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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  March 12, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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>> alan: a fresh threat of another nuclear explosion in japan, and soldiers search for
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>> alan: an explosion at a nuclear power plant is captured on camera. a top official believes a partial meltdown is underway. authorities are now evacuating 170,000 people within a 12-mile radius of the reactor. 753 people are confirmed today from the earthquake and tsunami, but that figure is expected to rise with some 10,000 people unaccounted for in one city. the japanese have raised the
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magnitude from 8.9 to 9.0. but the main concern is there's a partial nuclear melt down tonight at the talk seem -- >> reporter: officials have admitted a partial meltdown has occurred and radiation has been released in the fa simple. officials -- facility. officials have been trying to cool the fuel rods. a total meltdown raises the possibility of what has only been hypothetical until now, china syndrome. officials have revealed a partial meltdown of the rods has occurred according to the nuclear industry safety agency. the number one reactor has reached the level four on the event scale. the scale has a range of to 7. authorities say that iodine has been released, signaling that nuclear fission is occurring,
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due to the loss of coolant, which exposes the rod. >> you could be not able to maintain the pressure in the reactor and could cause them to go critical. >> reporter: a partial meltup in three mile island resulted in evacuation of 140,000 people within five miles of the plant. the explosion today damaged the building housing the reactor but not the reactor itself according to officials. engineers are pouring sea water into the container to cool it. >> thank god the vessel itself, which contains the superhot uranium, that was intact. if that had ruptured, you're talking about an accident beyond comprehension. >> reporter: that incident is a theoretical china syndrome. if the fuel rods heat enough to escape the containment vessel it
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will not stop until it reaches china. >> making a list of evacees, and the national government, in coordination with the prefectural government, we'll sit up services and, and we'll re screening radiation level. >> reporter: officials have treated at least nine people for radiation who with live within 12 miles of the plant. the evacuation area is 12 miles. three mile -- engineers are laboring to cool the fuel rods and claim radiation levels are not dangerous. >> alan: here in california, public health officials are closely monitoring efforts in japan to contain any radiation leaks because it could be blown
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across the pacific. california does have radio activity monitoring systems in place for air, water, and the food supply, and they can be enhanced if necessary. it's sunday morning in japan, where people there were shaken by another earthquake several hours ago, this one was a magnitude 6.2, centered 111 miles off the eastern coast of tokyo. also been more than 150 aftershocks that have rattleed the island since the earthquake. a man who was at the airport in sendai recorded this video. >> the cars and the airport just drifted. just thought we should keep it in the video, and this is the video i took. so, it was really sickening. like a swarm of insect were
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attacking. >> alan: for people with loved ones in japan, there's been a lot of waiting and worrying. she had been trying desperately to get in touch with her dispawr two grandsons in the city of sendai. the threat of nuclear melt down is free frightening because it s back memories of her brother. >> he was a baby when the bomb was flopped hi roche ma. -- her roche mam. >> she got word her dispawr -- daughter and grandsons are okay. there's a relief fund for victims, and bay area leaders are seeking donations. >> the recovery effort is going to take not week or months. it's going to take decades.
