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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  March 17, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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today potential jurors show up. i'll tell you why attorneys may be looking at their facebook and twitter pages. >> a crippled japanese nuclear plant. what is behind this effort, next. >> and good morning to you. here is a live look in downtown san francisco. if your heater run last night? chilly rain for the weekend. >> good news if you are taking the bay bridge into san francisco. road work on the upper deck has been cleared. >> 5:00 a.m. on the thursday morning. thank you so much for joining us. >> i'm kristen sze. >> topping the news, japanese television is reporting the government has once again suspended water spraying on the crippled nuclear plant because of high radiation. military helicopters dumped loads of sea water to try to
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comb the you a resign yuam fuel and prevent a nuclear meltdown. meanwhile, the u.s. state department is sending charter planes to help bring back american citizens who want to leave and advising americans to stay at least 50 miles from the power plant. here is the latest. >> reporter: with japanese fukushima daiichi plant crippled on the ground desperate efforts are coming from the air. helicopters dumping sea water into the holes of the roof of damaged reactor number three hoping to cool it enough to prevent a nuclear meltdown. the energy commerce says there is talk of apocalypse and i think the word is well chosen. it was considered too dangerous yesterday. they said radiation levels were too high. the. >> we are reminded how american leadership is critical to our closest allies, even if the allies are themselves
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economically advanced and powerful, there are moments where they need our help. >> the state department is providing aircraft to help americans leave japan and wants to evacuate americans 50 miles of the plant. the japanese zone is much smaller. tokyo's airport is packed with people leaving. like a 15-year-old sent by parents to stay with family in washington. >> they went me to come so i'll be safe. chief cabinet secretary the u.s. government has taken a cautious approach. in the evacuation zone, one man says we are isolated. we are being left here to die. >> skeleton crew remains at the nuclear plant. workers are running out of food. the father has accepted his fate like a death sentence.
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united nations forecast says the radioactive plume will hit the alou shan i can't understand today before reaching southern california tomorrow. but it will be diluted and have minor consequences. the u.s. environmental protection agency says it's moving 40 mobile radiation detectors around the rim and there are 12 monitors one in san francisco, san jose and sacramento. you can see the data montsd on the government's website. we have a link to that at >> potential jurors on the barry bonds federal perjury trial will fill out questionnaires today. the attorneys are fighting over the use of some evidence that could color the perception of the giants' home run king.
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janelle is live in san francisco. >> this is the questionnaire that potential jurors will be filling out. there is basic questions, and also specific questions. are you a professional baseball fan. have you attended a giants' game. have you heard of stories involving athletes and steroids. we have a lot of die-hard fans and lots of people follow the news. the trial starts on monday. four counts of lying to a jury and one count of obstruction of justice. the trial could last for weeks. legal analyst finding potential jurors is going to be difficult. >> yeah, one thing that everybody understands is this trial really is a home game for barry bonds. a lot of the potential jurors are going to be big giants' fans and by inference, big barry bonds fans. >> they say the prosecution and defense will probably look at the facebook and twitter pages
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to see who they like, what they follow and it's all public domain and it's fair game. jurors will be forbid firemen checking the internet, checking facebook and twitter accounts and forbidden from reading the newspaper or watching tv. >> a mudslide has closed a section of highway 1 near big sur. yesterday evening the slide took out a 40 foot chunk of the two-lane highway dozen miles south of carmel. the cause of the slide is unclear with no signs of seeping water. the highway patrol says the closure will last at least several days if not longer. nobody was injured. >> california regulators say they may fine pg&e one million dollars a day for failing to turn over documents. on tuesday, pg&e issued a report
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that left out a large number of documents verifying the condition of underground transmission linings. pg&e says they can't find them. puc says they want make sure the aging pipes are running at safe pressure levels following san bruno explosion. missing records include some of the state's largest cities. san francisco commission meets today to discuss a settlement with the 49ers over candlestick park. it relates to stadium many times niners have been -- maintenance. >> it would be a lease that would allow the team to leave the area as soon as 2014. >> there is a huge payout over a broken arm. the city of oakland has agreed to pay $412,000 to cetainty a lawsuit. he was attending an exhibition game in august of 2008 when.
