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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  March 10, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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♪ good morning. i'm amy hollyfield live in san jose where city leaders would like to get rid of 100 pot clubs here. the story coming up. i'm terry mcsweeney live in the san francisco county jail on 7th street where dozens of inmates are being allowed to go free, all because what eight san francisco police officers allegedly did. we'll show ya coming up in a live report. >> it's partly cloudy and cooler this morning. notice the lack of rain right now but i am tracking it on live doppler 7 hd. i'll show you where it is, when it gets to your neighborhood and
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how much to expect. >> i have breaking news in san mateo where we have a fatal accident on north 101 just past 3rd avenue. it's blocking at least two lanes. traffic is already jammed from highway 292. i'll have details coming up. >> 6:01. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. topping our news, dozens of criminal suspects expected to be released and have charges dropped after stunning videos released by a public defender that triggered a massive police misconduct investigation. terry mcsweeney is live at the county jail on 7th street where more suspects could be released any moment now. terry? >> that's right. 42 were ordered released yesterday afternoon. we're talking about people involved in drug activity, talking about grand theft, burglary. some of these involving weapons
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charges all because what eight undercover officers did. take a look at the video showing what they allegedly did. the video just shows that in action the f.b.i. involved in the investigation at the core of the case, the eight plainclothes officers all from southern station which is really right next-door to where i am on 7th street accused of illegal as much as and arrests at south market hotels. that entire unit has been taken off the street. one of 57 defendants whose charges were dropped talked to abc 7 last night. >> a cop. he just walked up and knocked me on the ground. took me to jail. >> if we believe that we do not have the evidence beyond a reasonable doubt, given the circumstances, what is going on with the offices at this point, then we're dismissing the case. >> there's more to it than just what we heard so far.
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george gascon pretty upset with the public defender saying the surveillance videos to the public before showing them to those two gentlemen. interim police chief goes down as saying undercover police units are all, all being taken off the street starting next week for retraining. he says that's going to take a matter of weeks. they're going to stay out. they're on the streets but there's going to be retraining along the way. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. it's 6:03. an alameda county judge says he's considering approving an preliminary injunction against gang members in oakland but the judge says he's reserving judgment on several names listed on the injunction. he wants to give the suspected gang members a chance to testify in their own defense. oakland's city attorney is seeking an injunction that would bar three dozen gang members from gathering in a 450 block area in the city's fruitdale
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district. critics have called the injunction racially motivated and wrong. >> right now there are believed to be roughly 110 medicinal marijuana clubs operating in san jose. that number may be weeks away from dropping drastically if the mayor and other city officials get their way. the process got one step closer last night. amy hollyfield is live with the new proposal. amy? >> kristen, they say that's 100 too many. they'd like to get it down to ten. huge cuts they're proposing. they say it's time to rein in this issue. this city could have the highest number of concentration of pot clubs in the bay area than any other city. they're trying to figure out how to control them. mayor chuck reed and three other council members say they want to cut down the number of pot clubs and restrict where they can operate. they want to go from 110 they currently have to ten.
