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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  March 15, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> live look at embarcadero where vein minutes away. show you how much you are going to get over the next 24-36 hours. >> so far it's been such a night quiet commute. things are getting more crowded, westbound 80 in berkeley. >> good morning. 6:00 a.m. on tuesday morning, wet tuesday morning. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. >> kind of exciting. some lightning. >> couple strikes we've seen on the radar? >> just offshore from bodega bay, but that cell has moved inland and it's wreaked considerably. it weakenened considerably. right along 80 is where we have the heaviest rain. right down to vallejo across the bridge and over to san francisco. in fact let's draw it down here.
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you can see the rain right across 101 right on the golden gate bridge heading to south san francisco and pacifica. south bay looking good. better part of the day before you get organized wet weather. this morning, san francisco police are on the hunt for a gunmen after a brazen shooting after a mission district bar that injured five people. it's the latest incident. janelle wang has more. >> police say a car was seen driving away from the scene but they don't have a description of the vehicle or any of the suspects. it happened just after 11:00 last night outside the bar. there is half a dozen bullets in the front door. also the taqueria, very popular spot. you can see broken glass all
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around the door. they are going to clean that up in the next couple of hours. let me tell you what happened last night they found five people shot. all five were transported to the hospital. four has non-life injuries. there has been a string of incidents with reports of five shootings within the past month. much of it is gang-related. residents say they are taking precautions. >> i make sure not to wear it outside, a red backpack. >> is that a gang color? >> i heard people getting stabbed, being asked about that. >> just last week the guardian angels came to patrol these streets. they focus on mission street between 16th and 24th street.
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they have stipulated up patrols in recent weeks. police still don't have an exact motive behind the shooting. there is definitely a concern about escalating violence in this neighborhood. now on to the latest in japan where the prime minister has now ordered 140,000 people to seal themselves indoors to protect themselves from radiation sickness. it came after a new fire that led to increased radiation levels around the fukushima daiichi nuclear plant, nuclear safety official says the water inside the reactors may now be boiling a new sign that efforts to control a meltdown could be failing. despite the growing radiation concerns there are a few glimmers of hope. rescuers have pulled a 70-year-old woman from the rubble alive four days after the
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disaster hit. woman was found inside a home that had a been washed away by the tsunami. hillary clinton met with japan's ambassador to talk more about u.s. assistance. >> the in parts of japan hit by an earthquake flattened by a tsunami a third risk now looms. fears of nuclear meltdown. >> this evacuee says that most frightening thing. nobody really knows what is happening. but signs what is happening at fukushima daiichi are not good. all four reactors have issues including three explosions. radioactive material could be leaking from the base of the reactor. the leaked radiation level is rather high. >> now we are talking about levels that can impact human health. i would like all of you to take
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this information calmly. >> keep inside the work places or houses. >> they echoed the warnings affecting more than 140,000 people within a 12 mile radius. 70,000 have already evacuated. they are checking people to see if they have been exposed to radiation. >> this woman says i worry very much about radiation. i don't know what to do. even in tokyo, there are reports of slightly higher radiation levels but they say the levels are too small to threaten people there. hillary clinton met with the foreign minister who expressed gratitude. >> today the world comes together to support japan in the hour of need. >> the japanese government asked the u.s. for advice. so eight more experts or on their way to offer help.
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>> u.s. officials say so far there is little risk of radiation making it to american shores. there are reports of huge boost in the sell of iodide pills. on "good morning america," richard besser what people would do. >> it's very easy u go home. you want to remove all your clothing, jewelry and watches, preferably outside your house in your garage. go inside and take a shower. soap, water, you don't want to abrasive scrubbing but do a nice watch. shampoo, no conditioner. recommendation is all you need to do is shampoo. clothes, watches and jewelry, make sure it's in a sealed bag.
