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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  March 16, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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the military plans to make another attempt today. the electric company hopes to reconnect power at the plant, soon. >> if none of the plans work there is another option and no one wants to take it. >> it's the same solution used by the chernyobl disaster in the former soviet union. >> there is a team of 180 workers return together power plant trying to prevent a full-scale nuclear melt down. another race against time to complete a new power line, enabling a steady water supply to keep reactors cool. >> we believe that secondary containment has been destroyed. there is no water and we believe radiation levels are extremely high. >> japanese officials deny water is gone from the pool is insist the reactor is stable. as the nuclear crisis plays out, the search continues along coastal japan for survivors of the 9.0 quake and
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monster tsunami. volunteer fire fighter has been working day and night. he returned home for the first time since the disaster. >> my wife, my son's family and my grandchildren. i lost them all. >> there may be damage to all three vessels at the plant. and the uranium may be melting down. u.s. orders all americans living within 50 miles to evacuate. four times larger than the area officials deemed safe. >> it's not about the quality of information but standards set by the nuclear regulatory commission here in the united states. and the kind of advice it could be giving should this happen in the united states. >> the last resort to manage this crisis would to be bury the reactor and 5,000 tons of concrete like was done at the chernyobl melt down.
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>> financial markets plunging over the crisis, stocks erased nearly all gains for the year. the dow fell about 2% of the value today. worst drop since last august. the nasdaq and s and p are also down. markets in japan have just opened for the day but have been trading down last few days as well. today in response to japan's nuclear crisis the epa deployed an additional 40 radiation monitors around the pacific rim. one reason, it says is to reassure americans about their safety. the nuclear crisis has grown, so have worries among californians seeing what appears to be failing efforts at the plant. and experts tried to reassure people on this side of the pacific that they're not at risk. among them, a professor of environment health sciences at uc berkeley who has within been to chernyobl, specializing in radio activity. >> kit change in of
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these catches on fire, another one and the nuclear fuel rods burned they'll be released of more material. surface level winds will be enough to take it to the distance. but that hasn't happened yet. >> to reach the california doctor, smith says would have to reach the jet stream, fires and explosions were not powerful enough to send them that high. >> senator boxer and feinstein calling for inspections of california's nuclear power plants. and they're questioning leadership of the regulatory commission during a hearing today on capitol hill. and to know why they're not taking a page from european countries shutting down plants as a precaution. >> we want to have those plants inspected and want reassurances and want answers. i'm looking to you for more leadership.
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>> nuclear regulatory commission chairman says the commission has two inspectors at every u.s. nuclear plant at all times. diablo canyon is in the process of having license renewed and seismic safety is one issue being considered. >> rescue and recovery continues in japan, we have one incredible story tonight of how one japanese exchange student discovered her family's fate through you tube. she attends uc riverside spent three days searching for any signs of her family. they flif a small fishing village where more than half of the residents are missing and feared dead. she'd lost hope until receiving a message about a you tube video. >> my friends called me and he she said i watched the news p maybe, i think... it's your sister. she said they all survived and
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said please tell my younger sister we all survived. >> what a relief for her. she is now using the internet to try to let her relatives know she's seen the message and thankful for thinking of her while dealing with this tragedy. >> california state university system decided to pull all students out of japan. there is part of a study abroad program. the is tim still debate wlg to call students back home. >> let's start out with california state university system. there are 45 students and about 55 were waiting to travel there, all that have has been suspended. the chancellor said in a memo, quote leaving our students in this situation is not a risk i'm willing to take. san francisco state has 12
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students attending classes at six universities there. there is four more students about to travel to japan. now, the program has been put on hold. >> there are concerns about shortages perhaps happening or problems becoming a little more complicated as time goes on. so we fell for the safety of our students it would be best to have them return to california. >> students are in the tokyo areas. none of them studying in hardest hit areas for near unfolding disaster at the nuclear reactors. those taking classes or majoring in international studies say studying abroad is an eye opening experience. >> there is new information, new quality of life. you're just mesmerize bid how people live outside of the united states. >> others believe it would be benefit to stay in japan.