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the mayor said i'm ready to decide. this is hearing number eight for me on this. the marijuana providers agree it needs to be limited but don't think ten is enough to serve this large city. how do you choose the lucky ten? the mayor said he had an idea. how about charging a fee and holding an online auction on e-bay for the permit. some started whispering at that point it the mayor smoking something. they couldn't believe that idea? he said why not. lots of ideas have been thrown out there but they still have a ways to go how to execute. another meeting is scheduled for april 12th. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> it's 6:05. thank you very much. alameda police recovered one of the two boxes of cremated remains recently stolen from a church. they were in a backpack taken from christ episcopal church before a memorial service on
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saturday. police found the box on 29th avenue near the 880 ramp. they believe it had been thrown out of a vehicle. no sign yesterday of the second box of missing human remains. >> palo alto police are warning residents of a rash of car burglaries. four window smashings took place in restaurant parking lots within an hour's time last night. two happened after 7:00 in a parking lot. the other two happened outside sundance restaurant. police say they've seen an uptick on car burglaries in el camino and warned people to keep valuables out of sight. >> the lamborghininy belonging to a celebrity chef was last seen, the $200,000 yellow convertible last seen tuesday morning. it was sold earlier in the day in san francisco. investigators say -- get this -- the thief rappelled down
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from the window from a roof and drove the car out of the garage door. it's known from guy piari. known from big bites on the food network. "good morning america" will have more on this story coming up 7 a.m. >> we're keeping our eye on a big problem potentially on the peninsula on busy 101. >> this motorcycle crash turns out to be fatal. north 101 just past 3rd avenue. at least two lanes are blocked. anytime there's a fatal crash traffic will be blocked for hours. traffic jammed on north 101 from highway 292 up towards 3rd. so you want to avoid that stretch. this will cause slowing in the southbound direction later on. you may want to consider 280 as
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an alternate route. you may want to consider el camino real as a possible alternate as well. the rain on the way. >> you summed it up really nicely. here is where it is. live doppler 7 hd, crescent city, eureka, lakewood and fort bragg. i think that 8:00 hour for it to start moving into northern sonoma county is going to hold. most of us will miss out on it during the morning commute but we'll definitely have it during the lunch hour and early afternoon hours. your coolest, mid to upper 50s where everybody else will be in the low to possibly mid-60s. don't think we'll see any rain around the monterey bay where a few sprinkles possible 6:12
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tonight. the pollen is high, both tree and grass. once we get to 7:00, the rain has washed out. high pressure moves in and we have sunshine for friday and saturday and then we have some rain sunday into monday and another chance on wednesday. that's your 7-day forecast. here's more news with kristen and eric. >> thanks a lot. it's 6:09. >> just ahead, the drug used by many expectant mothers about to go from $15 a dose to $1500. >> plus the hi-tech tool that could be the key to ending cyber
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>> welcome back. i'm frances dinglasan in the traffic center. we have breaking news in san mateo. there's a fatal accident on northbound 101. you can see this live shot from sky 7 hd. the three left lanes are blocked. traffic absolutely jammed from highway 92. you may want to consider 280 as an alternate. >> good advice. meanwhile this morning rescue teams in china are attempting to free people trapped under collapsed buildings after a deadly earthquake. the magnitude 5.8 quake struck killing at least 22 people and injuring at least 200 more. rescuers are spending much of
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their time focussed on a collapsed supermarket. the army is sending soldiers to the site to help. >> pitting county against city in the south bay. the county of santa clara has filed a lawsuit accused of cheating the county out of redevelopment money. they have moved much of that funding to other accounts. now santa clara county says it's being cheated out of its share. the lawsuit points to a tax sharing agreement in 2001. when the recession hit, san jose stopped making its payments. the county says it is now owed $62 million in payments and interest. >> when you're a creditor and you owe money and you see that happening, you see money being moved, assets being moved, you have to respond in a hurry. >> the state's actions are prompts us to act to protect our interest and the county needs to act to protect its interest.
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>> attorneys are due in court for the county and city on monday. >> president obama and the first lady are hosting a white house conference on bullying. students and teachers are discussing their experiences and what schools and communities are doing to stop it. there's a growing number of websites and software to track it on the internet. crisp thinking has been working the past five years on internet search techniques that can help identify cyber bullies. online gaming sites have signed on., has not. >> time for a look at the forecast out there. let's see, the sun's coming up in the east and no sign of rain yet. >> yes. the rain is going to get a little pushy, play into our neighborhoods later in the day.