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he claims that an oakland police officer tackled him and forcefully bent his arm in back snapping his elbow causing him to lose a year's work. >> it's 5:07 and take a look at the forecast. as we look outside. >> no rain, nothing to complain about but we won't see a rainbow and pot of gold. >> very nice. >> there isn't one. >> that's true. >> there might be one upstairs. we'll find it. >> we do have thunderstorms out over the ocean that is heading toward mendocino county and showers in the north bay but that is it. for the rest of how calm and cold it is this morning. in concord, 5 miles an hour,
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same thing in fairfield. here you go, we definitely have it. 6 degrees cooler and 14-15 degrees cooler than yesterday. as you step outside, temperatures are running in the 30s. and also half moon bay. low to mid 40s elsewhere. 47 in san francisco the warm spot. then we're looking at temperatures that will remain in the low 40s around 8:00. by noon, we'll see clouds gathering in the sky, mid-50s and partly sunny with mid to upper 50s. even antioch, san jose around 50 degrees. able cue weather seven-day forecast, the rain returns tomorrow. it will be quite stormy especially in the north bay. chilly showers on saturday and cold almost all day rain on sunday and then hopefully tuesday and wednesday, the trend is a little bit drier. good morning. if you are getting ready to leave the house, have a great st. patrick's day commute.
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live look from the south bay, 101 at the 880 overcrossing. no problems heading northbound out of morgan hill making your way up the peninsula and earlier southbound 101 road work has been cleared. 17 overcrossing. nice and quiet. no delays right now through the downtown san jose area. live look from san rafael. taillights are moving southbound heading out of novato toward 580. drive time is. >> and no delays making your way past sausalito. >> and vote today that could put the u.s. and other nations at the center of a political unrest in libya. >> and measures apple is doing to keep youngsters from racking up huge charges.
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>> and money you could save on a wedding dress, a designer wedding gown.
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getting ready to plant? chances are your soil is like this: compacted, drained of nutrients. it'll hold your plants but it'll also hold 'em back. the solution: miracle-gro garden soil. the perfect mix of rich, organic ingdients, and miracle-gro plant food. just mix it in. and turn bad soil into great soil. helps plants grow twice as big. instead of holding 'em back, they'll leap ahead. micle-gro garden soil. and moisture control garden soil. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning, we begin with another day for japanese stocks, stocks fell 1 percent.
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it sent the dow tumbling 2% erasing most of the gains for the year. toyota is resuming production and making replacement parts for vehicles already on the road. >> brace yourself for even higher food prices, wholesale prices rose last month by the most in 36 years and it will eventually make it to the grocery stores and restaurants. cold weather is to blame. and diet coke pepsi is number two. coca-cola is still number one. that is your money scope report. >> libyan rebels are hoping for help from u.n. as they try to hold off libyan forces. libyan army surrounded a territory around an eastern city. they are pushing for a security
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council vote today on resolution calling for a no-fly zone. russia and china have expressed doubts about the u.n. and other outside powers getting involved. >> the "new york times" reports that the obama administration is flying spy drones over mexico to keep an eye on drug traffickers. they will share information with mexican law enforcement. the mexican president agreed to the flights when he met m et with president obama on march 3. but the legality of the flights are in question. votes may come as early today that would be federal funding for npr. the bill would eliminate government support for the public radio network but allow stations to use federal money for administrative purposes. funding for national public radio has been under increased
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scrutiny. congressman the congressman says they expect it to pass in the house. apple computer has a new system to prevent kids from racking up big i-tune charges. itunes allow purchases for 15 minutes. kids were running huge bills during that 15 minute window. many games are free while upgrades are not. under the new system there are two passwords required, one for viewing them and the other for making purchases. you go to costco to buy a lot of things but a wedding gown? michael finney says they have big plans. costco has teamed up with a designer. she designed six gowns for costco, they go for about half
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the usual prices, some under a thousand dollars. >> the gowns have amazing inside they are fully corsetted. the only difference is the cost. >> the gowns are being sold in show and costco stores. we posted a link at so i can find out when and where the show will be. >> you buy 50 of them, do you get the discount though? >> and paper towels and all that stuff. >> put them in the back of the car. >> but you can buy one dress. >> that's right. >> a lot of brides will be checking that out. in the meantime, rain gone a little bit. >> maybe a little rain today. rest of us dry but tomorrow this time we'll be tracking some pretty strong storms on live doppler 7 hd.