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doing those things will remove 95% of the contamination that is on your body. most people are surprised about that. >> to give you a better perspective a local professor says the radiation spike registered lower an level during the average cat zblan barry bonds will be going on trial. >> he goes on charges of lying to a grand jury. in an order yesterday the judge hearing the case ruled that jurors' names will be kept secret. the judge citizen the secrecy is needed to have a fair trial. no secret we got weather activity going on. some thunder and lightning. >> i think so. >> if i was on the jury, i would
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say guilty of rain and lightning and thunder. >> absolutely. we have some a while ago. right now, it has calmed down considerably. focus our attention where the rain is heaviest. richmond-san rafael bridge and also the bay bridge, so berkeley pinole, alameda, oakland, san francisco all the way down to daly city and san bruno we do have rain. we'll have more of this. this the appetizer this morning, light rain to annoy you for the morning commute. cold front is offshore. it will bring heavier rain this afternoon. temperatures are close to where they were yesterday and it's very mild with mid to upper 50s in most neighborhoods. destination, low to mid-50s through most of the bay into the south bay and east bay valleys. upper 50s along the coast to low
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60s as you head into the north bay valleys where the heaviest rain will fall. rain will slowly spread southward and probably see more rain for the evening commute. we still have rain in the forecast every single day. light rain hasn't been bothering anyone for the commute. it's a great ride out there. bay bridge toll plaza, no delays. san mateo bridge looking good this morning. westbound traffic past the toll plaza heading towards san mateo. if you are returning a rental car to sfo you may need a little extra time because air trans is down that connects you to the art. to the airport but traffic on the peninsula, mild, 73 miles an hour h is on 1 or 280, this morning traffic has been so light i haven't found any accidents at all.
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good morning. we take you live to arlington, virginia, lying in state is army corporate frank buckles, the
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last american veteran of world war i and he will be interred at arlington national cemetery. he was turned down by the navy and marines for flat feet but he was taken by the army and he went to europe. he will be memorized today. >> less than 20 minutes now david petraeus that troops can pull out of afghanistan as planned. he will testify before the senate armed services committee. he is leading the war effort in afghanistan. in addition to speaking about that, he is expected to tell lawmakers his concern about corruption in the afghan government. between unemployment, rising
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prices and problems in japan and middle east, federal policymakers will have a lot to discuss. at the top of the agenda, they may not make any changes to $600 billion treasury bond program. ben bernanke says the economy still needs support from bond purchases. >> the chief of calpers is now accused of diverting investments to politically connected firms. top officials of the pension fund commonly known as cal percent. they paid out $180 million to try to gain investment business from the pension fund. calpers is the largest public pension fund in the united states.
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october 4th, november 9th. >> i think it's pretty hard to do that. it's going to be dry but not rain the entire seven-day forecast. we will find dry spots. 6:16. you can see the light rain moving across san francisco and the emptied is now wet. let's take a look at live doppler, starting in the north bay, initial wave has pushed in couple showers up to bodega bay. it's been fairly light. couple hundredths enough to cause slick spots. you see around richmond, alameda berkeley, oakland heading across to san bruno around then another storm moved onshore around half boon may and move around foster city. as far as the big picture it's moving to the east because it's so warm this morning.
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the big rains are still couple hours away. we still have mid to upper 50s around the bay. mid to upper 50s this morning. heaviest rain this afternoon, showers that will develop so it won't be quite as wet tomorrow and thursday. it will be more scattered in nature but periods of rain and coldness for friday, saturday and sunday. low to mid-50s around the bay. that is where the rain will hit this afternoon. and into the north bay, upper 50s to low 60s. around the monterey bay, heaviest rain will come through the evening hours. mid-50s for you. lingering light rain and even drizzle tonight. low to mid-50s for the rest of us. here is a look at the warm front that passed through. the reason why we're seeing the rain, note where the heaviest rain, it's in the yellows along the cold front.