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it will bring us some rain. but it's a good thing. we need a little light rain and it falls right after the morning commute and ends right before the evening commute. maybe when you head out to lunch you'll get a little bit wet. 6:16 this morning. beautiful picture from mount tamalpais. what you're not seeing here is the fog getting rather thick on 101. we have visibility around a mile santa rosa and novato. let's talk temperatures. the coolest weather along of the coast. 40s there. 50 antioch. monterey bay and inland salinas upper 40s to near 50. gilroy about 43. highlights. three things you want you to know. first is today's rain. falls heaviest in the north bay. storm track will move a little to the north tomorrow and saturday but it will dip back down a couple times over the weekend and into next week and bring us several more chances of rain. your temperatures should warm a
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little bit more. on the peninsula low 60s today but at the coast the mid to upper 50s, even into downtown san francisco. south san francisco about 60 degrees. north bay you get the rain first, the coolest weather, mid to upper 50s. upper 50s to low 60s from north/south on the east bay shore. rainfall a little later into the east bay valleys. low to mid-60s for you. probably won't see any rain from monterey bay and inland. sprinkles during the evening hour. tonight we see some clouds open up and the fog will rush in. upper 30s, santa rosa, napa and livermore. 40 degree temperatures for the rest of us. let's take a look what's bringing us the slight chance of light rain. notice the comma shape, very mature system and we're on the sail end of it. notice the white clouds are hard to find. those have more moisture in it. the rain is going to fall mainly
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in the north bay. it falls until about noon when it pushes harder into the bay. the dry air moving in by 7:00. that's why the rainfall amounts down south may be nothing to 500ths. about a yaert to -- quarter to a half inch in the north bay. keep our temperatures low to mid-60s around the bay and inland. for the rest of the forecast with upper 50s along the coast. rain will move in sunday afternoon and into monday and another chance next wednesday. have a great day. here's frances with an update. >> back to sky 7 hd live over this fatal crash in san mateo. northbound 101 just past 3rd avenue, the three left lanes are blocked. it involved a motorcycle and a car. you see emergency crews are there. they called for a coroner and as sky 7 zooms out and tilts up,
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you will see the huge backup that has built on north 101 from highway 292 all the way up past 3rd avenue in san mateo. look at all those headlights. this is the stretch you want to avoid this morning. it's not causing delays yet in the southbound direction but this accident happened about an hour ago and typically is takes several hours for a fatal crash to clear to complete the investigation. we could see slowing in the southbound direction as well. i want to tell you south 101 -- rather north 101 in san mateo here from sky 7 hd from highway 92 up towards sfo is 31 minutes. 280 is only a 15 minute drive. that's a much better option for you this morning. you'll want to avoid this stretch for quite some time. another live shot for you. here's the stretch you want to avoid. we want to go outside again to the san mateo bridge and check out the ride there.
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so you notice on the right-hand side they're telling drivers and warning them about the big accident ahead. the signs are up. bay bridge toll plaza, we'll check that out as well. right now just a minor wait for the cash-paying lanes and elsewhere pretty quiet and normal except a new stall reported on the altamont pass on north flynn. you can stay updated on our website anytime, eric? >> all right, frances. thank you very much. it's 6:20. we have breaking news for you overseas. british police say a terminal at london's heathrow has been partially evacuated due to a suspicion package. this is a ground side departure area and no new passengers are being allowed to enter the building. police spent the last hour
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evacuating the terminal. the suspicion package is being examined. terminal 5 is used exclusively by british airways. we're going to follow the story and bring you the latest as we give it. >> a drug given to high-risk pregnant women for premature birth is about to skyrocket. they make it to order at 10 to $20 per injection. last month the fda approved a prescription form and the company says it will now sell for $1,500 a dose. some estimates say mothers who need the drug could be paying up to $30,000 over the course of a pregnancy. >> 6:21 now. the airline that hopes you're willing to gamble on the price of a ti isisisisisisisisisisisiss
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>> debt collectors are finding new ways to find consumers that owe money. they're increasingly using to track down customers. a judge in florida didn't approve. he ordered a debt collector to stop using to contact a woman that owed $300 on a car loan. he was calling her and telling her to call about the debt. the woman sued the collector saying it invaded her property. >> breaking news just a few moments ago. it is all clear now at heathrow's terminal 5. they had shut the terminal down partially because of a suspicion package but now all clear at europe's busiest airport.
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here's a question for you: would you be willing to bet on the price of your airline ticket? aliegegent wants to give you a fare out of oakland. it would depend on the day you actually fly. you pay a certain amount for the ticket and if fuel prices go up, you pay a big more. if the prices go down, you get cash back. awaiting government approval. >> what thousands of commuters want to hear. still ahead at 6:30, a plan that would assure caltrain wouldn't have to cut a single route to solve its massive budget deficit. >> in livermore, one man dead and another in handcuffs. >> san jose city leaders are getting serious about pot clubs. they want to get rid of 100 this have them.
