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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  March 10, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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♪ i'm terry mcsweeney live outside the san francisco county jail on 7th street where dozens of druggys and robbers are being released on the streets of san francisco because of alleged police misconduct. the story coming up in a live report. >> i'm amy hollyfield live in san jose where city officials would like to wipe out 100 of the pot clubs here. i'll have that story just ahead. >> and a good thursday morning. looking down on a dry san francisco in east bay hills but that won't be the case for much longer. tracking light rain on live doppler 7 hd. i'll tell you when it gets to your neighborhood, how much more times we're going to get it, especially this weekend. >> no major problems on the freeways this morning.
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bay bridge toll plaza, nice and light. >> it's 5:00 on this thursday. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> good morning to you as well. i'm eric thomas. in san jose the mayor and other city officials try to stub out the uncontrolled growth of pot clubs. right now more than 100 dispensaries are operating and critics want to shut down all but a handful. amy hollyfield is live at san jose city hall. >> it sounds like san jose city leaders have reached their breaking point, eric, and they really want to rein in all these pot clubs. this city could have a higher concentration of them than any other bay area city. they're trying to figure out how to control them. according to the mercury news, mayor chuck reid and three other council members want to cut down the number of pot clubs and restrict where they can operate. they'd like to go from the 110 they currently have down to ten. the mayor is even quoted as saying i'm ready to decide.
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this is hearing number eight for me on this. marijuana providers at last night's meeting agree that the clubs do need to be limited but they don't think ten is enough to serve this large city. they also question how are you going to choose the ten that will get to stay. mayor reid had an idea. he said, hey, why don't we charge a fee to the applicants and then hold an online auction on e-bay for permits. that got everyone talking. some are whispering maybe reid was smoking something. but he said, hey, i'm serious. let's try something new, something different. lots of ideas, lots of proposals. they still have a ways to go on this but got the momentum to reining all these pot clubs in. another hearing on the issue april 12. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you. the release of accused criminals will continue this morning. the process began last night by stunning video released by a
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public defender that triggered a police misconduct investigation. terry mcsweeney is live at the county jail on 7th street with the latest fallout. terry? >> just yesterday afternoon the judge ordered 42 additional inmates released. the number could be in the hundreds before this is all said and done and all of this because of surveillance video that apparently caught police doing what they should not have been doing. take a look at some of that video that we've been talking about that started this whole thing. officers allegedly without warrants and failing to properly identify themselves before illegally searching the apartment, mostly in the south of market area. police report in some cases not matching up with what the video shows. 56 cases dropped so far, most drug cases, although some did involve weapons and grand theft. here's one of the people unexpectedly gaining his freedom. >> the case dismissed due to the scandal of the police officers. he said your case is dismissed.
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>> so you're out. >> i'm out. >> you're going to make sure everybody is retrained in search and seizure issues. retrain everybody in plainclothes separations. >> d.a. george gascon says he's releasing the inmates before anything is proven, this to err on the side of caution. the officers on desk duty while the case is being investigated. the f.b.i., the d.a.'s office and the san francisco police department each with independent investigations going on into this scandal. live in san francisco, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thank you very much. it's 5:04. an alameda county judge says he's considering an injunction against gang members in oakland. but the judge says he's reserving judgment on several others. he wants to give the reputed gang members a chance to testify if they choose to do so. oakland's city attorney is seeking an injunction to bar
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3,000 alleged gang members from hanging out together, possessing guns in a 450 block area in the city's fruitdale district. it would also impose a curfew. more hearings are scheduled for next week. >> berkeley police hope a $17,000 reward will lead to a person who killed a 30-year-old man. he was shot to death tuesday afternoon behind a house on the 1600 block. he's the first homicide victim of the year in berkeley. the reward is being offered by the city of berkeley in conjunction with bay area crime stoppers. >> alameda police have recovered a box of ashes stolen from a church. they were in a backpack. police found the box on 29th avenue near the 880 ramp. they believe it was thrown out of a vehicle. the person who told police about the box is not considered a person of interest.
