporter: these two cases are hauntingly and infuriatingly familiar for michelle snyder whose 17-year-old daughter jennifer died after cardiac arrest during soccer practice. >> she kissed me good-bye and said i love you. i said i love you too. >> reporter: now snyder is
7:18 am
running an organization that calls for placing defibrillators in gyms and parks and making sure teachers and coaches are trained in cpr. >> all of a sudden, something didn't feel right. >> reporter: that is what saved liz pearlman when she had a sudden cardiac arrest and was resuscitated from a quick-thinking, well trained coach had a defibrillator on hand. and knew cpr. >> the series of events that happened in succession are why i am here. >> reporter: but michelle snyder and others want more than cpr training. they want all young athletes to have their hearts checked with ekgs. however, many doctors say that would be too expensive, given only 40 athletes a year die on average of sudden cardiac arrest. >> i get headlines every day because of kids who have died or need cpr. when i read an article and i see what happened to these two boys the last two days, it makes my stomach turn.
7:19 am
>> as said, this is an emotional debate. it is worth noting, however, that the american heart association has come out against the notion of screening all student athletes with ekgs. robin, over to you. >> okay, we'll talk more about that. emotional and bewildering medical issues here especially for parents. let's bring in marie savard. matthew, the young rugby player. we do know he had, unfortunately, he had has had a pre-existing condition, he had open heart surgery before. but wes, the young basketball player, had an undetected situation that is troubling for so many parents. >> that's right, it is infrequent. we do know that these kids have an underlying heart condition, something they're born with or something that develops perhaps hereditary. it's something when sudden death occurs, typically what happens is the heart is beating what seems to be normal. the kids don't have symptoms. often that's what is so frightening. then it becomes air rat ig, it
7:20 am
beating quickly and erratic and it stops. >> i have heard people say because they're an athlete, it brings it on even more so than if they were not so active. >> well, it is true. it is more like sudden death, it is more likely to occur in athletes because of the high adrenaline, high physical exertion. otherwi otherwise, kids without symptoms, it can happen totally unexpected. we heard what dan said about his report in italy, ekgs given to all student athletes but is that something that we can consider here? >> in italy, they have found in the past 30 years in giving ekgs in a very organized structured program, they believe it has saved lives, but it's not so straightforward. ekgs lead to a lot of false positives. abnormalities that may lead to more testing, potentially dangerous testing. sideline kids who don't need to be. we're talking 4 million to 5 million kids a year testing. we don't recommend that. >> american heart association does not consider that to be an option. they do have some things that parents need to be aware of. as far as prevention possibly. >> they do.
7:21 am
all children, before they begin an athletic program, need to have two things. this is part of the american heart association recommendation that we all endorse. that is first a focused history. is there a red flag such as a family history of heart disease or death before the age of 50. physical exam. listen for a heart murmur. and problems with blood pressure. things that might alert them. >> this that you have is key. >> it is key. ask today. parents should ask their schools if they have available this emergency defibrillator. but don't forget, cpr is perhaps the most important. knowing how to do it. being prepared. >> thank you. coming up, caught on tape, lindsay lohan and that surveillance video just made public. it looks bad, but will the tape keep her from going to jail. and the mystery of the american exchange student in spain. his family speaks out on their frantic search. >> what's happened to him. and charlie sheen moves up his media blitz with launching
7:22 am
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budget gap. first is a $80 parcel tax that needs approval from two-thirds of oakland voters. a 1.99 phone tax only requires a simple majority but voters rejected the idea in 2008. he hopes to put the oakland measures on the june ballot. let's see what is going on traffic wise. >> we have a crash hayward. southbound 880 at tennison that makes it slow on your way 238. san mateo bridge, there is still a wind advisory. heading to the bay bridge, also find a wind advisory and about 20 minute wait. traffic is backed up to the foot of the maze. find all the usual delays in the you were spots and slow. >> when we come bacacacacacacacc
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welcome back. mostly cloudy this morning. a little breezy. let's take a look at our temperatures. you'll see that we are pretty mild, mid 40s inland. gusts are up to 25 and it will be up to 40. and it will be around 20-30 this afternoon. stray showers tonight and
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7:30 am
that is lindsay lohan in surveillance photos just released from a jewelry store where she allegedly stole a necklace. will the video that has gone public help her or hurt her when it comes to jail. good morning, on this monday morning. >> that is the question now. since the video, or the jewelry store released it, seemingly doing it for cash, will that hurt the case coming up. we'll find out coming up. also, what happened to this exchange student. he has mysteriously vanished from a nightclub. in spain. this morning his family is breaking their silence. they are going to help with the search in spain.
