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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  March 14, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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i. >> we're hearing about to be major delays on bart this morning. they're limiting the trains that are heading through the trans bay tube. right now only the bay point pittsburgh trains are heading all the way through. if you're thinking about driving right now, there's a minor wait. i'll have another update on bart coming up. >> it's 6:01 this monday. thank you for joining us.
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i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. as you heard from frances, delays on bart that's forcing them to single track trains. that comes after an all-night effort to clear a derailment. bart's running between pleasant hill and concord. sue thompson joins us live with more. the service has been restored there and there's problems elsewhere now. sue? >> eric, that's right. service has been restored in concord but to make that happen work crews had to spend the night trying to fix that derailment into why did this happen in the first place. this derailment took place on sunday morning. ten cars were leaving the bart station. they were headed for sfo. it derailed right after they left this concord station. the operator had just switched to a single track mode and it
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was trying to get around other work on another track. that is when two cars came off the track. 65 people were on board at the time. three suffered minor injuries. the derailment forced bart to close down service between pittsburgh and concord stretch for some 19 hours. they did have a contingency plan in place today if they did not have things back up to normal but thankfully they didn't have to go to that backup plan. they described what it felt like. >> it was like i was moving back and forth. i thought maybe the tracks weren't clear. it seemed like he was braking or something of that sort. >> and, again, three people injured, minor injuries yesterday in that train derailment here in concord. the big focus now will be for investigators both with bart and the state public utilities commission to try and take the information they gathered yesterday on scene and figure
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out exactly why this derailment happened in the first place. but the good news here at left from the concord bart station, things are back up and running. everything back to normal during this morning's commute. not good news for bart passengers in west oakland this morning. there are major delays and that's because bart trains have to run on single tracks. we'll have more on that a little later. sue thompson, abc 7 news. >> delays through the trans bay tube due to limited trains and single tracking in san francisco. frances just getting the latest. she'll have clarification on that. in japan this morning, an official at a troubled nuclear reactor has been fully exposed raising new risks of a meltdown. 11 workers were injured there. the other two reactors at the plant are already facing a meltdown and authorities are
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racing to cool them with seawater. hours after the blast the u.s. 7th fleet said it was moving its ship and aircraft away from the area after discovering low-level radioactive contamination. there are 2800 people confirmed dead after another 1,000 bodies washed up along the coastline. the final death toll could top 10,000. rescue crews are continuing to look for survivors. here's greg black with the latest. >> plumes of thick white smoke over the nuclear power plant monday. the blast is the second at that facility since saturday. radiation levels outside the plants remain elevated. the japanese government says the radiation released in the blast does not pose immediate safety or health risks. >> people there aren't so sure. >> just want to know what's going on.
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i'm scared. >> the threat of a meltdown is still very real, despite ongoing efforts to cool the reactor's core with seawater. it's a task made even harder because the quake knocked out the electricity after the tsunami flooded its backup generators. >> they have battery backups. they have onsite electrical generation. what happened with that tsunami, i have no idea. we never anticipated that tsunami. >> meanwhile as the search for survivors continues, japan's prime minister made a plea for strength to his people. >> i am confident that the japanese people can be united to work together to get through this difficulty. >> nearly 70 countries around the world have pledged to dedicate emergency resources to the hardest-hit cities. >> in santa cruz the harbor is still closed to boats right now.
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officials estimate damage from the tsunami surges and they believe that damage from the japanese earthquake and tsunami will top $17 million. the surges sank 18 boats. only four have been pulled out so far. another dozen remain unaccounted for. a team will sweep the harbor with sonar today. a similar situation in crescent city near the california/oregon border. 11 boats sank there friday. docks and moorings have also been severely damaged. the harbor remain closed while they assess the extent of the damage. >> the disaster in japan is calling attention to the need for emergency alert systems. the south bay is kicking off an effort for cellphone users. they're trying to get cellphone users to sign up for alert scc.