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right now, big story is it's clear and kind of cold this morning. a throw-back to winter as we had high pressure. as we are looking down from mount sutro. checking out the temperatures, santa rosa, fairfield, livermore and half moon bay, in the 30s, low to mid 40s elsewhere. san francisco, 47 degrees. monterey bay, low to mid 40s. highlights, scattered showers possible in the north bay. rest of us, it will be stormy tomorrow with some rough surf likely tomorrow. cold showers, we have those on saturday and chilly almost day rain on sunday. for today, starting off clear but increase in clouds in the afternoon hours. we'll call it partly sunny, upper 50s to low 60s. around the monterey bay, partly cloudy sky this afternoon and low 60s around the bay, low to mid-50s 60s inland. light rain and drizzle
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developing. mid to upper 40s. you can see the stronger storms north around 5:00 in the morning. trough of low pressure that will lift whatever moisture is remaining bring a chance of showers to the north bay. but the big story for tomorrow is the cold front diving down on the jetstream. look at all the cold air behind it. for today, it's flirting with the north bay. we've got scattered showers and then overnight, look at the cloud cover increase and drizzle tomorrow for the morning commute. by far, heaviest storms during the end of the commute right through the heart of the bay through noon exiting the bay by 6:00 leaving scattered showers, possibly minor street flooding. small hail possible out of storm. as we head through saturday morning, scattered showers
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throughout friday morning and pop-up shower after shower. won't be a steady rain but it will be out there and colder. precipitation in the north bay, three-quarters in the north bay and surf i talked about. from friday, 11:00 until tomorrow to tomorrow evening, dangerous surf. about 14-16 mile-an-hour winds. i mentioned the system is cold. low to mid-50s any and saturday. monday maybe colder but a chance of showers, tuesday and wednesday will taper those showers to less of a chance and temperatures will return to the 60s. what is going on outside. >> i'm very happy to report no major slow spots. live look from contra costa county, 680 at the north main exit. taillights moving southbound, no delays heading into the san
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ramon valley. if you are commuting along the east shore freeway, interstate 80 heading through berkeley, headlights moving westbound, and drive time to the carquinez to the maze, 19 minutes. once you reach the bay bridge toll plaza, be prepared to drive right on through and head into san francisco. road work in pittsburg, eastbound 4, couple lanes blocked between berkeley and railroad. should be cleared out around 7:00 this morning. for the latest traffic updates and drive times, go to our website at and click on the traffic link. >> coming up next, growing problem the latest eruption as a volcano is causing in hawaii. >> and prince william's visit to a quake ravaged community. >> and tiger woods opens up about his personal crisis and how it's affecting his game.
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5:23. thursday morning in march, and maybe the color green what holiday this is. think. it's irish coffee day! it's st. patrick's day. white house with the fountains died green to show the spirit of the holiday.
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>> it may make folks to wait a minute. >> german study says the age you have your first drink may predict what kind of drinker you are. they were more likely to drink heavily during stressful events. it was strongest amongst those that started drinking at some or younger. fire fighting resources from california are expected to arrive in hawaii to help fires from a volcano. firefighters say more than 1100 acres have burned since sunday and it's now burning through a forest that has been scorched at least twice from lava flows. it's one of the most active volcanoes and has been erupting continuously since 1983.
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>> prince william is in new zealand visiting earthquake ravaged christchurch. he calls it unbelievable the disaster the a quake hit last month killing 166 people. emergency workers gave the prince a briefing on recovery efforts. william will visit flood ravaged australia appearing on behalf of his grandmother to offer condolences. he is stepping up his public role ahead of his marriage to kate middleton. >> tiger woods opens up in an interview about a new tiger. his golf game hasn't been the same since the scandal erupted about infidelity. he tells the interviewer that things are much better now. >> i'm more present, i'm present with my kids. that is important.
5:26 am
to be with them, each and time and be connected with them. >> you can see the entire robin roberts interview on "good morning america" beginning at 7:00. >> 5:26. dianne feinstein takes aim at in defense of the marriage act. she says it's time to repeal. >> it and live in san francisco, the trial for barry bonds starts on monday but today potential jurors will be showing up and filling out the form. in it over 60 yes questions. i'll tell you what some of the questions are coming up in a live report. >> and international pressure mounts on japan to stop the looming meltdown at a crippled nuclear power plant. >> check out the temperatures across the country, coolest weather around seattle and portland. 76 in st. louis, 84 in dallas.
