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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  March 23, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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the rain keeps coming. you can see the san francisco skyline reflected in a puddle. the city is soaked tonight, and the morning commute is going to be an absolute washout. >> hail hammered the peninsula this afternoon. andrea h up loaded this video to you report powered by youtube. and with all of these storms the potential for mudslide in the bay area is at its highest level of the season. >> the usgs says the ground especially in areas like the oaknd la -- oakland hills is 90% saturated meaning trees and hills could give way at anytime. >> let's go to sandhya patel. >> it is going to be a rough ride for the morning commute. let's show you live doppler 7hd, and right now we are seeing some rain. it is heavy in spots. let me take you in here to the
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santa cruz mountains where they are getting some very heavy rainfall. this cell here, i'm tracking it now, and it is headed heading into freedom by 11:25, and it will get nasty out there as we head toward the morning commute. you can see around a mount hamill top, they are getting some snow indicated in pink. and as we pan around we have moderate to heavy rain. it is just near the golden gate bridge. this is near sausalito around 11:15. the heavier rain is coming. it is during the morning commute as a stropger storm will move in. urban and small stream flood advisory goes into affect at 5:00 a.m. and continues until 5:00 p.m. thursday. localized flooding of streets and under passes and poor drainage areas. we have a wind advisory going into affect at 5:00 tomorrow morning and continuing until the afternoon. southly winds gusting to 45. potential for downed trees and power lines. there is another storm behind
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that one due in friday night. i will be back with the full details in a few minutes. >> thank you, sandhya. the heavy rain was coming down when a car veered off highway 92 on the peninsula. the silver saab crashed on an embankment around 7:45. highway nip 2 was closed to -- highway 92 was closed to traffic, and it has since reopened. there was only one person in the car, and the chp says the driver's injuries are not severe. >> all of the rain caused another mudslide. the latest is blocking conference drive south of fell ton. that's only five miles from monday's slide that cutoff people in scotts valley, and they are still pinned in. lisa amin gulezian is there live with the latest. lisa? >> all of the rain is making it impossible to clean up the slides in scots veil and the slide in mount herman is also causing problems tonight. no one in mount herman was surprised to find this today.
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>> it has been raining pretty hard. it is kwan sis -- it was consistent. i thought it was going to go. >> and it did. a mountain of mud went on to conference drive. it brought down power lines and even part of a fence. contractors have the hillside stabilized and they expect to have the roads cleared by friday. >> pretty intense rain. the soil is saturated and it does president take much to go. >> meanwhile more than 30 homeowners in scots valley are still cutoff from the rest of the city after a rock slide on monday. today they got a progress report. >> it looks like it will be awhile before the slide will get cleared. >> geologists can't survey the slide because of the rain. now they will be building a better access route into and out of the slide area. yesterday homeowners cleared their own makeshift road around the slide. today it is a muddy and unstable mess.
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you can see residents struggle through it just to get here today. county public works officials have two solutions. one is to build a bridge, and the other is to construct a temporary road over a creek linking nelson road to the now muddy makeshift road. >> it doesn't sound like they have a plan. it sounds like we will take what they guys did yesterday and try and make it better. >> the county hopes to start building tomorrow. >> you can put down rock and gravel and some fabric down to stabilize the road and that way vehicles can get in and out of there. >> the next community meeting will be tuesday of next week. that will be at the scott valley fire department, and i'm told that geologists will be on hand to answer questions. live in scots valley, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> thank you, lisa. and here is a sign of unstable weather all over northern california. a tornado picked up rooftops and tossed them through this
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window in williams. it is about 60 miles north of sacramento. no one was hurt. but about five homes have roof damage from this. the owner of this house huddled in the bathtub with his wife and newborn until the tornado passed. >> we heard a big -- it wasn't a bang like two cars crashing, but it was more of a loud, sucking sound and then heard nothing. all of the neighbors were pointing at my roof. >> all that from a twister categorized as minor. in the sierra, the snow is piling up again. this is the cal trans camera on interstate 80 at king veil tonight. the road is covered in a sheet of white. chains are required here and on highway 50. there has been an abundance of snow this season. three tahoe area resorts say they have had 50 feet of snowfall. that's already 100 inches over the annual average. the rain caused an underground fuel tank to over flow at a hillsboro home. clean up crews spent four hours trying to clean it up from the driveway today while
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the fire department made certain it didn't get into the storm drain. and at clear lake, the weather servicish you aked a warning for homes and roadways around the lake. as you can see it is started to spill over in these pictures sent to us by you report by youtube. barry bonds former business partner testified that bonds told him he was using steroids. he said he first found out about the steroid use in 1999, and he said he overheard bonds and his trainer, greg anderson, talk about steroid injections and bonds told him, quote, the steroid, the shots, were making his butt sore. in cross-examination, bonds' attorney tried to paint him as a former friend trying to point it at bonds. the firefighters union like them agreed to give up pay and benefits for two years. the unions represent city engineers and architects and supervisors and midlevel