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with so many people getting rid of their home phones and using only cellphones, city officials say it's important to sign up for disaster messaging services. you can find the link at click on "see it on tv." >> livermore police are looking for at least two suspects in connection with a weekend shooting that left two teenagers seriously injured. the shooting happened 3:15 yesterday near the intersection of chestnut street and north i. street. they found a 15 and 19-year-old suffering from gunshot wounds. >> this morning a group of advertisers, business leaders and consumers are planning together at san francisco city hall to protest a plan to ban the yellow pages. last month san francisco supervisor david chew proposed a first of its kind ban on unsolicited phone books. the measure has raised concerns
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along several small business groups including the san francisco chamber of commerce who say the ban will hurt small businesses who have little to no other means of advertising. they're calling for the city to institute and opt out policy where people can go online and block delivery of the phone books. >> a computer glitch is to blame for overcharging over 100 clipper card users last month. during a five-day period, as many as 150 riders were overbuild on their clipper card which can be used on several bay area transit lines including bart and muni. they total more than $14,000. a spokesman for the metropolitan commission which manages the program says all the customers have been reimbursed. investigators determined the glitch was caused by a communication breakdown between the machines and the agency computer system and the main processing center for the
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clipper card. >> let's check in with mike although we've had bart problems this morning. let's take a look at the forecast. >> driving can be difficult because those roads are wet from the overnight rain. mike? >> good point. we have lingering light rain especially developing right now as the cold front is moving through. once we get past that, we will get a break this afternoon but another system is quickly on a teal, another one after that, and another one for the weekend but that one's coming from alaska so it's going to be even colder. pretty mild this morning. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. out ahead of this you can see the last line across the bay bridge right now and out 24 with heavier rain around alamo, danville, san leandro, hayward right across the san mateo bridge. south san francisco could be delays around sfo. here's a look at those temperatures. they're running from 1 to 8 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago with santa rosa at 51. the rest of us mid to upper 50s.
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low to mid-60s this afternoon with a few peeks of sunshine during the afternoon hour. but look at that, rain in the forecast every day and temperatures in the 50s for high, friday, saturday and sunday. here's frances with those bart updates. >> you may need to rethink your commute. if you take bart, major delays now reported for trains leaving the east bay heading into san francisco. there was an equipment problem in san francisco at the montgomery station. they're single tracking trains between montgomery and embarcadero. because of that, the only trains they're letting through from the east bay are the trains leaving pittsburgh bay point heading into the trans bay tube. so if you normally get on the richmond line, the dublin line or fremont line, you're going to need to transfer stations in oakland to make your way into san francisco and daly city. eric, kristen. >> all right. we'll get another update from you in a few minutes. frances, thanks a lot.
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>> welcome back. i'm frances dinglasan in the traffic center. heads up bart rider. hearing about major delays from the east bay into san francisco. the only trains getting through now are those on the pittsburg bay point line. more news now with kristen. on top of the catastrophic,
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japan dealing with ash and volcanos. there are about 950 miles apart. experts say it's still unclear if the eruptions are linked to the quake. japan and our own west coast both lie on the ring of fire, active zones where earthquakes and volcanos are common. >> san francisco's 1906 will be dedicated to the earthquake victims. this year is the 105th year. this year the day of remembrance will focus on the japanese victims and on the threatened cuts in california's emergency preparedness budget. apparently one final push of rain making its way through. where is this?
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that's what he's focusing on. >> the front has just now moved past downtown. some of the wet weather is moving on. let's take a look at live doppler 7 hd. you can see san pablo bay, fairfield. good healthy rain there, good healthy rain moving through the east bay hills right from berkeley into orrin dough, lafayette. you see the overturn now over the water between south san francisco and san leandro. that's going to ride right over the san mateo bridge within the next 5 to 10 minutes or so and head out through the dublin grade. sunol grade getting wet weather. you can see over the last five hours that the first initial push moved on. now we have to deal with wet weather through the rest of the
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commute with the best chance south of the north bay. we have 50 in santa rosa. everybody else the mid to upper 50s. a very mild morning. 58 salinas. everybody else the monterey bay and inland are around 56 degrees. let's talk about those highlights. peeks of sunshine as the afternoon will be much drier. rain back in the forecast tomorrow. a smaller chance wednesday and thursday and then more rain for friday, saturday and sunday. how many days was that? seven. absolutely, all seven days of the forecast have rain in 'em. mid-60s in the south bay. same thing on the peninsula. low 50s along the coast. low to mid-60s downtown south san francisco through the north bay valley. the entire east bay shore 53 to 65 degrees. same thing as you head into the east bay valleys. mid-60s for you. here's a look what happened over the last ten hours.