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that is pretty warm for this time of the year. you think maybe some spring storms but everything is quiet. no delays at our major airports. our flight3q
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the first air freshener that detects thousands of odors then automatically releases a burst of freshness... that can keep up with this family, and yours. check your sunday paper for a $4 coupon. good morning, janelle wang, live in san francisco in front of the federal courthouse. potential jurors will be filling out questionnaires. attorneys may be checking their personal facebook and twitter accounts. i'll tell you why coming up. also this morning, deadly radiation levels force japanese authorities to stop water spraying. u.s. officials say damage to one damaged reactor is more serious than what japan is admitting. >> a big story this morning,
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weather-wise, it's clear and a cold and it won't last long. enjoy today's dry weather. i'll update you on chilly rain over the weekend. >> good morning, no delays across the san mateo bridge. traffic moving nicely. complete traffic report coming up. >> and construction on the fourth bore of the caldecott reaches another milestone. crews will begin tunneling on the western side of the oakland hills. i'm eric thomas acre. >> and i'm kristen sze. >> our -- there is acop lips. >> military helicopters dumped loads of sea water trying to cool the uranium fuel and to prevent a nuclear meltdown u.s. scientists now project low level
5:31 am
radiation will be detectable in los angeles by tomorrow. meanwhile, u.s. state department is sending chartered planes to japan to help bring back american citizens that want to leave. officials are advising americans to stay at least 50 miles from the power plant. here is more on the nuclear crisis caused by the earthquake and tsunami and continuing search for survivors. >> reporter: rescuers in japan to continue to search through describe. with more than 4300 dead, more than 10,000 still miss relief workers are overwhelmed. people wait in lines for hours for food, water and gas, frustration is growing. >> this woman says she is concerned because radiation can't be seen. how do we know it's been carried in the air? maybe our food is contaminated.
5:32 am
some feel this could be the world's worst nuclear disasters. >> already, unit 2 and 3 have cracked the containment vessels. already unit 4 has a raging fire we think involving spent fuel that is not contained. we are very close now to something that is even bigger than chernobyl. >> concerns over the nuclear crisis have prompted residents to pack up, flights out of japan are booked, airports crowded with people opting to leave under uncertainty. some families sending their children to the u.s. to stay with relatives until the situation is resolved. >> it maim clearer for americans living in japan. president obama authorizing the start of charter flights for u.s. citizens eager to leave because of the nuclear threat. >> back here in the bay area, it is paperwork day for potential
5:33 am
jurors in the barry bonds federal perjury trial. they will fill out questionnaires to assist in choosing a jury by the start of the trial on monday. meantime, behind the scenes, lawyers are arguing over whether some private audiotapes could be admitted as evidence. >> let me first tell but all that paperwork. this is the question there. potential jurors will be filling this out over 60 questions, some very specific like, are you a baseball fan. do you follow the giants? do you read blogs, do you read magazines like sports illustrated. they say the lawyers in this case could also be looking at personal facebook and twitter pages to see who they follow. the trial for barry bonds begins on monday. one count of obstruction of justice.
5:34 am
jury election is will be on monday and expect lawyers to ask certain questions. >> they are asking, what is your opinion of barry bonds. if somebody says he is the greatest super hero of all time, then she off the jury. if somebody says, i hate barry bonds, he ruined baseball. he is off the jury. >> federal prosecutors have submitted 11 angry volatile mail messages made to his former mistress, evidence of rage caused by steroid use and yo, kim, i'm starting to get upset. where in the blank are you? in others, he called kimberly derogatory comments. the attorney will try to get the recordings thrown out by monday when the trial starts. once a jury is selected, the jurors will be prohibited from checking the internet and checking facebook and twitter accounts and forbidden to watch
5:35 am
tv or newspaper accounts. caltrans crews will be back out early this morning on highway 1 near big sur where a mudslide closed the road indefinitely. the slide took out a 40 foot chunk of the highway 12 miles south of carmel. officials say the cause of the slide is unclear with no signs of seeping water. highway patrol says the closure will last several days if not longer. nobody was injured. state lawmakers are expected a heated debate to put tax expenses on the june ballot. they passed billions of dollars to cut spending. the total about $7 billion. >> we're not happy about it. in fact a lot of cuts sicken me.