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managers. several others are bargaining with the city. governor brown appears to be losing support for a june special election that he wanted to extend temporary taxes and fees. two/3 of voters supported it in january. but a new public policy shows support is now down to just 51% of likely voters. want to avoid a speeding ticket? there is an app for that. they promised speed traps and even dui checkpoint. some are pushing to put the brakes on this technology. leslie brinkly reports. >> the red light camera. >> under names like trapster and phantom alert, the new iphone and smartphone apps, many free, scope out where police may be lurking, looking for speeders or red light violators. drivers get an audible alert as they drive. the apps use gps to map out road blocks and even dui
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checkpoint. >> if it is going to help them be a better driver, a safer driver, then we are all for it. >> the chp says their officers know all about the new apps and how often they don't work with new laser radar. >> by the time it alerts the driver, we have already gotten their speed and we know who they are. in that case it may be a false sense of security for them. >> the chp says the apps failed in some urban area by giving out false positives that could be gad for reminding drivers to abide by the rules of the road. >> do you know where i can download it? >> some love the apps and others don't. >> it is a terrible idea. you are concentrating more on your phone. >> as for pinpointing the dui checkpoint, in california the locations are made public days before they are set up anywhere. -- anyway. those apps are not a problem for chp. but another says the apps are causing quite a controversy. >> they announced they are removing apps that are
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removing the checkpoint. and apple says they will do the same. leslie brinkly, abc7 news. a lot more to bring you. radiation levels are twice what they should be in tokyo. what the government is doing to help the most vulnerable. >> and an air traffic controller fall you asleep -- falls asleep on the job. >> and remembering elizabeth taylor. the star of stage and screen and a pie near in the fight against aids. >> coming up next on "nightline" she was beauty incar nate with a seven-decade career on screen. and tonight barbara walters shares the story of her legendary life in a special broadcast remembering elizabeth taylor. that's on
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to developing news in florida, a dangerous situation at miami international airport right now as firefighters are
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putting out flames that broke out in an area where fuel is stored. about 50 firecrews are working to douse the flames at a fuel tank farm at the airport. the fire is not near any runways or terminals. only one flight has been delayed because of the fire. no word yet on what started this. as you have heard, we lost an iconic actress and activist today. elizabeth taylor died in hollywood at the age of 79. her legacy on film and on the front line fighting aids defined her life and career. now more from don sanchez. >> she was a child star who grew up before an adoring and fascinated public. she was called the most beautiful woman in the world. she won two acting oscars. the first for "butterfield 8" and the second for" who is afraid of virginia woolf." they were the brangelina of their day.
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retired abc7 news cameraman went onset shooting stills are to the old san francisco examiner. >> the two of them were so charming that i felt like if i said, gee, can you have dinner with us in my home in san francisco? and they would have said yes. >> she would marry burton twice, one of seven husbands. marriages and glamour are one part of her life, but it is her humanitarianism that is her legacy as an activist against aids. >> will fight it and win because it is right. >> she started the american foundation for a ids research. -- aids research. he was the first president. >> she was helpful in raising funds and raising awareness at a time when most entertainers, in fact all stayed as far away from aids as they could get. >> because of her resolve and lobbying in washington he is getting medication. >> she stuck up for the gays when not many would.
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she stuck up for hiv and aids' rights when no one else would. >> it brought her to san francisco for the macy's passport fashion show. i emceed it one year and met her back stage. she was gracious. she's gone, but how would she like to be remembered? >> here lies elizabeth. she hated being called liz. >> her son michael releaseded a statement saying "we know the world is a better place for mom having lived in it. her legacy will never fade. barbara walters, by the way interviewed elizabeth taylor and tonight's "nightline" will air a special edition of walters looking back on the interviews. that's at 11:35 right here on abc7. tonight we have lost a legend. don sanchez, abc news. to japan where government workers in tokyo are handing out 240,000 bottles of water
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to households with infants. this after the governor of tokyo announced the radiation level in tap water is about two times higher than what is recommended for babies. the radiation from the could you could you she ma -- the fukushima nuclear plant has leaked into seawater and vegetables. they are struggling to cool down the over heated plant. let's go back to our weather and prepare for a sloppy commute. >> now more for what we can expect. >> rain and wind and it will get heavy during the commute. it will be nasty for the morning hours. let me show you live doppler 7hd. we have pockets of heavy rain around the monterey bay. this is headed toward the so cal area around 11:18. you can see it is getting to freedom by 11:33. another batch of heavy rain near the golden gate is expected to hit the san francisco area in a few minutes at 11:24. into berkeley at 11:39. this has nothing to do with the storm that is coming tomorrow.