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you can see the front kind of slowly sliding to the east. that's why it's kind of going parallel to the coast or going parallel through state. that will take over our afternoon so it won't be completely clear with the drying trend during the afternoon hours. next system, this one's coming in tuesday. again, we'll get barely the tail end of a system. most of the rain will fall in the north bay and that will happen during the morning hours tomorrow. here you can see the drying trends in the afternoon. the light rain develops along the coast. by noon starting to move through and it lingers all the way around through wednesday morning. rainfall amounts about a half inch the north bay. about a tenth to a quarter inch in the south bay towards wednesday morning. the best chance the north end, very light.
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that rain with the cooled air. highs in the 50s for friday, saturday and sunday. sounds like bart having a tough time. here's frances. >> another rough start. not related to the derailment yesterday but major delays for folks heading out of the east bay heading into san francisco. the only trains getting through the trans bay tube at this point are the trains coming from the bay point pittsburgh line. the other lines if you're on richmond or dublin are coming out of fremont. you all have to transfer at west oakland to get through san francisco and daly city. this is all due to a track problem at the montgomery station in san francisco where they are single tracking trains around that problem. but we're getting better news from bart's spokesperson. he says they're hoping to wrap this problem up by 6:30. we'll go outside and check out a live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza if you're thinking about driving instead.
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the cash-paying lanes are backed up to the parking lot. san mateo bridge traffic flowing well and the earlier accidents that we reported on have been cleared or are clearing right now. you can always stay on top of it by going to our website kristen? >> frances, thanks a lot. you have three extra days to file your taxes this year. the deadline is april 18th but if you want to get free help early, "7 on your side" holding a tax hotline from 5:00 to 8 p.m.. we also have a line online tax chat. send your questions to or send us a tweet. >> 6:21 now. coming up, they say the i-phone can do almost anything. the new time change that's bringing up an old problem. >> plus a s thnih@geamnggeaber ms s
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>> we have some powerful new images of the tsunami in japan showing how that force of giant water recedes. you can see here the tsunami just keeps coming and coming. witnesses say the last surge lasted more than 15 minutes. just look at this. boats tossed around like toys.
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>> another look at the disaster in japan. let's bring you back here where the i-phone can pretty much do everything. everything that is except tell time. many people claiming their i-phone did not spring forward for daylights savings time. some fell back another hour making it two hours behind. the i-phone's clock also had trouble on new year's day and at the end of daylights savings time in november. $6:26 now. still ahead at 6:30, a manhunt going on now. >> the hi-tech tools santa cruz will turn to today to find missing boats after friday's tsunami wave. >> and new radiation fears after another blast at a japanese nuclear power plant, the latest on the damage down straight ahead. >> our light rain is causing flight arrival delays into sfo
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nearly 70 minutes and flight departure delays out of boston. check out our specific flights with our flight tracker >> problems on the
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning. it's 6:30 this monday. stocks are headed for a lower opening as investors watch the economic fallout from the tsunami and japan. meanwhile in tokyo, the nikkei plunged 639 points today in its
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first base day since the earthquake. that's more than 6% of its value. toyota, nissan and honda suspended production at all plants in japan. central bank has now injected $184 billion into money markets in hopes of stabilizing the financial system. >> in japan this morning, 2800 people are confirmed dead but that number is expected to reach more than 10,000 during friday's devastating earthquake and tsunami. >> some being sent from california continue to look for survivors. millions have spent three days without food, water and heat in near freezing temperatures. overnight there was a blast at the power plant. 11 workers were injured. damaged reactor fuel rods have been fully exposed. the u.s. carrier and helicopters run aid missions in japan have been exposed to radiation from
6:32 am
