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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  March 13, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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♪ in the news this sunday morning, march 13th, officials say two japanese nuclear reactors are going through at least a partial meltdown. an estimated $17 million has been caused in damage, sinking 18 boats. >> good morning. clouds sinking overnight. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. looking at rain heading your way later on. >> thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. the nuclear crisis is growing this morning where there is a
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possible meltdown. authorities now say a hydrogen bubble has formed inside the containment dome of the plant's number three reactor. a hydrogen explosion similar to what happened yesterday in the number one unit is possible. more than 170,000 people have been evacuated from an area 12 miles around the plant. the official death toll from the overall earthquake and tsunami, more than 1,000 with an estimated 10,000. >> this is an extremely serious situation and we're not out of the woods yet. >> partial meltdowns may have occurred at cue crippled reactors and they're facing serious cooling problems at three more. >> the pump, the electricity all
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gone because of the earthquake and the tsunami. this was not supposed to happen. >> the unusual combination of events brought japan to the brink. >> they're trying to end this crisis. it's a question of capability: can they? >> this 39-year-old school teacher says the place where i work might be contaminated so i came here to have a check and find out what i have to do next. fears of radiation exposure are coupled with the afternoon math of the earthquake and tsunami. millions do not have drinking water and electricity. crews are racing to the search for the missing. estimates vary from the hundreds to the thousands with a death toll that continues to climb. >> officials say an explosion is totally possible although no risk to human health. >> here in california public
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health officials are monitoring efforts in japan to contain leaks of radiation. california does have radio activity monitoring systems in place that can be enhanced if necessary. we've been receiving some extraordinary video from the earthquake and tsunami. a man who was at an airport recorded this video. >> the cars and the airport just drifted. i just thought that we should keep it in the video and this is the video that i took. and so it was really sickening. a swarm of insect were attacking. >> for people here in the bay area with loved ones in japan, there's been a lot of waiting and worrying. a man with a store in japantown has tried desperately to get in
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touch with her daughter and two grandsons. the threat of a nuclear meltdown is especially frightening because it brings back memories of death of her younger brother. >> he was just a baby. about four and a half. >> fujimoto finally got word her daughter and grandsons are okay. the cultural and community center of insurance california created a relief fund for business and bay area japanese business and community leaders are collecting donations. >> the recovery effort is going to take not days, weeks, months. unfortunately it's going to take decades. fund-raising activity can't go on and on and on but we've gotta go on as long as we can. >> donations will be accepted at all area union bank locations. we're told 100% of the money
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will go directly to the victims. while the tsunami damage along the coast don't come close to what we've seen in japan, there is significant destruction in santa cruz. karina rusk has that part of the story. >> this void in the harbor is what's left of u-dock. the debris can be seen everywhere but unfortunately the boats cannot. many of those tied to the dock have sunk. cheryl and her son jody said hers is one underwater. >> my son was on the boat and he has lost his home and everything on it. we don't have -- we don't know what to do. >> the harbor is the site of a massive response from the coast guard to the department of fish and game. >> we're mobilizing engineers to looking at piers throughout the harbors to make sure our businesses, commercial fishery
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can continue to operate. >> the survey is $1 million in damage sinking 18 boats and damaging at least 100 others. there's also the environmental concern with leaking fuel. >> the primary concern is get the sunken boats out of the water. so far it's looking pretty good. >> debris removal has been done. the next step is getting the boats off the harbor floor. one is giant air bags. >> a large balloon that you put underneath and it helps raise it up. there's other things like cranes. >> as the cleanup moves forward, those hardest hit, even those with insurance are wondering how long it will take. >> it will be years before we see a nickel out of this. >> there is a lot of heartache and unanswered questions but the cleanup is well underway.
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the first boat pulled from the harbor floor and because of that there is a strong smell of diesel in the air but that fuel is being mopped up. in santa cruz, karina rusk, abc 7 news. >> yesterday the u.s. coast guard surveyed the damage in crescent city by helicopter and provided this footage. at least six boats were confirmed. some fishermen returned to survey the damage yesterday. >> this is the first time i've been down here since this happened. >> where is your boat now? >> it's somewhere over there underwater. crushed. i was right in the middle of changing engines. i didn't have the new engine in it yet. >> strong surges also caused the gas tanks on several boats to rupture, leak diesel into the harbor. the harbor master estimates
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damage to be 20 to $25 million. residents are making it back home from japan. jenelle wang was at san francisco international airport yesterday. those reunionses were emotional. >> arriving at sfo including a tearful reunion against gavin and his dad caught in the earthquake thousands of miles away from their east bay home. >> there was the tsunami. she's oh, no. thank goodness she's in the airport. >> it was scary. >> many who returned home today were either on their way to the airport in tokyo or at the airport already. >> they couldn't even stand up. >> then everything came to a standstill.