7:31 am
let's see, we haven't talked about charlie sheen yet. he hits the web with his own jokes. over the weekend, he launched his own show online. it got more than 1 million views. he now has 2 million followers on twitter. we'll have the latest on sheen's winning strategy. >> he admitted that the web show tanked. he took the blame for it saying it was my bad. plus, this is the dress that started it all. look at kate middleton on the catwalk. supposedly, that is when prince william saw her in that dress. he knew she was the one for him. this morning you with meet the designer and find out how you can get a copy of that dress. >> it really wasn't a dress to begin with. in more ways than one. the backstory coming up. first in this half hour, we have a new development in the criminal case of lindsay lohan. the jewelry store that she is accused of stealing the necklace from has a key piece of evidence. our mike von fremd has all of the details from los angeles. >> reporter: this venice beach store sure knows how to give one
7:32 am
of its most famous customers special treatments. not only accused lindsay lohan of shoplifting, the $2,500 necklace that the actress said was simply borrowed, this once little known store is now attempting to cash in bigtime, selling the store's surveillance video to "entertainment tonight." >> if i'm the prosecutor handling the case in which a critical piece of evidence has been sold to the media, i am outraged. >> reporter: two weeks ago, when all sides agreed to keep the videotape private, a no nonsense judge publicly sent lohan an unmistakable message. >> this case does involve jail time, period. >> reporter: but legal experts say if a key piece of the prosecution's evidence is now tainted, it may be the judge who receives an unmistakable message. >> he seems to have boxed himself in the corner without giving an opportunity to listen to whatever evidence coming. >> reporter: lohan's only comments have come to the tv
7:33 am
show "extra" saying she's embarrassed by the spectacle. >> i don't like the attention. i don't want that. i want my attention to come through my films for the work that i am doing. >> reporter: on "saturday night live" hosted by miley cyrus, lindsay lohan remains ever so close to the center of attention. >> things are great. my new movie "herbie" opened 68 months ago, and the los angeles courthouse just gave me my own parking shot. >> reporter: on thursday, the actress will be in front of judge schwartz for what seems like a no-win situation. for "good morning america," mike von fremd, abc news, los angeles. >> our legal analyst, dan abrams is back with us. good morning. >> good morning. >> i've got to tell you, you see this, you hear this, but it looks like the jewelry store is trying to make a fast buck. it has to hurt, or does it hurt or has it hurt the prosecution's case? >> there's no question they're trying to make a fast buck. there's also no question it fits right into what the defense may
7:34 am
be in this case. which is everyone is trying to make a buck off of me. the problem is, remember, the prosecutors and the jewelry store are not necessarily on the same page here. which is, the jewelry store is, in effect, the prosecutor's witness. the jewelry store is saying, okay, look, we're still working with you, we're still helping you, but we're going to do our own thing here. >> it's not illegal what they did? >> absolutely not. they can try to profit off of it and as a result hurt the prosecution's case. >> i still remember winona ryder, seeing the video over and over again with shoplifting. people are going to be looking at this closely. this could be damaging for lindsay? >> just the fact, if you see lindsay lohan on that case sort of sneaking away that necklace that undermines the entire defense here. just because it was sold is not damaging. the defense is, they loaned it to me. i was allowed to take it. if there is, what some people claim a distraction, meaning the salespeople are intentionally being distracted. so lindsay lohan can take it.
7:35 am
once again, we have to watch the videotape to see if that is the case. if they have that, that's incredibly powerful evidence in the context of this case. >> lindsay will be back in court on thursday. how will this affect -- they're waiting to see if she'll take a plea agreement, knowing that this video is going to be seen by so many. do you think that will affect here at all? >> the question is, did they know there's a tape out there? my guess is they knew there was a videotape already. the fact that it's being sold may actually lead lindsay lohan to agree not to agree to it deciding she's got a stronger case. we'll find out on thursday. if she does not, the judge is going to set a date for a preliminary hearing. and the case moves forward. >> do prior acts come into play? >> all these allegations in the past about her stealing things, et cetera, generally don't come into evidence. but in a case like this, could be an exception, to prove this was a mistake. the prosecutors may be able to show a pattern of behavior. the defense says, wait a second, look at this other stuff we've got.
7:36 am
are you saying all of this may be a mistake? that's the reason that it might be admissible. >> it's going to be a busy week. for other stories, juju chang at the news desk. happy monday morning, juju. happy morning to you. good morning, everyone. there was an emotional moment this morning for defense secretary robert gates on a visit to wounded troops in afghanistan. one soldier asked him what keeps you up at night? >> i would tell you that you all keep me up at night. i think a lot about the people out here. >> gates is in afghanistan to check on progress ahead of this summer's scheduled troop withdrawals. he's also meeting with afghanistan's president who has rejected a u.s. apology for the accidental deaths of nine afghan children. >>. the search for a missing
7:37 am
16-year-old in nevada has come to a tragic end. the body found was that of mikaela costanza who was missing since leaving school on thursday. police say they have no clues pointing to any suspects and no word p as of yet on the cause of death. a dramatic rescue at sea after this oil platform caught fire 50 miles off grand isle, louisiana. two men abandoned the rig and were picked up by a passing ship. they were hoisted by a coast guard chopper. we're told no oil leaked into the water. finally, imagine you're stuck at the airport delayed for hours, tempers flaring all around you then you hear this over the intercom. ♪ my mother says what you gonna do with your life and we're not the fortunate ones and girls they wanna have fun ♪ ♪ oh girl just wanna have fun >> that's right, at the buenos aires airport, proving she's a
7:38 am
girl who knows how to have fun. the impromptu karaoke moment prompted the crowd to grab their cell phone has and gathered for a photo-op. >> that's not a bad free concert. >> what did you say? >> if they said, right now you're leaving and your plane is ready to go. >> that's the only time that song sounds good to you if you're stuck in an airport. sam champion. what's going on? >> good morning, cyndi lauper has pipes, it's just true. robin, i can't do this video without you. are you ready. we're going through killer -- go ahead, robin. >> magma. magma. >> exactly, a brand-new area of eruption. 08 feet high, plumes of lav have and magma, you got it. kilauea is one of the most active volcanos in the world. it's erupting constantly since 1983. but this is a new zone that they've established there with the new -- i guess over the weekend. take a look at those pictures, incredible. since we're in hawaii, let's
7:39 am
just stay there for part of the hawaii day. monday, 82 degrees, sure, showers but the rest of the week is gorgeous. now to the northeast. where the wind kicked up this windchill. we're about 30 degrees in times square. this wind is going to be the issue. the real number is in the 40s. it's not going to feel that way. a brand-new storm system bringing snow into the rockies. we'l >> here's what's coming up with the "gma" morning menu" this morning. international intrigue. an american exchange student disappears. is someone or something keeping him from reaching out to this family. "gma" goes into the story. we'll talk too his family and friends.