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this story coming up. >> here's something commuters don't wanna hear, it's a fatal crash in san mateo. check out these pictures. traffic jammed north 101 in san mateo from highway 92 up towards 3rd avenue where a fatal accident's going to block the three left lanes for at least another hour and it's already causing half hour delays at this point. please avoid north 101 at san mateo and consider 280. i'll have more drive times and we'll continue to follow this fatal crashnever in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles in 3 days-- i can do that. 60 miles compared to what a cancer patient goes through is a walk in the park. from the moment i registered, people started immediately supporting me. we had an outpouring of-- of support. i wanted to do something bigger than myself. the 60 miles-- it makes a statement. i know i'm stronger than i was before, both mentally and physically. i walk with my sister. our relationship has gone to a whole new level because of training together.
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got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> good morning. 6:30.
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trading getting underway on wall street. some unwelcome news. new reports showing the nation's trade deficit widens to $46.3 billion in january as higher oil prices surge and the labor department says the number of people seeking unemployment benefits rose last week, only the second increase in the last six weeks. we'll get the latest on early trading live at the new york stock exchange in about 15 minutes. >> right now the breaking news on the traffic situation going on on the peninsula right now. >> 101 really slow due to a fatal. >> the three left lanes continue to be blocked. northbound 101 just past 3rd avenue and traffic has been absolutely jammed on north 101. in fact, it's crawling from highway 92 all the way to the scene. this is causing about half hour delays for folks who normally take north 101. you may want to consider hopping on to 92 and then 280 and then get back on to 101 via 380 and
6:32 am
that will save you 15 minutes right now. there's the big traffic jam. more drive times coming up. eric? >> frances, thank you very much. we'll check in in a few minutes. right now more news. a pot club war is brewing in the south bay. the 110 pot dispensaries currently operating there are just too many. they want to whittle the number of pot clubs down to just a handful. amy hollyfield is live at san jose city hall with the numbers for us. amy? >> they decided 110 is too many for the city, eric. they decided how does the number ten sound? that's quite a jump but the pot includes have not been regulated so the number has grown tremendously. at a meeting last night mayor chuck reid and three other council members decided it's time to step up and get this under control. they'd like to cut back from 110 to ten. they say residents have been complaining about the clubs.
6:33 am
even the pot club owners at the meeting last night agree they do need to be controlled but they don't think ten is enough for this large city. and they also question how is the city going to decide which lucky ten get to the stay open. san jose started taxing the clubs last month yet still doesn't technically allow them. so everyone seems to agree it's time to get all of this worked out. the mayor even quoted saying last night i'm ready to decide. this is hearing number eight for me on this. so they're going to have another meeting april 12th to decide where they go from here. live in san jose, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thanks a lot. this morning livermore police are investigating the stabbing death of a man in what they're calling a case of road rage. the victim was attacked on old first street yesterday afternoon. paramedics took him to the hospital where he died. while at the hospital, investigators received a call linking a suspect to the attack. officers took the suspect in
6:34 am
custody. police found the weapon they believe was used in the attack at the scene. >> this morning police at u.c. berkeley are looking for a man they call a sexual predator. investigators say he exposed himself to a young woman walking near the life sciences building on tuesday night. as she tried to run away, the man grabbed her and touched her inappropriately. the woman's screams drew attention and the man ran away. the suspect, a black male, 5-10, waking about 165 pounds, wearing a baseball cap with a white emblem, a white puffy jacket and jeans. people at ground zero of the tragedy gathered to remember the victims and what happened exactly six months ago. this is the first time many of these neighbors have seen each other since the explosion september 9th. they say it's definitely helped jump start the healing process.
6:35 am
eight people were killed, dozens of homes were destroyed and some people that attended are dealing with lasting physical wounds in addition to emotional scars. >> the most hurtful thing to be taken away. the emotions more than the physical. >> it's hard to believe that it's been six months since our very tragic accident happened here in our wonderful little neighborhood. >> san mateo county's district attorney says he's determining whether to file criminal charges. the final decision won't come until after ntsb finishing their report. >> the carcass of a deer that might have been killed by a mountain lion was found near valley school. it was discovered about 7:30 this morning near woodside school. officials in san mateo county say there were tracks nearby
6:36 am
that could have been left by a mountain lion. sorry, i said this morning. it was yesterday. there have been a number of lion sightings near highway 280 in the past four months. the lions are known to roam at dawn and dusk and at night. >> transportation officials say they're working on a short-term plan that would balance caltrain's budget without any cuts to service. yesterday the transportation executive director told a committee that the it doesn't think caltrain's board will need to eliminate weekend service or reduce the number of weekday trains by 45%. he said they're meeting with caltran as well as muni and vta to finance caltrain until the 2012 election. caltrain previously warned it would have to drastically cut service to close a $30 million budget gap. >> it's 6:36. what's this we're hearing about possible rain somewhere this morning. it looks good to me.