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public transportation came to a screeching halt. flights cancelled, trains stopped. maura was stuck on a train for 16 hours. >> the train was not full. we were able to flip our seats around and we were able to go to sleep with our luggage bridging the gap. >> the japanese officials took good care of them. a menlo park man seconded that. >> they were handing out ritz crackers, water and sleeping bags so we spent the night there and waited for today to get back. >> back home. but their hearts go out to those in japan. >> up next find out what arab countries are asking united nations to do in libya to protect rebel fighters. the latest on a deadly tour bus accident in new york. what happened just before a pole what happened just before a pole tore through t
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arab countries are asking for a no-fly zone to protect fighters. progovernment troops continue to attack rebel strong holds. an al -- al-jazeera reporter was killed yesterday. a pole cut its way through the middle of this bus. it happened on interstate 95 as the tour bus made its way from a casino in connecticut back to
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the outskirts of new york city. the driver lost control after clipping the back of the tractor trailer that never stopped after that accident. did you remember to spring forward this morning? we're now on pacific daylight time. it is 5:13 on the landmark clock tower on the san francisco ferry building. the hands of time moved forward a little early at 1:03 this morning the clocks moved forward to show 2:00. daylight began officially at 2:00 this morning. reminded us all to change the batteries in our smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. half fatalities occur at home where they don't have carbon monoxide protectors. for us the loss of that hour, oh! tough! >> we're looking at cloudy skies
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overnight. since we've been sleeping the clouds have stickened up. rain headed our way. most of it holds up until the afternoon but not all of it. tell you about the rest of the rain for the week ahead and detail the forecast today coming up next. >> thank you, lisa. the san jose sharks got a rare visit from the new york rangers. for some reason the two teams do not get a
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>> a bay area company is making a big splash when it comes to seafood. here's terry. >> big plans. >> served over crispy won tons. >> but just as important where the fish is going is where it's from and how it was caught. in other words, is it sustainable seafood. >> it's abundant and well-managed and caught and farmed in that way. >> one year ago started selling to caters in the
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area. shipping and recyclable cardboard was reusable. it only sold seafood sold by its partner organization. this ahi tuna is from water off the philippines from the source >> you can catch tuna but you also catch 40% of other fish. because they're not a commercially -- the little fish are not worth a lot of money, they throw them back into the water and it's just a weight. >> ilovelucy promises to sell only sustainable seafood. they hope it makes a difference with diners. those we spoke with says it does. >> we try to buy the daily seafood from the grocery stores and restaurants. it's an attractive restaurant. >> if a restaurant buys sustainbly, i'm definitelyi
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definitelying -- definitely eating there. >> in san francisco, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> well, we spring forward. it is 5:19. otherwise you're saying what's going on, what are they doing on the air. well, spring forward. >> and tonight sun setting at 7:24. that's a switch. if we can stay up that long! long at the darkened skies. we are gonna see mostly cloudy skies when that happens because we do have a cold front off the coast. that will be bringing in a little bit of rain headed our way this morning but more likely it will hold off until this afternoon. good morning, oakland. it's 52 right now for you. 49 redwood city, 53 san francisco with 49 napa. livermore 49 and 47 in los gatos.