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a second box of ashes though is still missing. >> palo alto police are warning residents of a rash of car burglaries. four window smashings took place in restaurant parking lots in busy el camino royale. two happened after 7:00. the other two happened outside sundance restaurant. police say they've seen an uptick on car burlaries on el camino and are warning people to keep their valuables out of sight. >> police say the stolen lamborghini belonging to a celebrity chef was last seen leaving tiburon. the video captured the $200,000 yellow convertible crossing the golden gate bridge tuesday morning. it was stolen earlier that day from the british motor car in san francisco. the thief rappelled from the roof and drove the car out of the garage door. it's owned by guy ferrari on
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nbc. "good morning america" will have more on the story at 7 a.m. >> in tiburon, one of those cameras that raised criticism because they were capturing people coming in and out and saying invasion of privacy. >> still the debate going but in guy's case, i guess it was good. >> all right. 5:07. we're gonna give you a clue. you'll wanna bring your umbrella today. >> oh, that gives it all away! mike? >> i'll have 200,000 reasons why you need to bring your umbrella like in that ferrari. >> lamborghininy. thank you very much. i'm trying to make it italian either way. all serious, zooming up into the northern part of the state. the rain trying to make its way towards fort bragg but still has all of mendocino county to go before it gets to us. i think most of the morning
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commute will be dry. let's focus on the 24 hour temperature change. most of us cooler except antioch, napa, san rafael, san francisco the same as yesterday morning. 50 san francisco, 52 antioch. the rest of us in the 40s. as the afternoon unfolds, we'll see that rain spread from north to south across the bay with the heaviest rain in the north bay. it hits there first and along the coast. you're coolest in the mid to upper 50s with the rest of us in the low to mid-60s. you may get a sprinkle, probably mostly cloudy with low to mid-60s. accu-weather 7-day forecast, about 7:00 tonight the rain is over. dry weather friday and saturday. rain will come back sunday afternoon through monday and another chance on wednesday. good morning, frances. >> good morning, mike. it's definitely a good start to the morning commute. no major accidents. there is road work going on in san ramon. the southbound 680 bollinger county on and off ramp will be blocked until about 6:00 this morning. you may want to consider crow
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canyon because the on and off ramps also blocked until 6:00 as well. it's all green out there so traffic is flowing well. you go outside, you'll see a good ride on southbound 680 right now heading towards highway 24 through walnut creek and also int state 80 in berkeley. delay-free ride, 18 minutes from the carquinez bridge is the drive time. the south bay no trouble at all near the 280 and 17 interchange, also fine on the peninsula and the north bay. eric, kristen. >> frances, thanks a lot. it's 5:09. >> still ahead, the decision that could determine the fate of hundreds of blockbuster video stores. >> the next step against libyan strongman moammer gadhafi. giving opposition leaders some optimism. >> neighbor versus neighbor. why santa clara county is suing san jose for millions of dollars. >> and the airline that asksksks
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. s. >> good morning. we begin your "moneyscope" report with foreclosure activity nearing a three-year low. 220,000 homes received some type of foreclosure notice last month. that's down 27% from a year ago. the slowdown was primarily due to lenders delaying action because of government investigations into questionable paperwork. a federal destruction judge could decide the fate of blockbuster today. he will rule whether the
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struggling rental chain stays in business or is liquidated. bloomberg news reports the stores are less than a tenth the size of an average supercenter. they plan to open as many as 40 this year. the world's billionaire's club added a bunch of new members this year. now 1,210 billionaires, 129 more than last year. >> nato defense troops are meeting in brussels today to talk about how to put pressure on libyan leader moammer gadhafi. the first country to recognize the libyan opposition interim government council. some lawmakers favor imposing a no-fly zone over libya. they want to stop qaddafi's military jets from attacking them. members of one of its television crews were detained, beaten and
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subjected to mock executions when qaddafi loyalists captured them. >> handcuffed us. pushed me outside of -- i hear those gun noises. they were getting ready. and i thought do they finish in moments? >> the men left libya after about 24 hours. they will still cover libya despite this attack. >> in tucson, they came face-to-face with loughner. gabrielle giffords was among the 13 people injured. three sat across from him in court yesterday. the judge granted a request of a
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psychiatric evaluation against loughner. the county of santa clara has filed a lawsuit against san jose's city's reshuffling of redevelopment money. they're trying to protect its redevelopment money from the state. santa clara county is suing san jose for its share of redeveloping tax revenue. it points to a tax sharing agreement between the county and the city in 2001 when the recession hit san jose stopped making its payments. the county says it's owed $62 million in payments and interest. >> when you're a creditor and you see that happening, money being moved, assets being moved, you have to respond in a hurry. >> the state's actions are prompting us to act to protect our interests and the county needs to protect its interest. >> attorneys for the county and the city are due in court on monday. >> would you take a gamble on a price for airline tickets. an option to purchase at a variable rate, your price would depend on the cost of airline
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fuel the day you actually fly. you pay a certain amount on the ticket. if fuel prices go up, you'd pay more. if they drop, you get cash back. they are alimited number of destinations from the bay area it is. 5:16 now. the wait is over. the i-pad 2 is going on sale. the guided tours show new features such as face time, garage ban and i-movie as well as previous favorites like i-tunes and there will be higher demand than its predecessor but there will be shorter lines when it goes on sale. it costs $499. but it can't predict the weather better than mr. nicco. >> huh-uh. >> maybe it has an app that makes me look better as i do it.