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then we'll get the heavier rain. 7:00 in the morning, but by noon you see the coal front moving into the north bay, 4:00 or 5:00 it's moving in the heart of the bay. then it's gone. we're left with a pretty moist air mass. then look how it drys. wednesday afternoon, wednesday evening now we have an extra hour. rainfall amounts up to .15 in the south bay. showers are still pretty mild west wednesday and thursday and look for the chilly weather coming in. new crash reported, if you are leaving san francisco you might be slowed down. tend street on-ramp. here is a live shot of 101 in
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the north bay, still looking good southbound at novato down to golden gate bridge. definitely see bigger crowds on interstate 80 in berkeley. westbound traffic a little slow near university but no major problems from vallejo. skheg out contra costa county, 680 in walnut creek, traffic flowing well towards highway 24. sometime not a bad right through the altamont pass, from 205 to 680, 26 minutes and sfo on peninsula, ten minutes is drive time from san francisco. also, trains that connect the rental car return to the airport is down so they are using shuttle buses in place.
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mass transit systems reporting no delays. go to and get traffic any time. >> one of tvs most famous ad icon is in need of a new voice. comedian is out of a job after sending out a series of offensive tweets. >> aflak insurance fired the comedian. gotleeb tweeted several jokes about the earthquake and tsunami in japan. they say they were lacking in humor. >> coming up the new privacy protection arriving today for internet users. >> and virtual ride along, a behind theh@a nih@camngtsgeis i c g
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today microsoft release you a new version of the most popular web brouder, internet explorer 9 is now available. it also has a streamlined design and faster than previous version but it only works on computers wondering windows vista and windows 7. >> they will unveil a new game that will allow bay area drivers to speed along the new doyle drive even though it's actually still years away from being built. engineers from the doyle drive
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project use the program to design the new approach to the golden gate bridge and it gives drivers a virtual look at the new one billion dollar parkway. the game will be available for the public to use every wednesday on the second floor of the one market building in san francisco. >> get playing time extended. >> they should make eight tollroad. >> still ahead, it's being called red tuesday, deadline being imposed by teachers across the state today. >> and lesson in destruction how despicable burglars were able to shut down an entire bay area cool. >> and worries over radiation in japan have now started a buying frenzy for specific medication here in california. >> and live in san francisco,
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another violent night in the mission district. this time five people shot outside a popular bar and taqueria. >> here is a look at major airports. only delays in san francisco, flight arrival delays. see if your flight is affected go to flight tracker at my busy family, the family with thousands of odors. like boomer, our boxer.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepwor good morning, and trading begins on wall street.
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stocks are headed sharply down due to worries about intensifying nuclear crisis in japan. overnight. tokyo stock exchange, it fell 6% in first two hours of trading. we'll get more on the markets live from the new york stock exchange in about 15 minutes. >> even the fear of radiation continues to grow in japan, there are climers of hope from rescuers. they a woman alive. meantime, this morning, japan's prime minister ordered 140,000 people living near the fukushima daiichi nuclear reactor to seal themselves indoors. it came after a new fire in one of plant's reactors. they say the levels could be
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very dangerous if people are exposed to them over a long period of time. in tokyo there are reports of slightly elevated radiation levels but the increase is considered too small to threaten the 39 million people there. for the latest, here a reporter by telephone. >> this is a country that has been on edge since the massive quake hit last friday but word of yet another explosion at the fukushima daiichi power station brought those concerns to a whole new level. it occurred at the second reactor at 6:00 in the morning and sparked immediate concern because that reactor out of all three was the most seriously damaged. crews are working around the clock to fill it with sea water, efforts failed this time. emergency workers were withdrawn from the plant and people in the five-mile radius were told to evacuate immediately.
