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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  March 16, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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1.25 million documents and still some records are missing. we'll have a live report coming up. >> good morning, live look from emeryville, a little breezy as a cold front passing through. it's bringing rain to your morning commute. i'll show you where it is on live doppler 7 hd. >> good morning. we've had pretty heavy overnight rain. standing water. we'll give you details in just a few minutes. it's going to be wet through the lunch hour. once we get to the evening commute. i do see a drying trend. let start in the north bay, santa rosa, nearly one and a half inches of rain out of this
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system. this is slowly sliding to the east. we have rain moving through the san ramon valley that is heading to the east but there is more developing along the coast into the peninsula that is heading to the east over the next 15-20 minutes. in the south bay, we have scattered light rain moving through. and the big picture, see rain up to our north and snow if you are headed to the sierra. it's going to be touch to get around. we do have chain requirements in the sierras, trucks are being screened at april willgate and standing water, we've got all over the place. as i mentioned we've got a stall the ramp there is a spinout there. as i mentioned a second, a stall in fairfield, blocking lanes. no metering lights at the bay bridge. traffic is moving smoothly on
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into san francisco. >> the state could announce whether pg&e will be fined and force to conduct safety tests on the gas lines in the wake of the san bruno explosion. >> in september, eight people were killed, 38 homes were destroyed as a natural pipeline exploded that ordered the state to do an exhaustive record search to try to prevent something similar from happening elsewhere. last night pg&e handed over a summary, 154-page summary of search of 1.25 million records. they are making sure that lines are being operated at safe pressure levels but it is missing records for one-third of the transmission lines in high population areas. state will now to have decide if pressure needs to be cut in lines with those missing
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records. >> if we lack the information so the puc to be confident that those pipelines are being operated safely. we will take action to lower the pressure. >> pg&e has said in the past that a 20% reduction is what would be needed to operate at safe levels when they are not sure what they have under ground, but they have also said the 20% cut should not affect service to customers, particularly now that we're head in order the warmer months. pg&e has promised it will put on its website a map with the location of those lines which it cannot find the key records. workers who have been trying to prevent a meltdown at japanese power plant are being allowed to return to their jobs. they were forced to leave after a new fire and radiation levels became too dangerous. the team of 180 workers had been
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regularly rotated in and out of the danger zone. this morning, japanese emperor made a televised address to the nation expressing condolences. the death toll now is nearly 37,000 but thousands are missing >> japan's nuclear crisis intensified with a second reactor had problems. they a large cloud that appeared to be rising over reactor 3. all that was going on there was dangerous rise of radiation levels of the facility. so dangerous the skeleton crew that had been working there to keep them under control had to abandon their positions and go
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seek shelter. we are told those levels have dropped, as a result those workers are back at their post. also for the first time, we have seen helicopters drop water from the sky in an attempt to put out fire. one of the reasons there is so much confusion because it is simply so dangerous they cannot send anyone to get a good clear look what is happening to the reactors. meanwhile, in tokyo there are no reports of raised levels of radiation but there are raised levels of fear. finally this afternoon, unusual sight for the japanese people. their emperor, speaking to them saying, hope and the hearts are with the japanese people. the only time the emperor has ever addressed his nation in time of crisis.
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environmental protection agency employing more radiation monitors on the west coast as concern grows. epa has more than 120 people in mace in detecting system including in san francisco and san jose. scientists say the current levels of radiation in japan don't pose a threat to people in the u.s. health stores and drugstores have seen a sudden run on potassium iodide pills and kelp that is natural source. it can help the blocking of thyroid gland from absorbing radiation if taken prior. >> they are expected dpoptd use sonar equipment to take a look at sunken obstacles in the harbor. they have pulled seven sunken
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boats and they say another 13 are there. the harbor should reopen by early next week. until then, the local fishing industry is on hold. >> they are hurting for money. it's a pretty bad situation right now. >> damage is expected to top $29 million. >> the numbers 669 mean anything to you? state regulators will introduce the new area code for santa clara county. janelle wang with a 411. >> that is exactly right. by the end of 2012 all the phone numbers using the 408 area code will be used up. so that is why they have to introduce another area code, 669 but it's hard for people because it's a habit they get used to an area code and they bond with it.
