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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  March 22, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> and residents in the santa cruz mountains cutoff by a landslide take matters into their own hands. abc news
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the entire bay area is getting wet again. the rain that is falling now is going to be here awhile. anne anne -- >> more wet weather is not stopping people from working on an area cutoff by a mudslide. >> it looks like rain everywhere on the doppler. >> yes. and you can see where the heaviest rain is focused. there is a batch here around saratoga and just east of san jose. mount hamilton is reporting a little snow mixed in there. lossal toes is getting down -- loss altos getting a downpour. heavier rain falling at this hour.
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you notice the north bay and parts of the east bay are wet right now. we are still expecting heavy rains at times. a flash flood watch goes into affect at midnight. it continues until tomorrow afternoon. up to three-quartersesf an inch is expected. landslides are certainly possible. flash flood watch covers the north bay mountains and north bay coast and peninsula coast, monterey bay and santa cruz mountains. it is vulnerable and the reason for that is the southly winds are expected to bring possibly three to five inches of rain through thursday night. a full look at the forecast and the thursday storm is going to be stronger. i'll be back with more in a few minutes. >> sandhya, thank you very much. all of the rain sandhya was talking about is not going to help people. with more rain on the way, the road was cutoff. and they cannot think about digging out yet, but they have come up with a work around. lisa amin gulezian is live with more. lisa? >> dan, as you mentioned the
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rain is not helping a thing. it means that no work can begin and the road will remain closed. residents are tired of being trapped behind this wall of rocks, and today they did something about it. they built their own road so they can move their cars out. >> we are trying to figure out what we can do before it rains, and if they come through with a better plan. >> the believe on other option since yesterday's massive rock slide that shut down access to some 30 homes in rural scots valley meant walking around the slide anden this waiting for a ride out. >> you've got people that have a car up there, but need the car out here, they got their cars out. >> reporter: it got those in charge of dealing with this slide thinking about a plan b. now that they know clearing the slide will be a massive undertaking. >> it will take awhile to
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clear the slide. it is a big problem. >> reporter: the temporary road will link nelson road to the road residents built today which was in use right away. >> i thought we would be walking over the rock pile. >> reporter: but there is still no real way in for ambulances or for fire trucks, and a handful of people are still without power. >> that's the primary concern right now is emergency access. this is a hearty group. >> and they are grateful no one was hurt in the slide and no homes were damaged. >> we are dealing with mother nature. >> everybody is remarkably patient. >> and tomorrow a senior geologist will visit the scene and make recommendations and residents can go to a special meeting tomorrow to find out about the next steps. that will take place at 4:00 on nelson road in front of the sheriff's communication center.
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lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> lisa, thank you. santa clara valley water district officials say more rain could mean an over flow next week at the lexington reservoir. regulators are currently releasing the maximum amount to keep the reservoir from pouring out of its spill way. the reservoir has been spilling over since sunday and there was a spill at the coyote reservoir. the threat of a possible flood has been looming north of the sacramento airport after a levy cracked yesterday. they flew over the affected levy that includes about a hundred homes and a dozen farms in the communities. crews placed sandbags on top of plastic sheeting to shield the 240-foot long crack from anymore rain. and yosemite national park may not reopen to visitors until saturday at the earliest. the park remains closed following this past weekend's storm that brought more than three feet of snow and cutoff power to yosemite valley.
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while yosemite is closed, the harbor reopened to boat traffic for the first time sense the japan -- sirchs -- since the japan quake and tsunami. a sonar survey found it is clear of sunken boats and debris. it cost an estimated -- it caused an estimated $26 million in damage to the harbor. there are a lot of anxious family and friends waiting at sfo after there was a threat to search a flight. the flight from the fell means touched down at -- philippines touched down at 7:30. it was taken to a remote area and all passengers and crew were evacuated. police say the plane was not threatened directly, but philippine airlines asked them to search the aircraft. passengers were not sure what was going on, and one told his relative there was some kind of medical emergency. >> i am worried. i want him to get home. he is probably tired and hungry at this point.
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>> san francisco police dogs are searching the plane and passengers are working through customs and amoung them are the lead singer of "journey." to libya where new air strikes rocked tripolli. take a look. this night vision shows a u.s. jet launching on a mission. earlier an f-15 crashed inside libya after an apparent mechanical failure. the crew men ejected and were later rescued. muammar qaddafi made his first appearance since sunday. he told the crowd of supporters that libyans are making fun of the rocket attacks. and meanwhile, president obama is cutting his trip to latin america short by a couple hours to conference with his national security team tomorrow morning. the president said today america's role in the operation will end in a matter of days.
