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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  March 8, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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a crime in progress. bay area police hope will catch a killer. and tough news for teachers. a decision that could lead to massive layoffs in a school district. abc newswswswswswswss
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good evening. police in the south bay released a chilling video in the hope of catching a killer. >> the images captured just before a triple homicide at a san jose nightclub. abc7's lisa amin gulezian has the surveillance video that could help police solve this crime. lisa? >> that is very true. you know, the shootings happened at the mexicali club on january 8th. the owner ran out of this door and was shot over in that corner. tonight two suspects are still at large. this newly released video
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shows the violence that erupted in the mexicali club on oakland road. >> you have the unidentified suspect who is attempting to kidnap the owner. he is armed and wearing a green bulletproof vest. he will essentially try to drag the owner out of the club. at the same time, a gunbattle erupted inside between a club patron who was armed and two more suspects. all three of those men died. now they are releasing this video because they have no idea who this man is. he is the one who is actually dragging sanchez out. sanchez managed to break free of the man's hold. police say the unidentified suspect chased him off camera and shot him. >> it is indicative of somebody who has thought out this crime ahead of time. this individual is still on the street.
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>> so is this man. police say he is the one driving the get away car. >> can't say i know him personally. >> police hope the photos and video will jar someone's memory. jesse aguirre knows the victim. >> very down to earth. he is very helpful to people, to the community, especially the mexican community. >> how did you feel when you found out he was shot? >> i was questioning why would anybody want him? >> we believe narcotics somehow plays a role. to what extent it was a debt or robbery, we don't know. >> he did survive his injuries. this club meantime has been closed since the shooting. in san jose, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> lisa, thank you. alameda and brisbane held elections. they approved the parcel tax
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68.5% voting yes and 31.5% voting no with 19 of 28 precincts reporting. and 24% of alameda voters are in favor of measure a, a parcel tax that would benefit local schools with 32% voting no. in santa clara, they rejected a that would have levied a tax of $19 on each residential unit. 59% voted no and 41% voted yes there. money trouble means tough news. they voted to send outlayoff notices. and that's not all. abc7's johnal stone is live in -- john alston is live. >> the meeting just wrapped up and within the next week 180 layoff warnings will be out in the mail. in addition to that, they heard of the potential of other dire cuts. if the tax extension does not get on the june ballot or if it is not approved by voters, the district could have to cut out five to six weeks of
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class, meaning that classes here could start as late as october. parents and students came fired up hoping to keep teachers on the job. >> i vote no. the motion carries 3-2. >> reporter: the mount diablo school board voted for layoff notices to 180 employees including 33 music teachers and 28 high school teachers, 27 teachers at elementary schools and 20 in the library media department. >> there is absolutely no way to run a school district 175 days. they cut the permission for five days. i think there will be a shell that is called edge education, but there won't be an education. >> the school district is trying to close a deficit made worse by declining enroll meant and rising salaries and healthcare costs. the board decided to close
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holbrooke elementary next year. a decision that parents and students tried to reverse tonight. >> i refuse to stand behind a board that treats my children as petty cash and me as if i am unintelligent and disposable. >> that would be kind of sad for me because i really, don't want to leave hall brooke. >> the board was not swayed. in fact, one board member said more schools would have to be closed down the line. as for the layoff notices, they will go out in the next week. it does not mean those particular people will be laid of on. however, those people who would be let go would find out their names by mid-may, and that would be based on senority. abc7 news. >> thank you, john. a statewide amber alert was canceled after an infant and his mother were found safe. eight-month-old sebastian was taken from his bedroom early this, month. his mother, 18-year-old monserat was abducted when she
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ran after them. they found them in the town of polar and he was taken into custody. the bay area city that adopted the first curbside recycling program in the country is thinking now about scraping the nonprofit that started it all. alan wang reports from berkeley where the city is facing an $11 million deficit. >> reporter: when the ecology center started the first curbside recycling pick up program 40 years ago, it was a radical idea. tonight the berkeley city council entertained the idea of running the program itself to save money. >> i challenge the city to find another city who con trabted with the garbage company or to use municipal services to deliver recycling services who did not see costs rise after the changes were made. >> a contract consult at the present time said they could
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save $1.5 million by ending the contract with the ecology center. >> we are recommending the reduction of two to one and reduction of routes. it would be a reduction in labor and increase one fusht see on the route. >> he worked as a sanitation worker in philadelphia. he says it is important to have a second person on the truck in case there is an accident or injury. >> on the other hand you have to go up and down the streets twice. it contributes to the greenhouse gas emissions, and there is a safety factor i raised tonight. it doesn't consider the fact that the income for selling cardboard has gone up since 2008 from $10 to $200 a ton and the ecology center is paying $1 million more than it did last year. >> paper is scarce because of the electronic age.