5:36 am
i can't imagine making them at any other time but it's a $25 billion deficit will. >> these are the democrats' cuts. they are not our cuts. we would go first at things like pension reform. >> the assembly fell one vote short to eliminate redevelopment agency and lawmakers are expected to try again today. >> dianne feinstein has introduced a bill to repeal the law that bans same-sex marriages. there are tens of thousands same-sex couples, 18,000 of them here in california who have been denied federal protection. new bill would let same-sex couples do things like file joint returns for their taxes and receive spousal benefits from social security. last week, republicans defended the federal ban on gay marriage saying its constitutionality should be decided by the courts. >> they will take a look at the
5:37 am
progress of the caldecott tunnel fourth bore project. >> workers are how about one-third of the way through the length of the tunnel. project is estimated to be about 15% complete right now. $420 million fourth bore is expected to be up and running sometime in 2014. i'm sure you have that marked on your concerned. >> drive from the east bay, we teamed up, i drew half a circle and he drew the other half. >> no rain today. >> hey, mike, no rain today. >> no rain, no rain today. the anticipation the reprieve from the wet weather before the big storm tomorrow. let's take a look outside. happy st. patrick's day, you have a little a little green on
5:38 am
the map. most of the radar returns but this area of disturbed weather along with afternoon sunshine could create a shower. the other story is cold. then, anywhere from 11-16 degrees cooler as we talked about we would be. at 8:00 in the morning, a lot of sunshine. so temperatures will rapidly warm into the mid to upper 50s by noon. we'll see see an increase in clouds and eventually be partly sunny during the afternoon hours with temperatures in the upper 50s to near 60 degrees. that is when we can have scattered showers in the north bay. big story tomorrow, gusty winds blowing through the bay area. then the chilly rain for saturday, sunday and a lesser extent on monday. good morning. we have been lucky so far for the st. patrick's day morning
5:39 am
commute. let's start off in the north bay live look in san rafael. 101, southbound heading out of novato. drive time from 37 to 580, nine minutes. no problems heading into san francisco. mass transit, no delays. >> thank you very much. >> a stop at a fast-food restaurant turns hundreds of customers into victims of credit card fraud. >> hefty fee one state lawmakers want to make banks think twice about raising rates on about raising rates on
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. it's 5:42 on this thursday morning. nearly 200 people have had their detainees stolen after using their credit cards at a fast-food restaurant. credit card machines was somehow compromised. card numbers were stolen between december and early this month. some victims they reported fraudulent charges but others may not be aware of the problem. they say the problem at the restaurant has been fixed and no workers are suspected in the case. >> a california lawmaker has
5:43 am
introduced legislation that would charge banks $20,000 for each foreclosure to make up losses like plot taxes. they are backing the bill and two others. they marched in san francisco yesterday, demanding that banks give homeowners a fair shot of getting their loans modified and homeowners that own the loan. >> we don't accept the notion that they are losing their homes because there is nothing that can be done. we know there is more that should have been done and the bangs are not playing by the rules and it's time to make a change. >> the california bankers association opposes all three bills. new rules and delay tactic and ignore the economic factors. >> one of state's largest health insurance companies is backing away from a major rate hike. san francisco based blue shield has withdrawn the plan to increase premiums by individual policies by an average of 30%
5:44 am
starting may 1st. it would been the third increase since october. blue shield says it wants to keep it's coverage affordable. >> if you are thinking of buying a japanese car, watch for a price hike. bloomberg business report is coming up. >> also additional money to beef up job retraining programs for former nummi workers. >> and desperate crunch to get out of japan, one man that made
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5:47. welcome back, we have some rain and to the north. we will see sunshine around sacramento and fresno, mid that upper 60s. warm spot palm springs and travel up to the sierra, winter storm warning starting at 5:00 tomorrow morning through 5:00 saturday morning, we could get three feet of snow above 7,000 feet. >> wow! just have to figure out what
5:48 am
time to drive up there. >> we'll figure it out. >> and look at the stories we are following. potential jury members for the barry bonds perjury trial will fill out detailed questionnaires today. jurors could have facebook and twitter accounts scrutinized. >> and should slide took out a 40 foot section of highway 1 taking the road out indefinitely. they say the cause of the slide is unclear with no signs of seeping water. the highway patrol says the closure will last several days. japanese television reports the government has again suspended water spraying on the crippled nuclear complex northeast japan because of high radiation levels. they dumped loads of sea water in trying to cool the overheated uranium fuel and prevent a nuclear meltdown. latest on these stories coming up at 6:00. >> bay area residents are trying to help the people of japan with
5:49 am
many fund-raising efforts. last night in san francisco, students and parents have an elementary school held a potluck raffle and performance. several checks were written and hundred percent of the money will go to the northern japan earthquake fund. >> we have a list of several organizations raising money for victims in japan. we have a link at u.s. government is chartering planes trying on get americans out of harm's way. one student was evacuated from japan and got home yesterday. he was in tokyo as foreign exchange student studying abroad. he wasn't suppose to be home to the u.s. until september. >> i received an e-mail about 4:30 in the morning japan time. i was packing one bag just in case.