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the prime minister said for people to stay indoors and monitor radiation levels. officials point out they are only at dangerous levels in areas within encloses proximity of the plant. meantime, they have a 24-hour a day operation to rescue survivors. they couldn't handle all the dead bodies. other evacuation centers report they are running out of food and water. this morning, germany announced it will now take the country's seven oldest reactors off line. meanwhile, here in the u.s. the question is whether any of the radiation leaking in japan could spread across the pacific. nuclear expert says yes in a worst case scenario. >> several reactors get so hot,
6:33 am
they got into a molten mass that burst through the containment structures spewing radioactivity in the water, air and ground. >> they have eight-inch concrete walls so a meltdown would not likely be as bad. but if they were complete meltdowns radiation could reach the u.s. >> the fires would so hot it would send radioactive particles across the pacific. >> but the nuclear regulatory commission there is a low likelihood that radiation would reach the u.s. in harmful levels. >> despite the assurance that no harmful raise levels, there is creating a run on a specific pill. they say they are getting ten to 20 calls a day for potassium
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iodide pills. many pharmacies say they have sold out. the tablets usually sell for ten dollars a bottle about but they are going for as much at $60 on ebay. they say the buying spree is an overreaction and they can be harmful if used incorrectly. >> it protects the thyroid gland from radiation poisoning. they are looking for a gunman behind a shooting in the mission district that wounded five people in a bar. janelle wang has more. >> police have cleared the seen scene but you can see remnants of the violence of the shooting. about half a dozen bullet holes in the front door and over here, this restaurant also got hit. i spoke to the owner about an hour ago, he showed me a bullet hole in the front counter inside. it unfolded after 11:00, when
6:35 am
police arrived they found five people shot. four have non life-threatening injuries but this person has more serious injuries. there has been a string of violence. the count is up to five separate shootings and to establish gos, most of them are gang-related. the owner of pancho villa 'if you don't bother them they don't bother you but it's still unnerving. >> we have a door man when we open. he provision security but this is the first time i've seen something like this. >> just last week the guardian angels a group of national volunteers came to patrol the streets. they focused on mission street. san francisco police have also stepped up patrols in recent weeks. police still don't know the motive behind this shooting and whether it was gang-related. a car was seen driving from the scene but police have not released any description of that vehicle.
6:36 am
residents are fearful for their safety. they are scared they will be caught in the crossfire. student at east oakland elementary will return to school this morning after an unwanted three-day weekend caused by thieves. they damaged more than 30 rooms at the school this past weekend. among things, they ripped a bank of computers out of the wall and took laptops and a safe from the principal's office. investigators say it happened sunday, just hours after volunteers had painted the playground for the kids. >> this is like their sanctuary. today at school they realize, maybe it's not a safe place anymore. >> police are looking into the possible bhilt it might have been an inside job but school workers say there have been ten
6:37 am
break-ins in the last three years. >> today, schools across california are expected to hold rallies protesting mass luach notices that are expected to be didn't to teachers across the state. to distribute to teachers across the did state. >> districts have warned unless more money gets directed to schools. hundreds of thousands of teachers statewide will lose their jobs. some districts have warned that budget cuts will not only cost jobs but will mean an end to art music and other programs. just to give an idea, here is sample of preliminary layoff numbers. in the south bay, san jose unified school district, 154 teachers will get pink slips. in alum rock district, 102 notices will go out. 92 in cupertino and the berryyessa will hand out 56.
6:38 am
pg&e has a deadline to hand out documents verifying that the pressure levels in pipeline system are safe. 300 workers are sifting through documents at the cow palace in daly city. it follows the explosion that killed eight people and destroyed three dozen homes. state puc could order them to conduct expensive and time-consuming tests if the utility doesn't prove that it's at safe levels. time to take a look at the weather forecast. >> a little bit wet. i think the heavier rain is slated for the afternoon hours. let's roll the radar and satellite in the motion. you assembling the moist flow coming in from the ocean. the bulk of the heavy rain still to the north and that is with
6:39 am
the cold front coming in later today. best radar returns, south san francisco right across sfo where we have flight arrival delays of 70 minutes. down the peninsula, belmont, redwood city, east palo alto all the way to sunnyvale, this is moving to the east. so those of you that live in the east bay, hayward -- fremont those areas, newark, definitely going to get some weather. low to mid-50s in the north bay. as we head towards noon, cold front will slide into the rain. more rain around the bay. especially north of the san mateo bridge. temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s and by then by 4:00 hour cold front will push into the south pay and east bay valleys and rain will break out in your neighborhood. temperatures in the mid-50s to near 60 at that time. rain still in the forecast every single day from scattered showers wednesday to thursday to a chilly rain over the weekend.