damaged reactors but no military personnel are reported sick. we'll get the latest from japan. >> an explosion ripped through another reactor at the plant, something officials warned could happen following the first explosion on saturday. the reactor's containment reportedly wasn't damaged. the radiation leaked but the levels were low. still there's reason for concern. >> we're at a reactor tipping point. either over the next 24 who 48 actors they'll get control or meltdown at one or more reactors, a completely unprecedented situation. >> there are now negligence at six nuclear reactors, two different power plants. hundreds of thousands have been told to evacuate. the message from friday's disaster was cleared sos. but the mission to deliver help has been difficult. countless measures of people are
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homeless in makeshift shelterers. there was a shortage of water, food and power. gas lines went for ten city blocks. this mother said i didn't know what to feed my baby. i didn't want her to get dehydrated. this coastline shows how fast and terrifying it was. amid the destruction, survival. spotted a car in a pile of mud and debris, people still alive inside. elderly people in the car. they had been stuck for more than 20 hours with no food or water and near freezing temperatures. despite all the fears and frustration, we have seen the amazing resiliency of the japanese people, complete strangers helping each other out on this time of they'd. we nearly ran out of gas when somebody offered to fill up our tank saying he just wanted to do
6:34 am
it because he loved americans. he wanted to lend a helping hand. japan. >> the state department is warning americans not to make unnecessary trips to japan. at san francisco international airport, we caught up with several people catching a flight to osaka last night. >> i've been looking online for a couple of friends. when you live in japan, you get used to the earthquake but nothing of this magnitude. >> i parents said it expand. aftershocks. >> most airlines have resumed their flights to and from japan. >> this morning a team of engineers will conduct a sonar sweep of santa cruz's harbor to locate several vessels still unaccounted for.
6:35 am
friday's ocean surges sank 18 boats. one of the biggest concerns is the fuel that's leaked out of several boat engines. >> what's good about these pleasure boats is they don't have a lot of fuel in them. they've got booms around them to contain all the fuel. the salvage companies worked really well to contain nearly every drop of fuel. >> other boats sustained damage. the harbor is expected to be closed until next weekend. the toll damage is expected to stop $17 million. >> the disaster in japan is calling attention for the need of emergency alert systems and today the south bay is kicking off an effort to help cellphone users. santa clara county and san jose are trying to get cellphone users to sign up for alert scc. with so many people getting rid of home phones and using only
6:36 am
cellphones, they say it's important to sign up for disaster messaging services. you can find a link on our website click on "see it on tv." >> money donations are the best way to send help to quake victims in japan. ace hardware set a goal of raising $50,000 in quake aid. they will make a matching contribution help reaching the $50,000 mark. if you'd like to help, we have eight organizations on our website. >> this morning police in solano county are looking for an inmate who walked away from a concentration camp in the delta. simpson was last seen sunday night at the:30. he was severing time with a vehicle theft. he was to be paroled in september.
6:37 am
simpson is described as 6-1, thin build, wearing orange-colored jeans and a shirt with the initials c. d. c. r. on the back. tomorrow is pg&e's deadline to provide documents to save regulators verifying the pressure levels in the pipeline system are safe. part of that is workers sifting through thousands of boxes of documents at the cow palace. the explosion killed eight people and destroyed three dozen homes. the state utilities commission to order pg&e to conduct expensive tests. >> a san leandro woman is under arrest in connection with the death of her eight-year-old daughter in a botched suicide.
6:38 am
they found her inside a car. the woman was conscious but the woman was not. her mother is expected to survive. tomorrow the san francisco police commission is expected to submit the names of up to three finalists for police chief to mayor ed lee. according to the san francisco examiner, final interviews include men and women from inside and outside the department. commissioners would not say how many people were interviewed. the interim chief says he's still interested in the position. >> frances has been telling you about major bart delays this morning but they are not connected to yesterday's derailment in concord. two cars on the tin car train jumped the tracks yesterday morning as the sfo-bound train slowly pulled out of the concord station. crews worked through the night to repair damage to the tracks and remove two derailed cars. >> let's find out more.