7:40 am
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7:43 am
a transatlantic search is expanding for an american college student studying overseas who mysteriously vanished more than a week ago after a night out in madrid. the young man's family has gone to spain to help with the search. rob nelson is here with more. >> hi, guys. the search is intensifying for a
7:44 am
california college student who has been missing in madrid for nearly two weeks now. there's a lot of mystery as to what exactly could have happened to austin bice. with the family off for answer. >> reporter: austin bice's closest friends say there is sure someone or something is preventing the 22-year-old from contacting his family. >> this is completely out of character for him. he would always let someone know where he's going, specially in a foreign country. >> reporter: the student who speaks fluent spanish was seen outside of his nightclub the night of february 25th. according to initial reports, bice was allegedly turned away from the club for being too drunk. however, those who knew him best said bice was never a heavy drinker. >> i've known him over a decade, i've never once seen him drunk and never once seen him intoxicated to the point where he couldn't make a clear
7:45 am
decision. >> reporter: alexis knew him since the fourth grade. the two with high school sweethearts. >> he's not a partier. >> reporter: spanish police say bice was last seen at a nearby fast-food restaurant which about is a 20-minute walk from his university. >> they're just trying to find out if he made a wrong turn. they believe he's not thinking clearly. we don't know if he was drugged or if he was mugged. or he was -- if he fell and hit his head. >> reporter: madrid investigators are examining the surveillance video. and his father has travelled to spain to help lead the search. >> i just want to say thank you for all being here. it's hard for me to talk about it, but thank you. >> reporter: austin's cell phone signal is still active. and his voice mail is full. and there's been no activity on his credit card. >> we just need to keep going vand those people help look for him so we can get him home. >> thousands of posters with
7:46 am
austin's face have been posted across the city. and the case has been turned over to the special unit in the mr. president. police department. and then they hope for the best. >> no sign at all? >> no sign at all. when we come back, another wild weekend for charlie sheen. we'll be b [ lane ] here's the trouble with some anti-wrinkle creams.
7:47 am
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7:49 am
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7:50 am
we don't have to tell you for the past week it has been wall-to-wall charlie sheen on tv. cameras are rolling on the actor for a new show that may be heading for mark cuban's hd channel. could be the next one. we know winning is the word that charlie knows. >> reporter: like some coaches say, winning isn't everything. it's the only thing. the. >> a tattoo -- winning. >> reporter: if you were wondering what charlie sheen mania would look like when it jumped the shark, wonder no more. >> perhaps me cresting on a mercury surfboard a tsunami. >> reporter: this was charlie streaming himself on the web this weekend with "sheen's corner" a takeoff on a post
7:51 am
baseball show. with all the message of relentless of a dictator for life on state-run television. >> a call from the president. >> did it happen? absolute faith it will. >> reporter: "saturday night live" teed off on charlie and his rant-astic speech. >> duh, winning. >> winning doesn't mean the same thing anymore. >> reporter: there are enough new cornages in sheen sheen to inspire a rosetta box. from tiger, to dna, to chipped war lock fang. >> it's caught on, how couldn't it, duh. >> reporter: it's the biggest blitz for media.
7:52 am
a show that outraged even milton beryl. and it goes down to a lot more like winning than this does. >> when all the freedom i -- >> reporter: chris connelly, los angeles, abc news. hy? i love the sun. past sun goddess. every line has a story. [ female announcer ] we all age differently. now there's roc multi-correxion 4 zone moisturizer with roc®retinol and antioxidants. a lifetime of stress lines, sun damage, and worry wrinkles will fade in just 4 weeks. -crows feet... -belong on birds. [ female announcer ] roc multi-correxion. correct what ages you. -aging... -bring it on.