6:40 am
>> getting a little slower. i'm glad the heavier rain is going to miss us in the morning commute. bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is backed up just yonld the parking lot. you can see things are getting crowded as well in berkeley. drive times from vallejo all the way into san francisco is about 41 minutes. there are a couple problems getting into san francisco. first a stall is being cleared just as you make your way off the upper deck near fremont. then there was an earlier accident around 80, reported on the 10th street on-ramp. it's on the shoulder and blocking the right lane and traffic is still slow right around the curve. let's head to san rafael and show you the ride southbound. you'll see a few pockets of brake lights as you make your way to central san rafael.
6:41 am
heading down to san jose, it's looking pretty good here. this is north 101 for headlights and 880, smooth through the do you know area. >> just ahead the health insurer who says they have misplaced sensitive information. >> trading is underway on wall street. a live report straight ahead. a live look at the big board. we're down big early. dow is off 244 points after that big sell-off on the nikkei tokyo stock exchange. >> and new every time to put a stop to red light cameras in one bay area city and maybe all of california once and for all. >> and they rescue families in burning buildings and men stuck in mud.
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welcome back. most of the rain is going to be around 80 and northward. 57 in eureka and, tea degrees at lake level. heading to the south, warmer weather, mid to upper 70s, fresno and los angeles, 57 in san diego and warm spot, 88 in palm springs today. if your health insurance is health net your personal data may have been compromised. it can't account for several
6:46 am
hard drives from a data center. they believe it contained health records and social security numbers for nearly two million people. they are offering two years of credit checking to their clients. >> fallout from japan's nuclear problems. >> let's check in why jane king live at the new york stock exchange with what is going on. >> hello. we're just opening here, before even the opening bell, we've had a year's worth of problems. u.s. stocks opening up at 2% lower, that should be a little worse than that. dow down is about 240 points. crude oil falling 4%. so we're right around $97 a barrel and stocks in japan i think we can say, crashing, nikkei is down 10% overnight, it was lower almost at 5%. that was in panic selling -- at
6:47 am
15%. >> so it was a big shift in the bond market and based on bond prices, japan is now seeing as less creditworthy than colombia. we're down 2% right now. numbers and dow and s&p 500 is down more than 2% so far. bloomberg is trading lower than 3%. general electric shares it was down 2%. today, sharply lower. big seller, nuclear power plants selling them to india but a lot of uncertainty about nuclear power so g.e. is getting hurt.
6:48 am
and applications for consumers and businesses that run on hp servers and a google mobile payment system in the bay area and in new york, they are going test this out. google plans to start testing this service that let's shoppers use their phones to make purchases. they will install register phones and they can check banks and coupon subscriptions on one single chip. >> it's going to be a busy day. so good luck. san francisco supervisor's committee is voting on a key move on twitter. they have been exploring a few miles to brisbane where there is no payroll tax. supervisor a supervisor who represents the mid market street area to where twitter would move wants a six year payroll tax
6:49 am
break but for all eligible businesses. opponents. local agency overseeing the stadium project in santa clara will hold a public hearing to prevent the state to taking redevelopment funds meant for the project. they want to redirect almost $10 million in money to city coffers. the governor wants to abolish california's local redevelopment agencies and use the money saved to help deal with the budget deficit. >> with this weather, it's feeling great. >> but they are also getting higher snow levels. this weekend we'll drop the snow levels and this weekend may not be a bad weekend but during the levels. it will be high. 52 at a high of lake level where
6:50 am
they are getting rain in tahoe. let's talk about what is going on here. rain has moved into downtown san francisco and as we look over towards oakland. live doppler 7 hd, around san mateo and moving into the south bay from mountain view, sunnyvale, san jose and over towards milpitas and moving into mount hamilton. sunol grade is getting wet also. this is just the beginning. we'll get a lull in the rain before the cold front comes in later today and brings us more widespread rain. pretty mild this morning, with the moisture out there. it's kept our temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. same thing around monterey bay and inland. three things i want you to know about this forecast, rain today. we'll still be wet tomorrow and thursday but probably not as widespread as today. they'll be periods of rain, a