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so temperatures this morning are warmer by anywhere from 4 to 6 degrees out across the bay area. 6 degrees warmer in napa as well as santa rosa. 6 degrees warmer in san jose. on average definitely feeling the difference out there. so we are looking at the cloud cover. but the rain's gonna be slow to move on in. the bulk of the activity this afternoon but sonoma county could see light rain showers before noon. we're looking at more rainfall coming in next week. live doppler 7 hd shows the activity well to the north of us right now. you can see the returns with the blue shading indicating not all of this is reaching the ground. look how far away it is. it's going to take some time before it reaches the north bay. the radar composite shows the cloud cover, high pressure that gives away today as the cold front sweeps throughout the afternoon and evening hours. we're looking at a couple more
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systems headed our way, a little stronger throughout the middle and latter part of the week. so this the first to come. here's the timing on it. you notice through 1:00 the rain cells well to the north. say 3:00, 4:00 you see it advance to the south and the east. we're looking at the shower activity continuing right on through about 8:00 and even through the 11:00 hour some moderate to rain showers. accumulation, wide-ranging in the north bay with just two-tenths around marin county. winter weather advisory about 7,000 feet tonight through tomorrow morning so we're looking at 4 to 8 inches of snow about 7,000 feet with the snow levels lowering to lake level by tomorrow. in the south bay 63 san jose. pretty mild this afternoon with 61 san mateo. san francisco cloudy skies, rain in the afternoon and in the
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north bay you will see the rain earlier. here in east bay look for upper 50s from richmond to low 60s fremont and over the hills a cloudy start. hazy sunshine. 60 livermore by the monterey bay. 65 in salinas. the accu-weather 7-day forecast, this first system will sweep on through overnight, basically cloudy skies tomorrow. next system comes through on tuesday. a little break on wednesday and more rain for st. patty's day into next week. a very active week ahead. >> all right. is that a dancing shamrock there? (laughter) >> yeah. >> it looks like it. march madness is here. saint mary's is waiting to see if they'll be part of this field of 68 in the ncaa tournament. their final game against the eastern conference team.
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mike shumann has the highlights in this morning's sports. >> the sharks hosting the rangers for the first time in 2008 and only the second time they faced each other the past two years. makes the heart grow fonder. check out this hit. wow! the sharks deliver the first blow. first period ryan is deflected. finds its way into the net. game time, goes to the five-hole. rangers up 2-1. redirected by ben eager. winds up in the back of the neck. game tied at 2. for the second straight game this would go to a shoot-out, for the second straight game they would lose. how about some cactus league action. the season opens a couple weeks away. they seem to be in mid-season
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form. brian wilson fan, the beard. cody ross. a two-run homer. team men go up 4-3. showing up at the long-ball party. see ya! 6-3 giants. bottom of the 9th, two outs, game tied at 7. the hero for the day. single into right. forced a second. gives an 8-7 victory followed by the traditional pie in the face during the rookie's post-game interview. over in peoria, the a's, mariners and a sun-soaked afternoon. a single back up the middle. the a's go up 1-0. but the lead was short-lived. former a. smoke one down the right line. seattle goes on to win 10-2. the second-ranked stanford women
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knew they were going to the ncaa tournament, probably the number one seed. the packed 10 tournament finals. looking for straight win. had other ideas. up 9 at the half. second half doreena campbell. champions for a reason. the offensive board. she had 15 to 3-foot play. put stanford up one. a ten-minute run of her own. wins it tournament title 64-55 the final. mid-final, arizona and washington. condoleezza rice, 30 seconds left. they beat the press and the foul. he had 24. three-point play makes it 66-262. wilcox, a huge three to tie at
5:26 am
68. we had to overtime. changing that. 75. check out this finish. >> crossover! (inaudible) >> isaiah thomas with the dramatic buzzer teaser. march madness here, washington on their way to the dance. 77-75. the battle for the braves. harvard down one. princeton takes a 62-61 lead. three seconds left. the shot base. the off-foul is shot as the buzzer goes. the tigers are going dancing. princeton wins it 66-62.
