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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  March 7, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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looking to cut elementary school music teachers and librarians. laura burns has been a librarian 13 years. >> i would be moved back into the classroom as a k-5 classroom teacher. >> what would happen to the teacher whose position you're take something. >> that person would be laid off. >> fls jeopardy is a weekly half hour music class in schools. mike langly is with the teachers union. >> emphasis of math and ang language as if there is nothing else to an education started to undercut the full education our children should be getting. >> but the $26 billion deficit. governor brown says the only way to keep cuts from the classroom is making reductions elsewhere and extend tax hikes. the governor and democrats would like to see voters decide in june.
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>> we have to assume the june election will fail. >> today, union representatives talked about the cuts. >> pink slips for years and i know my comrades and. and i'm hoping the district will make other choice autos superintendent says with potential cuts coming from sacramento it's thoord save teacher positions. >> teachers makeup 56% of our budget. they're a large component of that. very much we'd like to keep as much and everything away from the classroom and given the current -- we've had three years of reductions from the state and you know, if we continue to get more reductions you know we're going to have to look everywhere, unfortunately. >> that includes possibly closing schools. the board meets tomorrow night to consider other cost cutting
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measure autos governor brown says unless there is a traumatic change he does not have votes to get his plan on the june ballot. he says he's two republican votes short of being able to do so. he wants voters to decide if a package should be extended to help balance the deficit. >> you know any republican tell them he or she should vote to give the people a choice fchl those republican who's would like to debate me and take antitax side, i'll join with meem, -- them, they'll have a great debate. >> brown met with five republican lawmakers last week but was untibl persuade them. >> an 18 month union battle at san francisco hilton ended in a tentative deal including improved pensions. >> there is 15 million
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visitors coming to san francisco every year, spending 30 cents of every dollar on san francisco hotels but ran the risk of having to walk through a picket line to get to rooms. after today there may be an end in sight. >> we encourage people to come to the hilton. >> it's been a long time since a union boss said something like that. michael casey announced a contract of employees expect to ratify friday. >> i think it's fair for the times. >> i don't have hard feelings. they tried to make this and this is for people trying to survive. >> to hear both sides tell think the is a win, increasing pension contributions, improves the dental plan and protects health plan they had. why did this take 18 months? >> this is cost of fighting
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exceeds the cost of what settlements look like. >> we did have differences of opinion and were able to come to a conclusion. it's great for the hotel and workers and city. >> and 8200 other workers including ones owned by hyatt do not have contracts. but hilton's rank and file believes this provides leverage. >> usually the first contract settles is the one that the other companies have to follow, it's not improved upon. >> we negotiated on our own prior to this contract negotiations we negotiations as multi employer group. >> is this the pressure of the companies? >> time will tell. >> and this union had
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negotiations scheduled for friday. the hyatt group found out and cancelled the session. >> thank you, wayne. the qunin representing antioch's public works employees are claiming city leaders are giving the union prempl -- prefr yil treatment. the city council is expected to approve a contract requiring police officers to defer salary increases and begin paying 33% of their pension costs. this is only temporary and expires at the end of the year. >> and we think it's important to understand if they're going to ask members to make sack mikes -- sacrifices they have to ask all members to make the same. >> we're trying to work with management here to make kons yegss. >> the city manager says the police union will be asked to
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extend kons yegss beyond the end of the year making officers' sacrifices greater than they appear. >> developing news now to sky 7 hd. an accident involving a lab shuttle and a pedestrian shot down several streets in berkeley. you can see police still at the scene of the intersection. and there is police and firefighters and we'll continue to follow this for you. >> the san francisco district toush's office has decided not to prosecute two more drug cases because of possible police misconduct after the public defender last week showed security video he said revealed officers conducting searches. six officers were reassigned to desk duty while investigations continued but the two latest cases to be dismissed involve some who were not among those already suspected of misconduct. and that concerns the public
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defender. >> what this suggests is that pattern in practice that we've seen were not limited just to one small group of officers that it may have gone beyond that group. >> and there is five cases that have been dismissed and both fbi and district attorney are conducting investigations. the interim police chief has ordered an audit of the policies and the training procedures of all plain-clothed units. a $30,000 reward being offered in the shooting two of elderly sheik men. one died at the scene and the other remains in critical condition. many condemn what they say increasing violence against s seek americans. police dmot not -- do not know
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the motive for the attacks. they're looking for a ford if 150 seen in the area. the war in afghanistan claimed the live of a 31-year-old soldier from san jose. he was trying to disarm an ied saturday when he stepped on a hidden bomb. his family says he served a 14 month tour in iraq. he leaves behind a wife, eight months pregnant and a 2-year-old son. >> military trials for terror detainees will start up again at guantanamo bay, cuba. president obama approved resumption of the trials tlchl white house reiterated its commitment can. you may recall the president vowed to shut down the trials within a year of taking office. he wanted suspects tried in federal court inside of the us you but the plan met tough resistance on capitol hill.