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7:56 am
they are bringing cooler
7:57 am
weather. temperatures only in the upper 50s to upper 60s. light rain is possible through 6:00 tomorrow morning. >> bay bridge toll plaza, still backed up to the maze right now. if you are heading across the golden gate bridge. look out for hot holes. they are trying to repair them had in
7:58 am
7:59 am
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8:00 am
discover land o' lakes spreadable butter with canola oil. land o' lakes, where simple goodness begins. ♪ ♪ i believe in miracles where are you from you sexy thing ♪ there it is. the dress that caught prince william's eye. it cost only $45. >> i can't hear a word you're saying. >> you guys are so happy! love you guys. here's why i can't hear you, george. we're going to keep hearing the
8:01 am
song, anyway. were you talking about -- that was about abrupt end. you were talking about dresses. and we may find out, may find out who's designing kate middleton middleton's wedding gown. we're going to talk to katie nicholl. also, time to take on your challenge. trevor bayne. he took you on with a go-cart. >> little did i know he was a three-time go-cart champion,al with the daytona 500 champ. we're going to put the pedal to the metal. >> you were going fast there. >> juju baked a cake. you ran up some steps. >> no, i got to get in a go-cart. it kind of aged me a little bit. we have the anti-aging products coming up in the last half hour. our good friend from good
8:02 am
housekeeping. they make big promises but do they deliver beauty? >> first, the top stories with juju. hey, guys, that cake baking was hard, i'll have you know. in terms of the news which we'll get to right away, the white house it turns out may resort to drastic measures to try to cap capacity-rising oil and gas prices. a dollar of regular now averages $3.50. that's a 33 cent jump in the last two weeks. one of the biggest two-week increases on record. president obama is now considering tapping the nation's strategic oil reserves to increase supplies and bring down prices. >> the airlines are thinking up new ways to pay for their soaring fuel bills. many are testing new fees like insurance, seats that recline more and food. in libya this morning, rebel forces are regrouping and rearming with bigger weapons after suffering loss officer the weekends. moammar gadhafi's forces hit the rebels' positions from the air and on the ground.
8:03 am
and there are reports this morning that civilians are being targeted by snipers. in new zealand, we're learning this morning that 10,000 homes will have to be demolish there had because of he have damage because of the earthquake. the prime minister said they will be abandoned altogether. at least 66 people died. wisconsin senators hiding out for weeks now are denying reports that they're returning to the capitol. they say they have no immediate plans to return for a vote. hundreds rallied this weekend in favor of the governor's proposal. >> we've got an awful lot of politicians that are high on opium. o.p.m. -- other people's money. >> the governor's bill would cut benefits and strip most public workers' collective bargaining rights. and finally, johnny depp
8:04 am
voicing a cartoon chameleon won at the box office this weekend. that's "rango." overall, another down weekend. even "the king's speech" a big winner at the oscars failed to win at the box office. time for the weather with sam champion outside. >> good morning, juju. there's an international beauty expo going on in new york? tell me your name. >> holly. >> this bow that you're wearing is like a bowie attitude. like leather -- what is that? >> satin with studs. oh, with an attitude. let's go to the boards. one or two things we want to talk about as you step outside the door. here's the next big storm to step out. today, it means snow. tonight, it means know from denver and minneapolis. look at where that logos during the day, from new york, new orleans, memphis, oklahoma city
8:05 am
and dallas. in the red zone, this is severe weather. the storm taking you through the next 48 hours. just as bad or severe weather if not worse than we experienced over the weekend. montgomery at 62 degrees. tallahassee at 65. yeah, i've got my eye on miami at 80 degrees. ahh. providence, rhode island, 43 today. no problem in the northeast.
8:06 am
>> this is the way to warm up times square. thank you, guys, for coming out. robin. >> all right, sam. this morning in our "royal diary," the dress that first caught prince william's eye. it was after kate middleton put on this dress for charity. it was all about charity that the royal romance first blossomed. let's take a look at the dress today. that's a live shot. it's now being auctioned off in london. and our weekend anchor bianna golodryga was in london all last week and she has an exclusive. >> and get a load of that this morning. you know, imagine this robin, the only call for the designer of the dress to make $45 and less than a week to make. just how much will the dress that captured the prince's heart draw at auction? well it may go for as much as $16,000.
8:07 am
>> reporter: this is kate middleton's first foray into fashion. nine years ago, she strutted down the catwalk at a university show, modeling a sexy see-through dress by designer charlotte todd that wasn't designed as a distress at all. you initially made it as a skirt? >> i did. this was the waistband. this was made of elastic to sit on the waist and hip. it was meant to be worn with a silk slip underneath. it wasn't meant to show the underwear. >> reporter: much more conservative in your mind? >> exactly. >> reporter: to make this shirt-turned dress for a design school project called artist's seduction. it may have helped. william was in the front row for a fund-raiser fashion show. >> he was sitting with his friend ferguson and he turned to ferguson and said, wow, kate's a
8:08 am
looker. she's gorgeous. whether kate knew what she was doing that night, we'll never know. but she chose my dress. >> reporter: after the show, the fairy tale frock was packed away by collar lharlotte until now. it's going up for auction as well as two dresses of diane. i'm sure we all would like to know what diana thought, not only with kate, starting with the dress that apparently wowed her son. >> a bit of a showstopper for this one. it's interesting to think that our future queen once wore this. >> reporter: but diana had a racy dress coming out. >> first dress she was seen in 1981 caused a storm. it was cut so low, when she came
8:09 am
out of the car, well -- all eyes were -- >> reporter: we may never see kate striking a pose like this again. and charlotte, she swapped such delicate designs as a job as a retailer at a aquarium in bristol. >> it's not the best thing i've ever made. it makes me very proud, but it was luck. >> reporter: in you're the lucky bidder, this iconic slinky dress which costs $45 to make. could be yours for perhaps $16,000 on st. patrick's day. now, one can imagine how this has changed charlotte, the designer's life. up until now, the dress was crumbled up in a box in our parents' closet. she even changed careers. she's working retail at an aquarium. >> i love how she said we all could use a little luck now and then. but that's not the only thing auctions off today.