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secretary of state hillary clinton says people close to qaddafi are exploring options. >> we heard of other people close to him reaching out to people that they know around the world, africa, the middle east, europe, north america and beyond and saying what do we do? how do we get out of this? what happens next? >> clinton cited unconfirmed reports that one of qaddafi's sons may have been killed. there has been another strong aftershock in northeastern japan. a 6.0 earthquake hit fukushima late tonight. there are no immediate reports of damage or injury. earlier today workers at the the fukushima plant attached all reactors to the grid. but setting on the power suffered a setback when a spike in radiation pulled workers out. restoring electricity would mean restoring the cooling system. radiation has seeped into
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vegetables, the milk and water supply and even the sea water. they halted the dairy products and produce from the affected region. they say the monitors here continue to show no dangerous radiation levels in california. the disaster has killed more than 9400 people, but keep in mind some 14,000 are still listed as missing. at the university of san francisco people gathered to pray for japan. and they lit candles to honor those affected by the earthquake and tsunami. usf has a japanese studies program that partners with universities in kyoto and tokyo. students and professors recorded messages to their counter parts in japan and vowed to help with the recovery however they can. in the south bay, a contentious daw -- debate over water. specifically adding something to it most bay area cities have had for decades, fluoride. more than a million people don't have it and many don't
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want it. >> san jose is the largest city in america that does not flora date its drinking water. it does for 125,000 residents, but it leaves out more than a million people served by the private san jose water company. that issue brought out more than a hundred people to the water district arguing whether or not to add fluoride. on one side this dentist says 50 years of evidence supports the benefits of fluoride. >> when i practiced in states that had high levels of fluoride, you can see many fewer kids with a whole mouth full of cavities. >> like other cities that draw their water from the sierra, san francisco has had flora dated water since 1972. according to the santa clara health department, a third of kippeder gardeners and third graders have tooth decay that would be reduced by adding fluoride. but opponents say it can stain
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teeth, damage kidneys and lead to bone problems. >> the only hope of not getting arthritis and stiff joints from fluoride is if your kidneys are able to filter out 50% of what you ingest. >> building a fluoridation system would cost $30 million. the water company is looking to outside groups like the health trust to help pay for the project. the water company says it is not allowed to pass fluoridation costs to customers, but it would need money to keep a fluoridation program going. the water board is not expected to make a decision until the summer. abc7 news. coming up, risking your life by crossing the street. next, the sting that shows just how dangerous crosswalks can be in the bay area. >> and a gun goes off at an east bay high school. >> and barry bonds' personal trainer once again puts his life on hold for his old friend. >> and then later tonight on "nightline." >> coming up next on
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"nightline" the inside story of how americans were rescued from libya and what it is like in an f-15 in combat. and what is behind the high-priced disaster survival kit being sold by the family of bernard madoff.
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to less arrested three high school students for separate gun incidents at the school. one involved a handgun that was fired in a bathroom in a portable building. the bullet tore through the wall and could have hit anyone on other side. 2* looks like they fired the gun by accident. later a third student was removed from class after police received an anonymous tip he was carrying a gun. in addition to criminal charges all three students could be expelled. there have been gun-related arrests and incidents at
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berkeley high school every month this year. barry bonds' former trainer is back in jail after refusing to testify at bonds' federal perjury trial. they found greg anderson in contempt and ordered him to stay in jail until the trial is over in about four weeks. bonds is accused of lying to a grand jury telling them he never knowingly used anna bowl lick steroids. bonds' former business partner is scheduled to testify tomorrow. a man who killed the oakland journalist chauncey bailey is expected to testify in court. bussard admits he shot bailey in 2007, but said yusef bay the fourth ordered him to do it to keep him to write a story. both men have pleaded not guilty. bell mobt -- belmont police carried out a sting operation and pulled over drivers who failed to stop for pedestrians. motorcycle cops waited in plain sight as decoys waited
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until a car was at least 160 yards from the crosswalk at el camino and fifth street before they stepped out. one man who stopped for a pedestrian was rear ended. >> i stopped for the pedestrian and got hit from behind. >> the national highway traffic safety administration says more than 4,000 pedestrians were killed in 2009 and 59,000 were injured. about six peninsula police agencies participated in today's operation, and they issued a total of 77 citations. >> you can see the pavement was dry there, but rain throughout the bay area again right now. >> a series of storms coming through. sandhya patel is here with the full forecast. >> this wasn't the strongest of the storms either. let's show you what is happening right now. we do have moderate rain around the santa cruz mountains and out toward morgan hill. it is coming down toward santa
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clara, burbank, fremont, homestead road, mountain view is getting pounded heavily here. brief downpours are are not out of the question. around marin county we are seeing moderate rainfall and out toward the east bay, some steady rain is falling. in case you live near a river and you want to know what your river stage is, it is over 17 feet right now. the flood stage is 32 feet. as you look at the list, most of the areas are well below flood stage right now, and they are not expected to reach flood stage. what we are concerned about are the smaller streams and creeks seeing rapid rise over the next few days. the temperatures in the 40s and 50s. wet and windy the next few days. chance of thunderstorms. there is a possibility of flooding and landslides which is why there is a flash flood watch for the north bay mountains and santa cruz mountains and areas along the coastline. here is the satellite and the