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and the need for recycled paper doesn't go away. so i think that is driving the place up. >> one thing the council and the residents agreed on, the study is flawed. there needs to be more factual input. they will have a chance to do that at the meeting on march 22nd. in berkeley, alan wang, abc news. an earthquake in japan triggered a small tsunami, but there are no reports of damage or injuries. highrise buildings shook in tokyo after a 7.2 magnitude quake struck 270 miles off japan's northern coast. buildings swayed for up to 30 seconds. it is already wednesday in japan. the quake rumbled just before noontime. the tsunami did reach one coastal town. coming up next, an executive caught on camera. what he said about the tea party. >> and fishermen are thrilled about the possibility we may have a nearly normal salmon
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season. >> and the changing face of california. what new census numbers reveal about who we are. >> and then later on "nightline." >> i'm terry moran. coming up next on "nightline" the financial guru joins us with four tips for turning an economic crossroads into a window of opportunity. and some swear by the hcg diet, but can imitating
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to the richmond city council has ended a meeting to deal with the budget crisis. they vote toady claire a fiscal emergency and -- to declare a fiscal emergency to put a tax increase on the june ballot. half of the money will go toward restoring services to the poor and the rest will go to programs hit by state funding cuts. the san mateo county drukt
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attorney's sofs says it is now looking into seismic upgrade work done by pg&e. it is part of the d.a.'s investigation into the san bruno pipeline explosion. the company upgraded pipelines in san bruno in 19903 and 19niewpt 4 --1993 and 1994, but stopped before the area that blew up. pg&e says no one knows what caused the tragic accident. two oakland police officers learned they will face no criminal charges for the shooting death of an unarmed man. the shooting of dwair -- derrick jones sparked protest after police killed him on november 8th. but the district attorney believes they acted properly after interviewing both of them along with several witnesses. investigators found that jones ran from the officers while they approached him while investigating a domestic dispute. he refused repeated warnings to put up his hands. >> it is a bold-faced lie to say he reached in his waist
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band. his hand may have been in his pocket because i heard that. but the waistband with nothing in the waistband and two police officers in front of you? no. >> jones died near the barber shop he ran. they cited his blood alcohol was .13, exceeding the legal limit to drive. authorities are trying to track down who planted rat poison at a sunnyvale dog park. twice last month open boxes of commercial rat poison was found in the area of dogs. officials say a message scrawled on one of the boxes prove it was an intentional act. >> the first box that was found had a message that was written on. it it was scribbled on saying "kill all dogs" and that takes us out of the world of being something accidental. fortunately there are no reported injuries to any of the dogs. >> signs are posted warning people of the incident. they don't have any concrete
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leads as to who may be responsible. they are asking for the public's help. salmon fishermen are thrilled about the possibility there will be a commercial fishing season this year. they are debating when and where the season will be allowed. sources say the council will propose a comer -- a commercial season with fishing allowed from mendocino county to the mexican border. the season was canceled in 2008 and 2009 and lasted only eight days last year. the final decision will come in april. and an executive was caught on camera calling the tea party movement racist and saying they would be better off without federal funding. >> they are white middle america. >> that was the president of fundraising. he thinks he is talking to a
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muslim group interested in dough naight $5 million. instead it is a video sting by a conservative film maker. they are appalled by the comments. shieler announced that he is stepping down. they say funding should come to an end. new census data shows latinas and asiansinged for all of the population growth. new data shows the latino pop lotion grew 28% and the asian population by 31%. they say latinos are growing faster than any other group because most are of child bearing age and the caucasian 307 -- population dipped and the african-american population dipped. in total population increased 10% to 37.3 million. get ready for some warm temperatures. it may even be in the 70s. >> the home stretch of winter here. it will be lovely. sandhya patel is here.
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>> we will get an early preview of spring when the temperatures climb into the 70s. yes, it will happen. let me show you what it looked like from the high definition sutro camera. earlier in the morning we had a few showers, but later in the day some lingering clouds, and really a lovely sunset at 6:10. it was not absolutely clear and it is still not clear route now. as you look at the latest satellite picture you can see we have cloud cover here. most is high-level cloudiness which will prevent widespread fog from forming, but we will have to deal with some patches by morning. temperatures in the 40s and the 50s. partly cloudy tonight. patchy fog. sunny and warmer for tomorrow. and we are looking at a shower chance on thursday. the best chance is in the north bay. now that it is feeling like spring, we should bring you the pollen count. if you suffer from allergies you know it is definitely going to be on the moderate to high side.