8:10 am
>> two of diana's dresses. take a look. the pink dress, the dress she wore to a state dinner in japan in 1986. this was a famous dinner. remember, he had the chopsticks upside down? >> i remember that. >> that could sell for as much as $80,000. another dress which spoke about evolution of the princess, that beautiful robe she wore to a state dinner. $100,000. the woman reunning the auction house said most of the interest comes from the u.s. a lot of the bidders are foreign. not britain. >> we have a guest book, a fascination on this side of the pond. >> we do. >> thanks, bianna. i want the hat. let get more on this from our expert on all things, royal katie nicholl, the author of "the making of a royal romance."
8:11 am
we could have news on the dress. "the sunday times" reported that the designer could be sarah burton, the creative director of alexander mcqueen. she's designed it. the palace is saying basically nothing. try and sort it out for us. >> the palace are going to be very noncommittal. they made it clear right from the start when i planned that first conference, that nothing would come out on the dress. that kate would keep it completely secret. but somebody had let it slip. now, this is an unusual choice. it's dynamic. she's known for her very unique designs. but i think the little giveaway here and the clue for me that suggests there's more than an ounce of truth to the story is that sarah is the
8:12 am
daughter-in-law, and sarah and kate are incredibly close. you do wonder if perhaps the introduction has been made and kate is going for a designer. the queen has celebrated many ways here. it would be a fitting tribute to a great designer. >> but could the leak -- let's assume there was truth. could they go back? >> they're the most clandestine couple, aren't they, the engagement, you just wonder if kate has a contingency plan that will may be another dress just in case this comes out. i honestly think the design, once she's made the decision, if it is, that's who she will be sitting with. >> we're also learning that the queen's cousin, the 80th birthday party, tom cruise --
8:13 am
>> she's very close to the queen. she organized the queen's 80th birthday. she's done countless ever. it's the very much the blueprint for this wedding. it wouldn't surprise me at all. she's known for her discretion and known to plan one party with style. >> and such a well planned p.r. here by the palace. just a couple hours ago, they released photos of kate from early life. we want to put a few of them up if we can. there she is, a little bit of a tomboy. >> yes, she looks very cute with pig tails. very young. so fresh. i think the wonderful thing about these pictures, they've started to release more. it's not been easy getting that material on kate. but i think just the pictures we see how normal her background was. >> all of her friends, family starting to clamming up?
8:14 am
>> i think actually they're starting to declam a little bit. they're starting to relax a little bit. there are certain allowed to say a little more. i think the palace realized there is an appetite. they want to see more about her past. they recognize now is the time to at least give more information. >> that's why we'll keep having you back. thanks very much. for the latest on everything connected to the big day visit our royal diary blog. for all the latest headlines, photos and video of the royal couple. and when we come back, robin takes on daytona 500 superstar trevor bayne. who says credit card rewards can't be simple?
8:15 am
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8:17 am
♪ time now for the grand finale of our "gma" "take it on" series. you took on trevor bayne. >> in the words of maverick from "top gun," mama needed some speed! you get the idea. >> reporter: it's no secret i have the need for speed.
8:18 am
you name it, i'll drive it. for me, there's nothing better than getting behind the wheel. let's go for a ride. any wheel. i'll burn rubber. so for my challenge -- a go-cart race showdown. i'm not taking on just anyone. my competition, nascar's hottest star, the baby-faced boy wonder, trevor bayne, who just shocked the racing world by winning the daytona 500 last month. what are you doing winning the daytona 500? >> i have no idea. >> reporter: i'm going to let my guard down in his first daytona, trevor beat some of the world's best drivers, including his childhood hero jeff gordon. >> i never expected to hold him off. >> reporter: but he did. all the way to victory lane. but he was such a newbie, trevor didn't know where that was. did you really not know where it was? >> i knew where it was. i've been there to congratulate
8:19 am
people, i've just never been there. >> reporter: it's daytona reiin the reminder of the huge accomplishment. >> it's a little more bling than i wear. >> reporter: trevor, bring it on. you don't scare me none. >> that scares me a little bit. >> reporter: this makes it feel more comfortable. and go! of course, i sneak in a little training. should i mention, trevor is also a three-time go-cart racing champ. my coach, k.reggo. >> my knees are hitting the steering wheel. >> yes. >> reporter: my realize my vast driving experience isn't going to help me on this track. i only had to make left-hand turns as a face guard. okay. maybe i'm a bit over my head but i'm not backing down. snow time on the super-g racetrack, a half-mile long course.
8:20 am
getting a new hand. i need all the luck i can get. i go for car 21, my old college jersey number. i know you won the daytona 500 and all that, 21, that's my number. t turns out that's trevor's number also. >> oh, what's that going to do to my mojo? >> reporter: in the interest of good sportsmanship, we tossed for it. >> oh! >> yes! yeah, yeah. that's not the only victory i'm going to have. >> reporter: we suit up. but this guy does everything fast. he is already in the go-cart. and me? help me. how does that fit? being a gentleman, trevor agrees to give me a one-lap head start. that means do eight total. finally, the moment of truth. with the wave of the green flag. i peel out, hitting my stride. getting in my zone.