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>> there is a part of the rebuild prog ses for japan? that is something that is a once in a lifetime thing. if i was there at the time boy want to be part of that. >> there are students collecting money for victims. and there are 178 students from japan attending. the university has reached out to them. the uc system has yet to decide what to do with their students, 80 of them enrolled in programs there. >> what's happening now is that we're in touch with the students and in contact with every program kids are in. and they're making decisions right now about whether or not they're going to continue. >> those 80 university students are currently enrolled in different institutions in japan. six of them, i am told and two of them have been closed.
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abc 7 news. >> there is a number of companies moving employees out of the radiation zone and even out of tokyo. ikea, h & m clothing and applied materials are moving their employees to the southern part of the island nation. and bmw asked employees to leave the country. >> new technology arriving in the santa cruz harbor today helping teams there get a better picture of the tsunami damage. and noaa deploy aid team to the harbor. the boat has sonar on board creating a 3 d image of the harbor floor. surges triggered by the quake sunk 13 boats and did $25 million in damage. and there are world news with
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more on the disaster in the pacific as response teams working to get aid to the hardest-hit areas. that is right after this newscast. >> california public utilities commission is demanding adecisional pipeline records from pg&e. yesterday was the deadline to turn over documents verifying the condition of underground pipelines but the utility said koit only find a third of the records for lines installed before 1961. today the cpuc said pg&e failed to verify records that it did hand over and may recommend imposing fines and penalties against pg&e. >> there is california lawmakers set to take a vote on the budget deficit. special needs groups protested
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outside of the capitol. few people expect lawmakers to sox the crisis by tonight. >> democrats need four republican votes to place a five-year tax extension on the june ballot that. has not happened yet. the uc regents got an earful from worker skptz university of california is preparing to deal with the loss of more than 500 million dollars in state funding. >> what we're going to hear today is a series of scenario that's will take into account the current cuts, and we'll see how this will play out on each campus. >> chancellors of the campuses told regents three years of cuts are hurting their ability to educate students and conduct research. >> twitter signed a letter of intent to stay in san francisco. and the company had been threatening to leave for less-expensive office space. twitter makes it clear the
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deal is contingent on the board of supervisors passing a mae me sure providing a break on payroll taxes for new hires for six years going forward, and would be given to other company that's agree to locate in two blighted areas one along mid market street and another into the tender loin. the supervisor is the chief sponsor of the legislation. >> i believe in this legislation and i think it's going to be a part of what is going to bring more jobs into public safety and help small businesses and mid market in the tender loin. >> there is growing opposition from critic who's oppose what they call a corporate give away. others worry low income residents will be displayed. -- displaced. >> there is more news ahead including a chance to have a say on the 408 area code change. >> and a rescue of a man explaining why he drove past flood warning signs.
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>> our weekend moves through tomorrow there. is a stronger storm friday. i'll let you know what this means for you coming up. >> and prosecutors releasing voice mail barry bonds left for a mistress to prove a point in a"ñ"ñ"ñ"ñ"ñ"ñ"ñ"ñ"ñ"ñ"ñ
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. sacramento firefighters pull aid 70-year-old man to safety after driving past barricades into a flooded roadway a cross the car was swept up by the current and and a man told firefighters says he passed through safely in the past. and officials are warning drivers to pay attention to those warning signs and barricades. >> prosecutors released dozens of angry voice mail message that's barry bonds left for his former mistress. prosecutors want to play 11 of them during the perjury trial
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that starts monday. they say they're evidence of bonds' steroid use because drugs induce rage. a transcript quotes bonds saying yo kim i'm starting to get very upset. where the are you. others are worse and i can't say them outloud. >> and the bay area is getting a new area code. a shortage of numbers means they need new digits to meet demand. and there is a love affair is a major factor. >> the proliferation of cell phones and navigation devices exhausted supply of numbers. >> i like 408. it does -- it's part of my identity. i can understand if they have to change. >> there is a new code being introduced, 669. the debate is underway. one plan calls for an overlay,