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>> i want that app first. (laughter) >> you're all waiting in line behind me. >> oh, stop it. what's going on? not in this case when we try to say we look better, not ladies first. you look great. >> sure does. all the e-mails and tweets we get and she wants to go first. >> i know. hello! >> i think i need another cup of coffee. yeah. >> everybody's trying to wake up this thursday morning. i think it's the anticipation of rain that's got everybody sluggish this morning. we are anticipating rain but not until later on during the morning commute, like 8:00, maybe 9:00. that's the north bay. let's talk temperatures. this is what you need to worry about. low 40s half moon bay, santa rosa. near 50s san francisco and antioch. we have upper 40s to near 50 around the monterey bay and salinas. 43 gilroy. your highlights for today, rain. heaviest in the north, lightest in the south bay.
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storms stay to the north tomorrow and saturday so dry but more storms in the forecast. we have a pretty active pattern the next couple days. south bay light rain this afternoon, low to mid-60s for you. up the peninsula, low 60s. over on the coast mid to upper 50s. that does include downtown san francisco. south san francisco around 60 degrees. north bay you get the rain first so you're going to stay cooler than everybody else today from mid to upper 50s at your beaches all the way inland over on the east bay shore, hercules, richmond, berkeley. low 60s for everybody else. low to mid-60s throughout the east bay valleys and the monterey bay and inland probably the least likely area to see measurable rain and this will probably happen after the sunset, too. low to mid-60s for you. take a look what's going on upstairs. a nice comma-shaped mature system with the bulk of the system heading to the pacific northwest. we're on the tail end but this will back-build and more rain slightly tapping into some
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tropical moisture. just barely going to get some before it moves through. the heaviest in the north bay. it moves in 8:00. in the heart of the bay by noon and slowly pushing out of the bay by 4:00, 5:00. by 7:00, there's no more rain around. a lot of us may not have much to worry about for the evening commute either. a quarter to a half inch possible in the south bay. a little more in your mountains. five to 1500s. let's take a look at the jet stream. you can see the undulating nature of it. that's a very ak sieve jet stream with small storms that will bring rain sunday into monday and possibly next wednesday. until then mid to upper 50s along the coast. low to mid-60s for the rest of us. don't forget, daylight savings, it begins saturday night. set the clocks ahead an hour. >> and you lose an hour sleep.
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new accident just reported in san mateo north 101. here's a live shot of 101 in san jose. headlights look great northbound. i'll show you 101 in the north bay with a live shot in san rafael. this time we're looking southbound on the right-hand side. and here's a map of san mateo. so this injury crash involving a motorcycle may be blocking the left lane. they're sending emergency crews there and that's when we could start to see traffic slow down. but so far it's not worth it to take 280. here's the drive times for you delay-free, south 101 as you make your way through the santa rosa area down to novato. i meant to reverse that one. 27 minutes actually in both directions. and northbound 101 in san mateo from highway 92 up to san francisco. still 18 minutes at this time. get traffic and personalized drive times anytime by going to eric, kristen? >> frances, thank you very much. it's 5:20.