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we used to be all 415. then in 1959, we added 408 to the south bay. after that came 510, 831 and in time, everybody has cell phone, we need a new area code. a neutral party is holding meetings to figure out the best way to introduce the new area code. two options is to split the geological area, one side is 408 and the other side is 669 and a lot of people will have to get their phone numbers change. the other way, more popular way is to do an overlay, over is 408 will keep them but any new numbers will you get 669. but that would mean you have to
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dial 11 digits. what do you want to do? you can actually have a say. there are public hearings held in the next three days in conjunction of the puc in morgan hill. first one starts at 2:00 p.m. at san jose city hall. nothing new, i remember when we were 415 and we kind of got used to it. >> and 650 or all those numbers are for mike, 411. >> it was like the 49ers or something. that is their area code. >> 669? >> yes. >> and here is a look at precipitation we're getting on the back edge of it as the clouds aren't as numerous.
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we do see some dryness in the forecast, probably after 2:00 this afternoon. right now we're in the low to mid-50s. that means the temperatures are running about one to three degrees cooler than yesterday. that will translate one to three degrees cooler than yesterday afternoon. 56 in half moon bay. 56 in clearlake. everybody necessarily mid-50s to near 60 degrees. we will get a break from the showers through tomorrow morning hand then tomorrow afternoon they return. stronger system for friday. that is the one coming down from the gulf of alaska to bring the cooler temperatures. low to mid-50s friday, saturday and sunday and scattered showers furnishing into rain for saturday and sunday. for sure, one day will be dry in this forecast, that is monday. here is sue. >> good morning. we have some overnight rain, pooling on the roadways.
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so just be aware they come up quickly the big puddles of water. and we have a solo spinout and you'll find a lot of this when the roads are wet. the ramp to eastbound 80. eastbound 80 at north texas, mass transit is running on time. a good way to avoid the slick roads, no problems there. let's take a look 280, no issues coming out of cupertino and no problems, no metering lights so far this morning, its breeze on your way through san francisco. >> it's 5:11. >> still ahead, the impact the earthquake and tsunami on apple's launch of the ipad 2 in japan. >> and political unrest. >> and vacation hassles may go away from county workers but
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. federal reserve is upbeat about the economy since the recession ended. the fed say the recovery is on firm footing and the job market is improving. japanese stocks rebounding. the nikkei rose 6% after plunging 16% on monday and tuesday. investor anxiety rippled around
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the world but the dow fell more than 1%. toyota and subaru are scaling back production because of potential parts shortages from japan. toyota is spending overtime production and subaru is eliminating overtime. apple is delaying the launch of ipad 2 in japan. they were scheduled to release the new version of the tablet on march 25 but says it will hold off while the county recovers from the disaster. they say the move is not related to any shortage in parts the company has not set a new release date. in bahrain a large scale crackdown is underway against hundreds of anti-government protestors one day after emergency rule was imposed. at least six people are dead after soldiers and riot police drove the protestors out of a square in bahrain's capital. at daybreak, they stormed the
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square in armored vehicles firing tear gas. it's not clear whether it involved other soldiers including from saudi arabia. >> secretary of state hillary clinton is in egypt where she is touring giant's tahrir square. she is the highest ranking u.s. official to visit egypt since hosni mubarak was ousted last month. she has pledged american support for the transition. 5:16 this morning. i found out the hard way, found highway 680. the ramp was a little slick and my rear wheelth wheels. >> a rude awakening. >> is it going to be like that for a few days.
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>> it just matters when it hits. let's take a look outside. it's going to affect the forecast looking at the embarcadero. it's still raining in downtown san francisco. live doppler 7 hd showing healthy rain around san francisco, especially over to oakland. you see yellows in marin county and right along highway 37 in novato, heading over to 29 and just to the south of sonoma this morning. we'll zoom out and show you the big picture over the last three hours, radar returns have actually picked up a little bit and coverage as this will be one of the last good pushes of wet weather that will hit all of us during the morning commute. so no one escape the rain or slick streets. low to mid-50s as you step outside. we have mid-50s around the monitor rare bay and inland. highlights let's talk about morning showers giving way to a dry afternoon. now, the showers will return tomorrow afternoon. so i think this evening and
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tomorrow's commute should be dry. stronger storms are possible friday, some thunder even small hail out of those storms. today, we should be few degrees off the highs. mid-50s along the coast. clearlake, around 50s and upper 50s to low 60s for the rest of us. monterey bay, low 60s. monterey could pull a 59. waves develop along the cold front that is slowing the progress and squeezing out all the remaining moisture and still dealing with showers. the air techbd to sink a little more. when it does that is when the drying trend will begin. wet weather through the morning commute, even into the better part of the lunch hour. by 2:00, that is when it starts to dry. by 6:00, heading home, no rain in the forecast. fog will form and temperatures will be cooler than this morning.