5:27 am
u.conn down one. huskies up one. three seconds left. logo with the play. off the iron. u.conn wins five games and five days to capture the big east championship. 69-66 the final. selection sunday set for today. will saint mary's get in? find out today at 5:00 abc 7. i'm mike shumann. >> why officials say pg&e incorrectly interpreted federal pipeline inspection rules in older gas transmission lines like the one that exploded in san bruno. and how you could soon be able to buy your
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♪ welcome back, everyone. updating the top story now, the
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nuclear crisis in japan is growing this morning as japanese authorities now say there's a threat of multiple reactor meltdowns. a partial meltdown occurred yesterday at one nuclear reactor. today power plant operators are frantically trying to keep temperatures down in other reactors at the site. authorities say a hydrogen bubble formed inside the containment dome on the number 3 reactor, an explosion that continued from yesterday in the number one reactor is now possible. 170,000 people have been evacuated from an area 12 miles around that plant. as for the official death toll from the overall earthquake and tsunami disaster, more than 1,000 with government estimates running as high as 10,000. we want to show you how the devastation has actually changed the coastline of japan. take a look at these satellite images at the coast before the
5:31 am
tsunami and after. the greenland is now brown because of the mud left behind by the wall of water. the area of land where buildings and homes used to be is now barren. the natori river that leads out to the ocean is completely brown by mud and debris. let's turn to some local news now. federal officials say pg&e incorrectly interpreted federal pipeline inspection rules in terms of testing for well problems in older gas transmission lines like the one that exploded in san bruno. that september 9 blast killed eight and destroyed 38 homes. today's san francisco chronicle quotes officials as saying pg&e avoided testing transmission pipelines for weld problems by creating its own weaker safety standard back in 2008. the utility decided it would only inspect pipelines where pressure sites exceeded 10% of
5:32 am
federal standards. he's never heard of a utility doing that. jackie speier hopes the government will stop being in her words mealy mouth and clamp down on pg&e for making up its own safety rules. pg&e customers may soon are the option of opting out installing those smart meters in their homes. that proposal from the head of the state public utilities commission who ordered pg&e to come out with an opt-out plan. cecilia vega explains. >> well, this is a step in the right direction for sure. >> what smart meter opponents have long been asking for and weren't sure they'd ever hear. there could soon be a meter opt out program. opting out of having the meters installed in their homes. >> how it would evaluate a
5:33 am
proposal by pg&e nor what they would oppose but i think it's clear the time has come for some kind of movement in the direction of customer opt out. >> if in fact the puc makes an opt out available to customers, we expect many customers will take advantage of that. >> many say the meters are inaccurate, an invasion of privacy and may pose health risks from what they emit. engineers say they're safe but how an opt out program might work the utility giant isn't saying. >> what is the exact proposal look like? in the next several weeks we'll make that available to the commission. we have taken into account our customers, some have expressed concerns and we take that very seriously. >> the puc that the president offered that they can opt out at
5:34 am
a reasonable cost. that's a concern for smart meter components. >> this is pg&e we've been talking about. they're the poster child for smart meters. there's a concern that if they're going to provide an opt out that it be done well. >> so the controversy continues. they emit even smaller levels of cellphones and microwave ovens but many opponents are not buying it. the former e-bay chief executive poured $144 million of her own money into last year's failed run for governor against jerry brown. whitman tells the journal she wants to stay involved with public policy. she'll likely campaign for
5:35 am
republican mitt romney in the next presidential race. lisa here now with a preview of the forecast. >> wet later on today and most of next week looks like you're gonna need the umbrella. heading outside, still dark out there and we're looking at sunrise this morning, 7:24 so instead of 7:15. that's a switch. rain headed your way. i'll detail that coming up. >> also ahead, they served their country. now they are serving tim
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in jail. he's been out of the navy for years, out of jail just a few months. >> and how's life? >> great. >> he says going to jail saved his life. that's because cuntz was an inmate at county jail number 5. every inmate in this pod is a military vet. >> when i first came in here, walking through this door you can feel the atmosphere. >> the fact that we're kind of a fraternity, a family, is a very powerful experience for me. >> those that once served the country are now serving time with a focus on their special needs including post-traumatic stress and substance abuse. this therapy session helps them identify the triggers of violent situation. >> it was a bad situation, man. >> when there's nothing for me, where do i turn other than i've