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>> next sticker shock at the pharmacy. why the price of a drug to prevent premature births is going up nearly 15,000%. >> also why you could soon be saying good-bye to some lysol believes a healthy family is a happy family.
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. 5:23. good morning, everyone. five land trusts from south san francisco to santa cruz will join forces to protect 10,000 acres from open space from developers. the project will use $15 million in donations to buy and protect farmland, redwood forests and coast land bluffs. the trust will collaborate to build detail maps for deer, elk, mountain lions and other wildlife. the preservationists say they're moving now before real estate values bounce back and attract developers. >> the price of drugs given to high-risk pregnant women for premature births is going to skyrocket. they may get to order at 10 to
5:25 am
$20 per injection. last month the food and drug approved a prescription form. it plans to sell the drug for $1500 per dose. that could bring the total cost during a pregnancy to $30,000. the action is angering many doctors who say the company is trying to take advantage of vulnerable women. >> it could be a thing of the past. replacing the $1 with a coin. paper money is 75% cotton and 25% linen. the cost of cotton is at a high. the general accounting office is suggesting the government get rid of the dollar bill and replace it with a coin which has a much longer life span. it says the switch will save the government $5 billion over 30 years. >> speaking of cha-ching. america looking for charlie sheen for antics but for a job?
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he started tweeting monday. he's looking for a winning intern to help him with social media. within two hours nearly 75,000 clicked on the link and applied. they paid sheen. it didn't disclose the amount but it was the most expensive tweet in company history. >> getting serious about pot includes. getting rid of 100 of them. survivors of the san bruno pipeline disaster come together for the first time since the explosion that devastated their neighborhood six months ago. >> check out the warmth around
5:27 am
phoenix, 87 degrees. let's head over to the east coast where we have the slight risk of severe weather and the carolinas of d.c. and just in, flight arrival
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good morning. i'm amy hollyfield live in san jose where pot club owners are nervous. city leaders want to shut 100 down. the question is which ones? the story coming up. >> in the headlines, transportation leaders working on a plan to keep caltrain from slashing service and raising fares. >> we're taking a dry look from sutro heading to the east across san francisco and into the east bay hills. cold front promises light rain. talk about when it gets to your neighborhood, how much to
5:30 am
expect. >> a potential hot spot. traveling north 101 at the peninsula. all those details coming up. >> police warning students walking on the u.c. berkeley campus to beware after a man exposes himself and tries to assault a young woman. exactly 5:30 this thursday morning. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. topping our news, san jose is accelerating its efforts to clamp down on a recent explosion in pot clubs. city leaders took action last night. amy hollyfield is live. 110 pot clubs is 100 too many. pot clubs have not really been regulated in san jose so the number has grown tremendously. the mercury news is reporting at a meeting last night council members decided they're fed up and time to step up and get this under control.
5:31 am
they'd like to cut back from the 110 they currently have open in san jose to ten. residents are complaining about the pot clubs. even the pot club owners at the meeting agree that they do need to be controlled but they don't think ten is enough to serve this large city. they also question how is the city going to decide which ten get to stay open. they've gotta figure out how they're going to execute so they're going to have another meeting about this on april 12th. the mayor's quoted on saying i'm ready to decide. this is hearing number eight for me on this. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> amy, thank you. it's 5:31. this morning more suspects will be released from the san francisco city jail as the police misconduct investigation continues. yesterday the d.a. forced prosecutors to drop 42 more criminal cases, most involving drug arrests. that brings the total number of dropped cases to 57.
5:32 am
the growing scandal began last week when the public defenders office released several security videos which revealed arrests made in south of market hotels. eight plainclothes police officers involved in the cases have been reassigned to desk duty while the f.b.i. and d.a. investigate. they expect even more cases to be thrown out. >> a chief prosecutor says he expects more officers to be implicated in scandals in contra costa county. the commander of the narcotics enforcement team and investigator are charged with conspiring to steal and sell confiscated drugs. that led to the arrest of a contra costa sheriff's department in connection with a d.u.i. entrapment scheme. undoubtedly there are more than just three people who were involved in this.