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by thursday noon, we should see dry conditions and the rain starts moving in the north bay, spreads across the bay in the overnight hours and falls apart but a stronger cold front coming in from alaska during the morning commute friday and into the lunch hour. that is when we'll have the best chances of stronger thunderstorms that could bring us brief heavy rain. we'll have to watch out for flooding on friday. here is a look seven-day forecast, friday, temperatures drop in the 50s and stay in the 50s just about everywhere. monday may be the only dry day in the forecast. here is sue with an update. >> good morning. overnight showers are causing a bit of problem with minor flooding on your commute. southbound at lucky drive, you'll find flooding there. this is golden gate bridge, you see the deck is wet there but know problems report. i do want to remind chains are
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required in the sierras. we have an accident at truckee in case you are expecting from tahoe. let's check the san mateo bridge right now. we have no problems. if you are headed towards hayward, foster city, san mateo the other direction, no issues and bay bridge problem for you, no delays at the toll plaza. once again, a way to get ahead of the traffic before you leave the house, check and click on bay area traffic. next the local county employees who may no longer be able to cash in unused vacation time. >> and meet the world's most expensive dog.
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it's 5:23. contra costa supervisors are taking a step to spend the deficit. they are going to eliminate vacation buybacks. right now managers can cash out on one-third of their unused
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vacation time. it would save the county million disregards a year. they say the switch will hurt his department. >> so if you average, each one of them took a week off in vacation, now they'll be taking that week off, that is 75 weeks' worth of productivity. that is year and a half of work that i will no longer have in my office. >> it's only to non-union managers. they hope to negotiate with individual unions. >> humane society has job openings for the birds. the organization is looking for volunteers to help care for a number of orphan baby birds, the birds have been dropped off by good samaritans that found them lost or abandoned. volunteers will learn how to feed the baby birds with the goal of releasing them back in the wild.
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for information on how to volunteer, go to our website and click on see it on tv. >> you about to see the world's most expensive dog. it sold for nearly $2 million. >> what? >> a he considers the dog a good investment. he be hired off to other breeders and recoup the owner's money in a few years. >> you know what he eats? >> chicken and beef by chinese delicacys and abalone. >> income at 5:30. last line of defense against nuclear meltdowns may be getting thinner as forced to evacuate a
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damaged power plant. >> there is growing concern about radiation contamination but is it warranted? >> i'm janelle wang, you 408ers could soon be 669ers, can you get used to it? if you can't you can speak up and you could have a say. >> highs across the country, pretty mild. coolest weather, 43 in fargo. 91 in phoenix, 61 in d.c., upper 40s to 50s around boston and new york. low to mid 50s around seattle and port land. we have rain here but so far no delays and rain around new york and boston, no delays also. flight tracker, any time
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in the news this wednesday
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morning, japan's nuclear crisis intensifies as they announce a second reactor may have ruptured and releasing radioactive steam. they put off a plan to dump water from military helicopters. >> live in the south bay. this area is getting a new area code, 669, it's happening, you can't stop it. i'll tell you when and tell you how you can give your input on how those numbers are assigned. >> here is a look at the golden gate bridge. we do have rain rolling through the morning commute. i do have a break of 24-hour window of dry weather. >> i'm sue in for frances dinglasan. chains are needed in the sierra. i'll have details on the way. >> and poll reveals governor
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brown has voter support for spending high taxes to help the deficit. japanese officials are battling a new fire as the troubled nuclear planted 140 miles north of tokyo. workers that tried to cool it down were forced to leave after a dangerous surge in radiation. they are now preparing to send them back in, a team of 180 workers have been regularly rotated in and out of the danger zone to minimize their radiation exposure. this morning, the japanese emperor made an unprecedented address expressing his condolences and urging japan not to give up. today more problems at the f die tie the last line of defense grew even thinner. >> the worst case scenario is starting to unfold. >> there was second fire at the
