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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  March 13, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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jackknifes near the concord station today leaving a big question for morning commuters. crews are rushing against the clock to get the train back up and running, but there are no guarantees. lilian kim is live at the concord bart station with more. lilian? >> and bart doesn't know what caused the derailment. right now the focus is on the morning commute. whether crews will be done is the big question. so far the large crane has put one of two derailed cars back on its tracks.
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crews are working as fast as they can to get these cars cleared by the morning commute. 10,000 people use this section of line between pittsburgh bay point and concord on a typical workday. >> hopefully bart will still be running or i have to drive in. >> reporter: the 10-car train derailed after 9:00 a.m. after it was leaving the concord station. it happened as the operator switched to single track mode to get around work being done on another section of track. although the train was said to be going slow, three people suffered minor injuries. >> it wasn't too extreme. it was bumping around. it was like a bumpy ride almost. >> i was moving back and forth. it seemed like he was braking or something of that sort. >> reporter: people hope of getting east of pleasant hill were in luck today. many arrived unaware of the shut down rhia was trying to get to san francisco. >> we have to talk it out. but we have to go because we
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are trying to catch a show. my sister is performing. >> and others rely on buss to get to the stations. the bus ride added an extra 15 minutes to his trip. despite fixing the track they are confident the morning commute will go on as normal. crews are relying on the large crane to do the job. >> it will treat it like a ton caw toy. it's going to pick it up and put it down and move on its own. it will be pulled or towed away. >> in case the work isn't finished, a contingency plan will be underway. buses will take riders to concord hill. you can tune in at abc7 news starting at 4:30 a.m. live in concord, abc7 news.
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more rain is make its way into the bay area tonight, and it could be the beginning of a wet week. leigh glaser is here to tell us more about that. leigh? >> yeah, checking in with live doppler 7hd, and some of you in the north bay around santa rosa and the napa valley may have noticed a few lightning strikes right there as that cell moved through an hour ago. it is very active right now. santa rosa toward roanoke park. they are reporting light to moderate rain as this batch of rain has moved through. it is all moving toward napa. fairfield as well seeing some pockets of rain there. we are experiencing some rain all the way toward the livermore valley area. even toward santa cruz right now, reporting moderate rain. all of this moving to the north and west -- north and east is heading toward morgan hill and toward san jose.
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it will diminish and we will get a break tomorrow. as alan suggested, there are a series of storm systems moving in and it will be wet. >> thanks, leigh. now to japan where a second explosioning roughed the -- rocked the nuclear plant about four hours ago. the hydrogen blast sent up a massive column of smoke in the air. japanese officials say radiation levels are still within legal limits. more than 180,000 people have been evacuated from that area in the past three days. abc's diana alvear is in japan. >> within seconds the scene changed dramatically. feciales reported another explosion at the nuclear facility. >> either over the next 24-48 hours they will get control of the reactors or they will get a meltdown at one or more of the reactors. >> minutes earlier, warnings of a possible second tsunami,
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a false alarm, but no less frightening. the impact of the explosion was not immediately clear, but the message of the survivors from the initial disaster was, sos, help. however, the mission to deliver that help has not been easy. one dramatic rescue was successful. elderly passengers pulled from their car where they have been trapped for 20 hours with no food or water. but for too many it is too late. hundreds of bodies washed ashore and more missing and homes are just memories. those who survived are finding necessities impossible to buy. this mother says "i was so stressed i could not produce breast milk. i didn't know what to feed my baby. i didn't want her to get dehydrated. i am so glad i could buy formula." where they go from here they don't know. the communities were destroyed and nothing to come back to. and now there is an economic toll. monday morning japanese shares
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plunged sharply prompting the bank of japan to put in $85 billion to ease concerns. abc news, japan. it is monday there, and the tokyo stock market plunged in its first business day since the earthquake. the knee kay fell 639 points and that's 6% of its value. toyota, honda and nis san suspend -- nissan suspended production. and they injected $185 billion into money markets to stabilize the financial system. an amazing rescue off the coast of japan. they spotted him raising a red cloth nearly 10 miles off the coast. he was floating on the roof of his home after a tsunami swept him out to sea, and he was floating for two days. the tsunami struck as he and his wife returned home to gather supplies after the earthquake. he says his wife was swept away.