6:37 am
>> i know. but there's always later, see. you're living in the future as you were a minute ago. >> going to talk to mike about the head-scratcher. he's going to make sense of it all. >> forecast. if it was a past-cast i know we'd be right. rain in our future but the key is it is our future. good to mention we are seeing some sunshine already. the tail end of this system, you can see it building to it the south and west. right now most of the rain to our north. you can see it on live doppler 7 hd. it's getting closer and closer to sonoma county. i think that 8:00 sees the light rain in the north bay still going to hold. novato, santa rosa about a mile, mile and a half. watch for thick fog there as we have fairly calm conditions this morning. the temperatures either the same if not cooler than yesterday morning. most of us in the 40s. rain moving in by 8:00. moving across most of the bay by
6:38 am
the lunch hour where temperatures are the mid to upper 50s. as we head into 4:00, the cold front actually kind of washed out and so does the rain that comes with it as it moves through the south bay. we may even get through the evening commute which is a few sprinkles. temperatures mid to upper 50s. your 7-day forecast, we have sunshine for tomorrow and saturday. sunday morning will be okay to be outside but sunday afternoon through monday we have rain and another chance of rain next wednesday. here's frances with an update. >> mike, still following the breaking news in san mateo where this fatal crash in the left lane. check out these live pictures from sky 7 hd. you'll see why you want to avoid north 101 from highway 92 and san mateo all the way past 3rd avenue. you'll notice traffic absolutely jammed. jammed. 20 to 30-minute delays on 101.
6:39 am
it looks like traffic is also going to be backing up for folks heading on 92 trying to connect on to north 101. it looks like the backup now starts just before north 101. you'll start to see some brake lights probably closer towards hillsdale, actually a little past that. take 280 as an alternate. the other problem we have is westbound 580 at the altamont pass. we have a blocked lane. that creates heavy traffic from 205 and at the bay bridge toll plaza with metering lights on. traffic is now backed up towards west grand. eric, kristen. >> frances, thank you very much for the information. it's 6:39. >> trading is jumped way on wall street. we have a live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. here's a live look at the big board. falling. it's down 175 points. >> and california's governor spent weeks pushing for today's deadline to vote for a new state
6:40 am
budget. why is he now asking lawmakers to delay the vote. >> why charlie sheen's latest stunt is one for the record books. >> i'm jenelle wang live in the news room. a controversial hearing just got underway on capitol hill. it's drawing so much heat, extra police have been called in. police have been called in. we'll tell you
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the school spot will be eureka where it's been raining most of the morning at 52. here's kristen with more news. >> thanks. a stunning announcement from the dalai lama this morning. he says he'll be giving up his political role in tibet's government in exile. he will shift that power to an elected representative. it comes on the anniversary of a failed 1959 uprising against chinese rule and his himalayan homeland. the tibetan leader has growing concerns who will succeed him when he dies. >> what controversial congressional hearing is getting underway. the topic, the american muslims. the question the security committee is asking whether the muslim community is becoming more radical and dangerous. jenelle is live in the news room. he's angered a lot of people just by holding this hearing. >> that's right. this man leading this
6:45 am
controversial hearing is republican congressman peter king from new york. let's take a live picture from this hearing. there he is speaking at this moment. he has requested extra police for the hearing which is just getting jumped way. basically king wants to explore what he calls the radicalzation in the american muslim community and the threat that could cause america just a few seconds ago, he highlighted a bunch of domestic terror threats against the u.s. scattered all over the country. it includes the family members of two young men who went into terrorism with deadly consequences. jackie speier called this hearing wrong, racist and inappropriate. some say it's eriely so system to mccarthyism. >> a body has done this before. the house on american activities committee was a tral ingredient in the mccarthyism that king