5:50 am
basically to evacuate japan. >> they are moving employees, ikea and sap and applied materials are moving their employees, most of them are relocating to the southern part of the island. bmw has asked their employees to leave the country. >> police are planning on sobriety checkpoints tonight. to avoid trouble, aaa has free towgs for drivers who had too much to drink. they are available for anyone throughout the bay area until 6:00 tomorrow morning for a tow up to five miles. >> find more information on our website at make it easy for you to stay
5:51 am
safe. >> for you to stay safe and others to stay safe. >> i thought was nice. >> the hand doesn't move. >> oh, yes. >> it's a beautiful thing, wait a minute. >> i do have a little irish in me. >> how much? >> probably like 5 or ten but a little. >> i like that. >> let's take a look outside. maybe you'll like this, port of oakland -- i'm sure your youngsters would like to wear today. port of oakland looking clear so let's talk about the temperatures. we are running in the 30s. it is cold from santa rosa and napa, fairfield and livermore. los gatos and half moon bay.
5:52 am
low to mid 40s for the rest of us and around the monterey bay, temperatures even inland in the low to mid 40s. highlights, scattered showers most of the day. stormy is likely tomorrow and high surf, could be dangerous at times. cold showers saturday and chilly rain on sunday. there you go, that is where i don't wear green. i wanted to show you real quick. [ laughter ] >> i like that. >> that is funny. >> all right. let's move on with the forecast. upper 50s to low 60s. scattered showers is possible in the north bay but enjoy the dry weather while we have it. low to mid-60s as you head inland. for tonight, drizzle. definitely warmer, mid to upper 40s. the storm holding off until probably right around the end of
5:53 am
the morning commute. i'll show you that in a second. focus in today's little area of disturbed weather. that is going to slide by the north bay with a chance of showers. big storm and this cold front and all the cold air behind it and all the moisture it's bringing that will be the big story tomorrow and linger through the weekend. here is a look at 1:00 this afternoon. watch how most of the rain in mendocino county, every once in a while a stray shower gets into the north bay. by tomorrow, you can see the rain starting to filter in. the heavy rain up around ukiah and by noon, strong storms are moving through the bay area. very heavy rain and we could have urban flooding, streets and parking lots flooded especially where some of the drainage grates aren't cleaned out. then it moves out and scattered showers friday night and all the way through saturday and in to saturday night.
5:54 am
high surf will be 11:00 tomorrow morning to 11:00 tomorrow evening. rip currents out there. temperatures will be in the 50s over the weekend with that wet weather. we'll hit the 60s next week and chance of rain tuesday and wednesday. let's find out what is going in thereafter looking good in green. >> thank you. >> it's should be pretty quiet out there. walnut creek a live look 680. north main exit, southbound, no delays right now heading into the san ramon valley. bay bridge toll plaza, staple story, metering lights are not on yet. no problems making your way through the tolls and heading into san francisco. let's get a check of drive times thursday morning commute, through the altamont pass from 205 to 680? >> 20 minutes, heading on 4, 18 minutes. eastbound 4 you will find road work near railroad. for latest traffic updates go to and click on the
5:55 am
traffic link. >> thank you very much. the crisis in japan may lead to higher prices. >> here is jane king with the money scope report. >> warning, if you are thinking of buying a car, watch for price hikes. almost all vehicles is going to see an increase in transaction price. in the meantime, toyota says it remains at normal levels but most lexus models and prius models are made in japan. on stocks in tokyo following again and u.s. stocks on rising concern about the situation with japan's damaged nuclear reactor. apple reporting survival app skyrocketing to the top spot. one that gives medical advice. earthquake warning app is number two. >> "wall street journal", diet coke sales topped pepsi putting
5:56 am
them in the number two spot behind coca-cola. >> at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king with bloomberg business report. >> more money is coming up to beef up job retraining programs for former nummi workers. they have okayed a infusion of cash for training and resources. money will come from federal government and be added to more than $4 million and word to the oakland private industry counsel for retraining and job assistance. it comes almost exactly a year after nummi went out of business. sfo is promising new upgrades to free wi-fi service. a contract has expired. advanced wireless group has
5:57 am
signed a two-year deal to provide it at the airport. they will upgrade the infrastructure to meet growing capacity demands. >> it is 5:57 on the morning news. >> why pg&e is being threatened with papers to of million dollars a day. >> and new pro texts when radiation levels will arrive here in california. we'll show how you can track the level near your home. >> i'm janelle wang at the federal krourgs courthouse where the trial of barry bonds trial begins today. some of the question, do you read espn magazine?
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