6:39 am
things are getting better in concord but gotten a lot worse in oakland. >> eric, kristen, bart still reporting major delays but just fixed the problem within the last few minutes. no longer single-tracking trains towards the montgomery station. so trains running in both directions. still major delays. by the time you get in say the next 20 minutes or so, all the delays will be gone and we'll be keeping track of that for you. we'll check out the bridge toll plaza. the metering lights on, backed up towards west grand. we'll check out another live shot, this time at the san mateo bridge. looks good through hayward and on to 880. in the south bay there have been
6:40 am
earlier accidents but really no major trouble reported now so you've just got the normal delays, especially westbound 4 out of antioch. >> thank you very much. doesn't get much better on the roadway. rain moving through with the cold front. the latest update from live doppler 7 hd. at least we lost the yellow but the stronger cell is over top of you. dublin, towards hayward. another cell coming right across 92 towards san mateo. here's the reason why we have flight arrival delays. south san francisco getting pretty impressive rain in san bruno for that matter. this is all moving pretty much to the east, slightly northeast along the cold front. it's going to take its time sagging across the area. as we get behind it, well, the waves are gonna come in.
6:41 am
until 11:00, 13 to 14 foot. mild this morning. temperatures low to mid-50s. by 8:00 most of the rain will start tapering and cloudy, peeks of sunshine and mid to upper 50s by noon and even a little more sunshine during the afternoon hours and temperatures that will hang out in the low to mid-60s by 4:00. your 7-day forecast, rain is possible every day of the forecast. wednesday and thursday may-dry since the rain lingers in the north bay. look how cold. low to mid-50s. >> mike, thank you very much. it's 6:41. wall street, a live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. here's a live look at the big board with the dow down 62. >> and under 12,000. also the cause that brought hundreds of students to south bay college at 4:30 this morning and will bring thousands to the steps of the state capitol
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♪ >> welcome back. 6:45 this monday. clouds along the coast, 64 big sur. 61 eureka where it's not raining. sunshine in fresno, same thing l.a., 74. check out palm springs, 87. light snow being reported at tahoe right now. it will become more scattered in nature this afternoon and about 49 degrees. eric? >> 6:45 now.
6:46 am
hundreds of students from evergreen valley college and city college are gathering in san francisco for an education march. buses will take them and they'll meet with lawmakers and meet 7:00 this morning. they'll encourage politicians to continue supporting funding for community colleges, plus the dream act. >> the education rally comes at crunch time for state lawmakers to crunch a budget deal. that's also a five-year tax extension measure. they are courting five republican. the tax extension is the cornerstone of the deficit. this plan calls for deep spending cuts and shifting financial responsibility for some programs to local government. >> after shocks from friday's quake in japan are rippling
6:47 am
through financial markets. >> jane king joins us live to take a look. >> hello, eric and kristen. japan, that's where the nikkei plunged more than 6%. the dow, getting some kind of perspective there. the power and insurance companies under the lowest pressure in tokyo. lowered here to nothing like that. the dow and s & p down a half% this morning. the index down a third of 8%. g.e., the designers of one of the nuclear plants in trouble. on the other hand for power shares, renewed debate about the safety of nuclear energy. let's not forget friday, the apple analyst saying apple may end up selling more i-pads this
6:48 am
morning. he has a team of researchers checking out stores over the weekend. 7% customers still expanding its customer base. i'm jane king, bloomberg news. >> jane, thank you very much. our time 6:48. the story about a remarkable man who started out as a bail bondsman and ended up an internationally known sculptor. the medium? your trash. >> it's not that great a distance from bail bonds on brian street to the sculptor of the bails company. the art, a life-long interest that turned into a passion 30 years ago during a walk on pacifica beach. >> i wanted to show how focussed
6:49 am
the beaches were. reused, reshaped, reincarnated. >> michelangelo would see images in the rock. i would see images in the materials i used. when i saw them, i start creating, the work just got bigger and bigger and bigger. soon he was making people like these folks in this café scene. plastic people telling many stories at once. he brings the creativity along with some paint and a little glue to keep it all together. even though everything he uses is plastic that he finds on the side of the road, he calls himself an environmental artist. >> the work basically has to stand on its own. it's good, it's good. if it's great, it's great. >> his favorite work simply
6:50 am
called waiting. >> other artists. jewelry out of plastic trash. a new sculpture for the stores he just tore down. my work tells the story. not only where you look at the work. >> in san francisco, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> how would you like to own a whole mile of coastline? it could be yours for a mere $4.5 million. the owner of the popular jeremy's clothing store in san francisco is selling it for a quarter million in 2004. sounds like a bargain. it doesn't have a well and sewage system and can't be developed because it's designated as a park. he tried to sell it $2.2 until.