6:51 am
lot of them and chilly friday, saturday and sunday and looks like we'll have rain on monday, too. mid to upper 50s along the coast san rafael, half moon bay, low 50s around napa and rest of us in the low to mid-50s especially the south by and east bay. around the monterey bay, sprinkles and maybe some light rain in the afternoon hours. mid-60s for you. loy to mid-50s for the rest of us and it's still raining for tomorrow morning's commute. this warm air mass that is releasing the rain, cold front the strongest of the energy of the atmosphere will lift it to create the heavier rain. that will move in the north bay right around noon. commute home will be wetter for most of us. here is the rain that lingers
6:52 am
tomorrow. here is a dry period around noon and into the afternoon and evening hours, wednesday could be drier. rainfall amounts up to .15 in the south bay, double that in the east bay and double that in the north bay. seven-day forecast, temperatures in the 60s through thursday and chilly 50s for friday, saturday and sunday. i have a couple trouble spots, one in milpitas where we have a stalled pepsi truck. you notice that yellow that is westbound 237 so traffic moving through 20-40 miles per hour as you make your way past it. also in san francisco, couple earlier accidents in the same spot, south 101 right at 80, traffic is always slow as you make your way off the central freeway off to southbound 101.
6:53 am
mass transit systems is reporting no delays. bay bridge toll plaza, it is backed up for the fastrak lanes almost over to the 8980 overcrossing. check out the san mateo bridge, westbound traffic on the right looking good out of hayward. we'll also check out 680 in walnut creek, the usual brake lights, right near north main. you can get traffic wherever whenever you want right at a daly city driver is now going to court hoping to get red light cameras banned. he was caught on a red light camera on the intersection of john daly boulevard heading east. now his attorney says using a
6:54 am
camera to cited him violates his sixth amendment right to have witnesses in court. >> what we need is testimony from somebody who can say that the photograph is an accurate representation of what is shown in the photograph. >> the case goes to trial april 1st. ruling could have an affect on red light cameras statewide. >> a suspect in a police standoff at a marin county bank that lasted nearly six hours will now undergo a mental evaluation. he barricaded himself in a bank in cord da madera. police got to the bank and investigators say the gunman reportedly walked in pulled the gun but let the bank employees and customers leave before locking himself inside. he surrendered after 10:00 last night. during the standoff the man appear to have posted signs in the branch's window detailing his grievances.
6:55 am
>> an unusual rescue for vallejo firefighters. they had to pull a man from the mud along the waterfront. you they say he got stuck and was in danger of drowning as the tide was coming back in. >> recapping stop stories. a new development in the nuclear crisis. they say water inside the storage pool for a damaged power plant reactor may be policing. that water is supposed to be kept cool to prevent the fuel rods from meting down. an explosion impacted the reactor buildings released enough information to issue a shelter in place in order. >> they are on the hunt for multiple suspects that left five people injured at a mission district bar last night. >> this is where the shooting
6:56 am
took place, about half a dozen bullet holes, also the taqueria. bullet holes in the front counter inside. this unfolded after 11:00 last night when police arrived they found five people shot. four of them have non life-threatening injuries but this person has more serious injuries. this is a string of violence in the mission district with reports of five separate shootings and two stabbings just in the past month. police say much of it is gang violence and retaliation between the nortenos and suranos gangs. police have stepped up patrols but they don't know the motive or whether it was gang-related but there are concerns about escalating violence. police say they did see a car drive away from the scene but they do not have a description of that vehicle or any description of the suspects yet.
6:57 am
i talked to residents and they are fearful for their lives. think don't want to be caught in the crossfire. some of them don't even wear gang colors for fear they may be mistaken as a gang member. zplool we have a light rain shower moving through the east bay shore, heading into the diablo range. otherwise it's quiet and mild. upper 50s to mid 60s with heavier rain during the early evening hours. >> an accident south bay, northbound 87 at kirtner and bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is backed up to the 880 overcrossing. >> thank you for joining us for the abc morning news. >> we'll be back with updates. please join us for the
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