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president obama is warning muammar gaddafi that the us us and nato are considering an antirebel response in libya. saying violence is unacceptable. today nato boosted surveillance flights. britain and france have begun drafting united nations resolutions for a no flying zone over libya. >> i want to send a clear message to those around general gaddafi. it's their choice to make how they operate moving forward and they will be held accountable for whatever violence continues to take place there. >> pro democracy rebels claim they're holding a royal port. rebels claim they're preparing for an assault on tripoli. pressure appears to be intensifying because gaddafi's regime continues to unleash it's power on forces. >> the gas is climbing to
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$3.61 nationwide, highest ever posted in march. it's higher here in california. and a survey shows prices have gone up 33 cents per gallon. and gas is going at $105 a barrel. >> a local hospital using robots for a part of care. >> and potentially deadly danger that consumer reports found texting an expensive stroller. >> marin catholic's gunner sandberg sports paiching helmet designed with his accident in mind. >> i'm sandhya patel. drops have developed in the north bay. there is a chance of rain through morning. i'll be back with a full look i'll be back with a full look at the accu-weathehehehehehehehe go! go!
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an accident on interstate 880 landed five people in the hospital. none of their injuries is life threatening but one of the cars flipped over before 11:00 near a street. four cars in all were involved in this wreck. the chp is investigating the cause. sky 7 hd was overhead the san mateo bridge where this small sail boat was lodged. no one was aboard. the boat drifted from the oyster point area until it hit the bridge. and the mast snapped and fell. the bridge was not damaged and strong winds and shallow water prevented the coast guard from reaching this vessel. and the owner plans to use another got tow it back to shore. a man beaten at cal train station remains in critical
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condition tonight. police are asking for help in finding those who attacked this commuter, he was physically assault by a group of up to 15 people. they tried to rob him while he wait forward a train. police say they're aggressively investigatesing because of the severity after the tack. >> the death of a 17-year-old pregnant farm worker from heat stroke prompted a group to join an online petition campaign petitioning against a proposed plea deal for the death. she died in may, 2008 after working in a vineyard outside stockton. the plea bargain sparing those charged prison time. >> we're demanding jail time for in convention with the united farm workers and sant jose state. >> the three defendants include owner, safety director and supervisor of merced farm
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labor which has since been shut down by the state. the district attorney did not return our call for comment. >> and more young people admitting to driving while using a hand held cell phone according to a consumer reports poll found 63% of the people admitted to driving while on the phone. 30% said they've sent text messages behind the wheel. the rule comes out on the same day the department of transportation is teeming up to launch a campaign to make sure teenagers know about dangers of distracted driving. the transportation secretary says nearly 5500 people were killed in distracted driving accidents in 2009. >> and consumer reports revealed a phone shallly deadly hazard. >> and michael finney has detail autos they're looking at one stroller called a waltz
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and has been designate aid don't buy. the reason? safety risk. like many traditional strollers this come was both a grab bar and a tray attaching above legs. and researchers found a safety problem. >> if the child isn't strapped in, the torso can slip through the gap but head could be hung up, it could result in a strangulation. it would exit if a tray was in place. >> the stroller failed consumer reports tests and this head pro recommends the head of a 13-month-old. it should pass underneath the bar under its weight but it doesn't. posing a strangulation risk. if you own this stroller consumer reports recommends you discard the grab bar, tray and strap your child into the stroller.