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i will talk about that. we have had quite a bit of rain. wanted to bring you up-to-date on our rainy season. the first column you are looking at is average rainfall for the entire season. so far santa rosa has surpassed its average coming in at over 34.5 inches. 116% of normal. san francisco is well above the 22.28 at 22.50 roughly. 121% of normal. oakland is above average as well. mountain view and san jose are still lagging behind average. they are at 89 and 90% of normal. this is an improvement. heavy rain and wind for the morning commute. localized flooding is possible, and then another storm on friday night. here is the satellite and the radar. the front that came thew overnight and into the morning brought over two inches of rain to the santa cruz mountains. now we have a trough going through which is why we are seeing some of the rain in the bay area at this hour. the storm due in tomorrow morning is a stronger storm,
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and behind that we have another system for friday night and into early saturday. this one does not look as impressive as what's coming tomorrow. let me start our computer animation. we have the showers out there. 5:00, it is going to get stormy for that morning commute. rain and wind are focused at 5:00 a.m. in the north bay. at least the heaviest part. then it starts to spread. by 8:00, it is pretty widespread across the bay area during the commute. at 11:00 a.m., east bay and south bay are getting hammered ahead of the front with gusty winds. winds up to 45 miles an hour with the heavy rain coming in as well. the evening commute tomorrow snow on top of mount hamilton and showers for the bay area. and it continues right through 11:00 p.m. tomorrow. rainfall totals, highest expected in the hills, of course. santa cruz mountains up to three inches. but the north bay picking up an inch and a half to three inches. one to two inches expected across the heart of the bay area. all of this is going to mean more snow for the seerra
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nevada. winter storm warning until saturday. five feet or more over the highest elevations. certainly count on travel delays and road closures. right now chains are required on all roads leading to tahoe. 50s across the bay area and here is your accu-weather seven-day forecast. rain and wind are heaviest in the morning. letting up a bit in the afternoon. we still have more rain for your friday and saturday. now the computer models are bringing in a chance of some showers on sunday. just when we think we are going to go into a dryer pattern, it is not looking like it will be dry until next week at the soonest with milder conditions by then. >> oh boy. thanks, sandhya. now a live look at i-80 through emeryville. you can see how nasty the morning commute is going to be before you leave the house tomorrow with the abc7 morning news tomorrow from 4:30 a.m. until 7:00a.m. a couple of updates on britney spears' free outdoor
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fell asleep at one of the busiest airports. pilots with two planes landed without clearance because they couldn't get in touch with the one controller working at regan national airport near washington, d.c. an aviation official said the controller dozed off. transportation secretary ray la hood is directing the airport to have two controllers on duty late at night. britney spears is no longer performing outdoors in san francisco's castro district this weekend. instead the show has been moved indoors to the bill graham civic auditorium because of the possibility of bad weather and crowd control issues. spears' exclusive performance for "good morning america" coincides with the released of her new album. tickets are free, but ticket
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master will charge a $3.50 service fee, so you do have to pay something for them. we will alert you by twitter on our facebook page and on our website,, as soon as they become available tomorrow. people are paying to take a picture with a wax figure of the pop princess at a retailer on castro street. the proceeds go to hiv and aids research. it is on loan from it is wax museum at fisherman's wharf. >> larry beil in the flesh with us tonight. yes, hopefully not waxed by anytime soon. he returns from what looks like a serious injury. and the warriors' plunge continues. hear what don nelson thinks of the man now
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good evening, the warriors were in houston and don nelson was there visiting. the he is a big fan of the man who replaced him and he is hoping the new owners will keep smart. >> i think they maxed the team out as much as anybody could,
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they won as many games as the team could win and we are very proud of them. >> the warriors in houston and rockets were leading by 9 at the half and come out smoking in the third. courtney leigh with three of his 25. he is picking off the pass to kevin martin. he tore the warriors up. it is a triple-double. 13 points and 11 assists. he goes for a caw here high 34. it is 131-112. the men in ti el scored three minutes into the game and that pretty much set the tone for the entire night. mitchell keeping the puck alive. the shot is deflected for a 1-0 san jose lead. in the second the sharks up 4-3 and they win the faceoff. mitchell fires and stays with us it for his second goal of
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the night. and good to see him back after a nasty fall on saturday night. and the fear was it was serious. the sharks win their fourth straight. the beard may not be ready for opening day. he couldn't go because of a strained oblique. and he may start the season on the disabled list. things did not get better and he gives up a three-run homer. he goes three innings and allows five earned runs. cody ross and he comes in on this ball and then limps off. he is now listed as day-to-day as the giants lose this game 8-0. the a's played the cubs first inning and geo gonzalez on the mound and gives up an r.b.i single to soriano. a solid outing.
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they allowed two earned runs. cubs went on to win the game. chad ochocinco is keeping himself busy during the lockout. he is trying out for a soccer team. he started a four-game tryout. the bengals' receiver said soccer was his first love as a kid, but he was looking at a long-time career and followed the money and played football. nobody is expecting ochocinco to make the team. but if nothing else, he will be in good shape when the lockout ends. >> and he is about the publicity and more about the cameras shooting him than playing soccer. >> that's ochocincoment. >> for larry beil and sandhya patel, thanks for injoing us. >> we appreciate your time and tune in to see the latest on the storm.
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