6:46 am
wants to replicate. >> the hearing will also focus on the difficulty for some muslims to cooperate with law enforcement. critics say this hearing won't help that situation, in fact it will have the opposite effect making muslims already nervous talking to authorities more nervous. >> 6:46. this morning the wisconsin state assembly is scheduled to take up the controversial bill to strip public employee unions of their collective bargaining rights. they used a legislative maneuver to pass the measure yesterday without any democratic legislatures present. >> protestors voiced their outrage inside the state capitol last night. senate republicans bypassed a need to have a quorum by removing any budget
6:47 am
considerations from the bill. 14 absent democrats, while they weren't there, they left the state three weeks to avoid voting on the measure. >> governor brown says he set today for a budget move but now he's asking lawmakers to delay the vote. he's continuing to talk with republicans to try to convince them to allow a series of tax extensions to be placed on the june ballot. he's four republican votes short of passing his plan. discussions continue with republicans and democrats. there's no word on how long the governor now hopes to delay the vote. >> the jobs picture in the u.s. and some concern about international issues are waking heavy on wall street today. >> bloomberg's jane king joins us live from the new york stock exchange with this morning's "moneyscope" report. jane, we just saw the dow down heavy at the open. >> yeah, absolutely. we knew it was going to be a rough start. i think we were a little shocked how quickly the market fell this morning. weekly jobless claims number, a
6:48 am
little higher than expected, nothing really atrocious though. export growth in china, that may be the biggie here. that is causing some concerns. china starting to slow down a little this morning. we've seen the stock market under pressure all night long here. spain here, moody's cutting their credit rating. all that combining and how we're trading at the moment. hanging out above 12,000 at the moment. about 1.5%. the silicon valley index trading sharply lower as well. apple shares one of the biggest on s & p this morning. apple by the way saying this morning the i-pad 2 will be available in all apple retail stores starting tomorrow and then available at at&t, best buy, target, verizon wireless
6:49 am
and wal-mart stores. you know, the apple product a little expensive, said the i-pad 2 is the best product in the market when you consider both price and value. starbucks, green mountain coffee roasters agree to put starbucks products in those single brews systems. that's the excitement there. i'm jane king, bloomberg news. >> thank you very much. have a great day. >> want to get the latest on that fatal accident in san mateo that frances has been following for us all morning. >> what's the scene for commuters? >> it means 30 minute delays on north 101 from san mateo. check out live pictures from sky 7 hd. the backup begins on north 101 before highway 92 and it continues all the way up just past 3rd avenue where the three left lanes have been blocked since about 5:15 this morning when this fatal motorcycle crash happened. it normally takes twoto three hours for the crash to clear and
6:50 am
the drive time up towards sfo is 40 minutes. so if you take the detour, 92 to 280 to 380, that's about a 15 minute drive. you will save about 20 minutes at least by taking that detour and avoiding the stretch. if you need to go through san mateo and you need to stop somewhere near that area in burlinggate, el camino also a possible alternate for you. san mateo bridge, the traffic flowing well across the span but look out for that 101 delay. toll plaza backed up to the overcrossing. here's a live shot of 101 in san rafael. pretty normal in the north bay and the south bay. mike? >> thank you very much, frances. good morning, everybody. take a look outside. you can see the fog northbound from sutro tower this morning. visibility about a mile all the way up 101 from san rafael to santa rosa. let's take a look at live doppler 7 hd. zoomed in on mendocino county.