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this fundraising activity can't go on and on and on but we have to good on as long as we can. >> donations will be accepted at allary union bank locations and 100% of the money goes to the victims. >> the tsunami advisory on the west coast has been cancelled. while the damage here done compare to japan, there is significant destruction in crescent city and santa cruz. we have hays report from santa cruz. >> reporter: this is what is left of u dock, the debris can be seen everywhere, but unfortunately the boats cannot. many of those tied to the dock had sunk. sheryl and her son's boat is among those underwater. >> my son was on the boat, and he has lost his home and everything on it. we just don't know what to do. >> reporter: the harbor today is the sight of a massive response. crews from the coast guard to
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the department of fish and game. >> we're mobilizing structure engineers to look at the piers and make sure our businesses and commercial fishery can continue to operate. >> reporter: the tsunami surges did an estimated $17.1 million in damage. sinking 18 boats and damaging at least 100 others. also the environmental concern with spills and leaking fuels. >> the prim mary concern is to get the sunken boats out of the water and get the fuel stopped. so far it's looky good. >> reporter: debris removal has begun. the next step is to get boats off the harbor floor. one method involves the use of giant air bags. >> like large balloons and helps raise it up. cranes. >> reporter: as the cleanup moves forward, those hardest hit, even those with insurance, are wondering how long the
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recovery will take. >> two or three months before we'll see a nickel. so people that lost our homes, what are we going to do? >> reporter: a lot of heartache and unanswered questions, but the cleanup is well underway. the first boat that was pulled from the harbor floor has been hauled away and because at of there's a strong smell of edition until the air but that -- smell of diesel in the air but that's being cleaned up. >> alan: the coast guard provide evidence this footage, six boats were confirmed sunk. repeated surges, some as high is a eight feet, tossed boats for nearly 24 hours. some fishermen returned to survey the damage today. >> this is the first time i have been down here since this happened. >> where is your boat? >> over there underwater, crushed. i was in the middle of changing
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engines. glade didn't have the new engine inned yet. >> alan: strong surges caused several boat gas tanks to rupture and leak diesel into the harbor. damage is estimated between 20 and $25 million. >> alan: we were at san francisco international airport this morning for emotional reunions. >> reporter: lots of hugs as some of the first flights from tokyo arrived from sfo, including a tearful redownen between gavin and his dad who was caught in the earthquake. >> also a tsunami, and i'm like, is he bill by the tsunami? she said, no, he is in the airport. thank goodness, he is in the airport. it was scary. >> reporter: many who returned home were either on the way to the airport in tokyo or at the airport already.
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>> most people were stuck in chairs and some people were standing, and they couldn't even stand up. it was rolling. >> reporter: then everything came to a standstill. public transportation came to a screeching halt. flight cancelled. trains stopped. she was stuck on the train for 16 hours. >> the train was not as full, we were able to flip our seats around and sleep with our luggage bridging the gap. >> reporter: she says the japanese officials took good care of them. a menlo park man seconds that. he was stuck at the airport overnight. >> they were handing out ritz crackers, water, and sleeping bags. so we spent the night there. >> reporter: back home, back safe, but their gheertz out to -- their hearts go out to those in japan. >> alan: up next. a casino tour bus flips over.
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what happened just before a pole tore through the middle of the bus. league -- >> leigh: this hour, thickening cloud out there. a cold front off the coast, and it will bring parts of the bay it will bring parts of the bay area some rain tom
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >> alan: more now on the earthquake in jail. we want to show you how the devastation changed the coast lfnl here's a look before the tsunami and after. the green land is now brown
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because of the mud left behind. the area of land where build examination homes used to be is now barren, and the river that leads out of the ocean is completely brown and mud and debris. back here at home, passengers were torn from a bus that flipped over in hawthorne, new york this morning. 14 people were killed when a charter bus flipped over and ran into a pole that cut the roof off the bus. 20 passengers were injured. the driver says she lost control after clipping the back of a tractor-trailer that never stopped after the accident. here in the bay area, one person is in the hospital and dozens of people are homeless after a fire an agent -- an apartment complex in albany. flames and black smoke could be
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seen coming out of the building. investigators are looking into the cause of the fire. don't forget to set your clocks forward one hour tonight. day light saving time goes into effect 2:00 a.m. sunday morning, which is win clocks spring forward to 3:00. we lose an hour but we have brighter days ahead of us. that's after all this rain that we have coming our way. >> leigh: this next system moving through, very weak in comparison to recent storms. here's a look at how we're shaping up this evening. the high definition sutro cam showing a few high clouds drifting by from time to time. the clouds will thicken up as the cold front frets -- gets closer, oakland, you're at 54.