5:33 am
the scandal could result in more cases than this. >> the stabbing death of a man, what they're calling a case of road rage. the victim was attacked yesterday afternoon. paramedics took him to the hospital where he died. investigators received a call linking the suspect to the attack. >> police at u.c. berkeley are looking for a man they call a sexual predator. investigators say he exposed himself to a young woman walking near the life sciences building tuesday night. police say as she tried to run away, the man grabbed her and touched her inappropriately. the woman screamed, drew attention and the man ran away. the suspect is a black male, early 20s, 165 pounds. he was wearing a red baseball cap, a white emblem, a white
5:34 am
puffy jacket and jeans. >> keeping caltrain from having drastically to cut service. yesterday the executive director told the committee that he thinks the plan would mean caltrain's board would not need to eliminate weekday service or reduce the number of weekday trains by 45%. the ntsb is meeting with them as well to find a funding plan that will finance caltrain until the 2012 election. the rail operator says it needs to cut $30 million out of its operating budget. >> the ndc recommended approval for new funding for the bart extension project in contra costa county. the construction of an e-bart extension through pittsburg and antioch. construction began last october. the extension is expected to open for service in 2015. the full commission is scheduled to consider the recommendation
5:35 am
later this morning. >> teams of experts are performing a massive legal and scientific analysis of the san bruno pipeline explosion but last night people of ground zero gathered to remember the victims and what happened to them exactly six months ago. this is the first time many of these neighbors have seen each other since the september explosion. they say it has definitely helped jump start the healing process. dozens of homes were destroyed. joseph gomez had his girlfriend in mind. she died in the fire, he barely escaped. >> for her to be taken away. that's the hardest struggle, emotions rather than the physical. >> it's hard to believe it's been six months since our very tragic accident happened here in our wonderful little neighborhood. >> many of the survivors filed pending lawsuits.
5:36 am
>> it's 5:35. bet you're planning your day right now and thinking which one of my commutes will be wet today? >> what, the end of the morning? >> the north bay, most of us may get away without having any wet weather. that's how fast the system is, also how fast it falls apart. the comma shape here, that's up in the pacific northwest. we're getting the tail end of it. the bulk of the wet weather up to the north. it's starting to make a push to the south and moving into mendocino county. i think by 8:00 we'll see light rain break out in the north bay. towards the end of the commute you may be wet. the rain slowly moving across the entire bay except for the south bay. we'll be in the mid-50s at that time and hang around the mid to upper 50s as the rain shield moves into the south bay and
5:37 am
kind of falls apart during the afternoon hours. more than likely sprinkles for the evening commute more so than the morning commute but i still don't think it's going to be that bad. i checked with frances, she said yes, pollen is high. let's take a look at your accu-weather 7-day forecast. our next chance of rain sunday afternoon into monday and again on wednesday. >> the pollen is high and now it looks like traffic is going to be really horrible in san mateo. this motorcycle injury crash turns out now to be fatal. this is north 101 near the peninsula and the two left lanes will be blocked. typically it takes several hours to clear a fatal accident because the chp and the coroner need to investigate the scene thoroughly. so right now traffic is moving well but, of course, it's going to slow down quite a bit. so we're keeping track of the drive times for you. 20 minutes right now from 92 to san francisco and that will change. you may want to consider 280 later on in the commute. right now that's a 21-minute
5:38 am
drive from highway 92 up to 101. earlier injury crash, southbound 242 and 680 on the shoulder. i don't think that will cause a problem. san mateo bridge, traffic still flowing well. also the drive time on that highway 292 stretch to get you to the 280 alternate or you may want to consider el camino as well. >> 5:38. >> president obama and first lady michelle obama host a gathering today on bullying. see how silicon valley is developing software to stop cyber police in their tracks before it's too late. >> and the warning going out to
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> good thursday morning. 5:41. neighbors are told to watch out for mountain lions. it was after a deer was found in the valley yesterday morning. emergency officials think tracks nearby could have been left by a mountain lion. there have been a number of sightings in belmont, woodside, redwood city near highway 280 the last four months. they're known to roam at dawn and dusk and at night. residents are warned to watch small children and avoid outdoor activities. >> the president and first lady
5:42 am
will shine a spotlight on bullin'ing. they're holding a first of its kind white house conference on the issue. half of all teenagers encounter bullying online and it drives 20% of them to think about suicide. now technology is gaining a foothold on the internet to protect children from bullying. david louie has more. >> on a small but growing number of sites, software track conversations in search of bullying. language are the primary triggers. but other clues, spelling, punctuation and the ski strokes. the peaks indicate bullying. on the right the victim is remaining passive. >> bullying one person or multiple people their reputation increases. >> crisp thinking has been