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meaning new numbers that will be assigned 669 and current customers, 408. another plan is a split. downtown and western san jose, campbell, saratoga and los gatos in one code. sunnyvale, rest of san jose, milpitas, morgan hill, and gilroy would be another area code z no one is saying who would retain 408. this state p.u.c. says it usually takes 18 months of delivery but they say they'll have to move faster. there are hearings underway to get input. >> people have an opportunity to comment to the p.u.c. up until the decision is made. it's probably going to be several months from now. >> phone carriers favor the overlay option. a split would trigger updates to materials for companies. >> there may be direct mail
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and printing. >> and in my circles there are a lot of friends into hip-hop and rap and stuff. they're all about their 408. what are they going to do? they're going to have to change their shirts. >> and there is a huge public outcry when blue shield proposed a draw matic increase in health insurance rates. >> the company suddenly backed down. >> and groups are calling this proof of people power, interesting. after outrage, blue shield is withdrawing plans to raise your rates may 1. officials say they backed off the rate hike to help keep coverage affordable. would it have been the third increase since october and premiums on plans would have gone up as much as 59%. and blue shield claims it cost $27 million last year, expecting more such losses
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this year. apple computer has a system to prevent kids from racking up huge charges on i tunes. parents have been complaining because i tunes allowed purchases for 15 minutes after a pass word was entered. kids running up big bills during that 15 minute window. children didn't often realize what they're doing, many games are free and upgrades to the same games are not. under the system there are two pass words required. one for viewing and one for making purchases. >> there is a way to safe thousands on a wedding gown. you just have to get it in a warehouse store. there can with gowns at costco. it seemed up with a designer designing six gowns, some are
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$1,000. >> this is a coture style gown, they're beautiful and the only difference is the cost. >> the gowns cold in a traveling trunk show. and i posted a link at abc 7 you can find out when, and when and no bout downtown i bought a tuxedo for $117. >> there is a picture of that. >> and there is a nice and sunny inside. >> the sun has been a stranger for a while. and there is more sun tomorrow, and don't get usedded to the idea. there is is a beautiful shot from our camera. turned out to be a nice afternoon as promised. you can see the sun, there you have it. there is another perspective.
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there are clouds going through. there is no rain, it is dry. there are 50s and 60s, there is rainy and windy friday. there is a chance of thunder towards saturday. here is the satellite and radar. cold front falling apart. behind it we have a weak impulse we're watching. this will bring us a chance of showers on thursday. and this is a slim chance we're going to see anything out of this. friday this, system is a strong storm going to bring us rain, wind, high waves and snow. and so there is rain would make it into the north bay by
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5:00 p.m. and there is where you'll notice not much happening until 5:00 a.m. there is rain developing into the north bay. there is a cold front and this continues into the early afternoon. behind this front there is scattered showers so get away friday looking on the sloppy sichld notice pink showing up. so could be a little bit of snow mixed in on friday. and snow levels coming down to 3,000 towards saturday. rainfall about three quarters to an inch and a half. and quarter to half an inch into the south bay. four tenths for the peninsula through friday evening. into sierra nevada winter storm watch late tomorrow night continuing into friday evening. and this basically going to mean another one to two feet of snow above 7,000.
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and last 24 hours, snowfall reports from a half a foot to just over a foot there. so we're talking about additional snow here. six to 12 inches above 5,000 feet and there is is a swell kicking up, watch out for strong rip currents. there is minor flooding possible. tonight we're talking about temperatures into mid-30s to mid-40s. and tomorrow afternoon, if you're in the north bay, area umbrellas. mid-50s mid-60s and partly cloudy skies there is is your accu-weather forecast. a chance of showers for st. patrick's day. rain, thunder, wind on friday. looks like a strong storm there. saturday, showers rain on sunday. and there is monday showers
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and tuesday, wednesday, a chance of rain, so still looking like a sloppy accu-weather forecast. >> sounds like it. thank you. >> and still ahead words a muslim mother said that were misunderstood.
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a graduate students believes she was discriminated against when removed from a flight from san diego to san jose. >> she is from pakistan and now a u.s. citizen, headed to a research meeting in san jose stit university. >> before take off she was told by the transportation security administration agents a flight attendant did not feel comfortable having her on the plane. >> the attendant claim shed
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coming up potential for a worst-case scenario in the bay area. >> and a man asks for justice by suing police officer who's shot him. it's a story you'll see on 7. >> coming up at 6:00. >> and that is going to do it for us for now. world news is next. i'm cheryl jenning autos and


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