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53 in antioch right now. 49 in livermore. 54 in mountain view, and 53 and clear skies in san jose. we'll thick 'up the cloud tonight, and day lying -- daylight saving time begins at 2:00 a.m. here's a look at lows tonight. dropping three or four degrees from where were are right now, but the clouds will act as a blanket, so overnight temperatures in the mid-to-upper 40s in most locations. we'll see clouds in advance of the kole -- cold front. light rain in the north coast, and most of the energy well head to the north of the bay area, and just the tail end of this that swings by tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night, and depending on how this energy is left, that will tell the story just how much rainfall we'll see. we're picking up a little light rain on the north
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coast thanks to live doppler 7 hd. as we look at the forecast animation, beginning tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m., you can see we wake up to the clouds across the bay area, and then by noon, 1:00, 2:00, that's when the frontal boundary will move into the north bay, and then slowly sag south across the rest of the bay area, 3:00 tomorrow afternoon, scattered showers, and 7:00, 8:00, 8:00, 10:00, is when the band will move in and rain will pick up. so if you have plans tomorrow, outtoor plans-do it in the morning, much of this will move in late tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. here's a look at the highs for tomorrow. 63 for san jose. 62, redwood city. increasing clouds throughout the course of your morning. 59 for downtown san francisco, by 2:00, 3:00, we'll start to
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see the rain bands move in. 62 for oakland. 62 for fremont. interior east bay. 62 for concord, 63 for brentwood, and mid-60s heading toward watsonville and gilroy. the next seven days, a break on monday, and then rain returns on tuesday. a little break wednesday, and then thanksgiving day -- yeah, right, hello. st. patrick's day, thursday, friday, and saturday, periods of rain. i don't know what i was thinking. >> alan: shu is over here cackling. here's your chance. >> mike: the sharks are one of the hottest teams in hockey. they got a rare visit at the tank. for some reason these two teams don't care for each other. ♪
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>> mike: the sharks hosting the rangers for the first time since 2008, and only the second time they faced each other in the past two years. yet there's no love lost. absence doesn't make the heart grow fonder. check out the hit. the sharks deliver the first blow. the shot deflected. finds its way in the net. 1-0. in the second, game tied. fowler to beat neimi. later in the period, mitchell, on goal. redirected by eager. game tied at 2. goes to a shootout and for the second straight game the sharks would lose. the game-winner. rangers win it 3-2. switch gores. a little cactus league action. the season opennary -- opener a couple weeks away.
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my new favorite brian wilson fan. fear the baby beard. two-run homer puts the g-men up. then in the sixth, pat burrell showing up at the long ball party. bottom ninth. two outs, game tied at 7. gary brown, the hero for the day. the outfield prospect, singles to right. and the score from second gives the giants the victory. followed by the traditional pie in the face during the rookie's probably first postgame interview. >> in peer ore peoria, the a's and mariners. bottom of the frame. former a milton bradley smokes
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one down the right field like line. each row -- ichiro scores. seattle with the victory. i. >> buzzer beaters happening everyone, including this one between two of the smartest teams in the nation. i know it's not my alma mater. fine out
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>> mike: the second ranked stanford women knew they were going to the tournament probably as the number one seed. ucla didn't care. gave the cardinal a scare in the pac-10 finals. late first half, walker, the terrorism -- the three. and the cardinal are champion aresfor a rope. and -- for a reason.
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the freshman, 10-0 run of her own. stanford comes back to win its sixth straight pac-10 tournament title. pac-10 men's final. arizona and washington. condoleezza rice sticking around after the stanford game. 30 sex left. the finish and the foul. he had 24. four-point game. ten seconds left. wilcox, fuming huge three. tied at 68. then in o.t. arizona down three. tied at 75. now checkout this finish. >> crossover, steps back. got it! yes! washington wins it. >> mike: isaiah thomas with the
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dramatic buzzer better. 28 points, none more important than those two. washington on their way to the dance. upsetting arizona. the battle of the brains, harvard and princeton playing for the ivy league big dance bid. curry in the lane. one last chance for the tigers, three seconds left. douglas, the shot fake, the off balance shot. the tigers are going dancing. princeton wins it 63-62. carmelo an happy to checking out the big east contest between uconn and louisville. kemba walker driving. huskies up one. three second left. louisville needing a three to tie. great play, but the shot is off the iron. lee with the grunt. other uconn wins, select sunday
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set for tomorrow. 37 at-large bid. will st. mary's get in? find out here tomorrow at 7:00. find out here tomorrow at 7:00. >> alan: they were a daryling go! go! completing an atm deposit in record time... that's a step forward. go! go! with deposit friendly atms, you can make ultra fast, secure deposits with no slips or envelopes. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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