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fourth unit, a few hours later smoke rose from the number three reactor. helicopters scooped up sea water hoping to drop it and cool the reactor but radiation spiked. the final 50 workers kept on were sent away. >> the radiation levels are getting so high that the workers can't stay there. >> chief secretary says radiation levels continue to fluctuate. >> it poses no hazard. >> but 140,000 people are evacuated from the plant. in tokyo 150 miles away, people are wearing radiation badges. they say the natural disaster was probably worse. >> i think it was very likely the tsunami that hit japan will kill more people than the nuclear accident will. >> hundreds of thousands are
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homeless. the u.s. navy and marines continue search and rescue missions while experts hope to solve the planned problem before it gets even worse. and the current levels of radiation in japan don't pose a threat to people here in the u.s. health stores and drugstores have seen a run on potassium iodide pills and even alternatives like kelp. it can help block the thyroid gland from absorbing radiation, the demand has gotten so great that pills are being sold for $500 a bottle. >> there isn't any risk. >> japan's government is distributing potassium iodide to its citizens. all walgreen's is sending their
5:33 am
full supply of pills to there, as well. >> if you are living in the south bay, 669, some folks could be saying goodbye to their own 408 area code in favor of 669. gentleman janelle wang is live. we're running out of 408 numbers and cpuc believes they will be all gone by the end of 2012. it's going to be 669, it sounds weird but we've been through this before. the entire bay area used to be 415. this is over 16 years ago but as more people populating the area, south bay got new area code, 408. cell phones and pagers, we got 510, 831, 925. north american planning administrator is holding public
5:34 am
meetings over the next few days to introduce 669. two options, one is to split the geological area, one area is one area code and that means a lot of people have to get their numbers changed. but there a straight divide. but the more popular way recently is to do an overlay. whoever the 408 gets to keep their numbers. any new numbers will be assigned to 669 but that means you'll have to dial 11 digits calling somebody else in the south bay. they have been used seven digital numbers. it means a lot of businesses will have to shell out money to change their stationary and vis advertising. public meetings will be held. including morgan hill and san jose and find more information
5:35 am
on that. hopefully we'll have more information today. this morning pg&e is facing the possibility of severe fines after failing to locate documents dealing with gas pipeline safety. they wanted to see all the reports by 5:00 p.m. yesterday. the cpuc ordered pg&e to turn over records verifying the condition of under ground transmission lines. yesterday the utility submitted 154 page document full of inspection reports but found 30% of records for lines installed before 1961. san bruno line was built in 1956 before inspections were required. pg&e issued a statement it will continue to search for additional records. the yuiy faces fines $20,000 per day for each violation. >> both houses of the state legislature are set to vote on
5:36 am
governor brown's budget plan. no sign that the governor had the votes to hold a special election in june to extend sales and personal income and vehicle taxes for five years. five republican senators have been meeting with brown but they have refused to endorse the vote. a poll shows most registered voters support the tax extension. 58% say they would support brown's plan on the ballot. 61% say they want a special election to decide. >> it today the u.c. board of regents is going to review cost cutting proposals from ten medical centers. they are looking at ways to overcome a $500 million in state funding. u.c. president has asked each medical center to submit its own plan. workers and students plan to rally at u.c. berkeley and ucsf to tell the regents genetics thought not to make any more
5:37 am
cuts -- regents not to make any more cuts. we're going to have a break today, right, mike? later on it's going to pick up rain again? >> absolutely. that is the key to the forecast. we will have breaks but when the ground be too wet for t-ball. but less amounts of rain as you head into the south bay. you may be able to get some outdoor activity easier in other areas. live doppler 7 hd, scattered light rain throughout the bay. north bay getting a little bit of a break, radar is not picking up as big and strong returns as it was earlier. down around the south bay, bulk of the moisture falling in the higher elevations. we do have rain and mountain snow if you are heading to the sierra. up to the north, most of it will stay around our neighborhoods. here we are 8:00 in the morning,
5:38 am