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grasses and weeds are running nonexit -- nonexistent. here is the satellite and radar. high pressure controls our weather. you can get sinking air and as the air sinks you get some warming. and tomorrow this will translate into temperatures getting into the low 70s inland. so really nice looking weather for your wednesday, but it is not going to last. this system on thursday will bring in some showers mainly to the north bay. if you like the rain, thursday is your day. let's show you the computer animation. a few clouds at 5:00 a.m. on thursday. during the commute, the rain doesn't develop until later in the morning. you notice around 11:00 first to the north bay, and then the cold front starts to fall apart. but there is still a possibility that you may see some wet pavement in the east bay by 3:00 in the afternoon by thursday and also around san francisco and the san mateo coast. you can't rule out the possibility of a shower or
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two. the likelihood it is going to be confined to the north bay. here is the rainfall estimates. a 10th to a quarter of an inch, north bay .001 to .10. overnight look for temperatures in the 40s. we have a lot of cloud cover out there. it is mostly midand high level clouds. a few patches could form by tomorrow morning. but tomorrow afternoon it is a nice day. we are getting into the 70s range. 70 in san jose. mid to upper 60s. coastal areas low 60s. mix of sun and high clouds in downtown san francisco. mid60s and then in the north bay, it doesn't get any better than this. 70 degrees in santa rosa and napa. sunscreen weather. look for below 70s in concord, livermore and around the monterey bay. 72 degrees in santa cruz. here is your accu-weather
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seven-day forecast. it is a mild, warmer wednesday. showers mainly north and dry until about sunday afternoon. that's when more rain comes into the picture. continuing into monday and don't forget spring forward sunday at 2:00 a.m. we go to daylight savings time. >> thanks, sandhya. coming up next, the happiest man in america. >> what makes this >> so, ah, your seat good? got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru.
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thought about adopting a chicken instead of a dog or cat? 100 chickens are up for adoption at the sonoma humane society. the two-year-old brown and red hens spent their lives producing eggs for the california egg farm. the animal sanctuary promised to take the birds after they pass passed the prefered age for age production. who is the happiest person in america?
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they say it is this man, alvin long. he fits all of the criteria. he is a man and men reportedly are happier than women. he is over the age of 65 which is reportedly the happiest age-group, and he is jewish. the jewish population is happier than anyone and it doesn't hurt he lives in hawaii, known as the happiest place in the country. >> larry was pretty happy when he lived there. >> i was happier, yes. >> but sitting next to you is wonderful. charlie sheen is not on the top five. shocking. >> maybe the angriest. >> the warriors are happy they have money day ellis. -- monta ellis. he is landing three's on
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good evening. on the road, monta ellis said the warriors had to win. the battle between him and davis with the cavaliers. we have joke sisters on the set -- joksters on the set tonight, i tell you. in cleavland and look at davis. and the steel and it goes coast to coast. third quarter and he enters the zone. hitting three after three, the steel leads to a reverse finish. very nice. he was feeling it. a career high six, three's. the warriors open a 15 point cushion and the warriors are 95-85. they are two and four on this trip that ends tomorrow in new jersey. to the ice and the sharks and the predators played four times this season. every game decided by a single
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goal. do you want to play goalie in the national hockey league? probably not after that. the first period and he redirects. san jose takes a 1-0 lead. in the second and tied at one and sharks in the power play and a nice screen. sharks were up 2-1. shea webber scores and does a face plant. game tied at two. they go to overtime. in ot, he is flying up the ice and goes top shelf off the cross bar. good night, game over, drive home safely. marlow the hero as the sharks get a do or dee goal. the giants shut matt cain down because of elbow inflammation, but he is getting better and said -- scheduled to throw a simulated game on thursday. and struck out five including the former a in the second. also got help from his defense.
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a nice play at third. he lowered his era and the giants lose the game 1-0. the a's beat the padres. he pitched four shutout innings allowing just one base hit. this spring people are asking dallas brayden about two things, the perfect game he threw last season and his roommate in arizona who just happens to be the giants' closer brian wilson. mike shumann talked with brayden about the baseball version of "the odd couple." >> what is that like? >> use your imagination. >> i want to you are both -- well, i don't want to say qurky. >> that's how it works. he's a weirdie. i'm a weirdie. nobody looks at each other and says, wow, that was awkward. every moment is awkward. >> it tax one to know -- it takes one to noow one. >> and by the way, i am happy with you. >> oh yeah, damage control now.
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>> nice save. >> no, really. >> all right, well "nightline" is next. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm carolyn johnson. a big fan of larry beil. good night, [ female announcer ] we make it little and black. you make it flirty and fun. we make it floral. you make it bloom. we make it fitted. striped. polka dot. casual. flowy. you make it amazing. with hundreds of designers at jcpenney you can find a look that's uniquely you. ♪ we make it affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney.
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