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we have some powerful new images of the tsunami showing how even enormous boats were helpless against the giant surge of water. while a regular wave lasts a few seconds and then reseeds, the tsunami comes and comes and lasting 15 or more hins -- or more minutes. >> overwhelming footage. here are the latest headlines out of japan. approximately 2,000 bodies were found on japan's northeast coast, and more than 10,000 people are estimated to
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have died in friday's tsunami. millions of people spent a third night without water or electricity in near freezing temperatures. the uss ronald reagan and other ships off the coast of japan were moved away from the power plant after three helicopters flew through a low-level radio active plume that erupted from the plant. the helicopters were delivering relief supplies. join us tomorrow for "disaster in the pacific." abc world news with diane sawyer will broadcast from japan at 6:30 here on abc7. much more ahead on the earthquake and tsunami. >> when you live in japan, you get used to the earthquakes, but nothing of this magnitude. >> coming up, the people we found at sfo who were about to board a plane for japan. and the clean up in the santa cruz harbor. three sunken boats pulled out and 15 more to go. and fresh reports of a new
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to u.s. crews are now arriving in japan to assist in the disaster plan. the search and rescue teams have been dispatched. one of the teams from los angeles will bring about a dozen rescue dogs. as we mentioned, the uss ronald regan and two other ships are parked off the coast of japan. helicopters are using the deck of the carrier as a staging area to deliver supplies to the camps. in a travel alert, they warned americans not to make unnecessary trips to japan.
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at san francisco international airport we caught up with several people catching a flat -- a flight into osaka, not affected by the earthquake. many are trying to get home to family. >> i have been looking on-line to friends. that's reassuring. when you live in japan, you get used to the earthquake, but nothing of this magnitude. >> it is the biggest experience and i am expecting a lot of aftershocks. >> delta airlines has resumed a full flight schedule to and from japan. a total of three boats have been pulled out of the harbor. a third was hoisted and 15 others are still at the bought -- bought m to of the small craft harbor after it crashed on friday. they estimate the damage as $100 million. >> what is really good about
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the pleasure boats is they don't have a lot of fuel in them. they have booms around them to contain them and the companies worked well to contain nearly every drop of fuel. >> the coast guard efficients are enforcing a safety zone that extends from all waterways from the santa cruz harbor. a similar situation at inner harbor near the california-oregon border. 11 boats were sunk and 44 others were damaged. the docks and the moarings have been damaged. the harbor has been closed while the coast guard and california fish and game assess the damage. google is providing several before and after satellite images of the areas devastated by quake and tsunami. the region's lush, greenland scape has been transformed into a -- greenland -- green, landscape has been
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transformed. here it is before and here it is afterward. it is flattened and engulfed by the raw power of the waves. back home a san leandro woman has been arrested for allegedly murdering her eight-year-old daughter in what appears to be a botched murder-suicide. the 53-year-old mother crystal johnson and her mentally disabled daughter were found with a tube running from the tale pipe to the interior. johnson is expected to survive. scpi-phone users discovered another glitch. users say their phones failed to spring forward for daylight savings time and in some cases they went back an hour showing a time two hours off. this is not the first clock mall apple's iphone. on new year's day a glitch prevented alarms from going on. and the iphone had problems adjusting to the end of daylight saving time last november. and leigh glaser is here and standing by to tell us more about the incoming storm.