8:21 am
whoo-hoo. then trevor starts but i feel good holding my own against a racing whiz kid. that is, right up to the fourth left, when all goes terribly wrong, trevor's on my tail. i try to block him. but he's too good. and suddenly, he takes the lead. oh, no! i try like crazy to catch up. but when the checkered flag comes down, trevor passes through the finish line a good 30 seconds ahead of me. it was awesome. that was so cool. i can say, i took on daytona 500 champion. you are the champion. >> first place trophy goes to trevor. and, robin, did a fantastic job. >> i'm number two! i'm number two! i'm number two! >> it might have changed my career. >> i would have thought there was a chance there, probably how he felt for the daytona 500, i'm
8:22 am
sure, very similar. >> she put good blocks on me. i'm not going to lie. i couldn't get behind her for a while. >> all knew, this was sweet this is sweet victory -- well, really not victory but just as sweet, just the same. the crowd roared. second place felt pretty darn good. >> you won it, though. >> thank you, juju. >> everybody gets a trophy. >> i've got to tell you, trevor bayne, he is a sweetheart. he's from knoxville, tennessee. 20 years old. i've got to tell you. he went out of his way, he was on his way to las vegas to race which he did over the weekend for him to make time like that. everyone at pole position raceway, we've got to do this. it's so much fun to do. i went in, i thought it was the lawnmower go-cart.
8:23 am
they exceed 40, 45 miles an hour. we're going to do this. >> you're going to get the photos up on the website. first, we have mellody hobson here. good morning, america. planning for your retirement is one of the most important things you will do. here are two tips to get you on your way to enjoying those golden years. one, if you haven't started yet, start knew. the earlier you start, the more you can save. two, make sure you set your retirement goal. people who write out a plan are more likely going to follow and achieve it. how exactly do you put a plan together? go to and i'll tell you. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 what if every atm was free ? tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 if you could use any atm, at any bank, tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 anywhere in the world... tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 without having to pay to access your own money. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 it'd be like every atm in the world was your atm. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 the schwab bank high yield investor checking® account. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 zero atm fees. a great interest rate. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 no minimums. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 and it's fdic-insured.
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8:27 am
the medicine in tylenol. go to today for a $3 off coupon. thermacare. no pills. no pain. just relief. san francisco city officials are issuing permits for food trucks this morning for at least 15 entrepreneurs. this is an opportunity they didn't want to miss. they want to be sure they got the coveted permits. they camped outside the permit office since friday. one of the attractions they dropped the cost of the permits from $10,000 to just $3,000. commute time, check in with frances dinglasan. >> bay bridge, toll plaza, couple stalls this morning. it's still back backed up to the foot of the maze. it's been a slow ride in san jose. we have a live shot, northbound
8:28 am
traffic moving at around 25 miles an hour from hellier up to the montegue expressway. 680 in walnut creek, it looks fine on 24 but slow afffffffffff versus toyota. which is better? [ male announcer ] why do so many car companies compare themselves to toyota? maybe it's because toyota has more hybrids on the road than all other automakers combined.
8:29 am
like the 50-mpg-rated prius, the best selling hybrid in america. and prius was also named a best overall value of the year. plus, every new toyota comes with toyotacare, a complimentary maintenance plan with roadside assistance. we're #1 for a reason. come see for yourself. hurry in for the best selection. ♪ welcome back am take a look at the temperatures. mid to upper 40s inland. upper 40s to low 50s around the bay shore out to the coast. wind are gust tinge 20-30 miles an hour. that will be out of the northwest and because of that it will be cooler today, highs in
8:30 am
the upper 50s. 6:00 tonight through 6:00 tomorrow morning, dry and warmer through tomorrow. ♪ ♪ forget you there he is, the bachelor has left behind a trail of broken hearts, but will bad boy brad give out the final rose? there's that slap. we go behind the scenes for "the bachelo bachelor"'s wild ride. "the bachelor," he's a very unpopular guy. >> let's see the slap again. the first time around, he was like, i can't pick anybody. i can't pick anybody. so he gets another shot. oh -- >> we're seeing the good shots. >> i know. you're looking forward to it. i know denise is she feels the same way i do. there you go, winding up, winding up -- this is taking too
8:31 am
long for the payoff -- >> there you go. also thing morning, anti-aging makeup. na really works. our good friend rosemary ellis is here from "good housekeeping." cokie roberts and steve roberts are here, they have a brand-new book out on how to make interfaith families strong. they've been going for 45 years, strong, one catholic, one jewish. they have a compelling book out. that's coming up in a bit. >> that has something to do with food? what is that in front of you . >> avoiding the slap. >> we'll find out. let's go to sam and the weather. sam? >> we serve cake? i didn't know we served cake upstairs. i didn't get any cake. cokie roberts come ins, she gets cake. i don't get cake. i don't understand this. good morning. i decided to come in the back of the crowd.
8:32 am
because you guys were in the back and i felt you weren't getting up front with the shots. you're from where? >> louisiana. >> somebody has hot chocolate, where is it? >> right here. >> you saving that for me? no? okay. let's get do the boards. as we head out the door in boston, you're about to get what we've got going on in times square, that is, you're about 54 degrees right now. this cold is coming through and the wind's going to whip up and you're going to drop. you're going to drop to about 30 degrees during the day today, into tonight. boston, we've got you at a high but then it's going to fall. philadelphia part of that cold gusty wear that's whipping in behind the air of sunday. the rain's gone but dallas, 65 today. it's very pretty along the gulf coast and the western area of florida. but this storm system that drops out of denver gets snow today.