5:39 am
got what i know. >> cover has been in operation since august under the direction of sheriff michael hanasy are owed a debt for society. >> happy scenes from the military emerging from the airport doorways and here we're gonna have these men emerging from the jail doorways and you don't see those same happy scenes. i think the veterans coming from either door are deserving of our support and our respect. >> the sheriff estimates there are about 140,000 vets now in state and county jails nationwide. here in san francisco, 5 or 10% of the 1700 prisoners once served in the military. >> when there's not much of a safety net, they'll kind of fall through that. >> michael served in the vietnam war and served the plowshares of
5:40 am
the area vet organization in 1974. he helped create the jailhouse program. >> i can't imagine the vietnam veterans how they were homeless, suicidal, hiv issues, aging past their own years. >> there's no formal funding for cover. all the staff are volunteers and they are preparing for more men. >> we're gonna be seeing a lot of incarcerated veterans coming back from iraq, afghanistan because, also, they've had multiple deployment. >> one of cover's key strategies is offer inmates access and information about government services and benefits. officials with the veterans administration recently dropped by from washington to see if the program should be replicated. >> where do you think you would be without cover? >> probably back out there on the streets in the old places i used to hang, which is the
5:41 am
tenderloin. probably over there drinking again. >> he's living in housing run by the salvation army. he's clean and sober, has a job and is there for his young daughter. he's kept time at the jail, a place where veterans help veterans help him get his life back on track. >> now, it is too early to have data about the success of the program but the sheriff and other officials are pleased with the progress. southern marin county towns are already gearing up to cash in on tourism when san francisco hosts the america's cup yacht race two years from now. the marin journal says sausalito's chamber of commerce is already work with tourism that runs the races. they will pump $1.4 billion into the bay area economy. a little rain is headed our way today. it was so nice and dry
5:42 am
yesterday. >> we squeezed in one nice sunny day and not many more in the week ahead. an active week weatherwise. definitely dark out there but we will notice a switch with our sunrise 7:24, sun setting 7:15 tonight. another hour of daylight for you. we're looking at most of the rain moving in this afternoon. here's a look at our roof camera where conditions are dry and cloudy right now. we're looking at upper 40s. livermore, redwood city and santa rosa. 52 oakland and san francisco 52 mountain view. here's a look at our 24 hour temperature change and notice how mild it is. we are 4 to 6 degrees warmer than we were yesterday. we had a clearer start yesterday. that's why we were cooler with that radiational cooling. with the clouds a slight chance of showers. the main rain holds off until the afternoon but two more systems before the week is done.
5:43 am
here's live doppler 7 hd, the rain well to the north if you see fort bragg and live returns so quite a ways to go. we could see a renegade shower but for the most part it will be after 2:00 we see most of the rain and the frontal band begin to press from the south and east. high pressure was keeping us dry and it's gonna move away and that will have the tail end of it sweep on through later on today. if you have any plans for the early afternoon or mid-afternoon, you should be okay but we're looking for the rain to move into the north bay first. here's a look at the time line. you notice by 11:00, 12:00 we've got the rain in sonoma and marin and after 1:00 it begins to sink south into the east bay and then everywhere this evening right on through the 11:00 hour. not until after midnight we see the rain taper off. up to an inch in the mountains
5:44 am
of the north bay. six-tenths in marin county. the east bay just a tenth to two-tenths so not too much going on. south bay may not even see rain at all. in terms of sierra nevada, some snow. a wind weather advisory. 8:00 tonight and 8:00 tomorrow morning 4 to 8 inches and that lowers to lake level. by that time the moisture should be gone. high temperatures today about the cloud cover still on the mild side. rain holding off. san francisco 59 with a dry start. really not until the afternoon you should see the wet conditions develop. 58 santa rosa, 59 oakla59 oakla east bay some mild numbers here with cloudy conditions for the bulk of the afternoon and late afternoon rain 63 antioch and down by the monterey bay towards the evening when you see the wet pavement here, 63 monterey.