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>> we are already getting reports of under thunder around sonoma. you can see highway 12 up toward napa, and just in the last 10 minutes we actually saw some lightning strikes. very active on live doppler 7hd. we will take it in a little clotser and you can see this cell that produced moderate rainfall continuing to do so. we will head on over toward the vacaville area. east bay is quieting down a bit. it is a different story and another bit of moisture pushing in watsonville and it could possibly move up the san jose area. this activity is starting to wind down this evening. we may keep a few of these light showers in our accu-weather forecast for the monday morning commute. and after that it looks like
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once the front moves through overnight, we will look for the clearing by tomorrow afternoon. through the rest of the workweek, we will go with off and on rain showers with an inactive workweek weather wise. this is the cold front right here. quite a bit of energy the actual frontal band. that's why we are seeing the moderate rain and lightning strikes. this will move off to the east. and we will be on the backside by tomorrow afternoon. that's when we will see the clearing. let's put this map into motion. as we head through the next couple hours, things just start to fall apart a bit as the front moves through. we will pull the moisture out and look for partly sunny conditions through monday afternoon and thickening clouds monday night. another storm system will bring us rain which could be heavy at times mainly in the north bay. quickly we do have a high surf
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advisory. it goes into affect until monday night with the west and northwest swells building with waves 13 to 15 feet. you can see they are five feet, six feet to nine feet. strong rip currents expected and there is a possibility of minor coastal flooding. we will keep things mild as it tapers off, upper 40s to near 50 degrees. and we will see the partial clearing right in the day. 65 for san jose and campbell. once we get the front through look for bright sky. midict iss -- mid60s on the peninsula. 65 sonoma and 64 for napa. oakland look for afternoon partial clearing and east bay interior locations, concord 66, 66 for brentwood and 65 for watsonville. a nice little break tomorrow before another system moves in. rain could be heavy at times
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and mainly in the north bay, a break on wednesday. on st. patrick's day, 50 and clouds and periods of rain on friday, saturday and sunday. >> thanks a lot, ea. -- leigh. 4*. >> and local hopes were dashed upon the rocks. >> yes. and it was selection sunday. the final invitation to the ncaa tournament and saint mary's was left out. while they played ball they stifled their
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college hoops with 37 of the final 68 teams invited today. unfortunately saint mary's was not one of them. as they watch the show it is tough for the seniors, but the gails had their chance and they did not come up with the big wins they needed. late season losses to san diego, utah state and twice to gonzaga and losing in the wcc
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tournament finals to the zags. coach and players are obviously disappointed. >> doesn't make a lot of sense to me right now how we are not in, but we are. that's reality, so we have to deal with it. >> obviously disappointed a little bit. two years ago when we played it was great. our guys are mature enough to turn the page and get ready to go. >> it is on to the nit. saint mary's earned a second seed. they will host kent state on tuesday night. cal gets april invite. the bears will host ole miss. here are the number one seeds in the ncaa tournament, ohio state in the east, kansas in the southwest, pittsburgh in the southeast and duke in the west. four pac-10 teams made the field, 7th seeded washington draws georgia. arizona gets memphis and the southwest usc faces virginia
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commonwealth in a wednesday play in game. the winner earns the region's 11 seed. and ucla will battle mitch meche state -- michigan state in the southwest. and in the california community college championship, a tip in in the final second and it lift had them to a two-point win. first title and jc knocks off the women of ccsf,52-45. after shutting down dwight howard, they made the t-wolves disappear. a nice father-son moment. but that was his only field goal. the warriors hold to to six-0 and the streak ends at 53 games. here is monty and he had 16 and they were up five. warriors up 16. and then curry and behind the
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back and then he alley-oops with a stick jam. he had a game high 24 and it was a 177 victory. we will take a break before we show you the rematch of last year's world series. and there was another win over texas. cactus league action as we continue.
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league action? the a's have a young pitching staff, and now the question is can they bring the lumber? beautiful day in phoenix and a's hosting the rockies. in the third, matsui and gets his second of the spring. a mammoth blast and houston
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street with the solo shot and 4-2a's. derrick bart will miss the last six games with a calf injury. it is 6-3 and the a's have three home runs and they go on to win it easily 9-4. over in surprise, arizona a world series rematch. it is firler,-- officialer, sleeker and faster. it is a score and it is 1-0. that wouldn't have happened last year. giants up 7-4 and he is fighting to keep his job. a two-run shot to right. and just like they did last year, the giants no problem with the rangers. they go on to win it easily 11-8. final round action and the blue monster. it was a two-horse race. second from the fairway on the par four 14th. he drops a 15 under rodney
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came up huge with a slapstick on 15. a 25-footer to save par. bottom of the par. johnson bogies 16 and then on 18 for birdie. nothing but net. he carves a final round 67 and a 16 under and wins the tournament by two strokes over dustin johnson. that will be nick's third pga victory. men on their way to omaha, nebraska in the college basketball invitational. i spoke of parker, the man who tipped in the final bucket to give them their first title. 49 years and you may want to ask him. he was the last child of 11 kids in his family. >> they were serious. >> thanks, everyone. that's it for abc news.
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