light rain just about anywhere, low 50s. when we head to noon, a drying trend in the north bay and sun breaking through the clouds while the rest of us dealing with scattered light rain. temperatures in the mid-50s. by 4:00, everybody should be dry. a few pockets of sunshine developing. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s, to even about 50 in antioch. friday, thunderstorms are in the forecast, saturday, sunday and monday and highs well below average, in the low to mid-50s with more rain on the way. here is sue hall with an update. a lot of problems. >> as you mentioned, we had rain off and on. that is going to be the story. we're going to san jose that is exactly what has happened. 101 northbound the ramp to 880. >> not a lot of slowing in the area but there is a solo spinout. it's not blocking anything right now. take a look at mass transit. we're going truckee because we
5:39 am
have a sig alert if you are expecting anyone from tahoe at the truck scales, a jackknifed big rig blocking two right lanes chains on both 50 and 80. we've got our mass transit running on time. >> it's 5:39. >> the plan of attack for a huge sinkhole that one east bay city has been living with for a year. >> and sidewalk crackdown. >> and big pay day for a danville teenager, high just won a hu
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning, it could be a year and a half before a sinkhole that opened up in richmond gets a permanent repair. last april this 30 foot deep sinkhole opened up at this echb trance of a richmond neighborhood swallowing cars and leaving residents stranded. an aging pipe was blamed for the problem. right now the city is reviewing a recommendation to replace the old metal pipe with a 30-year concrete one that was approved. the project would still have to undergo bidding, design and construction. >> you could hit the ground with a shovel a year ago. >> the recommended fix comes with a $12 million price tag and state emergency funds could cover costs but cash strapped
5:43 am
richmond could end up paying as much as $3 million. san francisco police started enforcing the ban on sitting or lying on sidewalks. they delayed enforcement until now because they wanted to train organization in the proper enforcement. officers will first issue warnings to violators and sigh indications will come later. it prohibits people from signature sitting on lying on sidewalks from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. >> a teenager has won $100,000. a 17-year-old got first place in intel search. this is intel's video from the awards ceremony. he won the prize for covering a more efficient method of finding square roots. the scripps national spelling bee he also won.
5:44 am
he wants to be a math professor. >> and won a mathematician, he already is. >> stand back everybody. he that is pretty impressive. >> and watch for discount movie tickets from groupon. >> we'll be right back. nothing worked on my eczema
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welcome back. you can see why weather in the central valley, high elevation snow. tahoe, 40 degrees. we'll have low 50s around chico and big sur. sunshine and 84 in palm springs. afternoon sunshine and 70 in l.a.. it's now 5:47. >> stories we are following. pg&e is facing severe fines after failing to locate a number of documents dealing with gas pipeline safety. they ordered peg to turn over records verifying under ground transmission lines. pg&e issued a statement saying
5:48 am
it will can continue to search for the fires and additional records. >> do two days of public hearings begin in san jose where the 408 area code is running out of numbers. a new 669 area code will have to be created. they must decide whether to split the 408 into two area codes or use 669 for new customers. >> in japan, workers who have been trying to stop a meltdown are back inside. they were forced to leave an a new fire and radiation levels became too dangerous. the very latest coming up at 6:00. >> dozens of students abroad in japan are being asked to come home. u.c. chancellor sent a memo to bring back the 65 students studying in japan. that includes 12 san francisco state students. the schools are being asked to help japanese international students to get back home. stanford says all 35 students
5:49 am
have been accounted for and on their way home. u.c. berkeley says that 17 students are doing well and not don't have to come back home. a new office in burlingame will open in may of withstanding an 8.0 earthquake. it's built with base isolaters under it. each one supports about 3 million pounds and when the ground shakes, a pair of plates inside allow the building to move up to 30 inches in any direction. >> building will actually lift a few inches in a seismic occurrence because the puck will ride up the concave dish. as the building moves. then the weight of the building will drive that puck back to center and back and forth. >> they say that hospital patients and staff will feel only moderate shaking. >> how would you like to get paid cash to get rid of your
5:50 am
lawn? they are launching a new campaign to get homeowners by replacing lawns with sustainable garden. the county is offering up to thousand dollars for homeowners and $3,000 for multifamily and commercial customer that has make the transition. they say lawns account for half the water use with normal lawn mowing and you get paid for it. >> i consider it especially when i get water bills this summer. >> no watering necessary. >> no, not at all. we have a surplus. a lot of rain fell in the last 24 hours. >> yesterday, i was at a business shooting a story, there was a moderate of rain and sprinklers were running at the same time. >> you see that and you just cringe. >> and looking back to san francisco, rainfall amounts through santa rosa, nearly an