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the maker says the stroller meets all voluntary safety standards and there are no reports of injuries. the company says the consumer products safety commission is now currently testing the stroller. when we come back with results we'll pass them along. >> actor charlie sheen's controversial behavior cost him his job. today he was fired from the show "two and a half men". warner brothers television says it was a decision made after careful consideration. the erratic personal life prompted warner to suggestion send production in january. since then, sheen waijd a campaign against the producer autos and jand patel with tonight's accu-weather forecast. >> this is some light rain moving in. let's get you outside there. is a view where see clouds to
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the north. there are reports of light rain and still could see drops developing in other parts of the bay area and there is the view from san jose. sun, clouds ganlering there. there is a where we're seeing moisture. it's been very limited towards clear lake area. we'll show new just a moment. temperatures now into 50s and has been a windy one today, you've probably noticed gusting winds into higher elevations but winds are dropping off. now gusting to 24 in concord. 23 hayward. 18 miles per hour wind gusts in mountain view. we'll continue to see these dropping off. there is a chance of rain tomorrow morning, then look
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for sunny, warmer weather for wednesday. there is a cold front and now you're watching this system here. there is a chance of rain for tuesday morning. you'll see showers developing early as midnight throughout the santa cruz county coast. around the north bay not going to be a major storm event. tomorrow morning you can see damp roadways. and then, just clouds for latter part of the morning into early afternoon. and there is a dry tuesday afternoon, it's going to get warmer just by a few degrees and into wednesday. by noon time, rainfall totals from nothing to a quarter inch and this is going to be a light rain event. temperatures from low 40s to low 50s, winds do subside into
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overnight hours. and tomorrow afternoon looking for mid-60s into the south bay. 66 for new campbell. there is mid to upper 50s near the coast. these temperatures up from today's highs. 59 in downtown and north bay mid-60s for santa rosa. east bay communities all into low to mid 60s from oakland towards hayward. and around the bay mainly sunny skies. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is a chance of rain then a mild wednesday. low 60s to low 70s, another possibility of rain thursday, then again sunday night into monday. don't forget sunday at 2:00 a.m. daylight savings time. you want to spring forward an hour. >> we'll take that sun.
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thank you. >> coming up patient care in one division of ucsf hospital being taken over by robots. >> researchers with new drugs being tested based on alternative theory about create my oasis.
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u.s. supreme court refused to hear a sacramento lawyer's latest challenge against the government's reverence to god. michael newdow is the atheist who tried to have the pledge of alliegance removed from schools because it includes the phrase "under god" this time he was challenging u.s. currency and coins. >> ucsf medical center
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pharmacy now using robots to count and process medications in an effort to improve patient safety this, video provided by the hospital. the hospital says not a single error has occurred. and the 350,000 doses of medication prepared during a pilot phase. the robots kept in a sterile environment where the system prepares medicines including toxic chemotherapy drugs. saying this will give pharmacists more time to work with patients and doctors on drug therapy. >> marin catholic high school baseball pitcher injure aid year ago this week is now sporting a prototype of a helmet inspire bid his accident. he visited the technology center it weighs over five ounsz but designed to help protect a pitcher's head from a moving moving up to 100 miles per hour. it's a first of its kind helmet. little leagues say they
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welcome the development. >> i think this will give everyone confidence on the field. i any if one play heer were to wear this and show there is confidence, other woz catch on. >> they hope to have the helmet bit end of the year. little league's president says they should be field tested. >> and we have more head coming up, a home stretch and a shuttle discovery's final mission.
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bay area dog owners howling over rules for walking pets in local parks where they plan to unleash their anger.
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>> tax season is here and free help is available. who qualifies for this no charge assistance. >> and another version of jane eyre about to hit the big screen. bay area feel in this latest edition. its coming up tonight at 6:00. >> and now the world's most-flown space ship is making its final flight today. >> space shuttle discovery undocked from international space station and headed home for retirement today. william shatner, original captain kirk recorded a tribute for the discovery. and said it's boldly gone and done what no space craft has done before. and the crew first flew in 1984. next destination is the smithsonian for display. >> great pla


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