8:33 am
>> james from penn state, pennsylvania, right? okay. i just wanted to make sure james got in there. all that weather was brought to you by therma-care. george. thank you, sam. it has been a wild ride for "the bachelor" down to two, cameron mathison looks at it all. hi, cameron. >> hey, george, it's true, he may not be the most well-liked bachelor in history, but brad womack is ready to choose a bride. and i asked host chris harrison if he thinks this time brad is for real. and i got a little hint as to which lucky lady gets the rose. >> i would be honored if you would be my wife. >> reporter: over the past 15
8:34 am
seasons, 450 bachelorettes have competed for the hearts of bachelors. almost 1,000 roses have been distributed. >> will you accept this rose? >> reporter: but only 30 lucky women have outlasted the competition to be the last two standing for the final rose decision. however, in recent seasons, receiving the rose hasn't always meant happily ever after. >> wow marry me? >> will you marry me? >> i would love to marry you. >> i haven't been able to stop thinking about you. my heart hasn't let go. my head hasn't let go. >> reporter: but flip-flopping jason isn't the only bachelor with his waffling ways. season 11th brad womack may take the cake. he dumped not just one, but both of his hand-selected finalists. >> i can't look new the eye and tell you that i love you. >> reporter: but now he is back with seen 15 with a new attitude.
8:35 am
>> i've had a new therapist and really analyzed the reasons behind my phobia of commitment. >> reporter: although not everyone is thrilled to see him. >> brad womack? really? i have something for you, from every woman in america. >> reporter: the women on the show aren't the only ones that feel that way. >> he's self-absorbed. >> i'm not sure about his intentions. i think he's there to have a good time. >> reporter: you do? >> he'll meet someone, pick someone. within six months, they're gone. >> reporter: i wondered if the perennial playboy had changed i headed off to "the batchelor" headquarters to the one man who has seen it all, "the batchelor" host, chris harrison. >> do you see a new bachelor brad this time around? >> when i heard he was coming back, i was like, dude, don't do it. don't do this to yourself. you're going to lay it all on the line and you're going to have to come through or literally have to move out the united states. he was so vilified the first time around.
8:36 am
he was like, i really want to do this, i went through therapy, and i'm like really? let's talk. when you talk to him, he's definitely redeemed himself. >> reporter: the women this season have suffered more than their fair share of broken hearts, betrayal. and brilliantly memorable moments. >> ever since i was a little girl, i sort of had a vampire thing. so much easier if i had a reflection. >> how do you feel about taking your top off? yeah, let's do it. >> i woke up with a black eye. >> i think michelle is trying to get as much of brad's attention as possible. >> reporter: but they also shared some hilarious moments as you can see from this exclusive blooper reel. ♪ >> they're really getting into it. >> reporter: tonight, brad comes face-to-face with the 28 women he sent packing in the women tell-all special. and we have a sneak peek. >> you put your child first, thank you.
8:37 am
but i'm sorry, i felt like you put you first. >> hold on. >> reporter: only two remain, emily maynard, 24-year-old mother and hospital administrator whose race car driver fiance died in a plane crash. >> honestly, it was the dark et period of my life. i thought, truly and honestly, there was no part of me that didn't wish i was on that plane. >> reporter: and chantell the administrator, ironically, the same woman who greeted brad at the beginning of the season. >> it wasn't like you were a caring person. >> can you give us a hint? the final girl standing? >> yes, it's the girl that makes him the happiest. he has learned to love. he is in love. it's all good. >> reporter: maybe the second time will turn out to be the charm for brad. we'll find out next week when the finale airs followed by "after the rose."
8:38 am
>> he can't win the second time around. makes me think of second grade seeing that slap. is chantelle the one? >> rumors are chantelle. i think emily. i'm going with emily. >> cameron mathison going out on a limb. >> "the bachelor" tonight. coming up the best makeup tips. c go! go! completing an atm deposit in record time... that's a step forward. go! go! with deposit friendly atms,
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there are plenty of products on the shelves that promise to cover up the signs of aging, but which ones are really worth your money? reporters at good housekeeping magazine spoke with dozens of makeup artists and dermatologist. rosemary ellis is going to tell us about it. we're at the smart screen. we're smarties. dry skin this time of the year, the real issue. >> for some of us, there's nothing like fine lines as much as dry skin. luckily, there are easy fixes if you know what ingredients to look for.
8:42 am
there are two things you want to see is hyaluronate acids. and gliser reas glycerin. >> are there things that we avoid? >> anything that says matte on the product. don't go there, salicylic acid. don't go there. >> that helps us with dry skin. the lines that we start seeing as we mature? >> fining lines and wrinkles. there is one key ingredient and that is retinol. it makes your skin speed up and anything that looks like retinol. like this here.
8:43 am
>> it's spelled differently. >> it's spelled differently with an "o" or a "y," that's retinol. what you want to do, month matter what you're using, make sure you put a good sunscreen underneath these products or a good with spf. some protection factor built into it. >> and that's a good one there? and the l'oreal has it in there. >> so we're still talking about the fine lines, wrinkles and what to do. it's such an issue with people. >> it is. another thing you should look for is peptides. that's a protein. it makes anti-oxidants more effective. this mary kay moisturizer has it. what you're looking for is peptide.