5:51 am
inch and a half. napa about two-thirds of an inch. san francisco almost half an inch. oakland only .11. redwood city third of an inch. so these cells taper dramatic by the south bay. last push of healthy rain through the san pablo bay over into the east bay. delta communities, contra costa, alameda counties all dealing with a little bit of light rain right now. as we look over the last three hours, the cold front is pushing across the bay. wants it gets far enough to the south which should happen around 2:00. we'll see a push of drier air move in. expect wet weather for the morning commute and mild conditions, low to mid-50s around the monterey bay and inland. so the highlights, the morning showers, they will give way to a dry afternoon. dry tomorrow morning and showers will return for tomorrow evening's commute and strong
5:52 am
storm in alaska comes in friday, brings us a chance of thunderstorms. still that cooler air for the weekend, it won't be close to this. we're in the mid-50s along the coast. upper 50s to low 50s for everybody else. sunshine around monterey bay late this afternoon. 59 in monterey. low 60s for everybody else. here is that cold front. in the low that developed slowed the forward progress. it's running parallel with the upper level wind and taking so long to move through. by the afternoon hours, it will push through. and shield of rain starts to push out of the north bay but rest of us dealing with rain. 2:00, it's done and 6:00 drive home should be easy albeit chilly with lack of clouds. look for patchy fog. by tomorrow noon, rain flirting with the north bay.
5:53 am
by 6:00, it starts to move into the bay and starts to fall apart. friday morning, 7:00, that is when the heavy rain, thunderstorms with the saturated ground and such a fast moving system with such heavy rain could deal with flooding friday morning. >> here is a look seven-day forecast, mid-50s. saturday and sunday, low to mid-50s with wet weather continuing. we spring into these temperatures monday and tuesday with another chance of rain on tuesday. here is sue with a new accident. >> unfortunately. we have an accident in livermore. westbound 580 approaching north greenville. traffic is slowing to 20 miles an hour. debris in lanes, involving a big rig blocking the right lane and emergency crews are on the scene. so that will gum up your commute coming off the altamont. sierras, you can see it's whiteout there. chains are required both 50 and
5:54 am
80. a serious accident truckee at the scales involving a jackknifed big rig. they have a sig alert. if you are expecting someone from tahoe this morning, it might be quite a bit of delay. bay bridge toll plaza, light coming in san francisco. before you leave the house this morning, check all your details, at time is now 5:54. >> why toyota is resuming production and japanese stocks on the rebound in the wake of the earthquake and tsunami. >> here is jane king. >> good morning, toyota, they upped production in japan again. plans to resume production at seven japanese plants tomorrow after halting all production there after last friday's earthquake. global investors may be breathing a sigh of relief because the stock index, nikkei
5:55 am
knee going halfway. and new reports out of japan, pepco plans to build a new power line to the facility and use it for emergency cooling systems as they fight the radiation leaks. the problems in japan may hurt big companies like apple. downgrading apple shares, 6% of the sales are from japan and key components from the country. >> group john planning a buwlgt of discounts, groupon planning on selling movie tickets. >> the decision on who will be the next police chief rests in the hands of ed lee. they gave the final list of three candidates after a two-hour closed session last night. the examiner reports that they
5:56 am
kept the list to three names. the mayors can select a chief from those three rejsz or return the list for new names. >> redwood city officials have refund add fine they levied on an 84-year-old woman after dismissing her citation for feeding birds. she was feeding birds on woodside road and threatened to shoot someone. she paid the fine but contested the citation. city officials that feeding pigeons are illegal illegal but only at courthouse square. >> vintners throughout the u.s. reach a milestone. get this. last year, americans drank more wine than the french for the first time in history. americans drank 3.9 billion bottles of wine last year. it's notable among the so-called
5:57 am
adults between the ages of 21 and 32. one california wine maker calls it stunning. so that is 12 bottles per person per year. >> just ahead. the devices that the epsa bringing to california in hopes of erasing fears about radiation. >> and plans to change an area code and how you can voice your opinion today. >> the deadline for the record search has past and pg&e is still looking. what will this mean for you?
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