5:43 am
working on identifies cyber bullying for five years., and twitter have not. common sense media has been developing lessons for teachers. its goal, to help victims of cyber bullying to know what to do when it happens. >> when do they want a parent or teacher get involved? when do they want to handle it themselves? some kids should know they need to be able to stand up for themselves and tell the other kids in their space, hey, don't treat me like that. >> the curriculum was developed with educators at harvard where kids can hear directly from others who were bullied. they have 15 million instant messages by children and one-third were classified as cyber bullying. empower the victim to take action and tracking bullies to block them but there's a third
5:44 am
safeguard. >> need to be couldn'tly making sure everyone they're engaged with, it's safe. >> david louie, abc 7 news. >> watch for beef prices to go even higher. the bloomberg business report straight ahead. >> i'm jenelle wang live in the news rom. less than an hour from now a controversial hearing on capitol hill. why many call it wrong and discriminatory. >> to top teenager drinking. how a proposed law could land some adults in serious trouble. >> take a look. cute and cuddly. at this ñ ñ ñ ñ bñbñbñbñ ñ ñ ñ t
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>> welcome back. time for your california forecast. you can see the rain stretching from our neck of the woods all the way up to the sierra where snow will develop this afternoon. 46 there. you want sunshine and dry weather, look at fresno, san diego 71. near 80 in l.a. and palm springs. here's eric with more news. >> thank you, mike. it's 5:47 now. about an hour a controversial congressman will launch a controversial hearing into what he calls the radicalzation of islam. he says the idea is head off home grown islamic terrorism. jenelle wang is live in our news room with more.
5:48 am
he has critics. >> he does. a political blogger says there is such a thing on a must-see on c-span, then this hearing is it. it's led by peter king, also the chairman of the house homeland committee. witnesses include the relatives of two young men who embrace extremist violence. ironically king has been accused of supporting terrorists himself. he was a major backer of the irish republican army, a revolutionary organization that carried out bloody campaigns. >> the ira never attacked the united states. secondly the ira which started with a perfect record, it was not their policy to attack civilians. >> jackie speier called this hearing wrong, racist and inappropriate. the hearing will also focus on musli muslims cooperating with law
5:49 am
enforcement. some muslims fear this will only cause them to be targeted even more. congressman king has asked for extra security this morning knowing that heated protests are inspected. jenelle wang, abc 7 news. >> this morning the wisconsin state assembly is scheduled to take up the controversial bill to strip public employ unions of collective bargaining rights. they used a maneuver to pass the measure without any democratic legislators present. protestors voiced their outrage inside the state capitol last night. senate republicans bypassed the need for a quorum by removing budget considerations from the bill. 14 absent democrats who left the state nearly three weeks to avoid voting on the measure. >> some rain on the way and it will probably hit while you're driving.
5:50 am
is that the morning or the afternoon? (laughter) >> that's the question, eric. nice observation. let's take a look outside, show you what's going on. right now it is dry and it will remain dry through at least about 8:00. that's when i expect the wide range to move into the north bay and spread southward and fall apart as we head into the evening commute. some of us will get away without driving in it at all if we're lucky. beautiful picture from mount tamalpais all the way down to san francisco. if this was looking northbound, you might see fog around santa rosa. otherwise pretty quiet outside. live doppler 7 hd, you can see about down to lakeville. those are still sliding down to the south. but, again, going to take it another couple hours to get here. low 40s half moon bay and santa rosa with some of that patchy fog developing. the rest of us mid to upper 40s. the monterey bay we have upper 40s to near 50 degrees, same
5:51 am
thing for salinas, gilroy 43. our highlights, rain today. heaviest in the north bay, lightest in the south bay. storms go straight to the north for friday and saturday but then the storm track will bring them right back to our neighborhood next -- we'll say during the weekend and into next week. let's take a look what's happening today. we'll start in the east bay where we try to squeeze out low to mid-60s before that rain moves in around the noon hour. low 60s around the east bay shore and low to mid-60s where the rain will move in last -- i should say in the south bay. low 60s on the peninsula. mid to upper 50s along the coast into downtown san francisco. south san francisco about 60. coldest air where the rain hits first, up in the north bay, mid to upper 50s for you. maybe a sprinkle. i'll go mostly cloudy monterey bay and inland. low to mid-60s for you. you're the warmest and the driest.