8:44 am
peptide on the ends of words you know you've got the good stuff. >> there's something else i was going to ask you about. the best foundation to put on. >> what you want to do is basically look for a foundation that feels like a moisturizer. something that is sheer and has a creamy texture. and what you don't want to do is use anything that is a powder foundation. what that powder will do is sink into your little lines and cake there and make them show up more than ever. don't go with powders. go with something that's silky and smooth. >> rosemary, there are so many times you're just dull. you don't have that pop you that want and start getting blotchy. what can we do? >> age spots. the first thing, this is ply broken record moment. spf. you want to use something that has spf in it, the more you're exposed to sun, the more your age spots are going to show. so you want to look for soy. that's something that dermatologists recommend a lot. on the ingredients list that
8:45 am
looks nothing like soy. >> that's soy? >> yes. soy helps fade age spots. for overall, to make your skin look brighter, you want to look for tiny groundup minerals they're putting in makeup to help reflect and refract light. and we call it at good housekeepi housekeeping, the candle light effect. >> oh, we've heard about that. >> what you want to do is not make a mistake of using a concealer that's much, much lighter. you want to get something that matches your skintone. put it over your foundation. the best thing to do is use it on a brush, instead of your fingertip. that gives you more control. >> you know what's so encouraging about this, and what it usually is with good
8:46 am
housekeeping, these are items that you can find in drugstores. they're not that expensive. >> right. this aveeno product, they're not the most expensive but the ones that work the best. >> and read the labels. thank you very much. for more on tips on to battle lines and wrinkles go to abcnews/gma. lines and wrinkles go to abcnews/gma. never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles in 3 days-- i can do that. 60 miles compared to what a cancer patient goes through is a walk in the park. from the moment i registered, people started immediately supporting me. we had an outpouring of-- of support.
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what is the secret to may going an interfaith marriage work? we went to the experts, our friends, cokie and steve roberts. they have a new book called "our haggadah," and they join us now. you're catholic, you're jewish. 45 years ago -- >> almost. >> almost. you got married. still going strong. >> hanging in. >> this was a real hurdle when
8:49 am
you first met, right? >> absolutely. wedding pictures from almost 45 years ago, you can see the flowers above, the jewish wedding canopy. getting to that point was not easy. the hardest point was getting steve to propose to me, for the wedding, it wasn't bad at all. >> i've actually come to believe over the years that every marriage is a mixed marriage. start with a marriage between a man and a woman. i mean, the whole notion that religion is a bigger difference than gender. anybody married more than three weeks knows that. >> in "our haggadah" we should explain, that's the passover guide, the passover guide to the seder. the original one. >> right. typed it out on an old smith corona manuel typewriter and
8:50 am
minim mimeographed it. you're probably too young to remember that. >> a little bit. >> it's been 45 years, we decided to actually put it between hard covers. there's a point at this service where steve and i always have a fight because we move from the paper to the book. our friends egg us on and now we will not fight anymore. >> you believe the driving force between making the celebration work is work even though you're catholic? >> well, first of all, it was very important to both of us that we have both cultures, traditions and religions represented in our family. but it's universal, it's a celebration of freedom. in greek, paska means easter in passover. it's fundamentals of religion. >> we want to thank hosni mubarak, with present day, let my people go.
8:51 am
we're doing it right now in the middle of egypt. that's one of the -- because it is such a universal story of liberation from bondage. part of what we wanted to do with this book. there are a lot of haggadahs on the market. the first ones were written in the 9th century. that's how old this tradition is. but we wanted this specifically to be for interfaith families. and say to people who read it who didn't grow up with this tradition, married into the tradition, you can do this. it's accessible. >> and even though you have a seder plate that looks a little intimidating, it's not. we have very specific instructions. pow to put together your plate. how to cook your food. how to set the table. all the things that seem scary. >> and the funny story are the mish mishaps. all the cheesecake. >> i was a "the new york times" correspondent, right before passover, we decided to?
8:52 am
just a little seder with our two small children. cokie said to me, bring home the matzo, there was a store selling matzo, if you can't find matzo, get pita bread. i forgot about it, dipped into a store and bought a piece of cheesecake. i show up, and my catholic wife says, what were you thinking? i said, well, it's jewish. it didn't go over well with the catholics. >> we've got here chocolate tort and bean salad. >> bean salad is one of the things i serve every passover. europeans would argue that beans are not kosher for passover either. but mediterranean is for it. since we know the first passover was in egypt, i go with the mediterranean. this is a wonderful chocolate tort, from our good friend joan
8:53 am
nathan's cookbook. it has no flour. made from crushed up almonds and really easy. all the recipes in this book are easy. >> and you can have it for gcgcc [ female announcer ] we make it little and black. you make it flirty and fun. we make it floral. you make it bloom. we make it fitted. striped. polka dot. casual. flowy. you make it amazing. with hundreds of designers at jcpenney you can find a look that's uniquely you. ♪ we make it affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney. got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet.
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♪ express yourself [ female announcer ] add your flavor... with coffee-mate, from nestle. dog owners, are howling by the national park service. they are explaining changes for crissy field, ocean beach and other areas. the meeting is scheduled to take place between 4:00 and 8:00 at fort mason center. check in with mike and find out about the wind killing. >> it's still howling out of the northwest at about 20-30 miles an hour. it will be 20-30 range and keep are temperatures cooler. spotty rain is possible. >> and traffic is slow at the bay bridge toll pla


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