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radar and here is the front approaching. that's why we are seeing the rain has picked up the last couple hours. the wind has been kicking up 35 to close to 40 miles an hour. it is going to be a wet, windy situation. another storm coming in on thursday. this one looks stronger than what is coming in right now. so let me play it out for you. tonight of course the rain, heavy in pockets. 5:00 tomorrow it is going to be a nasty commute. as you can see the front is barely approaching. we will see some of the rain intensifying. behind the front, scattered showers around the 11:00, 12:00 hour. wet pavement for the evening commute. thursday morning is another commute that will be nasty. there is snow on top of mowbt hamilton clearly indicated in pink. the thursday system as it gets closer, notice the yellows are widespread and heavier rainfall briefly, but it will
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be coming through behind the front. still wet roadways out there well into thursday night. when all is said and done by thursday night we are talking about three to five inches of rain and up to four inches in the north bay mountains. north bay one and a half to three inches and you can see most of the bay area between one to two inches of rain. this will mean snow in the sierra. winter storm through friday morning. several feet of snow expected. watch out for road closures. you might want to hold off travel until maybe saturday. oakland down to 50 degrees. wet pavement tomorrow afternoon. temperatures in the 50s. you will need the rain gear here. temperatures in the mid50s to the low 60s. here is your accu-weather seven-day forecast -- rain, wind right through thursday with a chance of thunder. showers for friday and rain again on saturday.
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milder temperatures into the latter part of the weekend. you do dpet a nice, dry break. chance of rain on monday, and tuesday is looking fine. just so you know, i know march has been pretty wet here. rainfall across the bay area, most locations are above normal for this time of year. >> thanks, sandhya. coming up next, schoolkids around the country spring into action. >> they are trying to get the jump on a new world record. jump on a new world record. that story is just ahead. paul ? oh, hey, charlene. what are you doing ? this is to help me with my online investing. i'm so overwhelmed by jargon and trading tools and data that i need to get as much blood to my brain as possible, just to make sense of it all. touch the ball. whoa ! get sharebuilder from ing direct.
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♪ you're sweet to me bee happy. bee healthy. and girls club in south san francisco have a great reason to jump around like crazy today. >> they sure did. they were trying to break a guinness world record for people doing jumping jacks at separate places at the same time. >> the boys and girls club of san mateo county provided us this video. 800 boys and girls clubs nationwide participated at
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3:30 this afternoon. >> lots of fun and exercise. did they break the record? we will have the final numbers tomorrow. we will try to follow-up. they did a good job. >> exhausted at the end of it all. >> it would be funny if they were still going. but not for them. >> very good. change now. a lot of raider fans are not going to like this. even with the lockout they are changing rules. steve nash at his behind the desk. and lakers in triple overtime.
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good evening. it is business as usual for the nfl even in the middle of the lockout. it didn't stop them from making rule changes in new orleans. meanwhile there is a public relations battle going on with roger goodell saying he is ready to return to talks immediately. the fans deserve better than this, a lockout. goodell would like to get a deal done before the draft on april 28th, but no talks are scheduled right now.
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coaches are meeting as well. we thought jim harbough and jim carol despised each other. they were having be ables and cream cheese. owners say more severe injuries occur on kickoffs and they want to limit it. so many kicker cans blast it through the end zone from the 35 and the change will dramatically reduce returns. >> the most exciting play in football, you would think he want to keep that in. to eliminate that is turning up the game a little bit. >> well, lovey has heser so he wants to see the returns. santa clara and usf and the college insider .com quarterfinals and the third meeting of the year for the west coast conference rivals. and he gets a hand on the pass and troy pain gathers and with authority. we found this game on b2tv
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.com. the internet is your friend. kevin foster turns it over. and usf is back on top. fouls late and drains both free throws. 92-89 and 20 seconds left. no, santa clara wins at usf95-91, the first win in three tries this year. they move on to the semifinals against smu on saturday. to the nba and a shootout at staples center. look at steve nash. the hue de knee behind the net. he hits channing frye for three. suns lead and in doubleover time and go to a third and kobe with 3. 42 for a fired up brientd. nash has it taken away by ar test and he throws it down hard. laker offers the suns 1 39-137 in triple ot.
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torres was one of the big success stories for the giants in their world series run. a minor leaguer who seized an opportunity, a blend of speed and power and opportunity he started taking medication for adhd and it improved his focus and skills and will not rest after last year's success. >> for me i need to prove i can make the team. to many years i have been working and battling with a lot of things. now i cam here like i will make the team. >> giants had the day off. giants beat the a's. -- at this point it looks like he will be there opening day. >> thanks, larry. "nightline" is next. >> for larry beil and sandhya patel, thank you for joining us. >> we appreciate your time. stay connected 24-7 at ab >> good night, everyone.
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