6:51 am
cancelled the first time, double the price. >> more valuable. >> yeah. sell an umbrella for $50. standing at the game, it's raining. i'm the only one with an umbrella. >> i had a waterproof jacket on. >> come on. sparky anderson wouldn't sit there with an umbrella. >> no, no! thank you very much. i go from my garage to a garage here at work. emeryville and it looks a little wet. live doppler 7 hd. you can see showers moving through very light. we see a lot of blues, a little green as we head into the delta commute. right over saint mary's. got snubbed by the way at the tournament but that's another tournament. 292, a little light rain there.
6:52 am
we're already transitioning to scattered snow showers. going to the coast today, 11:00 this evening, 13 to 15 foot west, northwest swells to go with it. mid to upper 50s except monterey bay, temperatures upper 50s also inland. once this cold front comes through, dry. rain tomorrow, and it's a cold rain for friday, saturday and sunday. temperatures 10 degrees cooler than what we have today. 60s along the coast and low to mid-60s for the rest of us. monterey bay and inland, mid-60s. what we're seeing is the cold front the last ten hours. now just moving through the bay and into the south. the better part of the morning commute to clear our neighborhoods. expect it to be wet especially
6:53 am
the bridge southward the next couple hours. behind that we get some breaks but we have high clouds that will obscure the sunshine. that will hit the north bay first and spread southward for the day for the rest of us. how this unfolds. 7:00 this morning, moves in along the morning commute. will linger during the evening commute and then start to taper wednesday but pretty moist with a lot of fog. double that in the north bay. accu-weather 7-day forecast, temperatures still in the 60s for highs near thursday. dip into the low mid-50s for that chilly rain friday, saturday and sunday. frances has good news. >> bart is doing better but still recovering from delays from oakland into san francisco. they had it in both directions due to single tracking around
6:54 am
the station. the other delays this morning, mostly in the east bay but things are starting to slow down elsewhere. lone tree way now half an hour and the westbound 5:80 through the altamont pass really slow this morning. 38 minutes. we know westbound if you make your way through livermore, just a heads up in the eastbound direction. the off-ramp is going to be closed permanently starting today due to some construction. the bay bridge toll plaza, getting there through the oakland maze, things flowing well. westbound 580 coming out of oakland as well. in the south bay we'll check out 280 and 17 interchange. headlights are northbound and that's highway 17 across your screen. get traffic when you want and sign up for personalized drive times on it's under the traffic linking. eric, kristen.
6:55 am
>> it's now 6:54. >> our top stories, there are now nuclear fears from three crippled reactors from a power plant in japan. damaged reactor fuel rods have been exposed to open air raising more radiation risks. the lab in the bay area is monitoring the risk to the u.s., which is said to be slight. the death toll, estimates now reach 10,000 people. a tide of 1,000 bodies was washed up along the coastline. crematoriums can't keep up and rescue workers have run out of body bags. millions are spending a night of freezing temperatures. >> engineers will conduct a sonar sweep to locate a dozen
6:56 am
vessels. it tank 18 boats in this harbor. 100 other boats had damage. >> 6:56. a final check on weather and traffic for you starting with mike. >> here we're looking at live doppler. a cold front moving through right now. that is kicking up the last parts of this wet air mass. and once that does move through, looks like we'll see a little clearing but here we go with that cold front kind of moving down interstate 80 here and out into the ocean. we'll talk about the current conditions this morning. running in the low to mid-50s with the cool spot santa rosa 51. watch out for fog to develop also, especially the north bay where the rain is not falling right now. by the afternoon mostly cloudy and a few breaks in the clouds with sunshine. temperatures mild, low to mid-60s. check out the 7-day forecast.
6:57 am
remember we said it was going to be very active this week. all seven days with rain in the forecast. >> all right, mike. back to bart. still recovering from major delays due to an earlier equipment problem from west oakland out towards san francisco and actually had delays in both directions. here's a live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza where traffic right now is backed up towards the 880 overcrossing. again, bart recovering from delays. look for that. there's a fog advisory for the richmond san rafael bridge and also the golden gate bridge this morning. muni, caltrain reporting no delays. >> wow, frances. that was a mouthful there. thank you very much and thank you for joining. join us for the midday news
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