5:45 am
the 7-day forecast, the weak system will move out tomorrow morning. a slight chance of showers and by tuesday a stronger storm which a break on wednesday, st. patty's day. looking at more rain. each system gets a little stronger right on through the work week. good thing we had that parade yesterday. >> absolutely. thank you, lisa. researchers at the university of california are using break-through technology to look at the human brain. it's a new type of mri and speeds never before thought possible. >> if mri machines have wings, david feinberg would probably be crashing the sound barrier. as it is he's creating images of the brain up to 30 times faster than the most advanced research mri's. >> the first was unbelievably
5:46 am
fast. >> listen to it when he flips the switch on a normal scan. >> you'll hear it now. >> now the same scan using a newly developed technology. >> that's the scan. the images are obtained simultaneously. >> he said the acceleration is the result of a break-through in a collaboration with the university of minnesota. it combines pulses to issue to the brain simultaneously. it measures the location and timing producing a much faster scan. >> we used to be able to scan the brain very fast in two to three seconds. and now we're able to image in 100 to 300 milliseconds. >> with that speed, researchers now believe the accelerated mri could have immediate impact on the most ambitious impact on the study of the human brain. >> the fibers that cross the
5:47 am
brain. >> it's dubbed the human connector project. researchers are attempting to map the neurologist path ways that explain the function drawing a map of the communication network. >> we're able to identify the networks much better and see more of them and more accurately. >> and by understanding the path ways of a normal brain, researchers believe they may unearth clues for disorders from autism to alzheimer's disease accelerated by this new generation of mri. >> and you can learn more about the human connecttone project by going to our website just look under "see it on tv." don't go away. "7 on your side" is next. >> you could qualify for free tax up for the first time likik
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>> did you know if you're qualified you could get free assistance with your taxes. this year many more people are eligible than years past. here's michael finney to explain. >> it's a typical day at northeast community federal credit union in san francisco. the office is crowded with people looking for help with their taxes. this is one of more than 200 sites around the bay area offering free tax help. >> you know, we're about up 25% from last year. so i think all the sites are really busy. >> households earning less than $49,000 a year qualify for assistance. recent years about half the clients looking for help are getting it for the first time. about 30% have lost their jobs. >> it is really sad and it's really terrible but the great thing about our site, they're there to help the community. there to have your best interest at heart. >> chavez took advantage of the free tax help for the first time this year. he'll receive a tax refund of
5:51 am
$3500 including an earned income tax credit and san francisco's matching working family's credit. >> it's going to be a very, very good feeling. i'm going to sleep comfortably at night. >> he hasn't had a full-time job since 2005. he's getting by with temporary contract work. in the past he's paid someone to do his taxes for him hoping to get what was advertised as a rapid refund. >> it wasn't. actually it was rapid getting the money out of my pocket. >> he had to pay a check cashing fee of $75 to get his refund in the past. now he'll get his refund been ten days. for free! >> places like this are a godsend to people that are low income that don't have an idea where to go to get their taxes done for no charge. >> to find the nearest free tax
5:52 am
credit near you call the united way hotline at 211 and don't forget "7 on your side" will open up our phone lines tomorrow from 5:00 until 8 p.m.. a panel of tax experts will be on hand to answer your questions. we'll also have a live chat online at you can send your questions in in advance by going to or tweeting us. i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." >> a new musical featuring the sounds of the '80s and the bay area hair band that's making it sing. [ female announcer ] most women in america
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>> check out the winning numbers from the 11 million, 11, 25, 26, 33, 45. the meganumber 13. no one got all six numbers. wednesday's jackpot is estimated
5:55 am
at $12 million. the national tour of the smash broadway musical rock of ages is now open at the kurrin center. arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez caught up with one of those bands, knight ranger, as well as the star of the show who gained fame on "american idol." ♪ don't stop believin'. >> it's all rock and roll, the hair, the clothes, the lights. a story set to '80s rock music. >> big concert musical, big broadway show. >> that's constantine morales that gained fame on "american idol." >> sort of poking fun of it but also celebrating it and writing great, funny, comedic characters but also telling us a nice, grounded love story.
5:56 am
>> there's also bon jovi. the legendary bay area band doing a new concert on the bone. their hit sister christian is in the show. >> we're still out there and play a song like sister christian. the audience goes nuts. it doesn't matter the song was done in 1984. it brings back the memory that person has in his heart. >> they're heaving out on a world tour. they've been together since the '80s. >> almost as long as you've been at abc. >> not that long. jack says being in this show was unexpected. >> what! knight ranger's music is on broadway, that's gotta be the greatest thing in the world but okay. >> he prefers running on stage in the band. he respects what knight ranger continues to do. >> instead of running a
5:57 am
multimillion dollar corporation. >> they air for five weeks. in san francisco, don sanchez, abc news. >> st. patrick's day is thursday but yesterday the streets of san francisco were filled with green for the 160th annual st. patrick's day parade. the largest west of the mississippi. >> bagpipers, floats, troops, marching bands making their way to city hall with firefighters, police and elected officials. the parade was followed by a festival at civic center plaza. they had traditional irish food, music and dancing. coming up next at 6:00. >> good morning. as the death toll continues to climb, officials are dealing with a second nuclear unit in trouble. i'll have the latest coming up. ♪
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