6:51 am
those areas getting wet right now. it's just a matter of time, probably an hour of two before it starts to move into the north bay. along the coast into santa rosa, mid to upper 40s for the rest of us. 50 antioch. a lot of clear skies over the monterey bay and inland. temperatures upper 40s near 50 around the bay and salinas. 43 gilroy. let's talk about our highlights. we'll start with today. rain in the forecast, heaviest in the north bay, lightest in the south bay. storm track to the north friday and saturday so we'll be dry but it comes back for a couple chances this weekend and into next week. as far as today, temperatures low to mid-60s in the east bay valleys. you can see upper 50s to low 60s on the east bay shore where the rain hits last. south bay low to mid-60s. low to mid-60s on the peninsula with mid to upper 50s along the coast into downtown san francisco. crack 60 around south san
6:52 am
francisco. rain hits the north bay first. as you head to the monterey bay, probably only see anything until after sunset and sprinkles. mid-60s in inland neighborhoods. the fog rolls into the bay and also the north bay valleys. upper 30s santa rosa, napa, livermore. the rest of us the 40s this time tomorrow. upstairs and at the surface, has tonight's comma shape to it. on the tail end of the weakest end with the least amount of moisture but rain is more likely to fall. 8:00 it hits the north bay between 9:00 and 12:00. sitting right across the heart of the bay. by 4:00 it's sweeping out of the south bay and by 7:00 rain is completely gone. a lot of us will have both commutes dry today. we'll get sprinkles to 500ths in
6:53 am
the south bay. 5 to 1500less in the north bay. sunshine and seasonal temperatures friday and saturday. the rain that moves in sunday will be the afternoon and evening hours linger through monday. wednesday we'll have another chance of rain. just a few weeks ago this is what it looked like on mount saint helene. the chunks of ice that were as big as volkswagens is what the engineers tell me. they had to move away. they were going to do maintenance because the eye was falling and crashing. very dangerous situation. i thought it was pretty cool. i hope you liked it. if you have weather photos you'd like to share, we'd love to see them. just upload them or e-mail them. >> mike, thanks a lot. america's looking to charlie sheen for shocking antics but for a job? come tweeter monday, he's looking for a winning intern to help him with social media. within two hours nearly 75,000
6:54 am
clicked on a link and a software program will narrow the fielded to 50 candidates and select a winner for the eight-week paid position. it didn't disclose the amount but says it was the most expensive tweet in company history. >> the newest edition to the san francisco zoo goes on display today. the baby koala you're looking at is the first born at the zoo since 2,000. joey no matter what the gender, this is a girl that emerged from mom's pouch and climbed on to her back last month. mom and dad have been on loan. you can see them after 10 a.m. >> dozens of criminal suspects walking free this morning in the latest fallout from the san francisco misconduct investigation. >> a good thing to keep in mind that nothing has been proven in
6:55 am
this case against the officers. the district attorney george gascon says even the appearance on impropriety makes them want to drop cases. 57 cases dismissed so far. take a look at pictures, surveillance video from south of market hotel that prompted the entire investigation. the hall of justice allegedly doing an injustice, namely to identify themselves. no warrants, illegal searches. nothing proven. the public defender wants arrest records from this unit going back seven years. the police chief says he's going to be retraining all undercover officers on the san francisco police department and police commissioner says as a result of what happened, hundreds of cases may be thrown out. the other top story of the morning, let's go to amy hollyfield live in san jose. good morning. >> good morning, terry. glad to hear your thoughts on this. how many pot clubs do you think one city needs? we're in san jose where they have 110 and city officials are
6:56 am
now saying we'd like to get rid of 100 of them. sounds drastic but officials say the number of clubs is out of control. the mercury news say they put a stake in the ground and declare ten clubs in this city is enough. the other 100 need to close. the next question is how do you decide who the lucky ten will be? they have to figure out how to execute these ideas but the city is on track to now start controlling this issue somewhat. the next meeting is scheduled for april 12th to discuss all this. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> 6:56 our time. >> final check on weather and traffic. mike? >> start with live doppler 7 hd watching the migration of the wet weather down slowly to the south and east moving across the bay from 8:00 until 4:00 this afternoon. cooler because of that. upper 50s along the coast into the north bay. even mid-50s there, low to mid-60s for the rest of us.
6:57 am
this is just a light rain event. we'll have sunshine tomorrow through saturday and even sunday morning will be dry. frances? >> if you decide to take north 101 in san mateo, you're going to be about a half hour late. traffic is jammed before highway 92 all the way up to 3rd avenue where the three left lanes continue to be blocked following a fatal motorcycle crash. i mean, look at this traffic from sky 7 hd live. it's just a parking lot out there. so 92 to 280 is your best bet at this point. that will save you at least 20 minutes if you take that detour. still no word yet from the chp when they expect these lanes to reopen. this accident happened around 5:15. so maybe by 7:15, 8:15 we'll see some lanes clear. bay bridge toll plaza, that's the final check to the 880 overcrossing. >> thank you for joining us for
6:58 am
the abc 7 morning news. >> we'll be back with a local update at 7:24. join us for the midday news today at 11:::::::::::::::::::::
6:59 am
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