5:52 am
livermore, napa, santa rosa with slowly decreasing clouds. low 40s concord, palo alto, and the mid to upper 40s for the rest of us. take a look what's happening outside. high pressure still pushing this system to the north. we're getting the tail end of it. we're getting the least amount of energy and the least amount of moisture to work with. the rain is most likely to hit the north bay. you can see it moving here, 8:00. and by lunch moving through the bay. by 5:00 it's already moved out. look at the rain quickly dissipate by 7:00. you'll be lucky to get anything measurable in the south bay. 5 to 1500ths in the peninsula and east bay. your accu-weather 7-day forecast, this will knock our temperatures down keeping us in the mid to upper 50s. the rest of the forecast along the coast, low to mid-60s everybody else. rain sunday into monday and again next wednesday. >> back to that fatal accident
5:53 am
in san mateo which is going to be a real nightmare for commuters who take 101 this morning. past 3rd, the two left lanes are blocked. they don't know when they can reopen the lanes but traffic jammed northbound and even later on possibly in the southbound direction as well. so here are your possible alternates right now. you may want to consider el camino real or may consider taking highway 292 to 280. at this point we're already starting to see a little bit of a benefit to taking that detour because right now on north 101 from 92 to 380 there's a pretty good delay just getting past the scene. about 17 minutes now. 280 as you make your way up towards 380, that's a 15-minute ride. it's going to be out there a while since it's a fatal accident. 7:00 things get crowded there.
5:54 am
you may want to consider mass transit as well. so far most major systems reporting no delays. you can always get traffic whenever you want as well and stay up-to-date on those drive times by going to our website eric, kristen. >> frances, thank you. it's 5:54. >> movie theaters are struggling to hide information about part of their business. >> jane king. >> good morning. there's something movie theaters don't want you to know. the number of calories in their popcorn and other snacks. provisions of healthcare laws requiring are finalized. about a third of theater chains' total sales. you may have a beef with meat prices, even if the discount stores like wal-mart. demand for beef outside the u.s. explodes. china with an unexpected trade deficit for february as it pays more for oil and other
5:55 am
commodities. that has some investors worried. if you're itching to fix up your kitchen and bathroom you're not alone. remodelling this spring expected to climb more than $4 million. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> parents and community groups are pushing for social ordinance with evidence to combat teenager drinking. they met with nancy pyle to discuss the issue. the ordinance would hold adults responsible for providing alcohol and hosting under-aged drinking parties. >> it's a real problem. not only is it illegal but the new research is showing the teenager's brain or young person's brain is not fully developed until they're 25 years
5:56 am
old. this is happening in san jose, of course. santa clara county and eight cities in the area have already adopted a similar law. it fines adults up to $1,000 for giving kids liquor and allowing under-aged drinking at home. statewide it's illegal for adults to provide liquor to those under 21. >> the quality of life is better in the city now than it was last year. the chamber of commerce says 64% of residents surveyed last month say it stayed the same or has gotten better. 61% last year, 44% think the city is headed in the right direction. the issue of homelessness and panhandling overtook jobs and the economy as the top issue facing the city. >> the newest edition of the san francisco zoo goes on display today. the baby koala the first born at the zoo since 2000. baby koalas are called joey no
5:57 am
matter what agenda. she emerged from her mother's pouch and climbed-her back last month. she has been on loan since 2003. you can see the little lead after 10 a.m. this morning. >> so cute. especially taking a nap there. still ahead at 6 a.m. have you seen my car? i wish it was my car. the $250,000 car? the new sightings of a star chef's stolen lamborghininy. >> how many pot clubs does one city need? the city of san jose is trying the city of san jose is trying to answer that
5:58 am
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